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Airivi . r.i ito.i)>ii> -'•*« >v-*> 

All Rights Reserved 

Seventh Edition 


Copyright © by: DAR EL-ILM LILMALAYIN 

Beirut, Lebanon 
P.O. Box: 1085 
Telex: 23166 LE 
Cable: Malayin Beirut 



harmony, concord, jl>J I i (U j t ijjli j i (U-J I : tJiti I 
accord, agreement, symphony; rapport, affinity; 
union, unity, coalescence 

coalition, (Jjj } \ oLL* jl v'^- 1 'J*) ij^bil 


coalition (government, cabinet, etc.); tji^Lj ' 

harmonious, harmonic, symphonious, symphonic 

to harmonize (with), be Ikli I 4 li Lj : ( t. ) '_j\~.' t \ 
harmonious (with), be in harmony (with), agree 
(with), accord (with), be in accord (with), go well 
(with), blend (with), square (with), match, fit, suit, 
adjust (to), tune (with), be in tune (with), be in 
conformity (with), be consistent (with), be 
compatible (with) 

to unite, combine, merge, Lii I i 'Sai I : i_«Ju; I 

coalesce, join forces, be united 

to form a (^1 ^l>l ^) UiLJI jsi :Liil'l 


,•1 p-lj - J~ai :^L\ 

to follow someone's example, be _, cjxi I : _, Ijjjl 
guided by, copy, imitate, emulate ' ' 

conferring, conference, deliberation, j } [£ :j |^| 
consultation, talk 

plotting, conspiring, conspiration, ^U : j|^il 

conspiracy, colluding, collusion, intriguing, schem- 
ing, conniving, connivance 

plot, conspiracy, collusion, intrigue, S^lji : j\£\ 
scheme ' " 

obedience, compliance, fy<<*>- ' *x.U> : j\^\ 

yielding; submission, submissiveness, subjection 

following the example of, (_,) ,\xj\ :(_,) ^1 

copying, imitation, emulation 

is, am, are..? was, were..? do, (^l^Ll^l S^li) 1 

does..? did..? have..? 

do they then deny the favors ?Oj-i»u <il iliu-j I 
of Cod? ' ' ' ; 

did you write the letter? have you ?ijL^JI c-'V l 
written the letter? 

didn't I tell you? haven't I told you? ?dU Jit Ijl 

whether... or, (L^LJI S>a) ^ I ... I t l^l, ill ... I 
no matter whether... or 

whether thou warn them or .• jxJ J ^ I -^ jjj 1 1 
do not warn them 

or? perhaps? 

(djc£u) : 

- ' t > - f 

or do you doubt it? do you perhaps ?<iUi j tJLUjI 
doubt it? you wouldn't doubt it, would you? 
truly, verily, indeed; oh (-^j^-0 £* ' ^' 

oh, do know! let it be known! Ijllili ^1 

oleander, rosebay (oU) J 

returning, coming back, going back; ju'Ic < «. Ij : i_jl 
returnee, returner 

to return, come back, go back 

to wear or wrap oneself in a 

jlc i «-j :i_iUI 

to follow someone's example, 

imitate, copy, emulate, pattern after, take after, 
model after, be guided by 

j<rL : p-ij-jTii :J£ji 

to blaze, flame, flare up jUI ciSC^I 

to burn with anger, (lame with rage, Ci* J£jl 
flare up, seethe, fume, boil 





robin, redbreast 


goatfish, surmullet 





navel orange 

marabou; adjutant 


angler, anglerfish 


bitter orange 

Abu Dhabi 


chestnut; marron 





mumps, parotitis dji^) <_»l& 





cock, rooster 


gar, garfish; halfbeak 

poppy, opium poppy 


(yU>) g>J»- y\ 
i_Jjij 1 ,j. .frt-1 ^jl 

■ " '* 

(iiL_») i_o...... ^jl 

• >t 

7^* '■ j*\& y. ' 
\ ■'' '{ 

-. - - . - >* 
. - >* 




(o J <^) l >iiL. jjl 
(JL. y\l>) u ak. y\ 

(OU) f ;jl *l 

trust, confidence, faith, reliance <Uj :ulfcj] 

credit <— a . I ... i : ijLaJJ I 

breach of trust "K>wi\ otLj :jLs$ i\ ty~ 

fiduciary ^ 

to confer, deliberate, consult, hold talks jjLw 


;U>1 :aJ f^-JI t o *a\j 

to plot, conspire, collude, intrigue, 

scheme, connive 

to obey, carry out ^u>i ,«j_^juyi 

someone's orders, follow, yield to, submit to, 

comply with (someone's orders, wishes, etc.) 

to trust, have confidence in, place one's j j£ j : 1 >*^j] 

confidence in; to rely on, depend on 

to entrust someone with, _> <UJ -x^ : J^ Cr*-^! 

entrust something to, confide to, commit to, 

consign to, put in the hands of 

return(ing), coming back, going back ^yrj '■ V^j 

old woman, woman over fifty years old j^^t : i-J 1 

to return, come back, go back 

to turn to God in repentance; to 


to long for, yearn for 



ancestor, forefather 

foster father 





chat, wheatear 



scarab; dung beetle 



X : til JJ LI 

JjLi,l : JJ l-iI 

* - i 
i ji»- : < ■ 1 

, t . • t , .<* 

\y\±>) jy-jZ. -yiil^J J*' 

.' >' 




"'.■' ~ — : 

^ r ^.. rr „ m ...,. t|TrrTTnTi i||| — rTir " ii ill' "i IIIIM I Iililli li 

licentious, uninhibited, libertine, rakish; "^ li I 

profligate, dissolute, lewd, bawdy; pornographic 

licentiousness, license, libertinism; profligacy, S~»-U 
dissoluteness, dissipation; pornography 

to annihilate, exterminate, eradicate, viUil t J^. : jL I 
extirpate, destroy, wipe out, blot out, expunge 
annihilation, extermination, &&\ i jkl : 5 jU I 

eradication, extirpation, destruction 
genocide iUCi-i'jl'l 

to ruin, destroy, wipe out, annihilate ill* I :'jC\ 

needier |^L jl ^)ll J^L, :j d 

nea i^i^'ijCl 

group, troop, band, company, body it Hi- :iiUl 
to ovulate i-O 1 jr> ' « u^JI j^»j : Joti 

a— II ,jt *.i i . , .. I I rjjr- :«-sljl 

Jj-j <1jl>- : JU 
bale, bundle, bunch; parcel, package, pack i*jj :iICl 

o^-f Jf!"'j ~ £*»j! 'j*J»' -'uyl 
to separate, detach, cut ofT *U 4 Jiai : jCl 

time cij i Ojf :01j) 

during, in the course of, at the time of oIj! j < 'oC\ 

C&r? ^s*- 'j — 4j u 1 

to be sad, unhappy, grieved, gloomy, IrQ ' 

distressed, afflicted 

sadness, grief, sorrow, gloom(iness), distress, ^tj 1 


to buy, purchase 


to offer for sale 

to cause to urinate 


i5>£l :'^L,I 

«- - »- -. 

Ijj p-lj - IxjI 

t-o **■' j — »IXJ I 

starting..., beginning..., from..., as of..., ^ fljJjl 
effective from... 

elementary; primary; preparatory, l*^'-^' 

preliminary; initial, first, original; primitive, 
rudimentary, primeval, primordial; incipient. 

cock, rooster .'J\ ^.IL;ji j; i 

the parents, rather and mother jlluM^JI '-d^y *l 
reverend father (uj**:"^ ^*) l»jj' 

handed down or transmitted from father j*- 'Jt. C\ 
to son, inherited from forefathers, from one 
generation to another, by heredity 

paternal (*j'>JI cl»- Cr?) V * 

O my father! cjl I 

> . > i 
August u.k.M : c.,1 

the (Heavenly) [iLil^] iiS&l (wliSlI #1 :i_/il 

unwilling, reluctant, (j) .jlS" t u«lj ^1* :(,j^ll) ol 
grudging, disinclined, averse, loath 
grass, herbage; pasture <_~it :£_,! 

to refuse, decline, reject, turn down 

to disdain, scorn, j& i_iSL£.l i ,j* «j ^ 

spurn, reject haughtily 

to deny, refuse, withhold X\ C'j 

to insist on 

J I ?j ^1 
-« ■ « 

whether he likes it or not, willingly or <j>l (I sli- 
unwillingly, willy-nilly, without choice 

'* jr'j -cJ> '(-Ul :(j } \ j) *Cl 

refusal, rejection (jaij^ljl 

•- 's --« 

disdain, haughtiness, pride, l _ r _ij S^i 4 iAil : f U 

superciliousness; self-esteem, sense of honor 

to lodge, put up for the night 

abbot [ 

a P alite (o-uwOc-Jli 

'^] i^'v' 'i^ 1 


to permit, allow, legalize, legitimize, make jU-l : j-U 
lawful, sanction, approve, authorize; to justify, 


- • * ^ # - --< 

to disclose, divulge, reveal Lf ii\ i ^Ul »-L : t-LI 

permission, allowance, allowing, »jlr' :i»-ljl 

authorization, legalization, legitimization, approval, 

disclosure, divulgence, revelation f liil i *-^j :i^-Cl 

t ]x *\ 

docked, bobbed; cutaway, cutout 

amputee «l»-l>>- iJujuAjLacl^^-ac^o - : y^' 
" ' ^ '"- " ' „ - -.< 


tailless; anuran, salientian 

without offspring, childless <-i* >^ : >j ' 

to extort (from), exact forcibly (from), usurp (^) "yj\ 
(from); to bleed (from); to racketeer; to wring 
(from), wrest (from), take away (from); to steal, 
rob (of), strip of, fleece, pilfer ^ 

to blackmail ^^\j^\ 

extortion, forcible exaction, usurpation; gouge; j\yj\ 
racket, racketeering; bloodsucking, vampirism; 
theft, stealing, robbery, robbing, fleecing, pilferage 
blackmail; chantage (li^ -fv ) J ' jfj \ 

extortionate ^j'j*) 

smiling; smile (*-r ,: fH*. 

smile **-* : *-^] 

to take premature action, O'j^l lH J**-—! : _r"*^ 
begin prematurely or too early; to hurry, rush, 
accelerate, precipitate 
to smile 

to lie, tell an untruth 


■> jf'J 

- LjLlCjl 

5jjliL« t ul* i : jljijl 

moving away, going away; 
departure, leaving 

keeping away ,j£. v^* 'ij* '-^ * • ' 'ij* J ^! 
or far from, staying away or far from, withdrawal 
from; absenting oneself from 
separation, detachment JLaiil : &*~>\ 

''■ '- ' ' *i "i 
avoidance, shunning, keeping >-."'■>' : i>* ■ > ~^! 

away from, keeping clear of, steering clear of, 
keeping off; turning away from, turning one's back 
on, turning a cold shoulder to 
farness, remoteness J-v : J ^i 

•— ~"V f'T 'J 

to move away (from), go jjU- <. \x~*> t_-*i :(o*) ■*»-: 
away (from); to leave, depart (from) 

to keep away or j* lj^- ' O* ^ J -^ J - J* -u* •**-<! 
far from, stay away or far from, distance oneself 
from, withdraw from; to absent oneself from 

• rwr.-. "V.^ ■ ■ ■ ■ ~H 

inchoate, embryonic 
of first instance 


elementary education ^, , - x rf' f™ 

court of first instance & * -^ I **£»« 

e **- .. » - 
elementary school, primary school i^l-^ S-jx. 

contrivance, contriving, devisal, J^f)! •£,' J '*- 

devising, excogitation, designing, fashioning; 
invention, innovation, origination, creation; 
coinage, coining 

heresy, heterodoxy, itJu i*ii>jA ; £'-*--;! 


heretical • -^> •* : . -t l-il> I 


improvisation, extemporization 

to hurry (to), hasten (to), rush (to), £j 

run (to) 

to get ahead of, forestall, anticipate, 

act in advance of 

before I could utter a word, he said... ^i\i ^j-^>\ 

to contrive, devise, excogitate, design, j^>\ '■ ?■&> I 
fashion; to invent, innovate, originate, create, 
make, conceive, introduce, coin, start, be the first 
to do something 

to originate a heresy it j-j ^ I : £-^J 

to improvise, extemporize, ad-lib, deliverjawjl :«-£j] 

offhand, do on the spur of the moment 

hackneying; abuse, Jl,*^.! SfLI iOUf»| :( -"-^J 


triteness, commonness, ^Jl^* s^I o£ \iS\x^\ 

commonplaceness, platitude, banality 

. :JIJtil 

: Jjl> 

indecorum, indecency; 

vulgarity; immorality 

to hackney, hack, wear out in everyday l ^»l 

use, make trite, make hackneyed 

to violate accepted standards fUji-^l £\y : J-LjI 

of good manners, be indecorous, be indecent, be 

indelicate; to display vulgar manners; to use 

abusive language; to act immorally 

to degrade oneself, demean Jakil : (*—li>) J-Lj| 

oneself, lower oneself, stoop 

amputated, mutilated, cut, cut off, ^ > J»L. :^1 

severed; disconnected, unconnected, detached, 

separated, broken; cut short, bobtail(ed), curtailed; 

anabolism [ r l.^l] ,{■■■', I 

anabolic [«L>-l]^LJI 

rejoicing, jubilation, exultation; J3j ~ i rji : r\+£ I 
joy, delight, happiness, gladness, delectation, 
exhilaration, glee, gaiety, mirth, hilarity, 
cheeKfulness), high spirits 

supplication, prayer, invocation f'j^ ' <J*fl"' ' 

to rejoice (at), jubilate (at), exult (at); r-ji : (_,) „^j\ 
to be happy (at), glad (at), delighted (at), cheerful 
(about or over), merry (about or over), gay (about 
or over); to cheer up 
to show off, vaunt, flaunt _> ^*J : j^L\ 

to exaggerate, overdo, overstate j «JL : '^L \ 

to supplicate, pray humbly (to God), Yj^ '■ j£> ' 
invoke (God), implore earnestly, beseech, obtest 
purchase, purchasing, buy(ing) *l^ :fXj!>\ 

to confide one's secret to, tell one's (%JI .»_) iu I 
secret to, let someone in on a secret, let out a 
secret to, disclose to, reveal to, divulge to 

to alphabetize jj«j I 

alphabetical, alphabetic, abecedarian 




potbellied, paunchy 

obese, fat, corpulent 

to make hoarse, husky, harsh J 

hoarse, husky, harsh, raucous, throaty, 

<e-u»j jfl t-»jjJ-l :cjajI 

u t_ ....... . ru I 


sailing, navigation 

to sail, navigate, travel by sea, make a I _^J "_> L :^ 
sea voyage, voyage 

'- > .« 

to sail, set sail, make sail, put to sea, i' < I I o^ul 

weigh anchor, depart, leave, begin a voyage 
having bad breath, suffering 
from halitosis 

(OJI iaJlj aj^S" :^l 


to stay in, remain in, abide in 

to run wild; to be or become 
wild, untamed, feral 

-lit :ol5dL. lol 
> , ,» 

to separate ^'l < Jjli . ^ J^ali I : ^ 'o^J I 

(oneself) from, detach oneself from, withdraw 
from, part with, leave, quit, walk out on 

to avoid, shun, keep away i£ *\ju t L_j«J : ^ lui I 
from, keep clear of, steer clear of, keep off; to turn 
away from, turn one's back on, turn a cold 
shoulder to 

to be or become far, faraway, CLai I j_ju j\£ : lui I 
far-off, distant, remote 

to be or become unlikely, J^'ill Lu«j j\£ :luil 

to seek, aim at, aspire to; to desire, wish, want, (jiil 
crave after, covet 

seeking, aiming at, aspiring to; (J i£l jjlr. : r lp"j l 
desiring, wishing, wanting, craving after, coveting 


l_»JA lijic i <Uc 

invention, creation, devisal, innovation, 
origination; creativity, creativeness, 

i : *U^jl 

l+i-Lo :jJJ SjLc ji iJLS" jiCJI 

ability, inventiveness, ingenuity; originality, 
novelty; unique achievement 

coinage, coining (of oljLjl jl oLliCJI jlSUl 
words or phrases) 

to invent, innovate, originate, s- jjj I . .l i •'"'■■ I : ^Scj I 
create, make, introduce, be the first (person) to do 
something; to contrive, devise, excogitate, design, 

to coin (a word, 
phrase, etc.) 

to become wet; to be moistened, wetted, 'J& : [£, I 

drenched, dabbled, sparged, splashed 

to test, try, put to the test v ^- . ^i I : Vj | 

to afflict, try, distress, 'JaiL\ . i-k^ LCl : JGjl 
torment, torture 

to be afflicted with, hit by, stricken by, _, 'Jjj I 
smitten by, sorely tried by; to suffer, sustain, 
undergo, experience 

trial, tribulation, affliction, visitation f iLJ I 

, < 


outstanding (in), excellent (in), unique (in); to 
perfect, bring to perfection ^ 

to exchange (for), give in exchange (for), Jjj I 

commute (for); to replace (by or with), substitute 
(for), put in place (of); to change, alter, convert; to 
to commute 

- * - '.' '' -\"\ 

publishing, putting out, bringing jIj 

5" • 

everlasting, eternal, perpetual, sempiternal, i5 Jj I 
aeonian, endless, ageless, timeless, never-ending^ ^ 
eternity, perpetuity, eternal existence, eternal i.Jj I 
duration, endlessness , , , 

to sting, bite t^^ 1 

, - - • "* 
to backbite; to slander, defame, ^ti » v^! '• .* ' 
malign, traduce, calumniate, asperse, vilify, speak 

evil of ,* , * - ~< 

to pollinate oCJI^iJ:^ 

to keep, fulfill, carry out, live up to, redeem, J j :^ I 
make good (one's oath, one's promise, one's word) 
to accept, approve of iLi :J^> ^ ^ y} 

to pollinate oUI j-J :^l 

'•1 "- Y •* \"\ 
to absolve from, acquit <y* I < j>>- ' J»- • uf 0* ' 

from, discharge from, free from, release from, 

relieve from, clear of, disengage from, exonerate 

from, exempt from < f 

to cure, heal, restore to health, make J& ■ 1^1 


absolution, acquittal, discharge, release, f \is.\ ■ *\j>\ 

freeing, exoneration, exemption 

recovery, recuperation, cure, healing f Ui. : f I y\ 

acquittance, discharge, quittance, Qybf)L.i l\ y\ 


presentation, production, bringing out, jU-t»j '-j\j>\ 

showing), exhibition, exposition, manifestation, 

display(ing), bringing into view 

accentuation, emphasis, -u-Ci i -^y '■ 'J y.\ 

stressing), underlining, highlighting; featuring, 

giving special prominence or added force to 

protrusion, projection, sticking out, f bl : jl^.1 

exsertion; embossment 

to eternize, eternalize, perpetuate, jJU- i -u j~ : Jj \ 


wild, untamed, feral, ferine jU : jj I 

"ternity, perpetuity *£*■ ' ^) J : -4 ' 

forever, perpetually, eternally; ^»jJ1 ojI i oj'il JJ 
for good, permanently > 

forever and ever u^^ 1 ^' JJ 

never, not at all, absolutely not, U1L. i J»» : Ioj I 
by no means, by no chance, in no case, under no 
conditions, on no account 

always, forever, ever 


to create, originate, make, bring into being jii- : I jj I 

to bring out IjujI iC»-u«^~I t ->j^v <j' : '-V' 

something new, do first, introduce, open, begin, 
start, commence ,, , 

to show, demonstrate, manifest, display, Jd* ' : iS-4 ' 
evince, exhibit, present, bring into view; to reveal, 
disclose, uncover, bring to light; to express, voice, 
declare, utter, indicate, state, bring out, make clear 

show(ing), demonstration, mani- jU-t) '• «l->jj 

festation, display(ing), exhibition, presentation, 
bringing into view; revelation, disclosure, un- 
covering, bringing to light; expression, voicing, 
declaration, uttering, making clear 
creation, invention, innovation, origination; ^Ijj) 
creativeness, creativity, creative ability, inventive- 
ness, ingenuity; originality, unique achievement; 
excellence; perfection 

creative, originative, inventive, original, i^f '•"•*! 

innovative, imaginative, artistic, artful, seminal, 
fertile, fictive; ingenious; unique, excellent, 
romantic [v^Jg^-M 

romanticism [ V ■> ' ] <?* ' -M ) 

exchange; substitution, replacement; change, JIjjJ 

changing, alteration 


l^ (_jOu ijy**- J'-^j 

monster, wild beast 



„ ,, * - -■ e * 

to excel (in), do well, do excellently, &*■ I : £Jj ' 

achieve excellent results (in); to be or become 

.' ,* 




j^y £r 

spotted, speckled 

parish, diocese, bishopric, see, eparchy *~itf ' 

leprous; leper l^^V v'~ a -« : o'^' 

gecko ij^iy. iv ■u o y} <r~ 

to cable, wire, telegraph, telegram <->^j J— jl : j yl 

to be struck by lightning o^> <o u> I : o^> I 

it lightened, there was lightning 2LJI oi'^.1 

to flash up, light up, brighten, J^il :<^»-j Jj^jl 
radiate, irradiate 

to brandish, flourish 

to make (a camel) kneel down 

Aa . ...i i}jj I 

to ratify, confirm, endorse, L it. ojU> i'ji\ :»J,\ 

sanction, approbate, approve, consent to, assent to, 
subscribe to, adopt, pass, legalize, validate, uphold, 
sustain, maintain 

to conclude, make, strike, enter into Sis. : ^y I 

to twist, twine, entwine, curl, kink 0_u>- . J^i : ^ y I 

, ■ » ,, ,t 

to weary, bore, tire; to annoy, irk, 

bream (iiL-) 

needlelike, needle-shaped, acicular, (JSCiJI) \$j> I 
aciform; needle- 
needier ^i^vCsji 

dandruff, scurf 
pure gold 
golden, gold 

4 ** - " <• 
i-»U> ^^alU- i_«»j : \j jl 

pitcher, jug, ewer, kettle; flagon; cruse, cruet JtJ, I 
teapot; teakettle (ilill j^l 

April OLJJ : Jrf^Jj 

washbasin, washbowl jJIlJIj aJ-jJI Jill [^'^ : y^ 

buckle, clasp, fibula, fastener, fastening dill. : c\> I 

to rejoice at, be happy at, be delighted _, ^ J :_, ^1 
at, be cheerful about ' ' ; 

to bring good news or glad tidings li^ljl JJj : ]^J* 


ratification, confirmation, aj'jCo^ . jly I : »|J| 

endorsement, sanction(ing), approbation, approval, 
consent, assent, adoption, legalization 
conclusion, concluding, 1 
making, entering into 

Court of Cassation, Supreme 

instrument of ratification 

rj>.\3 o*^ 

J A^5~3m 




indicator, needle, pointer 

injection, shot 

sting, stinger 

geranium, cranesbill 

stylus, needle 

magnetic needle 



eye, threading hole 



to mail, post, send by mail 

to hail, be hailing 

• , > ^ ^> - . _ 

(>ai»J I Aj G i i A ,*.» ,i ; jj I 


(ill j)^> :i^Jl 
-''■> -:.•". -'!.•* ..-■' 

A^*J» A3 J j t A»Ji^- ; op I 

A ■ m ■ n ' - T 8 J 1 

J »' •>, .' 

to bring out, make apparent, produce, ^jj I : JJ, I 
present, show, offer to view, exhibit, manifest, 
display, bring into view, expose; to bring forward; 
to bring to the fore 

to accentuate, accent, Js. ili . ^L lJ'1 : J,^ I 
emphasize, stress, focus on, underline, highlight; to 
feature, intensify, heighten, magnify, point up, 
give special prominence or added force to; to head, 
place at the head (of) 

to protrude, project, thrust out, exsert, til : 'j'jA 
jut out, stick out, poke, bulge; to emboss, raise in 

to publish, put out, bring out 

J J*0l C jZj '. jji 1 



axillary i^**] 

removal, taking away, J> i f Lail : jI*j) 

putting aside, setting aside; separation, isolation; 
elimination, exclusion, disqualification, dropping; 
sending away, dismissal; driving away, expulsion, 
forcing out, putting out; keeping off, driving back, 
repelling, repulsion 

banishment, exile, expatriation, yii : .>Uj] 

relegation, deportation, expulsion 

exclusion, elimination, ruling <Ji*- i »Li^4 • 3 ^?j 


alienation, estrangement, repulsion jjlj : jUj] 

to remove, take away, put aside, J> « j^-ii I : -uj I 
set aside; to distance, place at a distance, keep 
away; to separate, isolate, set apart (from others), 
seclude; to eliminate, disqualify, drop, exclude; to 
send away, dismiss; to drive away, expel, force 
out, put out; to keep off, drive back, repel, repulse 

to banish, exile, expatriate, relegate, J6:^>\ 

deport, expel 

to exclude, eliminate, rule out <J J»- i <_^~} : J*> ' 

to alienate, estrange, disaffect, repel ^ii : j*j I 

-"-I- ■ ' -i "\ 
farther (away), further, u_^ I -uo i (j-u I : -uj i 

remoter, more distant, ulterior; beyond 

farthest, furthest, farthermost, ^ai "ill : o« "51 1 

furthermost, endmost, utmost, uttermost, outmost, 

outermost, extreme, ultimate, remotest, most 

remote, most distant 

to hate, detest, loathe, abhor, « £ <■ c-i* : Jo*> I 

abominate, dislike 

to escape, flee, run away v j* : J? ' 

fugitive, runaway; escapee 
abaca, Manila hemp 

(oUi) $ 

■ - - -* :.-1 
to retain, keep (up), maintain; J* Jii U- i (I ■>! "• ^i I 

to preserve, conserve; to reserve; to hold 

to leave unchanged, ^ uj-> >» L^ *^> : t^) ' 

leave untouched, leave as it is 

to leave, leave over, leave ( ~) j ILaiS ) &y :Ju\ 


to make stay, ask to stay (at ( jJj si lull Jc) Ju \ 

lunch, etc.) 

to, announce or give good news to 

to cause indigestion to ^ < : ^> ' 

vision, sight, eyesight; seeing ijjj : jLoj] 

to see; to look at, set J^-"5l i(ijj) jJ»J '<i'j : r^' 
eyes on, lay eyes on, catch sight of, descry; to 
notice, observe, perceive, discern, realize, make 
out . 

ham, popliteal space, hollow of the *1S J\ j^^i : i>^' 

popliteal if*'. ' 

armpit; axilla i_i-53l Jb\> : ,L] 

to be slow; to slow, decelerate, slacken, ^k> : Lkj I 
delay, move at decreasing speed, go slowly, be- 
come slower; to lag, linger, loiter, tarry 
to slow down, slow up, decelerate, >- 1 : U»j I 

slacken, retard, delay, detain, hold up 

i^^KlLk lil:Uul 

slowdown, slowing down, deceleration, >LL) 

slackening, delay(ing); slowness, retardation; 
tardiness, lag; tarrying, lingering 
annulment, nullification, invalida- j<~i i >UJ : JLLjJ 
tion, voidance, abolition, abolishment, cancella- 
tion, negation, defeasence, revocation, repeal, 

neutralization, J^Lj-l t(jJJ J>«iiO J^" : JUajj 
counteraction; thwarting, frustration 

basin-shaped valley; f-^'j Jrr* i Lr a ij t 3 'j -7^*?' 
wide bed of a stream or torrent, wide riverbed, 
wide ravine 

flat, level, even 

to lose time 

to spoil; to make ungrateful, I^L> "j^o : j-laj I 

careless, reckless, wanton 

to annul, cancel, abolish, invalidate, £_i i <yJI : JJij I 
nullify, negate, extinguish, void, make null and 
void, revoke, rescind, repeal, abrogate, recall, 

to neutralize > Jala- 1 i (*JJ iJ>»ill) JJ»c : Ji»jl 

counteract, make ineffective, put out of action; to 

thwart, frustrate, foil 

-• » - - .* 
to hide, conceal, harbor <_^»- 1 : jJ»j I 




■ ' —^ 

informing against, reporting 

recovery, recuperation, convalescence, f lii, : J^L I 

to shine; to dawn i-^ 4 J^i,l irtLI 

bright, serene, clear 
to make swallow 


l l_»Lo 4 (J 

(Js j-^* ; rtL 1 

~.- *~-^ 

«JLo 4Lc>- : «Jjl 

- -. * . - " .'.*'*,. . '-,* 

to inform of, t jitl 4 <JJ Jil 4 j Jil i ii. : ( JJ 4 _, ) jL I 

tell about, let know about, notify of, apprise of, 

advise of; to report to, relate to; to convey to, 

communicate to, impart to, transmit to, deliver to; 

to announce, state, declare 

UjjU J JL : iLI 

writ, summons, etc. to or on someone) 

to inform against, report, j ^J. ) : ^ «1> I 

denounce, betray 

v '' '* 

give him my best regards! remember <j?>-- ^ I 
me to him! 

piebald, pied, pinto, skewbald, .JL^ 4 Ja» jl : jL I 

spotted, speckled, dappled, flecked 

chat, wheatear (^IL) ^Ju jjl :jlil 

stupid, idiotic, imbecile, imbecilic, foolish, (ii-a) 4JLJI 
doltish, dumb, silly, fatuous, empty-headed, dense, 
dimwitted, simpleminded, unwise, thickheaded, 
fat-witted, weak-minded, feebleminded, brainless, 
daft f 

fool, simpleton, imbecile, idiot, dullard, (^.l) 4JU 
dunce, dolt, dunderhead, moron, blockhead, 
fathead, oaf, ninny, numskull 
the Devil, Satan, Lucifer l'l 

devilish, satanic, fiendish, diabolical), 
demoniac, demonic 

to eulogize, praise (a dead person), deliver a cuil Jj\ 
funeral oration (in praise of.) 

son; child; boy; descendant, offspring, scion J> I 


man, human being 


adopted son or child, adoptive son or ^.VJL Ji I 

child " '' 

foster child, foster son, io^JI jl pLb^JL^I 

godson, godchild 

Aj J j » • » I lj ^ I 

to spare or save (someone's life), (oC»- J*) (jiil 

keep alive 

*' - , > 

retention, keeping, J* iiajUv. 4 i.1 jl : c liL> j 

maintenance; preservation, conservation; reser- 
vation; holding 

leaving, leaving over, (*JJ SJLai^ % I J^) diy : f li>! 
leaving behind 

making stay, (tJJ &t juJI J*) yi-j *il»- : t li,l 

asking to stay (at lunch, etc.) 

sparing, saving (tJJ ,_^»3«i sCi- J*) e \ju\ 

(someone's life) 

maintenance *JL ja L J* p-«>ll £LSj I 

(preservation, keeping) of the status quo 

Jjj mjr- \j — Jij 1 
-•» S -' -.» 

spotted, speckled; flecked, mottled, Jo» jl 4 aJL^ : «il 
dappled; piebald, pied, skewbald, pinto 

to make cry, make weep { S~^ : <d»>- : ^L I 

jS^i t ^xj u-Ij-jXjI 

to silence, shut up, reduce to ^jj- 1 4 i^JL I : «Su 1 

mute, dumb, speechless, voiceless, lts* ' : c~ ' 


to recover, recuperate, convalesce, heal, 
regain health, get well 

camels JC^ : J] I 4 Jjl 

- - ^- >- -o* 
to wear out, fray, frazzle, tatter; to UU <>j~b : ^ I 

abrade, fret, chafe, scrape off, rub off; to corrode, 

erode, wear away 

to prove oneself brave, show L_a- i~% l Jj\ 

extreme courage, defy death boldly, fight coura- 
geously, distinguish oneself in battle, fare well in 
battle, acquit oneself heroically, be heroic; to strive 
earnestly (for) 

notification, notifying, information, jL»-l :ciCl 

informing, telling; communication, conveyance, 

transmission, delivery; announcement, statement, 


service (of summons, writ, notice, [<J>il> ] f%\ 

papers, etc.), delivery, notification 

denunciation, information, i3j£L 4 obj '.^ p}U 

J^ '-'S>) 



■»wi w ■»aa>..:'J3i»ifcitoMS fla« l «flaaq 

insignificant, trivial, unimportant, <u jl 4J Ajj^ i 

obscurity, obscureness, vague- u-LJI t ,>>>»i- : fU? j 
ness, ambiguity, equivocalness, equivocation, 
darkness, abstruseness, reconditeness, inscru- 
tability, confusion 

thumb, pollex jJI f\+>\ 

great toe, big toe, large toe, hallux SrJ^ fW^j 

to fade, dim, dull, pale, blanch, b*l> >d«j>- :c^l 

tarnish, make dim, make dull, make pale 

C-*JJ «j>-1j — J^a-b" t CUuu ' C-4J I 

pomp, splendor, ostentation, -uiit . .uUj : 44J 

grandeur, magnificence, pomposity 

, - •» - -.* 
to gladden, delight, cheer up, exhilarate, ^> ' '• gfc ' 

rejoice, make happy, fill with joy 
aorta i^-js* 1 o^j? -jp} 

back j+J* : ^> I 

aortic, aortal tSjfy ' 

savin (oLj)j^jl 

, - .< „ ,,.* 
to obscure, obfuscate, befog, confuse, tw>jI ju« : jvjj I 

make obscure or ambiguous 

to be or become obscure, ambiguous, {J -^ '■ «♦» I 
vague, equivocal, incomprehensible 



the parents, father and mother 

fatherhood, paternity 


abutilon, yellow mallow 


paternal, fatherly 

disdainful, haughty, lofty, 
supercilious, proud 

to whiten, become (grow, turn) white or whiter Ja~>\ 

-. » ., -•< 

white j)~ I ju« : Ja~> I 

'■ . *.~ -.» 
blank, empty, unmarked v.}-*-* **■ '• l/^> ' 

- s 11 - s '1 
Aj-UIj -a^jl 

(u l>~>- ) f.J-.fc' I 

■■■: ■ •"•" ' 


'' ' ' • 

crow; raven (^JLL) v'^- : rv/f ix! 


native; national, citizen aJJI ,jj1 

«' , > . - '. > . 
countryman, compatriot ^A>\^ : t^.\ jL ^1 

celebrity, celebrated person, famous man %? ^y} 

warrior; soldier Vji' Crf! 

stepson, stepchild <=rj>J' j' £J.>" ix! 

spontaneous, automatic, ^Ul, :.C£.L ^1 

unprompted, impulsive 

extemporaneous, extemporary, '^{^ j\ :*CcL ,^1 

impromptu, offhand(ed), ad-lib 

passing, transient, transitory, y\s. . J5I J : -UcL. ^1 

impermanent, short-lived 

wayfarer, traveler; passer-by, walker; J-—-)' Crf! 

vagabond, tramp, vagrant, hobo, wanderer 

echo, reverberation (i-uo : j^DI ^j 

weasel (o^y^-) u-jf Oil 

' f b J a 

polecat, fitch, fitchet, (,jl>~>-) ^jf-H <j~j? Oil 

C - B B ^i J . 

XJlil jl 


jl Jlil jl ^1 j, I 

*■ , .. ^ -• a " * a *-»a ^b'-Bb^^b 

natural (illegitimate, unfathered) son or <V^» 
child, love child, bastard, whoreson 

egret (^U.) .(jl ^1 

ferret (ul>~>-) l>^ ix! 

Samir Sadek, Jr. (£.) J ^' lJjU jv^. 

daughter (of someone), girl i. 

niece o»- xl jl r-ili-jl 

- .S • Bi. ■"-. 

stepdaughter ^j^' j' ri)^ *-i' 

cousin iilil ji ilill jl Jlil ji pi 'il\ 

goddaughter, godchild "<, ^^..Jl 1 

ebony (<-. 


to take notice of, pay lz«l ■ ii^l : j j! J ol 

attention to, mind, heed, care for or about, take an 
interset in 



'■' , - 1 - 1 .-•-'--'-' ' 

to bring (to); to furnish with, supply with 

to do, make, perform, carry out, _< ^\» t Jii : J} 

execute, accomplish, fulfill 
to commit, perpetrate 

to happen, occur, take place 

to finish, complete, conclude, wind 
up, terminate 

to destroy, eradicate, wipe out, ^c t ^ai : Jx. Jj 
annihilate; to finish off; to do away with, put an 
end to, eliminate 

to exhaust, use up, consume, jiin,l : ^t- J} 

finish up 

to destroy completely, u-^y'j j-**-^' ^ Jf 
wipe out; to ruin, wreck, havoc, wreak havoc on 
lay waste, devastate, ravage; to devour 
to mention, make mention of, 
refer to, make reference to 

the following, what follows 

as follows; like this 

'-^ /■> J* (J 

J £=Hj -yjy 

t Lj 

to suit, fit, befit, agree with; to i_»- u ' r* a ' i>* '-> ■ ty ' 

be suitable for, fit for, agreeable for, convenient 

for, favorable for 

to give (to), grant (to), donate j jj j t yktl : ,y I 

(to), bestow upon, confer upon; to supply with, 

provide with, furnish with 

to fructify, fruit, bear fruit <d5l 

to give alms, practice (regular) charity 

4J J :dul;1 

prince, emir; master, lord, chief, 
head, leader 

to allow, permit, let J «u~ :(J) rU'l 

to enable to, put in a ^c jjui i ^ ^jSL. : (J) ^t I 
position to, make possible for 

to pave the way (for), ,_; 4 Ji- (lit : ( J) ^t I 

facilitate, make easy 

Jx. Jj-ail 

J-i X 1 

to make available, make 

to give (to), grant (to), offer, afford, ^*£-\ : ( J) r-t I 
present (to or with); to provide with, furnish with, 
supply with 

to predestine, (j-^j sUaij) u-** <■ j-u :rtl 

'"*«¥« MJUIMWJ 

1 ""^ '■■"- - ^ 

bright, luminous, clear, iJi^-« ' rw»j '-J*?} 

brilliant, shining, shinv 

innocent, blameless, v*^' ij-« JU- 1 hSjj '■ ij ^j^ 

cleanhanded, pure, clean, white 

whiting (lilk-jy^ol 

white lie, fib «Lol> ijjJi'l 

bloodless coup d'etat y^j I i_j>ii I 

bloodless revolution *^-^) °jy 


first light of dawn 


white flag 

white slavery 

white slaves 

with cold steel, with swords u^"^ rXJlj 

good reputation, honorable name, *L-o~! *^ :.y^ 
fine character; noble deed 

leukocyte, white blood corpuscle »^^j *i£ 

0- **'«' 
moonlit night; sleepless night ^^yi *^ 

,.« ■> .- 
sudden death; natural death Ja^} o^ 

beneficent hand(s), beneficence, *L»1; (jU!) jj 
benefaction, benevolence, generosity, good 
deed(s); skill, skillfulness, dexterity 

whitening, becoming white or whiter; 
whiteness, white 

leukemia {jo JJ .)\^£\^\ { Jo\Ja~>\ 

Epicurean iSjtfLj] 

Epicureanism ijjjiLj! 

coming, next, following; (.jli < JJL. '(,_^^0 ol 

future, eventual, to come; forthcoming, upcoming; 

coming, arriving; comer, 
newcomer, arriver, arrival 

as follows 

to come, arrive, show up 

to bring, fetch, get, bring forward, ^iu- 1 : j ^ \ 
advance, present, introduce, produce 

to give (to), grant (to); j <ojj tolLi-l : j l.n-**. ^ I 



to imitate, ey\ ,JlS\ <■ oj^»- l^»- i *j i5Jli'l : vol 
copy, take after, pattern after, follow someone's 
example, tread in the steps of, follow in the steps 
of; to follow suit 

to follow, pursue, chase, i_-I«J i JJ*- "i i jjU» : ^-J I 
go after, run after, hunt, trail, track, trace 

, - < * * 

direction; bearing(s); heading; way; trend, aUu I 

tendency, drift, inclination, bent, current, course, 
stream, run; line; orientation; attitude, sense; 


r 1 - 

sense I'-'^'yjJ <^°*>\ 

toward(s), to, in the direction of oU«J L 


yr^ jt'j 

to tend to, be directed to(ward), be oriented (<Jj) oJl 
to(ward); to aim at, be aimed at; to turn to(ward); 
to face, turn one's face to(ward); to head for, make 
for, go to, take to, proceed to, be headed for, be 
bound for; to steer; to bear; to pursue, proceed 
along, follow (a specified course, action, plan, etc.) 

union, uniting, combination, jm\ jj-a< : jby I 

junction, consolidation, integration, merger, 

union; -u*- yl\ i j^j i jUu jIj UJj U 1 5 jl>- j : ^Uu I 
association; consortium; combination; pool; 
alliance; federation 

unity, oneness, singleness ilil j&- j i Sjj-j : jL~ I 

unanimity, consensus, unanimous *lj^l jL~I 
agreement, unanimous resolution 

trust; cartel, syndicate (c?^?—* J ' 

customs union 

labor union, trade union, union 

federation, federal union 


unanimously, as one man, with one *lj^l jl»J I 

accord, with one voice 

jointly and severally jljil^lj jIsujL 

;:.■ avuvT'.-v .i 

■••■'-' -'J 

foreordain, predetermine 

to give the opportunity or chance i-sjjJI »-t 

he was given the opportunity, he i-sjjJI aJ 
had the chance 

he was able to succeed 

^IkJI aJ £jl 

to act slowly, proceed deliberately, ^U t J^J : jLi'1 
take one's time, slow (down); to be slow, be 

to stare at, gaze at, look 
sharply at 

female donkey, she-ass, jennet, jenny 

royalty; tax, tribute 


(>l)l j\ >Jl ») jtj-l 

•Lj ^^ : 5 j u' I 

o*» j ! J u I 
4-j |«-»-lj — ou' 

Ii5" >_j]j- ^-, :f Uj 

following, going after, 
proceeding after, coming after 

following, pursuing; adoption, adopting, ^ :?-LjI 
taking up 

observance, observing, j .i-.iLi <■ Ay$\ :pLjl 

compliance with, abidance by, adherence to, 
sticking to, keeping (to), following, maintaining 
imitation, copying, taking after, j gljuil : ?-Ljl 
patterning after, following the example of 
following, pursuing, i_JL«J i *i>-'x. i o jjlk. : «■ Lj I 
pursuit, chasing, chase, going after, taking after, 
running after, huntGng), trailing, tracking, tracing 

following (up); attachment, annexation, JjUJI :pLj'I 
appending, addition, subjunction, junction, 
joining, supplementation 

classical , classic *_c Lj I 

classicism; classicality <LcLjl 

, ^ •< .. .. • i 
to follow (up) with, cause to be followed J^-JI :_; *<j'l 

by, cause to follow or succeed; to send after; to 

subordinate to; to attach to, annex to, append to, 

add to, join to, subjoin to, supplement with 

to follow, go after, proceed 
after, come after 

to follow, pursue; to adopt, ^^-J 4 Jx- jL : >-S 
take up 

to observe, comply with, abide _> j-i> i (-jjJI : *-J 
by, adhere to, stick to, keep (to), follow, maintain 

<Va19» (**-"* t jju- y ! V-i > 

( v ~ , i 



to close, shut (o(D; to lock, bolt 



to seek protection (in, 

-j c»~*"! 'i (j": '--i wy 

j I 

with), take shelter (in, with); to protect oneself, 
shelter oneself, shield oneself 
to brim, fill to the brim, fill up, 
overfill, fill to overflowing 

to be or become brimful, (over)full, lt>^ jU> : ^Ji\ 
replete, filled to capacity or overflowing 

to spoil; to make ungrateful, ^^iul : (i»«-JI ^-) <-»/ ' 

careless, reckless, wanton 

. -ft 

citron U^Jgoj' 

.. * 

equanimity, composure, poise, balance, ii I jj : oljj ') 
equilibrium, sobriety, sedateness 
sound judgment, judiciousness, *»La»- '■oljjj 

levelheadedness, reasonableness, rationality 

to be sober, sedate, grave, composed Ljjj 0^ : o> ] 

to be judicious, wise, of sound lA . yr* <jo : 6 jj I 
judgment s 

to be weighed o JJ : *J> ! 

oj»>> jfr'j 

-oj'>> : u>] 

expansion, enlargement, dilation, jl of. I : gLJ I 

dilatation; extension; expanse, extent, space, scope, 
breadth, range, compass, stretch, spread 
extensiveness, wideness, roominess, <>&-j : f Lj I 
spaciousness, capaciousness, vastness, commo- 
diousness, ampleness, amplitude 

consistency; harmony, congruity, symmetry, JLJ I 
proportion; regularity, uniformity, evenness 

to be or become dirty, unclean, filthy, foul £-J \ 

to widen, broaden, expand, jjuj i Jojc <. r~±>\ '■ j—j] 
enlarge, dilate; to extend, stretch; to be or become 
wide, roomy, spacious, vast, extensive, ample 

to hold, contain, take, be able to <r-*-y-\ :Jfj) 
take in, have capacity for; to accommodate, seat, 
sit, have room for, be large or wide enough for 
to be or become rich, wealthy LjijLo:*-j] 

to be or become consistent; to be or become Jj-J J 
harmonious, congruous, symmetrical, propor- 
tional; to be or become regular, uniform, even 

to be branded <i>^] ' <^-"^ pr-J ' p-^ ' ! 

!■■!*■■■ ,■..'■,. — ; 



the Soviet Union, the Union of t JLi > Ul n 

Soviet Socialist Republics, the U.S.S.R. 

union; federal; federative; federalist; unionist l$oU«7] 

federal government, federation 
unionism; federalism 



to unite, combine, join, consolidate, integrate, jm 
merge, be or become one, form a unity or a union; 
to be or become united, integrated, joined, com- 
bined, consolidated, merged, amalgamated; to band 
together, be or become banded; to be or become 

to present with, gift with, make a valuable j uim 
present or gift to, give (to), offer (to), bestow upon, 
confer upon 

to take; to assume, take on; to adopt; to take up, jlm 
occupy, seize, hold; to use, make use of; to make, 
make something out of 

to take or adopt measures ^o I jj j I ol 1 1 j>-\ i»u I 
or steps 

to take (take on, assume, acquire) a form"5l££. i±Z\ 
or shape 
to adopt a resolution, take or make a I j\J i»u I 

decision, decide, determine 

* ~ ~ ~* '•' ^ 
to take the initiative, make the first Sj.iL. ia^j 

step or move; to begin, start, be the first (person) to 
(do); to set out to, embark upon, undertake, 
proceed to, move, act, take action, begin to act 
to take (adopt, assume) a position or Ui y jju 1 
attitude; to make or take a stand or stance 

to cause indigestion to; to satiate, sate, surfeit, oJl 
glut, gorge, cloy, overstuff, cram, stuff with food, 
overfeed, feed to excess 

, ,i .' - - ,'* 

to cover with dust or earth t_>l jJ I <Jic xjaj : i_»jJ I 

to be or become very rich, *JL ^S i <_^tj : v> ' 

extremely wealthy 

to be or become poor, needy, *)L Ji i yuil :v>' 

destitute, indigent, poverty-stricken; to be reduced 

to poverty 

citron (°Li 


to grieve, sadden, distress, aggrieve 






with, pertain to, belong to, appertain to 
to call (up); to (^IJ Qj U ) 'J>\i- : -> jjIaJ I 

communicate with, contact, get in touch with (by 
telephone, etc.), reach (by telephone, etc.); to 
phone, telephone, ring up 

to be related to, Jj Ll^l c Jj ^1^1 :JJ |J^I 
derive one's origin from, descend from 

humility, humbleness, modesty; lowness; f Ljj I 

abasement, debasement 

to be or become clear, plain, distinct, manifest, pj£ I 
patent, evident, obvious; to clarify, clear up; to 
appear, come out, come to light, show; to follow 
clearly (from); to be clarified, be made clear 

to humble oneself, lower oneself, abase oneself, ««i»j I 
degrade oneself 

fee(s), honorarium, remuneration, S^i-1 :i 



* * 

learning a lesson from, taking (a) warning 
from, learning from, taking an example from 

to tire (out), weary, make tired, j^a* \ t J» jl : i-j 
fatigue, exhaust, fag, sap, wear out, wear away, 
wear down; to overstrain, overtax, overtask, 
overburden, overwork 

to disturb, trouble, annoy, irk, , i.U» i 
vex, bother, inconvenience 

to make miserable, wretched, unhappy Jpu, I : y-* I 

- .-• * - -•* 
to destroy, ruin iiLU I : ^-oj I 

to learn a lesson from, take (a) warning from, -> juu I 
learn from, take an example from 

agreement; contract; ijjblw i LiliJl t ju* :J>UjI 

treaty, pact, convention, accord, covenant, 
compact, concordat 

package, package deal, deal, "<ijuo : JiliJ I 

transaction, agreement 

agreement, understanding, accord, »> UJ : JjL; I 
arrangement, settlement; entente 

agreement, accord, concord,i_»!i»- lu> i Jli j : JiliJ I 
harmony, concert; (common) consent, assent; 

agreement, j» ly; liilk. »<.f5L « ^J>\ : Jlul 
harmony, accord(ance), concurrence, con- 

to be marked by, characterized > 

-i ~-j\ 

by, distinguished by; to bear, carry, have as a 
characteristic or mark, possess as a distinctive 
feature or property 

Jul J i J»Lj 

connection, connectedness, 

link(age), linkup, junction, conjunction, liaison, 

union, unitedness, attachment 

communication, X%. t J»k t J-olyi : JL»J I 

intercommunication, intercourse; contact; con- 
nection, relation 

calling, communicating (with), S^U«i :(_,) JLaJl 
contacting, getting in touch (with); phoning, 
telephoning; (telephone) call; communication, 

" l:JlJl 

O*o<y <■ j I 

continuity, continuance, 

contact; touch(ing), lCt>% i ^^ <■ ^ Hi : JLai I 
contiguity, adjacency 

mass communication ij,^ Uj. JLaJ I 

sexual intercourse, copulation, coitus, <-;—*- JLxil 
coition, lovemaking, sex, carnal knowledge 

(3>>-l «j«-Ij-(j) llijla "ilLxil (i^-l 

to keep (or stay) in touch with or j JLai I (J* .i 
in contact with 

liaison officer J Lai I ,LL» 

cryptology iT^Ljl o^Lo^l JU 

<JL-j «rlj— JLaji! (JjLj 

to be characterized by, marked by, _i ' »'-"! 

distinguished by; to have or possess as a 
characteristic (mark, attribute, property, quality); 
to carry, bear 

to be or become connected, linked, Jalj j I : J*£ I 
joined, united, attached; to connect, link, join, 
unite, attach; to communicate 

to be continuous, continual, J~e\y i ' /, "'-■ I : jjLu I 
uninterrupted; to form a continuous chain or an 
uninterrupted sequence; to continue 

to adjoin, abut on, jU-t «^ r i'5l « '^o^i : -> 'JLeC\ 
border on, touch, be adjacent to, be contiguous 
with, be or lie in contact with, be in touch with 
to relate to, be related to, ^ai- i j jli; : _j jjlaj I 
have to do with, concern, regard, be connected 




:'T ... ,.- .....: — ?^T 

be harmonious (with), be in harmony (with), be in 
accord(ance) (with), comport (with), get on (with), 
go well (with), match, suit, fit, square (with), tally 
(with), coincide (with), conform (with), 
correspond (with or to), be or fall in line (with), be 
in keeping with, be in conformity (with), be 
consistent (with), be compatible (with); to be 
suitable (for), fit (for), agreeable (for), convenient 

to happen i» jLa* 6j»- i>JjU> '-^l 

(accidentally), happen to be, chance, come to pass, 
take place by chance, come about by chance 

\*i) < > «j>-lj -,_jijl Ui-O 

to beware of, be wary of, be cautious of, jJ 
guard against, be on one's guard against 

to seek protection (in, with), take L3 »^-\ :(-> 

: L^l 


shelter (in, with); to protect oneself, shelter 
oneself, shield oneself 

to avoid, avert, obviate, is jlil 1 1_. .'.-y : ^ I 

prevent, ward off, fend off, parry, stave off 

to fear God; to be God-fearing, godly, ibl 

devout, pious 

caution, cautiousness, ijlij < jl^X»- 1 i jlp- : *liii*l 
wariness; precaution; protection, safeguard(ing); 

avoidance, averting, obviation, jLu 1 1_. ■',-»«,'! : >l«jl 
prevention, warding off, fending off, parry(ing) 

i/yt £rh 

J^lij :^lii'| 

glow; burning, flame, blaze 

glow, ardor, fervor, passion, 
vehemence, zeal 

mastery, command; skill, skillfulness, Olii'j 

proficiency, adeptness, dexterity, deftness; 

workmanship, craftsmanship, finesse; perfection; 

excellence; accuracy, precision, exactness, 

to glow, blaze, flame, burn (j^°\ ' f ■**»■! : -^ ! 

to flare up, rage, burn with L~ac jl ULi- -uj} 

anger, flame up with rage 

to master, know well, gain mastery in, have ^'1 
command of; to be or become skilled in, skillful in, 
proficient in, well-versed in; to excel in, do 
proficiently or excellently, do right or well; to 
perfect, bring to perfection 
to lean on, recline on, rest on, abut upon Jc l£M 

v .' :-. -'" ' "■ ' .. ' . ' • ■'•" 

~ZZ : 

cord(ance), conformity, correspondence, coin- 
cidence, congruence, congruity, compatibility, 
symphony, consistency, consistence, consonance 

chance, accident, fortuity, is jLx. :3\£\ 

haphazard, coincidence 

by chance, accidentally, by accident, is jLx. : liUJ I 
fortuitously, haphazard(ly), haply, by coincidence 

by (mutual) agreement Jli^l i IjliJl 

> * 
unanimity, consensus, unanimous t\ji\ alii J 

agreement, unanimous resolution; concurrence 

* - * * 
commercial agreement, trade <#J^"i J\»j\ 

agreement, trade package 

compromis d'arbitrage, arbitration f^" <3^J \ 

collective agreement j-cL*- jliJl 

.,' j * • •' > * 
gentlemen's agreement, ci^i, (Jjlill nj|(ip»- c\£\ 

gentleman's agreement; parol agreement 

j.^L, jl »Juo JiuJ I 

> 4 
tljL^.1 fJS. (jlijl 

peace treaty 

nonaggression pact fi-u*i ^. 

unanimously, as one man, with one t\ji\ jl^l 
accord, with one voice 

- •*.- ' " " ' -i •* i 
accidental, fortuitous, casual, ^ jLu i ^>j^ '■ i^*^; 

chance, contingent, incidental, passing, desultory, 

haphazard, random, occasional 

conventional y?>- '(^*^~ > ! : i^^! 

consensual yi J '(/ - 

consensual ^f'jj^ 'i/^i 

agreement; contract; treaty, pact, convention, cilij I 
accord, covenant, compact, concordat; package, 
package deal, deal, transaction 

jU;i «-Ij-jJJ 6ijf> *^^1 '<ij^*i -Q^i 

to agree LiL^I ju* « Jilj '• j jl J*- (o^i £•) J^} 
(with someone) (up)on or about or in something, 
concur with someone in something, be of the same 
opinion on, be agreed on, be unanimous on 
to agree, come to (reach, bring abaut) ^* Lkj : JiJ I 
an agreement, come to terms 
to conclude (make, strike, enter UliJ I oic : JAi} 
into) an agreement (a contract, treaty, etc.); to 

J>»l>> 'Jh^" 'i*£>J '( 

to agree 

(with), be in agreement (with), harmonize (with), 

(< J *--'i '■{(?) ^>"\ 

i - ubk- ■ ■ .■■■■ v .■...Mm 



(for); to impeach (a president, public official, etc.) 

kiln, furnace, oven 




etymology ^*">ij 

to grow profusely, be luxuriant j£ : (»JJ oLJl) 1l>\ 

luxuriant, abundant, profuse ji ji. <. ji I j : ol 

to reward, repay, recompense, iJjW- t U IS' : i_»UI 

banyan (^v-) V"' 

reward, repayment, recompense, 


furniture, furnishings olij^Li t^^i :ii>tfl 

to excite, agitate, stir (up), arouse, rouse, r«l» : jUI 
move, kindle, inflame, work up; to irritate; to 
provoke, incite, instigate, foment 

to stimulate, whet; to actuate, motivate, d)>>- : jlJ I 

move, drive, impel 

- - . < ,.-. , -t 
to evoke, elicit, draw forth, £>j*-\ i ^jt-u-l : jfc I 

call forth, bnng forth, bring into being or action, 

bring about, provoke, cause, occasion, produce, 

create, engender, originate, generate, prompt, 

trigger, induce, inspire, awaken 

i\£.y^O}A t 4Ja^j ( o^SsJ t <~J%S t<JL~») T'^J* ' J«J ' 

to raise, bring up, put forth, put forward, (*JJ "il^- 
pose, introduce, advance 

to enrage, infuriate, incense, a_Jic jl & £ U jU 
madden, anger, irritate, exasperate, acerbate, 
embitter, inflame, excite, provoke, vex 

to move, touch, impassion, j*l^il jl i_U»IjjJI jfcl 
commove; to thrill, electrify, galvanize 

to raise dust jUJI ^ 

8T; J-TO... ."■-■.■^.-■■•...■: 

leaning, reclining, resting 

reliance, dependence, trust, confidence 

dependent, relying on another (for support) 



dependence, reliance on another (for 

to rely on, depend on, count on; to lean on; J* JSJ 
to trust (in), have confidence in 

to trust in God; to recommend 4Jil J* J£j I 

(entrust, commit) one's soul to Cod 
damaging, spoilage, spoiling, impairment, i_»}t 

wearing out, ruin(ing), destruction, wreckage, 
wrecking, waste, wasting, wearing out, devas- 
tation, ravage, ravaging 

'J I 



to stretch (out) one's neck, crane the 

neck, perk up 

>> > -■* 

long-necked J^jJI Jj>1> :*JL>'I 

.. '** 
to damage, spoil, impair, wear out, destroy, (_oJLJT I 

ruin, wreck, waste, lay waste, devastate, ravage 

to complete, conclude, finish, wind up, finalize, j* I 
end, terminate, bring to an end; to consummate, 
perfect, round off, round out, bring to completion 
or perfection; to execute, carry out, effect(uate), 
implement, accomplish, achieve, realize; to do, 
perform, fulfill; to supplement, complement 

completion, conclusion, finishing, windup, *\}\ 

finalization, ending, termination; consummation, 
perfection.rounding off, rounding out, bringing to 
completion or perfection; execution, carrying out, 
effectuation, implementation, accomplishment, 
achievement, realization; doing, performance, 

to automate, automatize LxjLySjl *X*s>- :c 

automation, automatization i 

indictment, accusation, charge; impeachment 
indictment; information 
bill of indictment ^\£ I (i»jj <. l^i) ip -L. 

accusatory, accusative, accusing, indictment- ,_« Ijj I 
count i-il^Jl \o jai )\) ojL 

prosecuting authority, prosecution V>Wj' <^r* 
to accuse (of), charge (with), impute (to), indict ^ I 

f l*-| 

f^" 1 j\j» 


identification; iljl JJI jl iLaiJI j\ h^\ oLSI 
evidence of identity 

witness for the prosecution, °M)" J *^ 

prosecution witness 

burden of proof, onus of proof °Lj)" 2 s-* 

probative, evidential, substantiative, (^%*| 

demonstrative, corroborative, confirmatory, affir- 
mative, proof 

to prove, establish, verify, j^>\ i ^^ :c-jl 

substantiate, demonstrate, show, evidence, beto- 
ken; to attest to, bear witness to, testify, be 
evidence of, be proof of 

to confirm, affirm, corroborate, 
substantiate, sustain, uphold 

to record, register, enter, list, Jx» ' ujJ : c-y I 
write down, put down (in writing) 

to put into, insert into, c-J i J*-jI :(j) o-Ji 

introduce into, drive into, thrust into, infix into. 

implant into; to fasten, fix 

toidentify, ~<~a*JA\ jl i-jl JJI jl <L>il c-Jl 

determine or establish the indentity of 

to probate (a will) ^°>" **^ c *^ ' 

to furnish, provide with obj^^l Jjj'ery '-^ 


to fix up, prepare; to make, do 


to weaken, enfeeble, debilitate, sap 

devitalize, enervate, unnerve 

to weaken by inflicting wounds; to ^^*)^ 

wound, injure 

to beat (up), wallop, sock, hit forcefully, L^i 

beat severely, strike repeatedly 

to massacre, slaughter, butcher, slay, jalJI j j»Z\ 

kill; to annihilate, exterminate, eradicate, extirpate, 

wipe out, destroy completely 

to exaggerate, overdo iJl : j* 3l j j»^ I 

to report, relate, transmit; to quote, iiojJ-1 Ji : ^Jl 
cite s 

to prefer (to), like (better than), favor, J-ai : ^Jl 

choose to, opt for, think proper, deem wise 

to affect, influence, act upon, impact upon, ( j) Ji\ 
produce an effect on, have an influence or bearing 
upon, have an impact upon; to impress; to sway; 
to count, matter, have importance 

La i jj 


remnant, remainder ilb :SjlSI 

vestige, vestigium [ *L>-I J iji I 

excitement, excitation, agitation, stirring ^y~i> : SjlS j 
up, arousal, arousing, rousing, moving, kindling, 
inflammation; irritation; provocation, incitement, 
instigation, fomentation 

stimulation, whetting; actuation, &ij*> '■ °j^\ 

evoking, evocation, eliciting, drawing tl> I Jt»- 1 :»j&\ 
forth, calling up, bringing forth, bringing into being 
or action, bringing about, provocation, provoking, 
causing, occasioning, production, producing, 
creation, creating, engendering, generating, 
prompting, triggering, awakening 

raising, bringing up, putting forth, £yJ» : °j^\ 

putting forward, posing, introducing, introduction, 


infuriation, enraging, incensement, oLail : SjU J 

angering, maddening, irritation, provocation, 

exasperation, vexation 

- s ' -'IM 

erotism, eroticism, sexual excitement 4~~> ojIj J 




evidence, proof 

proving, establishment, jW^j <-" < ^y. : °^j 

verification, substantiation, demonstration, show- 
ing, evidencing, betokening 
confirmation, affirmation, -ujU 4 -uf t :oL5l 

corroboration, substantiation, sustainment, up- 

recording, registration, J^=*-»> 'i>-J-*J :0 ^y) 

entering, entry, listing, writing down, putting 
down (in writing) 

insertion, inserting, c-~- S i JU-jj :oL3] 

intromission, putting; fastening, fixing 

testimonial proof or (j>>*^ oW— ;) i^"*-" °M| 
evidence; testimony 

evidence in writing, literal iSjij^ j' yf^-f °M] 





preference; choice j^r* - ' ' J:;""'' : ~°y ' 

archeologic(al); vestigial; antiquarian; antique, t£^l 
old, ancient 

archeologist £s^JI Jlx. 

. * * >> 
dentition, teething oL^-^l j&» : jUj] 

to shed or replace the milk teeth; to teethe.(jJ^Jl) jii\ 
cut one's teeth, grow teeth 

andiron, dog, firedog J*-^JW i_J«JJ i_.„a;.. :<LaJl 

weighting, making heavy or %ju s,JJI JJJf : JUS] 
heavier, adding weight to 

JL*JJ :IJ ST J_»K JL_iJl «(J_*) J\ ai] 

(over)burdening, (over)loading, weihing down on, 
bearing down on, encumbering, oppression 

disturbance, iil^. i rA*jJ : (J*) JliiJ 

molestation, harassment, vexation, annoyance, 

to light, kindle, ignite 

to weight, make heavy or heavier, }Lu «Ju»- : JjJI 
add weight to 

to (over)burden, J*jl : -d*ls Jii I < ^ Jij I 

(over)load, weigh down on, bear down on, en- 
cumber, oppress, overtax, surcharge; to exhaust, 

to disturb, trouble, J«U> i ?>tjl : ^^Lc JiS I 

inconvenience, molest, pester, vex, harass, bother, 
annoy, irritate 

to bereave a mother of her child U jJj fill jj£SI 

to be deep-rooted, firmly U^, I j 0&" c jj^ok : Jj I 


to be highborn, of noble origin jikll rjS olS" : JJ I 

-- 3 * 
to gain, earn (money); to be or become (Jill) Jj I 

rich, wealthy 

tamarisk (oU) JJI 

Ujijl :jUI i—ill 

it snowed 

(jij J : ^u] '(—Jul 

to please, delight, gladden, *Jj u-iJI ji jluJI iJil 
cheer (up), make happy; to gratify, satisfy 



C" J : > ' 


effect, influence, impact, bearing;. J^jcL. i ^jIG 


impression, impress, effect; impact, 


trace, track, vestige, mark, sign, LS[, **%. : J I 
print, imprint 

ancient monument(s); Zj I L UJ : jlil t (^jji ) J> I 
antique(s); antiquities, relic(s), vestige(s), ruins ! 
remnant(s), remains 

touch, trace, tinge, streak, bit, tang, taste 
suggestion, smack 

consequence, result, effect, aftermath, 

tradition, Prophetic ^-»ij^\ ^-^-1 " 

scar, cicatrix, mark 

footstep, footprint, footmark, vestige 
track, trace 

retroactive effect or force 

work (of art or literature); objet 


aftermath, aftereffect 

museum (of antiquities) 


immediately afterwards 

immediately after, 

(directly) after, following, in the wake of 

far-reaching Ji "il 

c^ 1 '$ 

, vestige, 

f liljl 'J*\ 

* . , j'« 

(/V-J >' 

-. - 

i \**'*'A 

yet y,. 

1 J 1 <j* y ] 


>l jiiU- jLM 


jlfrl pL 

/^ i> 

j£ y\ j i 

lj£ ^ : l J* 

((O-W (^Ijl : v 

selfish, sef-centered, egocentric, 
egoistic, self-seeking 

egocentric, egoist, self-seeker 
to be or become rich, wealthy 

to enrich, richen, make rich lli iLi- : ^ I 


enrichment; becoming rich, getting wealthy 

unjust (unlawful, illicit) f-ls-» j^- t\y\ 

enrichment or gain 

selfishness, self-centeredness, iliU :i'^l 

egocentricity, egocentrism, egoism, self-seeking 


in, reside in, live in; to settle (down) at 

to lodge, put up, quarter, <JU>I i J>l : iSy ' 

accommodate; to host, have as a guest 

luxuriant, abundant, profuse 
ether; air 



favorite, preferred, best liked, favored, J-ai- : jol 
chosen; beloved, darling 

honored, revered; honorable, venerable ^£-> : j? I 

deep-rooted, firmly established £-r \j : J-J I 

highborn, of noble origin alkil jt^ : JJ I 

ethyl [.U/jJJ] 

ethylene [ *L?»^ J tfrf*?] 

sinner, evildoer, wrongdoer, offender, ^1 

miscreant; sinful, evil, wicked, erring, guilty; 
atrocious, outrageous, flagrant, wicked, vicious 

ethane [»L*-S'J l ^uJ 

lo blaze, burn, flame, deflagrate 

to answer, reply, respond, retort, 

say or write in reply 

to plead jJJ >( * J J 1 j**J l>* 

to grant, ^ i Jj :*i>-l»- J) «*UI < M^» vM 
comply with, accede to, respond to, fulfill, consent 
to, agree to, assent to, accept, hear, carry out, 
answer, meet, satisfy 

answer, reply; response; answering, i->\yr ' j j : *i^"j 
replying ^ ...>.,*., 

plea f-'j J 1 j^" 0*^^-1 

compliance, granting, accession, £-13 :*»»■] 

accedence, response, fulfillment, consent, assent, 
acceptance, hearing, carrying out, answering, 
meeting, satisfaction _ > ( 

burning, blazing, flaming v * ^ * ' f j^*** : £ • 

bitter, salty (water) ( *Ul ^») jJl* « ^* : j: W 

• - - < 

- "A --•{ 'i' ^ 
to do well, do excellently, do ,yu I i £-b I : j^ i 

expertly, do proficiently, excel (in), achieve 

to sin, commit a sin, err, offend, do LJ j ^-^Jj\ : jw I 


to accuse of a sin; to charge with ^\j ^i>\ : pSi 

an offense 

(<jl jrlj -|»JI 

sin, wrongdoing; offense, fault, misdeed; iniquity; ^1 


fruitage, fruiting, fructification, bearing j\f\ 

antimony u>*~J I : J*j j 

antimonial; antimonic; antimonious ^^l 

to bear fruit, fructify, fruit; to yield, produce, pay ^1 
(off), return, bring forth, bring in; to succeed, work 
(out), turn out well 

to intoxicate, inebriate, make drunk JSL.\ : Jiil 

, ,- * ■ » '•* 

to praise, commend, laud, ^ju i cS^J»l : <_^* ^1 

extol, eulogize; to give credit to, pay tribute to; to 

during, in the course of, at the *LjI J i *UJI 

time that, at the time of, while, when, as 

meanwhile, meantime, in the meantime, in the 


twelve ( > t) S^le &I i^le LJJ 

duodecimal <&"* ^! 

duodenum i5^c Lj^I <y4' 

two (t) utiij tuUjI 

pair, couple, duad, brace uWj j « rj j : 6^3 J 

ethnological) Lp^Jj^lj jiii. :^jfyi\ 

ethnologist L»-j)jJ)ll> pile i^^J^I 

ethnology ~4AJ\ Jl j* »' ^* : ^*-^>-j 

ethnic(al) </^j 

ethnicity *-^>\ 

Monday ((•*?) OrV* 

Whitmonday S-i*»JI y~3l 

dualism fo^) **^J 
to stay at, remain at, dwell J£» i flil : j jl -j ii_jll 



gyr fr'j 


to circulate, pass around Jt <u j\ j i J* jljl :tjli»l 

to turn, revolve, wheel, jjjb aLJ«- < jl jl : Jl»- 1 

to meditate on, ponder on j jSLil\ jl (il^l Jl»- 1 
or over, reflect on, contemplate, consider care- 
fully, weigh thoroughly, think over, revolve in 

one's mind 

-' * , ^ » 
to look around, let one's eyes j jhJ\ Jl»- 1 

wander about; to look at, set eyes on; to look 

closely at, scrutinize 

compulsion, constraint, coercion, ol^J i j»Ujl :jlJ»l 
force, forcing; duress 

compulsory, "<J^'j\ ' (ij--» ' <j*'^! •^J^fj 

coercive, forced, forcible, obligatory, mandatory, 
imperative, required 

.' - I * i * i * ." - 

to force to, compel to, jJi i e'jZ\ i ^jl : Jt ^lj»l 
oblige to, coerce to, constrain to 

to invade; to trespass, encroach r^-^l ' ' 3* • r^f] 
upon; to overrun, overspread, spread all over, 
permeate, pervade; to infest, swarm over; to 
plague; to sweep, sweep away, carry away; to 
flood, overflow, inundate, run over; to 
overwhelm, overcome 

to devastate, ravage; to iC\ i liU* I i 'J* j : ■A^r\ 
destroy, ruin, annihilate, eradicate 

to cross, traverse, go across, pass Aai i j~t : jUi»l 

through (across, over); to cover (a distance) 

to pass, go through successfully jJJ llk^l jbifl 

to go through, pass through, ju IS" i Jf U : jli I 
undergo, experience, suffer, endure, bear 

to surmount, get over, get past, J* i^Jii : jUs- 1 
(be able to) cope with 

to choose, select, elect, pick (out), cull 'jcj- 1 'Jyl 

choice, choosing, selection, election, j lly- 1 : ,£j» I 
pick(ing), picking out 


excellent results (in); to be or become excellent 
(in), outstanding (in), proficient (in), skilled (in), 
well-versed (in); to master, know well, gain 
mastery in, have command of 
excellence; perfection; proficiency, skill, i jl*. 

adeptness; mastery, command 

to protect, defend, guard, shelter, ( JJ>- i UJi .j 
shield, harbor; to grant asylum (to), give sanctuary 
(to), give refuge (to) 

to help, aid, assist, support, stand ci.U.1 ( olil : jli-1 
by; to succor, relieve 

to rescue (from), save (from), (^*) 
deliver (from) 

rent, lease; tenancy; letting, leasing, 
letting out, renting out, hiring out 

to permit, allow, let, give oil ' ry I ' r«— : jU- 

permission (to); to admit; to make permissible; to 
authorize, sanction, warrant, legalize, legitimize, 
make lawful; to license 

to endorse, sanction, confirm, approve, 'j\ : jli- 1 
pass, validate, uphold 

to entitle, empower, authorize 

jLsr-l iu>-lj - jLi-l i lilL. c 

permission, permitting, allowance, ia-C I i *-d : 3jl*-j 
allowing, letting; admission, admitting; authori- 
zation, sanction(ing), legalization, legitimization; 

endorsement, sanction(ing), j\ ji I : Sjli- 1 

confirmation, approval, passage, passing, up- 

permission, leave 

uij : o jur 1 

permit, license, 
authorization, warranty) 

7V j*Al i4*a£-j *ojl>>l 

leave (of absence), furlough 

i_jLiJL o jl : Sjl»-I 

holidays), vacation 

iLkc :ojlj-l 

license (academic degree) 

driver's license, driving permit, 5 jL» jl 3y »jl»-J 
operator's license 

sick leave 


pass; laissez-passer 

JJv- "j 1 *-] 


t>f cr'j-'t 1 ^ 




to cross, traverse 

to regard, look at, observe 

to contemplate, consider, meditate 
(on), cogitate, reflect on 
bringing, fetching, getting 

err grh ~ lt-T] 

importation, import, importing 
to bring, fetch, get 
to import 

J jy—> I : .—■■ '■'■>- 1 

meeting; get-together, gathering, assembly, £}*?»•] 
convention, congregation; session; turnout; rally; 
social life, community life 
reunion; union; unity Jlill ^^^*! 

junction, crossroads, crossing, Jj-oJI £J"»rM 


work(ing) session, work meeting Jl* £l~-r! 

sociologist £^ ' (J^ 

sociology ^*^""^ ^f 

social; societal; sociological, socio-; public, ^Uir) 

community, group 

sociable, social, ij^»li lju i JJUm : ^cLj>I 

gregarious, clubbable, companionable, congenial, 

convivial; mixer 

socioeconomic iijLif»l ^~ 




Uji-I olw» 

sociopolitical </* l tr (^? l 

personal (U ^^1)) ^f-^r 1 £?i '^r^ 1 -^ 1 * J ^ _ 

social service ^f^f^"' *-' J *" 

social studies 

social security; ^cL^i-l 

social insurance 

social scientist 

social science 

social work 

human society 

Ministry of Social Affairs * 


> «pnm««w>»m«anMR>«i^BRPtMBK 


to pluck out, tear out, extract, J^»u-I . jIj) • dJ>l 
pull out, pull up by the roots, uproot, root up, 
deracinate, root out, eradicate, extirpate, exter- 

plucking out, tearing out, J L a, ? . v , „ .l . £kJ\ '■ £l— «r! 
extraction, pulling out, uprooting, rooting up, 
deracination, rooting out, eradication, extirpation, 

to burrow, make its \j*°r ■**"[ : ^'^*' .z*"*^ - ! 

burrow or hole or den 

attraction; gravitation; draw(ing), »JJirf : olai*-] 


attraction, drawing, <— J . *JLf-| :i_>li^i»-J 

winning (over), enlistment, bringing over; appeal, 

magnetism, fascination; seduction, seducement, 

temptation, enticement, allurement), lure 

to attract; to gravitate; to draw, pull ji * -u> : v^"! 

to attract, draw, win ^ . i5>^~l • JL^J : v^rj 
(over), enlist, bring over; to magnetize, charm, 
fascinate; to seduce, tempt, entice, lure, allure 
to inhale or draw (SjL*-. ^J u^»--^' V-^ - ! 

smoke (from a cigarette) 

to ruminate (Ol>J-U jr*r\ 



to achieve, accomplish, realize, j_ ^ 

carry out, execute, effect(uate), bring about; to do 

to commit, perpetrate 

to take a part or a little of 
to deduct, discount, 

subtract, take off, take away, take out, dock 
to curtail, cut short, shorten j-*^! : 



3* ^1 


•■'■ • 

s * 

going through, passing through, ;li (*. : j,Qi- 1 

undergoing, experiencing, suffering, sufferance, 

surmounting, overcoming, ^c LiiJ : _}Cji- 1 

getting over, getting past, coping with 

to light, kindle, inflame; to set ablaze, (jJJ jUI) «l 
stoke, stir up 

i- - •-» 

injustice, unfairness, j^j^ < j^ t JLb : i_»L»u>-l 

inequity, wrong; oppression; prejudice; bias, 

to wrong, oppress, aggrieve, do wrong lii :_, Lii^.1 
to, do injustice to, be unfair or unjust to, treat 

to prejudice, harm, damage, hurt, ^>l :_, LwJj-l 

injure, do harm to, cause damage to 

' ,'• * -"• - - . « 
to uproot, root up, root out, (ill* I i «Ju» I : _, i^i^. I 

eradicate, extirpate, exterminate; to annihilate, 
destroy completely, wipe out 

jj»- «-lj - ljbj»- oj—* :jj»I 

to be useful, helpful, jU ««*; :Lii ^j^l n£^| 
beneficial, advantageous, profitable, favorable, 
instrumental; to be of use, of help, of benefit, of 
profit, of advantage, of service; to benefit, help, 
avail, advantage, profit 

(cSj-tar) cSj-t*JI |rj* nSjoi- ^ jfr'j-ii-JtaW "^ 

more useful, more helpful, slili '^S\ i «Iil :tSjJj 
more beneficial, more advantageous, more 
profitable, more favorable, more instrumental 
to be or become barren, sterile, infertile; olSQl Loi-1 
to be or become arid, dry 

to suffer from dearth or poverty, be or ^Ll oji-l 
become poor or impoverished 

barren, sterile, infertile; arid, l _ r , L t J». L : i_ojj 

dry " 

worthier, more deserving; more (-> ' i>*) jJ*-' 

appropriate, more suitable, better suited, seemlier, 
more becoming, fitter, apter; more capable, abler, 
more qualified, more competent 

'.» - . « 
mutilated, maimed yj I : p j*. I 

hawk, falcon jjuo :Sj^\ 

Jj-tav fr'j — •Jj Jj v : J-tar' 


sociability, sociality, gregariousness, <ucl«li»-l 

companionability, conviviality, congeniality 

to perfume oneself with incense, (o^^ikJl) jt"~-^ 
incense oneself 

to meet, come together, ^1m 4 ^^ ( ^^Jl «^>l 
join (each other); to get together, assemble, gather, 
congregate, collect, band together; to rally 
to meet with, get J>\i : «i jl <JJ jl _, ili I 

together with, have or hold a meeting or an 
interview with, hold talks with 

to convene, meet, assemble, »UI i j 
gather, sit, be in session 

to unite, combine, join (forces); jm I t l«i; I : ilip. 
to be or become joined, united, combined 

• ^*-^ar ' 

to accumulate, cumulate, pile up l5H 

^i • £•-»■) 

-I wl 

diligence, industry, industriousness, hard jL^j>>l 

work, sedulity, assiduity, laboriousness, pains- 
taking, pains, exertion; effort, endeavor; per- 
severance, persistence 

jurisprudence; interpretative [o>il»] j 1*^-1 

judgment; discretion; independent opinion or 


jurisprudential; interpretative; [uy\» ] <sd$*-\ 


to strive, endeavor, try hard, make every jjj- : J4*»r' 
effort, attempt strenuously, take pains; to be or 
become diligent, sedulous, assiduous, 
hardworking, industrious; to strain, exert oneself, 
put oneself out, work (too) hard 

invasion; trespassing), j-LjS'I « /^i. :rLi-l 

encroachment (upon); overrun(ning), over- 
spreading), permeation, pervasion; infestation, 
swarming over; plaguing; sweep, sweeping (away); 
flooding, overflowing, inundation; overwhelming 

devastation, ijfj I « ii)^l» I < j* lo : A^r ' 

ravagement; destruction, annihilation, eradication 
crossing, traversing, traversal, going Jy x. :j 
across, passing through; covering (of a distance) 




way as 

to call, telephone, phone, (j) Ci^U "ilLoJl iiy>-l 
ring up, buzz; to dial 

to experiment, make an experiment; <>>=*' <i>=!" ' 
to test, examine; to try; to sample 

to investigate, conduct or institute an li-i»«j iiy«-l 
investigation, make an inquiry 

to operate, perform a surgery i-j- 1 y«- <LL* iiy-1 
or a surgical operation 

to draw lots it yd I iiyr I 

to hold talks; to discuss; to confer, parley; to 

to interview, have an interview «-. iLli* iiy«-l 
with, see (personally), speak personally to; to meet 
with, get together with, have a meeting with 

performance, doing, making, 

carrying out, execution, effectuation, bringing 


measure, step, procedure, *^c- ' jy£ : *lyr! 

action; process 

legal procedures; legal <Li>i li o I fl y«- 1 

proceedings, legal steps, legal action' 

to take or adopt measures or steps ol zl y>- 1 Jt>J I 

^j t j *Li : *'yH 

execution department, execution 

lycl iylj 

lj>Jui Wf-lj — ol £lyf I 0>J» 

rules of procedure oUly>-)ll otly 

j^ ' tJJ OjJui jl <uxj«> ol*lyfb ^Li- : («j'y^J 

procedural, adjective ^^Ja^. 

executive tiJuiiJ t illly*- V iiaLJlj (>>U- ^'j^rj 

the executive power, the executive <£ I y>-)l I iLLJI 

procedural law, adjective law ^51 y«- 1 o>>\* 

criminality; delinquency, wrongdoing; guilt; * ly»| 

criminal; delinquent 
criminality; delinquency 


mangy; scabby, scabious V^' 

rent, rental, hirey«->Jd yru-ll **»-S> jl**] J-4 : °yr' 

to gladden, delight, cheer (up), exhilarate, *-yi I : Jj*-I 
rejoice, make happy 

mutilated, maimed uU jI j\ -ull £->!«-■ : f ->*■' 

leprous; leper ^y I i »l JuJl c-^Li. :,«a»-l 

to reward, recompense, remunerate UlS" : 

to reward, recompense, remunerate U 15" : 

to rent out, let (out), lease, hire out y»-l : 

to rent, hire, lease, take on (llli) y«-ull : 

lease, take 

a lease on or of 

to employ, 

hire, engage the > 

»JaJL»I t 

Ljikj : y>-l 

services of 

to rent out 

let (out), lease, hire 


*js\ ■:£ 

to charter 


Ji\j» J 


to sublet, sublease, underlet 



tile(s), baked brick(s) juy :y»i 

salary, wages, pay, emolument, stipend i_Jlj :y»l 

fee(s), honorarium, remuneration i_jLjI 

fee, charge, rate iiii i-ji jiop- 

recompense, reward, SlilSL. i « ly«- i t_jly 
requital, remuneration 

minimum wage(s) jyr >J ^i 'a "ill all t ^JsSlI yV^I 

to perform, do, make, carry out, iii i j ^ij :i5y»l 
execute, effect(uate), bring about 

to make flow, cause to stream, iiy»o 4l«r : <3y>- 1 
flush; to run, make run, set running 

to inflict or impose a <uijl i^LaiJI tiyrl 

punishment or a penalty 

to inflect (a word), decline (a [p j*o :"ulSCll (3y>-l 

to grant (to), give (to), aj*^. : *Ac. j I <J iiyr I 

donate (to), accord (to), award (to), bestow upon, 
confer upon 

to credit with i) o jli :LCJ. I aJ (iyV I 

to debit with, charge <ulc oali : t^Ci-l aJlc iiy«-l 
to someone's account 

to treat in the same manner as, \j£ tiyv olyr' 
put on an equal footing with; to subject to the 
same rules or principles; to make follow the same 




think highly of, hold in high esteem 

to deem far above, consider too u* °S" : u* 3^r ' 
high for, regard as too exalted for 

t.« .. i « 
. jl : Ji-I 

tosuspend ojljuol jl X* juLJ J^-l 

to continue; to adjourn ii^i- 1 ilii- J I (i^i j ji- 1 

never put off till Si J I f ^JI J-i 3»ry ^ 

tomorrow what can be done today; procrastination 

is the thief of time 

term, appointed time, oijJI "Ul^J i .x.1 i ix» : J^l 

limited time, fixed term; period, duration, date; 


moment of death, instant of death, o^il o»j : J»-l 

due date, date of maturity jliki-VI n>j\l :J»-1 

on credit; time loii ju> :Jj!-» 

for an indefinite period (of - - ^Jc J»- 1 J J 

time), indefinitely, sine die, until further notice 

yes! indeed! certainly! surely! truly! m : J*. I 

,.-« '.* ,.< j,« 

loftier, more exalted, more .» I t J»* I ( ^^ I : J,. I 

sublime; more stately, more imposing, more 
august, more solemn; more important, more 

later, future; delayed, S^y* ' Jr^ ->-« : J*- 1 

postponed, deferred, put off 

sooner or later %. lc j I "iL>- 1 

cause, reason ._ ".. : Ji.| 

for, for the sake of; toward; because ji- 1 [y ( ji- V 
of, on account of 

so that, in order that, that, in o' J»-l Cr? ' o\ Jr J 
order to, to, so as, with a view to, with the aim of, 
for the purpose of, for 

for that reason, because of that, that is till i ji- 1 ^. 
why, on account of this, therefore, consequently, 
accordingly, hence, thus 

- . .« , , • « -. « 
to evacuate, expel, evict, force out, a*. I 4 *■>- 1 -iJ^r^ 

oust, dislodge, drive out, put out, drive away 
to dispel, disperse, dissipate, break up, 'SS> : t5 Li- 1 
drive away; to get rid of, remove, eliminate 



salary, wages, pay, emolument, stipend^ 1j : i[ 
fee(s), honorarium, remuneration i_.Uil :5 
fee, charge, rate iiij 1 ^1 j t jJc>- : S 

postage; mailing charges -^^ »j 

fare Vj^ 1 J 1 >-JI Sj 

freight, freightage, Jlil _,! jilll 3 I ^klll ;"_, 
transport charges, transportation costs^ porterage, 

tile(s), baked brick(s) 'S^'ji : ("JS\ S) s^i-T 

hairless, bald 

barren, desolate, bleak, waste, 
bald, without vegetation 

shabby, worn, ragged, tattered, 

to commit a crime, commit an offense 

'^i< ii Lkn : /^ I 


to replace, take the place <Ut ^1 j -uli. : ii>l 
of, serve instead of; to suffice, be sufficient for, do 

to pay (off), yield, be remu- 
nerative, be profitable 

pharmacist, druggist 

j*!>\ ijcl 



: <^'> 



<Ujlw3 : 


sLLJI i' J> 

pharmacy, drugstore 

pharmacy, drugstore 

to give generously, liberally, 

hoarse, husky, harsh, ~l t o^aJI U.l'r :^£j«-1 

raucous, throaty, gruff, gravelly 

-U»- V>-lj - Juu»l 

to tarry, linger; to be late >-t; : J^. j 

to glorify, exalt, dignify, honor; to '^Sc\ t lii :^i.l 
esteem, value; to respect, regard, revere, rever- 
ence, venerate, have great regard for, look up to, 

£ \ 


general, overall, total, J-li. ' ^ ' i^y^ '■ & VrJ 
whole, aggregate; generic; grand (total, etc.); 
synoptic; comprehensive, thorough, inclusive, 
global, large-scale, sweeping 
gross, total, entire, overall ljU ^ : ^\^r \ 

turnover ~*£'Jl\ ^"-o-J ' ^4' <J^r\ 

grand total ^ \jr ^ £y^ , 

gross weight ij^r^ Oj^ 

thicket, jungle, wood, brush, 

ji ,- i i5l;l :**»•' 

^ - s ~ - . * 

to agree unanimously on, J* ^Ir)^ J^"! : ti t £*^' 

be agreed on, concur in, be unanimous on, reach a 
unanimous agreement on 

all, all of, the whole of; whole, J-CJI i J^ : j**-' 

entire; altogether, wholly, totally, entirely 

all (of it, etc.); altogether, entirely, totally, A*-?- 1 

in toto, in full 

to sum up, summarize, outline, abridge, j? jl : J**-' 

condense, epitomize, synopsize 

„ , , * 

to sum, total, add (up); to combine, £*»• : J^-r I 


to generalize; to mention "i 1^ J ^ j i ^ : J^-r I 

collectively, speak or write in general (about), treat 

generally or as a whole 

to do right, do well, do l >-»- 1 : J**J I j S**r ' 

excellently, do expertly, do proficiently 

to be moderate, reasonable, Jjlj-I : <_J-k)l j ,_Ur I 




brackish (water) 

- », '' '- 


Cr^r £r>J 

*' * s ~ * 

0*- 1 '0»r 

foreign, alien; strange; extraneous, 


foreigner, alien; stranger 


evacuation, expulsion, eviction, jU>J 4 ^'>") : »^j 

forcing out, ousting, dislodgment, driving out, 

putting out, driving away 

dispelling, dispersal, dispersion, jj-lj : *%-\ 

dissipation, driving away; getting rid of, removal, 


esteem, respect, high regard; honor, deference, J5UJ 

reverence, veneration; glorification, exaltation 



the hereafter, the afterworld, the 5 ^ "51 1 : il»- "^ 

afterlife, the world to come, the life to come 

bald, bald-headed, hairless jUI : jur* 

to seat, make sit (down), ask to sit ^i*- 4 -i*»l : u-W 

-. < 

to enthrone 

bald, bald-headed, hairless 

polled, hornless; pollard 

>> > , -- » 

unanimity, consensus, unanimous agreement, £\j?\ 

unanimous resolution 

consensus (of Moslem legal [*--.^L-j **u^J £Wr| 

scholars on a legal question) 

unanimously, as one man, with one voice, £j-r^ 

with one accord 

unanimous vote 
unanimous, general, universal 

■<"■"' </^" 

summing up, summarization, outlining, jUul : J|^-J 

abridgment, condensation 

summation, summing, totaling, j-*»- 'o\^r\ 

addition, adding (up) 

generalization; general -U^J iiJL. 1 £**> '■o\^r\ 

treatment, speaking generally (about), mentioning 


on the Jl^^II^.JWr^'JWr^ii*'^! 
whole, in general, generally, by and large, 
generally speaking, altogether, in the main, all 
things considered, typically, in most instances or 
cases; as a whole, overall, en bloc, en masse, in a 



i ' ' ■ 


more generous, more liberal 


hollow; empty, vain, futile; false, deceitful <-J)»-l 
vena cava *-»>»- "^ -Jy j>)' 

deflagration, burning, blazing, flaming 
having a long and graceful neck 


long (graceful, beautiful, elegant) neck ju»- I j^c 

employee; wage earner, S^u J^lc : j^\ 

wageworker; worker, laborer, workman 
hireling, mercenary u> ,* <. j*»-U 

to cough 

albumen, white of egg 

the units 


I J*- 1 J I J*- 1 J fjflj ~ l»w 
uni-, mono-, mon-, single-, one- l$jW 

univalent, monovalent, monatomic y l£JI 
unilateral; one-sided i_jU-l 

unisexual er-4-' 

monomial Si I 

unicellular illil 

monophase, single-phase j>^' 

Monocotyledonae (oLJI ^) iiUII oCol»-l 

unicorn <j?'^ i - , '>^" : Oj-i" 



monochromatic, one-colored 


uniaxial, monaxial 

uninucleate, uninuclear, mononuclear 5 I^J I 

drupe (oLJI q* ) sl^JI 

monism; singleness, oneness, unity 

to answer, reply, respond, retort (o)jj :(U^»-) jlil 

to surround, encompass, o£> i _, [j Si- I : -j !>l»- 1 



stress, strain, exertion, overexertion, Jl»j! : jl*?] 

overstrain; pressure; fatigue, exhaustion; toil, hard 


stress [ fljjj J jL*i- j 

abortion, miscarriage; induced abortion Jo\^\ 

criminal abortion ^\ j^X jo\^\ 

spontaneous abortion .Jlilj ^l^l 

self-induced abortion ,JI i ^l**-] 

therapeutic abortion i/ 1 "^* c^W*-) 

intentional abortion 

/*Wt ' 

to strain, overstrain, stress, exert, J>*j' • J^' 

overexert, overwork, overtax, overtask, put stress 
on; to exhaust, fatigue, overtire, wear out, tire 
(out), weary 

to overexert (oneself), exert <— H> a**- 1 

oneself to the utmost, subject oneself to great 
stress, burn oneself out; to overwork, exhaust 
oneself by too much work, work too hard or too 
much or too long, work day and night, burn the 
midnight oil, burn the candle at both ends, work 
like a dog, do double duty 

. s . - - - . * 
day-blind; dazzled o-"— ■ " J ^>ji ^ : > 4 s r' 

,,. < 
to finish off, dispatch, deliver the deathblow J* _)^»-l 

to, give the coup de grace to, give the finishing 
stroke to, kill, put to death; to destroy, ruin 

to be on the verge of ,XlJ jl dbjl : t lSCJL> yiiij-l 
tears, be about to weep 

to sob 



LT**" 1 

to break or burst into tears, ,_^C : t lSLJL. yi^*- 1 

shed tears, cry, weep 

to miscarry, abort, have a (~JJ zl^Il c-_) ^i^.1 


to abort, cause to have an «JJ i I '^11 ^pi^i;- 1 
abortion, induce or effect an abortion to, terminate 
the pregnancy of before term 




renvoi (uwljiH £_)L; j) ^U- ujil» <JJ *J>>J 

pensioning off, ,jiLll jl -tcliJI ( Jt jl) <JJ *JU- 1 
superannuation, retirement on pension 

with reference to <JJ ^"V^ 

' '. * - ^ * 
to destroy, wipe out, annihilate iill*l : uU-l 

to love, be (or fall) in love with, adore, jj i (ij* :>--»■ I 
be passionately attached or attracted to, be fond of; 
to like, fancy, have a liking for, take a fancy to, 
take to 
to like to; to love to; to wish to, want to u i v»" ' 

frustration, thwarting, foiling, defeat, balking, i»L*-J 

discomfiture; blocking, forestallment 

frustration [(>"] ^^H 

•"\\ * \~ ' " * 

<_J-l> i_jLa« :,_—»! 

aphasic; aphasiac 

to frustrate, thwart, foil, defeat, balk, discomfit; Ja!l»-I 
to block, forestall; to abort; to undermine 

snare, trap, net, gin, noose, Sji* : *lyi 


trick, artifice, ruse, stratagem, 

subterfuge, ploy 

to need, require, t-iLj i 

call for, demand, want, take 

to need, lack, \ i5f A-aii i jit 1 <jj y^»| : <JJ ^L»- 1 

want; to be in need of, in want of, lacking, 

wanting, deficient in, short of or in 

to take precautions, make a <y>! i jj^\ '■ J»^) 
provision; to take care, be careful; to be cautious 
(of), be wary (of), guard (against), be on one's 
guard (against) 

j i>l»-l v!-Ij-l}>1» 'J cm*-' :-; J»L»-I 

to trick, dupe, gull, hoax, JLi- 1 £oi- : Jt <JL*-| 

humbug; to deceive, fool, delude, bluff, beguile, 

encircle, circle, environ, ring, enclose, embrace, 
band, envelop, wrap, confine, hem in, beset 

to circumscribe yf*-* <^~i J ' M'"*? ^ 

to contain, comprise, include, jli. : j J»t>- 1 

comprehend, embrace, encompass, embody, cover 

to know J* ^iiUj jii*:Q*<> J»tl '*j ; J»^l 
(thoroughly), have (comprehensive) knowledge of; 
to be or become acquainted with, familiar with, 
cognizant of, aware of, informed of or about; to 
learn (about), come to know (about), find out 

to understand, grasp, ^i : Lie <> J»l»-I i <; J»U I 
comprehend, apprehend 

to inform of or Je <ull»l i j 4-lcl :j Lie «J»U-I 
about, let know about, tell about, apprise of, notify 
of, bring to someone's notice, acquaint with, make 
aware of 

*-_• i ' - .' 

encirclement, encompassment, Jj>k; :ii>U-J 

surrounding, circling, ringing, enclosure, banding, 
envelopment, wrapping, confinement, hemming in 

comprehensiveness, inclusiveness, J>*i. :<J»b-j 
thoroughness; universality; completeness 
knowledge, information, ^^il i jit :itb-l 

cognizance, awareness, acquaintance, familiarity 

understanding, graspOng), ^j J j ' (*» '"*^-\ 

comprehension, apprehension 

fossils oti U fcl.. : jjs»U-l 

paleontology jj»*"'' j^f 

to refer to, commit to, relegate to, Je jl <JJ JU-I 

remit to, submit to, hand over to, turn over to, 

forward to, send to, direct to, transfer to, convey 


to pension (off), jtiS ji ^LJI (Jc jl) J I Jtl 

superannuate, retire on pension 

referring, reference, referral, commitment, <I\*-J 

relegation, remittance, submission, submitting, 
forwarding, sending, transference), conveyance; 
transmission, transmittance 

: f l. 



to hide, conceal oneself, veil oneself; to 
disappear, vanish; to withdraw; to be or become 
hidden, concealed, veiled, covered, screened, 
sheltered, obscured, cloaked, mantled 

to cease jjjuJI ^* (^JJ iUJl) Sjj^J-I c^*i>-\ 
(discontinue, interrupt) publication 

to apply or use cupping, treat i.lki-1 JUL 
oneself by cupping 

to be cupped, be treated by Z> lki-1 pJji : 

to rage, flare up; to be (become, [^Ji, I t '. Xr : xj. I 
get) angry, furious, infuriated, incensed, exasper- 
ated, agitated, excited, upset 
to intensify, heighten, build up, j~L I ; x±. \ 

strengthen; to be or become strong(er), severer), 
(more) intense, (more) serious 

flame, blaze, burning; glow; fervor, jU: 

ardor, vehemence; violence, wildness 

to glow, flare, blaze, flame, burn, j.^L-« l t ai5l : .jci. I 

to flare up, erupt, break out; to rage Jliill Iji- 1 

to flare up, rage, burn with anger, iV.'r Yj£. I 

flame up with rage, be or become furious 

to imitate, copy, emulate, <, cJajjl :(aJL.) (iJci-l 

follow the example or model of, pattern after, take 

after, model after, be guided by, tread in the steps 


to put on shoes, wear sandals; <julil : * I jj.1 <3oii- 1 
to wear as footgear; to be shod 

imitation, copying, emulation, _, jfllci 

following the example or model of, patterning 
after, taking after 

ji»- £»-lj -jJU 

heat, hotness, warmth, warmness °'j\'J>- '-j\jL 

caution, cautiousness, wariness, j|"X 

circumspection, prudence; carefulness), watch- 
fulness, vigilance, alertness, lookout; diligence; 
precaution; safeguard(ing), protection; reservation, 

precautionary, preventive, protective, safety "iSj\'jj 

precautionary measure, 


I jvJj 



mislead; to cheat, defraud, swindle, rook; to 
circumvent, outwit 

to JuJCi^l u-JC^I Jl U.JJ.I 'SuL\ :Dlil 
wangle, finagle, resort to trickery, employ tricks or 
stratagems, make use of tricky methods 
to manage, contrive, work \'y\ < \'y's> : J.^i 'J Li- 1 
(out); to wangle, finagle 

cr'-rf*') ff 'j 


occlusion [.U-rJy.1. 

retention of urine; anuria, anuresis J^JI ^.ll 

aphasia; dyslogia 



to be withheld, be overdue, fail to set in ^ill ' 

to weave; to knit dJU ( Uli 

to (en)snare, (enftrap, (enhangle, ifJ^i J vjl • \\'~'~ I 
gin, enmesh, noose, catch in a trap or snare 

to protest (against), remonstrate 'jo£s\ :<Jx. '^.\ 
against, expostulate, object to, raise an objection 
to, make objections to, demur at, except to, take 
exception to, make representations against, 

to advance (offer, use) as an <yol ( e. j Jj : _, *■*£». \ 

argument, as a plea, as an excuse, as a pretext, as a 

pretense; to plead, invoke; to allege, claim, 


hiding, concealing oneself; disappearance, cjlki I 

vanishing; withdrawal; concealment, hiddenness, 


occultation [ ifUj ] (_, Iki- 1 

protest, protestation, remonstrance, jo\^s.\ :r\aC 
remonstration, expostulation, exception, objection, 
representation(s), demur, demurrer, demural 

protest (of a bill, for f-^iy. '■ rt=v»- 1 

non-acceptance, for non-payment..) 

offering of a plea or excuse; *tiol if-jij ir-liwi-l 
pleading; claiming, maintaining, alleging; 
allegation, claim; plea, excuse, pretext, pretense 

protest note 

:uv»-l SjiL 




. . — -.„ . 

profession (occupation, business, career, trade, 

craft), become a professional 

to burn, catch fire, take fire, ignite, (in)flame, J>>} 

blaze, be afire, be on fire, be aflame, be ablaze, be 

in flame(s), burst into flame(s), be burned, be 

consumed by fire 

to flame with rage, blaze with anger, L-ai- Oj^-\ 

burn, inflame, flare up, rage, seethe, boil, be or 

become inflamed or furious 

to respect, esteem, honor, regard, J»-l . j-^-\ : f>>| 

revere, venerate, reverence, hold in esteem, have 

great regard for, admire, value, prize, think highly 

of, look up to 

to observe, honor, live ^\j . f>JI ' -; -^ : (s^l 

up to, respect, comply with, abide by, conform to, 

follow, adhere to, stick to, keep (to), maintain 

to honor, keep, fulfill, y • J"*- ' -; <j i '• (s^l 
carry out, perform, meet, live up to, redeem, make 
good, stand by, keep faith with 

to drink, sip '-^j "r'.P : <j--*"' 

contentedness, contentment), *^1 : V^>*"! 


L....-»- v>-lj - j~*-\ 'l^^*! 'l>k : S " "' ■ '•' • ! 

to be or become content with, _j ,j^\ '• -; 4— z*-\ 

satisfied with; to content oneself with, settle for 

to disapprove of, *lic <>£j I : ^»^l <li* l.. .. '■» • I 

deprecate; to criticize, censure 

to sacrifice something in l^~»- aIiI -Ut i_. ■"> I 

anticipation of God's reward 

to lose a son, be bereaved of a son <<J I jj j i_. „:■» • I 

to mow, cut, scythe, weed 
infarction, infarct 
pulmonary infarction 
cardiac infarction 
gathering, rallying, assembling 

[a] .Lil 

precaution(s), safety measure, safeguard 
caution, cautiousness, wariness, LT^j^l 

circumspection, prudence; carefulness), watch- 
fulness, vigilance, alertness, lookout; diligence; 
precaution; protection, safegaurd(ing) 

professionalism, professional pursuit or ( -*'j?»") 

practice, taking (following, practicing) of or as a 
profession (business, career, trade, craft), becoming 
(a) professional 

professional lA^j^I 

professionalism <J \j^\ 

burning, combustion, being on fire, being ^j'^?*"' 
afire, bursting into flame 

internal combustion t S± I j j I ^f 1 

spontaneous combustion cji^ j' <ji'^ <J'^"! 

flammable, inflammable, fiery Jlj^j-'ill g^-. 

combustible Jil^j>-}U Jjli 

respect, regard, esteem, honor, J~%r\ . ^Lj^c-l :»lj^>] 
reverence, veneration, deference 
dignity, gravity, solemnity, JbU- illf. ^Ij^j-j 
stateliness, grandeur, augustness 

observance of, slilj-. . ^Ij^j i _j aJu :^I^I»-J 

observing, honoring, living up to, respect(ing), 
compliance with, abidance by, conforming to, 
adherence to, following, keeping (to), maintaining 

honoring, keeping, fulfillment, j iJlij :^\j^-\ 
carrying out, living up to, redemption, making 
good, standing by 



self-regard, self-esteem, amour propre 

to guard against, be on one's guard (^J jJ^-\ 

against, be cautious of, be wary of, beware of, 

protect oneself from; to take care, be careful, look 

out, watch out, be alert, be on the alert, be on the 

lookout; to take precautions 

to guard against, be on one's guard dj*) u*jZ»-\ 

against, beware of, be wary of, be cautious of, 

protect oneself from; to take care, be careful, look 

out, watch out, be alert, be on the alert, be on the 

lookout; to take precautions 

to practice (pursue, engage in, take) as a •-*>>»■! 



*> & 


welcome, welcoming, hearty r^£j i <_>>■»• [^ 
(kindly, friendly, hospitable) reception, hospitality; 
entertainment; honoring); salutation 

barefootedness, going barefoot(ed) t yii- : ,Ui- 1 

keeping, retention, retaining, holding, (_,) Jilii.1 
maintenance, maintaining, upkeep, keeping up, 
sustaining, susten(ta)tion; reservation; preser- 
vation, conservation, saving, storage, storing; 
custody; protection, guarding, safeguarding, 
safekeeping, defense, defending 

celebration, ceremony, festival, festivity, fete, JU^I 
gala, festive event; feast; commemoration; solem- 
nity; observance, keeping, solemnization; 
welcome, (gracious) reception 

t iii 


CT { -> _ <r* 

l : Zjiiii 

ceremonial, ceremonious, formal, ritual(istic),rjU^».| 
liturgical, solemn; festive; celebratory 

to keep, retain, hold, maintain, keep Jiii- : _, Jiiil 
up, sustain; to reserve; to preserve, conserve, save, 
store, put away; to hold or have in custody, take 
custody of; to guard, protect, safeguard, shelter, 
shield, defend 

to be or become angry, furious, '. ~c : Jiili- 1 
enraged, exasperated, vexed, irritated 
to celebrate; to (^1 1 u ^l i , 4'jj, ) ' l ^~, | 

commemorate; to observe, keep, memoralize, 
solemnize; to honor, welcome, receive graciously 

contempt, scorn, disdain, misprision jU-Ll 

contempt of court 


to despise, scorn, disdain, _, J^L\ 4 lij'jjl i^il^l 
contemn, misprize, disesteem, disrespect, hold in 
contempt, regard with contempt, have a low 
opinion of, look down upon, turn up one's nose at 

•U^lkll jli^-l 

to congest, be or become 

to suffer from ,'_ 

£»Z :£ll f !jl'oii.l 

f '•*•- 

jl J^ ^^ '-Joi).\ ^>ii-l 

assemblage, assembly, congregation, coming 
together, crowding (together), thronging (together), 
banding together, trooping, swarming; con- 
centration; mobilization 

modesty, pudency, decency, decorum, f Im- 

propriety, chastity, chasteness, reserve, demure- 
ness, coyness, shyness, bashfulness, shame 

to gather (in crowds), rally, assemble, ilk; : \ *"1 
congregate, come together, crowd (together), 
throng (together), flock together, band together, 
troop, pack, swarm, muster, concentrate; to be 
gathered, rallied, assembled, crowded; to be 
concentrated, massed, mustered; to be mobilized; 
to accumulate, cumulate, pile up, be heaped up 

to be or become modest, decent, I*, '. :'./. 'J& : '-*"- ! 

decorous, chaste, reserved, demure; to be or 
become coy, shy, bashful 

to be ashamed of, be 
ashamed to face someone 

<j? cj 3 "*"*"! Cr? (*•****"! 


death, demise, last breath; death struggle, 
agony of death 

j 1 .il'V I 

to be dying, moribund, o^il 

approaching death, near to death, at the point of 
death, at death's door, in extremis, in the throes of 
death, near one's end, at the last gasp, with one 
foot in the grave; to die, expire, pass away, breathe 
one's last, emit the last breath, draw the last 
breath, meet death, give up the ghost, relinquish 
life, part with life 

to gather firewood; to wood, gather wood; to 

to welcome, receive '.^ t _, Li- j : _> Jj"l- I 

hospitably or cordially, entertain, honor; to salute 
to go or walk barefoot(ed) llj U- ^ : JT'~ I 




(have, hold) a position (in relation to others) 
milking S-^- : S J ^?**! 

occupation, seizure, capture, '"^-"-l • ^^~'"! 

takeover, taking or laying hold (oO, (taking) 
possession (oO, appropriation 
occupation forces J^Lji- I ,_^~?- ' J^9>- 1 oly 

occupational, occupation J^*"i 

puberty, sexual maturity ^'j J ! ' £>k : f^»"! 

wet dream ^Jl *LSI ^1 £.}>■ : (<^~) f^j*"! 
to milk S-^- : >r^»*] 

to attain puberty, reach sexual jJa i dJj jl : (>k»-j 

maturity, be or become sexually mature 

to dream LL>- (ilj tjJ-^-J 

to have a wet dream f^JI £U I <^~* £>■ : jvU^-l 

to seek protection (in, ,Ju\ : \ij* <■ -U* i -;) (j*^! 
with, from), take refuge or shelter (in, with, from); 
to protect oneself, defend oneself, shelter oneself, 
shield oneself 
to diet Li!** jL»>- fUi> f>^} '-{j*^ ir*-**! 

possibility, pontentiality, V-f^j' ' V^-*j : ^^^*! 
potential, contingency, prospect, probability, 
likelihood; chances, odds, prospects 

probability [^^-Aj] J^j*"! 

Jlkl «rlj - Sill" iJbr ciiU.1 :JC^-| 

unlikely, improbable, farfetched JL^j-^l -u*> 

to assume, suppose; to o-^>J ' d°r*\ '■ J-***"! 

imply, involve, carry 

to be possible, potential, LSLL. ^. ' . n . ui^ '• J-^»-) 

probable, likely 

to hold, take, be able to take in, J j-Jl : S~*-\ 

have capacity for 

to take, last (a certain time)(U Lj j) (j>~J : J*^»- 1 

unbearable, intolerable, iiLL "i : Jl^<u "^ 

unendurable, insupportable, insufferable 

strangury or retention of urine 

to take an enema or a *JjX\ S^*-\ '-J^^ CA-^l 

clyster; to be injected 

to flush, glow, blush, *jy 1 j**-\ ■ **■>" o*^-\ 

redden __ 

to rub -j dlkk; t Jc jl -1 A_ii ii&- :(_;) dLi-l 

oneself against, chafe against; to jostle, come in 

close contact (with); to undergo or cause friction 

to contact, JJU- i -> S^\ -**LJr j' ,>l>w1j iiu»-| 
be in contact with, get in touch with; to associate 
with, mingle with, mix with 
to itch SX\J\^:'Al\S^\ 

to affect deeply, *-» ^ ' : "J- 4 -" J t ^! 

penetrate, touch, impress 

monopoly; monopolization; corneKing) j^*"! 

monopsony *l^l J^t*"! 

antitrust laws 

monopolistic iij*4»"! 

trust; cartel, syndicate (<LiLil 

friction; rubbing; chafe, chafing, attrition; ^^»>! 
contact, touch; association, mingling, mixing 

frictional i^f^*"! 

to monopolize, hold a monopoly over, get a jS^\ 
monopoly of, obtain or assume exclusive pos- 
session or complete control of; to corner, get a 
corner on 

to appeal to (someone) ^^ ' <j c ' J ' : <JJ (>*-**■! 
for a (legal) decision, seek a decision from; to go to 
court, have (a judge, court, etc.) decide 

(j) f^> cfr'j - f^ '■ s* r 5 ^"! 

to occupy, seize, capture, take J* (j!>^~ j : J** 1 ! 

over, take or lay hold of, take possession of, 

tO OCCUpy, Aiit, 1 aiy \ tJJ I j^^> J I L ^a - .* J-^j 

hold, fill, be in charge of 

to assume, take o-dij : tJJ \'£ j* jl L^ .* J^»-| 
over, take charge of, take control of, take 
command of 
to rank, rate, stand, take £ll ily* jl ii-jJ Ji-I 

OP. I 



^ #> 


Cj»Lji-l ol_ji 

trickery, deception, fraud, cheating), swindle, JQi-] 
swindling, wile, roguery, wangling, finagling, 
Muffling), beguilement, defraudation, humbugging, 
delusion, dupery, craftiness, cunning, artfulness 

casuistry <jf j-" u~*l 

fraudulent, deceptive, dishonest, roguish i^Qf*'! 

fraudulent bankruptcy <j"^*' o*^*! 

refrainment, refraining, pL^.1 i oi^ U^) fl»»^l 
abstention, abstaining, desistance, desisting, 
forbearance, forbearing 

recoiling, shrink(ing), shrinkage, <jo&> '■ f 1»>»-J 
flinch(ing), fallback, retreat, withdrawal 

reluctance, ^ <Lcj i »^ i jy>J '■ f b*>-] 


to refrain from, abstain yt till*. I t ^ Lif : ,j* ^1 

from, desist from, forbear, keep from 

- -,' -- • * 
to recoil, shrink, flinch, fall back, ^^Sj : m~ I 

retreat, withdraw 

curved, crooked, hooked, ci^I** i i_iicl :^>m»-I 

bent, aquiline, adunc, uncinate, falcate 

riddle, puzzle, enigma, conundrum, yJ : <1m*-i 



to stare at, gaze at, look sharply at <JJ ^JiJI jj>- I 
to make into one, unify, unite .ii- j : j*. 

one jj»-lj : j^ 

unique, singular, single, individual, sui jjji : jj>- I 
generis, matchless, peerless, unequaled, 

alone, single, solitary, lone, lonely 

somebody, someone; anybody, L. 


nobody, no one, no person, none jj>-I "il 

the One (God) «i>l:ji-\ll 

to contain, include, ,>LaJ i (_}c J*-^} : (J*) (3j^} 
comprise, comprehend, embrace, encompass, 
enclose, embody, hold, take in, cover, involve, 

to ij jui« jl iji jLjjl Oj-5 JL- : ti>-»" ' 


to possess, own, have jj*~\ :( Jc) ii>^>-l 

containment, inclusion, (>«-aJ i JL^,I : »lj->J 

comprehension, embracement, encompassment 

containment ijjl« oj-icjl Sy ji' 


caution, cautiousness, wariness, j I ^ji- 1 : illi I 

circumspection, prudence, providence, provision; 
(advance) care; precaution, precautionary mea- 
sure, safeguard 

reserve, reservation ^~," : i.Ui-1 

precautionary, l&j\ J ^>-\ ' I^^J ' L "" '•*iJ^^*-\ 
preventive, protective, safety 
reserve, substitute, Jy U> I i Jj jj : ^J. Q»- 1 

alternate, stand-in, standby; auxiliary; spare 
reserve(s) ^J.Qi-1 JL. t (JJL.) ^11^-1 

reserve, (<j~^' j) 1^^*"' (i-*-^ 'cs^^"' 


depreciation reserve d)%^_ "ill ,J>L^-I 




!- J 

gold reserve(s), oil rJJ J»iJI jl 

reserve(s), etc. 

capital reserve; capital stock JUl ^-^^1.11^.1 

' i 

legal reserve ^j y U (J. Li- 1 

precautionary .^LLji-l fl^>-J ijJsLil jjju 

measure, precaution, safety measure, safeguard 

provisional ,J»Lji-l <-*J>>> l («l»W-^"' cr-r*" 

detention, detention pending investigation, 
protective custody 

provisional seizure, attachment ^J.ll^.1 jp*>- 

reserve capital ^J»Cji- 1 JL ^ I j 






Ujl ijjA-l :(cr , )^»"' 

to heat, warm, make hot or warm 

hotter, warmer 

• ' - s ' ' 

*» i 

more appropriate, more proper, jU- 1 i Jjl : ii^ 
more suitable, more adequate, more becoming; he 
had better.. 

with greater reason, with all Jjl v^ 0? ^^^ 
the more reason, the more so, a fortiori 

rather, more jwajl y^> J* ' t3-*' >»" J* ; <i^- *y 

accurately, more exactly, more precisely, to be 

exact, strictly speaking, more correctly speaking; 

more explicitly, more clearly 

embarrassment, disconcertion, discomfiture; %}j*\ 

putting in an embarrassing or critical situation, 

forcing into an awkward or difficult position; 

difficulty, strait(s) 

acquisition, 5 jLf i J~" ' <J* uy^~ : j'^H 

acquirement, obtainment, getting, winning, 

gaining, earning; attainment, achievement, 

accomplishment, procurement, realization, 

scoring; possession, owning, having 

burning, incineration, destruction by fire, &j*\ 

combustion, setting on fire, setting afire, setting 

fire to, ignition, kindling, lighting; scorching, 

singeing, scalding, searing, charring 

cremation <J^ <~^*r ii' j*-\ 

\'J^ (olSOi^l & U^ij) ^Cil JI>1 «> 

arson, incendiarism 

state of ritual f^kLI i!U- i (>>-l j-ww : fi^l 

consecration (of a Mecca pilgrim) 

. > > .' . 

garment of a Mecca pilgrim ^^11 vr '-^j^I 

to embarrass, disconcert, J^-iJI J j»j' "^j> '•&*" 

discomfit, put in an embarrassing situation; to back 

into a corner, corner, put into a difficult or critical 

situation, force into an awkward or difficult 


to forbid, prohibit, interdict f >>- : J* £>»- ' 

to be (become, get) embarrassed, disconcerted, £^1 
in an embarrassing situation; to be (become, get) 
cornered, forced into a critical or awkward 
situation ( 

to acquire, obtain, jU- < ^ji*- ijli < <j* J-»- : j^' 
get, win, gain, earn, receive; to achieve, attain, 

■M^iMagiafeg.: Mb.«BKftWfflBM 


Palm Sunday 
the units 

production, creation, ti>j»-l j-uo» : ililj*-] 

origination, engendering, generation, bringing into 
being, giving birth to, giving rise to, bringing about, 
making, causing, causation, effecting, occasioning, 
triggering, prompting 
coordinate [oUiljj] (oLJIj»-I g) i^ 1 -*) 

abscissa («** ' J ' err" (j 

ordinate "tyy*- -J 1 yr'j -J 1 &}^° yi's 

humpbacked, (i^>) *;■*>" i J : (ji^O y-^ 

hunchbacked, humped, gibbous 

hunchback, (^l) V-^ J^ 1 : (^ JI ' V-^ 1 


convex, arched, vaulted, ^li 'Cr*-* :<■?■"*»■' 

cambered, crooked, curved, bent; "protuberant, 
prominent, protruding 
to produce, create, originate, engender, Oj* 

generate, bring into being, give birth to, give rise 
to, birth, bring about, make, cause, effect, 
occasion, inspire, prompt, induce, trigger, 
provoke, work out, result in 

. t 


to surround, encircle, j <Jl»- i j J»l»-I '•-; J-*' 

enclose, encompass, embrace, ring, environ, beset 

song of camel drivers «j oa- 1 :«jj»i 

story, tale; news; speech, talk; topic, subject «Jj.±^l 

to be or become convex, hunched, humped, yjjj^l 
arched, vaulted, cambered, crooked, curved, bent; 
to bend, curve; to stoop 
unity, oneness, singleness <J\j*-j i So^-j : <jJ^' 

»-«,'-•.- -s - t 


song of camel drivers 

convexity, convexness, camber, curvature, i_iIjlij»-I 
vaulting; gibbosity; stoopdng) 



well done! bravo! ■_- • ~i 

, . » -• < - •» 

better; finer; superior; J*»- 1 i j^»- 1 i J^»i 1 : j_» 

preferable; nicer, lovelier, more beautiful; more 

the best; optimum, optimal; the finest; the i y. *• "ill 
nicest, the most beautiful; the most splendid 

better off than ^. l j_j-l JU j i^. "iU- l j_i-l 

at best Jlji-^l j— »■! j 

at one's best <JI^».| l j_»-l j 

for the better ,v- i-^l 

amicably, in a friendly manner 

bowels, intestines, entrails, viscera, guts; »li»-I 

interior, inside 

inside, in, into, within, in the interior of *L»- 1 j 

- - • * ,' . « 
to shame, put to shame J» I : «£». I 

to allot someone his 4,., _>l <u*a>- oLktl i^^-l 
share, allot to, allocate to, apportion to, assign to, 
single out for 

to count, enumerate, calculate, ^-*- 4 a* : ^^a^-l 
compute, reckon 

innumerable, countless, incalculable, ,jV-y ^ 

numberless, myriad, untold, infinite 

counting, count, enumeration, jLU>- i j* : ( Lai.l 
calculation, computation, reckoning 

statistics ol rL»-l t »L»-I 



analytical statistics 

descriptive statistics 




ywiau «flj— (jrwxxj :<jLfl^l 

to be or become ripe, (oLw- ol»- « ; 


marriage, matrimony 

; r«— «u 

accomplish, procure, realize, score; to possess, 
own, have 

jj>- «u»- 1 j — ijU^ t Jut- :j^»-l 
to ((j*) Ijwaiil _>l \j~aj jj*-\ iJ^lUl i_wa» j^p- 1 

come through (or off) with flying colors, gain the 
day, score a great success, have the best of it, win 
or gain a victory, be victorious; to triumph over, 
prevail over, overcome, overpower, beat, defeat, 
get the better of 

to burn, incinerate, destroy by fire, consume jj*-l 
with fire, set on fire, set fire to, set afire, set ablaze, 
ignite, kindle, light, inflame, enkindle; to scorch, 
singe, scald, sear, char 

to cremate, reduce (a dead body) to o... *i>- J^p- 1 
ashes by burning 

to be in a state of ritual consecration (of a Mecca i 

i f _^.i 

to sadden, grieve, make sad, fill with sadness; to u >■' 
depress, deject, dispirit 

to feel, sense, experience; Sji\ t -> j*L. : (j) {j ^\ 
to perceive, notice, become conscious of, become 
aware of, realize, recognize; to hear 

feeling, sensation, sense, perception, <j»L»-l 

consciousness, awareness; sensibility, sensitivity; 

emotion, affection, sentiment; sympathy, 

unfeeling, insensate, (j-Li-'ill 
insensitive, insensible, insentient, unimpres- 
sionable, impassive, numb 

charity, beneficence, benefaction, benevolence, uLj-l 
philanthropy, dole, almsgiving, performance of 
good deeds; favor, kindness, good turn, kind act 

j.n.ll jfc**' f-?"'J ~ j-n.ll j— ^' 

to do well or right, act well or t jJu I i jU- I : v_#. I 
right; to do excellently, do expertly, do profi- 
ciently, excel in, know how to do; to be or become 
proficient in, skilled in, well-versed in; to master, 
know well, gain mastery in, have command of 

to give charity (to), give alms (to), ^J :(<Jj) Cr-»- ' 
be charitabe (to), philanthropize; to do good (to), 
do a favor (for), do a good turn (for); to be nice 
(to), kind (to), friendly (to); to treat with kindness 


5 ^fr'j ~ ^**i O-* 1 



u-a*- 1 

right, title, claim 
to itch 

-S*' * 

definitude, correctness, 

accuracy, precision, 
exactness, exactitude, 

to compact, knit or draw ui, t ^ i <iy : «£*■! 

together, consolidate, strengthen, fortify; to make 
compact, well-knit, firmly connected, firm, solid, 
strong; to tighten, make tight, make hermetic; to 
tie, fasten, make fast 

to master, have command of; to be or ,jii I : «x»- 1 
become proficient in, skilled in; to excel in, do 
proficiently or expertly; to perfect, make perfect, 
bring to perfection 

to absolve from, acquit ^ jj>- < ^ l^jl :^ J*- 1 
from, discharge from, release from, disengage 
from, clear of, relieve from, exempt from, 
exonerate from, redeem from, disburden from, 
unburden from, free from, disencumber from, 
extricate from 

to enjoin on, J* ^y i J* (_-*-jl :,J* J*-l 

impose as a duty or obligation upon, make 
incumbent on, make something someone's duty 

•* i 

to settle, settle down, make £ j i *~o) i tly I : J*- 1 
stay (in or at a place); to put, place, set (down), lay 
(down), locate, station, position 

j*- 1 (^p*^ UrT»*. _)l U~- ^^^ 1 i (o^*£- i^*a) 41j** 4l>- 1 

to replace by or with, substitute for, put in the 
place of another, displace by or with, subrogate 

replacement, substitution, JIj-JL-1 :J5UJ 

displacement, subrogation 

subrogation j*-\ 3~ o?' J u^»\' 

bay, chestnut 

smooth, sleek, soft, tender ^li i ^-L I : (J Jb- 1 

to sweeten, become sweet; to I^Ju- jL> : (jI>U-l 

become delicious; to become beautiful, pretty, 
charming, nice, pleasant 

>t. - - . , < > > s - . . » 

to c*s»-jy ' rjy :Sl^i 
marry, get married 
bringing, getting, fetching 



■ dtyw 

arraignment; summoning, 
citation, subpoenaing 

subpoena, (i»So« Jj) jU»-J iijj i jU»-l S^x. 

summons; writ of habeas corpus 

'< - -~ 

to bring, get, fetch, bring j ^1 ij jU- i <_Jl»- i^Jj 

along, carry with oneself, bring forward, introduce 

to arraign; to summon, iuCkU JJ » 

subpoena, demand, cite 

to be or become lucky, fortunate U»^J»Jm 0^ : ■ii^l 
to importune, besiege, press, urge J* tJ! ^jjA*-! 

to make go barefoot(ed) Li U- a1»»- : ,ji»- 1 

j, '. » 

to cut (off) one's mustache, overtrim <o jli. ,ji»- 1 

one's mustache; to shave one's mustache 

to anger, enrage, infuriate, exasperate, i_w»il : Jai»-I 

acerbate, incense; to annoy, vex, irritate, gall, 

embitter, peeve, provoke 

:-'•' '■ 1 
fossil cM ■»; ..„. '■jyt*'' 

paleontology _£»U- jl pic 

fossil (3jj4»-i 

s ^ - i - * 
to tell or say the truth Jp-I Jl» : J»-l 

to enforce, carry out, execute, effectuate iil : J^>- 1 

i - * 

worthier, more deserving; more entitled to j J»-l 

enforcement, execution, (o)Juij : (jil) <ili»-l 

carrying out, effectuation 

denial of justice J^J-I Jli»-J (.at 

to embitter, Ijily aLu«- i jJLi-l <ui j^l lai^l 

envenom, venom, excite or arouse bitter feelings 
in, fill with spite or hatred, kindle rancor in, make 

jjLZ>-l &\ j — ji^\ 

precedence, priority, 



to ripen, mature, be or ojLoa- ul»- ' 
become ripe or mature 

£-*. ., 

Ja^a- VT'j 

Ja-a- : Ja-a- I 

i J»U.I :,v. 

clubfooted, taliped 

to enrage, infuriate, anger, i_...a r .i i j»ici : j^- 

incense, madden, exasperate, acerbate, irritate, 
embitter, peeve, vex 

iC> p-lj - dLi-1 

Jl^ p-lj - Jl^l 

to impoverish, make poor, reduce to jii I : r- j»-1 

,- .« , ,, « 
to compel (to), force (to), oblige J* -ijl : J J r>»-l 

(to), make necessary for (to) 

in greater need (of) (<JJ ) ii- U- ji I : (J J ) *■ jiJ 

having narrow, contracted or 
squinting eyes 

to squint, become cross-eyed 

cross-eyed, squint-eyed, cockeyed; 

to give life to, lend life yi*;! t J sLil j^kcl : Li. I 
to, endow with life, bring to life, animate, vitalize, 
vivify, enliven, liven up, quicken; to revive, 
revivify, resuscitate, reanimate, revitalize, recreate, 
give new life to, breathe life into, infuse life into 

-s - -. * 

to restore, renew, rejuvenate; to jja- : La- 1 

regenerate, recreate 

to resurrect, raise from the^i t o^il ^ l^Z : L»- 1 

to give, throw (a party, concert, ilia- La- 1 

performance, etc.); to perform at a celebration or 
party, etc. 

to commemorate, memorialize, observe, <5^i lli- I 
keep; to celebrate 

to pass the night awake, stay awake at JJJI La- 1 
night, stay up at night, burn the midnight oil, 
spend the night (in some activity), work or study 
far into the night 

biology La-^^ i^La-'ill pL i,Lil 

animation, vitalization, <jiU;l i J »G-1 £Uail : »L».| 




s- f?- - s - s- * 

I**" p-'j - «J 'tr^- ^l 
.. *' J, « 

to redden, become red; to purple, jJs- 1 jLo : 'Ua-I 
empurple, become purple 

to redden, blush, flush, glow %^ ^U- 1 

red; ruddy; pink; scarlet; purple j^.\ 

lipstick, rouge 

infrared jla-^l ujj <■ 

violent death 

redness, red coloKation), red coloring; jl 

reddening, blush(ing), flush(ing), glow(ing) 

erythrism ^Ull /\ S^ijl jl^J 





- * * 

«■ • - 

-r— • 





to anger, enrage, infuriate, exasperate, ■_ ■ hr I : yU^I 
acerbate, incense, irritate, gall, provoke, peeve 

ij*±>- »a-ij — LA»l»- a1»j- : ( _ < pii»»»l 

stupid, silly, foolish, fatuous, idiotic, (iio) ^*9-\ 
imbecilic, imbecile, weak-minded, feebleminded, 
fat-witted, thick-witted, dim-witted, unwise, daft, 
brainless, dumb, doltish 

fool, idiot, imbecile, moron, simpleton, (^.l) , 

dullard, dolt, dunce, dunderhead, blockhead, 
fathead, oaf, ninny, numskull 

purslane, pussley (cjLj) iia-j : e Lilil iiilll 

polycythemia (i>j- ) f jJ ' J ' jy 

to hate, bear a grudge against, bear J* jJia- : J* 
malice against 

(J* ^> plj - (JJ J I* * J* oiJac :J* ( 

hunchbacked, humpbacked, humped; i_.ja-l : ( 

hunchback, humpback 

- - - . -* • 
grudge, malice, rancor; Sjl j* i o^S" i jJia- : 

hatred; feud, enmity, hostility 



H.-r.HNT'-y.M'..' -■■■ug*. | Tr— 

to be or become ^-Jl i JSCtl i illil : ^"ill cii JU-I 
dubious to, doubtful to, uncertain to, obscure to, 
vague to, intricate to 

*J> Jl» j^-lj - *^~y '■ j^*~' Of 


, „ ■ » »- ■ » 

to extinguish, put out, quench, «u»-l i U-U : 
smother, stifle 

notification, notifying, information, p ">U :jL»- 

informing, telling; communication, conveyance, 
transmission; notice; announcement, statement, 

denunciation, information, ijltj : L >t jLj-J 

informing against, reporting 

news, information 

newscast, news bulletin, news 

news, information 

to be humble (before God) 

to inform of or about, l _ r JLtl t <JJ Jli i _j j-U :(_j) j*» 
tell about, let know about, bring to someone's 
knowledge or notice, notify of, apprise of, advise 
of, acquaint with, make aware of, report to, relate 
to; to communicate to, impart to, convey to, 
transmit to, deliver to; to announce, state, declare 

to inform against, report, 
denounce, betray 


half sister, stepsister ( 

foster sister 


H if i '■ O* rr* ' 
j~C-) ft jl ui c-y-1 

I i ^ym.^1 ijjizil :ju^l 

to choose, select, elect, i_*» 
pick (out), cull 

to prefer (to), favor, choose to, y \ i j-aj : jLj-1 
opt for 

to strut, swagger, prance, mince; JSJ t j-iJ : Jll»- 
to be or become conceited, vain, vainglorious; to 


i-'-^V ' -, : . r ■ ■ ■ - ■! 


vivification, enlivening, quickening; revival, 
revivification, reviviscense, resuscitation, 
reanimation, revitalization, recreation 

restoration, renewal, rejuvenation; j-j-lm : «.U>-I 
regeneration, recreation 

resurrection ty^> i lijo : *Lj"! 


in commemoration of, in 

memory of, in remembrance of, in memoriam 

biological) if??** : i/i rf 


biologism <_j U»- 1 

• . * 

how sweet! how delicious! how l'— 1 I, 4 jjLi-1 

beautiful! how nice! how pleasant! 

albumin J^j 'Cf^-^ 

brother; fellow man f\ 

' * \ 
brother-german, full brother J^li. f\ 

half brother, stepbrother \^Ji^ j^) f\ j' ^i r} 

foster brother i-j^JL jl p-Ui^JL ^1 

brother-in-law *»-.}.)" j' rJ^' >""' 

trustworthy, reliable, honest, faithful iij ^»-l 

brothers, brethren <->!>»-) ' °>»-J 

to fraternize with, Luj^> jl U-l <d jU> :U-I i^l 
associate as brothers with, be on fraternal terms 

brotherhood, brotherliness, fraternity »l^l 

fraternal, brotherly 

■ uU! 

captivating, fascinating, v'-^- ' jf ^" ' C^^ : ^' 
charming, enchanting, entrancing, transporting, 
thrilling, breathtaking, taking, striking, winning, 
engaging, sweet, gripping, attractive, magnetizing, 
catching, catchy, absorbing, engrossing 

tSyi- «rlj - (JU-I 




invention, innovation, j^j' ' ?'•*«?' •f_'j~*'! 

origination, creation, contrivance, contriving, 
devisal, devising 

inven- p-^j»- t,J. t f^o" :(olcljJJ»-l r-Jp-l^^j-l 
tion, creation, innovation, novelty, contrivance 

patent (on an invention) p- 1 ^i»- 1 5 f\ y 

patentee p-l^^»-l S?l^> J^U- 

penetration, transpiercing, JL^ <. ilij :<jlj^-j 

piercing, breakthrough, breaking through, passing 
through; permeation, permeance, percolation, 
interpenetration, infiltration 

' »*'• ' *''• i ' *'"!ii 

to unsheathe, draw, pull ij>-^I < *!i«l : i « . * . .! I -i^*-) 

to invent, create, originate, j£i> I i p- xj 1 : f>i*-J 

innovate, make, devise, contrive, excogitate 

to penetrate, transpierce, pierce jL»J i iij ij^^-l 
through, break through, cut through, pass 
through, run through; to permeate, percolate, 
interpenetrate, infiltrate 

to break the sound barrier o^oJI jl^»- ij'jii- I 

j Lai- 1 (j^ji-l 

to run the blockade, break the 

bulletproof ^Ce^JI ii^ju Y 

to destroy, annihilate, J^L I 1 2li» I : ^» 

exterminate, extirpate, uproot 


biopsy [i_J»]f_l3^; 

shorthand, stenography (cij^J-l jl iillsCJl) Jlj£» 

canceling, cancellation, [oLilj] Jlj^y-I 

reduction [tljjij t L^S]j\'^\ 

stenographic, shorthand 1j \z± 

to stenograph; to write (in) (L» 3 Ji-\ jl ijLSCJl) tS'jS 

to cancel, reduce 

[oLjsljjJ Jj^-I 

be or become proud, haughty, arrogant 

to amble; to trot, pace vJJ O^ai-I L-ji- 

to hide, conceal oneself, keep oneself out of Li* 
sight; to disappear, vanish; to be hidden, concealed 

hiding, concealing oneself, concealment t'CjS- 

experiment, test, trial; tryout; ^ t <;>>« : jCi»- 
essay; examination; check(up); probation 
experimentation, experiment(ing); <-~>jmj '■ j^>-\ 
trial, trying, test(ing), examination, check(ing), 

experience, (empirical or i£Jj- t i j^- : jl-^»- 1 

practical) knowledge 

> > 
trial balloon jL^-l OjJL 

on probation; on trial; being tested or jQj-^1 
tried; in an experimental state 

experimental, empirical, 
experiential; trial 

empiricism, experimentalism 

LfrJ 3 !* ' ^Jr** 

to test, jLJji-l jl <jy*l> a\s i fjoati iu_^ : >~j»l 

examine, try, assay, essay, try out, check (out), 
sample, put to the test; to experiment, make an 
experiment, carry out experiments 

to °j*^' '- ■"■' ' t jl— *>■ «y c*Lw t ^-r 1 j^r • j~**~ ' 

experience, have experienced, have tried, know or 
learn by experience; to gather (gain, have) 
experience, be experienced 

to know well, know j Lit i»l»-l : _ r Jj^ I 

thoroughly, have full knowledge of 

to bake •-» 


ji»- «- \j - j^j»j 

conclusion, concluding, closure, *\J\ i >L>ll : ^ 
closing, completion, finishing, termination, ending, 
winding up, windup 

cr ] -> 

: Kt\^j ( <w l»- IfUU^l 


to conclude, close, complete, finish, J I 1 ^ I : *Zj- 1 
terminate, end, wind up, bring to an end 

to be circumcised j^j- : (,— all ) j^l»- 1 




<jj^w >i»-lj— »La^l 

to abbreviate, abridge, shorten, y^sJ « ^»-jl : >f «aii 
curtail, cut short, reduce; to summarize, epitomize, 
synopsize, sum up, condense, digest, brief, outline, 


1 «l»~ 




to disappear, vanish; to hide u*o-l i <Sj\y '■ u*^! 
(oneselD, conceal oneself, keep oneself out of sight; 
to abscond, depart secretly and hide oneself; to be 
or become hidden, concealed, sheltered, obscured, 
cloaked, mantled, covered 

disappearance, vanishing; occultation, hid- »U^I 

denness, concealment; hiding, concealing oneself; 


to be or become disordered, disturbed, i_j jl»^>j : [fc±-\ 

deranged, upset, confused 

to be or !_>-& j\ J1j»j v. 1 ,"" ' ' ^ - .v "-* J^° '■ J-^j 

become defective, deficient, unsound, imperfect, 
faulty, blemished 

to be or become unbalanced; to lose 
one's balance 

to be or become mentally deranged, 
mentally disordered, abnormal, 
unsound, demented, insane, lunatic 

to acetify >»- jL> 4 Ji*J :^wuJI J^»- j 

to acetify >»- »^r" ' 4 ^' ji ' : _Ar a *^ J-**"! 

to be alone (with), retire (with), (ka j I _> ) *'■'-• I 

withdraw (with), meet separately (with), hold a 
closed meeting (with) 

to withdraw, retire; to isolate Jj^il 1 j^I '-tJ^>-\ 
oneself, seclude oneself, be alone (with oneself); to 
be or become isolated, secluded, solitary 

"die J^i-I 


being alone (with), meeting 



separately (with), holding a closed meeting (with) 

to reduce [ eLj^ij e L»^ J Jj^-j 

*> . ' . - s ' - . » s '• 

to specialize f>L«JI ^ Jlc j u a^ » «j : J j I -j ^eu»- \ 
in, major in 

tobe j <;X>" jl il»-^Ci)l t_^«-L> uiS' :-j ^<"-l 
competent in, have jurisdiction over or in, be duly 
or legally qualified in or for, have the power or 
authority to 

to be distinguished by, j ijJu\ 1 -> jL*l : j u*±-\ 
marked by, characterized by; to have as a 
characteristic, as a distinctive feature, as an 
advantage; to have the advantage of; to be peculiar 
to, characteristic of 

(_^»- »j«-Ij-^Lj| : <_r' a - : > - | 

o»- £f ; J ' 


abbreviation, abridgment, ^aii-l jj-u :j 

shortening; summarization, epitomizing, syn- 
opsizing, summing up, condensation, briefing, 

brevity, shortness, conciseness, jlauj :jLa^-\ 
terseness, succinctness, laconism, brachylogy 

in short, in jLaJj-'ill aj«-j Jt 1 jLaJj-^L i jLaii-Li 
brief, briefly, in a word, in a few words, in fine, 
concisely, shortly, in a nutshell, in a capsule, in 
summary, summing up, to sum up, to make a long 
story short 

specialization; specialism; specialty, ^alaxj '^-1 ^"~l 
field of specialization; major 

jurisdiction, competence; power, authority 

(special) domain, Jlki njl^- < Ji»- ■ u ^>^ 
bailiwick, field, province, sphere, line 

function a!^ 4 ~<*-^>} '■ i>>t 

(area o0 jurisdiction ^La^i- 1 

D J I 

lack of jurisdiction, incompetence, 


specialist; expert; 

1 jjLai-l Ii-joLfl^l 



V" •■ • V.W3WV-1 

quaver, shiver, shudder 
to twitch 

worry, trouble, disturb, disquiet; to preoccupy, 
engage, engross, take up, fill completely; to affect 
deeply, penetrate, touch, move 

to embezzle, defalcate, peculate, <j^-. 4 i_JL. • ^ ■ I "~l 
misappropriate; to steal, pilfer, filch, purloin 

to eavesdrop, listen secretly (to) (Jj) .111 I ' u 3s±\ 

to peep (at), peek (at); to glance ( J J ) ^LJ I ^ili- 1 
furtively (at), steal a look (at) 

to mix, mingle, blend, intermix, 



intermingle, commingle, commix; to be or become 
mixed, mingled, blended, combined, commingled, 




to mix with, associate with, 
mingle with, hobnob with 

to jumble, clutter, i-j/L^ I 4 J~Lo i ,ji>^ : JjI1»- 1 
run in disorder or confusion, get all mixed up; to 
be or become confused, muddled, jumbled, un- 
settled, disordered, disorganized, disarranged, 

to be or become mentally J^- 1 : 4iic J»L>. 1 

disordered, mentally deranged, abnormal, insane, 
lunatic, demented 

to differ (from), vary Ojlu 4( jjUI .((j*) ' ** - 1 

(from); to be or become different, unlike, disparate, 
dissimilar, inconsistent, incongruous, conflicting, 
contradictory, contrary, opposed 

to be diverse, various, varied e-^J : Liilj- 1 

to disagree, j^J lliiL, J^i- 4 Jt 4 j) Loll*- 1 
differ in opinion, disaccord, entertain contra- 
dictory views, be at variance, join issue; to argue 
(about), quarrel (about), dispute (about), enter into 
an argument (about) 

to frequent, go frequently j jy" : ulSc <JI LqLj- I 
to, come constantly to, visit frequently, haunt 

to fabricate, invent, make up, dJU- 4 ^ : jJl»-l 

manufacture, trump up, create, feign, fake, frame, 
concoct, contrive, devise, think up 

fermentation, ferment, zymosis JLsC .jU^I 

fermentative; zymogenic i$jL^I 


• ' * *■ •—• ' _«»«. t w 


tj i ?v-li :*«► jC^I i^bu^l 

privacy, solitude, loneness, <Uy> 4 jl^iil 
seclusion, isolation, retirement, reclusion 

convulsion, A-bU^il 

jerk, twitch; tic; tremor, tremble, quiver, shiver, 


embezzlement, defalcation, iij*. 4 i_Jl :y*iLjtl 

peculation, misappropriation; stealing, pilferage 

mixture, mixing, admixture, 



intermixture, intermixing, intermingling, blending, 
mingling, commingling, commixture 

association, social intercourse, 5^,1^ : J>^L^-I 
social relations 

confusion, muddle, jumble, iLL 4 J^y^ : J>bl^- 1 
clutter, mess, disorder, disorganization, disarray 

lunacy, mental disorder, mental JiJI J>bLi-l 

derangement, mental alienation, insanity, demen- 

difference, dissimilarity, ^Cj 4 OjliJ 4 J^j :i_iiL£l 
unlikeness, disparity, discrepancy, contrast, dis- 
tinction, divergence, dissimilitude, disagreement, 
variance, variation, inconsistency, incongruity, 
contradiction, contrariness, contrariety 

diversity, variety, variousness s-'yj : i_»}L^- 1 

- > > ' 

<-»bU- %s r \ J - LJbU- iKtyai- i pl_>l : <_»5L»-I 

frequentation jj^J : ,jl5c JJ (_»5Ly-l 

of all (or different) kinds, sorts, <t\y\ i_i}L»-l ^c 
types, varieties 

fabrication, invention, making up, \yj&> '• tiiil^l 

manufacture, trumping up, creation, feigning, 
faking, framing, concoction, contrivance, devisal, 

disorder, disturbance, confusion, i_j! jh^»l :JiL^I 

deficiency, Jli- 4 i^s. 4 i^JLi 4 ^^SJ : JbLi- 1 

defectiveness, imperfection, faultiness; defect, 
fault, blemish, flaw, failing 

disequilibrium, imbalance, ojl^zll J^Ljtl 


mental derangement, mental disorder, ^Lic JbL^- 1 
mental alienation, lunacy, insanity, dementia 
dysfunction ij^i ^^f- ' 


cr'j - t J 

■ t£>^~ 

to quiver, tremble, shake, quake, 

: c^-! 


onager, wild ass 
two jugular veins 



furrow, groove, rut, ridge; chuckhole 1( JC 

hole, gap, opening 

wrinkles, furrows, lines -ut 

to take; to pick up; to take in; 
to receive, get, obtain 

to seize, capture, take over, liUlj i ^c (Jy~\ '■ ■*»■ ' 
take or lay hold of, take possession of, appropriate, 

to overcome, Jj^il-I i -j -V--1 ' J* f» 3, ~»l : -*»■ ' 
overwhelm, overpower; to engross, absorb, 
preoccupy, occupy wholly, take up, seize, take 
hold of 

to punish i_Jlc : i»-l 

, --• , - - -.-*'.'* 

to blame, L.U uiiUjI i^ : IjS" *J* -»»-l ' -*»-l 

reproach; to criticize; to censure, find fault with 

to follow someone's <j i5-ljI : 8 i^-U jl oi*-l i*-l 

example, imitate, copy, emulate, take after, pattern 

after, model after, be guided by 

to get ready, prepare jjl^-I : SjuJI i^-l iaJLaI j^-I 

oneself, make (one's) preparations, gird oneself (for 

action), gird (up) one's loins, prepare (oneself) for 

action; to stand prepared, keep in readiness, stand 

by; to be ready, be prepared 

to grab, take hold of, take, Ja^ i <!\—-\ :joj-I 

seize, catch, grip, grasp, hold 

to accept J-r» : ->. **■ ' 

to adopt, wl i j--J <■ u~^ '■ l-ii" v^r-V ■*»"' '-; -^ 
embrace, espouse; to follow, observe 

to revenge oneself, JiZ> \ '■ °jU J*- 1 ' jW v ■*»■ ' 

avenge oneself, take revenge, get or have one's 
revenge, retaliate, make reprisals 
to treat with kindness, treat <ui.1l : ( _ r - J-l »J»-I 
well, be nice (kind, gentle, friendly, courteous) 
to(ward); to be mild or lenient toward or with 
to comfort, console, condole, ol^c lo^Uy j»-l 
solace, offer one's condolences to, give comfort or 
solace to, express one's sympathy to 

to treat harshly (roughly, Sj—ij < :S_l1IIj o j»-l 

\\'\ <iM!k.»'.± -l,"'" .,■■■ 

' - 

to ferment, undergo fermentation 

to rise (dough) t£»«^ -j*- 5 "! 

to be brewed (beer, etc.) *JJ <uJ-I jl S>J1 o^I 

to sweat (tobacco leaves, tJJ j^Jjl Jljjl o^li-l 


to ripen, mature, be or c-^Jai :l£jS\ Cjj^j~\ 

become ripe or fully developed 

to veil c— swi i jLi-l e— J :i\jl\ Oj^Jj-1 

oneself, put on a veil, cover or veil the head and 


suffocation, asphyxia, throttle, strangulation J!~f»-] 

to be or become strangled, strangulated, jil r-\ 

throttled, choked (to death), suffocated, stifled, 
smothered, asphyxiated; to strangle, throttle, 
choke, suffocate, stifle, smother, asphyxiate 

choice, choosing, selection, election, <&~>\ 
pick(ing), picking out, culling, option 

preference (to), preferring (to), Sr^ '■ J^~f-\ 

choosing to, favoring, opting for 

free will; will, volition 5 jIjJ i 5 jI j)II <j>s- : jLf»-} 

voluntarily, willingly, of one's ^l'^- s-tj* 

own accord, of one's own free will, of one's own 

optional, (jf>^ '^?'j! '^J~" ' ^Jx*" '•6j^***\ 
facultative, elective, alternative, voluntary, free, 
freewill, volitive, volitional, freely chosen or 

i>- >' *> > " -'. ,|- '. , 
strut(ting), jS3 <. jjji. i >» j i _r^r> • J^^*-] 

swaggeKing), prancing, prance, mincing; conceit, 
conceitedness, sef-conceit, sef-importance, vanity, 
vainglory, pomp; haughtiness, arrogance, pride, 
snobbeiy, snobbishness, snobbism 
exhibitionism, show-off; j^iJI t_j>- : JLJj-| 

ostentation, pomposity 


clip, trim, pare 

to tj, jJI .<, Sl£.l 4 <_L i^lll :ljit JL jil 
seize, take hold of, take up, preoccupy, engross, 
absorb; to overcome, overwhelm; to affect 
profoundly, penetrate, touch, move 

to inhale, inspire, breathe in; to breathe, ill; jit 

to take one's time; to bide one's time, o"j ji I 
wait, be patient; to tarry, linger; to slow, delay 
to give and take; to exchange, J^. | _, ji | 

.' f i : ; 

interchange; to reciprocate; to deal with 
to blame, reproach; to criticize; l_>U < 
to censure, find fault with 

to punish LiU : (-ui_u /\ <ji Jt ,) jiT 

• ,^ 
pardon me! excuse me! forgive me! 1 am <J J^-l£ "^ 

taking; receiving, getting, obtaining; 
taking in, intake 

give-and-take, discussion; debate, 
argument; dispute 

give-and-take, exchange, interchange; t U»cj ji- 1 
dealings, relations, intercourse; trade 

indisputable, incontestable, j^JIj ji-^l 'a^C ^ 
unquestionable, undeniable, indubitable, incontro- 
vertible, irrefutable, conclusive, definite, absolute 


j±\ At\i : j#-l 
/*■ t.-Hj ^lji-1 :i'j»-l 

taker; taking 

spell, charm, incantation Sj^lj :i'j»- 

trap, snare, gin, net S aUx. : ilu-l 

to delay, put off, postpone, defer, adjourn 'A% I :'ji. 

to delay, retard, slow (down), hold up; to |jU : >- 1 
hinder, impede, obstruct, block, detain 
to set back, put back <tlL)l 'ji- 1 

to lose time itGl o^i- 1 

another; else; one more, second, further; ji.'\ 

different, separate, distinct, not the same, unlike 

the other i^l 

he also 



-> ilLiii 

cruelly, without mercy); to be or become harsh 
(cruel, merciless) toward 

to take into oLlil .ji jLi^l t ^lL ji! 

consideration, take into account, reckon with, 
allow for, make allowance for; to heed, consider, 
observe, keep in mind 

to help, lend a helping ojx-L : oj^jLj jl o_uj ji- 1 

hand to, aid, assist, support, back (up) 

to be on one s guard, be »jJj- jl «jjt»- Ji-I 

cautious, be wary, be careful, look out, watch out, 

be on the alert, be on the lookout 

to consult, ask someone's opinion, 

counsel with, take counsel with 

to wonder, marvel, be astonished, 
be amazed, be surprised 

to take note of, take notice of, 
acknowledge, mark 

to surprise, take by surprise, I'ji. (q^.) Jj. ji* 
take unawares, take aback, come unexpectedly 
upon, overtake 

to take offense at, feel offended ^. °^i>U- At lii- 1 
by, be annoyed or displeased by, be angry or cross 

to undertake, take upon <_ij /\ <u;U At js- 1 

oneself, shoulder, assume; to bind oneself, commit 
oneself, engage oneself, obligate oneself, pledge, 
vow, promise 

to put under an obligation, obligate, ll^t kXz. ji I 
bind, impose a commitment on 

to quote, cite, jui\ < [^ I : ^ J\ ^ ji I 

excerpt, extract, take out, select; to adopt (from), 
take over (from), borrow (from), derive (from) 

to learn from; to study j^/p ' (£" : Cn j' s - '**■' 

to start, begin, ^i : \'jS ,JlL' 'jil , j 'ji 1 

set about, set to, set out to 

- — - » — f 
to captivate, fascinate, charm, q£ : l-jjJuJI Ji- 1 

enchant, thrill, grip 

may God help you; God bless you dl-u; <iil ji I 

to take its course d _,», j^. I 

to derive (something) from 
to cut, cut off, snip; to I 

' fi* ' (>"» : Of 



give off, give out, discharge, issue, release; to eject, 
throw out, cast out, extrude; to expel, evict, kick 
out, force out, drive out, oust, dismiss, put out, 

to excrete pli-l o^Lii ^Ja \ ■ £>• 1 

.. - - - - • * 
to eliminate, remove, take out, take (_ii»- : £>- 1 

off, leave out, drop 

to exclude, except, rule out cr-~-l : £->*" ' 

to publish, put out, bring out, ^ i j-w>l : £>- 1 
produce, issue 

to direct, [u>;>i^ 'x J 'j ' ■£/-* ' *r« J £->*" 

produce, stage, bring out, make 

to silence, shut up, gag, muzzle, <&->) i ci-l : y»^l 

reduce to silence 

mute, dumb, speechless, tongueless, ,X>I :<j">"1 


clumsy, awkward, jJ j^- <■ £jl; ^ : J >»"' 

maladroit, gawky, inept, gauche, ungainly, 

unhandy, bungling, lumpish, uncouth 

stupid, foolish, silly &**■ ' : J>- ' 

relating to the hereafter; otherworldly; future tij^l 

- - * si* -'. 1 

to disgrace, discredit, shame, ul»l ' J ^ : (i)»"' 

dishonor; to humiliate, humble, degrade, debase, 
abase, lower 

to make lose, cause 5 jL»- *j J^JI i j~**i &**: 
to lose, cause a loss to 

»j»lj — jli- t .»■» ti 

to lead a rough life 

LlI*- I m i . r - , itU- ' / 


to harden, become J Hi I Jl~>l ->>*J ■Cr'y^'l 

inured (to hardship, etc.), roughen (oneself), 
toughen (oneself) 

-'-'■ i f. •'• -| ''-'• •'.•"'til 

more special, more particular, more specific; u a±-\ 
more private, more personal 

specialist; expert; i/a". - * * ' ^^r*"! '■ t^*- 3 *".' 


fertilization, fructification, l~a»- s^l ^fe- ^ ^^H 
enrichment, fattening, making fertile 
fertilization, impregnation, n-i£ : <->L»- 1 

last, final, terminal; latest; ultimate, utmost, j^-\ : j*\ 

end, termination, close, conclu- i«jU- i *jI*j i : ^j-l 
sion, windup, finish, last part, final stage, finale 
end, limit, extreme, extremity, oa- i <jj±> : j>-\ 
terminus, termination, terminal point, tip, border, 
edge t 

foot, bottom, tail, lower part <-**$ < Ji- 1 : j>- ' 

1^1 ^Ij-iJlilll J :^l >"> 

dernier cri, last word, latest or newest *~ey y>- 1 
fashion (style, mode) 

deadline (i>^ S~* '}*?§ ■*?*• jT^ 

etc., and so on, and so forth £lj <■ °j>- ' d\ 

at the eleventh hour, at the last «JaiJ ^ I J 

possible time, at the last moment 

for the last time 

°j* j?*i 

>1 js-lj -ii> 



taking out, j^> i Jill ' J^J»] < J^- ■>) V : ^->»"! 

bringing out, getting out, letting out; emission, 
emanation, discharge, release, issuance, sending 
out, giving off, giving out; ejection, throwing out, 
extrusion; expulsion, eviction, driving out, forcing 
out, kicking out, ouster, dismissal, putting out, 


p L4.lo^Lii c l>l: £ l>J 

elimination, removal, taking out, 

taking off, leaving out, dropping 

exclusion, exception, ruling out »u^~i : ^ 

publishing, publication, putting ^ i jl-uoj : ^>- j 
out, bringing out, production, producing 

directing, [u»>lJ '» J b ' "£/-* ' W 1 J ^.'^l 
direction, producing, production, staging, mise en 



the hereafter, the afterworld, the afterlife, the o'jf-^l 

beyond, the world to come, the life to come 

to take out, bring j^ i JiiJ i jiil i J^^l -w> :^»*-l 
out, get out, let out; to emit, emanate, send out, 


to err, make a UL.V. jtf , t_Li- L£jl : tii-l 

mistake, commit an error, be mistaken, be in error, 
be at fault, be wrong, mistake, blunder; to do 
wrong; to sin, commit a sin 

to miss, fail to hit; to miss the mark «M I* a* tLi-* 

notification, notice, note, jljjl , jUll ijUji-l 

information, advice, reminder, declaration, 


4> #> 

to notify, inform, advise, give 
notice to, forewarn 

to talk nonsense 

--.:* --•» 

jjj\ i 

lighter; milder; weaker; slighter; less, lesser Lii-I 

to hide, conceal, secrete, '^ <. ji I ( '^j, \ t 'J£, -. I J^\ 
cache, mask, blind; to cloak, mantle, disguise; to 
shelter, harbor; to cover, veil, screen, curtain, 
enshroud, occult; to obscure; to keep secret; to 
cover up 

hiding, concealment, concealing, secretion; »Li^l 
sheltering, harboring; covering, veiling, screening, 
occulting; obscuring, obscuration; cover-up; 
disguising, disguise 

failure, unsuccess, fiasco, i_li- 4 jii l ±>y!*- :<jlii-l 
fizzle, flop, dud, nonsuccess, defeat, frustration 


day blind, hemeralopic 

to fail, be unsuccessful, fizzle out, Jii i j*^ : jaj- 1 
flop, miss the mark, lose ground, miss, be unable 
to do or become, miscarry, go wrong, come to 
nothing, be abortive 

to break, breach, commit a LiU- « y^i. : j ^£.1 

breach of, violate, infringe, infract, contravene, 
transgress; to default, fail to meet or perform; to 
prejudice; to disturb, upset, disrupt 
to disturb the peace, riot ^^L ££-* 

to unbalance, disequilibrate, upset u j£dl ££-! 


ytLk^l j| ( juU<a LjLii-l 

cross-fertilization, xenogamy 

self-fertilization, autogamy 

artificial insemination 

double fertilization 

fertility drugs i_-L»^l '# Ui 

to fertilize, fructify, fecundate, Coi- » 
impregnate, fatten, enrich, make fertile 
to fertilize, impregnate, fecundate iJd 

y J > 

JU1> I 


■ !■ .rT»- UU ' 

subjugation, subjection, subdual, ( J) c L^. | 

subordination, conquering, vanquishing, over- 
coming; suppression, repression, quelling, quench- 
ing; subjection (to), submission (to); imposition 

to be or become green, verdant \^±. : ', ' ^1 1 

green, verdant 



ot \y 

uJl j^Ij-^UIj ^^1 Je 

greenness, verdancy, viridity, verdure jljj»-l 

to subjugate, ( j) ^^J ijfc. , ( j) ^. : ( j) ^. | 
subject, subdue, subordinate, conquer, vanquish, 
overcome, overpower, overmaster; to quell, 
quench, suppress, repress; to subject (to), submit 
(to), expose (to), cause to undergo or experience; 
to impose upon, enjoin upon 

to assess, tax, levy, ^11 ^ J jC^j ^.j 

impose a tax or fine on, subject to a tax or charge 
or fee 

to be or become green, 

to be or become green, 

greenness, verdancy 
greenness, verdancy 



breach, breaking, violation, ii)l=»> i ii>- : -; J>»-J 
infringement, infraction, contravention, trans- 
gression; default, failure to do or perform; preju- 
dice; disturbance 

breach of (the) peace, disturbance (of ^"ill; J^U-J 
the peace), disorder, riot 

without prejudice to, without -> J^U-^I (•-»* j-« 
detriment to 




to lean to, incline to, tend to, be J 1 JL. : JJ -di- 1 

diposed to; to take to, resort to 

to be or become loyal to, J L»1j« <ju '• J c^al^l 

faithful to, devoted to, sincere to, honest to, true 

to; to keep faith to, stick to, stick by 

to worship God faithfully and -u, j «1> ,_^- 1 


to renege, break (go back on, fail o±cy jl o-u-j uiUI 

to keep) one's promise or word or commitment 

to disappoint (the hopes) jjiJI jl &?)\ ( -* 1 »- ' 

to compensate, recompense, yi^t : *lA* (**>' ) l -^* ' 


to wear out, fray, UIj »^-« 4 »^U ^jiM J^*"' 

frazzle, tatter 

more appropriate, more proper, more ti>>- 1 : ji»- 1 
suitable, more adequate 

cestodiasis, tapeworm oQujJI 'A> :*J»o£ £^' 


infectiousness, infectivity; infection(s) [ uJ. J jrl^J 

extinction, extinguishing, extin- »U»| : J^l 

guishment, putting out, quenching 
suppression, repression, olCl i jl» : i\r\ 

subdual, quelling, crushing, putting down, 
squelching, quenching, quashing, stamping out, 
stifling, smothering, killing, deadening, dampening, 
damping; deactivation; silencing, calming, 
soothing, lulling, stilling, quieting ^ 

to extinguish, put out, quench, smother U»l : ■***■' 

to suppress, repress, subdue, cX- 1 < ^J : -u»- 
quell, crush, put down, squelch, quench, quash, 

(disturb, disrupt) the balance, put out of balance 

to vacate, leave £> I < o* >»■ ' >^' : cr* - 

uninhabited or untenanted; to evacuate, pull out 
of, move out of, withdraw from, depart from, 
leave, quit, go away from, clear out of; to empty, 
void . , 

to release, discharge, let **- \ j~ jJi» I : <irr- cr*" ' 

8° _,„ „ , -._« 

to bail out, release on bail illiSL. «1— ~ ^ 1 

to open the J (jjUU < O&l '^>)0 c^A" i>> 
way for, make way for, give way to, clear a 
passage for; to make room for, make place for, give 
place to, clear a space for; to give or open up an 
opportunity or chance to or for; to enable, permit, 
allow, let , 

vacating, leaving uninhabited or ^l>) <■ «■%■ • »J*-J 
untenanted; evacuation, pulling out of, moving out 
of, withdrawal from, departure from, leaving, 
going away from, clearing out of; emptying, 
release, discharge Jsr- »^*"S 

bail, bailment ~^^ J^~ '^! 

parole J»J^- l^t- ^J 

£.UI :j^U-I 

sincerity, honesty, integrity, «U j 1 Jj-» : o>^U>] 

probity, candor; loyalty, faithfulness, faith, fidelity, 
fealty, allegiance, devotion, attachment, true- 
heartedness, constancy 




moral, ethical 

i • - *■ * " 


tijJu. i^jI i^ii^ '<^»^ : l/^*' , 

morally, ethically \*>*-' 

immoral, unethical, wrong tj, 

morality; moralism; ethicality, *!!*^' 

ethicalness; ethics, morals 

immorality V^*"'^ 



a mm*mM} 

last but not least I j±- 1 l _ r Jj 


S'- 1 

better (than), superior (to); 
preferable (to) 

the best 


blueweed, viper's bugloss 

(<j?*-» i>** jl*"«) JS* - *' J*jll 
J-^ 1 : ((>V Ji 

- . * 

(oLj) uj^I 
1 1 <hf. : . 

to bend, curve, twist, turn, flex 

>..'* ,',.»- > .» > j . .■,- 
to (over)burden, <ujJI t -uLc Jii :^jI jl J*J-I ojI 

oppress, weigh down on, bear down on; to 

exhaust, fatigue, weary, wear out 

to befall, afflict, strike, hit j J»- iuUI : jl 

to do, perform, carry out, execute, j^li : (3 jl 

discharge, fulfill, accomplish, make; to function; to 


- - • » - •* 5* 

to lead to; to contribute £jj*- I i JJ (_,-»» I : J] cSjI 

to, conduce to; to cause, result in, bring about, give 
rise to, produce, generate, engender, create, make, 
prompt, provoke, induce, trigger 

to take to, convey to, j^j\ i J^jl : J J cijl 

lead to, guide to, show to, steer to, drive to 

to salute, greet j.>UI jl iL»JI (3jI 

to render a service to, do someone a J i^-bi- (3jI 

to pay, settle, discharge »Uu i <ui j : L> j cSj I 

to testify, give evidence or testimony, Sjt^. i^jl 

to render, interpret, »JJ Li but jl (^iw cijl 

express (a meaning, a work of art, etc.); to bring 
out the meaning of, read 

to take an oath, swear L-«j cSjI 

performance; execution, carrying out, »U 

accomplishment, fulfillment; doing, functioning, 
exercising; work; payment, discharge, settlement 
(of a debt); rendering (of) a service, doing (of) a 
favor; taking of an oath, swearing; rendition, 
interpretation, reading (of a work of art); diction, 
delivery; elocution 

— --» , ,» 

tool, instrument, device, ill : (ol j jl r) Si jI 

implement, apparatus, appliance, gadget, article; 


stamp out, stifle, smother, kill, deaden, dampen, 
damp; to deactivate; to silence, calm, soothe, lull, 
still, quiet 

► I 

to harbor, entertain, hide, 

to harbor a grudge against, bear 4_it ji»- : aJ j+±- I 
malice or spite against 

sole (of the foot), vola; hollow of the ( (.all I ) ^. I 
sole (of the foot) 

from ^^.JJLlI jl (.Jill u a*±-\ (JJ ^1^1 (*■»») (_rf 

head to foot, from head to toe, from top to toe, 
cap-a-pie, from (the crown of) the head to the sole 
of the foot 

volar, plantar 

snuffler; twanging, snuffling, nasalizing j^su ^ : j±.\ 

> . i .', '• < 
to hit hard, strike, afflict, aggrieve, y» jJI 4_it ^^1 

oppress, wrong; to wear down, destroy, ruin, 


Li ^Ij-j/^Jl j IJb :( yi-l 

-• •« -• » 
snub-nosed, pug-nosed o-"' : u~*" 


brotherhood, brotherliness, fraternity ty 

stable, barn JJa-,1 -.jy- 

having narrow or contracted j- ■ •" j^> \ijoy. 

having sunken or hollow eyes 1 j.: : «,ll ^'U : ,_^)>i- 1 

brotherly, fraternal ^» 

brotherhood, fraternity, order, confraternity ijy- 

prisoner of war, internee V^* - ji-' : ''--•*• 

spoils, booty, loot, prize, plunder, pillage -L—Lc :Sjl#. 

last, latest; final, terminal; ultimate, utmost, j£. 


the latter 


finally, at last, in the end, CI4JI j : \j± I 

eventually, ultimately, after all, at long last 

recently, lately, of late, not long ago, I j±-'y : \j± I 




administration, j^^* 4^ i4j«La» :Sjljl 

department, service, section, division 

business administration; management Jl^l Jjlij 

administration of estates otfjJI 5jIj] 

civil service ijjj ijbl 

crank [iSLilSL,] ij\'ii\ j-lji 

maladministration, mismanagement »j' J )" iy 

administrative, managerial, °j^)IL> J^-^ ■ ( # J '' S ! 

executive, departmental 

executive; manager, jJs (ij^j <-&y : <3j^j 

director, administrator 

administrative law S^' 5 ! ^ 

to circulate, spread, put into "iljlaii *i»- :Jb1 

circulation, give currency to, make current 
to give ascendancy or the *lic _jl O^i o? li'jto J'- 3 ' 
upper hand to; to let triumph over, make 
victorious over; to replace by or with, substitute 
for, put in the place of 

to perpetuate, eternize, make Jo I 4 j1»- : f U 


to maintain, keep (up), J* ^yul ' J* -J»»l»- : f 1 ^ 
retain; to hold; to preserve, conserve; to continue, 
carry on 
shortening; seasoning; condiment f '^j 

perpetuation, eternization -4^*" : *"•* ' J ! 

keeping (up), Jt ikiU*. 1 Jt <UjI :i*l j| 

maintaining, maintenance, retaining, retention; 
holding; preservation, conservation; continuation 

to condemn, convict, f^" ' ti^ <^~ ' ^ ■* 

incriminate, criminate, inculpate, pronounce 
guilty, find guilty 
to condemn, denounce, censure, decry i_^~- :Obl 

to lend, loan, advance (money (^l.) u i> J i\ ".Obi 


condemnation, conviction, incrimination,^;^ :*jljj 

organ; utensils, materials, materiel, equipment, 

gear { 

means, medium, instrumentality, iL-j '-i>bl 


cat's-paw, ^j^« j ^ » •* '■ ' I j»-l o.i. -«t , „_ i ( _ r as»i :oljl 

tool, instrument, vehicle, agent, hireling, servant, 

puppet t 

particle [~^] <-» j»- : »bl 

r- i •* ' '* 
definite article [iJj i_i>^JI ibl 

• .» ' ,» 

machinery of government; organ of pXJ-l Si jI 

boring tools 

iijjlil oljjl 

holding tools 

striking tools 

cutting tools 

measuring tools 

torsion tools 

tableware, table utensils 

,• - 1 - -< 
kitchenware, kitchen utensils jr^ ^j^ 1 

to run, direct, J* fli t ^j iSjb^l ^^ :jbl 

administer, manage, handle, conduct, control, be 

in charge of 

to operate, run, (j<JJ \£ jm till) Jltl 4 Jii. : jbl 

work, start (up), move, actuate, cause to function 

or work, set in operation or motion; to turn on (an 

electrical device) 

to turn, revolve, rotate, wheel, jjJj *i*»- : jl •>' 

spin, whirl, twirl, reel, swirl, eddy, circle 

to turn, direct, point, aim ^j 4 *r j : j' ■> ' 

to turn (away) from, keep &■ d>j^> : ^ jl •>! 

(away) from, dissuade from, divert from, deviate 


to pass around, j^lU <j jl j : f^ill J* s^l jIjI 


to daze, stun; to dizzy, giddy, ^-jj ^lt'^' j'- 3 ' 

make dizzy or giddy 

j I jul I «-lj-c-i-ll ijlj--l :*-lj jljl 

administration, ^.y ' (^" 'jW-*' ^j' ) 

management, direction, running, handling, 
conduct(ing), control(ling) 



dark, black, dusky, gloomy, murky, JlLI : ji-jl 

tenebrous, dim 

saving; keeping, preservation, storage, storing, jU-jl 
laying away, laying by, putting by, putting up, 
reservation (for future use); hoarding, treasuring 
(up); amassment, amassing, accumulation 
savings bank jUj^I ill' 

entrance, admission, admittance, ^UJl . -}L"| :JU-jl 
letting in, leading in, showing in, bringing in; 
insertion, introduction, putting in, driving in, 
working in, sticking in, intromission, thrusting, 

inclusion, incorporation, -Ijjl :JU-jl 

embodiment, insertion, entering, entry, listing, 
enrollment, inscription 

iiljj-1 i *l>»-j :(^)J Os- 3 *' '/^J" 'drf- 1 ^) Jl»-JI 
introduction, introducing, making, bringing about 
input (jJJ ^ij^SGl U--U- jl ill J oL^il.) JU jl 

to save; to keep, preserve, store (away), lay ^i jl 

away, lay by, put by, put up, store up, reserve (for 
future use), keep in reserve; to hoard, treasure 
(up); to amass, accumulate 

to spare no effort, make every effort, ll^i- 'ji.% ~i 
do one's best, go to any length, stop at nothing, 
leave no stone unturned 

to enter, make or let enter, bring in, let in,ji j rjijl 
admit, lead in, show in; to introduce, insert, put in, 
drive in, stick in, work in, intromit, thrust, squeeze 
to include, incorporate, embody, -j j* :'A^-'i\ 

insert, enter, list, enroll, inscribe 

to Cj^\ .iij»l :(jJj 1™=*; . \j^ ibL-bj) Ji-jl 
introduce, make, bring about 

(jUI oj >j ^t-lj-Cui e~) >jl 
to flow, well, pour, gush, cause to flow jjj li^ : jjl 

to yield, produce, I \ } j^. _,! ill J^l < ^.j : * j | 
bear, bring forth, bring in, return, pay 
to inform of or about, tell Jc ill I . _, jii* : _, j^'J 
about, let know about, notify of, apprise of, advise 
of, acquaint with, make aware of 

to lie in wait (for game) UlLOJ _,! li^JI ) Ij jl 

• * 



crimination, inculpation 

condemnation, denunciation, censure, i_J*i :illjl 

lending, loan; advance, credit .>'j»' : ^'j' 

to give a banquet X>% r U I : i_oi 

to invite to a banquet, entertain i,jt J I l^j : i_ol 
at a banquet, banquet 

to be well-mannered, well-bred, C£. j\£ :t _,j| 

polite, refined, cultured, polished 

^ - < - ~- 

ljjI «r lj - i_ol 

to educate, cultivate, culture, refine, polish L. jj» : Li jl 

to discipline, punish, chastise, chasten Li U : L, j* 

good manners, good i» G . C US' . i_o J^ : ._, j! 

breeding, politeness, civility, courtesy, refinement; 
decorum, decency, propriety 

literature, letters, belles-lettres {'j» } As.) v j! 

morals, decencies, proprieties, accepted i_,l jl 

standards of behavior; ethics 

etiquette, decencies, proprieties, rules dJ^illl L\'i\ 
of decorum or conduct 

JJi j^lj-v'jSlI JJi 
school (faculty, college) of arts v l j^l ills' 

host, entertainer t a,,^. t .C jtll ^. ^ : 0i ,] 


turning the back (on); turning away (from); 

flight, escape, running away, turning tail 

to turn the back (on); to turn away J' } ; ( 1>C ) y jl 

(from); to flee, escape, run away, turn tail 

literary ^h\ ^ *j£. :^'J 

moral, ethical ^^. < ^"bU-l :^'jl 

morally ll,jf 

,* j 

moral obligation, moral duty 

literary criticism 

to cover oneself with, wrap oneself _, J'.-V I : _, ^ j| 

to darken, blacken, be j^Ll t Ji! : jjjji .» j| 

(become, grow) dark or black 

,^_ — ,- , — , ^ 

to reach, arrive at, attain JJ J-ej < j-L. : dljjl 

to overtake, catch up with, come (_;) J^«J : dljjl 
up with, catch, get 

to (jJI ild' «°jiO *?. D*" 'v'"*' <e*l; :dJjjl 
overtake, come suddenly upon, descend upon, 
strike, befall, afflict 

to get, obtain, acquire, attain, ^c J-*w < Jli : <i)j j1 
achieve, accomplish, realize 

to ripen, mature, be or become £— *> '■ j-JI ti!jjl 

ripe or mature 

to attain puberty, reach jJbU ji; « ji> : jJ_jJ I Sji\ 

sexual maturity, be sexually mature 

to be or become dirty, filthy 

^0 £ljj] 

# ^' ■ ■ ' ' -■■-» 

inclusion, incor- Jrr'v-' ' cC^-aJ ' JU-j! 't^j}\ 

poration, embodiment, insertion, entering, entry, 
listing, putting down, inscription, enrollment, 
registration, registry, recording; classification 

to dirty, soil, sully, stain 



G nosticism 


adrenaline, epinephrine 

, i - , - . < 





to allege, claim, maintain, profess, pretend, -c j : ^ jj 

purport, contend 

to claim, demand, lay claim to j i_JU> : ^jj 

to make undue J^l :^ _^ A_iJ (lilt,) ^cjl 
claims to, arrogate to oneself, assume unduly 
to pretend, simulate, feign, j j*UaJ :(j) ^cjI 
affect, assume, fake, dissemble, make believe, put 
on, act as if 

<Syc-s fl»l 'jiS'b- ijv^U- 4(jdj '(j<*^ : J* (j 6 - 1 ! 
to sue, litigate, prosecute, bring suit against, J* 
take legal action against, institute legal proceedings 

allegation, claim, contention; £•»- . -&j : *le i\ 

pretension, pretense, pretext, excuse, plea 

pretense, pretension, pretending, ^Uaj : »IcjI 
simulation, feigning, faking, make-believe, assump- 
tion, dissemblance, show 

pretension, pretentiousness, pretense,i-jJ»* : »IcjI 
flatulence, assumption, arrogance, self-esteem, 
self-importance, vanity 



perception, JiLt i ojwij . i» jjm i «^j i j^j : illlj jl 
discernment, realization, noticing, seeing, 
recognition, apprehension, comprehension, 
grasp(ing), understanding, conception; awareness, 
consciousness, cognizance, cognition; knowledge; 

reason, intelligence, intellect, mind, mentality 

> > >> 
reaching, arrival, attainment Jj-^j <■ p>L : S\j*\ 

getting, obtainment, ^c <$ya*~ i Jli : S\j*\ 

acquisition, acquirement, attaimment, achieve- 
ment, accomplishment, realization 

overtaking, catching up with, _j Ji^J : <illjjj 

coming up with, catching 

> > • -* ■ 

maturity, ripeness ry-^ • p^> '■ ^j*\ 

puberty, (sexual) ji^JI ^ liial^ ipyL :dljjj 
maturity, adolescence, adulthood, (legal) majority, 
full age, legal age 
perception J"—*- dlljjl 

extrasensory perception l lA\ *ljj dlljjl 

apper- i^j^jti dJIjjl i ^jLkl^-.'ill ol Jill dlljjj 

ception, introspective self-consciousness 

apperception Jajl^-Jl dlljjl 

epistemic, cognitive c^j^ : (jf' J J ! 

hydrocele o jlc i~<ail J>>- (J-^* J?'— >•*" : <>J J ' 

to include, incorporate, Jk— i l _ r ^o i Jp- jl : ry jl 
embody, insert, enter, list, put down, inscribe, 
enroll, register, record; to classify 

to roll up, fold up 

toothless, edentate, edentulous, 
without teeth 

to armor oneself, put on armorp-j-dl ^,-J :pjj! .f jjl 

to perceive, discern, JLc . ~ji 4 qLj . jl. : illj jl 

realize, notice, see, recognize, apprehend, con- 
ceive, comprehend, grasp, understand; to know; to 
be or become aware of, conscious of, cognizant of; 
to learn (about), come to know (about), find out 

t_il i cS>» • r j J I 

go jl 

— 4 

malign, calumniate 

to express, voice, li-ul t je. v^*' ' o* j^ '■-> d J ' 
utter, declare, announce, state, indicate, bring out; 
to adduce, bring forward 

to make, deliver (a kijoau jl uL^j jl w^ ^jl 
statement, declaration, announcement, commu- 
nique, bulletin); to give, grant (an interview) 

to adduce, present, advance, offer, tJJ i«« ^ jI 
give, make, use (as an argument, plea, excuse, 
pretext); to plead, invoke, allege, claim, maintain 

to testify, give evidence or testimony, is\+lt ,Ji\ 


- ~ - • . - •-. * 
to vote, poll, cast a vote, cast a f-j-jl : *J>«»> <JjI 


to walk or set out at nightfall bill jL :«I j 

<oL) IJj jur-lj-'oU jJj 

to unsheathe, draw, pull out r>l 4 zjr < j£m\ :$i' 

to be or become pitch-black, JJ> I i j^- 1 : ^ j 1 

pitch-dark, gloomy, tenebrous 



i*jl «j>-Ij - fjl 


j-lJI ^jl : f jl 

man, human being 


Adam's apple 

l»jl i»-Lij 

to bleed, cause to bleed 

c*' J cr'j - cM 



opiomania, opiumism 

Oyi jl ijL»jl 


oj.lS'^Jl OLJ) 

alcoholism, J>s«Sl!l J* uL» 

si i ol^llll (jLjl 

drug addiction, narcomania 

oljOaJI (jUjJ 


yjij^il (jL»jl 

heroinomania, heroinism 



dermis, derm, corium; epidermis, cutis c» z 

claim, demand ilJlk. : *1&jI 

arrogation, undue assumption JU^I : ,1&jI 

litigation, prosecution; li^tjJI i*UI i sU>Ul. : t lc.jl 
suing, bringing suit (against), taking legal action 
(against), institution of legal proceedings (against); 
suit, lawsuit 

^jil xi (^^il l^luy (jJI (i>tjJI i^y : flt'jl 
declaration <lic 

the <> > >L^.j ^t ail : t \s,iH\ l+>- i t [a^\ 


black-eyed (uryJl) jt'jl 

incorporation, embodiment, insertion, JU-ij >l*!sj 
introduction, putting in 

merger, merging, amalgamation, ~ j : ^li. jl 

consolidation, uniting, union, joining, junction, 
juncture, incorporation, integration, fusion 

assimilation, contraction, diphthong, [iil] >liol 
dipththongization, syneresis, synizesis 

to incorporate, embody, insert, ,ji jl : ( j) «cjl 

introduce, put in 

- -~ ,- . * 

to merge, amalgamate, consolidate, ~ j : -i. j I 

unite, join, incorporate, integrate, fuse 

to contract, assimilate, diphthongize [iij] -ijl 

-' . * -'. > 

piol p-lj - pCj] 
f?' >' -'' f?- *T'* 

Uj »j»Ij- C5 »»- i,^*-. ilij :UjI 
to warm oneself UlulliUlb : li jl 

to pour, pour out, pour forth, i-ji\ 

empty, shed 

jjj j^-lj-jJo :jjjI 

S.-« ,'•* ,'.« 

to pauperize, impoverish, reduce Jil i Jti\ : «ijl 
to poverty or misery, make poor or miserable; to 
lower, debase, abase, degrade, humiliate, humble 

dark, blackish, dusky, swarthy, deep JU : ji°i\ 

to make free with, take liberties J* 1^1 : c i t Jjl 

J J cr'j- J-^e <l«r <J-,jl t jii « Jj :Jjl 

to slander, defame, vilify, asperse, ^ : j JjI 




leather, tanned skin c-^xi jlL>- :/jl 

surface ^»lb t »Jal : tC-JI jl ^j jl /ol 

then; and then; as, when, while; (and) suddenly, jl 
(and) all of a sudden 

since, as, in view of the fact that, because, 0' Jl <■ Jl 


then, at that time, at the same time dJI i il 

if; whether; when, whenever Ijl 

(and) suddenly, (and) all of a sudden, (and) j I i I 


in case (of or that), in the event (of or that), L Ijl 

if, provided that; when, whenever; whether 

unless, if not, except when, except if Ijl ^1 

whether, if I jl L, 

therefore, hence, then, so, in that case, thus, il : Ijl 
consequently, accordingly 

to hurt, harm, injure, damage, wrong, prejudice, (jji 
damnify, endamage, disadvantage, disserve, do 
harm to, cause damage to; to annoy, vex, offend, 
trouble, irritate, molest, harass, pester 

harm, damage, injury, hurt, wrong, detriment, ij jl 
lesion; grievance; evil; nuisance, annoyance, 
trouble, harassment 

to disssolve, melt, liquefy, thaw, fuse (_,l jl 

dissolution, dissolving, solution, melting, £, Ijl 

liquefaction, thawOng), fusing, fusion 

March ^jL :jl jl 

to spread, propagate, disseminate, j ■A, i'j^, :cl jl 
diffuse, circulate; to announce, annunciate, 
proclaim, promulgate, publicize, publish, release, 
herald, make public; to reveal, disclose, divulge, 
make known 

to broadcast, radiobroadcast, (jj jQL ) p I il 

transmit, air 

to telecast, broadcast, televise, (ojjj^LJV) f-lil 
transmit, air 

spreading, propagation, dissem- ^ i ^ : it Ijl 

ination, diffusion, circulation; announcement, 
annunciation, proclamation, promulgation, 
publishing, publication, release, making public; 
revealing, revelation, disclosure, divulgence 

-.» ..- .» ...» 

to brim, fill up, overfill, fill to the brim, fill VjA :Z jj 
to overflowing 

to be or become addicted to; to addict ( Jc) V, jl 
(oneself) to 

human; human being, man 


to approximate (to), approach (to), (J I ) l/j : j, jl 
near (to), bring neaKer) or close(r) (to); to advance 
(toward), move (toward) 

{•" ' f ' " " '' '• * 

nearer, closer 

- •* -.» 

O'i jj>-ij - &^*j 's-jji : <y J ' 

' • < * . * ', t 
lower, inferior, subordinate, Ji-I ( J»-l :J> jl 

sub-, junior; nether; bottom, rock-bottom, foot; 

last; lesser; minimal, minimum; under; below 

below, infra, hereunder, hereinafter, JJ L J :»L'jl 

minimum; lowest, least Jn^il jj.\ 

minimum wage(s) <y j^l _^."ill t j^^ ^ j^l till 

the Near East ^ j'^l j^*J| 

'. •• • 

.» . >*.> 

to be or become seriously ill aJ> j^ _l^» I : <_i; jl 

P»jJ »j>-Ij - j^»] :^UjI 

. .. . . • * . .,< 

to astonish, amaze, astound, c-^j i J* jl :,£».»! 

surprise, flabbergast, bewilder, startle, stagger, 

stun, perplex, baffle, thunderstrike, dumbfound, 

strike dumb 

... - - •« t-- ...» 

I j - fj>\ i % : JajI 

to be or become black, deep-black, 

black, deep-black, pitch-black, coal-black iy.\ :~*i\ 

man of letters, writer, author 

polite, well-mannered, well-bred, v^ ^s-if' 
refined, cultured, cultivated, polished, urbane, 
civil, courteous 

i' - • -•-- ■- - - - - -*- ' ■■■•-" 

y---' ' :"'■ 

■.r-jML- ,;, .,a^ ■*»««■.■■- 

' ■ l '- ' " I 


* a ' * 


^jO^- j t *w— < ! J UJI 

to degrade, lower, abase, 0«l ' <3>"-l <■ y&- '■ Jj' 

debase, humble, humiliate, dishonor 

to subjugate, subject, subdue, 
subordinate, conquer 

degradation, lowering, abasement, jm :J"SjJ 

debasement, humbling, humiliation 

having a small and turned-up nose ljJjI 

to allow, permit, give permis- 
sion to; to license, authorize 
to listen to, lend one's ear to k^,\ : J jl J J il 

to know (oO, learn about, hear of Jit : j il 

v»-lj - Ol libjl i IJ5" iti_ja»- i_iyi J_t Jj :_; Oil 

j Oil 

to inform of or about, tell about, notify pit I : _j Oi 
of, acquaint with 

to foreshadow, US' Cjj-l>- <_>^i ^U Jj :.; Oil 
foreshow, forerun, herald, portend, show signs of, 
be a sign of something to come; to indicate, show, 
imply, suggest, hint; to warn 
to be on the verge of, on the brink Ol lib. jl : _; oil 
of, on the point of, about to, close to 

to call to prayer 

5^JI Jl lc'j:Oil 
"w'''-' • -'1 

k*~J\ y*a£. .Ui< 

-' ' ' ' ' ' '\ 

O^** i / i tfi .i i .* 1 0^1 


handle, ear 

cynoglossum, hound's-tongue (oLi) u-ij^l Olil 

abalone {<Sj£ 0l>^-) J»*^\ 0i' 

plantain (oLi) tiJil oljf 

verbascum, (great) mullein, velvet(oLi) CjjJI olil 
plant, candlewick, Aaron's rod 

water plantain, alisma (^U) j»jJI olil 

forget-me-not, myosotis (oLi) jULjl Oil 

jttl »>■ Ij — 4~fcLo Ijjl ojltl 

otitis Oi J I vW 

therefore, hence, then, so, in that case, thus, I ij : ij 
consequently, accordingly 

permission, leave; license, permit, <*a*-j 1 3jli-l : Oi] 
authorization, warrant 

leave (of absence), furlough 

jLJIj oil 

broadcast(ing), >; J 'jJ^ <^t :<clij 

radiobroadcasting, transmission 

telecast(ing), broadcast(ing), Ojj^JL; c~j :<clij 

radio, radio itl i^ll <Lkj*» i<t^«— • <c\ ij ciclij 
station, station, broadcasting station 

television, TV 

ijjj. <clj] 

jl j^Ufcl I OJX- Jl (_V"J-» ^Jjb*- 1 *J--J • ^J^° A£-IJ1 

circular; publicity oLly 

broadcast, radio l**''*,' 

to make taste; to make experience or JjJj <d*>- :jl jl 

call to prayer S^CaJI JJ ^Iju :0lil 

Oil f*"lj - (Oil U-i^W Oljl 

to wither, shrivel, wilt, wizen, JjJj <tLu>- nijil : JjjI 
sear, fade, dry up 

jU-jl «r-lj-jU-ij 

>jl p.lj->jl 

lemon grass (oLi)j»-il 

t5ji p-lj - (iLi.1) i5jil 

-' , & } 4 * 1 

<iji Jjrlj - (vljjl jVjJI o) (ijil 

- •» ,•* 

to throw off, throw down ^yLlI : cSjil 

to shed tears (f-JI o^*" c ') lSj J' 

- '- ' s -..- ' * 
to mute, drop excrement ~L : jJlUI jj jl 

calendula, marigold (oLi) 0>u Jl 

cowslip, marsh marigold (^l-^) >li' 0>;jil 

submission, submissiveness, yielding, Olc i] 

surrender, giving in, deference, obedience, 
compliance, acquiescence 

^* J ju«-Ij - t-J>»- :^cil 

' - '. * 
to submit to, yield to, surrender to, give in to, J jcil 

succumb to, defer to, acquiesce in, obey, comply 

with, accede to (someone's wishes) 

to kindle, inflame, light; to stoke, £»■ I i J*il : ^il 

stir up 

to remind (of) (->) ^i :{J)j*'i\ 

to want, wish, desire, will, be willing (to); to jljl 
seek, aim at; to intend, purpose, mean, have in 

will, volition; wish, desire <Lij i jL^i- 1 i <I~la : o jljj 

decree, edict, ordinance, act Jit j*\ i ^yj* '-'«^j\ 




- - i ' 

voluntary, volitional, volitive, free, freewill, 
willful, intentional 

to shed, spill, pour out, effuse c-£_ i *«L« : jljl 

shedding, spilling, effusion, pouring out or forth iiljj 
bloodshed «C»jJI iiljl 

Aramaean; Aramaic ,_• ' j ' 

to tighten ji i «£»- 1 : cjj I 

to be skillful (in), skilled (in), I'^aL otf :(-;) u»jl 
proficient (in) 

purpose, aim 

, goal, end 

objective *jj :i_jjI 

wish, desire 


« * 

limb, organ 

j ^ r : ljjI 


i»-U- :i_jjI 

mind, intellect, brain, reason, 

Jic :i_)jl 




vflj - «U j : i_jjI 

to tear to pieces, tear lijj L>j| (*1L» jl) 4i> 

asunder, dilacerate, shred, rip apart, reduce to 
tatters, cut into slivers 

to increase, augment, grow >*->.) JjJu; <U»- : ^jl 

to exceed, be more than^ jI j i ,jc- i_»W : (Jc <j»jl 

confusion, confusing, confounding, tiJLjjJ 

disconcertion, discomfit(ure), discomposure, 
perturbation, upsetting, flustering, flurrying, 
perplexing, puzzling, baffle, baffling, bewildering; 
muddling, jumbling, complication, complicating, 

postal money order (-4^-" objil r) -»j_^JI OJj 

- - > >t 

treasury bonds, treasury bills <~;>l-l uj il 

God willing, Deo volente 

to sin, commit a sin, do 

4J)1 OJlj 

i»j»-1 ' LoJ i_«SjjI :>— jjI 
wrong; to commit a crime or an offense; to be 


- *-\ 
otic, aural, auricular j_»jl 

to take away, remove, eliminate Jl jl : <_«• il 

, s, - ,- - - ,< •* 

to astound, astonish, amaze, j~>- ic-*j i^iAjl :J*il 

stun, flabbergast, startle, stagger, shock, 
dumbfound, thunderstrike, strike dumb, baffle, 
perplex, bewilder, confound, puzzle, confuse, 
nonplus, distract 

to make forget, cause to forget ^ I : J* j I 

- -•• -'.! 

to wither, shrivel, wilt, wizen, sear, fade, Jj il : (3j jl 
dry up, decay 

cjjlj «j>-lj - i3Jl 

CjJI £>-lj - cjl 

auricle, atrium ^-Lill jj jl 

auricular, atrial i_JUJI ^il J^Lti. :,-J jl 

auricula, bear's-ear; primrose, primula (oLi) ilijil 




to show, demonstrate, display, exhibit, ij>jz '■ lijl 
present, produce, bring out 

to misgive, fill with doubt or liUI j «jjI : «_>l jl 

arabesque dL-j I j I 

lies; false rumors; disquieting news uu*\j\ 

to rest, give rest to; to relax; to ease; to relieve ^Ijl 
(of), disburden (from), release (from); to spare the 
trouble (of); to soothe; to comfort, give a sense of 
ease to 

relief, relieving, release; easement, easing; *^bj 

soothing; sparing the trouble (of); resting, giving 
rest to, relaxation 


• ■ -■" ■ ■"■^■■-■' 

to suspect, doubt, question, liL :( { y> . j i j) olj'jj 
distrust, mistrust, have or entertain doubts or 
misgivings (about), call into question, be suspicious 
(of), be skeptical (about) 

to be satisfied with, *i ulltl i *i "j- : j^^i ^j\ 

pleased with, happy about, glad about; to like; to 

feel at ease about 

- -'• ;- -'-'.' '.' * ,_• 

to frequent, go frequently to, <UJ /*jj : Cl£. jIjjI 
visit often or habitually 

to be or become frightened, scared, t- ji i <JU- : fljjj 
terrified, horrified, panic-stricken 

correlation; Jj- 1 ju lii^U. i <LL» . JLoJl i ^ j^t : -i»^j'j] 
relation, connection, bearing, connectedness, 
unitedness, union, junction, link(age), linkup, 
attachment, association, conjunction, liaison; tie; 

engagement, commitment, f ' jj" ' "*♦*> : -^^j' 

liaison officer J»Ujl J»>L> 


correlation coefficient 

confusion, disconcertion, discomfiture), ^Qjj 

disquiet(ude), perturbation, agitation, uneasiness, 
fluster, befuddlement, embarrassment, perplexity, 
puzzlement), baffle(ment), nonplus, bewil- 
derment; muddle, jumble; entanglement, snarl, 

to correlate; to connect, 3^ ' -^ ' S**> ' ' fj^> '■ ^A 
join, unite, associate, link, attach, couple; to be or 
become connected, joined, united, linked, 
associated, attached, coupled; to interpenetrate 

to be bound, tied, fastened, made fast, ±uj : Ja^'j\ 
attached, moored 

to bind oneself, commit fjJI i j+*3 :(j) Jalij' 
oneself, engage oneself, obligate oneself, under- 
take; to be or become bound, committed, tied, 

to be or become confused, confounded, ^-yj) 

disconcerted, discomfited, disquieted, disturbed, 
perturbed, uneasy, ill at ease, agitated, upset, 


■ • J 

knot, tie, bow 

8-ULfc '4jj' 

necktie, tie, cravat 

J^Lc *J**j '*jj' 

cunning, craftGness), artfulness, ( l*j :5jjJ 
shrewdness, subtlety, resource(fulness) 

Vj' f 9 ? J ~ *-*-*-* ' ( *■*■*? * ^ J: 

C?j cr lj " c jl 

dingy, dust-colored 

cloudy, dull, dim (ujilO Juj' 

puff adder 

-' i "* '•* 


(|»^j) fliuj 31 i fliuj i' i «L(uj Ji 




pj\l Olj'i 



(u)^* **j' 



the fortieth 


ceremony marking the ujjyj^ ii^ i • ijyyj^l 
fortieth day of someone's death 


y*j^' f>« 

to confuse, confound, disconcert, JJu < j^- '■ dLjl 
discomfit, disquiet, discompose, disturb, perturb, 
agitate, upset, fluster, flurry, befuddle, embarrass, 
perplex, puzzle, baffle, nonplus, bewilder; to 
muddle, jumble, unsettle, mix up, complicate, 

inguinal i-ojil ^i*^. :,_ijl 

shrimp, prawn; crayfish, lobster 

-s- --- ,,'■ f'. 

to consider, judge, think, jji t a*- j . j-^tl : liUjJ 
believe, hold, be of the opinion (that); to find; to 
deem appropriate, think proper 

to suggest, propose rjjl : (it j I 

to consider, contemplate, reflect 3-*« < j>. -^ :<itjl 
on, meditate on, ponder on 

to see; to behold, view, descry, catch ^-a, I : (iU _/ 
sight of 



1 ■ ■ ■'■■ ' * 

to withdraw, retreat, fall back, v»- \y . v»-j : jj'jl 
draw back, move backward, go back, retract, back 
(away), give way; to recede, regress, retrocede, 
retrograde, retrogress 

*^L, <JI (dill ji jil) l : jl .^L ^ Jl l : jl 
to revert (to a former condition, to the proprietor) 
to rebound, bounce, (>(<-; *-»UaJjl ju«j) j^jI 

bound, spring back, recoil, ricochet 
to apostatize, ( jJJ S_ui& jl jj j ,j£.) -Gjl 

tergiversate, renegade, defect (from), fall away 
(from), renounce, forsake, desert, recant 

to retrace one's steps, turn -u^ic jl ■uic J* .u jl 
back, go back (the way one has come from) 
and they retraced their steps |<* j£ I J* l-u jli 

to wear, put on, be (jJJ «uL5 . 4-j^lu) j^^J :<Jjj'j] 
clothed in, be clad in; to dress, put on one's 
clothes, get dressed, clothe oneself 

wearGng); putting on; dressing, getting ( _ r J : *l jj'jl 
dressed, putting on one's clothes, clothing oneself 

withdrawal, retreat, fallback, 9-yrj < «■'>> ^'-^j! 
moving backward, going back, retraction, backing 
(away), giving way; recession, regress(ion), 
retrocession, retrogradation, retrogression; return 

■U?-L> J J liUil jl (jil jljbjl i^jL «-ij (JJ jl-bjl 


rebound, recoil, bounce, bound, (pliujl jl«j) jIjJjI 


••>j Jfr'j _ J^i 

J' Lri? 0* 


to be deterred (from), prevented (from), (,ji) pju'jl 
restrained (from), inhibited (from) 

to gain one's livelihood, make a *ijj i_-li' : j^J'jl 
living, live (on or by) 

to come out, come to light, appear lC Ulj i i_»"v : (*-' J ' 
show, emerge, manifest itself, reveal itself, present 
itself, be revealed, be manifested, be expressed, 
find expression, take expression; to be or become 
visible, manifest, evident, clear 

to obey, submit to, abide by, 
comply with 

to be ordained, •C—SLif is- j j JJ Jij : ~j j\ 


: y i\ ~ojl 

to cross, make the sign of 
the cross 


to take bribes, accept a JJ» ^-y ' »>^j osJ- 1 : i»iJ'jl 

flustered, flurried, embarrassed, perplexed, 
puzzled, baffled, nonplused, bewildered, at a loss, 
at one's wit's end 

to be tongue-tied, filSsJl <ul& jiili-l : <ul& nJj\ 

speechless, unable to speak, struck dumb, dumb- 
struck, dumbfounded; words failed him 

to shake, quake, tremble, jolt, jar, vibrate, jjjbl :pjj\ 
be shaken, be convulsed 


ifrh ~ u*Jj' 

shock, concussion, convulsion, j'j^>' : r^j' 

jaKring); tremor, trembling, shaking; vibration 
(cerebral) concussion ill r^j' ' cr"" r^"J' 

backward, reverse cjr^ '(jf^J' 

retroactive, retrospective (-«rj (_)>"■• jj i^UujI 

tremor, tremble, trembling, quiveKing), <jl»»jjl 

quake, quaking, shudderGng), shiveKing), shake, 
shaking, quavering 

improvisation, extemporization oljjjl : Jls«w'_>l 

extempore, extemporaneously, "iUsy jl 

offhand(edly), impromptu, without preparation, 
on the spur of the moment 

extemporaneous, extemporary, impromptu, ,J Ls»j'j I 
offhand(ed), improvisatory, improvised, extempo- 
rized, ad-lib 

»jfjl vflj - ->Ltl i jj :«j>«jjI 

to tremble, quake, quiver, shiver, i-j-rj :t-is»jj) 

shudder, shake, quaver 

to improvise, extemporize, ad-lib, ojJjl :ja*j'j] 

deliver offhand(edly) or without preparation, do 
on the spur of the moment 

to loosen, slacken, sag; to relax; to languish, (y*J'jj 
droop, flag, lose force or vigor; to be or become 
loose, slack, lax, limp, flaccid, flabby, languid 

looseness, loosening, slackness, slackening, >^j] 
sag(ging); laxity; relaxation; limpness; languor, 



i 1 :-^ 1 ^" ■" , zz 

• ■"■ •" , ~ T -~ 

to lean on, rest on Jx- \SS\ : J* J^j} 

to ascend, climb, mount (up), scale, rise, juwj : Jfij\ 
go up 

to advance, progress, make progress, f -Lii : <yj j) 
develop, rise (in rank), be promoted 

to accede to, ascend (the throne) <_rj*H <yj j\ 

advancement), progress, development, f-uu : f\juj\ 
rise, rising, promotion 

ascent, ascension, ascending, pjijjj ' J.yw> '■ »^j} 
rising, rise, going up, climbing, mounting, scaling 
accession to the throne ltj*" ^,A 

{-- >.._• 

•> £=r'J 

commission, commitment, committing, 
perpetration, perpetrating 

support; abutment (on), leaning (on); (J*) jlili'jl 
resting (on); reliance (on), dependence (on) 

fulcrum; prop, support jlSCiji ILju 

reaction, response; reflex, JjU.j^.1 i^ISwjI 

unconditioned reflex 

relapse; deterioration, «■!>> 'ij-I&jI : (^^-ISCj j I 
decline, degeneration; regression, retrogression, 
retrogradation, recession, retrocession 

conditioned reflex, T-tljil /\ ^J>^ ^l&jl 

conditioned response 

reactive; reflex 

to commit, perpetrate 

to lean on, abut on, rest on; to <JJ '>■•■'■■ I : Jx- j&'j I 
base on, found on, ground on; to be based on, 
founded on; to rely on, depend on, count on, draw 
upon; to use, employ 

to relapse, suffer a setback; to »-^" t ( _ r 5C^ I : ( _ r Sjjl 
deteriorate, decline, degenerate; to regress, 
retrogress, retrograde, recede, retrocede 

to quicken (c^-^O Ja&Sj* 




> p-'j 


bribe, be bribed 
bribery; venality 

i Ujj 

LT^Jl :j *J 

collision, clash, crash, bump, (oC^ 4 fljlJol : »U»j j 
impact, hit 

to collide (with), clash J.ju« i (_j) ^'iLpI :(_,) .JaJJ 
(with), bump (against), bang (against), strike 
(against), knock (against), hit (against), run (into) 

to graze, pasture, grass Ulc j : JLilil ii'j 

to graze, pasture Lij :(ililil e^) .Juj 

tremor, tremble, trembling, shake, shaking, yiliuj 
shiveKing), quiveriing), quavering, thrill 

to be or become frightened, scared, iJU- : '_.ju j 

terrified, horrified, panic-stricken 

to tremble, shake, shudder, shiver, 
quiver, quake 

to tremble, shake, shiver, i^.^U.^l t i_i»Jjl :\£iuj 

quiver, quaver, thrill; to flicker, flutter, waver 

» >> 
rise, rising, going up, jL jJ,I 4 p^JLL. ( jyw> :plijj 

lifting, ascending, ascension, ascent, towering, 

soaring, uprise; increase, rise, hike 

height, altitude, elevation; highness, £c : plii jl 
loftiness, exaltedness; loudness (of sound, voice, 

s '' > . 
altitude of a triangle cJUl c-LiJjl 

hypertension, high blood l$y"-d\ JaA-a)l pliljl 

easement, servitude; [o>ii»] JiUij'il jj»- ijliijl 

symphysis [i_J>] (.UiJI JjLaJI ijjliijl 

to rise, go up, ascend, mount (up), tower, "it : iii'j I 
soar, climb, uprise, advance; to skyrocket; to be or 
become high, lofty, elevated; to be or become loud 

to profit by or from, ^ jliill 1 -> *1Z,\ :_> Jijjl 
benefit from, avail oneself of, take advantage of, 
make use of, utilize, use 


vr ^jl 


to continue; to adjourn <3>-l j—W J J <3>*-i «rj' 

postponement, deferment, putting J~^ : «Wj) 

off, delay(ing), adjournment 



eclampsia ^jJ' j' J**' «■'-'' p—" 1 : £^J. 

eclamptic i^"Wj! 

return(ing), giving back, restoration, 5 jUJ i jj : £_Wj! 
restitution; sending back; bringing back, taking 
back, turning back; putting back, replacement, 
replacing, placing back, laying back; reinstatement, 

to swing, rock, sway, fluctuate, ■^rj^t *^*>r '■ yj' 
oscillate, vibrate, seesaw, teeter, wobble 

more likely, more probable ^1^1 j^S I :^j' 

preponderant, predominant, superior, i_JU : j*»-j' 
outweighing, outbalancing 

preferable, preferred, (more) 
acceptable, having more in its favor 

most likely, most probably, in all 

(strong) likelihood, (strong) (iy) Jlc^ 1 

probability; odds, chances, prospects 

° * 
preponderance, predominance, uLw-j : ' 


to return, give back, restore, restitute; jltl iJj: j^-j' 

to send back; to bring back, take back, turn back; 

to put back, replace, place back, lay back; to 

reinstate, reinstall 

to attribute to, ascribe to, refer to, J] !_/■ : J J £»- j\ 

trace (back) to, impute to 

to spread ajJuju j\ AjliL. I jLj- I ^—i : >-»»-j' 

disquieting news; to spread lies or false rumors 


swing; seesaw; cradle 4*-^-jl 

■ . i 

to be thrown, cast, flung, hurled, tossed ,». j : ^'jj 

to flop, throw oneself, fling *~±> *-^i> : <j^j\ 

oneself; to fall (down); to prostrate oneself 

to be immersed (in water) ( *Ul j) <j~>jj\ 

to receive (take, hold) in Lijoii-I :(( l JJ\) jtJj] 
pledge or as security 

to be or become subject to; to _i j^j\ i -> Crv j\ 
be or become dependent on, conditional upon, 
contingent upon; to plege to, bind oneself by, be 
bound by 

artesian (well) 

satisfaction, gratification, pleasure; relief, ease ^UJ'j) 
frequentation l>1£* JJ JJ jJ : J t!jj 

to light, kindle, ignite, enkindle l^L^l : jUl ilijl 

to sow dissension among, stir up j_jI : f^-j o>jl 


discord among, set people against each other 
inheritance, heritage, legacy, bequest; patrimony; Cvjj 


is* jr 


• > '.{. > & 
the Greek Orthodox; the Greek ^i^ijjl (jj\ 

Orthodox Church 


orthodoxy; the Orthodox Church 

' ' ''\ 

to be fragrant, exhale i_lt> iaulj a-j o*-U :^jl 

fragrance, exude a pleasant odor 

to light, kindle, ignite, enkindle l^Lil : jUl ^jl 

, . -t .)-., it 
to sow dissension among, stir up j_j I : pj^-j ^jl 

discord among, set people against each other 

e^ 1 ^* ,J ~ f 

fragrant, sweet-smelling, oJljJI i_--t> :rj' 

aromatic, odorous, redolent, perfumed 

to postpone, defer, put off, delay, adjourn Ji-I : U-jl 

to suspend ojl-wal jl p5Cj- j-j-^ UjI 





[i\j\ o) ij ^\j - Upi 

to reject, discard, cast off r J»\ <■ J 

lower, viler, more despicable 


o) \j\ 

the lowest, the vilest, the most despicable Jij^l 

worst part of life, decline of life; decrepit j**i I Jijl 
old age, feeble age 

rice (oLj)Jjl 

ricebird, bobolink j/i\ J>\1> 

cedar (v^J >^) JJ 1 

sledgehammer ijjjj 

larch (a-J^-j _^«i,) iujjl 

to anchor, moor, berth, placeit-jfjll jl i : .a, „l l) ,j«ijl 
at anchor 

to establish, found, settle, stabilize, 

£-j ' r u -u"j' 

Jt. jjj iji> (j-ji 

anchor, secure firmly, fix firmly, firm up, 
consolidate, make fast 

to knock down to, declare 

someone to be the successful bidder 

anchorage, anchoring, (i_-S"^il j\ *.: , j, „l l) *Ljl 

moorage, mooring, berthing 
establishment, foundation, settling, 
stabilization, fixing, consolidation 

*y— - y '■ p-U- j 1 

•^ cf'j- 


sending, dispatch(ing), expedition, cJu : JLjl 

forwarding, consigning, consignment, shipping, 

emission, sending out, <_»ii it-I/I i J"^i>! : JLjl 
discharge, release, emanation 

JLjl jL»- 

iluw. »>lj - JLj^l Sjaj*. 

consignment, shipment iL,^ i&Laj c i_J>»i :aJLjI 
mission; expedition iiiu:illLJI 


transmitter, transmitting set 


more merciful 

the Most Merciful (God) 

' 1 ■ 

rJ > 


-l> r 

to date (a letter, etc.); to write the history of; to r-jl 

to predate, backdate 
to postdate 

to loosen, slacken, unloose, unstring, ease off; ^j' 
to relax; to lower, drop, let down 

to let one's beard grow, grow a beard <uJ>J ^ j\ 

loosening, slackening, unloosing, unstringing; eU-jl 
relaxation; lowering, dropping 

archipelago y^ <t>*^. : J_ S-j\ 

to find or consider cheap or ^^aj- j— I i^^-jl 


to facilitate to, make easy for; to ^1 jj ,>»»-jl 
make possible for; to pave the way for 

cheaper, less expensive Ails' /\ Lj Jjl :^s^.jl 

to fell, throw down, bring to the ground, Vj^> : li'jjl 
knock down, strike down 

to destroy, ruin 
to kill, fell 

aui :^jl 

- - > .1 

the worst 


[iil] iiUl J JaT^JI ol/jjl J|^l :<jljjl 
^-S J L5L : o j; I 

canal, waterway, watercourse, conduit, sUi :C_oj 
sluiceway, aqueduct 

tile(s), baked brick(s) 

cesspool, drain, sink 

to follow with, follow up with, cause to «-Jl :_i LJjjl 
be followed by, cause to follow or succeed 

to follow, come after; to succeed 
to add, say further 




,, ,,„, . I , , , , ..,, v ' ,. v .i W l ' .^ <^' -.: ■ v." . , m 

surface-to-surface, ground-to-ground yijl -yijl 
surface-to-air, ground-to-air y* -^j 1 

underground; subterranean J°J^ ( j*l»-) ^^ 
geophysics ij°j^ ** -.. : ^ |Jf 

to satisfy, gratify, please, content ^j 

satisfaction, gratification, pleasing, contenting Xloj 

breast-feeding, nursing, suckling ^Loj 

". . I- > 


termite, white ant 

to breast-feed, suckle, nurse 

terrestrial; earthly, land-, soil-; ground 

ground floor ^j 1 IJ«U» J 1 ' JJ 

underground, subterranean 

ii-l <L»^» : t^aj\ 

s'J: ^\ } -tS}i\ i'Jai 

(oU) ^S">i i^j 1 


floor; ground 

artemisia (oUjL^Li 

hortensia, tea-of-heaven (oU)i 

to graze, pasture, grass Ultj :i-i.lil ^tjl 

j. , . > . * 
to listen (closely) to, hearken to, give or *«*-. olt jl 

lend one's ear to, pay attention to 

frightening, scaring, terrifying, u,^i ■^^■j] 

alarming, intimidation, terrorizing, panicking, 


to frighten, scare, terrify, alarm, i_>^- :^-*jl 

intimidate, terrorize, panic, horrify, dismay, appall 

_Uj jJ aJlhj- : At j I 
At J I 

to make (someone) tremble 

to make (someone) tremble 
lightheaded, frivolous, flighty, 

aristocratic; aristocrat 

-I, - 

, f 

to send, send out, dispatch, expedite, c-*j : J^jl 

forward, consign, ship, send forward, send away, 

send off 

, -, - . . ■ > . - • « - - . « 
to emit, send out, i_»aj i ^_p-l iJ^iJ»l :J-jl 

discharge, release, issue, emanate, give off or forth, 


r T ' ' ■ 

to transmit, air 

to let hang (down), let fall, hang (down), ,Ji : J-jl 
let down 

, .. , * 

I4 '.■■ m . I : j U 1 (Ji j I 

■f i_rr 

to send for, call for, call (in), 
summon, demand 
to light, kindle, ignite 

to sow dissension among, stir up 

discord among, set people against each other 

guidance, guiding, direction, directing, leading, jlij] 
showing the way (to), conducting, piloting, 
ushering; instruction; advice, counsel 
directions, directives, instructions olj'-jj 

Ministry of National Guidance ^^i! I jli j^ll h^jl 

to guide, direct, lead, show the way (to), i5a» : jiijl 
conduct, pilot, usher; to instruct, teach; to advise, 






to balance (the account) (<_,IJ-I) j^aj\ 

jS}i\ jJ 


to ground, earth 

earth; land; ground, soil; terrain; area; 
region, territory; country 

the Earth 



,„ r , , ,... ,_- 

■-■■■'" ■'- '- ■- ■" 



^5 j£^ a '*V', 

aphid, aphis, plant oLJI oljLit u^zJ ijl: 

to put to sleep; to put to bed; to lay down 
to layer, propagate by means of layers oLJI 

■ . i 

variegated, multicolored, parti-colored; dappled, jiiij I 
mottled, speckled, flecked 

to dance, make dance 


-) j*j : Jjijl 

speckled, spotted, dappled; piebald, pied, Jj»^ : Jai'jl 

leopard, panther (oijj-j _^j 

burdock (oLi) o^Jai'jl 

stupid, foolish, imbecilic, idiotic; fool, <j-»»-l : jj'jl 
imbecile, idiot, simpleton 

reliance, confidence, trust iii . j^l :ul£j! 

to ride, mount, make (someone) i_jf jj 4l»i- : *_if jl 
ride or mount 

to trust, have confidence Jt ju-^I i _j Jjj : J J jifjl 
in, place one's confidence in; to rely on, depend 

SJu»-jl; jp-Ij - iii'jl 

molar teeth Lr'j^»' : fj' 

to gnash one's teeth /yi\ Jj^j- 

incineration; cremation _l_.^':,jLJ! 

to incinerate, -uj 4 jUj J J "il^sv. J^j- I : jujl 

cremate, burn to ashes 

to be or become ashen, ashy, jU^JI 0>i> jU> : jl»jI 
ash-colored, gray 

sore-eyed jkj :jujI 

ashen, ashy, ash-colored, gray ii-st«j : J-«jl 

dirty, filthy, unclean, soiled, sullied f^i '■ -^j' 

u~*j jf'j "Cf*- 3 : u~*->' 



harebrained, giddy, heedless, careless, inconsid- 
erate, thoughtless, reckless, rash, foolhardy, 
temerarious, imprudent, indiscreet 

to desist from, abstain from, js. ij^^jl : j*. li^cjl 
refrain from (sin, error, etc.) 

to repent i_>t 1 f-u :ii>tjl 

« ..- •"- . - . 1 

erg J*x. jl ii'Lt ijj^j :pjl 

to foam (or froth) at the mouth, flame 

■Vj'-J (jj^J 1 

up with rage, fume with rage, flare up; to threaten 

compulsion, coercion, constraint, jj> . I_^"I : »l*jl 
force, forcing 

(J) i_-tj 


to compel (to), coerce (to), j-^-\ . o^l : (J*) ^ 
constrain (to), force (to), oblige (to) 



> .1 

lijlt ^a-x- :63c j 


to adjourn, rise, be adjourned; to bejijjj 1 «jj : o^ 3 *-* ' 
concluded, closed; to break up, dissolve, scatter, 
disperse, disband; to be dissolved, broken up, 
scattered, dispersed, disbanded 

higher; loftier, more exaled, more jjj^f' ' vj' 

sublime, more eminent; superior, supreme, 
paramount; top; upper, uppermost, topmost 

to enclose (with), attach (to); to accompany (_.) jijl 

ii*j jf 'j ~3*j{ 



to get no sleep, find no ^ Li j\ .L :•,,.> J 4 04- : Jijl 
sleep, be sleepless, suffer insomnia 

-..-' I '"■' '..?.' »..'1 
i_>»j p-'j - jfj 'l>»j :Jjl 

to soften someone's heart, move, touch, aJj Jijl 
arouse pity or sympathy in, fill with tenderness or 

to make sleepless, deprive of sleep, keep j4» : JT>I 

insomnia, sleeplessness j^-. 1 jLj- : jjl 

sleepless, insomniac, awake, unable to sleep jjl 1 jjl 


pw.'.yva '. """ ... • ■■--. »•"• •*«•.-•.-•.-■-.■> 

long, work day and night, burn the midnight oil, 
burn the candle at both ends, work like a dog, do 
double duty 

lijj Jf 'j " V^ '(j*- : iiJj 
lSj hSj Jfr-'j _ *'jj 

spiritual(istic); spiritistic; animistic; animist; ^f Ijj 


spiritualism, spiritism; animism Sf 'jJ 

to stink, smell bad, be malodorous ^1 : r)j 

* * ,» . » 

hibernation >LJJI oL_ iuL J -jij 

• * _- . »■ 

root; origin; stock, descent, lineage, J-ol : <*Jj 

ancestry, strain 

. , * '.- >* 


^ <$3 

stump, snag, stub 
counterfoil, stub, 
mountain sheep 

skilled, skillful, proficient, dexterous, 


intelligent, bright, brilliant, clever, J: f i 

smart, sharp 

cunning, crafty, artful, subtle, shrewd, "LaIj 



fragrance, scent, perfume, sweet 
smell, aroma, redolence 

generous, liberal, munificent, 
openhanded, freehanded 

generosity, liberality, munificence, j>>- t ^jS 

couch, sofa, divan, settee -ui. :i£->j 


blastula, blastosphere 

[ f L»l] i*jj 

to simmer; to buzz, hum; to whiz, hiss, wheeze, 
whir; to fizz; to ping; to zoom 

opposite (to), facing, in front of, face to face with, %\j 
before, vis-a-vis; in the face of; toward(s); in view 


-C.J l -Ujl .y«*jl 

--- - - . < - , .< 
to burn; to scorch, singe, scald, »i-. 1 3 J *-\ :Joaj\ 

sear, char 








guinea pig, cavy 

female rabbit; female hare 

tip of the nose i_ 

terror, terrorism; terrorization, terrifying, 
scaring, frightening, intimidation 

terrorist(ic) (<*^>) ^l*j! 

terrorist (/wlj-^lajl 

sign(s), indication(s), token(s), oLjUjI liLoUj) 

mark(s), symbol(s), symptom(s) 

• ' ** - ' ... 

exhaustion, fatigue, ^W^r! ' J i J -- V-* : J>l»j' 

weariness, tiredness; (over)exertion, (over)strain, 


burdening, overburdening, J* JUS I :d>Ujl 

oppression, encumbering 

to terrorize, terrify, horrify, scare, i— »_jj- :<-J»jl 

frighten, intimidate, dismay, appall, overawe 

to thin (out), make thin 

to sharpen, make sharp 

8 * 

to listen (closely) to, lend or <JJ jl J «11JI i_i» jl 

give one's ear to, pay attention to 

- *.- ^ ,'% , , , * 

to exhaust, fatigue, jl^j-I < IjjaI LjJ i_-»jl ijaj' 

weary, overtire, wear out, tire out; to(over)strain, 
(over)exert, stress, overwork, overtax, overtask 

to burden, overburden, encumber, J* Jjul ij^jl 
oppress, weigh down on, bear down on 

to overexert (oneself), exert oneself to t-Ju JajI 
the utmost, subject oneself to great stress, burn 
oneself out; to overwork, exhaust oneself by too 
much work, work too hard or too much or too 

,;„:.!,b:;b!^ <$e 

JJ 1 VA 

r " ' " . _ ... . .. * . *. 


to crowd, overcrowd, throng, congest; to (j) j^Vjl 
swarm (with), teem (with); to be or become 
overcrowded (with), congested (with) 

to despise, scorn, disdain, contemn, misprize, <Sj jjl 
disesteem, disrespect, look down upon, turn up 
one's nose at; to slight, belittle, disparage, make 
little of, make light of 
contempt, scorn, disdain, misprision 1 1 j jJ, I 

contempt of court iJCkll l\jij\ 

swallowing, gulping, gobbling, ingurgi- Uj : jlj jjl 
tation, deglutition 

transplanting), transplantation, graftGng), f lj jj] 
implantation; explanation, culture 

heart transplant o>UJI y\ i^JLill fljjjl 

to swallow, gobble, gulp, ingurgitate Ju : jj jjl 

to transplant, graft, implant; to explant, culture fj Jjl 

(Jj)Lij erlj-ft :(Jj)Liftjl 

boom, prosperity, flourishing, heyday j^i' 

to flourish, thrive, prosper, boom «•; i 111 i^a jjl 

dualism, duality, duplicity, doubleness, rljJj' 

pairedness; doubling, duplication, gemination 
diplopia, double vision j^lll r-l^jjl 

double or dual citizenship or *' --j-l r'jJj' 


double taxation tri.^ r})>'j\ <■ S>j-<»)l r'j J j' 

to pair, couple, join, form a pair; to double, rp jjl 
duplicate, geminate; to be or become double, 
twofold, dual 

increase, increment, growth, buildup, aug- jC jjl 
mentation, swell, rise, hike 

to surround, encompass, encircle, j i>b-l :jjl 

environ, enclose, embrace 

to strengthen, fortify, invigorate, brace £y : '/j\ 
to support, back up, assist, aid, help; 'J*oX> i jjU : jjl 

of, with regard to 

to remove, dislodge, displace, move aside, put r\j 
aside, lay aside, lay out of the way, drive away, 
push away, pull away, throw back 

removal, dislodgment, displacement, putting o-lj 
aside, pushing away 

displacement [ ^^ ] ii- | j | 

•>jj jff'j - •»'^ll «LLcl njv • jI j 
azedarach, chinaberry (j^-) 

to roar 

loincloth; wrapper; wrap; wraparound; veil; jljl 

to deflect, deviate, swerve, cause to deviate pljl 

to remove, eliminate; to do away with, get rid Jljl 
of; to put an end to, end, stop; to relieve; to clear, 
take away, take off, take out; to wipe out; to 
dispel, disperse; to iron out, smooth away or out 
to deodorize (^ _£j I ) i^* 1 '"J | |J \'j | 

to depilate; to shave (off) ^il) I 3 1 j' 

to decolorize; to achromatize ojlll ij' j' 

removal, removing, elimination, eliminating; illjl 
doing away with, getting rid of; putting an end to; 
relief, relieving; clearing, taking away, taking off, 
taking out, takeout; wiping out; dispelling, disper- 
sion; ironing out, smoothing away or out 

to flow, run, stream 
hairy, hirsute, shaggy 
to foam, froth, cream 

to drive, urge on 
to push, shove 

. * t - „ -« 
_/«-zJI jJS :<_ ijl 

- ~. « 
"• f '. • * 

to extend or present jjj ^SJJI jl ilsJI ^ j 

greetings (compliments, thanks, etc.) 


iPj £f 'j 


-"' :^jl 

J 'j £r'j~>^ '^ :jljjj 
Cri^ fr'j _ <Jl Jj] 

congestion, overcrowdedness; jam; crowd, * U- jj I 



. ' .- >'-, 


cause to have or catch a cold \*£ 'j* <««»■ : rSj 
to stumble, trip, cause to stumble or slip j^Jjl : J j' 

eternity, sempiternity 
to bolt, latch, bar, lock 
to near, bring near 

lie i Ji ii : » j 

eternal, sempiternal, everlasting, timeless, 
ageless; uncreated 

eternity, sempiternity Jjl :<Uj 

to aggravate, worsen, complicate, 
strain, make critical 

chronicity [i_JjJ(r<JJ L >^)<jUj i 

crisis; emergency; deadlock, impasse, o j 


to determine (to),,*w5 . ,-y. :(*Jlc jl 4j jl ^"^0 «jj 
decide (to), resolve (to), make up one's mind (to), 
be determined (to or on), be resolved (to or on) 

polydactyl(ous) «^ Co "ill jjlj : «^j 

to be chronic, inveterate; to last long, L. j* (S^ : j*'j 

to stay at, remain at *l»l :ul5LJL> j*j\ 

chisel; drove 

"J Jf 'J 


jAjl 1 j*jl £>-lj -jU 


florescence, efflorescense, bloom(ing), 
blossom(ing), flowering, flowerage 

to bloom, blossom (out), flower, effloresce, ^*j I ijtt'j 
be in bloom 

shining, luminous, bright, brilliant, radiant jLs : j*'j 

to destroy, crush, suppress, put an end to, kill Jaj 

O* Jij\ £?-lj "0* j'ij 

azote, nitrogen y\»- j^Lj : oj j 

> „ >■ 
azotic, nitrogenous ^>- jj^ : <Jjj 

• *■■■:-.-' i-< 

to champion, advocate 

to button, furnish jljj VI ojjJ . Ijljjl *) Jour : jjl 
with buttons 

to wrap up, cover, clothe, veil ^pJI < ^ai. :jjl 

--.? , *'. -*.{ 

strength, might, power 

JUw )«->■ It ~ } j 1 ij-t JUh ' ° } J' -*■*" 

to derogate from, put down; to disparage, _j t£jj\ 
belittle, put down; to degrade, debase, abase, 
lower, humble 

to blue, turn blue, become blue 


sky blue, azure 

the blue, the sky, the 

lijL- ijjjl 

blueness, blue, blue color 

cyanosis [i_Ja J jlijjl 

disturbance, troubling, bothering, annoyance, ^Ujl 
harassment, molestation, vexation, irritation; 
nuisance, inconvenience, trouble, discomfort 

to disturb, trouble, bother, inconvenience, pe.j\ 

annoy, harass, molest, pester, vex, irk, irritate, 
upset, disquiet, discompose, discommode, incom- 
mode, faze 

to bother to, trouble to, take pains to, «_Ju pc'j\ 
take the trouble to, go to the trouble of 

o S f - , a i 

thin-haired j*z\\ i. a ,,i. -> - \jc'j\ 

• - * ^ - - ' * 
scoundrel, rascal, rogue ji-j . jjjl, 1 I J1. : jxjl 

thief, robber, burglar 

to come, approach, near, draw near, 
impend, be imminent 

Day of Resurrection, Judgment Day,i«LiJI *% : i» j *5) 

to make swallow xL . «LI : Jij 

jl J '^ :t/j 

t/j Jfr'j - i5»j : c/j 


=♦ #= 

to misunderstand, misapprehend, 
misinterpret, mistake 

to mistreat, ill-treat, maltreat, abuse, 
treat badly 

offense, affront, insult, outrage; wrong, injus- osLI 
tice, inequity, oppression; injury, harm, damage, 

f. y*. i ;u>- I j — 71} I 1 J [ c - ^ -.-...- £ I &L- ! 

to make flow, cause to run c$_^r' t dJ Cl : ^- Lu I 

strap, thong jLl 

basis, foundation, ground(s), groundwork, base; ^L I 
footing; infrastructure, substructure; root, bottom; 
origin, cause 

base, radix [oL^LjJ u~Ll 


tax base; basis of assessment 

[o>sls] (cis^J-!!) (j-LI 


4_o ^iaJ I /v- ^ 

fundamentals, basics, Atl_j5 1 tcS-sL* ( Jj^l : 1 _ r «« I 
rudiments, elements, essentials; principles; rules 

on the basis of, on the grounds of, I j£ u~Ll L J^ 
on the strength of, based on, relying on, pursuant 
to, by virtue of, in accordance with, according to 

unfounded, (~JJ XsZA\ ^y*) aJ ,^-Ll *i 

groundless, baseless 

cornerstone, foundation stone 


fundamental; radical; basic; essential; jj-iLJ 

elementary, elemental; principal, main, chief, 
prime, primary, cardinal, major, key, master, 
capital, leading, foremost; crucial, vital; substantial, 
substantive; organic 

cornerstone, foundation stone 

«-lj — ,^-.Ll Oy ^ 

ajl^ix^l «j- 1 j — ^j^b L 1 

to wash down, swallow easily; to take, swallow, pLI 
stomach, stand, brook, tolerate, put up with 

to grant, comply with, accede to, fulfill (aJ^« a_) JLi 
(someone's request or wish) 

to make flow, (cause to) stream, flush {$j=r ' : ^^ ' 
to shed, spill, pour out jruL- c t_^s : J L I 

',1:3 LI 

to liquefy, dissolve, melt 




to deviate from, depart from, UL 1 d>jM I : ,j£ jjjl 
turn away from, turn aside from, swerve from 

inclined, slanting, oblique; crooked, ry*^ < Jj^ : jjjl 
curved, bent, twisted 

squint-eyed, cross-eyed; walleyed Jj^ I : jjjl 

hum(ming), buzz(ing); whiz(zing), wheeze; fizz; Jjjl 
ping; zip, zoom 

myrtle (oLi) ^-.1 

foundation, basis, ground(s); groundwork, ^Cl :^J 
base; infrastructure 

exponent, index [oL^Lj] JJ:> :^l 

to nurse, treat, cure, remedy t£}\ j i rJL : LI 

to make peace between, reconcile, pJLal :,^Lj LI 
bring to terms 

LI w-Ij-lSjL 1 ?JL : (_j*J 

to console, comfort, condole, solace, offer ii j£ : ^ 1 
one's condolences to, express one's sympathy to, 
give comfort to 

to help, aid, assist, support 




grief, sorrow, sadness, distress, depression, 0>~ : lJS -*l 
dejection, unhappiness, dolefulness, gloom(iness) 

to do badly ^yij l_j ->L I j (^—^ I _ub : sL I 

to spoil, impair, damage, harm _ui I : sL I 

to wrong, oppress, do wrong to, do evil to; J J iC\ 
to offend, affront, insult; to harm, hurt, injure, 
damage, disadvantage, do harm to; to spoil, impair; 
to disturb, trouble 

to mismanage, maladminister, i>jL^I fLl 


to abuse, misuse, misemploy, misapply aJ| < ju^. I (L.\ 

to misbehave, behave improperly or cs^l^JI s"Ll 

to misinterpret, misconstrue jJ^jLlI _jl y. ivll jLl 

to mistrust, distrust, doubt, suspect; j^l (C\ 
to think ill of 

;julu I 



to resent, take offense, take umbrage; to be {^) i^Lj\ 
offended, hurt, displeased, annoyed, upset, vexed, 

LH, c 





to ask to come, send ojy^>- 


monopolization; appropriation, exclusive (_>) jl 
power or possession; preoccupation, engross- 
ment, absorption 

exclusive, monopolistic i^jUl^wl 

to appropriate, possess alone, take exclusive _> J>h^\ 
possession of; to monopolize; to preoccupy, 
occupy, engross, absorb, take up, seize, take hold 

rent, lease, tenancy; renting, leasing, hiring, jUd^J 
taking a lease on 

charter, chartering tJJ S^U> jl i: ..a.., jUtii-l 

subleasing (jJ»UI ^ jL=»i— I 

to rent, hire, lease, take on lease, take a lili >>ul« I 
lease on or of 

to employ, hire, L^i, (..a^J jl) oiJij : ^>-uLl 
engage the services of 

to charter -^J J o^U> jl i..l..a..„ ^-ull 

to sublease (^iUI ^ ^>-ull 

to request postponement; to J^- III I LiJs : J^-tl* I 
seek to delay 

to ask for (call for, appeal for) the _j 1*-"-'- 1 : (3 J uL I 
help (assistance, support) of 

to take, receive, get Lr kJ> i _U- 1 : (job— I 

• * 
professor; teacher; lecturer, reader; master; Mr. jLiU 

assistant professor jxL^. JL-.I 

ledger [°jW^] iulSlI j-JJ 

asking permission ulJi-J 

leave-taking, leave <-j>l_^ 1 })l ,j\ if:!., I 

to ask permission i "il I LiL : u Jul I 

to take leave (of), say goodbye <_il_^'ilL oitzl.1 
(to) ' '■ 

to ask permission to enter someone's Jx Oiull 
house, etc. 

liquefaction, dissolving, 
dissolution, melting 

? • , r, i 


to weary, bore, tire 

to graze, pasture, grass 

U-Ul *Cl 


frU-UI oL-* :gL-(I 


(l_^JJI (Jjj J) ^J'LL] 


( o Lj J ^u L»-j ] 

Spanish; Spaniard 

(J^ ~*"J 


^liLl^l £JUI :&Ll>1 

to hibernate o 


&UJjl (J-*a3 /-*a« 1 i Cwu 1 

to enter on the Sabbath 

c^iii j'^-.^za 

alcohol, spirit 

4J v^-w 1 


OOf* - ' 



to bestow lavishly upon, Jx (J5 iv3l c t*-^ :Jx s— J 

grant (to), give (to); to impart to, lend to; to 

attribute to, ascribe to; to make 

* > --» s 
to perform the ritual ablution properly Sj^b^Jl iu~»l 

priority, precedence, antecedence, seniority 

to lower, drop, let down, let fall 

to shed tears 

to ear (up), form ears 

sea bream 


Passion Week 


«j jjl J—- 1 


p^u. I 

* 2 2 I p>^-" ' 

weekly, every week, once a week, by the llcj 
week, per week 

weekly wages 
v hite lead, ceruse 




appeal [uv^i] (li**^ 1 j' fW-0 <-* , , 

court of appeal(s), appellate court <JLi^«l <*£j« 

appellate [u>l»]^il~-! 

to be or become sociable, friendly, I— il jLo ly-julij 
amicable, amiable, genial, affable, polite, kind, 
nice, gentle 

to be or become tame, UJI jLo :ol>J-l Lpiu-j 

to like some- ^i,lt i i_iJI ti_-»-l :<J] jl *j Lpiu-} 
one's company, like to be with, feel at ease with; 
to get along with, get on intimate terms with, 
become friendly with, become intimate with; to 
associate with, mix with 

to get used to, be < — oJ 1 t j>»J : <J] jl *j Lpiu-i 

accustomed to, be habituated to, take to; to be 
familiar with, acquainted with; to familiarize 
oneself with, acquaint oneself with 

to draw upon, *j ijl*^— \ '■ r«JJ 'ryoy**. u*^~>\ 

resort to, make use of, rely upon 

to consult, ask or seek the ojLjlJ '-^y. Lr >\L.\ 

opinion or advice of, counsel with, take counsel 


-. » >- . -y. 
to listen to, hearken to, give or , j^>\ : <J , rJu-1 


lend an ear to, pay attention to 

to resume, renew, recommence, «U tuijulJ 

continue, begin again (after interruption), go on 

with, carry on with, return to, take up again, 

reopen, reestablish 

to appeal [oy^i J (ti>c-jJI j' <SX\) i-iiull 

to deserve, merit, earn, be worthy of, J^-) : 
be worth 

to deem lawful or permissible; to U- L. o -u- : rlS. 
permit, allow, legalize, legitimize; to consider 
public or common or ownerless 

to violate, desecrate, <<~.>>- 

profane, defile 

to proscribe, outlaw, declare killing 

someone lawful 

to seize, appropriate, confiscate, 


,1 t 

cr*- 3 -£V 

professorship, professorate, chair; mastership ojl£j 

geotropism kJb\£l*\ lyiijJi^J 

to dare, venture, take heart, take courage; to ju«uL(1 
become bold, daring, strong, tough, mighty; to 
demonstrate one's strength or power; to display 
the courage of a lion 

to domineer, bully, browbeat; to J* j-ull 

dominate, control 

extirpation, eradication, extermination, Jl.niJiJ 

uprooting, deracination, rooting up, rooting out, 
pulling out, plucking out, extraction; removal, 
excision, ablation (by surgery); -ectomy; abscission 

mastectomy, mamectomy 'i- A ~" <-^ 

hysterectomy »p-jJI Jl 

'7.' ° s -*, 








to uproot, eradicate, extirpate, exterminate, 
root up, root out, deracinate, pull out, pull up by 
the roots, pluck out, tear out, tear up, extract; to 
remove, ablate, excise (by surgery) 

aesthetics JQ-I pit :llj»l£j 

to seek someone's friendship Iji tL I 

form, application form, application SjI^^lJ 

trust, confidence, faith, reliance 3y) <■ ^ '■ u\£L*\ 
to seek protection, ask for 0^1 i— Ll» : j^uli' 

permission, legalization 

£>_J i »j\i 

security or safety 



J* o-*^! cf'j "J 6 1>*^--! 

to take one's time, act slowly, slow down; to ^ 
wait, bide one's time 

resumption, renewal, recom- 
mencement, reopening 

4juuL» '. LJ 1 i ■mi) I 

*J •" ' • ■■' I 


^ ^ 

.l: t . 

to And strange, odd, queer, l 


to replace (by or with), substitute (for), (j ) 'SjL£. 
put in the place (of), displace (by or with); to 
exchange (for), commute (for), receive or give in 
exchange (for), take as a substitute (for); to barter, 
trade, swap; to trade in; to change; to alternate 

to commute W'J J L» <>>«* J 

to ask to be absolved ^ I ^ j' ' ' 
from, acquitted from, exonerated from, discharged 
from, freed from, released from, relieved from, 
exempted from 



'- j : " 

to see a good omen in, regard as a 

good omen 

death defiance; heroism 

to defy death boldly, risk one's life, show 
extreme courage, be heroic 

to regard as auspicious, see a good omen in, j jLS 

regard as a good omen, regard as portending good; 

to rejoice at, be happy at, be cheerful about, 


to consider ugly, find repugnant 

j-uajl xj«-ij — j^aj\ ' j ■»;'■' ■■■' 

to look attentively at; to reflect on, J^G : j j.a,.,:,..! 
ponder (on or over), meditate (on), contemplate, 
consider carefully, cogitate, muse (on or over), 
pore over, speculate on, think deeply about 

to be shrewd, perspi- i^ I j JIS" '-(j) j\a- ::'... \ 
cacious, perceptive, discerning, endowed with 

to find slow LL.L ojj-j 

penetration, delving; fathoming, bottoming, u 
getting to the bottom of 

introspection, self-examination [cr 1 ^ ] u^'"'- 

introspective; introspectional [ l _ r iii ] ^_J 

to penetrate into, delve into; to fathom, 

bottom, get to the bottom of, know thoroughly 

understand completely 

to introspect [ Lr Ju ] ^-k'-V... j 

violation, desecration, 

proscription, outlawing 


dll+ol t cr J.kj :<»-Lj_.I 

seizure, appropriation, confis- 
cation, expropriation 

anticipation, forestallment 



to cause to urinate 

(j-t^l) i>^o ^Ij-^^b 'j**"! : (v^0 ulllLj 
(^"Jll) (^lj «-lj-4iTjjl io^jJ :(^jl) j(^L.\ 


6tf :(-f)j 

to be or become ( j) JCki 
arbitrary, despotic, tyrannical, autocratic; to rule 
tyrannically, manage dictatorially; to act auto- 
cratically; to tyrannize (over), oppress, domineer; 
to have one's own way (in) 

to overcome, iJ>wl ' <J* i>s»i-l :.; ■ui-.l 

overwhelm, overpower; to carry, grip; to absorb, 
engross, preoccupy, occupy wholly, fill com- 
pletely, take up, seize, take hold of 

to possess alone, j JjxL\ i j i'jJu : j j-^,1 

appropriate, take exclusive possession of; to 


V *--• , 
to be or become opinionated, head- <> I j* -ui- I 

strong, stubborn, obstinate, dogged 
despotism, autocracy, absolutism, jl 

totalitarianism, dictatorship, tyranny, arbitrariness, 

despotic, autocratic, absolute, totalitarian, lji,\ 
dictatorial, tyrannical, arbitrary, highhanded 

jI.ul.1 vr'j — <L jl 

substitution, commutation, replacement, Jl 
displacement; exchange; barter, swap, trade-off, 
trade; change, changing; alternation 

commutation 14-^ ^ 

substitutive, commutative; alternate 

to admire, marvel at, wonder at, lL.u «ji : p . 
regard as wonderful, consider marvelous, deem 
amazing, be amazed by, be fascinated by, be 
dazzled by; to consider novel or unprecedented; to 
deem unique 


yjLJLn I 

OJU 1 . JU 

I pfr'j ~ •jli** 


to make sure of, seek to jS\j . Jaj«j : (^J c .... 7 . 7 . „ ij 
ascertain, verify, check, examine; to seek proof or 
confirmation or reassurance; to be sure of, certain 
of, convinced of, confident of 
to act slowly or carefully, take one's ^ U : c . '" ■-[ 
time; to be careful, patient, deliberate 

to find heavy, hard, burdensome, aJJj JjLUJ . Jal^J 
troublesome, oppressive, cumbersome, onerous, 
unbearable; to find irksome, bothersome, irritating, 
vexing, annoying 
investment jJJ JUI *-*J»>> : jlc~r"i 

exploitation, utilization, use, Jili^l : j\£?*\ 

turning to account or to advantage, profiting by or 
from, benefiting by or from, capitalizing on, 
trading on, tapping, taking advantage of 
usufruct s-Uli'ill J*- i flijjl • jV~-"! 

to invest r«JJ *i\* <_«J»j :^i, 77 , m j 

to exploit, utilize, turn to qa jli^.1 . Ji^J : ^*ii-J 
account, turn to advantage, profit by or from, 
benefit by or from, make a profit from, capitalize 
on, trade on, tap, use, make use of, put to use, take 
advantage of, avail oneself of 
to exclude, except, rule out, make an 
exception of 

exception, exclusion 

except, excepting, with the exception of, *L^l«Ij 

save, but, excluding, with the exclusion of, 


without exception <SJ^l.\ ~% . f Lil-l uj-4 

exceptional, extraordinary, unusual, ^ 

uncommon, rare; phenomenal; special; emergency 

as an exception, «Ljl '*r ,.l 5j>-su . LS k *t ,.I 


emergencies; exceptional cases .L5L-LL.I Jl>»-I 

emergency session, extraordinary i-iLii-l i_L«- 


_s • • •* '■* 

exceptional circumstances .LJLiL.1 <J)ji> 

to respond to, react to, act or feel in J <_> ' _ 

response to; to show or adopt a favorable reaction 
to, be favorable to; to grant, comply with, accede 
to, fulfill, consent to, agree to, accept, hear, carry 

'"■ ' 

removal, taking away, setting aside, putting jb, 
aside; elimination, disqualification, dropping; ex- 
clusion, ruling out 

to set aside, put aside, remove, take away; to ,u.",nj 
disqualify, eliminate, drop; to exclude, rule out; to 
regard as unlikely or improbable; to consider 
distant or faraway or remote 
to anticipate, forestall, foresee {%^ J>-i»-) J^i-I 
and deal with in advance 

to make stay, ask to stay; to detain, hold back; 

to retain, keep, maintain; to preserve, conserve; to 

reserve; to spare, save 

retention, keeping, maintenance; preservation, *U1lJ 

conservation; sparing, saving; detention, holding 

back; making stay, asking to stay 

to make cry, move to tears o (\& jt I : ,j£~i"<] 

questionnaire; poll 
referendum, plebiscite 

(•fry Jf J - i >4- :""" | 

p>ial^l • L'l ■" ■■■! 

1 tj\ i ■ "in 1 

to ask someone to repent i_>>^ tj\ aJj i_JJ» : i_>Li«] 

occultation [iiUi J i_>U«^>-j : j^r"! 

to stabilize; to be or become stable, jJL^J : i.. 

stabilized, settled, constant, steady, regular, 

normal, orderly, in good order, calm, quiet, 

peaceful, smooth 

stability, stabilization, constancy, jl ^*~»l : i_>L^-.l 

regularity, steadiness, normalcy, orderliness), 

calm(ness), peace 

to entail, necessitate, ( jJJ j- >£— ' T ) fjl-'i : * . 77 , .J 

involve, imply; to cause, occasion, bring about 

to ask to follow -u~o u' *JJ 4-^ : £r--"j 

to hide behind, shelter oneself behind, take j >^-l 
cover or shelter in, seek protection in 

to ask to follow -u^o ijl *JJ s-Lt : (jl"-* - ! 

to seek or ask for a reward »li l£* v*^ • V^**"! 

to recover, retrieve, regain, get £frj~*\ :<->l~-"! 


4j In 7.H) I 


for; to arraign, summon, subpoena (to court, 

before a court); to ask for (something to be 


to get, obtain, acquire, procure, J* Jla»- : i_. J -<L» I 

gain, win 

to import 

to attract, draw, win over, Jll^-I i i_»Ju- : 
enlist, magnetize, charm, bring over 

to recreate, take recreation, relax, rest, r-lj 
amuse oneself 


to be covered with 

recreation, relaxation, rest, amusement, fun 

to gather, collect, rally, band jIju— I ( «^ -.,'.."'., I 
together, re-collect, muster up, summon, call forth, 
call up (one's strength, energies, thoughts, etc.) 

to be covered, veiled, concealed, ji 

hidden; to cover oneself, hide (oneself) 

i 'V-- 

to deem ignorant 

* ^5 - 

; ^j^'.'... I 

interrogation, questioning, y 

hearing, examination, inquest, inquiry, inquisition 

investigation; interpellation (in parliament) 

cross-examination p-oil o»li. i_< 


to interrogate, examine, question, Jj u " ■ I : '-')•?" •* ' 
hear; to interpellate (in parliament) 

to cross-examine «loi-l o»li. <~>)»iL*\ 

to be ashamed of, be ~Zs*- 1 t Jj**- : {^) ~i v - 1 

ashamed to face someone; to be (become, feel) 
embarrassed (by); to blush, feel shame or 
embarrassment; to be or become shy, bashful, 

to be or become impossible, 'ilk* jU> :<jl»«idJ 

inconceivable, unimaginable, absurd, preposterous 

impossibility, jUm s,JJI 0>^ i ji*j wll.,-,,,1 

1 1 ii 

- - i—L 

out, answer, meet, satisfy 
response, reaction; compliance, granting, Xi 
accedence, accession, fulfillment, consent, accep- 
tance, hearing, carrying out, answering 

conditioned response [ ^Ju \ ill> I ji I i» 1-^' - 1 

to consider good, think good IjJj- o j* : 't l^y l 

to seek protection or refuge (with); to seek(j) j l'-,"'- l 
(ask for, appeal for, call for) the help or aid or 
assistance of 

to request or ask for permission, 5 jli-^l *— ii> 'j l'iy l 
authorization, approval, license 

to consider permissible, 


U- ei£ ! jU«^*»l 

allowable, lawful; to deem possible 

■ Ij — Lij ( (J*a»- t ljj» :j 

to beg, ask for alms 

(j tV.'.J 

to beg, ^ (j-li)} 4 J J £^ i J J J->> : t5 

entreat, implore, beseech, supplicate, plead with 

solicit, request earnestly 

$.- ' - - 
begging, beggary, J> 

mendicancy, mendicity 

1 S-y 

begging, entreaty, imploring, c-j 
beseeching, supplication 

to seek to clarify; to try to discover t. «■*£".:,.. I : >'-,"'., I 
or find out (about); to explore, investigate, search 
into, inquire into; to clarify, clear up, throw light 
upon; to unearth, uncover, detect, spot, discover, 
find out 

clarification, clearing up, throwing light f NL-'.. | 

upon; discovery, finding out, uncovering; 
exploration, investigation, search, inquiry 
calling for, sending for; ,U.i:..l ■, ,ML-'..I 

summoning, summons; arraignment 

getting, obtainment, Jli i J* J>-*»- : t_<^j^L. I 
acquisition, procurement, gaining, winning 

importation, importing) jljji-l :i_>%»i-l 


attraction, drawing, 

magnetization, charming 

to call for, send ojU»»-l ^JLt> < ^ 

(. i_ja»- : i_j 





•y^ff' ' Wt.V 'i K'M'J.J'.'.l'iBSlMia^ <fr -A'*tfkU«, 

compounding, combination, confection, formu- 

conjuration, evocation, r}i'j^ jLw.^.1 

invocation; necromancy; spiritualism, spiritism 

- * - * - • • 

brief, pleading; memo- i/Ju < oJ^ : jUak^.1 


to send for, call for, call in, call, 
summon, demand 

to recall, remember, recollect, ^Ju • j-ri-i',-1 

bethink, revive, call to mind, recover knowledge 


to conjure (up), call up, evoke, 

to prepare, make, Li'j i oil :(»JJ ?l}'j) j,jj».d.l 
compound, combine, confect, formulate, synthe 

to fossilize 

to entrust to, 4iiau jl *Ji- : ( »(«^JI «-, 

commit to, confide to 

to deserve, merit, earn, be worthy of; j_)*ul 
to be entitled to, have the right to 

to require, call for, demand, f jA^-J ' i_JUaJ : 

to mature, ojJI /\ sb^l K r -a r \j jU» : 

become (or fall) due, become payable 
worth mentioning, noteworthy ^S" JJI 

duty-free, tax-exempt ~.J\ <Ac 

merit, desert, worthiness, »jl-»»- <■ <J- 
worth; one's due; entitlement 

maturity, payability, becoming *Jj jjjjJI J' 
due, falling due 

due date, date of maturity jlik^-*il ryjt 

deservedly, meritoriously, justly, ijlik^.1 ^ 

rightly, rightfully, duly 


jil»-l »*-ij — jAaiiw! 

to itch 

intensification, J««t ' JLtmLt.-I i j 

increase, buildup, strengthening, consolidation, 

I : r l£kLl 


impracticability; inconceivability; absurdity, pre- 

to like; to find nice; to deem desirable, 

consider recommendable; to favor, regard with 

favor, take a favorable view of; to appreciate 

to prefer something to >-l ^c lili L.-»:,.,l 

something else, have a preference for 

invention, origination, creation, innovation, <i 
introduction, starting, coinage 

to invent, originate, create, innovate, <^ 

introduce, start, design, fashion, coin 

to heat, become warm or hot; to be heated, be 
kindled, flare up 

to consider unlawful, illegal, illicit, U I j*- »j* : »j»iL*\ 
impermissible, prohibited, forbidden; to consider 
sacred, sacrosanct, holy, inviolable 

approval, approbation, sanction, favor; d 1 * -" - 1 

liking, favorable regard; favorable judgment or 
view, good opinion; admiration, appreciation; 
commendation, recommendation; acclaim, recep- 
tion with favor; satisfaction, pleasure, delight 

application of discretion [i-^^Lj **j^t-] jl-v-l 
in legal matters 

to approve, sanction; to favor, take a j_-ni,n I 

favorable view of, judge favorably, have a good 
opinion of, hold or express a favorable opinion of; 
to admire, appreciate, think highly of; to com- 
mend, recommend; to regard as right or proper, 
consider suitable or appropriate; to acclaim, hail, 
welcome; to like, be pleased with, deem good or 
nice, find handsome or beautiful 

to be or become ripe, mature 

(J* (_Ua»- Vr-^J - (J* J irTH'.'iiij 

sending for, calling for, sum- »Lx: 

moning, summons 

preparation, making, i_~£ J> t jl j*I 

r <j3*++*\ 



py wholly, fill completely, take up, take one's 
entire attention; to overcome, overpower, over- 
whelm, take hold of, grip, seize 

!J* i y.Z«\ %s?\j— n-~^-\ ' cJ*"»" '-ij^ 

to wait for the right timet_— Li I e-»>)l ^JiHl : v 

to seek or request what is good Jjai *i\ <_JQ> •jl-y:'..! 
or best 

to ask God for proper guidance (in); ( j) «il jl-^.:,.. I 
to supplicate God to choose what is good for 

inquiry; asking; investigation, examination; 

intelligence oljl 

intelligence oljl.,-*:...! ilKj toljL-itT,..! S^JIj 
agency, intelligence; secret service; investigation 

to ask (about), inquire (about); JjJ—I i JL : j-j»i 
to seek or gather information (about); to inves- 
tigate, examine 

employment, utilization, use, using, J|,«f-I : f 
usage, application, making use of, putting to use 
exploitation; exercise 

employment, hiring, hire, taking <-j«J>>; : fl.i, -*: ,..] 
on, recruitment, engaging the services or labor of 

to employ, use, utilize, apply, make J*Ll-I : » 
use of, put to use, put into service, avail oneself of; 
to exploit; to exercise, put into action 

to employ, hire, take on, recruit, oii j : ».i,-t,:,« I 
engage the services or labor of 

to submit (to), yield «-aJ I i «-a»- : I '"V" ■ 1 i i5"'-y ■■ I 
(to), surrender (to); to humble oneself (before), 
lower oneself (before) 

pulling out, taking out; u a'^£. I i i_-a«~ : r\jiiL* I 

extraction, drawing out, getting out; digging out, 


-■■• - , > • . 
nephrolithotomy *r^-" oLai- r-l^^l-l 

lithotomy iildl oLai- r \j^L\ 

derivation, inference, 

conclusion, dedution, eduction, gathering, figuring 

out; discovery, discovering, finding out 

lj I !!■ o I ( tLmw i ; r i 



:>* : c 

aggravation; deep-rootedness, rootage, inveteracy 


lT'j~? i Cr^T 

: {oLlSCk^.1 c ) r lSCk£- 1 

cation, stronghold, bulwark; barricade, rampart, 

to intensify, L LaE ■ ^Cl: , J^.;:..l , ■ -.! •'d,7„ f l 
increase, grow, build up, strengthen, consolidate, 
gain ground; to be or become intense, forceful, 
strong, severe, serious, critical, aggravated; to take 
root; to be or become deep-rooted, firmly estab- 
lished, deep-seated, inveterate, ingrained 

to be or become compact, LSow jLo : 'X'-,~\- 1 
well-knit, firm, solid, strong; to be or become 
perfect, precise, accurate, exact 

to regard as lawful, deem "i%. ,'js. : ' J'~~'- 1 


to find sweet; to find ( ^-k£.l t l^ii- »ji- j • lL-'.l 
beautiful or nice or pleasant; to like, be pleased 
with, be delighted by 

milking . I~ •■_.Sl,-'j 


J %^L\ 

adjuration, entreaty, beseeching, ilcL* : ' iMV'-l 
imploration, supplication, conjuration, pleading; 
plea, appeal 

to milk r ll. • ' .lL"'., I 

to emulsify i_.lW:.'„.. JJ Sy>- : Liklll 

to adjure, entreat, beseech, implore, ai,L 
supplicate, conjure, plead with, appeal to 




to bathe, take a bath; to shower, take a JLj^ I : l»w« I 
shower; to wash up, wash (oneself) 

bathing, bath, taking a bath; jCri-l : » !,»«£« I 

showering, taking a shower; washing, wash, 
washing oneself 

to find stupid, consider foolish, 
regard as a fool 

obsession, possession; engross- Jl^-I:((j*)jl>ȣ-I 
ment, absorption, preoccupation, overcoming, 
overpowering, overwhelming 

to obsess, possess; to _; ju—I i (j^_-l : J* jyul 
engross, absorb, engage wholly, preoccupy, occu- 



roundness, circularity, 
circularness, rotundity 



f IjJ f»-'j -i»lju«<] 

to borrow, contract (raise, Li i»-l i Jej£\ :ulju-l 

take up) a loan, make or incur debts 

borrowing, raising of a loan u i>\ J zi\ : <j I Ju* I 


v°j* :<>i 

to turn the back (to or on) 
to draw forth, evoke, i_Jj 

(^ ; ■■>■» 

1 JU0 '-JJ. 

4 jUI :j- 

«Mtf I 

elicit, call forth; to attract, draw, win (over), enlist 

bringing gradually, iJlllJ i oi»- i <_»>>£ i^ljju- 
bringing around, persuasion, inducement, leading 
on; drawing, attraction; allurement), enticement, 
lure, inveiglement, winning over, baiting, tempta- 
tion, seduction, seducement, invitation 

invitation of offers 

liljljb «j>-lj-d)ljj£» 

to bring grad- i_Ji»£.l i oi»- i o^i : ( Jj) r>-£~ 
ually, bring around, persuade, induce, lead on; to 
draw, attract; to allure, lure, entice, inveigle, win 
over, bait, decoy, tempt, seduce, invite 

to promote (raise, advance, Ljt j ju Jpj : r-j jLL- I 
upgrade) by degrees or steps, make advance or 
progress or rise gradually or step by step 

to invite offers 

Us i 

dJjIjb lUflj — (-ill i 4— J%j i (3jL»J :ti)j-U~.l 

to send for, call for, call in, call, j,n~,"',^ : ^.\ii*,\ 
summon, demand 

to arraign; to summon, j^y I : i»5ls«11 JJ ^'xL. I 
subpoena, demand, cite 

to recall, call (»JJ \'jiy>) 5j^*)I Jj lij : ^cldl 

to call, call out to j j-U» nijl i^cJill 

to call for, require, cJlLj i JjxJ I i j»>^-' : l*^^*"' 
demand, need, want, take 

^ ■■ '.- ■■ ■-■ - 

r >*-*«i 


to pull out, take out; to ^l,-*,:,.. I i <_j^- : rj^-« I 
extract, draw out, get out; to dig out, mine 
to derive, infer, draw, i-«,..:5" I < ti^£«I : rj^L\ 
conclude, deduce, educe, gather, figure out; to 
discover, find out, make out 

to reproduce 

r ~\- ** 

jJj : t j±*L*\ 

to extract 

to be or become ashamed, abashed, ~~' '■■ I : cSj^*" ' 

to find light Jitll I tu 

to disparage, j£^\ i^lL\ i_> oW^-I :. 
belittle, depreciate, vilipend; to slight, make light 
of, make little of; to underestimate, undervalue, 
underrate; to despise, scorn, disdain 

to transport, carry ^yJI jl o^kJI jl iUJI j-^,' l 
away, entrance, enrapture, ravish 

i >UJo>-l 


slight(ing), making light jUi^-I i fjl^ll : (_>) (JU»wwl 
of, making little of, disparagement, belittlement, 
depreciation, underestimation, underrating; dis- 
dain, scorn, misprision, despisement 

extraction, drawing out, getting r\ j^l. I : L) a%)l^\ 
out; abstraction, taking out; excerption 

inference, deduction, derivation, r-^- ' : u o^»^-' I 
conclusion, eduction, gathering, figuring out; 
discovery, discovering, finding out 

to extract, draw out, get out; to r >»«^- ' : (jrtlV.'i.i] 
abstract, take out; to excerpt 

to deduce, infer, derive, Jj 

t y t i 

conclude, educe, gather, figure out, draw a 
conclusion; to discover, find out, make out 

to choose, select, pick out 

to regard as sincere, loyal, 

to appoint as successor 

47(1. [•*■ i±K>- '' »l~"-l 

to round, be or become round or Ijjx. O^'jlj^"' 

to turn, turn around, turn one's 
head, look back 





ilc jumiI 

to memorize, commit to memo- Lli- Jiii- : ^jl£.I 

ry, learn by heart; to know by heart 

to despise, scorn, disesteem jl> I : 1} Jed. 


to convict, condemn, find guilty L»Ju ojx. :>_J XL- 
ester ^y^ r^* '■ j~* 

strategic, strategical 

strategy Zj ! lJ\JL i \ 

to rest, get rest, relax; i»-lj jl»-j i ii-lj I»-l r^-I^Ll 
to repose, sit back; to take a rest, have a break, 
break; to recess, take a recess; to find rest 

rest, repose, relaxation, <»-lj S^-j ' ^»-'j :i»'l j >l~il 
recreation; break, recess, respite 

intermission, entr'acte, break 

rest house, rest ~JJ ^l.TJl c>\SL> : is- 1^1 

eavesdropping «H)I Jl^l 

wiretap- CjLJ Li I ol^jUJ.1 ^ c~a^Jl> «.,„ll Jlj^J 

ping, tapping 

voyeurism, peeping, peeping Tomism,jJiJ I Jl^l-,1 

peeking, snoop(ing) 

recovery, regaining, ol*£-l i jlj^xll :eU-^l,l 

getting back, retrieval, reacquirement, restitution, 

redemption, recoupment, recuperation, retaking, 

recapture, taking back; recall(ing), calling back 

withdrawal, taking back, *UI iua. :pl»-^£-l 
recall(ing), revocation, repeal, cancellation 

to recover, regain, get back, jUl-,1 i jjJL.1 :«#.jl*J 

retrieve, reacquire, redeem, recoup, recuperate, 

retake, recapture, take back; to recall, call back 

-■« - . 

to withdraw, take back, recall, ( yi\ <. i_^«- : v>-j^~l 

revoke, repeal, cancel 

to become a man, attain manhood, be iL i^jj^L*,! 
sexually mature, grow up 

plea for mercy; prayer, supplica 

tion, entreaty, solicitation; plea, appeal 

(-i'lr'.' : *l^I* 

to evoke, draw forth, elicit, jlii t jliill : ^lull 
call forth, bring into being or action 

to move for, make a formal flt-U-l ,ji : ^ xL\ 
request (application, petition, motion) 

sending for, calling for, (_>^LLl-I i jUii«£.l : »Lc lx£Ll 
calling in, call(ing), summoning, summons 

arraignment; jU»-) n_Jb- :<j£j>A\ JJ tfltJiLl 
summoning, summons, citation, subpoenaing 

recall(ing), calling back Sjjlll J] S^c j : * lt.u-1 

call(ing) 5ljL. : f le.J£.l 

motion, LUj jl {$£Z. j .,«ao i.jLS' i i_JJ> : »1&a"..,.I 
application, petition, request 

to warm oneself I« , U w •li'r'.l 

to taper (off), ^1^1 jl <JjJ»JI jj£~. jL> :jj£-l 
acuminate, come to a point; to be or become 
tapering, pointed, pointy, acuminate, peaked, 
cuspidate(d), cuspate(d) 

to conclude, infer, deduce, U A^L,\ i —"■"*■■ I yl'iv'..! 
derive, educe, gather, reason out, figure out, draw 
a conclusion 

to ask to be shown, J*. 3 Jj 'u 1 t-Ji : J* 3-^~ 1 
inquire (about), seek guidance or information 

conclusion, inference, ^~" ■■* ■ —- 1 r .- r . .. I • ( _IM''"* f I 
deduction, derivation, eduction, gathering, figuring 
out, reasoning; argumentation 

deductive, inferential; evidential, ^»-L^ll : r_J "SllciL t 

to bleed lo <_>y • f < "... I 

to ask to come neaKer); to seek to bring ^Idl 


studio; atelier 

to seek the protection of, take Jj b«JI : j iSjsL 
refuge with or in 

to seek the shadow of, hide in j jUr'- 1 :_, (_jjj£-l 
the shadow of 



show the right way, seek guidance or information; 
to consult, ask for advice; to be guided (by) 
to conciliate, propitiate, appease, placate, i^ioj^ 
pacify; to seek to satisfy, try to please 

conciliation, propitiation, appeasement, »Li^ 

placation, pacification; seeking to satisfy, trying to 


conciliatory, propitiatory 

to swallow, gulp, bolt ji^ : $»JL* 

to attract (draw, arouse) atten- (tJJ oLi'il) i^JL* 
tion, engage and hold the attention, catch the eye, 
strike the sight or eyes 

to appeal for (ask for, seek) the help -> ofc-»\ '■ J&JL* 
or assistance of 

to beg; to solicit ,J fu' ..-\ : -a^j 



to eavesdrop, listen secretly (to) ( Jj) JZJ\ 6j^-\ 

to tap, a— ijlil ol jjU«il (J* o .>a,. ' , ' . ' . I li «^UI li^r^-l 


to glance furtively (at), look (Jj) ^JiJI J^l 

stealthily (at), steal a look (at), peep (at), peek (at), 

snoop (at) 

to enslave, enthrall, subjugate _u«_ I : J^-» ' 

enslavement, enthrallment, subjuga- jLuL.1 :tj\ijZ~i\ 

i -'' " ••:-• ••• i 

sterling ^JyL.1 

pound sterling, English pound ' l ^JJL.\ *~ipr 

to demand as a security or pledge ui j t_Ji> :jAjl-l 
pneumothorax [i_J»] lSj-^uo t-Ij^j i jjIoII -A$jL*\ 

estrogen ^^3^1.] 

to smell, sniff, scent, nose l»i. : rjjZ-\ 

to ask for more, request more x>J.\ *-Ai> : jlj^-l 

to find pleasant, find agreeable; to U3L oa»-j : ell. LJ 
enjoy, relish 

to accept, approve of ^Jl : i- 1 

petition, application, crtf" ' *^ tJ - ;: -'' : ^ J rr*' 


to ask for someone's mercy or com- i.«li«;!.,l : /^^^l 

passion; to implore, beseech, entreat, supplicate, 

beg, plead with, solicit, appeal to 

to relax; to loosen, slacken, sag; to languish, ^-jL*\ 

droop, flag 

relaxation; looseness, loosening, slackness, t [j-jZ*\ 

slackening, sag(ging); laxity; languor, lassitude 

to find or consider cheap or inexpensive ^ay-j^l 

to recover, regain, get back, jU^-I 4 «j» _^J : iJ^->\ 
retrieve, reacquire, redeem, recoup, recuperate, 
retake, recapture, take back; to recall, call back; to 

to extradite, obtain the extradition of U^=v j^I 

recovery, regaining, getting; jl«^- 1 it-U-^l :i\ijZ*\ 
back, retrieval, reacquirement, restitution, redemp- 
tion, recoupment, recuperation, retaking, recap- 
ture, taking back; recall(ing), calling back; with- 


to regard as low or vile or % ij j\ "iij o-ic : J ijZ-*\ 


to seek or gain one's livelihood iijJL*\ 

letting oneself go; abandon(ment), uncon- i» I jj ) 
straint, ease; indulgence (in); excess, excessiveness, 
immoderation, unrestraint 

elaboration, expatiation, enlarge- vW-! : t!l~ jt"\ 
ment, prolixity, long-windedness 

to be long and flowing, be lank, hang (^^0 S*j-—\ 
loose, hang (down) 

^ 'j'Jj ,£l» *A>\^ jUI jlit :(j) 3^^Ll 

to let oneself go, be <jjllJ 1 i»jil < i_JKjl 

uninhibited or unrestrained, slacken the reins, act 
naturally or without affectation, be at ease; to 
abandon oneself (to), give oneself up (to); to 
indulge (in), give way (to one's desires, etc.); to go 
too far (in), be excessive (in) 

to talk at great length L^Ll : £ll r ^SGl j 'S-'J~\ 
about, elaborate on, enlarge upon, expatiate on, 
dilate on, dwell on 
to ask to be rightly guided, ask (someone) to jii^^J 




grave, critical; to worsen, become worse 

intensification, buildup, increase; aggravation,*! 
exacerbation, seriousness, gravity 
Orientalism <jl 

to look up to, raise ol jJ <>j~a> %ij : i(J^\ <-*. 
one's glance to 

to rise (high), tower up; to be "Xt : i^\ <j^l 
or become high, lofty, elevated, exalted 

to Orientalize 

L5 j i 


j jj>i t»-lj-dljjl i ( _r»-l : -j ^>*-"> 
to look through t^J* J^U- ^ jJil : uLU 

to try to see 


to look attentively at, 

examine carefully 

to perceive, notice, recognize.dJjjl 4 Ja*-^ :i_«J 
realize, see, find out 

to gather, infer, conclude, deduce tLLU^.1 : <-i^ 

to seek a cure; to seek or receive medical 
treatment; to be hospitalized, treated, cured 

seeking of a cure; seeking or receiving of 

medical treatment; hospitalization; (course of) 

treatment, cure, therapy, medication 

('^0 '£±\ g.\j -'v$\ -Xjh\) '&L\ 
~z* »j>- i j - «»i i ji i 

to smell, sniff out, nose i-t. t 5T.:,..l 4 i .t. t . r . O : ^ 
out, sense the presence or existence of, detect, 
discover, find out, recognize, perceive, be or 
become aware of 
martyrdom lolil J_~. J o^. : i\ ^yJ 

J, j lLr Qil :(»JJ iiL jl (iij jl J^) jl^^f-l 

citation, quotation 

to cite, quote, invoke j£i i cr ~_^i 1 : -j 

J4-1 p-ij 
to martyrize, die as a martyr, be or I 


^K."JL"y W .r «88''? l ~. l «!S»!'-.-'SM-"«MB"." ' ' ■■.■«»:,■»«■ 

5 ' - 1 s ' «' I 

LSj— ' {J!-lj -J—"] 

concubinage jjj jU^I :jl^_L»l 

to ask for a drink 1 1 J* i_JLt 

to pray for rain, ^J»ll Jljij jil ^ i_Jd» 
ask God for rain 

dropsy, edema 


prayer for rain 

dropsical, edematous 


capitulation, condi- 
tional surrender 

unconditional surrender i>ji. ji ju» uj-V 


J'J.r^ (jA»JLl) f>Ll**l 

* }Lww*i 1 

submission, resignation, jLiJl 1^^ . ^ 
surrender; submissiveness, yielding, giving up, 
giving in 

1 jl 7iiil 
\. ^.' - v- 

* t - * . 
to surrender 

to capitulate, surrender 

to yield (to), submit (to) 

\\ Ml- III* 113* lj ~ (tf-t 


4 11^9- 


surrender (to), succumb (to), give up (to), give way 
(to), give in (to), resign oneself (to), abandon 
oneself (to) 

to deem easy, find facile 5li-> o^tl : Jt '"■"} 

to consult, ask or seek the advice ijy£\ i_Ji» : jli: 
or opinion of, counsel with, take counsel with 

consultation; counsel; advice o'jl 

(3jli*"i"' (3'j 

consultative, advisory 
advisory opinion 

to flame up with rage, flare up, fume, L~ii J»lizlJ 
steam, seethe, boil, rage, storm, burst with anger, 
lose one's temper, be or become inflamed or 
enraged or furious 

to intensify, grow, Jki^-I 4 JlUj 4 jJiUJ :iij^J 
build up, increase; to spread dangerously; to be or 
become aggravated, exacerbated, severe, serious, 



treat, pay for the food, drink, or entertainment of 

to deem weak 

to find delicious, good, pleasant, LJ. °Jk»- j : cjlkiJ 
agreeable; to like; to relish, savor, enjoy 

can; to be able (to), be capable (of), be in a £L 
position (to), have the power (to); to be or become 
possible for, feasible for; to afford (to), manage (to) 
ability, capability, capacity, power, faculty; itlkiJ 

JjUaJ ju>-Ij - JjUaJ :J* Jlk^J 

lengthening, extension, elongation, jl J-Z*t :i!Lki-l 


to seek medical advice, consult a physician 

seeking of medical advice; 
medical consultation 

indication(s) [i_J> ] (oU.. Jaj„ ..| r) i_jLLl.I 

digression jl^^k"-*} 

digressive, discursive, excursive lijl^^*--' 

to digress, pass from one topic to another; to ,s^k-J 

go on to say, proceed to say, continue (one's 


to consider (deem, regard as, Uj ^J» »ac : (J^^k-J 

find) original, rare, uncommon, novel, curious 

to create, invent, innovate, Cl»»lJ : i_»^LlJ 

originate, introduce, start 

to choose, select, pick (out), cull jtj^ : u»^Ll-J 
to taste Jlj : (xJa T . J 

exploration, scouting, reconnoi- ciliSJLJ : f 5U»LJ 
tering, reconnaissance, pathfinding; fact-finding, 
inquiry, investigation, research, study 

! ^U:, ' . ' . ■",. ■■ ' -— - " 

~ — i 

become a martyr, be martyred 

lighting, illumination 


to light a lamp; to illumi- jU»l i U-L-a* ji_>l :w;, 

to take along, escort, accompany, go (along) i . >n(i' . '„ .l 

with, attend; to take as a companion 

to sue out, apply for and receive from a court j LnVm l 

(a writ, etc.); to obtain, get, procure, bring about (a 

judgment, verdict, sentence, decision, ruling, 

order, etc.) 

to cry for help, call for help, appeal d.1 

for help 

to find difficult, consider hard Uw» o jk»- j : > . . «/i7 

; ~^ , n . ..< I 

to deem small or little 

to belittle, make little of,_ 

slight, make light of; to underestimate, undervalue, 

underrate; to despise, scorn, misprize 

to deem sincere or honest Li«o oj* : 

to ask (someone's) jijiL. 1 i jiilaJI t_JJ» : ^n/tTm l 
forgiveness, ask (someone's) pardon, apologize (to) 

reclamation (of land) (,-iljVl) r-5LaiJ 

to reclaim (land) (Cbjl) jtLalJ 

to deem good, suitable, proper, IklLo oac : »JUal«.l 
fitting, useful 

approval, sanction(ing), consent, assent, <. 
favorable judgment or view 

to regard as right or Jc Jj l_> i L l>*> el j : 
correct; to approve (of), sanction, consent to, 
assent to 

to seek (obtain, get, receive) light from, be -j (LO. 
lit or illuminated by; to seek (obtain, get, gain) 
enlightenment or insight by (in, through, with, 
from), be enlightened or guided by 
to entertain, host, guest, have as a guest, uLal* j 
receive as a guest, receive socially, serve as host to, 
give hospitality to; to lodge, put up, accommo- 
date, quarter, house, room, provide lodgings for; to 



- * h'- -- 1 ' 

im->«aa: r :.»■«:. as^:.::-: ir-aeiaM .a— 


to recover, regain, retrieve, VpLl i «>->i.l : jIjuLj 
reacquire, get back, redeem, recoup, recuperate, 
retake, take back, recapture; to recall, call back 
to recall, recollect, remem- ^,nvl-l ( 'J>J£ : jdll 
ber, revive, call to mind, bethink, summon up, 
recover knowledge of 

to ask (someone) to j\ ^SCiJI jl S^tt^l i_Ji : jllll I 

to rejuvenate 


to regain consciousness, come to, 4~*j j1»:.«I 


recovery, regaining, jlj^l is-U-^ill :<ol<uLil 

retrieval, reacquirement, getting back, restitution, 

redemption, recoupment, recuperation, retaking, 

taking back, recapture; recall(ing), calling back 

t " - - . 
recollection, recall, remembrance _p Ju : S jLi» I 

toborrow ^'^il : jljuLl 


metaphor [ij] SjUlLl 

metaphorical, figurative [ <ii ] (ijLiul 1 

to replace (by or with), displace (by), (j .Us) ^Hull 
substitute (by, for), exchange (with, for) 
replacement, displacement, substitution, <j,U£j 

to ask for (call for, appeal for, seek) the help _. uLiuliI 
(aid, assistance, support) of; to turn to for help; to 
get help from; to resort to, have recourse to; to 
use, make use of 

seeking of help from, asking for the assis- j i; \ji* I 
tance of, turning to for help or aid; resorting to, 
recourse to; making use of, using, use, utilization 

enslavement, enthrallment, subjuga- Jli^iLl : ■> ! . 'n"'„ I 

-s >> -_ -s » 

to enslave, enthrall, subjugate *6j^- 1 : 

aJa£ v>-Ij — [ (Uaj J J I.-nj. '.'... I 

aiMtaaiaiMu, r^iig;. j^ 


reportage, report (^w) 0^~- ' 

consulta- SjlizJ :(i^»- jl ^^aa^i. <iQ f^U»~- 1 
tion; counsel; advice 

poll, survey, ^Lkll ^j^^li-l <iQ c-^Ua^l.] 

canvass(ing), questioning, soundings), question- 

public opinion surveys, *UI <iQl oltlkjl 
public opinion polls 

curiosity, inquisitiveness e-bUai-'ill i_-»- 

out of curiosity s-^LkL.'il j Ci- 

exploratory , explorational, explorative, J-c 5U»£» I 
pathfinding, reconnaissance, scout; fact-finding, 
research, study 

to explore, scout, recon- ^iV"'- 1 t '• '•, <~',~ I : .1 V:'., | 
noiter; to seek to discover, try to find out (about); 
to inquire into or about, investigate, search into; to 
spot, detect, discover, find out, unearth, uncover 

to consult, seek or 4jIj i»-l cojliill :<ul j 4jJlL£.I 
ask the opinion or advice of 
to poll, canvass or ,»l:;:-l • ^,11 ^\j .1 L- .1 
question in a poll; to survey 

to purge; to have a bowel movement 4-lL j* !*'■'- I 

■■ ■ ■ *•"■■■' 

, > , ■ •*• 
to panic, fear, dread; to be or become jc.)> 'j;. *•"■■■ I 

terrified, frightened, horrified, scared, alarmed, 


to find or deem witty, Uj^Ji (ooc jl) oo»-j :L»jJii«l 
humorous, amusing; to find or deem nice, cute, 
charming, elegant 

to sit in (hide in, seek) the shadow of, be _, "J^LL„\ 
shaded by, shade oneself with or under; to seek 
shelter or refuge in or with, take refuge in or with; 
to seek (or be under) the protection or patronage 

memorization, memorizing, learning »Li»- • jf lj^"'-l 
by heart, conning 

to memorize, learn by i_Ji J^> ^t Jai^- • J jU"'.,l 
heart, commit to memory, con; to know by heart 
to seek (ask for, call for, appeal JQl* I : _. j/k'*- 1 
for) the help (assistance, aid, support) of; to turn to 
for help; to get help from 

to overcome, overpower, get the <_Jlt : ^c ji^ : *- 1 
better of, defeat 



-'. lesf ..«■"•. 

to defy, oppose, resist; to be recalcitrant, 
refractory, insubordinate; to be difficult, hard, 
intricate; to be incurable, irremediable, remediless 

I », n7f .l ju»lj — p , rv"n J 

to snuff, sniff iu^il 

to beg, ask for alms or charity; to solicit L.r...l 

begging, beggary, mendicity, mendicancy t l.k« 

entreaty, supplication, imploring; (.U-^^.1 :(JU»iu«il 

conciliation, propitiation *U>^J :iil h » r„ .,l 

conciliatory, propitiatory (Jl^^j :,JU»aI«iI 

to ask for someone's sympathy or ~»- _£-* I : < a 
compassion; to implore, entreat, beseech, beg, sup- 
plicate, plead with, appeal to, solicit 

to conciliate, propitiate, appease, ( jj> J ^.\ :'«.«li«v,,. I 
win over 

to regard as great, tremendous, l«.h& ale. : ph«V.J 
grand, magnificent, etc. 

J9UU XP?\ J — j~>~t '. ,, h « ' . ' i« I 

to ask (someone's) pardon, ask ?u*aZ»l : ^iiCi-i] 

(someone's) forgiveness, apologize (to) 

to resign, demit, tender one's OliL. I : ,j^^ \ 


request for pardon; apology tuIJI i_Ji> : «Luu<J 
resignation illiiLl : t U«v,..l 

superiority; transcendence 

superiority complex «^L. , ill {<~J$ j* jl) »^ic 

inquiry; asking 



to inquire (about), ask (about); to seek or (jc) 
gather information (about) 

colonialism, imperialism; colonization, colo- j)ju*i\ 


neocolonialism jja»- j\f~*\ 

colonial, colonialist(ic), imperialist(ic) t£j]^u*i\ 


aj's: as 

; ,.i\: \ ..i,i 


ct'j - ^ 

(<JU.) pkii} p-lj -(<uU) 

to get ready, prepare oneself, ready oneself, 
make (one's) preparations, gird oneself (for action), 
gird (up) one's loins, prepare (oneself) for action; 
to stand by, stand prepared, keep in readiness; to 
be ready, be prepared 

to appeal for (ask for, seek) the _> o Vi_zl- 1 : i£jju~i I 
assistance or help or support of 

readiness, preparedness; willingness; tenden- jIjju-J 
cy, inclination, disposition, propensity; predisposi- 
tion, susceptibility, aptitude 

preparations, arrangements, plans, o I j I j!£- I 

measures, steps 

'«'■'. i.,» ««■ I j — J l JjlJL. \ (J* 

preparatory "iS jI jju* I 

to find sweet, pleasant, delightful Uic oo»-j :i_/jju-J 

jj^cl >L»- I j — J JJU»i I 

to glow, blaze, burn , flame, flare jj* r *- ' ' -^ ' : j*"' r ' 

jU-^J (JJ iirr^i jy*~£ <-*\jau\ :<-JljJU«»l 4*ljju*<l 

exhibitionism »j>«JI 

review; survey, examination, tiJJ i ,>>^e. : yilyul.1 
consideration; discussion, study(ing), treatment, 
dealing with, taking up 

parade; review a^J-I ^iljjLL.1 ni^SCLc i _ J ^l J -" l I 

show; specta- aJJ ,«iL~.^. i ^-j^j, i ,«j ,_,« 1^*^.1 

cle; revue; musical; musicale 

show-; spectacular; revue-; musical ^—ilyu-d 

to be or become an Arabist L> _, «:...>. j U> : LjjjiL* I 

to review; to survey, exam- iIm i (J) ^b^i : yiyuld 
ine, consider, explore; to discuss, study, treat, deal 
with, take up 

to review; to parade jj2-\ u a J *^.\ 

to browse »JJ ^llJ i^j^l JUI ^b]^£Ll 

to find difficult, hard, tough 

^-*> p-o ■ 


4j jlfjCuil 


to ask (someone's) j\jiJj\ c_JLL» im^i.1 :j a * " .. J 

pardon, ask (someone's) forgiveness, apologize (to) 

-. > •-. « 
I ask God's forgiveness -till jj^- 1 

to exploit, utilize, use, j.*...l i^ jlii-l : J*!*] 

make (selfish) use of, tap, trade on, capitalize on, 
take advantage of, turn to account, turn to 
advantage, profit by or from, avail oneself of; to 
impose on, take unwarranted advantage of, use 
unfairly for one's own benefit; to profiteer from 

to invest rJJ ^IL. oLbj : J*i-I 

to reap, earn, get, gain, win iiiJI j»-l i yjf : J*i-I 

to find expensive, high-priced, UU »-k»-j : j^iju-il 

exploitation, utilization, jlftf-| ' <j* ojlii.1 : J>ju«J 
(selfish) use, tapping, trading on, capitalizing on, 
taking advantage of, turning to account or to 
advantage, profiting by or from; imposing on, 
taking unwarranted advantage of; profiteering 
investment rJJ Jlil oLJi^ :JbLi~.} 

exploitative; exploiter, utilizer; profiteer (JiUiJ 

to find thick, coarse, rough, Ui .l f . »jjt j 

harsh, crude, gross, etc. 



JiU :i»U:...l 

to be obscure, vague, J£il 'ltt^! : (^«^') l^*^! 
equivocal, ambiguous, dubious; to be abstruse, re- 
condite, incomprehensible, unfathomable, impene- 
trable, hard, difficult, complex, complicated 
to be tongue-tied, speechless, f$$S\ 4-U- J^— \ 
unable to speak, struck dumb, dumbstruck, dumb- 
founded; words failed him 
blindman's buff (iyJ) Vl«*r'! 

to dispense with, do ^ <yi j ijl^ '-Cr*- u ' -«- "» <) 

without, manage without, do away with, get along 
without, spare, not to need, be in no need of 

to be or become satis- j yS> : _j J^ I i _j tr ^i- 1 
tied with, content with; to manage with, do with, 
get by with 

is-^l CT '->~if~* 



£>-lj -<Ut ^^^ 

colonialism; imperialism ijjljjiu-ij 

use, using, usage, employment, utilization, Jlj**- 1 ! 

application, making use of; exercise; handling, 


in use, (being) used, (being) i]\^L^i\ (xj jl) qm j 


to colonize, settle (in) j """ 1 . 

to use, employ, utilize, apply, make use of, Jj* T . m 

put to use, put into service, avail oneself of; to 

exercise, put into action; to handle, manipulate, 

manage, operate, run 

to exact a written pledge or commitment from, . 1 4* 7 ■ « 

have someone sign a contract (agreement, etc.) 

to call for (appeal for, ask for, seek) the help j oUiw 

or aid of 

call for help, appeal for aid 

to consider (or find) stu- L-i U-^J y) °- u - 
pid, foolish, dumb, dull, idiotic 

to come unexpectedly upon, sur- Iji. (J* otl : 
prise, take by surprise, take unawares, take aback 

wondeKment), surprise, astonishment, i_>' 


engrossment, absorption, preoccupation J 

to find strange, odd, queer, unusual; to be or 
become amazed, astonished, wonder-struck, sur- 

to engross, absorb, engage whol- J* i>*^-l ; i)jiu~> 
ly, preoccupy, occupy wholly, fill completely, take 
up, take one's entire attention; to overcome, over- 
whelm, overpower, take hold of 

to sink into; to be or S^j\ 1 Ji-Ul :_> jl j ii>^-i 
become immersed in, engrossed in, absorbed in, 
wholly engaged in, lost in, preoccupied with, 
taken up with 
to take, last (a certain time) (L. U» j) i3>^-| 

to sink into sleep, sleep deeply, be f>JI j J>^-| 
sound asleep 

to spread dangerously, reach alarming proportions; 
to be or become massive, rampant, progressive; to 
intensify, build up, grow, increase 

to And excellent, superior, exqui- l^-li oo>-j 'j -■»'■' nr 1 
site, superb 

to regard as gross, flagrant, glar- U- jli <>a>- j : y.uL"L. I 
ing; to consider grave, serious, heavy, oppressive, 
burdensome; to find exorbitant, excessive, enor- 

yjaj ; c l ^jV . n i 

vomiting, vomit, puking, puke, dis- 

to vomit, puke, disgorge, spew, throw upuu "f^ii"'- 1 

to provoke; to excite, rouse, arouse, stir up, 3*-""' 
work up, whip (up); to incite, instigate; to irritate, 
inflame, pique, rile, put out, aggravate, incense 

provocation, excitement, excitation, rousing, jlj^u-il 
arousal, stirring up, working up, whipping (up); 
incitement, instigation; irritation, piquing 

provocative, provoking, rousing, stirring, 1sj\'jiLi\ 
instigative, instigatory, inciting 

inquiry; question; asking >^LLl.I <. .l|«:*..l ^1 »"'.l 

to ask for an explanation (of), inquire (,jx.) j »" -I 
(about), ask (about) 

to find horrible, horrid, terrible, abominable, • ^ - 1 
atrocious, outrageous, flagrant 

rJLi I <l»-Ij - yjji.'..,. I 

» >■ r .■> 1 t jlui j Tin I ' r fl ' 

♦ l^iTi.l i»jtc 

inquiry; question; asking 


interrogative particle 

question mark 

interrogative, interrogatory ,_«\. 

to inquire (of someone about some- djt. <u« ) ij«" - 1 

thing), ask (someone about something) 

to ask for a drink aj^ L <_J1> • '"'- 1 

to draw from, derive J* Jla»- i * , "'- 1 : ^. Jp~- 1 

from, borrow from, take from, get from, obtain 


to resign, demit, tender one's resigna- JjlV- l - Til ;•-'.. I 




*'>*J '(3>cl jjt'j 

jlit c _, 

» «>- I j — < , a v ■ ■» ' 


to conclude, deduce, infer, gather, W: :,:*„ I : jlilL I 
figure out, draw a conclusion; to make out, find 
out, discover 

to be elaborate, detailed, S -* - 1-|'-- 0^ : -.^U" ^ 
lengthy, prolix, long-winded, verbose, exhaustive, 
thorough, extensive 

to spread, circulate, get about i L i ^li I : 'ja\^L. I 

-'' -*' , — . 

to abound, superabound, to be jji. i ^£ : Jo^z-. \ 

or become (super)abundant, plentiful, copious 

l/kl «jflj — ejljj 

<J»lil iu^Ij —i_j 1^1,1 :<,oli; 


, ~* 


• I «-l 


• d i*U' nf^ ' (jilfl", lf 1 

to ask for (seek, request) a <5>iljl Lii : 

(formal) legal opinion; to ask for (seek, request) an 
advisory opinion; to consult, ask or seek the 
opinion of, counsel with, take counsel with 
to poll, canvass or j^J-l ^Ij .1 !»:.., I :j;i.: M \ 
question in a poll; to hold a referendum or 
plebiscite; to appeal to the people 

t^. fLilJ i(jJJ t >~j-UI i j^U-l H..1.MI) f lrir'..l 
referendum, plebiscite; poll, canvass(ing); ques- 

request for a (formal) legal <j,y£l I iLii : , l:y'.. I 
opinion; request for an advisory opinion; consul- 
tation, consulting 

beginning, start, commencement, open- »1J : j- 
ing, introduction 

to begin, start, commence, open, intro- 
duce, initiate, institute, launch, mount 

to seek the assistance of God, Mj j'-i ■ "',■ I 
implore God for victory 

seriousness, gravity; aggravation, exacerba 

tion; intensification, buildup, increase 

to be or become serious, grave, XJL, I ( J lli : J'-("' ■ 

critical, drastic, severe, intense, extreme, excessive, 

aggravated, exacerbated; to worsen, become worse; 

Ij • y i"A" . n <l 
f.^*ni"nf I 



;,. „,., w ■■ T -i-; ! y. ... 

to be or become well-established, firmlyc*J 
established, settled, firm, fixed, steady, stable, solid, 
enduring, durable, lasting, unshakable; to be or 
become stationary, immobile 
to stabilize; to be or become stable, r_.—'„ | : * g ■:'.. \ 
stabilized, settled, steady, constant, regular, nor- 
mal, orderly, in good order, smooth, quiet, peace- 

JS" £r'j -J* ii'y 
'*'- • i "V '-'■ 

jj* p-'j 

* i ^^ i 

to ask to read or recite I^JLi u' 4-JJ v^ 

to investigate, examine, study, »-i i y^s.i. : 
scrutinize, survey, explore, search into, inquire 
into; to follow up, follow, pursue 

to gen-4iliii» J-v»liJ ijA Ulc 

T" t >^bu« 1 . I ■ fl ■ 1 1. 1 

eralize, derive a general principle from particulars 


J' r L 


investigation, examination, 


study(ing), scrutiny, exploration; follow-up, fol- 

1^1 iLjjl 


the inductive method Z. 

stability, stabilization, constancy, i-m...,..! 'j'jir .>' 
regularity, steadiness, normalcy, orderliness), 
calm(ness), peace 

firmness, fixedness, stability, steadi- olli : jl 
ness, solidity, durability 

settling, settlement; residing, remain-i^UI : j\ 
ing, staying; sedentariness, settledness 

to find near, regard as near C ji »jx : ._.jii"„fl 

to ask for a loan Cbyi t_.lj» : ^rji"',,, I 

to come to a head, ripen, mature, (J^jJI) 6jJull 


to examine, investigate, inspect, study, r"~- 1 

scrutinize, survey, explore, inquire into, go to the 
root of, delve into, search out; to inquire about, 
make inquiries about 

examination, investigation, exploration, «Laiu«ij 

study, survey, search, research, inquiry, fact-find- 

Il lj<"... l 

resignation, demission 

to straighten up, draw oneself up, sit up, sit » 
straight; to stand erect, stand urXright), rise; to be 
or become straight, erect, upright; to be or become 
right, correct, proper; to be or become straight- 
forward, upright, honest, righteous 

straightness, directness; uprightness, straight- <£-l 
forwardness, rectitude, honesty, integrity, probity, 
sincerity, justness, righteousness, virtuousness; 
orthodoxy; Tightness, correctness, soundness 

reception; receiving; meeting, J';V-I /'V- • ( _ll.i:r*..l 
going to meet; taking, taking in; turning one's face 
to; facing, confrontation 



receiver, receiving set 


(J. a T... • 1 1) ■ ii 7nii« * i}> v ■ 1 

[du] jlL-i 

el 1 .. ii r .,.. I j\+>- 

ill, ii '■'... 1 <JUL>- 
Jl; 57,11 I (itli jl) Hj£. 

reception room, drawing 
room, parlor 

to find ugly, repulsive, repugnant; to find ~ : n " 'j 

ignominious, infamous, shameful; to dislike, disap- 
prove of, denounce, condemn 

to receive; to meet, go to meet, come to J? "i : J"^ '■ I 

to receive, take, take in j»-l i ^j&j : Jjil-I 

to receive [»JJ >olj] ,l»57ll ijliilt 

to turn one's face to; to a^-Ij ( ^jj^-I jJ» : Jlil-I 
face, confront, meet 

to be desperate (to), strive desperately (for), J « '■ I 
make desperate efforts (to); to defy death, risk or 
stake one's life, fight desperately 

to ask God for rJJ ojoill jl S^ill 4Sl JL : jj 
strength, ability, etc. 

to send for, call for, call in, j.a.i.7,,,1 1 ^ 
call, summon, demand, ask to come 

to bring, bring along, jJIU i_Jj>- 1 
bring forward, carry with oneself 

to find dirty, deem unclean, regard 
as filthy 

to settle (down) at, establish oneself 

at, be or become settled at; to reside at, remain at, 

stay at 

: r 

Ijji tic '.j 
(ufc j) 




submission, submissiveness, resignation, Sjl£l«.l 

yielding, surrender 

to regard as great, consider great IjO ojx- : j.|^>-V..» } 

j-S*i &) j — j-S*j : j .. Vr ,..! 

dictation >!5Ul :<_ill£i-il 


t— »'■'>■'■' mil (J^x Il-jUIx-L-1 

to dictate (to) <Jx. ^L. 

to make write; to ask to write i_-i£L> <lU»- : 

to take as a clerk, etc. 

to ask someone to keep a secret; to (^_JI a_) ^.v.J 
confide a secret to 

to regard as (too) much or (too) \jCS <>j^z-\ :J£l*\ 
many, deem excessive or exorbitant 

to demand much, ask for a lot^L^Jl i_JU» : j!$Il*\ 

to have an aversion to or for, feel disgust aj* : aj&*»\ 
for, detest, loathe, hate 

reconnaissance, recohnoitering, scouting, <_»liSJi«/l 
exploration, pathfinding; investigation, inquiry, 
fact-finding; discovery, finding out 

reconnaissance, scout, exploratory, explo- .JliSJiJ 
rational, explorative, pathfinding 

to seek to discover, try to find out (about); uii£i«/j 
to explore, scout, reconnoiter; to investigate, 
search into, inquire into; to spot, detect, discover, 
find out, unearth 

to beg 

to shade one's eyes with 
the hand 

to surround, encircle 

fjha '■'■■' I '. < m S\ "nil 

»jlj 4 i ; , r. (JJJi : oi x r.- 1 

- * s ' '• 

j J»l»-I : i_«.v,.r, ,. I 

i_Jo >j-Ij — i_ JX'i'iiil 

Jl^i ^ij- J|«££J 

to satisfy, fulfill, meet (condi- ^JJ J»_)^i)l J*£l-I 
tions, requirements, etc.); to be perfect 

to submit (to), yield (to), ( J) 'd&L\ ■ (-0 0^-} 

surrender (to), succumb (to); to humble oneself (to, 


to be hidden, concealed; to hide s-~"\ '■ l£*""! 

[ «l>jO j ' 'I k»"-l 

ing; questionnaire 

to find short, regard as short 

to claim, demand 


attraction, attracting, w- 1 1 

magnetization, magnetizing, drawing; gathering, 
rally(ing), mustering, banding, bringing together 

polarity Zu 1 1**"- 1 

distillation, distilling jl U»-.A 

to polarize [ t Ljj J i .ka'V.J 

to draw, attract, magnetize; *_*»- i i_j i»- : <_,l»ii'.',.. I 
to gather, rally, muster, band, bring together 

to distill, extract y^^^. TLJ*~"\ : jknTnil 

to request as a fief (~JJ U>jl) - L '" - 1 

«Ja*3 I k>-Ij — T j^ ' , ^n> < *— >- : ■ laJiVm ' 

basophilism [ «L>-l] jUluwl 

to find (consider, regard as) little, }L)ji oj* : Ja^' 
small, few, inconsiderable, insignificant, scanty, 
sparse, slight, meager 

to belittle, disparage, slight, make j Lum£.I : Jjl£~\ 
light of, make little of; to underestimate, jnder- 
value, underrate; to disesteem, despise, scorn 

to be or become aJ^JU^I JU i!x2lL. jU> : JiL^.1 

independent, gain one's indeoendence 

to possess alone, appro- _; ^L*l ( _j j^iJ :_; JjL^.1 


to board, embark jyU <jl»i»l < i^j : i>*~- ' 
(on), go on board, go aboard, get aboard, get in; to 
ride, mount; to take, go by, travel by (in, on) 

metabolism [ «Lt-IJ ^1 :i_i^luul 

metabolic [ *L»-I J ^j5llu-il 

independence; autonomy o^ulil (J^uul 

i5_jju »»■ I j — (3jfl''.ni ' 

to submit (to), surrender (to), yield (to), (J) ulSw»l 
give in (to), succumb (to); to humble oneself (to, 



;"?'." r t .8gi.M"."Ji" , .* l HEt..."*"" l ""^b ^te 

listening, hearing, audience, audition p'^r"! 

to attract, draw, win (over), h-j^t :JUll»l 

enlist, bring over, conciliate 



^- : *" a " ■• 1 

attraction, drawing, winning iSx*iL.[ i i. 
(over), enlistment, bringing over, conciliation 

«JLaJ )U«- I J — £ \ * . * " i n I 

_j ji » ' » i jt»-lj — -j V i ' a ' i 'n i I 

to take from, get from, obtain from, ,jii- 1 : ^ " ' 
derive from, draw from, borrow from 

to ask someone for help tl>yu> i_JJ» : u>j ju 

to continue, last, go on, persist, subsist, endure; 
to continue to do, keep doing, keep on doing, go 
on doing, persist in, persevere in, stick to 

to savor, relish, enjoy, find wholesome and I *»l-il 

continuation, continuance, Cjlj^i-J <j 

continuity, duration, endurance, persistence, 
subsistence, permanence 

continually, continuously, persistently, jlj^.1 
constantly, incessantly, unceasingly, without inter- 
ruption, uninterruptedly, nonstop, unremittingly 

consultation; counsel ( liljJl) rlj*^J 

to consult, seek or ask the opinion or (<jlj «_) r/*^-' 
advice of 

-J ^L«J %3?\j— -1 CX-4J '. ^t < 1 »" ill I 

,jc. <2L*«I vf'j "tj* a-"~«I ' i>* "-*j -i>* c J l m. «.'... I 

to pray for rain, ask God j]»il <j)Cu *JL : iiil 

for rain 

>*>*** — x* * * * 
to ask someone *ijj*^ 4~U> : <U* jl U}1» 

a favor 

to invoke upon, call down upon <Jlc \jS j U'.:'.. I 

to listen to, hearken to, give or,^^! :(J jl JJ) j;*^-' 
lend one's ear to, pay attention to 

to eavesdrop, listen secretly (to) ( Jj) ill»- «-kL-l 

Cr? C^ J £=r'j ~<>? cA-**-"! 

Jl— <L»-lj-Ulii '■<—*■ J*i«l 

appropriation, taking possession; seizure dJ^LlJ 

:■■■' ...;«■■.-'.■" "^-r 


eminent domain 

' r ui 0LLh\ 

(oneselD, conceal oneself 

to nestle, r I j^-l ' o^-" ' *^*^ l-lff" ^ ^ : 1^^- ' 
cuddle, snuggle, snug, ensconce, curl up cozily, 
settle snugly, lie comfortably; to calm down, 
repose, rest 

to unsheathe, draw, pull out T-»*"' ' ■C 3 !" '-o^^ 

taking in advance; borrow- iiljull i u ±\ J X\ :ci5LL,l 
ing, raising of a loan 

advance, loan <jo ji i ijJL : iJ^LL. I 

to deserve blame, be blameworthy ^L I ji^ll : f ^-»l 

receipt, reception, receiving; taking; collecting, * 5L1.I 
collection; taking over, assumption 

to acknowledge receipt ^^Li.^1 (jUI jl) jli I 

Cifcii." K3?\ J ~ 'jl*\ I (Jjj-* t C*4> • '■ « 'lillM 

Jdl «j-Ij - Jii-,1 

to require, need, call JJ T-bi- 1 i t_Ji»J i (^^j I : f j^-} 
for, demand, take, want, be in need of 

to entail, necessitate, (tJJ 4.>., ::.<!) «,.;• •.',.. I :^>L^-I 
involve, imply 

to like, find pleasant (nice, Li-kJ o jj>- j : <.iMv.J 

charming, sweet, pretty) 

to take in advance; to bor- 6 1 -^- 1 ' u^^ I : i-alVml 
row, contract (raise, take up) a loan, incur debts 

'>J| LvU j=(-ij-'>Ji cikLj 

to lie down, lie; to recline, lie back (jiL-il 

lying (down), recumbency tUJu-J 

(XJ j»-Ij - ^l 

to ask (or pray) for inspiration ^ Iv .i n l 

to defy death, stake or risk one's life, fight oLlliI 

desperately; to be desperate (to), strive desperately 

(for), make desperate efforts (to) 

death defiance; desperate struggle; desperate i7 1 


to request, ask (someone a favor) 

to apologize (for); to I jit A»-LlLl i^ t-CL.1 
beg someone's pardon, ask someone's forgiveness 
form, application form, application 

^ . . 

deductive, inferential 

to culture, grow (bacteria, microorganisms, 
etc. in a prepared medium) 
to invent, create, devise, contrive, ex- £jj 
cogitate, design 

to derive, extract, draw (out), 
take; to educe 

T" y, \ i .M I I '. 

to deduce, educe, 
conclude, infer 

e — •. 


Ja~i %^-\j—jLA\ _)l (\i.\ ,)■». .'7, ,il 

conclusion, inference, deduction, derivation, r 
eduction, gathering, figuring out, reasoning 

deductive, inferential ,«*■ 

to conclude, infer, deduce, derive, educe, 2****" 
gather, figure out, reason out, draw a conclusion 

to sniff, snuff (water, etc.) (ajJ L) JLl-i 

Iki ^-Ij-yaU- ipll :(^) 

seeking of help from, asking _» iill7_l : (_.) jl 
for the assistance of, turning to for help or aid 
resorting to, recourse to 

to choose, select, pick out jLi- 1 : ujy 

to appeal for (call for, ask for, 'o\jiL \ :(->) 

to ask for fulfillment 

to seek, look for, search for 

seek) the help or aid of; to turn to for help or aid; 
to get help or aid from; to resort to, have recourse 

>J>I Lii :>J£. 

i_JJ» : oil Tin 

to lean on, recline on, rest on; to be based Jj Jul* 
on, founded on; to base on, found on; to use (as a 
basis or authority), invoke, resort to; to rely on, 
depend on, count on, draw upon; to trust, have 
confidence in 

exhaustion, exhausting, consumption, con- cjljl^j 
suming, using up, depletion, depleting, drain(age), 
draining, bleeding, attrition 

exsanguination »jjl olj^Ll 

war of attrition i_ilj^£.l <~>'j>- 

deduction, subtraction, discount <L^- <. r-^i : Jljli-I 

to exhaust, consume, use up, deplete, drain, 
draw (off), bleed 

to exsanguinate 

,jJI <J ■ 

to find beautiful, pretty, nice, pleasant jUlll 

to appropriate, take possession of; to take i'IIVt.,,! 
private property for public use (said of a govern- 
ment); to take over, seize, capture; to expropriate 

to masturbate 

masturbation, onanism 

to ask for a delay or respite; to ask to wait Ji*ll>l 

to clean one's teeth (ajL1|)^1)I 

to follow, pursue, take (up), adopt; to i^_j ' { yL\ 
observe, comply with, abide by 

c_jL> 1 vr-lj - {Joy 1 JS'j IljuLwI 

writ, order, request (for legal (iliUajl) ijUlll 





y i. iJ tajy\j \K\. 

to kneel down 

leaning on, reclining on, resting on; being J J jU£L 
based or founded on; basing on, founding on; use 
(as a basis or authority), invoking, resorting to; 
reliance on, dependence on, counting on, drawing 
upon; trust(ing), having confidence in 
on the basis of, based on, on the J jl Jl I j>Lt1 I 
ground(s) of, on the strength of, on the authority 
of, by virtue of, in the light of, depending on, 
pursuant to, under, in conformity with 

to be lighted, lit, illuminated s^l : o\i£i\ jLll 

to obtain (get, receive, ^ ejy ,u,7... I : _, jLt-J 
seek) light from, be lit or illuminated by 

to seek (obtain, get, \?-3j j' & ^ <> j^" I 

receive) enlightenment or insight from (by, in, 
through, with), be enlightened or guided by 

illumination, enlightenment SjLlL 

J J fli *3 r \j—\j\A>\ : Jj »Lid 

to ask for or seek news or ,JUil. I 1 j ..■h7,'.. 
information; to inquire (about), ask (about) 
culture, cultivation (of living material) 
invention, devisal, excogitation j\&>\ :J»L~»» 

derivation, extraction, drawing r\j^^ I : J»Lu~.l 
out; eduction 

deduction, eduction, conclusion, J^fjJL-l : J»Luu»l 

K..-J,.:. .;■■,'■ .:;:■-. .- ..1. :'.:Hi,..-a.}.7r^> 

to call upon (someone) to jjJJl iluliJ glc: : j j..,7... I 
fight (against), call out (someone) to go to war 

*iZjl *j* 1 j — *&»*»* I 

to find decreased, deficient, im- Lait oJ^rj : 
perfect, incomplete 

to ask for a reduction of the price (j+^ •*-»«■ 

to stagnate, become stagnant, become impure ftji;.V„J 
and foul by stagnation 

condemnation, denunciation, de- L-*i :^l$J^>l 
nouncement, censure, disapproval, deprecation 

abstention (from), refrainment (^ /\ ^^c) LJlSLii-l 
(from); refusal, rejection; disdain; pride 

to condemn, denounce, censure, de- v^v- :jyJ^~>\ 
cry, disapprove of, deprecate 

to disdain, scorn, 

t~*I 'O' 

'■Cr?r a* 


spurn; to decline, refuse, reject; to abstain from, 

refrain from 

to be or become haughty, proud JSl : <_«Slu-.l 

4jl^* {££. r«4-» a>*1j — ^Ju-*-* yi^'"" 1 

to awaken, arouse, >L»- i ii!^»- ijtili Jai. I : u ^j-" ■■ 
stir up, raise, rouse, stimulate, motivate, actuate, 
incite, instigate, induce, prompt, prod, goad, spur, 
egg on 
wet dream 

to have a wet dream 

-Li- 1 :pyZ*,\ 

}l5U oj-itl : JI4i.1l 

to consider terrible, horrible, 

to make little of, make Jis*- I i j >-», ■» . : ,- 1 : j o 
light of, slight; to underestimate, undervalue, un- 
derrate; to despise, scorn, disdain 

to consider easy S * • " ••[ '■ ->. oW^i 

not to be sneezed at; important, signifi- <> uV->> » 
cant, weighty; great, big, large; considerable, enor- 

slightGng), making light of, iJlij»i«.l :{_») iil^i 
making little of; underestimation, underrating; dis- 
dain, scorn, despisement 


to call down, invoke (curses, ( J* »JJ oLIUI) J 
imprecations, etc. on) 

to ask someone to relinquish or forgo ^ aJ 

to deduct, subtract, discount ~-*- i -r'^> : J 

discretion jU-«=rt ' ji-^> '■*• 

approval, sanction(ing) i_ilj. fl :,„l : 

discretionary, discretional 1-> 

to deem or find . ,j.^.r...l , 1* ..I-. . i TJ ■, . :•■' 

suitable, fit, appropriate, proper, adequate, apt; to 
approve (of), sanction 

to act atojLl»-l ij^j ojjjjlJ U»j <_»j-aj : i_.,.,.t..1 
one's discretion 

to trace back the ancestry of 4-_J ~j$i\<. 


to search for, seek (news, 
information, etc.) 

to smell; to inhale 

*'- "I*"-' 

j— j ^r ij -j i 

to consult, seek or ask the advice of --*"■•■■ 

to ask for (seek, call for) the help (aid, ( S) ^e^L, 
assistance, support) of; to turn to for help 

to demand or seek justice <_>LoJ *i I i_JLt 

interrogation, examination, ques- i^I^j*-— I 
tioning, hearing, inquiry, inquest 

to interrogate, examine, question, v>=v- 

■ ij"'>' «j»- 1 j — j&L) 1 ' j U • •• . .. 

to request a delay or respite ili* i_JLt : jJ».: : ..J 

exhaustion, (complete) consumption, using jliU- 
up, depletion 

alert, alertness; alerting, putting on the alert; 

to exhaust, consume, use up, deplete, drain 

to do one's best or utmost, make every <«- j jjuL. 
efTort, spare no efTort, leave no stone unturned 

to alert, put on the alert; to mobilize i_-»l \jk 




pull out 

to raise one's voice c'yo »i j : ^« :!. I 

consumption, consuming; using up, dl^Lj 

exhaustion; wasting, wearing (away) 

depre- (J^^l 3 JUl) <Lill dJ^ifll < dJ^if-l 

ciation; wear and tear 

amortization, paying off, writing off ^'oJI dJ^lll 

"'■-■• ■ '■'■•^ <fr ■,' ',„■,'" 

depreciation reserve 
sinking fund 
consumer goods 

d^iG^" "'■■ 

consumerism LjLxjI -ui <_»^i_r* 

cooperative, co-op <j jtu : o"%£. I 

beginning, starting, commence- *-L^j I i «. JJ : '.N'jv'- 1 
ment, inception, opening, introduction, initiation 
foreword, preface, introduc- > |." i .£ li* : JS| r *- 1 
tion, preamble, proem, exordium; prelude, prelu- 

inceptive, beginning, initial, initiatory, initia- '^i^L\ 
tive, opening, introductory, prefatory, prelusive; 
incipient, inchoate 





to consume, use up, t yu\ . ^1 < m.-- , .. 1 
exhaust; to waste, wear (away); to spend 
to amortize, pay off, write off jjj jjl 

to redeem oljul 

(j)dJl^ jrlj-!^ :(j)iti£.l 
to attract, draw, win (over), enlist [\\',-'..\ : >/}f'- 1 

to appeal to; to like, fancy.j >_.,w.l . ■_ ^r I : c5^- 1 

. -** -.-. 

to impress j £ I : i$j4i» I 

- • « -•-. 

to seduce, tempt, entice, lure, allure c5^l :<5^-l 

attraction, drawing, winning (over), *)££. I : »l^lL I 


seducement, temptation, enticement* 1^1 : >l^ll 

suggestion [cr*j] r'ji;*- 1 

* " " ■ •" '"i 

recklessness, heedlessness, carelessness; wan- jUii.1 
tonness, unrestraint, licentiousness; disdain, scorn 

to be reckless, heedless, careless, «ly> «lJI ' f'f A 
irresponsible; to be wanton, unrestrained, unin- 
hibited, pleasure-seeking, licentious 

to slight, make light of; to _> C 4 -«. :,'..! : _, y\~'- 1 
despise, disdain 

to dote on, be infatuated with j Ijjl : . 

disapproval, disapprobation, censure, con- ui 

to disapprove of, censure, reprehend, QTl" •"* 

denounce, condemn; to find offensive, ill-favored, 

to seek guidance, ask to be rightly guided, ask SH~-* I 
to be shown the right way 

exposure to, being or becoming J Jdj^ : J ul -ij~- 1 
subject to, incurrence of 

diathesis ^^JLI j I, »«'.„. I i»jo«i : <-> 1 .14.'— I 

allergy -CL.11XI Sj^ : <_». .4:*. I 

diathetic ^ ji?" • l»* ' 'l"" ' 

allergic 1**^"**" : ij! ' -^i-*--" ' 

to aim at, make one's goal J J i y^ . J J lilsi : ' *'if\i I 
or object; to seek (to), strive for, aspire to, pursue 

to be or become exposed to, J Joj^ : J \SJ+L. I 
subject(ed) to, open to, liable to, vulnerable to, 
susceptible to; to come under; to incur, contract 

»> p-b - 

to begin, start, commence, it^i I <. I jI : ( i\jS\) 1}'f- 1 
open, introduce, initiate 

to begin, start, set in l-Cjl . Ioj ^{^l) J4I-I 

, s 3,-, 

to start raining, begin to rain, rain {LUl 0JL4JL.I 
initial showers 

to water, tear, fill with tears, c.«.»j :^,-jJI ol+i-l 
shed tears 

to rise, appear, come into J^ : »JJ J^Ul 3t r '- 1 

to see; to look at <JJ ^ . oj^ul : »JJ J^LLl 3i^-' 
to unsheathe, draw, <lL-.I . »j^- : »Jj (.«'.*. J I j^iLl 


> .r 


to strike fire 

to consult, ask or seek the opinion of \j\j t>\)y~.\ 
to import (goods) («_!L»ln) zjy->\ 

to seek to become a I jj jj t t . . < n< 2 U*- : jJjJLmiI 
minister, seek a portfolio 

to appoint as minister I^j jj -u~fc : jj>^.l 

to find wide, roomy, large U-.lj oj«-j : £*jl-l 

x~jl iu>-Ij — JJUj 1 {J° J& ' J*—*-'! 'j-">**"i 

to consult (a doctor) (t_--J»JI ) uuoyL* I 

to ask for an explanation or clarification d^t) jvijlJ 
(of), inquire (about), ask (about); to investigate, 
explore, inquire into, search into 

to settle (in), settle down (in), establish <Jey ■ ^3y^\ 
a residence or colony (in), establish home (in), take 
up permanent residence (in), make one's home 
to contain, hold, take, have capacity J ^Z\ :.»xjlJ 
for, be able to take in; to seat, sit, have room for, 
be large or wide enough for 
to contain, comprise, comprehend, J*t : <_-c>L- \ 
embrace, embody, encompass, enclose, take in 

to assimilate, comprehend, S j jI 4 ^i : <-*i-y- \ 
grasp, understand, apprehend, perceive, take in 

-.- « i -•. - - •-• , 
to assimilate, absorb j&- i . o^»\ '■ <-**■*— \ 

to take (receive, get, obtain) %\£ <• i*-\ : <i*- ^jy*»\ 

one's due or one's share in full 

to receive, collect, get, i»- 1 « Jt^i 1 ^Uj : ,jy- \ 


to satisfy, fulfill, meet (jJJ J»>jDl) tfy-\ 

-'.» .. _• » ,'.-. 
to kindle, ignite, light, start aijl 1 Jiti.1 : jjji.,1 

to dread, look forward with ap- ^ <Sy>u : ji>^- 1 
prehension to, be uneasy about 

to ask to stop or halt i_»ji ^J I -u. i_JlL> : day** I 

i_i»jl *»-lj-(jicl 1 JUtf ' f--« ' i-iijl :i_jiiyH-l 

to catch the eye, strike the sight or __JiJI USy—\ 
eyes, attract (draw, arouse) attention, engage and 
hold the attention; to be eye-catching, striking 

to be infatuated, enchanted, captivated 


e4 ''«" \ 

to be or become even, equal; to be on (ijQ : Kiy— I 
the same level 

ijb I : tSy~. I 

to be or become steady, uniform, 
equable, regular 

to be or become even, I U ,'. : . I ji+m o^ : <S)~"\ 
level, flat 

to straighten up; to be or become ^ li^.1 : iSy— 1 
straight, erect, upright 

to ripen, mature, be or become ripe p-^aj '■ iSy^ \ 
or mature 

to be (properly) cooked, be well 

to sit firmly on ^J*- . yU-| : .Jx. c5>^-| 

straightness; evenness, levelness; equality; *'^*»»! 

regularity, uniformity, steadiness, equability; nor- 
malcy, normality 

equator J>f- J I J»-»- 

equatorial, tropical, tropic ,JI^miI 

the tropics, the Torrid Zone Li l>L- "511 iiLII 

to make sure of, seek to ascertain, verify, ,j* Jjj^-} 
check; to be sure of, certain of, confident of 

to deserve, merit, be worthy of 

to require, call for, i_JlLj i l ^ r o^i\ i^ji^.1 :i_^«-yi«l 

demand, need 

to deem necessary L»- 1 j » jj. : i_-s«-yi- 1 

>j' ^ij-'r^>^! 

to derive from, draw from, borrow from; ,ja ^yy^l 
to be guided by; to be inspired by; to seek inspi- 
ration from 

to be or become desolate, deserted 0^53.1 fj^-y^,\ 

.-.' » .- . - --- - - .-• 

to feel lonely or Xj^ill jl *J^-^JL j*Z. : { j±r-y~\ 

desolate; to be or become alienated, estranged 
to miss; to long for, yearn for J jLi.1 : J < 

to feel an aversion for, be j y-iU ll : 
repelled by 

studio; atelier 



to darken, be (become, grow) llj> I : ( jlDI ) Li 
dark or tenebrous 

to lower, drop, let JjL I i 'JL jl : ( ji-Jl) Likl 1 
down, let hang (down), hang down 

to pour forth, shed L«*» i JCl : Ikll 

rhyme, a passage of rhymed prose ic ^»«1 1 

to rain (it rained) o^Jx* I : ( > Hll I c^) ImI I 

black iy.\ :^l 

to discontent, disgruntle, <..*as.\ i ■■h^ ■ jli I : iu*l 1 
embitter, anger, exasperate, enrage, irritate, vex 

black j^.,1 :-»L.I 

^ s - , ' . * 

to be apposite, be to the point; to hit I jjo! jjlS' : jll 

the point, hit the right thing 

„ t 
lion ju, I 

sea lion 

to render, perform, do, make; to j. jj t _< J.U : liol I 
give, offer, confer on 

"Uo»- v>-lj-J i»a»- <3j 


to darken, be (become, grow) dark JLb I : JJUI (J jlw I 
or tenebrous 

to lower, drop, let down, let hang '£. jl t ^i- jl : J all 

to capture, take prisoner, arrest, appre- ^e- yiJi '-j—\ 
hend, jail; to intern 

to bind, fetter, shackle, chain JLi : jl I 

to captivate, fascinate, enthrall, enchant, 'tfi : jll 
charm, thrill 

to keep secret, hide, conceal llsT : jl I 

to cofide (a secret) to, (^_ )L jl j_)l) 4JJI jll 

entrust (a secret) to, tell secretly or confidentially 

captor, arrester 
fascinating, charming, 


^sMs^y^j^ggv^^viifa"^^^!^- bn,^ 


to seize, capture, take over, tfALj t iiUl : ^c (jl^ill 
take or lay hold of, occupy, take possession of, 
possess oneself of, appropriate; to expropriate, 
confiscate; to requisition; to usurp 

to seize (take tJJ ^jiJI 1 iJaO t JCil Jt Jjill 
over, usurp) power, a throne, etc. 
to over- Jj^Z,\ 1 (_^c i^a*^. I t _> j_^- 1 : Jt (jj-l I 
come, overwhelm, overpower; to engross, absorb, 
preoccupy, occupy wholly, take up, seize, take 
hold of, dominate, possess 

to breed, propagate, produce U^ll 

i > ' > ' - > > . 1 

barrel, gun barrel iLt.i:.ll z j3 ..\. -ijy „ i' 

resentment, umbrage, offense, dissatisfaction, »Qll 
discontent, displeasure, indignation, annoyance, 
vexation, anger, miff 

• **' - • 

(transfer to) provi- t-l.u:..,,^! ^ iJli-l t p-ljui.1 

sional retirement; (putting on) half pay 

in provisional retirement; unattached; ^IjljI^I j 

on half pay 

importation, import, importing jjjy : jljol.1 

j. » . 1 »j^ I j 


inquiry; question; asking 

settlement, settling (down) 

capacity i 

assimilation, comprehension, dJl/jl 1 A» 
graspGng), understanding, apprehension 

assimilation, absorption oj-l 1 ^Lii.1 

fulfillment (jjl J,jjjjl) , 

receiving, receipt, collecting, ii- 1 4 yiJ : t 
collection, getting, taking 
to wake up, awaken, waken, lkl> : (<L.^i ^.) 
awake; to get up, rise 

Jmj w«-lj-ji»- i<Uil • k» " 

seizure, capture, takeover, taking over, (Jc) »iLill 
taking or laying hold (of), occupation, (taking) 
possession (of), appropriation; expropriation, con- 
fiscation; requisition(ing); usurpation 
breeding, propagation, production, producing jiLill 

> -0 



, < 

^1 I 

extravagant or immoderate; to exaggerate, overdo 

caterpillar; larva 

stable, barn 


tragacanth, milk vetch 




cylinder, drum, roller, roll 

column, pillar 

to establish, found, set up, lay the foundation Lr ^ l \ 
for; to institute, build, create, originate, build up, 
constitue, organize, form, make, start 

to base on, found on, ground on, rest on J* ,^-1 I 

(j-LI £»-lj "(J— 1 1 

(oLi) Jiwl 
icji i«£JU ill ilj'JI^^LwI 

[i LA ] iil^ilil 


record, disc (il» \ji.y^ ji ili_.^) ijljiLl 

masters, authorities, experts; celebrities, ^-JaCl 
distinguished personalities, outstanding persons 

cylindrical, cylindric ' \\^U'.A 

legend, myth, fable oj^ilil 

mythology jjiCill pi* 

legendary, mythical, fabulous, fabled ^jiLl 

fleet, navy, squadron JjiLl 

relief, succor, aid, help; rescue, saving, salvage, <J \jL I 

first aid illjl oliL-J i .Jjl ciUlj 

ambulance i_il»l! SjC. 

. , >'., ...» 
to make happy; to bless !■*?■>— *JL*3r- 

happier; luckier 

to kindle, light, ignite, start 

to snuff, sniff 

to relieve, succor, help, aid, go to the aid of, 

give aid to; to rescue, save, salvage; to give first aid 


to regret; to feel or be sorry (for) ljl 

to descend, sink, decline-, to stoop, lower Jv*il : Li 

i£. j£\ 


.li«r,nl : JmiiiI 

captivating, enchanting; catchy, catching 

capture, captivity; arrest, apprehension ^»l 

all, altogether, all of it, wholly, entirely, o^LL 

completely, totally, in toto 

all of them 

strength, vigor, power, force, energy 

retention of urine 

to travel by night 

to make travel by night 

nocturnal journey <^j"\ 

Prophet Mohammad's midnight journey to 't.\j*M\ 
the seven heavens 

the night of Prophet Moham-(^l_^ilj) sl^l *U 
mad's ascension to the seven neavens 
acceleration, speedup, hurry(ing), hasten(ing), pL-j 




(>-LJi»- 1 ! >**) ' 

ill jL rii^Ll 




jui :<-»' 


wasting, wastefulness), squandering, 

dissipation, extravagance, prodigality, profligacy, 

lavishness, excessive expenditure 

excess(iveness), immodera- jjlau i i>ljil icil^ll 
tion, immoderateness, extravagance, intemper- 
ance, exceeding the proper bounds, going too far 

lead (j-oC»j : Vv»' 

family, household, house 


to saddle (a horse) 

to light (a lamp) 

ytM ' 

ilS'U- »jj\ 

( C I^JI) C ^I 

to hurry, hasten, rush, dash, Jj»c i ollw- L-»- :f>i<l 
run, speed, mend one's pace, make haste; to 
quicken, be or become quick or fast or rapid 

faster, quicker, more <tj- jS\ t *s.j~. jZS\ 'fjm\ 

supersonic, ultrasonic Oj-aJI ^ f-^-l 

_. * ■ - - . * . 

as soon as 


to waste, squander, dissipate, lavish, spend jl. :L»^« 
lavishly or wastefully 

to exceed the proper jJL i jjlau t i>^j I : ci^ll 
bounds or limits, go too far, go to extremes, be 

(J™*"* C - J J p-r"' J ' Cr^-*i " f.r"r 


\ ."\ 

omission, leaving out, skip- i_»i»- i JUi-J : JaliLj 
ping, elimination, cancellation, dropping, exclu- 
deduction, subtraction -rja : J»lill 

denaturalization <~J. J- 1 J»lilJ 

abortion, miscarriage i>r^' J»l*~J 

waiver, forgoing, disclaimer, dropping, jil J»lilj 
renunciation, giving up, relinquishment 

shooting down, downing 5jjU> Jalill 

projection [(.r^J <-.u* J J»lill 

projective Itr^j <-j-l» J (-ilalJ 

projective geometry iltlill <LjL* 



to drop, let fall, tumble 

to overthrow, topple, bring down 

to down, shoot down 

to deduct, subtract 

to omit, leave out, skip, i_»j»- i Jicl i Jlil : Jul I 
eliminate, cancel, drop, exclude 

to fail, flunk i_-Lj :ol*f«l j 

to denaturalize, deprive of uSi V-Jr- 


to waive, forgo, disclaim, drop, 4i»- 

renounce, give up, relinquish 

to nonsuit; to quash; to drop, *JJ (J>cjJI 

to abort, cause to 
have an abortion 

to miscarry, abort 
to project 


(Joja) hpJL>\ 

%ij\ : iaiL/l 

yj {J? ]<«■.. 1 

bishop, prelate 
archbishop, primate, metropolitan 
episcopal; pontificial 
episcopate, bishopric, diocese, see 
to sicken, make sick or ill 

-^0-»-i ; I^l^p- (J-j-l i;-^- 1 

•■• 1 

f>-b J 


ere, J 


oneself, demean oneself 
to skim, pass lightly or L >ju. ^ U'j : ^Jl 
rapidly along a surface, glide or skip along (above, 
near) a surface 

to look sharply at, stare at, gaze at <JJ ^LJI ljL.1 

regret; sorrow, grief <Ju 

Lji-jl) Lj ioli-.H_j ilx>I |_)Xj i (_ji-.ll >i> t (_ji-.>J 
unfortunately; regrettably; alas, what a pity, (it's) 
too bad, woe, wellaway 

sorry; regretful; sad uLJ iuL 

sorry! I am sorry! excuse !(_*-. I ,jl !(_*-. I U !i_i-l 
me! pardon me! 

spinach (oLj) ruliLj ir-LLiLj 

to result in, cause, produce, _^iil i i_jj»-l :,jc _^iJ 
create, give rise to, bring about; to yield, bring 
forth; to show, reveal, disclose, uncover, unveil, 
manifest, evince 

tan(ned); sunburned, sunburnt, sunstruck, *i-.l 

scorched, singed, scalded, charred; melanous 

lower, inferior, sub-; bottom, ^ jl i ,JjL. : Jiwl 


bottom, foot, tail, Je 
base, lower part 

asphalt, blacktop 

i dljj c ,Jj i t i_-oO : Ji-I 



spongy; sponge; porous 


white lead, ceruse £•' 

wedge, cotter; peg ijil*, 

cuneiform lf'*&« 

dropping, tumbling, tumble pUJl : J?IaL 

overthrow(ing), topple, toppling j i»-U>l : i>lill 



zzA ^&z 

to harrow, drag 



1 U°J 

as we have just (already, previously, UiLI US' 

formerly) said or mentioned, as we have said (or 

mentioned) earlier or before 

-- .« . s . s - .-. * 

to insert in, introduce in, *!*■ jl : *,«ill J i { Ji\ oLLI 

put in, stick into 

to thread a needle, pass a J^^l («~) j J»lil tilL.1 
thread through (the eye oO a needle 

to string, bead or thread Jali- j (*JJ j^l-l) iilL.1 
on a string 

to embrace Islam, profess Islam, (•^-)"j £#•& : nil' 

become a Moslem 

.>* • ' »i *^ •* *'• * 
to resign oneself to (the til JJ (<_ii jl)o^«l Jl-I 

will oO God, commit oneself to God, recommend 

one's soul to God, submit to God 

-'. ', ,•-'-,'.* 

£ p-ij-Jil; .(Ji) r !i «(Ji) jij :(J.i) pill 


to betray, sell out; to desert, Ji»- njl»- : J-1 1 


to give up the ghost, breathe one's oL : *-j Jl Jl-I 
last, die, pass away 

style; way, method, procedure, Jail i iij^t :i_>^L,l 
technique; manner, mode, fashion, pattern 

style, diction, (rJJ <_jJul ciJbSCJI ( j^JJl) v^-' 
wording, expression, phraseology, phrasing, 


name; appella- 111 
tion, designation 

noun, substantive 

il W 


name, reputation, repute, stand- 
ing, credit, prestige 
demonstrative pronoun 

first name, Christian jj^il J. I i JW-- jl Jj' 
name, given name 

noun in apposition Jjl 

ojli.1 ~> 



goodwill i — -j^ 1 4 ., .„v . C i i*J i S^^ :(ijU«J «! 
trade name, <4> jl i -j^ jl iS"^ ^1 , iijL«J .». 

Jj^i» tijjw <iU-» :(ij*iL«] 




bung ^U^^JI,! Silo- :Jj15C1i 

silencing, gagging, muzzling o ISC I 

shoemaker, cobbler <_ilsCl 

housing, lodging, accommodation, quartering, OlSCll 



to silence, hush, quiet, shut up, gag, muzzle cSLt \ 

silence! quiet! be quiet! hush! sh! mum! !o£ll 

sketch *.r<".. ' 

to intoxicate, inebriate, make drunk jSiL* <dii- :'jSiLi\ 

threshold, doorstep; sill; lintel ( jildl jl c^Ul) iiSCl 

seaport, port, harbor, haven ^L^ iSifCj 

to house, lodge, put up, accommodate, <j jl : jid I 
quarter, domicile 

bung ^U^jJI i_.i*,l SjIju :lj$L.l 

i_il$L-l ««-lj-tj^5wl 

iiiCi «»-lj - iiySwl 

to sharpen, point, tip jo»- i i_J j : JL I 

rush (oLi)Jlil 

l_JL. «-lj - (i_JL. U ijJut) oiLI 

Islam ^^1)11^1:^)1 

* >... ^ .>- 1 ju^Ij — ^LiLli t s-yjj*- :*jL-l 

Islamic Ir*^-'! 

islamics oll«5Lj 

thorn, spike iS"^. :SJlJ 

point, tip i_i_>J» i ^Ij : il_l 

* ^ », .-, » 

tip of the tongue oL-JJI ^Ij :iL-l 

., '., ,- •*, .' .-- < 

barb, hooked hair or bristle iiyu>* oLi oyii. :il—l 

to subdue, subjugate, make tractable or (ojCi) ^JlJ 

\ .A 

brown, tan, tawny, brunet, dark, swarthy j*J 

auburn, reddish brown 


brownness, brown color; tan 

to make hear, let hear 

to insult, offend 

u*j 4juu»- : * t ■' 


(V— » • f *■" ' 

cement, concrete, portland cement 

reinforced concrete, ferroconcrete tJl— . c ...l 

nominal, titular, existing in Jaii (*-^li 4 t5>j : y***\ 
name only 

nominal [iJj (/?-! 




to stagnate, stink, become CLl jU> : j*\ i j*. 

stagnant, become stinking; to become brackish, 

to teethe, cut one's teeth, grow teeth aju-I c-i. 

to age, grow old, be ad- ,jJ>\ j ^ juL; 4 ^-li, : i _ r . . 
vanced in years 

older, elder; more aged, more advanced ll- JS\ : "j*, 
in years 

stagnant, stinking, brackish 

to flash (lightning) 

to shine, gleam, glisten, radiate 


attribution, ascription, imputation, 
tracing back 

entrustment, commit- <_/*)£ <■ <J»liJ 4 <-iJ^J : jLlj 
ment; vesting, investiture; commission(ing) 

predicative, predicate; attributive tSjULj 

. » > >' . 

dentition, teething oLl^l jj+k iOu-J 

to lean against or on, reclinej* *<j£o *i«r '■ J J JLLJ 
against or on, rest on, support on, prop on 

to attribute to, ascribe J] i_~J 4 J J \jc : J J jlL-I 
to, impute to, trace back to 

.- * * . - -. « 

1 jj,c : jL— I 

- • * 

^ ■ "Sft* 1 ■ffM'BfWKy'ffl-.-f: ■' A 

firm name, business name 
pet name 


elative, comparative and superlative 


3^ -_ •*. 






collective noun 

generic noun 

the 99 names (or attributes) of God (j/.J-l il^M 

family name, sur- jij-l —,1 4 IjJyi jl iL5UI _, 
name, last name 

proper noun, proper name 

concrete noun { j~t, _, 

active participle, nomen agentis, present Jcli _, 
participle; deverbative 

■ . -** 

pseudonym, i -Jj jl <j* ~J <. J -*"; ., jl jLJL-. — . 
anonym, alias, assumed name, nom de guerre; pen 
name, nom de plume 

abstract noun 

infinitive, verbal noun, nomen verbi 
nomen vicis 

passive participle, nomen patientis 
relative pronoun 
common noun 

lt~ r 

in the name of, on behalf of, in behalf of o^» *-\j 

in the name of God, Most pfjJ' t>»»" S" "^ p-* 
Gracious, Most Merciful 

anonymous; anonym 




Jf 'j-^J '(^* : (J*-' , 

higher, above; loftier, more exalted, ^Jttl 4 «j jl : ^»-il 
more eminent, more sublime; paramount, supe- 
rior, supreme; topmost, uppermost, top, upper 

making hear, letting hear 

-. - v.. 

tatters, rags, worn clothes 

(Ol) Jl^l 

to brown, tan, be (become, turn) 
brown or tan 

j>n 1 JU^ « J ft " 1 

(pattern, model) of; (just) as, (just) like, similar to 

> ^ 


to blacken, black, become (grow, 
turn) black or blacker 


black, Negro 
pupil of the eye 

■"\ ' ■ - I 

yf^J ■• 3 >-' 

coal-black, pitch-black, deep-black, 
jet-black, coaly, pitchy 

black market 

blackening, becoming black or blacker: 
blackness, black 

- t 

to be or become sad, grieved, unhappy, o>- : (— «l 
gloomy, distressed, sorry; to grieve, sadden, gloom, 
sorrow, feel sorrow, mourn 

exponential [oUelj]*_J 

exponential function [oUilj] XL, jl illlll 

Asia <L«J iLul 

Asia Minor (i^ilaJI il-l 

Myrtaceae (^M) ollJ 

sad, grieved, unhappy, down(cast), ,y,y>- : uLl 

gloomy, melancholic 

UjV i in 







prisoner, captive; captured, arrested 

prisoner of war, internee 


sorry; regretful; sad, grieved (»- 

smooth «clj i^fJL"! 'J--i 


J >»- Ji? ] 

■'T-' . 


■ :-l^'i^g:^:P?^" 

Asian, Asiatic 

to entrust to, j J»U i j oils' t_j <JJ j^i :J| lull 
commit to; to vest in or with; to commission (to 

to base on, rest on, ^c Lr l. I ( ^c ^ : J J lul I 
found on, ground on 

to predicate [ J^k;.. } iij] 111 

expatiation, elaborateness, enlargement, long- u> I4I I 
windedness, prolixity, verbiage, verbosity, wordi- 
ness, redundancy, circumlocution, periphrasis 

in detail, at length, lengthily, elaborately, vW-^ 

diarrhea ,llj'..l 

diarrheal , diarrheic, diarrhetic 'J 1^1 1 

to expatiate upon, elaborate on, enlarge ( j) ' j'-l 
upon, expand on, dilate on, dwell upon, discuss at 
length, speak at great length about, talk or write in 
detail about, develop or state in great detail 

to keep awake; to make sleepless . j,.. l 

vas deferens, ductus deferens [ ruj^J ] &* \ 

to purge; to loosen or relax the bowels, (^jJalJl) jj^ll 
relieve the constipated bowels 

to find easy, deem facile !5lil ai- j : <Ji- 1 

to have diarrhea, have a loose bowel movement, J4I1 
have a looseness of the bowels; to purge 

to give a share in C^l <ui il 3*r : j *l pill 

P«L p-lj -£jl» : p*—l 
worse 1^,1 

the worst 
at worst 

1, », . » 

cSyi»l vr'j — flii«.l :^^«il 
s ' 1 s ' -•! 

bracelet, armlet, bangle jl>~ ijl^ll 

example, pattern, model JL. t ojjj :5^,l 

along the lines of, following the example j 5^-1 

> > 

^s^^ ^z 

rumor, hearsay £uli> :ieLil 

■■ .' * * • * -' i' i 
spreading, circulation, putting pel j.u*» :4*lil 

into circulation, propagation, publication, dissem- 
ination; disclosure, revelation, revealing, divul- 

iib cr ij-(jJi tf^) Jb 

Jli. js-lj-J^a- 'Vj :JLl 
to mix, mingle, blend, combine »*»■ . JaJU- : i_»i 
to alloy o^util J»l*- :v^l 

5' 5 ' 3 - S'* 

t_**« ju^Ij — LJj ul— jUtf I '-■■> * I 

to alloy (j->l»il J»li»- :>-~il 

to sow dissension among, u i>»- <■ J— i 1 : .^..j t_^. I 
stir up discord among, set people against each 

satisfaction, gratification; v_1j 4l»- : fLi] 

supply(ing); satiation, filling 

saturation, soaking, soakage, «JLi c<_-jj-ZJ :pL^I 
impregnation; perfusion, suffusion 


to satisfy, gratify; to supply; to satiate, v-L *!»»■ 
sate, fill 

to saturate, soak, steep, v^r*' ' Vj- ' f*» : >?- ' 
drench, impregnate; to perfuse, suffuse, permeate 
(with a liquid, etc.) 

to charge with, load with 

~? J ** - * -? ^*" 

to treat exhaustively or £-><»>w j' ^■■•■■Jl ^1 

elaborately, write or speak fully or at great length 
about, set forth or develop in great detail 

to beat (up), wallop, sock, hit forcefully, L^J» «u*il 
beat severely, strike repeatedly 



more similar, more like, more resem- l^lt, ^5f I • / » , I 

(just) like, Oust) as, similar to j <ui, 1 

best man, groomsman ( ^jjjl) jcJil 

bridesmaid I ^-j^,.!!) *: . .*■ ! 

to enter upon winter 


hibernateoLUL eLjJI Jlai («.a.«l . c....... I t/J^I 


«Ll1II oL. , oLi.1 : tdi\ 

' - "~ 


^5 I jl jj. 

alloy j£\ jl ^jm ^ J»-i»- :<LUl 

to turn away (one's face (^ <^>-y jl <*»-j) rLl I 
from), avert (one's eyes from); to avoid, shun, 

to praise, commend, laud, Jc. ^1 :(ej£l> jl) j jlil 
eu'ogize, extol, celebrate; to give credit to, pay 
tribute to 

praise, commendation, laudation, 
extolment, eulogy 

► Li :(j) i'jLil 


■». ;- .. o y i j - .»..... „u :oi 

to make a sign or signal; to beckon; to Ujl : (<Jj) jLil 
signal, motion, gesticulate; to gesture, make a 

to indicate, show, point out, sug- J* 0-> : <JJ j^l 
gest, imply, be indicative or suggestive of, be a sign 
of, betoken, bespeak, signify, designate 

to hint at, allude to, insinuate, inti-JJ «ll : <JJ jLI 
mate, refer indirectly to, suggest indirectly, imply 

to mention, make mention of, refer £ i : J I ji. I 
to, make reference to, point out to, state, cite 

to counsel, advise, give advice to, *<**> : Jc jL I 
suggest to 

sign, mark, indication, Ssljl i Jaj i JJj i-CSi :<f)lil 
token, symbol, symptom; signal; insignia; motion, 
gesture, gesticulation 

check »JJ j-jtjj J» L^ ul ^ *-■>£ :»jlij 

hint, allusion, intimation, insinuation -■ i*" : ojlij 

mention(ing), reference (to), referring j£)> : ijC.\ 
(to), pointing out (to), stating, citing, citation 

traffic light, traffici-jj^i ojli.1 i jj^il jl ^^Ul SjLI 

time signal o»>JI ( ,!»'■,•>) SjLI 

demonstrative pronoun ojlil J-l 

to rumor; to spread, circulate, put ^ . «• I il : p Li I 
into circulation, publicize, propagate, dissemi- 
nate, publish, make public; to disclose, reveal, 
divulge, make known 

J-H.'.-'i I 

\ U 


heightening, increase, buildup; strengthening; 

to buy, purchase «- L> I : ti^ii I 

*'-r jf 'j ' 

stipulation, stipulating 



gs-> Jf 'j "urrJ'^' 0- '£^ ^U-" 1 ! 



^"/ p'^r" 


participation, sharing, communion, taking ^"^ 
part; contribution; subscription; partnership, asso- 
ciation; copartnership; co-ownership, coparcenary, 
community; jointness; part, role 

complicity (*£>»- j) &\j~-\ 

together with, jointly with, in con- «_• &\ j^,H\i 
junction with, in concert with, in association with, 
with the participation of, with 

subscription rate; participation fee &\j^.H\ J-u 
complications oLiiLa-. :&\&\j~. 

socialist, socialistic (<*«o) (jf '^ 




state socialism 

Utopian socialism 

to stipulate, provide, state (specify, impose) as .i^lil 
a condition, make a condition 

to legislate, make laws; to enact(rJJ 0>lii) jj— '-fj^ 
or pass (a law) 

to participate (in), share (in), take part («_• 4 j) &JJi\ 
(in), partake (in or of), engage (in); to contribute 
(to); to subscribe (to); to enter into partnership 
(with), be or become a partner (of) or partners 
(with), associate (with), affiliate (with); to join, 

ignition, burning, combustion, inflammation, JLoLil 
being on fire, bursting into flame 

combustible JL^^UJjli 

to flame, inflame, blaze, burn, ignite, catch fire, Jilil 
take fire, start burning, be on fire, be afire, be 



i. :Jt iLil 

to be (become, get) angry with, Jc 
cross with, furious at, mad at 

to long for, yearn for, hanker after, pine ( Jj) SLil 
for, hunger for, thirst for, die to, burn to; to crave, 
desire, desiderate; to miss 

clash, fight(ing), engagement, <Sj>- t JU» : d)LJ»l 
combat, battle 

hand-to-hand fight(ing), grapple, jlki : dlQil 
scuffle, brawl, melee, quarrel 



-liLL; :d)Uil 


dJUi^l(^J ji)dU 

suspicion, doubt(fulness), dubiosity, tili. 


dubiosity, uncertainty, ambiguity, ,^-LJI :»Ljil 
equivocalness, equivocation, confusion, obscurity 

to clash, fight, combat, battle, JJtiu i LijlsJ : lilliAl 
engage in battle, be or become involved or engaged 
in war, make war 

to come to blows, come to j>- LU 4 «_jj Lai : liLii I 
grips, grapple, engage in hand-to-hand fighting, 
brawl, fight, quarrel, scuffle, strike one another 




to suspect, doubt, be Si. :\oja\ J jl j jl j) ' " * I 
suspicious (of), be in doubt (about), distrust, 

> .«. 

jj,^i\ kXc <ut v* I , - <Cii ^^ 



to interlace, intertwine, lilJlij i jjillu 

intertwist, interweave, mesh 

to intensify, 



i ^J^n '.' .1 1 4 *>- ■% /■ '- ■■ I : . 

heighten, increase, grow, build up, strengthen; to 
become aggravated; to be or become strong(er), 
severe(r), (more) intense, (more) serious 

to become strong, powerful, <jy : socL jiil 

vigorous, robust 

to attack, assail, li-U t Jt 3*»- : G-^0 J* J^-l 

assault, charge, raid, bear down upon, fall upon, 

rush upon 

* r* • • • • * 

intensification, Jit i J1.-hA.v.,..I i ^ISTy:,.! : jlaiil 

r;v, ," 

\ \r 

J [JlLSi 1 


heterosexuality jjLiil 2ltf-^ 

homosexuality Jjuil Sl^J 

to be or become famous, well-known, jt^>\ i^^lij 
renowned, celebrated; to be or become known, 
current, common, widespread 

Oyl> AJflj — til****' 

to grieve, sadden, make sad 
to worry, trouble, disquiet 
to move, touch, impassion 
to grieve, sadden, make sad 

to sadden, grieve 

U>-1 : (j»*-' 



. -» ' s, - • * 

.1 : 

«Jf lj — j*U*1 

to return, send back 

Jj«m «jj-lj — rtl»- t ^j— :JLAmiI 
, , ^ ^„ , ^ • * 

, , < - ~ • * 

stronger, more powerful; more cjLc 1 1 LSji I : Jui I 
intense, more violent, severer, harder, greater, 
more serious, more drastic, tougher; worse 

extremely, exceedingly, excessively, u>5o l* '■& I 
highly, greatly, very (much), too, most, to the 
greatest or highest degree 

,,' ,----.»—•* 

to saw (wood, etc.) (-JJ i_-^i-l) ^ :jJil 

to notch, indent, jag, incise 

to be lively, joyful, cheerful, exuberant; to t-j* : j* I 
exult, rejoice; to frolic, have fun, make merry 

"m i ••' -'M 
,. , ., * « 

to mark, check off, put a mark on; to ~. j : ( ( ^*-)^S. I 
stamp; to sign; to endorse officially 

to visa, give or grant a visa to ( ji—J I j\y? J*) _p I 
(a passport) 

liveliness, joy(fulness), cheerfulness, frolic, ^y> : j-il 
fun, merrymaking 

lively, joyful, jovial, merry, cheerful, exu- r^ '.ji>\ 
berant, frolicsome 

to crane one's neck, stretch (out) *a^c ju : ol^l 


ablaze, be aflame, be in flame(s), burst into flame(s) 

to flame with rage, blaze with anger, L«ai. J*^i 
flare up, inflame, burn, rage, fly off the handle 

his hair turned white or gray Lli, <u.l j Jl^M 

» > • > • 

syntactical regimen, government (of a [ij] JU^i.1 
word by another) 

to work; to toil, labor; to function J^J. : J«ui] 

to run, (jJld^l jiiftlOjLi^:^! 

operate, work, function, be in operation; to start 
up, start running 

to act upon, affect, produce an effect £ I : <J Ji^i I 

to drink up, drain, empty 

to examine or study thoroughly, 
scrutinize, delve into 

4JL5 <> wi 

■ i^" - 1 

/jLhm« I *J^ 1 J ~ ■ j^ ■■■ - — I 

to derive (a word, a chemical compound, ^ ^lil 
etc.) from 

derivation; etymology; metaplasm jjliiiil 

etymology Jli^i^l »Lc 

derivational; derivative; etymological; meta- jylilil 

(^1) jXil prlj-^il ifcSll) JS^il 

(^ a»-Ij — <»«l_pi J^j • (>*— '; 

j ^ t * * vr*lj — J ^. a j l . > : j (J ■ tT mI 

to desire, wish, crave (for), lust, hunger for, 


hanker after, long for, yearn for; to feel appetite for 


\ \r 


^* i 

to shine, radiate, beam, gleam, 

zLil : ij^S.1 

to radiate, irradiate, light up, brighten, a»-^JI j^.1 
flash up 

to make a partner (in), take into part- ( j li"ii ) df^il 
nership (in), take as partner (in), give a share (in) 

to be or become a polytheist 
having a disfigured nose 

-ill d^ii 
(iliji) r ^i 

Jai. x>- 1 j — Jail 

-}«,-- - 1 ,* f 

to radiate, eradiate, irradiate, i»il j^j ( gUil :*il 
shine, beam, emit rays, send out beams 

to diffuse, emit, spread, disperse, j'ji , ^ti : li. I 

notification, notice, note, information, jlki-l :jl*i] 

advice, warning, reminder, declaration 

delivery note JLJ jl»il 

credit note ^ 

debit note ^^jUL) 

until further notice, sine die, indefi- >■! jl«il ^yi- 
nitely, for an indefinite period (of time) 

radiation, radiance, eradiation, irradiation, flail 

nuclear radiation 
radiation sickness 

£l«L^I SI J 

Ui^L iUl^l 

radiant, radiative, radiational, radio; radio-, ^-cUi! 

<■ ..-■». i 

radioactive, radio-, radi- ilicUl jl J.LJI J^tLil 
radioscopy yp^! Ji^ 

radiant energy, radiation, radio-, radi- i^cLil iilU 
radiology ^cl«il Lwt 

radio astronomy J-cLi^l liUill Ac 

i • ■>*'*> 

radiotherapy i*cL^,l iaJU* 

* • *i , •' * - - 
radioactivity i-cl»ij "0*1* '<jf^-J -^^ 

radioisotope, radioactive JjILJI ^cl»il jyki 


radiance, radiancy; radioactivity <ucl»il 

one's neck, perk up 

conditioned, conditional 

conditioned response 

ill, I 


lJUJL p-lj-jlji^l (tjljil 

pervision, superinten- SjQ ' V"'^ :(Jc)(Jljil 
dence, oversight; control(ling); direction, man- 
agement, running 

command; scope of (£|J j-*^.) J^i,J :(J*),jl^l 
view ' s * 

nearness, closeness 

r> ' ^J :(J*)<Jl 


radiance, brilliance, brightness, shine, shining, Jlji I 
luminosity; vividness 





to soak, saturate, impregnate, 

.viu t a^< I : <_* ^ I 

to infuse, imbue; to Lr iJI _jl y*JJI j ^-ji- : v^"' 

inculcate, instill, (im)plant, (in)fix; to indoctrinate 

* *' ** ********* 

Tjr" rf?'j ~ °*>r ->' °j j '« o r^*"' 

,-' * 

- — * *» t 

to open _ii :p»il 

~ ' ~ -5' ~S- * ** * 

£_*r" £?"'j -JJ ~ "-^.V : fy2.l 

to supervise, oversee, jbl i jib n-ilj :<J*. LijJil 
superintend, watch over; to control; to direct, 
manage, run 

to overlook, command, dominate, jl> I : J*. L»^» I 
tower over, overtop, look down upon 

to be near to, close to, on t__. jli .^ bj : <J*. t_»^.l 
the verge of, on the brink of, at the point of, about 
to; to approach, approximate 

nobler; more honorable; more honest; more (J^i I 

upright, more straightforward, more righteous 

to rise; to shine [ ■ M l o.) djil 

hi hi i 

I # 

upon, share the sorrow of, sympathize with 

to fear for, be anxious y j»- <. <-»U- : Jc J^ii I 

about, worry about, be concerned about; to care 

for, look after, take care of 

to be or become afraid of, jJj- i i_»U- : ^ J^ I 

scared of, frightened by; to beware of, be cautious 

of, guard against 

to make unhappy, miserable, Lii. *i*>- i ( _ r -J I : Jti> ' 

wretched; to distress 

-• t 
blond, fair; fair-haired; fair-complexioned jjii, I 

paradox; problem; crux; ambiguity, equivocal- JlSLi) 
ity, dubiosity; difficulty, complexity, complication, 

to be or become dubious, doubt- ^r—JJ : (j-'^l) J*-i' 
ful, uncertain, ambiguous, equivocal, obscure, 
vague, intricate, hard, difficult, problematic, 

J^ jr'j ~ Jr 1 ' 
" - j ' * 

■ * 

> > i JUi] 

. 4 > , , i 

lighting, kindling, ignition, inflaming, inflam- JUiJ 
mation; burning, setting on fire, setting fire to 

l~~ jr'j ' 

proud, disdainful, supercilious, haughty iJ^I : jv-1 

„•- * 
honorable; noble; highborn (Cji" : ^ 

high, lofty, towering Jlc : 


to be disgusted (by, oD, be nauseated (by), (^J jUij 
be sick (oD, feel disgust (at, for), revolt (at, against), 
detest, loathe 

disgust, nausea, revulsion, aversion, jl^i*i] 

repugnance, detestation, loathing 
disgusting, nauseating, sickening, Jl jJL^>J ju. 
repulsive, repugnant, loathsome, detestable, shock- 

to cause to rejoice at or gloat j c . . *_■ *1*»- : j c« « . * « I 
over the misfortune of 
to be sunny (day) (pill) <_,«*£ I 

iL-lji iifii tu -fi ilii 

a •*. 'a «. -•«■*» « 

iliJ^l i^l cUli^l 

ifjui i^'^i < iL 
ilntji il-^i < ilk 

'a < 

I ili'^1 c lU- )\ £U lL\ 


OM Jl S 




alpha rays 

beta rays 

delta rays 

gamma rays 

infrared rays 

ultraviolet rays 

cosmic rays 

radiography, roentgenography, skia- ixijl _#>-*> 

X-ray photograph, radio- <ui jL <>j>*3 i i«il ijy 
graph, radiogram, roentgenogram, roentgeno- 
graph, skiagram, skiagraph 

unkempt, disheveled, tousled, rumpled, shaggy, ijii I 

to notify, give notice to, apprise, r s-\ <. Ja±-\ : ^*il 
inform, advise, forewarn 

,a > - -• * 

hairy, hirsute, shaggy _^i)l j^ : jjtil 

' ■' -« \ 

1 iiy "Ut.1 

a .-, "•» * 



to light, kindle, ignite, inflame, enkindle; to 
burn, set on fire, set fire to 

to light a cigarette 


to strike a match 
to turn on, switch on 

to vacate, leave unoccupied 

, t , ,• t 

* > • ( 

l^iU, o_,J :^iuii 

to be on the verge of, q* >->y^\ <■ ^c iJ^I : J^ ^jiil 
on the brink of, at the point of, about to, close to, 
near to 

a ii a r.i jt>- 1 j — <*^-j tO*-^- *(3W»i| 

fear, fright; worry, anxi- jjj- i p^>- ( i-»^»- . Jjliil 
ety, concern; care, caution 

to pity, feel pity for, commiserate, » ahr. : J^ Jiil 
compassion, feel compassion for, have mercy 



, - , , 

to have, eat; to J»-i iJjL; :(»JJ fQall ^.) LC»I 


to befall, afflict, hit, J jjlai- i _, j^i- ( LUi I : L>C» I 

strike, attack, affect, come over, come upon, 

happen to, occur to 

to infect with; to commu- lSj-uj jl u^j-h <-•*■«'»' 
nicate to, transmit to, pass along to ' 

to be stricken by, hit by, attacked by, _, '__•»' 

smitten by, afflicted with, befallen by, affected by, 
infected by; to suffer, sustain, undergo, experience; 
to catch, contract, incur, be or become liable or 
subject to 
goal, score; hit <_»j» :<bC«l 

hitting (a target); scoring (a goal, a hit, (<_>ja) iJCal 


accident; case iJjU- :iitUl 

injury, wound, trauma 



\Jo j*J y * • *& j* 4jU^I 

infection; attack; illness, 
sickness; case 

i ' ' i '' '' 
affliction, befalling, hit- Oyas- <. Ot'j < Oy^- :i?U»l 

ting, striking 

casualties, losses y'Cs- :oL>Cal 

industrial accident, occupational acci- Jlc <.C»I 
dent, accident of labor 

to listen to, hearken to 
lend or give one's ear to 

originality; authenticity, genuineness; reality, i!C<s 
truth; excellence, goodness, distinction; purity of 
origin, nobility of descent, pedigree 

judiciousness, sagacity, prudence tS\J\ *iuo\ 

1 «^JL-I :<lj] jl <l »-Ce I 

personally, in one's own name, on 
(or in) one's own behalf 



*j'u jj-ij-aCtfi 

to become, come to be, grow, turn ol 1 jLo :?w>l 
(into); to be; to get or come to a point where, reach 
a stage where 

to enter upon morning 

j-LJUl j ,Jj- j : 7*-*o\ 

to wake up, awaken, waken, awake; jm— .1 ; 7v rf " 
to get up, rise 

to come to light, show, emerge, j\j 1 ^i : 7«lUl 
surface; to be or become clear, evident, manifest, 


«m -.■>■:•■ ■:■•:■-■'.■■■..' ■■ =.,i*S"iV' ' ■..■:■-■■" . w -.-:' : r-iJ 

hag, crone, old woman 

>lni*. j>*ȣ 

*•'* 1 S .'*l 


,_rt>j :6Lii 

glasswort, saltwort 

(oLj) Joj>- :oL^I 

moss, lichen, alga 

(oU) cil 

o»li. »j>-Ij -(a»L Uj^) jljjil 

attestation; certification jljil 

declaration, announcement, proclama- o>*-\ :jljil 
tion, promulgation, revealing, revelation 

gray lSjCj :i_4£l 

to call to witness, call (upon) as a witness j+i, I 

' ' '• - ' 1 

- -' --»,'.«„•» 

more famous, more renowned, moreS^ _p I :^l 
celebrated, more eminent, more illustrious 

having bluish-black eyes 



bold, courageous, brave, *lji. 1 pL^i, 1 nSj*- ■ly^ 
valiant, daring, adventurous, venturesome 


J-^ : a">-' 

white, gray, grayish-white, hoary, griz- (^) <-~£l 
zled, grizzly 

white-haired, white-headed, gray- \ iJ a*ii.) <-«-£. I 
haired, gray-headed, hoary 

ace t-jU'lll tyuu j j»-Ij :o>l 

to hit (a target); to score (a goal, a hit, (lijt) ljLo\ 

-s -* - ,' % 

to be right, be in the right, say i_jl^aJL> <y I '.^1^1 
or do the right thing, be correct; to hit the mark, 
hit the nail on the head 

to get, obtain, acquire, 


[ 1^., ||,S ( . 

gain, win, earn, reap, harvest; to attain, achieve, 
accomplish, realize; to incur, bring upon oneself 

www •i< r vm»-' l .j. w wmgzmwm. 

pronouncement, rendition, yi^* p^*" j' JUtf ! 
rendering, delivering, passing, handing down, 
giving (of a judgment, verdict, sentence, decision, 

issue, issuance, giving (of an order) ( j^l) jl-w»J 

, * •, 
bankofissue j\j*oH\ iiL> 

date of issue jIju<»)II £<jt 

to release, discharge, issue, £>-! t ,_>U>I < J-jl : jjusl 
emit, emanate, send out, give off or forth, let off 

to publish, release, bring out, put ^JJ LllS" j.w»l 
out, issue, produce, make (a book, etc.) 

jJJ yL. oljlyr jl f-flj^ J 1 olxL. jl Ijyu j-ual 

to issue, emit (paper money, bonds, stamps, 

passports, etc.) 

to pronounce, pass, deliver, uL»i Lx*- j-w»l 

hand down, give, render (a judgment, verdict, 

sentence, decision, ruling); to decide, judge, rule, 

find (for) 

to issue, give (an order); to order, com- I j^l j.w»l 

mand, direct, dictate 

» < 

to issue a statement (communique, £lj UL j-w»l 

declaration, etc.) 

^ c»ju<» ^-Ij-^ ii^ i^ (JjusI 

to fix a dower forl%]. (Ulki-I jl) li yl* :i\J.\ jjuaI 

a woman; to dower, endow, give a dower to a 


to insist on; to press, urge, impor- j-£ t ^J I : Jc j.^1 

tune, besiege; to persist in 

to determine (to), resolve (to), ^> <. ^jt : ^- j-*\ 

make up one's mind (to), decide (to); to intend (to), 

purpose (to) 

''■'■\ '" \ 

. { . « 

^»1 ffr'j 

covenant, compact, agreement, pact, xis. <. a** :^| 

bond, tie 

load, burden 

sin, offense; guilt 

punishment; penalty 

insistence, importunity, pressing,-u. 
urging, urgency, urge; persistence 

L-o J ' 

- •••■ • i 

: . C UI:^ 

Af.i..«i» ff | l ■■ n ■ - - - — ! 

finger, digit (xJl) £~e] 

toe, digit ( f-^0 £-*»J 

digit £**?" !>>->*; trW^ : £*°\ 

finger *ilt- J-j>j jl £-")" V-rf ^^ 'j^- ] 

hand, part, role j-U> i->j ' jj ^ : j-^J 

stick jJJ jiiCill ji c~.ll a)I ji li^il Cr« £~»J 

key, digital 



jjj jjui ji ^i j^i 

to wake (up), awaken, waken, awake, Jiiul : <j9«^l 
rouse (from sleep) 

chapter (of the Holy Scriptures) ^Uw»l t^lavaj 

to widen, broaden, expand; to be or j— jl : jjvol 

become wide, spacious, vast 

sandy, of the color of desert sand (ujUO j**-o^ 

* - \ '- '! i- • 1 
raucous, hoarse, husky, throaty, (ji»-l ' £?' : J*- 5 ' 

gruff t< 

to close, shut Jp^l:j^sl 

^r'j - JV" 


to close, shut 

to rust, make rusty, corrode 

lj-aj aLc>- : iJufl' 

to echo, reverberate, resound, <i-uaJI jj>-jI :iio«al 

resonate, reecho, rebound 

reverberation, echo, reecho, resonance fl-usj 

release, releasing, r}j^\ ' (3^*! ' J^-*j) : j'- 1- '] 

discharge, issue, issuance, emission, emanation, 
sending out 

publication, publishing, release, (jJJ y^) j 1 -^*! 
releasing, issue, issuance, bringing out, putting out, 
production, producing, making (of a book, etc.) 
(wlj jL. ol jlyr jl j^l>^ J 1 oIjl- jl j>ii) jt-w>l 
issue', issuance (of paper money, bonds, stamps, 
passports, etc.) 


' rrr:-. : - ..-■■■■ .— ■■ . ". " : VW" .. ■ . ' » » v - ^ > 

queue (up), fall in, stand in formation, be lined up, 

be aligned 

to choose, select, pick out, cull ^J, \ ( j[^- 1 : »k'- 1 

selection, choosing, choice, »U£l ijQ»-l : elLialal 

picking out, pick, culling 

natural selection; selection (J ». -jy ilikLsl 

selective, eclectic 


a . i^Ja^o 

to flap, flutter 


to chatter 

(il-All oj tiii^ 

to knock, shake, tremble 

(j\zZ'j\ e~)A&\ 

to warm oneself 

UoJ' iyikuJ 

convention, conventionality, tradition, lJjc- : r-iLLol 
usage, practice, custom, consuetude, habit 

conventional, traditional, formal, ij 1 ,^ ' -^k^l 
customary, habitual, common, usual 

idiomatic; technical 



rJLaj iuflj — p- olxi 

to agree on, accept, adopt 

->i»^l sjLt 

to pluck out, tear out, pull out,J«i>U-l 4 %LS I : JlL^I 
pull up by the roots, uproot, deracinate, root up, 
root out, eradicate, extirpate, exterminate 

synthesis, synthesizing 4,..^,\J1 Jj^kll, ,-Ljl -c l- U „ l 

» ■' ifll A*" I J — » ■' ifll I>Q ! C- ' ■' U.yml 

artificiality ilcLJilsl 

to order (to be made), com- 

to synthesize 

i'.'^Jl JJI'jlll ' "' 

g- 1 '" 

aJ-oj *>• \ j — L_ilt>o t *-^oj 

summering, summer vacationing, (a)estiva- cJLJal^l 

to be or become difficult, hard ujuo '-_- jig 1 

•>» «.■ ■ * .-." »- »>», - . 1 

~~- - 

j i^i' 4 |»_^t : ji^^j 

determination, resolution, re 

solve, decision, purpose, intention, intentness, will 

bond, tie; relation(ship),ii}lp liLlj :(j-»ljl r-) i'^T 

-5- - - ". * --.* , , . t 

to fish in troubled waters _^CJI *Ul J jU»I»I 

to summer (at), (a)estivate (at), pass or (_,) L»U»lel 
spend the summer (at) 

to have (take, eat) break- ^lllaJI ^lll> 3jU :tu1Lo\ 
fast, to breakfast 

y t ..,.a. r . „ . I »>lj — fLol 1 ly i . „a.» jijl :» I Ji > tfl 

to be dyed, tinted, tinged, col- OjIj i • : r- ■ ■' ; V- I 
ored, painted, tinctured; to be pigmented 

stable, barn J'.V^ I 


- 1— lUJa^l 

' (— iImJ^I 

collision, clash, impact, bump, hit, ^ Iki jl : »ljJaIol 

encounter, clash, shock, battle, dJUil :»IjlLw>I 
combat, fight(ing), conflict 

to collide (with), clash (with), (_>) pj jl : (_,) » 'iV-. l 
run (into), bump (against), strike (against), bang 
(against), knock (against), hit (against) 

to clash, encounter (in ^jjjl 4 iillj^.1 : >jlLw>I 

battle), come into conflict, fight, combat, battle, 
engage in battle 

storax (oL) S[^o\ 

to line up, align, Li^> J (Ua^jl jl) i_juj :LiJa^l 


\ \A 

- - ■ 


to root, found, give <iy i o-J i Lj15 ^L»l *J J*r : J-e' 
a firm foundation (to); to consolidate, make 

to establish the origin of 

origin, source 


basis, foundation 


- « . » 

genesis o>*- 

descent, lineage, stock, ancestry, pedi 
gree, parentage, extraction 

cause, reason <_«-.: J** I 

theoriginal (i»»_J jl (_jI^J) J-»il 

originally, at first, initially, primari- J^"5ll j i ^L»l 


not at all, by no means, (ij-^) tli i Uii :%e\ 
absolutely not, not in the least, never 
principles, rules, fundamen- jtcly i «(5^C> : Jj-»l 

tals, elements, basics, essentials, rudiments 

n > ,- t i 
proprieties, decencies, eti- dJ^LJl i_>ljl :J>ol 

quette, rules of decorum or conduct 

ancestors, forefathers, fore- *»>-l : L) ajJj\ J>ol 
bears, grandfathers, primogenitors, progenitors, 

properly, tjyo^i liij i 6yo Ml (J* ' J>>» *' i_— j- 
according to rules, in conformity with regulations 
or principles 

,- . > tit' 

Li U»» J^""' o>>l* 


assets and liabilities 

cr 1 


to put into fire, consume J^l i jUI aJ^-jI : jlel 
with fire, burn, make burn, set on fire 

to warm, heat ,^it~. : (^Uo I 

reform, reformation; repaiKing), reparation, r^»] 
fixing; mending, overhaul(ing), restoration, recon- 
ditioning; correction, emendation, making right, 
setting right, rectification, adjustment, reme- 
dy(ing), redress(ing), making good, making up for; 
improvement, amelioration, betterment 


-- ■ 

to find difficult, find hard 

more difficult, harder; more ardu- *?>**» j£ ' 

ous, tougher; more complicated, more complex 

to lift (up), uplift, raise, ele- j*~a> Alii- i «jj : 
vate, make ascend 

aJU** jA*0 *j»-Ij— oJu»- jX43 

torticollar, wry- i-i^l j *Ij ^»j _^J<»Hj c_jLo» -.jjus 

to listen to, hearken to, give or lend one's J] ^yuo 

ear to, pay attention to 

listening; attention f \jLo 

j*~0 «*-lj— JJUO 

smaller, littler; younger; junior; minimum, jiu3 


the smallest, the littlest; the youngest >^>^l 

the heart and the tongue 

caper (^Ly) uLel 

. '• * -, « 

^Lo £j>-lj - J (>>!»- 1 : J ,jiu?l 

(blood) transfusion f jJI Ju : jliujl 

to empty, void, vacate 

61 Jua^l 

'• « , - . f 

' . * - i'» 

to yellow, become (turn, grow) yel- yuo\ jL*:^Lel 
low; to pale, become (turn, grow) pale or pallid 

yellow; xanthic, xanth-, xantho; pale, pallid, ji^o\ 


yellow fever, yellow jack 

yellow race 

cholera \'ji£ :>UMl i\'^k\ 

saffron and gold l^i-o J I 

barracuda, spet (<iL— ) ^^iuol 

>>, * , , , , i » 
to be firmly rooted, firmly established <Ju>l jw.j :J-«I 

to be of noble origin, J^^l ^^ ol^ • J-»l 


J^ 1 

\ \"\ 


to deafen, make deaf 

to be or become deaf 



solid, hard 

massive il lj>=* "ll iiL C^. tJi^L* i o.'n.« : 1*j I 

irrational, surd [oUilj]l*jl 

endocrine [ «L»-I J jlji)ll jULL :_ol 

endocrine gland, ductless gland 

to silence, hush, quiet, shut up oS— 

i c.i .d.» : ~ol 

< , - . 



i" \ ' ' ' * 

^■L*^ ! r*^A^I 

to exude gum 


reddish, russet; blond, fair (ujJJI ) 

more correct; more apposite, more apropos, ^yo\ 
more relevant, more pertinent, apter, more to the 

woolly, wooled; fleecy U^>l 

proper, regular, in accordance Jyoyi ,_ylk. O>o' 
with the rules, conforming to regulations or 

legist, jurisprudent, jurist, schol- JlmJii :^l>*>l 
ar, expert 


bedpan; potty, pot, chamber pot, ij^j : u a~*o\ 


original; of pure origin, of noble origin, high- J-. a I 
born, wellborn, pedigreed, purebred, thorough- 
bred, full-blooded, of full blood, of good breed; 
genuine, authentic; pure, true, real, pristine, un- 
touched, uncopied; inherent, intrinsic, fundamen- 

late afternoon, time o_^llj j-a*}\ ^ cJij '-iSrf^ 

before sunset 

principal; constituent [ Oy \i ] J_^> I 

• 3k I 

-3k I 

land reform; agrarian reform, agrari 


reformative, reformatory, reformational 

reform; remedial 

reformatory, house of correction, work- 
house, borstal; penitentiary 

to draw, unsheathe, pull out <_...■»., 

boa, python i'j^S { Ji\ :"i!La\ 

to repair, fix (up), mend, overhaul, make whole, wile I 
restore (to good condition), recondition, rebuild; to 
reform; to reclaim; to make right, set right, put 
right, right, correct, emend, amend, remedy, 
rectify, adjust, put in order; to redress, make good, 
make up for; to improve, ameliorate, better, make 

to reconcile, conciliate, make peace ,^J_j -*Lo \ 
between, make friendly again, restore to friend- 
ship, bring together, reestablish normal relations 
between, bring about an agreement between, bring 
to terms 

better; more virtuous, more righteous, more pLo I 
pious; fitter, more fitting, more suitable, more 
appropriate, more adequate; more competent, 
more qualified, more eligible, more efficient; more 
useful, more serviceable, more practicable, more 


bald, bald-headed, hairless 
baldhead, baldpate 



original; genuine, authentic; pure, true, real 
pristine, untouched, uncopied; initial, earliest, 
first, aboriginal, primeval, primordial; primary, 
prime, main, chief, master, fundamental, principal, 
basic; radical 

native, indigenous 

LT™*^ * 


cji jj-i : tX&\ 

cardinal points 

<lJi\ ol^LI 

cardinal number 

J. • » *- - 




-V ]-'■'■ 

prototype, archetype 

j , « •> - >- 

V J*° 

\r . 

tJ o\ 

'•' - ■ ■ .... ■ — — w 

alone, not to mention, not to speak of, to say 
nothing of, more than (that); moreover, further- 

additional, extra, further, supplementary, Ia^\ 

supplemental, auxiliary, added, spare, fringe, ancil- 
lary, accessory, secondary, subsidiary, collateral, 
reserve, side-, by-; more; plus 

overtime U_p-I jl <LiL»)ll J*«JI oUL 


{jb'j* oCj) ilL»J : LI Li I 

to be or become foggy, misty, i_>CaJI j^£ jLo : i_-«il 
murky, cloudy 

file, dossier i_«Ju t i_*L : ojL-jl 

to file •jL-*'! j ■J"*- : j— «' 

ambi- JjjLju <)>♦— j «jJj U^ J|,*^.l ,J*. jjli :,L«Jjl 

dextrous; ambidexter 

' -T ' -1' ''• 1 
file, dossier i_iu i i_*L. :^>^< 

to weary, bore, tire; to annoy, irk, ^x-aj iX**- '-j»ue' 


to make lie down; to prostrate JA-^' 

ujajsl iu>- 1 j - «j»«o I 

to become, grow, turn (into); to bejjLo t 7«-~ol '■{ye^ 
to get or come to a point where, reacR a stage 

to begin (start, set about) to do I JS J*Jl> fj*J> I 

Greater Bairam 





to make (someone) laugh 

laughingstock, butt, joke 

sacrifice, immolation, u^ 
offering, oblation 

i '''■ - s '-i 

JJ ^Lil p-lj-JJ jjj <J* jj-I :J* j-il 

to marry a second wife, add a S^Jj Jx. r-j> : ^« ■ 

second wife to one's household, be or become 


- - i' ' 'i i ' \ 
to be or become blind, lose ,««* 1 1 jj^i jU> : j*&\ 

one's sight 

strike; walkout (J^ 1 c^) V 1 ^] 


judicious, prudent, well-advised, saga- lil^JI J~»l 


to return (to), go back (to), come back (to) jU : Jo\ 

to become jU> : Jo\ 

to light, light up, lighten, illuminate, ojli I : £(JJI tLol 

illumine, furnish or supply with light(s), fill with 

light; to shed (throw, cast) light upon, spotlight, 

highlight; to enlighten (the mind, etc.), illuminate 

spiritually or intellectually 

to shine, beam, gleam, radiate, Jj^lit^l fLel 

flash, lighten 

lighting, illumination; enlightenment Sjl) : Sslil 

to lose, forfeit; to mislay; joj i J-jb I i j^S- i jii : f Li I 
to miss, let go by, let slip, omit, neglect, throw 
away, fail to make use of, fail to take advantage of; 

to waste, squander, spend uselessly 

- -. « , - * 
to ruin , destroy SI* I : £w> I 

>. ~~ - - » 

L-j1^*^ *J»- 1 J — 4jl_^d 5-W91 

to waste time, fiddle away (one's(iiji-) oijll f L»l 
time), fritter away, frivol, loiter, idle, fool around, 
dawdle, dally, trifle, twiddle one's thumbs, do 
nothing, kill time 

loss, losing, forfeiture; missing, throwing away; icLo) 
waste(fulness), wasting, squandering 

to add, subjoin, join, annex, append, J^J I i "^o : LiLo I 
attach; to supplement 

to add, say further uijjl :(SlJl») <_»Lbl 

LJ I .a. ",...! 


•Ln ■'■■■ 1 

moreover, furthermore, further, (Ijl) liUi <JJ eiil 
what's more, more than that, besides, in addition 
(to), over and above 

addition, subjunction, annexation, ap- JjbJJ :iiUjl 
pending, attachment; supplementation 

addition, increase, increment, Sj^Lc i SjUj, :i»U»l 
growth; raise 

addendum, addition, appendix, Jj j i Jj»L. : iiLbJ 
annex, extension, supplement, appendage, adjunct 

genitive construction; construct state; [ iiJ J i» Lb I 

in addition to, plus, along with, (Si j) JJ iiU>)IL 
together with, as well as, over and above, on top 
of, other than, aside from, apart from, besides, let 



•■'y. ' ■• • •• 

need, urgency 

compulsory, coercive, forced, forcible, ob- ^jl^Jril 
ligatory, mandatory, imperative, necessary; press- 
ing, urgent, exigent; emergency 

emergency landing, forced landing (ijl^Lil -k>r» 

burning; flare, blaze, flame Hj ' 

to be or become dD j I i jjij-li i JliJ : <" - T , U ;. | 

confused, disturbed, disorganized, disordered, dis- 
arranged, deranged, unsettled, muddled, jumbled; 
to jumble, clutter, run in disorder or confusion; to 
get all mixed up; to be or become agitated, upset, 
troubled, disquieted, uneasy, restless 

to tremble, shake, quiver, quake, rJu»- 1 : > ■ J 1»> I 

to burn, flare, flame, blaze, catch fire, be on fj ** ^ 
fire, be afire, be ablaze 


assumption (oO, undertaking (oO, J>I : j OLLujI 
taking on or over, takeover, taking upon oneself, 
shouldering, carrying 

to assume, undertake, take over, take ^y : j »JLLil 
on, take upon oneself, shoulder, carry 

persecution, oppression, tyranny, injustice, jULil 

to persecute, oppress, tyrannize, aggrieve, j^J^I 

weakening, enfeeblement, debilitation, sap- <JUi! 
ping, undermining, devitalization, enervation, at- 
tenuation; softening 

to weaken, enfeeble, debilitate, sap, undermine.Lijuil 
undercut, waste away, devitalize, enervate, un- 
nerve, attenuate; to soften 

chimera(s); confused dreams 



to give (to), grant (to), accord, J* ill I : J* JLe I 
bestow upon; to irnpart to, lend to; to reflect on, 
cast on; to project on; to attribute to, ascribe to; to 

to finish, perfect, give Jc ij»H\ ol_Jui J*. A 
final touches to, give finishing touches to 
projection [^J.Uil 

■ • 

hunger strike 
retraction; digression 


iJC l—>\j^o\ 


oU-j_yi jo«I :jljj»l 

J^» Jf 'J _ j'j-il 
harming, hurting, damaging, injuring, (_,) 

doing harm (to), causing damage (to), wrongdo- 
ing; harm, damage, injury, wrong 

polygamy, polygyny 

kindling, lighting, ignition; burning, setting on »ljj> I 
fire, setting fire to 

to strike, go on strike, stage a strike; (jUJl ^) IS^J\ 
to walk out 

to go on a hunger strike f. UJ I ^ L>'j^» I 

•' --'. , •- ,-'- - '' \ •"- - - • * 

to stay in, remain in, abide in lUt : j Lj^»l 

to make (the teeth) dull; to set (the (oLl^l) y-jlbl 
teeth) on edge 

to kindle, light, enkindle, ignite, inflame; to »j^>l 
burn, set on fire, set fire to 

recumbency, lying (down), resting, repose f UJvil 

to lie down, lie on one's side, repose, rest; to *ikkil 
recline, lie back 

to compel to, force to, <JJ li j t J* ^li- 1 : <JJ ^i-i I 
oblige to, coerce to, constrain to, impel to 

to be compelled to, forced to, obliged to, <JJ j u\ l 
coerced to, constrained to; to have to 
disturbance, confu- dJlJ jl < J^ij t iiX -i_.l u\l 
sion, upset, disorder, disarray, disarrangement, 
disorganization, jumble, muddle, clutter, mix-up, 
mess, hugger-mugger, turbulence, tumult; uneasi- 
ness, unquiet, inquietude, disquietude), agitation, 
unrest, restlessness, restiveness, anxiety 

trouble, disturbance, unrest, com- <_■-*■ ■< .l J li>l 
motion, riot, upheaval, tumult, turmoil, disorder 

disorder, ailment, illness, [i_J»] j!jLll :^J\Ja^>\ 
sickness; -pathy 

neuropathy * '.Jt. *^\J^o I 

psycopathy ^_ij 3 \ Ait. i_,I^Lil 

compulsion, constraint, coercion jLi- 1 : jl^Jril 

emer- *^ <*■**■ y °jjj*> < fjjJ\ °-& '-j\ji>^>\ 
gency, exigency, (pressing) necessity, (urgent) 


comply with, accede to (someone's wishes), yield 
to, submit to, surrender to 




to surround, encompass, Jji» t -> J»tl :-> l»U»I 
encircle, round 

to know (thoroughly); to be or be- _. pi : -? iJU> I 
come acquainted with, familiar with 

<_>U> «>-lj - JU- i jl j :(_»U»I 

to bear, stand, tolerate, endure, put up Jlkj : jU»l 
with, stomach, sustain, support, suffer 

unbearable, intolerable, unendurable, insup-JlL *i 
portable, insufferable 

endurance, toleration, bearing, standing, Jlkl :iiU>] 
putting up with, sufferance, sustainment, sup- 

to lengthen, elongate, extend, prolong,!* <. S^> '■ JU»I 

prolongate, protract, stretch out, draw out, drag 

."- ~ - * 
to keep someone waiting a long time <llt JU> I 

to expatiate (upon), elaborate <j-kJI jl f^&Jl cJU> 1 
(on), enlarge (upon), speak at great length (about), 
discuss at length, write in detail (about); to be 
lengthy, long-winded, detailed, prolix 

to stay (for) a long time, stay long i\Q\ JU> I 

to prolong someone's life (of God) s^e «Sl JU> I 

lengthening, elongation, extension, prolon- x. : i) UjJ 
gation, protraction, stretching, drawing out 

long-windedness, lengthiness, pro- (-.l^Ll :ilU>l 

lixity, expatiation, elaborateness 

- t 
delicacies, dainties, delights 4-jUjI 

occlusion [4-M (uL^^O <3U»] 

closing, closure, shutting); shutdown JLil :JLL»] 

> > . *. . 
attack, offensive, assault, charge, on- (y*n : jLJ» J 

slaught. onset, onrush, rush, raid 

occlusal [ l-J» J J-i U» j 

to cook *li» : jJs) 

to close, shut <_£Jicl i Jiil : j»J»i 

to cover, cover up Qac. : jlk I 

to darken, be (become, grow) dark pit I : ,_jJ» I 

to fall upon, ^c jUi-l J^i 1 J* j^»* : J* J^J> I 
bear down upon, swoop down upon, rush upon, 

♦ ="? 

error; delusion, deception iJjJLol 

hiding, concealment, secretion, harbor- »U»-I :j|^bj 
ing, mental reservation 

ellipsis L**'JjW'! 

elliptic, elliptical [iiJ] lijlfo] 

to vanish, disappear, evanesce, fade away, "J»uJs\ 

melt away, dwindle, wane, decline, decay, die 


disappearance, vanishing, evanescence, J%t^o\ 

fading away, dwindling, decline, wane, decay, 


to hide, conceal, secrete, keep secret, (j**-' : j*«ol 
keep to oneself; to harbor, entertain, cherish 

to emaciate, waste away, atrophy, J j» I : j-*i I 

make lean or thin 

, , , * ' „•» -• « 
to exhaust, wear out, wear away, J_y» I 1 &+> I : ^JJa I 

sap, fag; to emaciate, enervate 

,,•< --.» -• » 

to emaciate, waste away, ener- iJjwjI 1 J_^l : i£>i>l 

vate, unnerve; to weaken, debilitate, sap 

to waste away, pine away, <Ju*j> <. Jy> : iSy*\ 

languish, weaken, be or become weak; to be or 
become emaciated, lean, thin 

narrower, tighter, closer; more confined, more J^-il 
limited, more restricted 

t_*lj9 «flj — Lli aJuu>- :t_iUal 

to overthrow, topple, bring down JaiL.1 : ( ->) ^Ual 

overthrow(ing), topple, toppling J»Ull : (_>) X^U»] 

^li> «-lj-jii») <d«» :jll>l 

framework, cadre; sphere, field, domain jUai : jUal 

setting, sur- ilo 1 ila^fM *-*j^i '>»■ ' j-*j : j^>! 
rounding circumstances, environment, ambience, 
milieu, atmosphere 

frame; rim ^.j^j •j>> a " j^J 

tire (of a wheel) ^V 0-1 ^ utJI ^*\ 

tube, inner tube yf^"'" 1 " " t ^ 3 f^ ^\ 

„ s s ^ - 

frames, rims SjLkJI jU>l 

to obey, follow, be or become obedient to, ^Ual 



thesis, dissertation, paper; treatise **J J 4»' 

vermicelli { ^ r s. [y, JSLi » <? ^^il : i,^ I 

feeding, nourishment, nourishing, alimentation flail 

to feed, give to eat, nourish, aliment »A> I 

to command, dominate, Li^il t Jc ^il : Jc uiil 
tower over, overtop 

to fill up, brim 

:*> #c 

to extinguish, put out, quench, smother, oli- 1 : Uj>l 

inguish, put out, quench, sm< 

to blow out £iJL, (wll wJl)tlil 

to turn off, switch off rJJ ?^i)l jl j^JI lli* 

to slake, hydrate 'jj.\ /\ [ r lfl\ Hi I 

to quench «|J ^'.Ull l tli* 

extinction, extinguishment, extinguish- j|,i- 1 : « UJjl 
ing, putting out, quenching; fire fighting 

blackout t*^r ij\i. ',}%■ j\^i\ Sliil 

firemen, firefighters »lii)ll ^li-j 

fire engine *lii>)ll SjllL. 

fire fighting operations p lii^l oQli 

fireman, firefighter ^jUL! 

fire department, fire brigade <Cj UJj! 

to command, dominate, tower over, Li^tl : Jc *J^\ 
overtop, overlook, look down upon 

to come, approach, draw near 

to appear, show, emerge, rise, sur- _^> i jy : Ji> I 
face, come out, crop up; to look out, peep out, 
peek out 

knowledge, information, cognizance, (^c) f ilil 
awareness, acquaintance, familiarity, conversance; 
study, examination, inspection; seeing, sight 

at sight, on sight p^'il jJx 

informing, information, briefing, noti- (^c) Oibl 
fying, notification, telling 

release, releasing, freeing, turning loose, jj^k; :JiiU»l 
setting free, liberation, liberating 


attack, assail, assault, charge; to close in on, clamp 
down on 

to agree unanimously on, be ^c il»-l : ^c jli> I 
agreed on, concur in 

to bend, curve ^^ t ^J i^l tj> jjl 

to frame, rim jU>L i>U-l : j}>\ ( ^il 

<i>l ^rlj-I^Jjl 

to praise, commend, extol, laud; to compliment; (3^» I 
to flatter 

praise, commendation, extolment, laudation, »!ji»l 
panegyric; compliment; flattery, flattering 

commendatory, commending, praising, lau- "^)Jo\ 
datory, panegyrical, eulogistic; complimentary; 

throwing away, flinging away, casting i-J : r\jJb\ 
away, discarding, rejection, disposal of, getting rid 
of, pitching, removal, elimination, dismissal, aban- 
donment, renunciation, giving up 

steadiness, evenness, equability, uniformity, i\jJb\ 
invariableness, regularity, constancy, continuity, 
continuation, continuance; succession, sequence, 

to delight, enrapture, exhilarate, entrance, vS^' 

transport with joy 

to throw away, fling away, cast away, i-J : r/il 
discard, reject, get rid of, dispose of, pitch, remove, 
eliminate, dismiss, abandon, renounce, forsake, 
give up 

to be or become steady, even, uniform, regular, ijjb\ 
incessant, continuous, constant; to form an unin- 
terrupted sequence, follow in succession 

deaf "^e\ : J,'Ji>\ 

turtledove ( y U, ) *I*^i»1 1 3*ji' 

to feature (say, tell, introduce) jj jkll. ,j'\ : LT4>I 
something new or novel or original; to innovate, 
originate, initiate 

to present with, gift with, give _> ' '-,"■ I : _, Li^i I 
(to), bestow upon 

to be (become, keep) silent, say nothing, oSC : jji>\ 
hush up, stop talking 

to bow (one's head) 


trillium, wake-robin 




see; to inspect, examine, look into 

to release, free, liberate, set free, turn j>>- : Jjlisl 
loose, set at liberty, unchain, let go, discharge 

to undo, untie, unfasten, unbind, Js- i <iU : jJJa 1 

unravel, loosen, unloose, disengage, disentangle, 

detach, free, release 

to loosen, unloose, slacken, unstring; ^-j\ : jJJa I 

to relax 

to launch; to ciii niju i t:>-I 'J-»j' ^J^' 

release, discharge, issue, emit, emanate, send out, 

give off or forth, let off; to eject, throw out or off; 

to shoot 

to divorce l^i- j j c-ili. j I 4l»- j j J|ii> : JjU* I 

-'" ' T'i ^ 
to generalize ^s- '■ Ji-b I 

to purge; to loosen or relax -uki jJJ iljjJI jJJa I 

the bowels (oO 

to fire jUlji^^ljill 

to run away head over heels, beat ^jU <J\~. ^U> I 

it, hurry away, rush away, shoot, dash off 

to release, discharge, let go, free, set *»- 1 j~ jU. I 

free, set at liberty 

to bail out, release on bail iJUSO «*-lj~ J^LIal 

to launch (a rocket, missile, etc.) jJJ U jjl^ JU. I 

»- . *'.-'- - -\ * 
to utter, emit, send, let jJJ ixjwb jl iaw-^ ii"» ' 
burst forth, raise (a cry, laugh, etc.) 
to name, call, designate, dub liS" ^.1 aJLc jLtl 

to give free or full rein to, give vent J ^\i^\ jil» I 
to, unleash, release; to slacken the reins (of); to 
indulge in (pleasures, etc.), give way to (one's 
desires, etc.) 

to let one's beard grow, grow a beard * :]\i l pA> I 

to shell, fire guns at, Jt JjLiJI jl «ilail jU.1 
open artillery fire at, attack with artillery fire or 
bombs, cannonade, cannon, bombard, bomb 

to give a free handi_>_ r ^l)l «L>>- *J ^^LU 1 1 » jb J^Lb I 
to, give unlimited authority to, give a wide latitude 
or scope of action (to), let someone do as he 

to be openhanded, freehanded, gen- 
erous, liberal; to give generously (to), grant liberal- 
ly (to), bestow lavishly (upon), donate graciously 
rags, tatters iJlj J^l Jjlptl 



undoing, untying, unfastening, '$*■ <. lili tij}U»l 
unbinding, unraveling, loosening, disengagement, 
disentanglement, freeing 

launching; release, <_»JS t r\j*-\ <■ Jl~j) :J^U»j 
releasing, discharge, issuance, emission, ema- 
nation, sending out, giving off or forth, letting off; 
ejection, throwing out or off; shooting 

generalization f^ju :S&±>\ 

shooting, firing, fire, jLJl jl ^i^Jl J^IM 

opening of fire 

release, discharge r}j-* J^J»j 



■ J*W 

bail, bailment 

parole ^ij^ r}j- J^i»J 

launching (of rockets, etc.) jJJ jyjI^aJI J!il»] 

absolutely, without «Lt:'J % :j}U>)ll Jt 4 l*^U»j 

absolutely not, never, liik. : J}U>)II Jt i tf^J 
not at all, not in the least, under any circum- 
stances, under no conditions, on no account, by 
no means, by no chance, in no case, at no time, in 
no way 

command; scope ^s. («JJ *-»>•) '-''j-! -i^) J^>] 

of view 

>> > > 

appearance, emergence, emer- j^i 4 jjy : J}U>j 

sion, rise 

J^U,1 ^Ij-'JUj 

atlaS Jai\ j±- <Cy*?j* l ,j I ji&r JJ-a* • y>U» ' 

- •> -*. * 

satin; lutestring ^JiJ^ £r- i : o-'-°' 

Atlantic c/r^' 

to acquaint with, inform of j j-*-l i j lUI : ,_^t j)J»l 
or about, brief about, apprise of, advise of, notify 
of, let know about, make aware of, bring to 
someone's notice, tell about, report to; to reveal to, 
disclose to, show to 

to put forth, (»JjJ3!- **-\ji j' uljjl) ollJI «JlU 
shoot, sprout, produce, send out 

jii ^Ij-'ji! :oCJI jJil 

to know (oO; to be or become aware of, cog- J* jJJ»l 
nizant of, acquainted with, familiar with, informed 
about, conversant with; to familiarize oneself with, 
acquaint oneself with; to learn (about), come to 
know (about), find out (about), discover, detect; to 




light, revelation, disclosure, uncovering, exposure; 
illustration, shedding light upon, making clear, 
clearing up, clarification, elucidation, explanation; 
expression, declaration, indication 

to show, demonstrate, mani- i^jjI i 7w>jl i 1 >-j 'jt*' 
fest, evince, display, exhibit, present, produce, 
bring out, bring into view; to bring to light, reveal, 
disclose, uncover, expose; to illustrate, shed light 
upon, make clear, clear up, clarify, elucidate, 
expound, explain; to express, voice, utter, declare, 
indicate, state, set forth 

to acquaint with, inform of or J* vLL> I : J* _^> \ 
about, brief about, enlighten about, let know 
about; to show to, reveal to, disclose to 

to grant victory to over, make <Jm *!»»■ : J* j^> ' 
triumph over 

to return, give back, restore, restitute; to »- jl : j* I 

send back; to bring back, take back, turn back; to 

put back, lay back, replace, place back; to reinstate, 


to repeat, reiterate, iterate, redo, say or jj£ : jUI 

do again or anew 

to restore, restitute; to reinstate, J^jL «-ujj Jj jUI 
reinstall; to reconvert, change back 

to rehabilitate J-aU* ji iS»*i\ J j^r*-^ J^l 

to discharge 
to reorganize 

• . * > > 

to remand; to remit JjL «J»j J J p-»il 

to bring back, revive, reawaken »JJ oL^i JJI jUI 
(memories, etc.) 

to remind, bring to mind, bring "aj,\ Jl JJ jUI 
back, call up, call forth, evoke, summon up 

to rejuvenate Jj v^—" J ^' 

to reprint (a book, etc.) jJJ v^f f4-k J ^' 

to reestablish, restore, resume oli^UI jUI 


to refund, reimburse, repay, (Jj ty-u) "iJL. jUI 

pay back, return 

to retry, <Cj»i jl <3>tJ j ^JaJI jUI i i^Uill jUI 


to redeploy (-»-J-l ^ ol^iJl) jlt^il jl j-Li jUI 

J I jttl 



to be (become, feel) (re)assured, tranquil, (Jj) oUJ»l 
peaceful, quiet, calm, at ease, serene, untroubled, 
free from worry or fear; to be (become, feel) 
secure, safe; to trust (in), have confidence or faith 
in, rely on; to find reassurance in, derive confi- 
dence from; to make sure of, reassure oneself of 

j, >> , '* - -■• ? 
to arouse someone's ambition *a-y*±> j\i 1 : jvjpl 

.- j, , . , ,' * 
to look up to, raise one's glance to *JJ o j-aj *vJ» I 

(j) jlL p-lj-U) J*il 

expatiation, prolixity, verbosity, verbiage, V^J»J 

long-windedness, wordiness, redundancy, circum- 
locution, periphrasis; exaggeration 

to expatiate (upon), elaborate (on), enlarge ( j) c-Jjl 
(upon), dwell (on), discuss at length; to exaggerate, 

'&£> £»-lj -^U- :ii>J»l 

iipail p-lj-li^il 

dugong, sea cow 


j^-b ol>;J- :f>ii 

better; more pleasant, more agreeable; more 
delicious, tastier, more savory 

delicacies, dainties, delights 4-jU> I 

jp»j j^-'j ~(i>* j' -?) ^~! 
^ • ' ^ ' - *, * 

gannet, booby cS^v ^^ : trs*' 

-*' ''."i * 

to darken, darkle; to be (become, LLL. jUo : (JLbl 
grow) dark, dusky, gloomy, tenebrous 

to make thirsty J^**- '■ UJ»' 

show(ing), demonstration, «.! ju 1 4 j- 1 



manifestation, display(ing), exhibition, presenta- 
tion, bringing out, bringing into view; bringing to 

a* #= 

. ■ i 1 . 1 i i 


to, hearken to, pay attention to 

lending, loan(ing) »j*J 

secondment, seconding, transference), ^J]oy Sjlcl 

ration(s), daily ration(s) 

to hinder, hamper, impede, obstruct, block, jl* I 
(en)cumber, handicap, stand in the way of, make 
difficult or slow the progress of; to delay, retard, 
slow, put off, hold up; to prevent, restrain, detain, 
hold (back), countercheck; to frustrate, thwart 
hindering, hindrance, hampering, impeding, ill* J 
obstruction, blocking, blockage, encumbering, 
handicapping; delay(ing), retardation, putting off, 
holding up; prevention, restraining, detaining, 
holding (back); frustration, thwarting 
to provide for, support, <&Im ^,1 ( ojjL ^ l» :Jil 
sustain, maintain, keep, subsist, supply with suste- 
nance, be responsible for someone's support 

Jlc «j>-lj — yiiil ' <JUt j£ :JLtl 

sustenance, support, maintenance, provision, i)l*J 
providing for, keeping 

Ojlc p-'j 


help, aid, assistance, support, backing; »jieC :iil*j 

relief, succor 

subsidy, i-JL ojlcL- • i<>i^ « f-^-j lA^jbL- . :iilcl 

grant, subvention, allowance, contribution, 

benefits), monetary aid 

to enslave, enthrall, subjugate .». «: , .1 : .u* I 

manumission, emancipation, liberation, jj^ : j'U*J 
freeing, setting free, disenthrallment, enfranchise- 
ment, release (from bondage or servitude) 
release, discharge, freeing, exoneration, Ja- :jh*] 
redemption, disburdenment, disengagement, relief, 
absolution, acquittal 

cataract jl. :,j1aJ1 *— a* flij 

considering, deeming, regar- JjJ» « C>L-»- « J* : jW**! 
ding as, looking at as, taking as, holding, judging, 
rating, thinking; opinion, view, idea, notion, sup- 



. '■' . r 

to review, revise, reexamine, recon- j jli:!! jtcl 
sider, reappraise, go over (again), run over (again), 
check (up again) 
to repatriate <uJ> j J 1 ( li». "51 j I l^j- 1 ) jl* I 

to bring to, revive, reanimate, restore ,-t^J I <JJ jlcl 
to consciousness 

return(ing), giving back, restoration, V, 4 fU- j] : » J*J 
restitution; sending back; bringing back, taking 
back, turning back; putting back, laying back, 
replacement, replacing, placing back; reinstate- 
ment, reinstallment 

repetition, reiteration, saying or doing jl JZ : SjIcI 
again or anew 

restoration, restoration of the ^jL «J»j JJ Sjlil 
status quo ante, restitution, restitutio in integrum; 
reinstatement, reinstallment; reconversion 
rehabilitation Jr?Lll j' 0*"^' j' j Li "ill SjI*I 

ijL-aJI jl y^bl 5 jUt 1 

&,'* ', . 
T»l.,r.ll ojlcj 


reinsurance, reassurance 


(5j*jdl Sitcl ti»-jJ (jijl 4^£Lau Jl (3^cjJI ojlcl 

■ , > ' I 

remand(ing); remission, ^L vijj] ^j^ail jl 


rejuvenation, rejuvenescence 

reprinting, reprint 

_)LJI ojL| 

iJJall oltl 

reestablishment, restoration, resump-oli'^LII SjUI 
tion (of relations) 

refund(ing), reimbursement, re- ( fy-u) Jl* »jttj 
payment, paying back, return(ing) 

retrial, <L-o» jl iS>tJ j ^Ji-JI 5 jtcl i <u^U»ll SjU I 
rehearing, trial de novo 

redeployment (ol^ill) jli^jl jl j-H otcl 

review, revision, reexamination, recon- jJiJI 5 jUJ 
sideration, reappraisal, going over (again), running 
over (again), check(ing) 

repatriation ^^11 <JJ (^r&l jl lil^O °'^J 


to lend, loan jl*l 

to (3_>-i <*J»j j L»>» J!»jJJ <j-i-jI : Lt^ jl*l 
second, transfer 

to lend or give one's ear to, listen <LcL> li jl o jUl 




to learn a lesson from, take (a) j Jiuu 
warning from, learn from, take an example from 

to knead (»JJ { j^lai\) jauk' 

to be (become, feel) self-important, self- *— k^ "xu.\ 
conceited, proud 

insignificant, trivial, trifling, negligible, -b -lJu "il 
inconsiderable, unimportant, worthless, fractional 

to trespass, transgress, encroach upon, Jx- tijlcl 
make inroads upon, invade, infringe (upon), 
impinge upon, entrench upon, intrude upon; to 
aggress against, commit an aggression or a hostile 
act against, engage in aggressive or hostile action 
against; to assault, attack, assail 

to rape, violate, assault, ravish Sl^.1 Jx. (ijucl 

* - ~a 

to attempt the life of, make an 0^ <>L»- Jx- i5a^ I 
attempt on the life of, try to kill 

aggression; assault, attack, offensive; ((J*) fljiel 
trespassing), transgression, encroachment (upon), 
inroad (upon), making inroads (upon), invasion, 
infringement (upon), impingement (upon), en- 
trenchment (upon); outrage; wrong, wrongdoing 

[-1 a S * a * 


nonaggression pact »l-ucl . 


*, , 

lJUfrl >JIX 

: ji-uci 

self-importance, self-conceit, self- 
esteem, pride 

moderation, moderate- J»l^ij jl <J^k; fjx- : Jlj^el 
ness, golden mean, temperance, temperateness, 
reasonableness, reasonability; mildness, clemency 

equinox <j^S" j' (jji-^ - ' JIjIc^I 

autumnal equinox, fall equinox (j?J>^' JIj£*^II 

vernal equinox, spring equinox (j^rlJ^ <J l-jult "iJI 

■ t - 
equator Jl.ux.^1 J»- 

equinoctial colure Jl-ut^l oil 

equinoctial ^Jljlcl 

to be (J^fJait _^x ^.i, .'■«■. (j\& , ijlJU- |j;j Jal^i : J -Ufcl 

position, assumption 

consideration, regard, es- Slxl^» . fl^^l : j'-r^' 
teem, respect, honor, deference, reverence, ven- 

account, worth, im- i^>- . ijl^L. 4 <L»al : jL-Xx-l 
portance, significance, moment(ousness), weight; 
prestige, dignity, (high) standing, rank, stature, 
credit, authority; favored position, superiority 

point of view, viewpoint, <LJ_j- 4 _^ki ijsr-j : jl— ic- 1 
standpoint, outlook; approach; consideration, re- 
gard, respect; aspect 

regard, respect, relation, 

learning a lesson from, taking (a) JjLJ j : _; jLfcJ 
warning from, learning from, taking an example 

from, as of, starting, beginning, effective ^ IjL^x-l 

in the capacity of (in his capacity as), liS" ojL^x-l 
as, qua 

' f s - f a 

in view of the fact that, tjl jL^-l Jx . o' jL-^cL; 
with regard to the fact that, considering that, 
inasmuch as, insomuch as, since, as, because 

for political considerations ^-"^— ^jljL-^-c-^ 

rehabilitation jLix^l (olxl jl) jj 

nominal, titular (^-.j ilijLlcl 



arbitrarily; at random, haphazard(ly), U»Licl 


arbitrary; random, haphazard, spot 


to consider, deem, regard as, jiicl . i_-_ s- . jx- : 
look at as, take as, find, think, hold, judge, rate, 
reckon, suppose, take for 

--'a i - * --'. 

to esteem, respect, honor, ^ j±*-\ . Ja- 1 : .^xl 

regard, revere, venerate, reverence, hold in es- 
teem, have great regard for, value, prize, look up 
to, think highly of 


I "-■ ■■ ■■ ■ ' -•■'■ - '- ..:.>.■:■.. . ■ -.;■. -*Q > 

to pride oneself on, be proud of, glory oneself _> J&\ 
on, boast of 

to trace (back) one's descent to; to J J j\ J lijlel 
descend from, be related to, derive one's origin of 

pride , glory , boastG ng) j \y& I 

retirement; isolation, seclusion; privacy l -"j>-- c ! 

retirement from service i»jjLI Jlj^cl 

to retire (from), withdraw (from); to isolate Ll jic I 
oneself (from), seclude oneself (from), detach 
oneself (from), saparate oneself (from), dissociate 
oneself (from), part with 

to retire from service or work, go w)J i.oil J^c-} 
into retirement; to step down from an office, abdi- 
cate a high office or position 

-' • 



sit-in, sit-down, stay-in i_j'j-*V' o? £> >Laicl 


clinging (to), (<_^c) ikilk. 4 (_>) tJilli :(_.) fLa^cl 

adherence (to), maintenance (of) 

resorting (to), taking shelter (Jj) *jjJ :(j) fLa^c} 

or refuge (in or with), seeking protection (in or 


to form a league, a clique, a gang, a group, etC u . ^iV cj 

to strike, go on strike JIjJI je. ^^Lc\ 

j~a£- Vr'j — j iVi'f-l 

to cling to, adhere to, hold fast to, keep fjJ : _> (wait} 
to, hang on to; to maintain, keep (up) 

to resort to, take refuge -> jj»i»-l 1 JJ uJ : -j ...a Vj- .j 
or shelter (in or with), seek protection (in or with) 

to sit in, stage or carry out a ULa^l JjJ :,..a ij -l 
sit-in or a sit-down 

to have patience, take patience, be Jr^> i ?- * ~* -\ 
patient, persevere 

to keep silent, maintain silence, holdc~~aJl ,..a ' . 'j .j 

one's tongue 

to ask for (call for, appeal for, seek) oLl-I : 

or become moderate, temperate, reasonable, mild 

to be or become straight, »\i~...\ ( (j^L.1 : J-i^cl 

erect; to straighten up, draw oneself up, sit up, sit 


apology, excuse j'-^! 

apologetic, excusatory iSjlJuc) 

to apologize, make an apology, excuse oneself jjucl 

to befall, afflict, hit, strike, seize, attack, <_.£>! :ii^c| 
come over, come upon, happen to 

objection, exception, protestation), rls*^»-l •t/'b* 6 ! 
expostulation, remonstrance, remonstration, repre- 
sentations), demuKrer), demural, challenge 

demuKrer), demural, [o>>l»] Jj ' v-J '-J°\j~£-\ 

exception, objection, challenge;, rebuttal; plea; 


veto, right of veto ^I^Zc^l Jp- 

recognition (*JJ ^ai^. /\ jJjj jl «»•>£») L3\j^c\ 

confession, acknowledgment, JilJ <. j\ji\ :d>\j^c\ 
avowal, owning, admission, admitting, allowing, 
conceding, concession 
confession [i-jljwai J dt\^s.\ 

in recognition of -j l» I 

confessional oi^^t 

to climb (up), creep 

to object to, raise an objection to, ^o- 1 : <_^c <>>.^c \ 
make objections to, protest (against), remonstrate, 
expostulate, demur at, take exception to, except to 
make representations against, challenge; to veto 

to demur (at), [oyli] (^lail J*) jj 1 jJj '• o^-r^! 
except (to), take exception (to), object (to), chal- 
lenge; to rebut; to plead 

to inter- <d _jl aJ_j j u a J lc\ i ^i^— o^-^l ' u*s~ t 'l 
cept, block someone's way, get in someone's way, 
stand in the way of, interrupt the course or 
progress of; to obstruct, hinder, impede, hamper, 
prevent, keep 

to confess, acknowledge, _; J— <■ -> ji\ : -> <-*jZz\ 
avow, own, admit, allow; to concede, grant 

to recognize *«Jj ^a^l. jl aJj j j\ "UjXjy L>j^c\ 
to make a confession, confess [ i_l I j^ai j ij/i I 


l n U*.V. I 

— ■« i »«"S""g»i»g i ?aaig;: i a 



to fight, struggle, wrestle 

to clash, popple 

pjLaJ ij^il : ^J L * C ' 

to be agitated, troubled, in commo- ^>J^o\ : p^\ 


, - -■> ^ '^ - — » 

reliance, dependence, trust, ilS 4 jI^-1 4 JlSJl : i\^\ 

use, using, employment; ?-LJl 4 ^Z 1 <Jl<»f-i : A^\ 
adoption, taking up; following, observance (of), 
compliance (with) 

sanction, approval, ap- J>J> <. ili\y t j\ji\ '■ *[**■[ 
probation, authorization, confirmation 

accreditation (of diplomats) ( ( ^_ r «.L.>LjJl) *\<^-\ 

credit, loan >-t., L J 4 o\£\ ■ J l~*| 

fund(s) (JL. ijy : J^l 

approbations (ii jl^. jl iJljfr? j) olj^l -. s\£z\ 

* "•>■>,• , 

documentary credit i$.i : . v . ■>!<-£} 

• » •« , 
self-dependence, self-reliance (j-*^' cj* J lc~*! 

credentials; letteKs) of credence jt^i^l ijljjl 

letter of credit (^!U) j|,fcl «_>U»»- jl «_.LV 

irrevocable 9yr^ J^^ ^ j^I (-jLU*- jl i^LS" 
letter of credit 

opening or initiation of a (letter of) ^Ic-t^' ^j 


to rely on, depend on, count jiiiJ 1 JSol : Jc 

on, draw upon; to trust (in), have confidence in; to 

use (as a basis or authority), invoke, resort to, put 

into use; to be based on, founded on; to base on, 

found on 

to lean on, recline on, rest .i".„ I 1 fc I : Jx. .uji I 


to use, employ; to «j; I 4 ^J± 4 JlL^- 1 : -u^c I 

adopt, take up; to follow, observe, comply with 

to sanction, approve, approbate, autho- ji I : 
rize, confirm 

' s- ' » s '• 
to accredit, provide *JJ li^L. j I U- L^L j 

with credentials 

,l y j ?gf"S..y^y 

the help (aid, assistance, support) of 

to put on a coat, etc. 

<u jl <~>y$\ • ' *•">. * 


to be or become dusty, covered ^^> *i>>lj \jiut\ 
with dust or earth 

to roll in the dust 

I'Jjl j j.^1 

to manumit, emancipate, liberate, free, set j^p- : J£c I 

free, disenthrall, enfranchise, release from bondage 

or servitude 

. i - * . - ',* 
to release from, discharge from, ^ J»- 1 : ^ J^t I 

free from, exonerate from, redeem from, disburden 

from, unburden from, disengage from, relieve 

from, absolve from, acquit from 

„ •» -. « 

older, more ancient ^oil :J£cl 

belief, conviction, persuasion; faith, creed; jli^c I 

tenet; doctrine; dogma; opinion, view, judgment, 


arrest, detention, apprehension, seizure, intern- JUuc I 

ment, confinement, custody 

concentration camp J lilt "51 1 j£Lu 

to believe; to think, consider, deem, hold, 
regard as, take as, suppose 

to arrest, put under arrest, ^j**- 4 Jc Ja^ : Jiuc \ 
take or keep in(to) custody, detain, apprehend, 
seize, hold, jail, intern, confine 

to constipate t£C~.l : i\*j.*i\ jl (JaA\ JilcJ 

t* - - '• 

to be tongue-tied, speechless, unable to ajU Jiuel 

to seclude oneself (in, from), isolate (^ 4 j) 1 »Cvc] 
oneself (in, from), retire (into, from), withdraw 
(into, from), live in seclusion (in, from); to remain 
(in), stay (in), abide (in), keep (to) 

to be or become sick; to be or fall ill J°s* '■ J^\ 

to ascend, accede to (the throne) tr^ (J-^l 

ascension, accession jyS : »^**} 

illness, sickness, ailment, disorder, JL. 4 Jej* : J^**| 
disease, malady, invalidism; -pathy 

paramnesia o^l-Jl JliL^i 




, - - . s <-- . « 

to speak or write in an inimitable f^lSlll j j^»tl 
manner, be wonderfully eloquent 

lean, skinny, bony, scrawny, emaciated J jj^. : t-jiyfr I 

- *.- . » 
one who speaks incorrectly; speak- r>-^f>* j^ '■ >** ' 

ing incorrectly 

dumb, mute, speechless ltj* - ' : r 3 **' 




non-Arab, foreigner, barbarian; ^^ j~* • t^"* ' 


i - - • \ 
Persian c*"J^ '(jf 8 !"*' 

miracle, marvel, prodigy, wonder *;>»•* ' 

Mira [tiili J L>>ic3l i_-i^S i^^aitl 

to prepare, ready, make ready; to fit, fix (up), ' jlc I 
adapt, arrange, dispose, set (in readiness), set up, 
dress; to make, produce; to develop; to work out, 
draw up, draft; to design (for a specific function or 
purpose or end), intend (for a specified use or 

i-l «-!, 

to infect (with a disease); to communi- ( Ja^>) i£j*I 
cate, pass along, transmit (a disease to) 

to run, make run, set iSj** ***>■ 'iij»-' .(i-icl 

to help, aid, assist, support, back jil> i j^aj : (3 jx. I 
(up); to render victorious, make or let triumph 

ijs. il»-Ij-(jjx Ujji«) jIjlcI 

preparation, preparing, readying, lei jj~a* : jIjlcJ 
making ready; fitting, fixing, adaptation, arrange- 
ment, setting (up); making, producing, production; 
development, developing; working out, drawing 
up, drafting 



to visit, go to 

to put on or wear a turban .ULjJI ^-J :_ 

to rankle, irritate; to boil over, be or become S^*\ 
agitated or upset 

embracement, adoption, profession, espousal, jlUc I 
taking up, following 

to embrace, adopt, profess, espouse, ju^ 
take up, follow, believe in 

to embrace each other 


to wail, lament, cry 


to acquaint with, inform about (J* aIL I : J* ^icl 

to lead to, guide to <J* J * : J* ^it I 

admiration, good or high opinion, favorable V^"*! 
judgment or view, good impression; satisfaction, 
pleasure, delight; fancy, liking, fondness 

inimitability, miraculous or (O^ ul>ll jl»cj 
wondrous nature (of the Holy Koran) 

to appeal to, *i \j ^ o r -.djtalW jl ly^\ *-) 
please, delight 

to admire, have a good or high opinion of, _< 
think highly of, judge favorably, be highly or 
favorably impressed by, have or take a good 
impression of or about; to like, be pleased with, 
deem good or nice, find handsome or beautiful; to 
fancy, have a fancy for, have a liking for, take a 
fancy to, be fond of 

to be or become conceited, self- 
conceited, vain, vainglorious 


^> ^ — — ! 

i>j* Jf 'J -o^'j*' 

turning away from, avoidance, shun- ((/) <>>lj*) 
ning, keeping away from; giving up, abandonment, 
relinquishment, renunciation 

symptomatic I i_J> J ,— i I j* I 

. ■ * 

to express, utter, (jit I i c$ ju I < ^ j~c : ^ cjj* I 

voice, give expression to, articulate, declare, state, 

announce, enunciate, indicate, bring out, make 


to analyze, parse iJ5Jl jl iui-l Ujtl 

to lame, cripple ^ j*l »^-o : r>e ' 

-. * 
lame, cripple r>e ' 

». ,• , , ,. * 
to marry; to consummate the marriage (s I jJl ) ^jt I 


to turn away from, avoid, Juj t ^ -u<> : ^ u^J 6, ' 
shun, keep away from; to give up, abandon, relin- 
quish, renounce 

to take root, strike root; to be or become JZot : tiij* I 
deep-rooted, firmly established, ingrained 

to cherish, hold dear, treasure, value i_*»- 1 :'jt I 

greatly; to love; to like 

single, unmarried, celibate 

(ii»o) cj)*' 


unarmed, armless, weaponless, 

insolvency; financial straits (J.IU) jLe 

left-handedness (ijLjl jlJI Jl,*-^ : jl— tj 

to be or become insolvent; to be in financial j_* 
straits; to be in straitened circumstances 

left-handed, left-hand, sinistral; °l j-r* J?^ : j-* 

more difficult, harder 
night-blind, nyctalopic 

LjI^mC' aj^Ij 

I— >H^1 I imX 1 

in preparation, being prepared, j I a*"}! I (jui jl) e-i 

in the making 

preparatory, preliminary lSjIj*! 

preparatory school 

• • ^ -* " •' • 

capital punishment, death f '-**)" *j>«* «(■!■»* I 



death sentence, capital sentence 

capital crime 

to straighten, make or put straight ^Sy <■ r y : <-l J* I 

to execute j (Ij*)II ȣj- iij :*j*l 

to hang, halter, gibbet, execute by 

to electrocute 

■ -*, -*^ «*^ .. 

It iSy 

,r -a- --.? 

r- 1 

to guillotine, behead with a guillotine iLaiil >ocl 

to deprive of, dispossess of oli I : « at I 

,"■ -- . < 

to be or become poor, be reduced to jui I : ajs. I 


to excuse, forgive, pardon jit ijjcl 

* * ,, , ,' . * 
to be excused, have an excuse I jjjl»- ul^ : j J* I 

he who warns is excused j ii I ^ jit I 

- '.' -'•'.•. 

l_iii «j»1j -UlJJJ*] 

Bedouins, nomads, Arabs of the desert jlo :u>lj*l 

syntax ^!3lSl)l u^^J JLt :olj*l 

analysis, parsing iJ5Jl jl iui-l J-iki :v'j*' 

inflection, declension o|,15JI j*-ljl jj-ju ^'j*' 

expression, express- *ljJl i ((jt) jjJu" :(^) cj!j*I 
ing, voicing, uttering, utterance, giving expression 
to, articulation, declaring, declaration, stating, 
statement, announcing, announcement, enuncia- 
ting, enunciation, indicating, indication, bringing 

an Arab of the desert, a i_. ^ll I ^ (^ j jj : J«j Ij* I 

Bedouin, a nomad 

sy ntactic(al); analytical); i_. I ji^L jJUi. : ^ I j* ] 
inflectional, declensional 


maximal, highest; superior; major, supreme; the 
most magnificent; paramount, the most important, 
the most significant 

«, .< a - < • '. « 

to exempt from, exonerate from, 1^1 i J»- 1 : ^ ^ I 
free from, release from, relieve from, discharge 
from, disburden from, unburden from, excuse 
from, dispense from, absolve from, acquit from 

to let one's beard grow, grow a beard 4J-0J ,ju. I 

exemption, exoneration, freeing, *l^l 4 ji- : »Ucl 
release, discharge, excuse, absolution, acquittal 

to be or become grassy, grass-covered v_Jt^lt I 

hurricane, cyclone, tornado, whirlwind jLa*l 

remission, pardon 
Arabian gazelle 




- olocl 

to follow, succeed, come after; to >!> < »_J : eJic I 
ensue (from), result (from), spring (from), arise 

to beget, sire, father, procreate; to have <> j 1 «_." 

as offspring, be the father of 

to end well, succeed f ■ 


to stupefy, stun, astound 

1 jut- : Atfi 

, , .< ~-. < 

,ji»jl :>icl 

»- ,-, '. < 

to promote, further, advance, a^U* jl <dc ^1*1 
boost, foster; to raise, elevate, exalt 

higher, highest; «*jl i^.-.! ijelll ijel 

uppeKmost), top(most), head(most), more (or 
most) advanced; supreme, superior, paramount; 
loftier, loftiest, more (or most) exalted, more (or 
most) eminent, more (or most) sublime 
maximum, maximal, highest ( _ r o» I : ^s. I 

above, supra, hereinabove, hereinbefore, in »ys\ 
the foregoing 

above-mentioned, above, aforesaid, »>*l j/i. 
aforementioned, previously mentioned, (the) said, 
(the) same 
high seas, open sea j^l yfkl 

«>-1j-[(_-jpJ L_>LatL) jjj :>_ 


l»«altl «>-lj-(v>ael 

white-footed, having a white foot imoc 1 

chough ,-*"■■ I i_j I ji. i i^"~- 1 

to be or become problematic, complex, difficult,J-ac I 
intricate, enigmatic, puzzling, mysterious 

the disease has defied all ?Q»'ill j\jl\ jlJu-.l 

.nedical skill, has puzzled the physicians 

to give (to), grant (to), donate (to), accord (to), ^at I 
award (to), bestow upon, confer upon; to present 
(to or with); to offer 

Jl £-.!;- J % J±*\ 

to give lessons '-jjJ u«e I 

to administer, give, apply (a medi- »JJ fljj jacl 
cine, drug, etc.) 

Jit j^-lj-^L. ,jJ»cl 



giving, granting, donating, donation, according, *Uacl 
accordance, awarding, bestowal, bestowing, con- 
ferment, conferring; presentation, presenting; of- 

damaging, spoiling, spoilage, impairment, oUac] 
ruin(ing), destruction, wrecking), wreckage 

to damage, spoil, impair, ruin, destroy, wreck l-Jic I 

greater, bigger; more grandiose, more imposing, /Jac I 
more magnificent, more splendid; more important, 
more significant 

the greatest, the biggest; utmost, maximum, Jal'Jll 




# # 

to declare war etc. on 



to declare, state, announce, annunciate, pro- jiel 
claim, promulgate, enunciate, make public; to pub- 
licize, give publicity to; to advertise; to inform, tell; 
to notify, give notice to; to deliver or serve (notice, 
summons, etc. on or to); to herald, usher in 

Jnu. •»■ I j — ii^«tf 4 Jl»-« : <*^lc 1 

more general, more common, more universal, ^i. I 

more sweeping, more massive, more prevailing 

, . t >. t. - . < 

to blind, make blind { j>s. I e j~e : ijU- I 

- - f - . * 

blind ^r^J 1 -*»l» : (j**' 

populating, population, peopling; building, con- jl^l 
struction; development 

jl* g-lj-J^I 

to populate, people, make inhabited; to build, j*e I 

construct; to develop 

- . < 
blear-eyed JUe I 

J*t gr-lj - J»el 

to operate, run, work, actuate, put into opera- J** I 
tion, put in action, put to work; to employ, use; to 

to reflect on, ponder on or j ,j» JJI jl j51oJI J** I 
over, think about or over, consider carefully, busy 
the mind with 

to put to the sword, massacre, J oLUI J-* I 

butcher, kill 

to distress, afflict, torment, 5 -lJ! j **» jl : cue I 

agonize, make suffer, harass, oppress, overburden, 
bring hardship upon, throw into difficulty 

to oppose, resist Jo^c < jjlc : Ju* I 

.. '. /■* " - '• * 


more violent, more vehement, fiercer, -£' 
more intense, rougher, harsher, harder, severer, 
more drastic 

J^*ll Jj^ : J-*' 


at the highest level; top-level, 



oil* jrlj-Jit l;u 


.St I 

promotion, furtherance, I iS" ( pLlL. jl) 0^ >SLcl 
advancement, boosting, fostering; raising, eleva- 
tion, exaltation 

information; informing, notification, notifying, »5t] 
telling; communication; notice 

4JLj pj.lj-^111 J5Cj 

information(al), informative, informatory ,_. Stj 

iJL^iL. »»-lj -<L«5tl 

declaration, statement, yicl j-ua. t jl*i,l :65tl 

announcement, annunciation, proclamation, pro- 
mulgation, enunciation, making public; publiciz- 
ing, giving publicity to; advertising, advertisement 

announcement, notice; declara- *% < uk : O^UJ 
tion, statement; proclamation 

advertisement, ad; publicity, advertis- JjUo : oSU] 


commercial, advertise- (~)J J^cl il i ^jjJ^Ij) uSUI 

ment, ad 

poster, bill, placard 

declaration of independence J^jLLL.'ill o^*J 

declaration of war v/-' oSUI 

classified advertisements, classified 4j>~. ol>*J 
ads, classified advertising 

to feed, fodder <-»l* : ^* , 

to apply leeches ji«JI vij : JP^-I 

to inform of or about, tell about, let know (-») (J*l 

about, bring to someone's knowledge or notice, 

notify of, apprise of, advise of, acquaint with, 

make aware of, report to 

having more knowledge, more Lie jS\ : (J* I 

knowing, more learned 

-. « >. 

God knows best fJ*' *6l 



■ " 



Aga Khan (s-*J) uU lei 

to succor, relieve, aid, help j^aj i o&.\ : tile I 

succor, relief, aid, help iSUI 

! to raid, invade, harry, attack, ^U i ly. : Ji jUI 
assault, make a foray (a raid, an incursion) against 
or on; to maraud 

to make jealous S^^ill Ji 4Jui- i^lil 

raid(ing), invasion, invading, attack(ing), (Ji) S^UJ 

to enrage, infuriate, anger, mad- J^-l i i_«ail : i>UI 
den, incense, irritate, exasperate, acerbate, embit- 
I ter, fret, peeve, vex 

enraging, infuriation, angering, mad- oLail : <Ujl*l 
dening, irritation, exasperation, vexation 

* '■ I * '1 

-.,■» , '* --• * 
toraisedust jUJI jU I :j*cl 

to be or become dusty, dust-covered jUJI ^x. r^l 

to be or become dust-colored , j LiJ I u>L; j U> : ^i I 
dingy, roan 

-■• .- -• » 
dust-colored, dingy; roan jLJI 0>k ^j^cl 

dusty , dust-covered j UJ I 0> L»j : ^ I 

dark ,1k. : jLi I 

s - » „.* ,• » 

dim, dull, cloudy, misty, hazy, ( _ r U« i jujI r^j^-il 

foggy, fuzzy, blurred, blurry, filmy 

to backbite, slander, calumniate, *iljj ^ *jIc :i_»til 
malign, traduce 

to be or become angry with, furious at, (^.) iitjs I 
enraged by, irritated by, vexed by; to rage, flare up, 
storm, seethe, steam, boil, flame up with rage, lose 
one's temper 

to assassinate, murder, kill ( I joi) Jli : Jli I 

joy, happiness, delight; exultation, jubilation, iL^i I 

to be or become glad, happy, delighted; ja^c I i )a£* I 
to exult, rejoice, jubilate 

W-" ■■■■- '" ■"■ - 

. ■! — I 

':'f' yag"" - ? 'tgan 

Jj>«- jrij "tJ'i^! 

to bend, twist, curve, crook, warp, distort; to be r-jcl 
or become crooked, bent, curved, twisted, warped, 

crook(edness), twist(edness), curve(dness), rl»-.jcl 
curvature, bend(ing); distortion; deviation 

-■ * 
one-eyed j »c 1 

cecum, blind gut jjc^l [^X\ jl) ul^lail 'j>*^l 

* > 5 ~- o * 

J>«- Jf 'J ■ 

to lack, want, need; to be in liS" o jyo i luS" o j^il 

need of, in want of, lacking, wanting, deficient in, 

short of or in, destitute of, devoid of; to suffer 

from the absence or deficiency of 

.> ,. < 

to wail, lament, cry 



to fatigue, exhaust, weary, tire (out), <. 


to disable, incapa- tiCjl t Ji ^'.a'.,.",'... I 1 3**' : ^ ' 
citate, make powerless or helpless; to defeat, defy 
or thwart someone's efforts; to baffle, nonplus, 
perplex, puzzle, confuse 

to be or become tired, fatigued, exhaus- o«J : Ci I 
ted, weary, faint, feeble, weak 

to find no solution or way out, fail; not iLi.1 <c^el 
to know what to do; to be at one's wit's end, at a 
loss, baffled, nonplused, perplexed, puzzled, con- 

fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness, weariness, t_Jo : *Lcl 
lassitude, languor, inanition, weakness, feebleness, 
faintness; prostration, collapse 

inability, incapability, powerlessness, ^s. : *Lcl 
helplessness, impotence 

to have a numerous family 
aga, agha 




1 * 

to be or become grieved, sad, ljLS'J '0>- •(*-*! 

gloomy, depressed, dejected, dispirited, distressed, 
upset, worried; to grieve, sadden, gloom, worry 

to plunge, submerge, dive Lr kc i ^,-^1 '■ j*~*\ 

U-*^\ ^J~ LT* 16 ! 

to be or become rich, wealthy Lji- jL> : u^ 6 ' 

-^ . -* ~"* 

to seize the opportunity, take the L»>J1 jU^cl 
opportunity, avail oneself of the opportunity, take 
advantage of the opportunity, embrace the oppor- 
tunity; to take occassion (to) 
backbiting, slander, calumniation, calumny, V^! 
malicious gossip 

assassination, murdeKing), killing J^! 

to nauseate, sicken, disgust, make sick 

to shower with, load with, heap upon, 
give generously (to), bestow liberally upon 

J»ji v>-lj-^U.I jj£\ 

to be long and luxuriant (y>-^0 cuj-ktj 

to mend one's pace, hurry, hasten, <ui jl ^_UI jc' 
speed, run 

to suppurate, fester, matter, form or ^jJ-l it I 
discharge pus 

honorable, venerable; re- fs~** ' o^r* ' ->*>■ • J* 1 
spectable, estimable; respected, esteemed, honored 

distinguished, eminent, illustrious, out- jjL : j±\ 


noble; magnanimous, gen- t£ i J-J i <-JuJ~ '■ j&\ 


*,- * 

handsome, beautiful J^r ' Cr-* - : j* ' 

having a blaze (i^-' Cr*) u^W ***-^ J : ■/*' 

-"• » -'. ? 
to seduce, tempt, entice, lure, allure, ii>il : ti^e l 

inveigle, invite 

* - - '. * 
to incite, induce, instigate, urge, impel, Jco- :c$^*1 

prod, goad, spur on 

to excite (stir up, cause) enmity ,^-j »_)la*JI c$^il 


to be deceived by, beguiled by, misled p j»- : j j& \ 

by, deluded by; to be lured by, allured by, enticed 

by, inveigled by; to be dazzled by 

to be or become self-conceited, conceit- *~JlL> jZ±\ 

ed, vain, overweening 

emigration, expatriation, absence (or v^" '-vb**! 

being far away) from one's homeland; separation 

from one's native country; exile; life away from 


alienation, estrange- iJ>j i ^-r'\ <-hj* '■ t -Ar*-\ 


to emigrate, expatriate, go to a /l»iy : ^J-^l 

foreign country, leave one's native country, be far 

away from one's homeland 

to ladle, scoop (up), dip out ( - J j- ; *! 

to spin Jj* : <-!_>**] 

washing (oneselO, wash; bath(ing), f l<*f-} : J'—?*! 
taking a bath; showering, taking a shower 

(performance of the) ritual [i~.}LJ ijyj^] JL^cl 

to wash up, wash (oneself); "f^-\ ' *»-*j J-* : J—-*! 
to bathe, take a bath; to shower, take a shower 

to perform the major ritual [i^^LJ i*;j^] Jl^j 


to be deceived, cheated, beguiled, bluffed, (jic '-(J^l 


to suspect of deception or (ji-JI *j ^ :o^i 

cheating __ ^^ 4 ,. 

extortion, exaction, forcible jl/jl ' f}j?\ : y'- fl * c ! 
(violent, unlawful) seizure, usurpation, disseisin 

rape, ravishment, violation (5 1 j* I ) <-j Lofc 1 

to extort (from), wring >j I i p _>^ I : (^ ) '■■ *i" p } 

(from), wrest (from), exact (from), take by force 

(from), usurp (from), take over (from), disseise 

(from), seize unlawfully (from), rob (of), deforce 

(of), deprive (of), dispossess (of), strip (of) 

to rape, ravish, violate, force, (•! j*\) t-~a^} 




Creek, Grecian If'ij^l 



to be or become thorny, prickly 


to darken, be (become, grow) dark JLJ»I : jllll ^s, I 
or tenebrous 

* '■ 1 ' ' "• * 

- '- "\~ * -.1 
to choke (_^uo <i«- : ,_^ac I 

jjiUJ £r'j ~~ *Lacj 

angering, enraging, infuriation, exas- iiUI : i_>Lae I 
peration, inflaming, irritation, vexation, provoca- 

to anger, enrage, infuriate, mad- ^ys-\ i J>Lcl : '• '-'r. I 
den, exasperate, acerbate, inflame, incense, irritate, 
vex, annoy, embitter, peeve, provoke 

to immerse, plunge, dip u-Jat ' <j~**- : Ja* I 

omission, leaving out, skipping, slight(ing), JU£ I 

neglect, ignoring, disregard, overlooking, over- 
sight, nonobservance, inadvertence, inattention 

to omit, leave out, drop, skip, miss out, slight, Ji* I 
pass over, bypass, neglect, ignore, disregard, over- 
look, forget, pay no attention or heed to, be inat- 
tentive of, be heedless of, be unmindful of 

to yield, produce, bear, I ijij* jl 51c l Ja^\ i _pl : Jc I 

bring forth, bring in, return, pay (off) 

• .. >'^^ '* -i 
to boil JHu <1ju»- : J* I 

>,-, ' , .# '■ < 
to raise, increase, hike, up, sky- **ij : jji_JI ^^Itl 

rocket (the price) 

more expensive; costlier; more valuable, {q*) ^a 1 
more precious; dearer 

closing, closure, shutting), shutoff; locking, <j)5lcj 
lockup, bolting; sealing 

lockout ((JJUJI i-jj Jli (j* i_ljj) "tSjM> S$i-\ 
foreclosure (of a mortgage) <j* J ' <3^* J 

most (oO, the majority (of), the greater JaJw : i_J* I 

portion or part (of) 

. *. -• * . -• *. 
in most cases, mostly, ui^'l t-JJ.\ J i i_Jlcj1 j 

between or among 

seduction, seducement, temptation, >l^cl : ,l^cj 

enticement, allurement, inveiglement; appeal, at- 

incitement, incitation, inducement, Jo- : *\ji\ 
instigation, urging, impelling 

sinking; foundering 

flooding (over), inundation, overflow j^i- : (Jil ji.\ 

dumping; glutting, flooding (jjl^^l) Jlji] 

r- 1 "" 
hyperbole [iiJJ >lc :Jlji] 

exaggeration, excess(iveness), iilCi i ^i : tjl ji-J 

to do or say something strange 


<y ' : v > ' 

to overdo, exaggerate, carry to excess, «Jl : j i^ji-l 
exceed the proper bounds in 

to guffaw, laugh heartily or noisily ,oU«»aJ I J t- 1 ^' 
die laughing, split one's sides 

stranger, odder, queerer, weirder, <> \ji. ^S \ ; i^,l I 
more unusual 

j> jrlj-^jl : j Jgrill j_/l 

to attain the goal, hit <*jU>I :LJjil _>l Jo^W J»j.\ 
the mark, succeed, make it 

to sink; to founderj^u alii- :(^S'J.\ /\ z'JtJl) j^cl 
to drown Uji. -GUI i JyO <dw- i^^^JJI) (jji.1 

to flood, inundate, overflow, deluge-I. ; j+s. : (iji. I 

to dump; to glut, flood, in- Jjl^»jl jl Ji>-JI Js^il 


to overdo, exaggerate, carry to excess, iJL : j J^il 

exceed the proper bounds in 

to guffaw, laugh heartily or noisily, dL>»«aJ I j Jjji.1 
die laughing, split one's sides 

r > j^-lj-^l 
to love, be (or fall) in love with, adore, be very _; \jt. I 

fond of, be passionately attached to 
song, singing, warble, warbling 

to be bathed in tears Uy, jJI ,^1*11 c^) JjjjC 





to shut one's eyes to, wink at, 
blink at, overlook, disregard 

to put up with, tolerate, bear, 
stand, stomach 

to faint, swoon, pass out, lose conscious- aJlc ,_»* 1 
ness, become unconscious 

- - * ^ ' * 
twanging, snuffling, nasalizing; snuffler ^ I : ji. 1 

lush, luxuriant <__iJlj _^yJI ^juS' :jjil 

populous, populated, inhabited J*T ( ^.L :'^i.\ 

-•f t - >',, '• * 

to enrich, richen, make rich J y I 4 Li <dj»- : ,ye I 

- > * ^ . < "• -• * 

to suffice, satisfy; tojj»-l i^l 4^ :( t>t .) ^1 

be sufficient, enough, adequate; to be useful, of 
use, helpful, of help, beneficial, of benefit; to avail, 
benefit, profit, help; to be a substitute for, make up 
for, serve instead of; to dispense of, spare, save 

enrichment, enriching , l_^| ( Li -lL^- : »L*I 

to give as booty (to); to make or let gain or win; '~i I 

to grant (to), give (to), bestow upon 

song ilil iluil 

to seduce, tempt, entice, lure, allure, 
inveigle, debauch 

to mislead, misguide, lead astray 

ii>l :jjti 

seduction, seducement, temptation, enticement, *ljt| 
allurement, inveiglement; leading astray, mislead- 
ing, misguidance 

iguana (0 !.»-»-)<; I j* J 

pitfall, trap iSU^ : X> *cS 

delicate, tender 

(;di c^) f\i. 

^ '{X*j 'u~ : J 4*' 

cerumen, earwax 

dirt under the (finger)nails 

ugh! faugh! pooh! pish! pshaw! 

to return 

to give as booty (to) i 


^-a-LaJ I 71— J •'-Ji 


■ oUait : J* *lil 

Jit: J* rlit 


to give (to), grant (to), award (to), 
bestow upon 

to make (someone) miss (something), (^1^11 i_) bill 
make (something) escape (someone) 

1 ' 

largely, by and large, generally, in general; most of 
the time, more often than not 

most likely, most probably, in all 'Jki\ i_iil j 

majority, greater part or portion 

simple majority 

qualified majority 

landslide, overwhelming majority 

absolute majority 

relative majority 

ULL. i_lil 

to speak rudely (roughly, J^iJI j jl J^iJI J Jili I 
harshly, impolitely) to, use rude (rough, harsh) 
language toward 

thicker; coarser, rougher; ruder, Uili ^S' : Jil*l 
grosser, cruder; more antipathetic, more re 
nant; more boring, more tedious 

- . s ~. - .~\ * 

> . a 1 jr. »j>-Ij - ljUcI 


U>-J" _j-c 


to close, shut (off, down, up); to lock, bolt; to J* I 

to slam, bang, shut forcibly and noisily S^L Ji I 

to foreclose (a mortgage) 

ui> JUI 

Jiwl jrlj-JS^I la -JI :(^l) jU 
tender twig or branch, sprig -*L j-^^i : ^JLi I 

captious question; fallacy, sophism, 

to grieve, fill with grief, sadden, lJk\ 1 j'^-* : *ZS 
make sad, depress, deject, dispirit; to distress, 
upset, trouble, worry 

to be overcast (sky) i Lt " '" ' * 

faint(ing), swoon, syncope, unconsciousness, 
suspended animation, fainting spell 


to sheathe, scabbard, invaginate jIJI j Ji- jl : lui 
to plunge into, thrust into ^yj> 4 J jji- jl : j lui! 

to close or shut one's eyes 


feet (of a verse meter) J^ li I 

to get up, wake up, awake, awaken, f^JI ^ j'lj I 

to be watchful, vigilant, wide-awake, <ciic ^ jli I 
alert, on the alert 



to sober up 

jS<— /y* (jjli 1 

to come to, recover consciousness, 

*W ut ^' 


to recover, recuperate, convalesce, 

<J°J* ut t-5^' 

get well, regain health 

wanderer, tramp, vagabond, hobo, 

Ljlil l_ >l^»- : jljl 


J* 1 p-'j - Jlil 

awakening, waking, wakefulness; watchfulness, ii'UI 
vigilance, alertness; consciousness, awareness; re- 
vival; recovery, recuperation, convalescence 

liar ^Ij^idUl 

scandalmonger SiH\ euols-lj <5jU»ll jiLi :ti)UI 
impostor, swindler Jli«» : dlii I 

spices, condiments Jj'>> : *jJ^' 

epidemic, plague, pestilence; disease, blight; lesion, ii I 

damage, harm, injury, hurt; evil, bane 

-i - *'- 
blight, plant disease, plant epidemic; *^'j j *• ' 


to give or deliver a (formal) legal opinion; to ( j) ^1 
give or deliver an advisory opinion 

giving or deliverance of (formal) ^1 jj^oa : f Lil 
legal opinions; giving or deliverance of advisory 

office of mufti y^iil l-,^:.. : <. Li I 

oppression, tyranny, highhandedness, oLlil 

despotism, arbitrariness, autocracy 

to fabricate, (invent, trump up, ((JiLJI ^lc) btil 
tell) lies about, accuse falsely of, charge falsely 

to be or become opinionated, (^t) 4jl^ oui I 
stubborn, obstinate; to act on one's own judgment; 
to be or become arbitrary, autocratic, despotic, 
tyrannical; to rule tyrannically, manage dictato- 
rial^; to oppress, tyrannize, domineer; to take 
violent measures against 

to fabricate, invent, trump up jJu»- 1 : olil 

to benefit, help, profit, advantage, avail, Lii : jljl 

serve; to be useful, helpful, beneficial, profitable, 
advantageous; to be of use, of help, of advantage, 
of profit, of service 

to mean, denote, signify, J* 3 J > ^ : ( lJ ^') jli I 
import, designate; to imply, suggest 

to report (to); to inform (of Jil i ^->- I i JL I : jli I 
or about), tell (about), notify (of), advise (of), 
apprise (of) 

to state, declare, announce T-r° ' cA 6, 

to depose, testify or state (under Sjl^ ,Ji 

to profit by or from, ^ jUill 4 _, tii I : ^. jli I 
benefit by or from, derive benefit (profit, advan- 
tage) from, turn to (good) account or advantage, 
take advantage of, make use of, avail oneself of, 
use, utilize, put to use, draw upon, capitalize on, 
trade on, tap 

to obtain, get, acquire, gain l( ^t Jla»- <. i_~ S\ 
win, earn 


utility, usefulness, use, avail, benefit, 

utilization, use; utilizing, »jlir, „l i pliil 



using, making use of, availing oneself of, taking 
advantage of, profiting by or from, benefiting by or 
from, deriving benefit (advantage, profit) from 

reporting; information, infor- fb\ i jL»- 1 : Sjli I 
ming, notification, notifying, telling; report 

statement; notice CjLj iolij 

deposition; statement; affidavit; iio i s.»l+£, :5jii| 
testimony, witness 

to boil ^Li i j^ij 4i»»- ijlil 

to dwell on, expatiate upon, JZai i <_**-! : (j) yilil 
elaborate on, enlarge upon, expand on, write 
exhaustively or extensively about, discuss at great 
length, speak in detail about 

to fill to overflowing, overfill, fill p- Jj I i pit : ^li I 

to pour, pour forth, pour out, Lw» i ^X. : ^li I 

to utter, pronounce, say jJai :i»15l> ^lil 

prolixity, expatiation, long-windedness, l_>Ij_.| :iijljl 
verbosity, verbiage, elaborateness, exhaustiveness, 

. 1 >iV» l 



* * 

tory, defamatory 

assumption, supposition, presumption, pre- <>>^] 
supposition, premise, hypothesis, postulate, postu- 
lation; proposition 

hypothetical, suppositional, suppositive, ^o\jJi\ 
assumed, supposed, presumptive, presumed; pro- 
defloration (of a girl) SjlSCJI Jc* :(<>&) ^J^\ 

to raven, prey upon, (seize and) (ilo^ill) <j»>i) 

devour; to kill, tear 

to ravish, rape, violate 

to spread, spread out 

to lie down, stretch (out) 

to sleep with, lie with, go to I4I. U- :l\ Jt\ ^j^i I 
bed with 

to follow the tracks or traces of; to » J> I ^j^ I 
follow, pursue, chase; to imitate, copy 

to seize the opportunity, take U j^\ : i*oji)\ {joJ^t\ 
the opportunity, take advantage of the opportunity 

to suppose, assume, presume, s-r»" ' J -*» : u^**! 

to take for granted, presume, SIjl»- jJL : (>>>j I 
postulate, assume or acknowledge for the sake of 
argument, suppose or assume to be true, admit as 
true without proof 
to presuppose lii- jl UjjL* u°j~*\ 

to deflower (a girl) 

to separate, part, part company, go in different J^il 
directions, break off, leave each other; to be or 
become separated, disunited, divided 

to separate, detach; to pull out, tear pyi <. Jlai :,>£») 
out, extract, remove 

to deflower (a girl) 

JUo5 ru*- \ j 

l^JjlSo { Jai :(<>LjiJI) Ja^i\ 

disclosure, being disclosed; exposure, being r Uali I 
exposed; notoriety 


exhibi- Sj>»JI j\^>\ <JJ jl^> j 


4jI^ ouil »s«-Ij-4j1^ oLi| 

opening, inauguration, dedication 

b Ir-lljl 

opening, beginning, commencement, <■ ju : ^Lj I 

introduction, initiation 

opening ceremony ^Ljj I ilui- 

<LLJ t<U»- »sflj - r-Lil <LLJ iT-Lzil <Ja»- 

opening, introductory, initiatory, inaugural ^\^\ 

opening session <L»- lii I «~Jj- 

*1>-Ljl «j-Ij - <L»-LjI illi* i^-Lzil JliL. 

editorial, leading article, leader <*»-'^i\ 

editorialist, editor oL»-Li > 5ll i_JlS" 

enchantment, fascination, captivation, bewitch-ut^i} 

ment, infatuation 

to inaugurate, open, dedicate ^ j : £^jl 

*" ' "" 

to open, begin, start, commence, intro- Ijj : r^*\ 

duce, initiate, institute, launch, mount 

to conquer, capture, occupy j^UI £"■**! 

-; 6f» jf'j - -? Or**! 
mutation ojii» : *^^*| 

to pride oneself on, be proud of, glory in, j ^p^l 
boast of, brag of, pique oneself on, plume oneself 
on, preen oneself on 

redemption, ransoming (jjj:»ljuil 

to smile; to show or bare « 
the teeth when smiling 

to gleam, glitter, glisten, sparkle j^ : 'j2i I 

to fabricate (invent, trump up,(fJJ l^jSJI) oLt &_fi\ 
make up, manufacture) lies against, accuse falsely 
of; to slander, libel, calumniate, defame, malign, 
asperse, traduce, speak evil of 

(fabricated) lie, falsehood, falsity, fabrication, ^J^\ 
false accusation; slander, libel, calumny, defama- 
tion, aspersion, traducement 

slanderous, libelous, calumnious, calumnia- ^J>)j?\ 

:4jLL**i rj£, j^3 1 t Jill 




f l 

:- .- ' >-'A 

% <f" &" c -** 

confutation; dumbfounding, nonplussing, 
striking dumb 

bowlegged, varus Cr*^- " ir* i --* : g**' 

- - '.* 
to use obscene language; to be or become L £ai\ 

obscene, ribald, vulgar, indecent; to commit atroc- 
ities or abominations 

to confute, overwhelm in argument, silence with ~si\ 
arguments; to dumbfound, nonplus, flabbergast, 
strike dumb 

Eucharist, Communion 

statelier, more imposing, more ilUii ^£\ : ~i*\ 

splendid, more magnificent, more majestic, more 
luxurious ., 

'- .'':-- s -i 

to put to flight ./*> ^«r '-J [ 

iSj jj- I j - Ji i jJ»» : ti^i I 
, , .« • '.- . - ^ : 

release, J-l. i^U-J 4 ^1^- ii^U»J :<-*yV 6* £b*j 

discharge, freeing 

bail, bailment iJUSJ i->)iy> <>*• £^j 

unblocking, decon- J>^U»I < jj> 
trol, release, freeing 

setting aside or apart, separation, isolation, J_)c : jl^l 
seclusion, segregation 

singling out, earmarking, designa- u n .. n-*~ : i\ji I 
tion, destination, allocation, appropriation, assign- 
ment, setting aside or apart, marking 
individual; single, solitary; several, separate <i^j\ 

secretion, excretion, (»jy" »jL. jl) ^l>-J : jljij 
exudation, discharge 

secretory, secretive, secreting, excretory (ij'j*) 

excess(iveness), immoderation, immoderate- J»lji) 
ness, extravagance, intemperance, intemperate- 
ness, exceeding the proper bounds or limits, going 
too far 

to release, <du-_ <_jU-I i-ia-l^ Jpii.! :tiy>ll ^ r^l 

discharge, let go, free, set free, set at liberty 

---, >.- - - - •« 
to bail out, release on bail iJliXj iJy >ll ^ ryi I 

to unblock, decon- <uii» I i »j>>- : >(VJI i>t r ^» I 
trol, release, free, let go 


"'■.: , "se a 

defloration (of a girl) SjlOl j^ :(»Lj) (jiUtil 



*.« , * f t > 5 

to be disclosed, revealed, di- 
vulged, uncovered 

invention, fabrication, making up, ere- Jj}Li-l : JLJI 
ation, concoction, contrivance, devisal, devising, 

forgery, falsification jjjjJ : JU^il 

to invent, fabricate, make up, create, J^»-J : Jiuil 
concoct, contrive, devise, plan 

to do on purpose, do inten- I juc Jli t .ujJ : J*Jj I 
tionally, commit willfully or deliberately 

to forge, falsify j j j : jlj I 


need, want, lack; shortage, defi- i»-U- :(J,0 jliil 

ciency, insufficiency 

• f • , ^ • 

^ii c yii »jf I j — j^t i ii l» : j liZ» I 
•' » - i - * ~ "\ 

to miss <uail j I aj Lu ^^-a- 1 : jjui I 

uij ils>-Ij — jji :juLjI 
Ojloj jl>-Ij— ^j* Cjhj 1 mU- V j I 

to be or become poor,<JL. i_j»i i Ij^ii j^ ' j>* i^^iil 
needy, destitute, indigent, poverty-stricken; to be 
reduced to poverty 

to need, lack, want, jlc 4 Jl r^>-\ '■ Jj j^\ 

require; to be in need of, in want of, lacking, 
wanting, deficient in, short of or in; to suffer from 
the absence or deficiency of 

to assassinate Jl^xl :_> duil 

to redeem, pay off, dismortgage ^^11 dluil 

redemption O*-^' ^^**1 

^ — - '!* 

i ". -*". . . : s -: 

(j-*j ' (j-*j f^r'j — oulil 4^*1 

to stride; to hurry (,-111 j) k»l 

-r»* p- 'j - -^- 3 'ii-» '(j»j : J**' 
Uti I «»» ««-lj-«j>«il 

to separate oneself ^ J,niil <. ,jt. j*£j\ \,jt. uj^j I 
from, detach oneself from, withdraw from, leave, 

to run, race, rush lj* <.\S>j>- <-J^j '■ £*Jj>\ 

cornice, frieze, curb, ledge, eaves, molding, y_^\ 

continental shelf <Sj* j>j>\ 



Africa iliu^jt 

to scare away, frighten, terrify, startle f-^il :^»l 

frightening, scaring, alarming, terrify- *Ju^ : f'j*l 
ing, terrorization, panicking 

to frighten, scare, alarm, terrify, terrorize, (_>^»- :p\il 
panic, dismay, daunt, horrify 

to wake (up), awaken, waken, Jail : f^JI ^ s-ji I 
awake, rouse (from sleep) 

to succor, relieve, aid, help cl>ltl : t-ji I 

spoiling, spoilage, impairment i_i}Uj : jL»J 

spoiling, spoilage; cor- »JJ <_>l j^I jl JbU- jI jL»I 
ruption, corrupting; depravation, perversion, de- 
moralization, vitiation 

thwarting, foiling, frustration, JJ»»i i J»Li-l : jL»| 
neutralization, counteraction, undermining 

~ s •; -s ~ '-!* 

C~» p-'j-f j : £-»' 

to make room for, make J (»J ( I "iHk* i UISC-.) £_i I 
place for, give place to, clear a space lor, step aside 
for; to make way for, open the way for, give way 
to, yield to, clear a passage for; to give or open up 
an opportunity or a chance to or for, enable, let, 
allov, permit; to give free play (to), give free scope 
(to), give wide scope of action (to), give a free hand 
(to), give a wide latitude (to), give an elbowroom 

-'■ i -'- .~'\ 

to spoil, impair, mar, damage <_ilJl : j_il 

to spoil; ^IJ l!iii jlil c jJJ Llj^l ji 'si±H\ 'alii 
to corrupt; to deprave, pervert, debauch, demora- 
lize, vitiate, debase 

^ s, , , • * 

to rot, decompose, decay, putrefy { ^is. : j_-» I 

-», -,. » ,,•» 

to thwart, foil, frustrate, neu- JJa*. 4 Jalj- 1 : j_-» 1 

to leave, quit, clear obU-i 1 *£ jj : olSCil ^ i-^i I 
out of, evacuate, pull out of, withdraw from 
to gladden, delight, cheer (up), exhilarate, ^j* : rj\ 
rejoice, make happy, make glad, make merry, fill 
with joy 

to set aside, set apart, separate, isolate, se- '{jjc : 3J\ 
elude, segregate 

to single out, earmark, designate, u^^ap- : j^i I 
destine, assign, allocate, allot, appropriate, set 
aside, set apart, mark, design, intend (for a specific 

, , • » ,-•» 

to secrete, excrete, exude, discharge r->»- 1 : j^il 

,,' ,,' .,'* 

;- • ' - --: i- • ■" - -:» 

*«0jaJI (_^»jjjl «*■ Ij — i-o^«JI ytfjil 

to exceed the proper bounds or "JX\ jjl»- : i>^il 

limits, go too far, go to excess, go to extremes, 
overdo; to be excessive, extreme, immoderate 

hairy, hirsute, shaggy ^Jl jCS : p>* ' 

'& Cfrlj-^ ^ 
» -. . >' ,'t 
to cast, mold, found; to *i-*» jl cJu J 4i^ I 

shape, form, work; to express, articulate, couch, 

phrase, word 

to do one s Aju«j jl 4jiU» jl u^^xi jl oj$»- p^*' 

best or utmost, do all in one's power, do all what 

one can, make every effort, spare no effort, exert 

oneself to the utmost, take pains, go to great pains, 

go to all lengths, stop at nothing, leave no stone 


to frighten, scare, alarm, terrify, <-*>»- ' p- J» ' : t5j*\ 

panic, horrify 

- - < - - •* 

to lose; to mislay; to miss pU>l : J^i I 

to recover, recuperate, get well, regain yii : J^i I 

having broken teeth oLL- al :»^jl 

Europeans; foreigners **»jj*J 'pJjij 

European; foreign; foreigner l»*»0*! 

l r rench tj—'S' ' 

Trench CLj^llI iiiJI • *' ; yNI 




bjA ^^3H^2ZZ 

to arrive at, reach, get to, come to J^j : Jj ^^oi I 

to inform of or Jc <JL1»I i j *U*I : j <JJ ^^iil 
about, tell about, bring to someone's knowledge; to 
reveal to, disclose to, divulge to 

to unbosom (oneself), disem- » jjuo i)y*~i ^j^* ' 
bosom, reveal or give vent to one's feelings or 

better; superior; preferable jj-*- 1 : jjai I 

the best; optimum, optimal t>-»- »' : J-ai^ll 

■ '•* .. «• ^'** 

better off than ^ J^i I JU- j i ^ "5IU J-ai I 

at best Jl^-^ll jlail j 

• » - •» 

at one's best *i\y I J-ai I j 

for the better J-ai jI jj»j 

preference, precedence, priority ilLail 

fast breaking C^a)! ^liT i^ ijlkij 




T-L-aJI *UJ> i j>a» : jUai I 

crU' iA/* :jwkjl 

to have (take, eat) breakfast, r-Call ^UL OjLj :jJail 
to breakfast 

to break the fast, eat and i_> ji y jS\ : J CaJ I jLt 1 
drink after a fast 

to give breakfast to 
to break someone's fast 
snub-nosed, pug-nosed 
pug nose, snub nose 

more discerning, more sagacious, i-J»» j£\ : jJbi\ 
more perspicacious, more intelligent, brighter, 
cleverer, smarter 

adder, viper, asp, snake, serpent unil 

tree snake 

sea snake 

flying snake 

water snake 

garter snake 

coral snake 







, *. * , , 

<Jl»- j* 


tralize, counteract, make ineffective, undermine 

to sow dissension among, stir up discord ^4-0 juj I 
among, cause mischief among, set people against 
each other 

ji-j jo>-lj-jui :jujl 

absinthe, wormwood (^L-i) Cfcr— *' 

^- - -'', 't* 
to reveal, disclose, divulge, uncover, jH 1 LjLiS : ,^1 

unearth, make known, make public; to spread, 

propagate, disseminate, circulate 

revealing, revelation, disclosing, j^> 1 i_i^ : >llij 
disclosure, divulgence, uncovering; spreading, 
propagation, dissemination, circulation 

frustration, thwarting, foiling, balking, defeat Jliij 

- ' ;* 
to frustrate, thwart, foil, balk, defeat, abort Jli I 

litany [ijl^ii J Jl»f>l i%o '■ j^J' 

expression, expressing, giving expression (^t) rLiiJ 
to, voicing, uttering, utterance, articulation, enun- 
ciation, enunciating, announcement, announcing, 
declaration, declaring, statement, stating, bringing 

to express, give ^ < ^J»l 1 j^ o^l '-^ *«dil 

expression to, voice, utter, articulate, enunciate, 
announce, declare, state, bring out, make known, 
make clear, make plain, speak frankly about, 
reveal, disclose 

to use or express oneself in i>- Luj ~L£j : uii 1 
pure language 

to dawn 

to be or become pure, clear; to clear, 

to be or become clear, plain, j^iu I 1 »vi j : uii I 
distinct, manifest, patent, evident, obvious 

to celebrate ([/*:. "IQ p-^*JI juu JjIj-I : ^ail 

to celebrate ((3 j^JI ) »waiJI j-ju Ji^»- 1 : mi I 

more eloquent, more fluent; purer,i>-La» ^£\ :jwail 
more literary 

classical ^-%'nnll AjJJI 1 — -** 1 ^^" ' (^«uJI 

to lead to; to Cjjs- \ 1 J* acL i J] <i il : <JJ ^^ai I 
conduce to, contribute to; to cause, result in, bring 
about, give rise to, produce, generate, engender, 
create, make 


r~- — 



oU :Jjl t Jil 

to set, go down, sink; to decline, j 

fade, dim 

setting, going down, sinking; declining, fading; Jil 

transitory, evanescent, passing 

escape, getaway, getting away, slipping away; Cj%\ 
freedom, liberation, release, disengagement, disen- 

bankruptcy, insolvency, failure, ruin w^i^ 

fraudulent bankruptcy <J^—»-' o"^*! 

bankrupt, insolvent lt^^J 

Platonic ^j^jjilil 

-s" •", •* 

Platonism O^JjMil 

to escape, slip away, get away, vaLxJ i i_*j* : cJil 
break away, break loose, run away, flee, get free; 
to free oneself, save oneself; to be or become 
free(d), released, liberated 

to let escape, let slip away, let jU»l i L) A^- : cJi I 
get away, let loose, free, set free, liberate, release 

to succeed, be successful, prosper, thrive »Ji I 

to go bankrupt, fail, become bankrupt or ^^Ji I 


to escape, slip away; to slip, y<iL" i eii I : \{y>) y^ii I 

slide, glide; to evade, elude, shirk, dodge 

Pluto [dUiJyjjL :<jijiil 

to be or become moronic, L-i. oo i J*»- : J>\ ij>\ 
feebleminded, stupid, idiotic, imbecilic; to be or 
become a moron, an idiot 

moronity, feeblemindedness, f Uc i J**- : jil i ji I 
stupidity, idiocy, imbecility 

to annihilate, exterminate, extirpate, iiU»l t jU : Lr JI 
destroy utterly, ruin completely, wipe out, extin- 

to exhaust, consume, use up, Si^L. I <. .u.:.:.- 1 : ^ I 
deplete, drain; to waste, wear (away); to spend 

annihilation, extermination, extir- dJ"5u>J <. » jIj) : >LiJ 
pation, extinction, wiping out, utter destruction 

exhaustion, (complete) con-dJ}lii~l i jIl^J : f Li I 
sumption, using up, depletion; wasting, wearing 

gentleman; Mr.; sir; chief 
tangerine(s), mandarin(s) 

JJ o-lj- Ju»l 

*- - "\ 

(£lLll) ^l ULJ 

puff adder iaj li 



snake charmer jU : (<ll_)l) ,-cU jI s-f^* 

more effective, more efficacious, illlii jJ3 I : J*»l 
more efficient 

to brim, fill to the brim, fill up, overfill, fill to (j ) j»«i I 

overflowing; to load with, charge with, cram with, 

jam with 

-•* - >:1 

serpentine, snaky, snakelike, ophidian ,J \yt I 

to be or become brimful, Lli* jU> i fji\ :(->) n*'y*\ 
(over)full, replete; to be or become loaded with, 
charged with, fraught with 



to wander (about), rove, roam, Jli ^ll j vW- : &\ 
tramp, travel 

horizon; skyline; faraway lands, distant (iJli I ^) J>il 
regions, remote parts 

impoverishment, pauperization jUij 

• , .<- -,;» 

to deprive of, dispossess of, rob jib <U»- i fjj- : _ui' 

of; to cause to lose or forfeit or miss 

to impoverish, pauperize, make poor, Ijjii <U»- : jji»l 

reduce to poverty 

bucktoothed; prognathous fjiil 



to lie, tell a lie 


i 'i 


lie, falsehood, untruth; lying, telling i_>i^ :i^ij idlij 
of a lie or lies 

joke, jest, drollery, witticism, wisecrack, gag; i»j5jl 

4*1*1 > 


I :" ■ ■'... ■ ■ ' ,. ■ ■ ■■■■■■- - ■:■ ■-.■■- ^- :? 


• - : 1 


deposition, dismissal, discharge, re- (l 
moval, ousting, ouster, sacking, firing 





to raise, erect, set up, u ~. i i u-j i 4 ^ 

build, construct, put up, establish, institute, found 
to create, bring about; to install 

to stand, make stand, set up- < «• ji 4 ^yu 

right, raise; to make rise 

I 1 — Jac i 71L0I imw Ifli 
• >^ Cr? < ~" J V : f^ 

to resurrect, raise from the j^> 4 

to appoint, install, assign, nomi- 


L r .4.^3-> t (J^t • f 

:iii : :u 

to rouse, arouse, excite, agitate, stir up, 

raise, incite 

to stay in, jJLL. I 1 o-j <■ q£-» 4 ki^L» : j j I j ^ li I 

remain in, reside in, dwell in, live in, inhabit; to 

settle (down) at 

to keep to, stick to, abide by, <J* c-J : loS" Jt fl» I 
stand by; to persist in 

to hold (a ceremony, meet- *J] ilii- < Slllil flil 
ing, etc.), celebrate (a festival, etc.), give or throw 
(a party, reception, etc.) 

to institute legal proceedings against, <J* ti>* j fl» I 
take legal action against, bring suit against, sue, 
prosecute, litigate 

to prove, demonstrate, <J* ol»j~ll jl l^^' f^' 
establish, substantiate, show 

to perform ritual prayeris), ol^JuJl jl S^Uall flil 

establish regular prayerfs) 

to administer justice; to establish justice CJJJJI I 

to say Mass, celebrate 

to attach importance to; to set store by J Uj,j flil 

erection, erecting, ^r-^-U 4 >llj| 4 *L> 1 ,»■■»," :i«li] 
raising, setting up, building, construction, putting 
up, establishment, institution, founding, founda- 
tion; installation 

stay, sojourn, resi- jl y^-\ <■ ijSL. t £><£-> : i*l» I 
dence; staying, remaining, residing, dwelling, liv- 
ing, inhabiting; settling, settlement 

house arrest hj^r **\&\ 

institution of legal proceedings ( Jt) tj>* jJI i*l»l 
(against), taking legal action (against), bringing suit 
(against), suing, prosecution 

»»--' • ■•■ 


branch, twig 


kind, sort, type, variety; way; iij^ 4 9y '■ 6>j1 
manner, mode, fashion, style; form 
to make understand, make comprehend, make m I 
realize, make see; to instruct, teach 

spices, condiments J; '>> ' <>.» l» ' : » l_ji I 

- J., •« •< M 

mouths -» «^»sf 4 f^il c fly I :«ly I 

lawyer, attorney; attorney-at-law, 
advocate, barrister, solicitor 

, f C: 




pljl J_~ 


cr 1 

-> : ^' 

setting, sinking; decline, fading 

broad-mouthed, bigmouthed 

vast, extensive, wide, broad 

more useful,! jli I ^^5"! 4 SjJli ^IS"! 4 <jjb>-l 4 xiil : Jut 
more helpful, more beneficial, more advantageous, 
more profitable 


lie, untruth, falsehood; lying 


opiomania, opiumism 


opiate, opium- 

to jinx, hex, bring bad luck^jliJlj ot 1 4 ^-su : (aJlc) jl 


to make vomit, cause to vomit Li : i\i\ 

to feed, nourish, nurture, aliment; to support, otfl 
sustain, maintain, keep, provide for, subsist 


t-jji" <.<>j£ :iSLil 

0>j il oL-jl 

|j>J il <J.;-rf> 

9bJu ( ?**J-» «*• I 

-BJ 4 C lil 


(oLi) Uilll 

to depose, dismiss, discharge, re- 
move, oust, sack, fire 

to forgive, pardon, regard someone's & jlc jil Jli 
offense or lapse as undone; to steady someone 
who has stumbled, raise someone from a fall 
to put words in someone's mouth; to aLu -J L. <Jli I 
attribute false reports to; to fabricate lies against 



■ ■■•'./.'■■...■•■■,■■■■ 

to pattern after, follow, imitate _» jj 

: j u-Lil 

to trace, track, follow the traces or tracks 


of; to follow, pursue, chase, take after; to imitate, 
copy, follow in the steps of 

adaptation (of a literary work); quotation, cita-^Lil 
tion, excerption, extraction, selection; adoption, 
taking over, borrowing 

quotation marks ^Li^l Lie 

to quote, cite, excerpt, extract, take out, select; "f^ 
to adopt (from), take over (from), borrow (from), 
derive (from); to adapt (a literary work) 

to learn, acquire knowledge 1JUI ^Li I 

to take (get, obtain) fire from 
to take a pinch (of) 


JjUJ «-Ij - JLil 

breaking in(to), bursting into, plunging into, *\j*2\ 
plunge into, rush(ing) into, storming into or 
through, penetration; breakthrough, breaking 
through, passing through, running through; 
storming, taking by storm 

to break in(to), burst into, plunge into, dive into.Ikil 
rush into, storm into or through, penetrate; to 
break through, cut through, pass through, run 
through; to storm, take by storm; to embark boldly 
upon, engage courageously in; to defy (danger, 
hardships, etc.) 

to imitate, copy, emulate, follow someone's j tiJuil 
example or model, pattern after, take after, model 
after, be guided by, tread in the steps of 

imitation, copying, emulation, following (j) ►Ijuil 
the example or model of, patterning after, taking 

solvency, ability; wealth j_j iSzX. tjljJil 

to strike fire (with a flint) jUI ^ju»I 

administration of justice, judicature; JuUl <£lil 

establishment of justice 

*. - - ,^i,, 

Js« j^-lj -*-l»j Jaw 

attendance; turnout j_v^»- : cJLil 

coming, arrival, advent, appearance n**" : JLil 

approach, oncoming, drawing v'^f»' ' >J J : JLil 

embarking upon, _> fLil i <JJ t^\ Jr *>\ :Jc JLi] 
undertaking, entering upon, proceeding to, en- 
gagement in; devotion to, dedication to, turning to; 
interest in, enthusiasm for, zeal for 

(great, good) demand r-l j j : JLi I 

good fortune, prosperity, welfare J~> : JLi I 

back and forth, to and fro, up and I jL jlj "ilLi I 

to commit atrocities, commit iaw-i a^l i_iwjl :*yil 
shameful or dirty acts 

uglier; more offensive; more i»-Li jl l»J J&\ :*vil 
infamous; fouler, more indecent 

to give fire to Lj «U»tl : u —il 

to teach, instruct, educate lie : (Cic <_) ^4* I 

to approach, draw near, come Ly i L j : Jljl 

to come to, go to; to Xay\ (. ^I :(Jc t Jj) J^il 
advance to, proceed to 

to attend, be present, be there; to come, j^a»- : J-i I 
show up; to go to, come to 

to embark j JU* I t J J Li^lai I 4 J J j jL : J*, jli I 
upon, undertake, enter upon, proceed to, engage 
in; to devote oneself to, dedicate oneself to, apply 
oneself to, turn to, attend to, give one's attention 
to, occupy oneself with; to take an interest in, be 
interested in 
to pounce upon or at, rush upon eJ Ly : J* Jli I 

to yield abundant crops oLJL Joj^iS cilil 

,*i .'- . --•* 

to be lucky, fortunate; to be pros- L Jl aILc cJLi I 

perous; to prosper, succeed 

oke, oka; ounce o jj «-k»-j '■**' 

to feed on, live on; to eat; to be fed, nour- (j) oU»l 
ished, nurtured; to be supported, sustained 

*\i «-lj - jli : jl^il 
jlijl »»-lj - jliil :jLil 



to be or become r-jjj| i Jaljj| 'J-<u| :(-;) Uj^ij 
coupled (with), joined (with), connected (with), 
united (with), linked (with), associated (with); to 
unite (with), associate (with); to pair, couple, join, 
form a pair 

to get (be, become) married (with, r-jjj : (_;) oj£ \ 
to), marry, wed, take a(s) spouse; to join hands, 

become husband and wife 

[* i - ' '** 
*L>-IJ ojX\ 

division, dividing, distribution (among them- ^ Ljj\ 
selves); sharing, partaking 

J* j-* Jf b ~ J* J-3\ 

to divide or distribute among themselves; to 
share, partake of (with others) 

to avenge oneself on, revenge q* Jujl : (ja uOuj\ 
oneself on, take revenge or vengeance on; to 
retaliate upon, make reprisals on 

u°* Jf" 'j -j j~ 't^* - '<-$-JJ '-u^i 

economy, economization, jujj : (<j>Ul)ll j) .sLaiil 

frugality, thrift(iness), providence, husbandry, 


economics, political economy jLjj^I As- i jLaj| 

-•«•», •„, 
free enterprise >»■ jUoj} 

handicraft economy (j?-/?* ■ 3 ^'! 

political economy 


.jMiLmi jLaU 1 


„ *■> J • 

directed (guided, (jJJ j-i* 4 ,1» >»■»*) *»->• jLujh 
planned, managed, controlled) economy 

• • * ■ i ^ • 

economic jLaj'il Jl«j jl jLoj^Ij ^U-i^jLaiil 

UnTii « luyl j — A .. glTn .« : (3^ KnTt 1 

economist i^jLojI Jlc nijLoiil 

economically L jLoj j 

economy, economies, economics ol jLoj I 

economic geography ij jLa^i I Li I ji»- 

to economize, tighten one's belt; to be econom- 

to be or become poor, needy, j_SJj 1 i<JL Ji i^l 
poverty-stricken; to be reduced to poverty 

J 6 ^» Jf'j-J^ : <J* ^j' 

to read, peruse «JU» 1 1 ji : Ijiil 

approach, oncoming, imminence; appro xi- <_>l^l 

suggestion, proposal, proposition, offer; Hv?'' 

motion; recommendation 


Ijjlu jl JW14 


borrowing, raising of a loan; loan, advance (jil^l 

voting, vote, ballot, poll(ing), casting ofoj^aj : f \jZ\ 

ballots or votes 

universal suffrage ^Icpljiil 

commission, commitment, commit- i_jI£JjI :l»\j^\ 
ting, perpetration, perpetrating 

coupling; (close) connection, ^)y <■ J>Ljjl : i)\j£\ 
(close) union, (close) association, link(age), linkup, 

marriage, wedding, matrimony r-ljj : o\j£\ 

conjugation [ f L»-l]o'^»l 

conjunction [iiUi]ol>il 

mapping, function [oUilj] ij\ J ^i\ 

to approach, approximate, come (aJJ jl <*-^) o^ii] 
near or close (to), get near or close (to), be near or 
close (to); to border on, verge on; to draw near, 
come, approach, near, impend, be imminent 

to suggest, propose, offer; to recom- Jo jc : rjS\ 

mend; to move (formally, as in a meeting) 

to borrow, raise (take up, contract) a loan; to ijoj3\ 

take in advance 

to vote, cast a ballot, cast a vote, poll o^»o : ?j*i\ 

to cast lots 




to draw lots 


(ci>* ji) 



to choose by lot 

■Ltyjjlj i_..t» .',i 1 


to commit, perpetrate 


1 :LT^S 

r J 


** & 


plucking out, tearing out, extraction, pulling p itil 
out, uprooting, deracination, rooting up, eradica- 
tion, extirpation, extermination 

to pluck out, tear out, extract, pull out, pull up iiiil 
by the roots, uproot, deracinate, root up, root oul, 
eradicate, extirpate, exterminate 

(JU ^-Ij-^l 

to acquire, get, obtain; to possess, own, have ^£\ 

acquisition, acquirement, getting, obtainment; »LSI 
possession, possessing, owning, having 

conviction, persuasion, strong belief, certainty; eUiil 
satisfaction, contentment, content(edness) 

insertion, inserting, introduction, intro- (J) *Lnt I 
ducing, interpolation, intercalation, interjection, 
intrusion, setting in, putting in, thrusting, driving 
in, sticking in, working in, intromission; pushing 
into, dragging into, involvement in, involving in, 
implication in, implicating in; forcing, plunging, 
cramming, wedging, squeezing, squeeze, pressing 

to be rainless (year) ( - U I ) ,L»ji I 

to insert, introduce, interpolate, intercalate, ( j) ***\ 
interject, intrude, set in, put in, enter, thrust, infix, 
drive in, stick in, work in, intromit; to push into, 
hurl into, drag into, involve in, implicate in; to 
force, plunge, push, cram, wedge, squeeze, press 

daisy; oxeye, oxeye daisy; (oL) iil^i'1 iu\y4\ 

chrysanthemum; feverfew; dog fennel; chamomile, 


intrepedity, boldness, courage, pluck, nerve, »l jjl 

fearlessness, undauntedness, daring, enterprise, 


jj» £r-lj -(jisC c(Jt) IjjU Alii- :(Jt) j'jj'l 

abler, more capable, more (5y I i Sj_ii ^£\ : jjjl 
competent, more qualified; mightier, more pow- 

to venture, risk, dare; to undertake, set (Jx.) »jjl 
about, set out to, embark boldly upon, engage 

ical, thrifty, frugal, provident; to husband, manage 

economically; to save 

to be limited to, restricted to, confined to; Jc y*>~«l 

to limit oneself to, restrict oneself to, confine 

oneself to 

to call for, JJ r^| ' (^J^ll i.yj^L\ iLlij : (J Ja3\ 

require, demand, need, want, take 

need, necessity, exigency, re- i»-U. i ^ y) : f l 'n " J \ 

quirement, requisite 

if need be, in case of need, if neces- ♦L^i'ill luc 
sary, when necessary 

abridgment, shortening, condensa- jLii»-l :i_<Ltil 
tion; conciseness, brevity, shortness, terseness, 
succinctness, laconism, brachylogy 

to abridge, shorten, condense, digest, y-t'-l ■ ' - ~n \ 
cut short 

deduction, discounting, *-'jL 1 1&. i J^. :cLLJl 

subtraction, dockage, cut; discount, rebate 

. . - « . > • i ' 

takingapartoralittleof qa 1<J*)\ ~J JS-\ :plLil 

appropriation, taking posses- (Jt) ,^L:I,I :c-lk^l 
sion (oO, seizure 



jL-i»- 1 :cjLLjI 


-I :jii»l 

l^* t p- jj-Zj 1 : f ^"* 

selection, choice, choosing, 

excerption, extraction, quotation 

to take a part or a little of ^ III 

to appropriate, take possession 
of, seize 

to tear out, tear off, take out, 
detach, pull out, cut out 

to deduct, discount, re- r-'^> ( ~a±- t p^*- : >Li 
bate, subtract, take off, take away, take out, dock 

t » hi ( t « li» (uf-lj-^^*- ( i alii 

to select, choose, pick out, pick, cull jU»- 1 

to excerpt, extract, quote, cite '"' I 

to track, trace, trail, follow the tracks of, (o J I ) ^yuil 
follow the traces of, follow the trail of; to follow, 
pursue, chase, take after; to imitate, copy, emulate, 
follow someone's example or model, pattern after, 
tread in the steps of, follow in the steps of, follow 


as soon as possible, in the 
shortest possible time 

'■'■■ ■» "" ■■■ » 

pharmacopeia; materia medica; Pharmacol- ij^Y^' 

ogy, pharmaceutics 

pharmacopeial; pharmaceutical), pharma- ^ ju^l 


i_,yil »j»-Ij - U^J>>I 




to loan, lend, advance (money to) <_*L : Jej\ 

bald, bald-headed, hairless; baldhead, jl«al : ^il 

iy «rlj -3«*J '(^» '-J^J '£j'j ^j* 1 

horned, horny uj^» J 1 oy jj:uyi 

cerastes, horned viper &J <^- 

to be just, act justly, establish justice "il jIc u^ : JlJH 

to swear by -; (v-i' 

to take an oath, swear L^j p-» ' 

to perjure, commit perjury i> JlS" L^«j p-» I 

• . .'.*'-' M 

,-- -- - -- •« 

,- -• ,- -• ,- •_* 

» *'q')I «»■ I j — a-1aj 1 '. A-*J 1 

to shudder, shiver, tremble, shake, quiver, have ^ilil 

bloodcurdling, horrible, terrible, O 1 ^^ ^ j^> 
ghastly, grisly, shocking 

to remove, take away, put aside, set Jj* 4 juul : ^^.ail 
aside; to distance, place at a distance, keep away; 
to eliminate, drop, disqualify, exclude; to send 
away, dismiss; to expel, drive away, force out, put 

0Ut ■.»— ..* - :* 

to reach the utmost limit of »Ua»l ji; : i^l {J ^* I 

more distant, remoter, farther (away), juu I : ^^ 1 

further, ulterior 

most distant, remotest, most remote, juo "ill : ( _ r a» ^1 


courageously in, venture upon, dare or be bold 
enough to undertake or engage in; to brave, have 
the audacity or courage to; to be daring, bold, 
venturesome, audacious 

older, more ancient 


the ancients 


£-*» cf'j - -; ^*" 'r~ ■£/ 


to confess, acknowledge, j JJl. i _> ei^c-l : j ^i 
avow, own, admit, allow; to concede, grant; to 

to ratify, confirm, Jc Ji lj i J* l>jL> i ^j>\ : ji\ 
endorse, sanction, approbate, approve, consent to, 
assent to, subscribe to, adopt, pass, validate, 
uphold, sustain, maintain 
to establish, settle, fix; to stabilize c-J : J \ 

to confirm, affirm, establish 

to gladden, delight, make happy 

to make read, have read; to ask to read; to teach Ijil 
how to read 

confession, acknowledgment, ^]Lz nJlj^cl : jljjt 
avowal, owning, admission, admitting, allowing, 
conceding, concession; recognition 

ratification, confir- iiil^. liijLx. l^s>\ '-j\j*\ 
mation, endorsement, sanction(ing), approbation, 
approval, consent, assent, subscription, adoption, 
passage, passing, upholding 

establishment, settlement, fixing, o v : . o : j I ji J 

fixation; stabilization 

confirmation, affirmation, establish- oLJ I : j\j»\ 


declaration, statement; testimo- ijl^l. i o^> '■ j\j*\ 
ny; testimonial; deposition; attestation 

lending, loan; advance, credit 

nearer, closer 

relatives, relations, family 

people, kinsfolk, kindred, kinsmen, kin, kith and 

kin, folks, next of kin 

charity begins at home <j)jA\> (jljl oyj* »' 




f-'^ji i • , 'frrs 

'-., '■ s ail 

to make or let cross j_»j jl _)L>u alii- : «Jiil 

to grant land (as a fief) to u°J^ *""»* ' 

to grant (to), bestow upon; to J ^a^a- i - ( 
assign to, allot to, allocate to 

«J>1» «j»-Ij-»-. iiljlaJI )\ lLai\ «Ja» : ,jt. «Ja» 1 

> > • . - •« 

amputee; one-armed jJl f>J»i« :jJii'l 

- ' . ' ,•* 
to squat a** A : iy»' 

squat(ting) tLaiji : »L«i'l 

mayhem, crippling, disablement, _)ouu i JJi^ : jIa»J 

to seat, make sit (down), ask to sit (down) LT 1>- 1 : jjj I 

- s - -,«< ,.-•* 

to cripple, maim, disable JLt ( j«l : juj I 

to hold back from, keep from, prevent ^ a jui I 

to be or become crippled, lame.l j>-\t. \j**a jLo : jjjl 

pigeon-breasted; lordotic j_uaJI o^l* : (j-jiS I 

desolation, desolateness, emptiness jlii'l 

closing, closure, shut( ting); shutdown; ct^Uj :Jlo»' 

locking, lockup, bolting 

to be or become desolate, deserted, empty, ^1 

lifeless, uninhabited, devastated; to be or' become 

destitute (of), devoid (of) 

, -• « , -•« 

to close, shut; to lock, latch, bolt, bar; to ^lil : Ji»l 

padlock; to switch off, turn off; to hang up (a 
telephone receiver) 

to carry, transport, convey Jii :3»l 

to pick up, raise, lift Jli- t o j i J-U : J» I 

to do (make, give) little (of, in) J-J^ ^ I . ^j I 

jli ^lj-3^" :[# 

less, smaller, fewer, lesser; lower, inferior; (^) 3*1 

under; below 

the least, the minimum ^i^l 

at least, at the very least jjjJu JjI <Jx. i 3* '' <J* 

desistance, abstention, re- Sy i JjJ ( oiS" : (j* p}|»l 
frainment; storXping), quitting, ceasing, cessation, 
discontinuance, discontinuation; giving up, aban- 

s.:.\.tg-?.-., &>.;. :iv.- 

farthest, furthest, farthermost, furthermost, end- 
most, utmost, uttermost, outmost, outermost, ex- 
treme, ultimate 

- - » , , •» 
utmost, extreme, limit, most, tijLai i <LU : ,+ai I 

utmost degree, highest degree; maximum, maxi- 

, •« 

extreme, extremity, limit, end <LL>; ' ^f-l : <<<ai I 

distant lands, remote regions, <>>j^l i*"^ ' 

faraway countries, most remote parts of the world 

maximum; ceiling; utmost, greatest, y«a» I J»- 


the Tar East <^-»»^' J^JI 

to the greatest or highest degree, ex- j*- ^ei I J J 
tremely, exceedingly, highly, greatly, very (much), 
most; to the extreme limit, to the utmost 

in case of dire (or extreme) ti^-aill i J j_ r ai\ jlLp 
necessity or need, in case of an emergency, when 
worst comes to worst 

from one o Lai I J I • Lai I <j* < o Lai I J I o li j I ^ 
end to the other, throughout, in or to every part, 

removal, taking away, putting aside, set- jLJI : *Lail 
ting aside; elimination, exclusion, disqualifica- 
tion, dropping; dismissal, sending away; expulsion, 
driving away, forcing out, putting out 

to poetize, versify, compose jtfLaiil Jii : . 

poetry, write poems 

short story, short novel, novella, novelette "**oy^i\ 

to deprive of sleep »->uill <As. u ai\ <. <um^i« yiil 

to be rough, hard, coarse >=*-><"' (>»» ' 

cheese Lr o- :iajil iiail ijail 

feudalism; feudality pLki I 

fief, fee, feud, feudal estate, feudatory, ielLil 


feudal, feudatory 

j*o£ j«j*- \ j — ' jy^i ^^^ 

shorter (than) 

feudal lord, liege lord; feuda- yclki 


feudalism; feudality 






** *= 

satisfaction, satisfying, contenting *U»jj : f-Ui I 

acanthus (^M) u">—'' '^** 

topersuade, (j) jl^^ll jl J>JI Jc 4ili- :(-;) jJ 
convince, induce, prevail upon, argue (into or out 
of an opinion), reason (into or out of) 

to satisfy, content t/*»j' : £* ' 

hypostasis, (divine) person [ i-J I j-ai J (^ U I ^) fyii 

to be or become depopulated, deser- bU- :o\£l\ tiji'l 
ted, forsaken, desolate, empty 

to be reduced to poverty; to be or be- ^Lj I : cSy I 
come poor, needy, destitute 

*' '< "'' ''*A --1 
stronger, more powerful, more jii.1 t »y pi :iiy ' 

forceful, mightier; more intense, more violent 
imperfect rhyme, irregular rhyme, [lAj^J *'>•! 
change of the vowel following the rhyme letter 
depopulation (uWl) «lyl 

'- ,•» 

ilh J L ill* I «-lj -(*JLaj J L A_) cJjj'l 

straighten more correct, sounder; more approp- »jil 

to sadden, grieve, depress, u>-l ' L-~S" *i*=r iuiol 
deject, dispirit 


okapi (u'>^-) lt^' "r 1 ^' 

academic, academical; academician ,_«_> jlS I 

academy i-j-jjlS - ! 

plowman, plower, tiller, culti- d>jU- al>\j»- :jlS"l 

saddle, packsaddle ~^>y. '• <-»^J ' <-»^ ' 

corrosive, erosive 
prurigo, itch 

( u i^)dlii:Jl<r1 

— — 

donment, relinquishment, renunciation 

takeoff, departure « ^J UJ I s- "% I 

sailing, departure c-i-JI p^lil 

worrying, troubling, disquieting, disturbing, dis- J^lt) 
turbance, upsetting, discomposure, perturbation; 

to desist from, abstain from, & J> i ^ oiS" : ^e »Jjl 
refrain from, stop, cease, quit, discontinue, halt; to 
give up, abandon, relinquish, renounce 

to take off, depart S^JUJI c-Jil 

to sail, 

set sail, 

make sail, 

put to 


A .' . a ...H c-«Jl» I 





i) J ■'■'-•*■* j-£- 


to worry, trouble, disquiet, disturb, upset, dis- jlil 

concert, discomfort, discompose, distress, faze, 


to acclimatize, acclimate, adapt, adjust, season, Jjl 


acclimatization, acclimation, adaptation, adjust- <JJI 


minority *Ji\ 

key r*-*? :jL r^! 

region, territory, area; country; province, district, JJ I 

county, canton; zone; section 

regional; territorial; provincial; sectional; local ^4-1*1 

area manager, regional manager (jr^*! j* -^ 

regional organization < „ . . \ i\ I . h : . 

territorial waters < „ .,,ljj »L. 

regionalism; territoriality; sectionalism *~*^ L '! 

to be moonlit, moony (night) (JJUI) ^Jil 

moonlit, moony ^»i< :j*»l 

• f ,.* ~ % * 

white; bright, brilliant tij^ <■ Ja^ I : j*i \ 

'* .- ,f 

hooked, crooked, bent, curved, aqui- (j>i»* : {J J\ 
line, falcate 

persuasion, persuading, con- J^iJI J* Jl>- :pUij 
vincing, conviction, inducement, inducing 




acquisitive, grasping, greedy, covetous 
sweeping (away), sweep; overrun(ning), 

to be or get dressed, clothed, garbed, clad; to J < I 
wear, put on; to dress, clothe oneself, attire one- 
self; to be covered; to cover oneself 

acquisition, acquirement, acquiring, attain- uLi'l 
ment, gaining, winning, earning, getting, obtain- 

c liTI 

invasion, overspread(ing); flooding, overflowing, 
inundation; overwhelming, crushing 

to acquire, attain, take on, receive, assume, i" ■' < "! 
adopt; to gain, win, profit, earn, get, obtain, reap 

to sweep (away), carry away, wash away; to '- , <"! 
overrun, invade, overspread, spread all over; to 
flood, overflow, inundate; to overwhelm, over- 
come, crush 

discovery; find(ing); discovering, finding cili^l 
(out), detection, detecting, spotting 

to discover, find out, detect, spot, unearth • i*r< \ 

to be or become (over)crowded, packed, <>■ i'j\ : Jj^l 
jammed, crammed, congested, chock-full, chocka- 
block; to be or become overpopulated, populous, 
densely populated 

to be or become surfeited, over- 
stuffed, cloyed 

congestion, overcrowdedness 
having crippled fingers 

r l*kJI^ Ji^l 


to be or become satisfied with, content with; j y^uS"! 
to content oneself with, settle for 

satisfaction, content(ment), contentedness t\&&\ 

self-sufficiency, autarky 
to find no sleep 

completion, consummation, conclusion, termi- J|^S"I 
nation, windup; perfection; completeness, whole- 
ness, fullness 

firmness, denseness, Ij^l. Ij^jiC t l JA\ o£ :jL^S"l 
compactness, closeness, tightness 

yS ks^\j— u~jjS~> tjl^ol :juol 
to be firm, dense, thick, com- 1 jH-. I>^-* o^ :'^j£\ 

to fail, miss j^. I : '.^\ 

admiration, regard, respect, esteem, J^j -j\*£\ 


to admire, regard, respect, esteem, exalt, Ji-I : J£\ 
value, revere, have great regard for, think highly of 

to consider great, regard as great 

greater, bigger, larger; major; senior; 

the greatest, the biggest, the largest 

older, elder 

the oldest, the eldest 

God is great, God is the greatest 

to be or become sad, grieved, depressed, i_J^ :oU2f I 
dejected, dispirited, gloomy, down(cast), melan- 
cholic, melancholy; to grieve, sadden, gloom 






to dictate (to) 

subscription, contribution 

underwriting (ol. 

to subscribe, contribute 

to underwrite (ol 

to copy, transcribe 

JkxJ «-lj-Jafci"l 

to rent, hire, lease, take on lease >r^-l :i5^l 

renting, hiring, leasing; rent, lease, jl-»J.v.L.I : »l^l 

attention, care, heed, notice, concern, interest ii»l^if I 

indifference, unconcern, ol^SM ili ioI^SM »jx. 
disinterest(edness), apathy, nonchalance, insouci- 
ance, carelessness 

to anguish, agonize; to be or become lSj&\ 

anguished, agonized, distressed, grieved 

to care for or about, pay attention to, J jl j £>j&\ 
mind, heed, take an interest in 






v.,-v. «■ : ■■■■■■■■.', 

jj£ <. jj£ «j»-lj — jjo I 
to make lie, cause to lie i_. iSl!! J* *L»- : o Js I 

to give the lie to, prove a liar <>j& ^ : v J^ I 

fib, (white) lie ijjj^' 

to plow, till, cultivate ii^ : jS"l 

acre i»-L-JJ ^Li* : jS 1 

- s ! - M 
to rent out, let (out), lease, hire out j* I : iij5 I 

renting out, letting (out), leasing, hiring j^-ti : *\jS\ 
out, rental, hire 


honorarium, fee(s), retainer i_.Ljl : <-« IjS ] 

bonus, premium sUld 4 Sj!Ac liLjl^l 

tip, gratuity, baksheesh yilj i<Jl~ZJ*j :i~*\j£\ 

coercion, compulsion, constraint, j-i t fli j\ : •IjS'J 
force, forcing 

duress (<S^^l °\j^ j 

coercively, compulsorily, forcibly, by 

force; under duress 

coercive, compulsory, forced, forcible 

to hurry, hasten, rush, dash 
hole, pit, hollow, excavation 
ball; globe, sphere 
potbellied, paunchy 


- - • * ' ''A 

■'■' -'<\ 

• - ^' ' -i,* 

more generous, more liberal; more honorable, {J*\ 

more respectable; nobler; more precious, more 


to force (to), compel (to), j~i 4 ^ 1 4 ^j\ : Jt- a J I 

coerce (to), constrain (to), oblige (to) 

achromatic [ e-Wjs* J i^J^Oj* ' 

achromatism [ « L jji J «^j l« Jjj ' 

achromatin [ * ^r" ' J Osi ^ Jj* ' 

generous act; kind act, good turn, f_j£ Jit : <-tjj3 • 
favor, grace; noble deed 

,,,.....■■■,.,,.,, ,, y ,, ,, 

pact, close, tight, compressed 

to surround, encompass, encircle, j JsU-l :uLi"l 
enclose, environ, beset, hem in 

to fathom, bottom, get <CLJL>- 4 <4-^ j-L : il&\ 

to the bottom of, understand thoroughly, grasp 


to be middle-aged ^11)1 J»->i. J5I %Z jLj : Ji^J 

to be ironed, pressed, laundered (v~-^ ir 4 -) ^>^1 

to burn, be burned 

3y^-\ '-<Sy£\ 

to be cauterized 

^Jlcijfi :i5^l 

to be branded 

^ : ^Ij-jUT! 

to do (make, give) much or 

^5Gl Jl :>l 

frequently (of) 

more; more numerous; most; majority j& I 

more than, over, above, exceeding ^ ^ I 

more and more, increasingly ^iSb ^ I 

, -• • < ■ * '• * 

*■• t 
the most, the maximum J& "$ I 

at most j^Sal (Jt 

^ p-lj-oUi-SlI ^' J 

majority *i^P' 

simple majority < U . u , ; ij^l 

qualified majority i4* 

landslide, overwhelming majority 

absolute majority 

relative majority 


black eye 

to confirm, affirm, assert, maintain; to corrob 

orate, establish, prove; to assure 

to stress, emphasize, focus on, underline, Jx. j£ I 

highlight, accentuate, accent, lay stress on, give 

emphasis to 

« *i *z ''A 

-'- 1 '-'-'-'A 








ftl '&\ 

destroy, devour 

, - - - ~ * 
to gnaw, eat (away), erode, corrode, wear>«j : JS" I 

away, abrade, fret 

to itch i&IJJ li'jt'ij-l^l 

to take usury, practice usury 

to be timeworn, worn-out, v^-J j* jJI <oJi JS"! 
antiquated, antique, age-old, ancient 

to eat with {*'$& \'&\ 

to feed, give to eat, nourish, aliment lii I : J5"T 

to fructify, fruit, bear fruit iii'l ^T : J5"T 

to tire out, weary, fatigue, exhaust LJu I : "J^\ 

to dim, enfeeble, weaken j '-? 1 D^ ' 

to feed, give to eat, nourish, aliment ,JJ> I : Jfl 

food f & : jifl 

eating f djl &£ : jifl 

^ ' ^ • » 

cannibalism, anthropophagy j-iJI ..jaJJS'l 

dining room 

eater JS"t^.:JfT 

corrosive, erosive oL- : JS"T 

^ 5 * * t > — 
herbivorous, phytophagous; oLJI jl <_*Lc Ml JS"I 


granivorous V^J-' J^ 

insectivorous, entomophagous; oljiil JS"T 


ratel (o !_*»■) JlU I ^Sl 

carnivorous, zoophagous; carnivore j.^mJJI JS"T 

Carnivora &. \'^> : f^>ls\ o^S"T 

> > > - 
cannibal, man-eater, anthropo- jJJI ..jaJJS'l 


anteater (u '>?»-) jJI JfT 
food r ti : jSr1 

fruit j*i--ffl 

to fructify, fruit, bear fruit aIS"! <_^T 

canker, noma, gangrenous stomatitis d>>j-«) aIS'T 

> '>-■■■.. ■■» 

:■■»■■ - 




eczematous; eczematoid 


to pay, yield, profit, return; to allow i«5j ' jvj' 
a profit, make or let gain (win, earn) 
to impart to, lend to; to give; to Jc ^i^l 
reflect on, cast on, bring on; to make 
to oxygenate 



oxygenic, oxygenous 


Ku ** 

to oxidize, cause to rust 

oxidation, oxidization 

to eclipse 

to make lazy 







•*- s- --•,( 


to make an unbeliever or an infidel I j, IS" <T 

to accuse of unbelief, charge jiSS\ J J a— J : jj£\ 
with infidelity, call an unbeliever or an infidel 

to appoint as (or ask to be) security thSL, au^ : JiSl 
or bail; to make (someone) guarantee or ensure 

to darken, darkle; to be(come) or grow dark, ^ii^l 
gloomy, cloudy, overcast, surly 

dark(ness), gloom(iness), cloudiness, surliness j\Jti£ I 

to eat; to take, take in, have (a meal, L\A> JjlJ : Jfl 

to consume, exhaust, use up, eat (up), IJ ^\ :'J£\ 





blind, born blind 


to harbor, cherish; to keep secret; to j^. < ,jl»- 
hide, conceal, secrete; to ensconce, shelter, cover 

(-;) t^" jr'j-t^- "-"J : iH' 

to help, aid, assist, support, back up 6jl* : ut^l 

aquarium (rJJ iD^I) fXjIjS'l 

„*. -"-rr . ' • ^ 
accordion *^r>* *" ^JiVJ* ' 

gluttonous, greedy, voracious, JS" i\ j^T : JjS"! 

rapacious, insatiable, hoggish; glutton, gourmand, 
heavy eater 
certain, sure, positive; definite -w I 

loquat (oLi) ^JJ^fj '^t^f 1 

to return to, go back to; to <JJ jIc 4 <J) £>■ j : <JJ J I 

revert to 

to be attributed to, as- J J u—l « J j lS> : J j J ' 

cribed to, traced back to 

to lead to, contribute to, <JJ IS X\ < <JJ i$jI : <JJ J I 

conduce to, result in, cause 

to end (up) in, <JJ 'S*>) ' Jj jL» ' d\ <j*^l : JJ J' 
wind up with, result in, lead eventually to; to 
arrive at, reach, get to, come to 
to get or come to a point where.ul <JJ j*i\ («j) Jl 
reach a stage where 

<JlL jrlj-JJ ulill *j jT 

to devolve J U*- jl l£LL» jL» 1 <JJ iS^[ '• Jj J' 
upon, vest in, become vested in, pass to, accrue to, 
go to, revert to, fall to, descend to, be transferred 
to, be handed over to 

to escheat (^jb }y*ri f-^) *^/^ Jj J' 

to govern, rule; to lead: to I4LL : «JJ <L*jJI Jl 

family, relatives, people, kin, kinsfolk, jil : Jl 

kindred; house 

mirage, fata morgana v' j~ '• J ' 

the (...jt)uLjdlj1<j1 

'* - <i1 
to fail to do; to neglect j** : * ! 

» .- • » ,.» ft- . 

to spare no effort, make every la**- J 1 '-Hf rv ' 

c i^-:jjiri 


meal, repast 


russet, brownish red 


clerical, ecclesiastical) 



crown; diadem 

wreath, garland, chaplet, iii.j:(^IJ ^I^Jd) J-Kl 
coronal, coronet 

laurel(s), bay jl* J-KJ 

corona [ jvj^j *iUi J JJi" I 

corona s yj»" Jr^! 

bridal wreath (oL) aIM*] : J4^1 

rosemary (^Li) J->4-l J^J 

melilot, sweet clover, king's (oLi) tiUil J-KI 


Corona Australis [ Sit ] J^pU J-Ji - )! <4'£ 

Corona Borealis [ iiUi ] ^llill J-lif)ll tf# _ 

coronal, coronary; wreathy, wreathlike <^^\ 

bridal wreath (o Li ) ilLiS" I 

to provide with sleeves V>*" j' u ":, *' ^ p* ' 

completion, perfection, consummation; conclu- Jl^j 
sion, finishing, termination, windup, finalization; 

hill, hillock, mound, knoll, hummock iJJ iJJ : ca I 
to sadden, grieve, depress, deject pc : -u5 i 

juif f=r'j-(J* oLSJl a*»j :juS"I 

opaque, dull, dusky, swarthy; mat, flat, (o>Ul) i£\ 
lusterless . , 

to complete, finish, conclude, wind up, finalize; Jȣl 
to consummate, perfect, round off, round out; to 
complement, supplement; to continue, proceed, go 


more perfect, completer, more complete JtS"' 





oleander, rosebay 

(oLi) .Si 

Jl <JI gpij-^j.-ST 

Cil «-lj -oIjJXj |<Soj s^l tiLi 

instrumentalist, player; musi- ^-.ji « (J jlc : ^J'ST 

instru- { t At cijj^. jl £uL~y. il^l yUL : JjST 

^J jj>-Ij-jJ ((jiujl :^ll 
C>< cr ,J ~^C 1 ' 1 ^"^ '}£-*) c^ 

covenant, compact, pact, agreement JlL- i jk^c. : til] 

to act meanly, behave sordidly 

c ^J : f *fl 


how far? up to where? 

corps, legion jjlli :(iSl 

division, military unit ii^SC-c i»^i :<3"ill 

to gather, rally, flock together, band «■_■»; : i_J I 


to incite against, instigateoLc »*J>j*- ^Ul <Q* i_JI 
against, stir up against, arouse against, provoke 

to rally people against, ~+**»- : -u« jl <J* ^1 t_JI 
band people together against, round up people 

to set people ^ J^i « ^ g* jl 4 ^ jy j : ^ tJI 
against each other, sow dissension or discord 
among or between 

dressing, clothing, garbing; facing, ^-Jl >ux. : ^U I 
draping, lining, casing; coating, overlaying, plating 
lactation i.jQ.1 /\ ^jll jl>l:6Uj 

jlJ «-Ij -jJI 
to dress, clothe, garb, attire, robe; to face, drape, ^J I 

^» •• - < ■■ ■ ■ "" - -■ "i 

effort, do one's best, do one's utmost, go to any 
length, stop at nothing, leave no stone unturned 

to swear, take an oath ~J I i ij&s- : J I 

to undertake, take upon oneself, '*{■>' : <_jj J* J I 
commit oneself, bind oneself, engage oneself, 
pledge, vow, promise 

blessing, boon, benefaction, ku> : ( * ST r-) J I < jl 
favor, grace 

to, toward; until, till, up to, as far as ^i- 1»^- : j' I 
until, till j| j| 

Jplj-jJ^II Jl 
etc., and so on, and so forth »^T Jl 

fCtp.lj-,.^1 J I 

in addition (to), besides, dj'i j'l « dU i <_J U- j'l 

moreover, furthermore 

till tomorrow! jj| j'l , Si. j'l 

and the like, etc., and so on, <J\ Cj t tHJ j Jj. Jl 
and so forth * ' " " ' 

how far? up to where? 
how long? till when? 

following is (are).., in the following, Jj tL» : dUl 
in what follows, hereinafter, below 

go away! get away from me! leave me ,-i dUl 
alone! away with you! 

not to; lest, in order not to, so as not to, ^ o' : il 
that... not 

except, save, but, excepting, excluding, with the "3 1 
exception of, other than; unless; only, but 

unless, if not, except if, exept when jHl <■ l'il "5 1 

yet, however, but, nevertheless, still, on the o\ ^1 
other hand 

otherwise, or else 


he is nothing but, he is but, he is no more "3 1 '^ jl 
than, he is merely (simply, just, only) 

s ~ . » » , 
no sooner had he., than.., .. ( ^»- ,.(jl "ill yf Uj 

it was not long until.., immediately, presently, at 
which point, the moment (that), as soon as, before 
long, without delay, in a minute, directly, at once, 
thereupon, then, once 


to burn or pine away (with love or grief), (*4*) \}^\ 
feel burning anxiety (for) 

to convene, meet, assemble, {-•--'ri ' Jli * i ! • f **•! 

gather, sit, be in session 

to heal, heal up, scar over, jjijjl :(^J-l) f tJI 


to be joined, connected, welded J-a^M <■ ^a>\ '■ f u j 

to be repaired, mended, corrected ^Ju»l : f u} 

to be blamed f jlll <JJ *»-j : f ^ I 

confusion, obscurity, Joy*i- 1 Jl^.1 i i>^»-l : y^! 
ambiguity, equivocalness, equivocation, uncer- 
tainty, dubiosity 

to be or become ambiguous, equivocal, j* Ml y^! 
obscure, unclear, uncertain, dubious, doubtful 
to jumble, clutter, run in Jaii»-I ii_.jJ*rf>l :dLJI 
disorder or confusion, get all mixed up; to be or 
become confused, muddled, jumbled, disordered, 

to rage, surge j**J\ gA\ 

to be uproarious, tumultuous, olj*» Ml c> >^ 1 

J I tJ cjrlj-JJ till 

to grow a beard, let one's beard *£» <j^' • (j*^! 


„ " * * ~ * - * * - * * ~* 

,yj i UJ lUflj-Uj-ii :>j»f^S\ i^^\ 

joining, entering, entry, en- oL^I i f l^iil : jImJJ 
trance, accession, affiliation, association; member- 

cohesion, coherence, adhe- r^i <■ Jl«cJI '■ ^»<^\ 

sion, adherence, fusion, coalescence, close union, 

conjunction, merger, merging, inosculation; 


clash, engagement, en- ^ I jJ»I«I i dJLfil : (>UJ} 

counter, fight(ing), battle, combat 

synostosis Ls-H u^** f^"?'! ' f^f" f^**H 

nuclear fusion, fusion <ij.y (l»»fj 

line, case; to coat, overlay, plate; to encrust 


alpaca (u 

u-P ffr'j ' 


to lactate S-^- 1 J 1 o4" j>* : or' 

album (jJJ t^'P' 

albumin i>s?>r ' 

machine; instrument, tool, device, »l s\ <. iii'L : *J I 
apparatus, implement, appliance; utensil 

y*as- '. 


cat's-paw, AjjC ( j .i ^ . l >>-l <-»■ ' ■ ■»" . "j i ua9»^ • ill 
tool, instrument, puppet, hireling, agent, servant 

machinery (v-f^J jj-** - ^ £>*c) o^l 

hardware fojj&l >> ji^ 1 j' y^J^O °^ 

tape recorder, recorder (o^laJl) J-jw ill 

cash register 



.u .11 (J ■ ^»in> il 

horn (of a car, etc.) ( jJJ jjU- j) 


calculator, calculating machine - 

sense organ, receptor; sense 

sewing machine 

• - >'~ 


jLc iJI 

** )Uflj — f-J» 

washer, washing machine 
musical instrument 

copier, photocopier, photostat, duplica- 
ting machine, duplicator; mimeograph 
wind instrument 


VhU. ill 

iijij »j»-ij-iijij yi 
" xJi c^Q. yT 


stringed instrument 

convening, convention, meeting, <^J>r \ i jli*i^ : f^l 
gathering, assembly, session 


♦ * 

to bind oneself, JiSJ i -4aj ' •^ j\ '■ \-i) fj^\ 

commit oneself, engage oneself, obligate oneself, 
put oneself under obligation, undertake, take upon 
oneself, assume; to be or become bound, com- 
mitted, engaged, obligated 

to farm (tJJ p-j^lil (t_-Jlj-ill t^j^l) f^JI 

adhesion, adherence, cohesion, coherence JLaJl 

symphysis [i_J>] JliJ j| : j»U»*ll jLaill 

to stick (to), adhere (to), cohere (to), cling ( j) jlaiJI 
(to), cleave (to); to agglutinate, conglutinate 

to curse oneself <— ii ^yJ : jidl 

to curse one another Uuu ,»».a « .> ^ : i>«-JI 

to amalgamate jJuJ :>wu]] 

to wrap oneself in, cover j ^Jjl u Jilt. I : j utJI 

oneself with 

to gather around, assemble «l»u : J* jl 3j»- L«J I 

around, rally around 

to surround, encircle, j J>l»-I :_j jl Jj»- <_»Jj 

encompass, enclose, embrace, environ, envelop, 


to detour (around), turn jlj t >, : (CJ>»-) t_iJI 
(around), make a turn (around) 

to wind, coil, li^iJL. jl lidLi jU» i (3^s«J : <_iJI 

twist, turn, convolute, curl, furl 

to intertwine, intertwist, liLL; : aIJ oLJI <_idj 
interweave; to be or become intertwined, inter- 
twisted, interwoven, entwined 

turning around, turn; looking around 

attention, notice, heed; consideration, ( JJ ) oLill 
regard; care 

winding, coiling, convolution; involution; (JliJI 
turn(ing), detour; surrounding, encirclement, en- 
compassment, envelopment; gathering, assem- 
blage, assembly, rallying 

to turn, turn around, turn one's face or c-iJJ : C-iJ I 
head; to look around 

to pay attention to, heed, observe, con- JJ c*isi I 
sider; to take into consideration or account, reckon 

to wrap oneself (in), cover(j) y jl i ^V-" : (. 
oneself (with) 

to join, enter, accede to, Jj >_..„:jl i Jj 1^1 :-j ^jicll 
become a member of, affiliate with, associate with 

J*J £>-lj -djil :.> J*J1 

to cohere, ju«j I iiyijl t— ail t dLLJ t J-a'-'.H :/<ji«)I 
adhere, fuse, coalesce, join, unite, merge, 
inosculate; to solder; to weld 

to clash, encounter (in JJlu i fjiw>l nil_il :.»9«dl 
battle), engage in battle, come into conflict, fight, 
combat, battle 

to heal, heal up, scar J^jJI t fUl :(t-jJ.I) p^Jj I 
over, cicatrize 

to enjoy, savor, relish, get pleasure from; to {J) 41JI 
take pleasure or delight in, delight in, be pleased or 
delighted at; to find delicious, delightful, pleasant 

to compact, press together, press close, ^>l Jl : J$\ 
crowd together, crowd closely, pack; to be or 
become compacted), tight, close, pressed tightly 
together, compressed, closely packed, crowded, 

to adhere to, stick to, be firmly j j',n:,ll : j ^J I 
united or joined with 

compactness, closeness, tightness u^J 'J' J*" 

commitment, engagement, obli- J»Lijl t 
gation, duty 

observance of, 

»l J^l 

i\£-\ jjk t X . ju 

') r 1 ^*! 

;jLi.i:(ijt:) f i^ii 
;« -.- »* -**. • 

observing, compliance with, abidance by, con- 
forming to, adherence to, sticking to, keeping (to), 
maintaining, honoring, respect(ing) 

farming (tJJ p-j^lil n-jl^-ill ' u*»J^0 f 1 -^! 

concession; fran- pj^-« 
chise; enterprise 


moral obligation, Tj>^JL»- 1 

moral duty 

liabilities, debts 0» ■> ' oL>Uu : 0LI3J] 

engagements, financial obligations, <JL oLIj^JI 

to observe, comply ^lj 1 ^ jj^l 1 j xJu :(_j) »p! 
with, abide by, conform to, adhere to, stick to, 
keep (to), maintain, follow, honor, respect, live up 
to; to hang on to, hold by, persist in, persevere in 

i) *$\ 



■ 7T~1 

B* *E 


. i 

to request, ask for, solicit; to beg, implore, u^\ 
beseech, entreat, appeal to, plead with; to look for, 
search for 

to amuse oneself with, distract oneself with, j J$\ 
pass the time with, occupy oneself with; to play 
with, toy with, trifle with, dally with 

distraction, amusement »U?! 

inflammation, bursting into flame(s) J L~. I : o Ifd I 
inflammation; -itis; infection [ i_J» ] vU^l 


cecitis, typhlitis 


tiSii Luiii 


ii^il jl olil-j^l vU^l 


j ' U.ll (.jl+JIJI 


(»>«iJI vW^l 


jj^ull cjI^IjI 


jjll Ll*Ji 


JlU LUiii 


i_jjlj-i ji i-~J-i vV^! 


myelitis (jf>~" 

sore throat 

jili vUd'i 


5^j%l*.l cjI^JjI 


,&ii Cv'i 


^Ljji vi^ii 


a^ii 1^1 

metritis, uteritis p*-^! vU^i 
tracheitis Ol^il <CaiJI jl ^li-^l vU^i 


CijjJl 5j3I^JI vU^i 


ixLji vi^ii 

with; to take care of, care for 

to meet, come together, join Jp St t £»!»■ 1 : (jit! I 
(each other); to get together, assemble, gather, 
band together 

to meet (with), get Jl *~*r\ < 3?** : (f ' -?) ty^l 
together with, have or hold a meeting or ah inter- 
view with, hold talks with 
to come upon, come across, cjjLs : ii jLx. aj Ji^\ 
run into, bump into, light upon, hit upon, chance 
upon, fall in with, happen on, encounter, meet by 
chance or unexpectedly 

meeting, coming together; conjunction, f\^>-\ '■ »U*)| 

concurrence, agreement (in opinion JiljJ : sli^H 
or design), accord 

Jail j^lj-ioJ :J»toil 

reception [ *JJ » jIj J JLiLJ : i»liill 

pickup (Jr j" J^" J <z>j-c&\) ^*^\ 

photography, taking photographs or jiyaJ ■ i»lif!l 
pictures, shooting, snapshooting, snapping, filming 
receiver, receiving set i>iiu!l jl^>- 

to receive (tJJ iilil ii»->> liXL'il <)Cj) J»iJI 

to photograph, take a photograph, ^1] 2j>o Jaiill 
take a picture; to snapshoot, snap; to shoot, film 

l.jVl" »»-lj -UUll) 

to swallow; to swallow up, devour, gobble, (»iJ) 


to compact, crowd together; to be or f Laj '• Ssi\ 

become compact(ed), tightly pressed together, 


, , - , s -• 

to intertwine, mesh, tangle; to be or til* LiJ : iaJ I 
become intertwined, twined, entwined, meshed, 

request, solicitation; entreaty, i_»l li « J ,.| i J~>> ^tr! 

appeal, plea 

petition, application, fU-_^J <. slcjJL.1 : <_r-W^'i 


flash (of wit, hope, etc.) «* |^J I 





pyorrhea; gingivitis 




ovaritis, oophoritis 







arthritis, rheumatism, gout 


vaginitis, colpitis 





flammable, inflammable, fiery 

anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic 

inflammatory, phlogistic 

iftl vUiil 

iliHi L^'i 

s'/Jl Li^'i 
»<ij[l i_»l+dl 

A» 1 mil C-ll^JI 

ojjj.1 C-1I4JI 

(i^iil jwJl vUfll 

^4J il jl (j^J^JI i_jl+JI 
Jbj^JI ljIjJI 

i_j!^J^U j\ja^ 


ingurgitation, devouring, gobbling, swallowing »L<J I 
up, gorging, gormandizing 

to flame, blaze, burn, ignite, inflame, Jili I : ' j"l I 
burst into flame(s), be in flame(s), be aflame, be 
ablaze, be afire, be on fire, catch fire, take fire 

to inflame, be(come) <~j\+3\j \ „i-' : [t_J» ] il^'H 
inflamed, be(come) affected with inflammation 

C-4J 1 Li-^J 



to devour, gobble, swallow up, gorge, ingur- 
gitate, gormandize 

to twist, bend, curve, warp, wrench, get con- (i>J j 
torted; to be twisted, bent, curved, crooked; to be 
circuitous, roundabout, indirect 

twist, twistedness, torsion, tortuosity, flexure, »lyd I 


»j*JI C^l^JJ 


^ti\ ol*jJ 

periostitis, periosteitis JjU&lLJI vl^J 


i, 1 V . .*. 1 1 t,_,i\a rl 

arteritis; polyarte- 


^>Aw L^l^JJl t U.**-U' C-jI^IJ 


(jU-iJI vW-J 




u'i^l Silt vW^' 

lienitis, splenitis 

• Jl^LiiiL.WfJ 

neuritis; polyneu- 

i_jUop jl c-jI^JI («_^«3<JI vW-^ 


myositis; polymy- o^LaJI <_jl^JI 1 JJkJI i_j 


L-Jii-ll *Juit l_ 

LK^ 1 *~ 






ophthalmia, ophthalmitis 







keratitis, corneitis 






•LjjJI ojill i_ 
•Li^iJI Sjill l_ 
iliSCJI sjjl i_ 

oljjujl i_ 

-* '--11 ' 

I iUiil 

6>l>iJI 1- 


do harm to, damage, harm, hurt, injure, prejudice, 

to weld, solder; to fuse, join, unite, merge, ,v» I 


etc., and so on, and so forth o j*- 1 ^J : w)j 

stinking, fetid ^ i yJ^* : j^sJ I 

jjjJ »^-lj - jjl 

aldehyde [ «L^ J x^Jl 

more delicious, tastier, more tasteful, more savory, jj I 
more palatable, more delectable; more delightful, 
more pleasant, nicer; sweeter 

who, whom; which, that, what; he who, he ii jj I 
whom; that which 

compulsion, coercion, forcing, plcjl i jL»-l : f IjJ] 

binding, obligation, imposing, v^wj ' l/>j* '■ f ' j)J 
imposition, enjoining 

compulsory, coercive, obligatory, mandatory, ^_* l_)II 
imperative, required 

(j_^J £»- 1 J - li'J I 

to bind, obligate, put or J* LJ>- jl . J* ^^i : ( j) ^ I 
keep under obligation, impose (as an obligation or 
duty) upon, enjoin on, make incumbent upon, 
make something someone's duty 

to force (to), compel J* -cjl . J* ^Jj-1 : (j) ^1 
(to), coerce (to), oblige (to) 

to confine to bed, keep in bed, compel ^^ ^'_)\ 
or force to stay in bed 

' J* 

eloquent, fluent jJb « r^u ■' j-J I 

linguistics iil!l Jlc : <Cj_J I 

to attach, affix, fix, stick, paste, glue, agglutinate, Jj«al I 
conglutinate, cement, plaster; to join, connect 

to post, placard, (»JJ lj>l^« . li>ij i i»-y) ^j^jJI 
stick, affix 

to fasten (an accusation, a^JI «jj>- jl i^ <u j!»aJI 
charge, a crime, etc.) on, cause to be attributed to 
or connected with, impute to, attribute to, ascribe 
to, charge with, accuse of 

l_~rj ( l_«iJ c l_~rJ ic»-lj — lyujl 


0*1 al] I 

'"■• "■"'-'"'• ' ' -■ 

to make play, cause to play 

t_.»l.i aJu>- :^_>aIi 

flection, bend(ing), crookedness, curvedness, cur- 

twist, bend, curve, crook » t\'y] I 

burning anxiety, anguish, pain, agony, suffer- f Cd I 
ing, torture, torment, grief 

lisper; lisping jui I 

to compel to, force to, J* ^Jr 1 i JJ ^Uil : JJ LJ I 
oblige to, coerce to 

to shelter, protect, guard, defend; jl»-l < ^jj**- : Wl 
to grant asylum (to), give sancturary (to), give 
refuge (to) 

to entrust (commit, rec- S JJ cjy>\ jl o^l UJI 
ommend) one's cause or affairs to Cod 

to insist on; to press, urge, importune, (J* . j) »J 1 


-. * > - - :» 
long-bearded *^-" Ji>k : (j»«" 

insistence, importunity, pressing, urging, urgen-r-Uj 
cy, urge 

atheism, infidelity, unbelief, disbelief, godless- jl»J] 
ness; apostasy 

atheistical) lS^*J] 

importunity, insistence r-UJI :<-»U!j 

annexation, appending, ii U>j . Li> . c-LjJ : JImIJ 

attachment, joining, junction, subjunction, addi- 
tion, supplementation; following (up) 

weld(ing), soldering; fusing, joining, »kJI jjux. .flaJJ 
junction, uniting 

to be or become -Co ^ jjjl <, ^^ t IjlJl. u^ : jlmI I 
an atheist, infidel, unbeliever; to disbelieve (in 
God); to apostatize 

JjJ ajj-Ij — lj-j ^r^ '/J IJjJI 

to insist (on); to importune, press, urge £j I : (_o*J I 

to cover, wrap ^^ i ljjJ : uuJI 

to attach to, annex to, append to, add to, »lj I : j jiJ I 
join to, subjoin to, supplement with; to follow (up) 
with, cause to follow, cause to be followed by 

to inflict on, cause to -u Ojjl : I ji" <u jkll 

to cause damage to, inflict damage on,j \jj*> JjJI 


> -V > 


nect, link, put together, merge, integrate 

to synthesize ui" j : oil I 

to reconcile, conciliate, make iSy « ^ j : «4^j oil I 
peace between, make friendly again, bring together 

to tame, domesticate 

u_JI 9 _*» : lil 

close friend, intimate friend, bosom 

<£?*■ j^ 


friend, intimate, companion, comrade, pal, confi- 

to find 


alphabetical, alphabetic, abecedarian 

uill vr'j -uill 


Oil /u>-lj -CaJI 

familiarity, intimacy, closeness, friendliness, ii 

friendship, affinity, affection; rapport; harmony, 
agreement, accord, concord; union, unity 

affinity [ «Ljoj ►L^i'] iUl 

millenary; millennial 


millennium, 1000th anniver- iliJI <i^S"i i J-iJI juc 

long poem (of one thousand o-j oil I ^ oi»J :<ui]l 

milfoil, yarrow (^Li) ili.ll 

to shine, radiate, flash, beam, tli>\ i «Jal ( ill : J>l I 
glitter, glisten, gleam 

radiance, brightness, bril- > l^j i f >k- < uL«J : Jj) I 
liance, shine, effulgence, refulgence, luminosity, 
glitter, glisten 

to throw, cast, fling, hurl; to drop, c» Ji t ^j : ijH I 
throw down 

to throw away, discard, cast away, Jui < -r^ \:jfi\ 
fling away 

to shed (off), cast (off), slough (off) *i±~ i *-Lt> : ^1 

to (j^«JI <-*>»■ -*->* j 3 *^ J <-- <i"ji' *!>•»■) jfi 

to(u>i^ fi?\ &Udi <s')\ ji ijh,\ '&) j$\ 


to recite, say *1~ i !& : ,yi\ 

to play, toy, trifle, dally L^J : LJj I 

ujJ ju^-Ij-'uUJ JL. : i__jJ1 
very playful ujJJI jjiS" : OLjJI 

to make lick y^J i jiL <d*s»- : Jjj I 

illl £>-lj -Ojijl 

to cancel, call off; to make null and void, make ,yj I 
invalid, invalidate, nullify, annul, void, abolish, 
abrogate, negate, repeal, revoke, rescind; to over- 
rule; to quash, vacate 

cancellation, calling off; invalidation, nullifica- ,U I 
tion, annulment, voidance, abolition, abolishment, 
abrogation, negation, defeasance, repeal, revoca- 
tion, rescission; overruling; quashing 

to riddle; to mystify, obscure, make enigmatic Jjj I 
(cryptic, inscrutable, mysterious, obscure, ambig- 
uous, etc.) 

to amalgamate p*L : ^jJ I 

to amalgamate J&i : 1*1 1 

-*-' - if 
to get used to, be accustomed to, be habit- iyu : uil I 

uated to, take to; to be familiar with, acquainted ' 


a - * , » - « 

to get on intimate terms with, u»- 1 ( j ^ I : oil I 
get along with, like someone's company, like (to be 

to be or become tame, U-JI jL« :i_>1^12-t LaII 


to associate with, mix with, be on intimate _pl* : uil I 

terms with, be intimate with, keep company with 

to harmonize, tune, attune, match, bring Itli : Lil I 
into harmony 

to habituate (to), accustom (to), season /ye : Lil I 
(to), inure (to), familiarize (with) 


»j»-Ij-jj«j luill :u»JI 

to form, set up, establish, insti- Oy> t jj£i. i uj I : LiH 
tute; to make, create, build, originate; to constitute, 
make up, compose 

to compose, write, (jJJ L>J jl LLS") **»j :uill 

to unite, join, combine, con- J^sj ( jj. j ( li : uill 




throw(ing), cast(ing), fling(ing), <Jii i ^j : »UIj 

hurl(ing); dropping), throwing down 

throwing away, discarding, ±J> i r-l^il : *li)l 

casting away, flinging away 

jettison (aJjlJ U...tAJ _^JI j s-S'.Al <!>»»-) «^Jj 

recitation, recital, reciting « . ■ ..J 1 5j5lj : >UI 

making (delivering, delivery of) iliS" jl <_>Ua9- iUI 
an address or speech 

delivery of (delivering, giving) a 5^»Um iU! 

lecture, lecturing 

delivery, diction; elocution «U^I Ji^ i «UI 

-*' ,'i* 

-- -. j,'"» 

riddle, puzzle, conundrum, enigma jii i il«-l : iliiJ I 
elk (ijl**-) ~&\ 

electrode i_*»- "51 : zjj&l J 

electrolyte « I J&l I JitJL I : cJ j j<!£) I 

electrolytic JlJjjS^ I 

electron 0^ : ujjQ j 

electronics Ojj^^l i*l* 

electronic J«jjjib0] 

computer J^jj^Jl (L-.U- 1 plo) Jii 

electronics ujj^.^l Ac :olI;jj<!£)l 

mean, ignoble, base, vile, wicked, depraved <JU : <£J I 
stupid, silly, foolish J^»- 1 : «5GI 

inarticulate, faltering (in one's speech), stam- j£) I 
mering, stuttering 

God (the One and Only); Allah, the Lord, Diety M 

by God! &j i jlj t <i)l j 

God is great, God is the greatest ^£ I «il 

there is no god but God <Al i\ *i\ *i 

in the name of God, Most <^-^]l ^y^-^JI <j)l ^ 
Gracious, Most Merciful 

JL jrb-J 'ill. Ji\ 

• , ,t 

to throw oneself into, plunge into j ■■ ■ ■■ ^1 

* ^ ~«< 

to make or deliver a statement (decla- Lu ^1 

ration, announcement, communique, bulletin) 

- .- "t 
to lay eggs u ^\ jfi\ 

to greet, salute ( Jc) CSl jl CaJ ^1 

j4i ^ij-ojUi jc 33.1 (3) ^i! 

jl JUI >^ er lj-(.^JI j! JU!) Je >ll ^t 

to make or deliver an address or <J5 jl ILL?- <yiJI 

'-•* / ■- *' \ . - • & - •* 

* * t " t 

to put (lay, bring up) a question to "ill^- 4~U ^1 

or before, submit a question to, pose a question to, 

ask someone a question 

to lay down (one's) arms, surrender, r-xJI ^1 


to lend or give an ear to, listen to, « .T..II <Uj ^1 

hearken to, pay attention to 

to highlight, shed or Jc filial jl j^Jjl ^^oJl 
throw light upon, spotlight, limelight, illuminate 

to impose something on, lay liS" 4jjlc J^ < _ 5 i)l 
something on, burden with, saddle with, charge 
with; to hold responsible for; to impute to, fasten 

*- • > *t 
to cast lots lt.ji Jpi\ 

to drop bombs on; to bomb, bom- J^ JjLiJI ^1 
bard, shell, cannon, cannonade, attack with bombs 
to inform <o aJlcI : J^iJL jl J^iJI 4JL5. jl *JJ ^1 
of or about, tell about, let know about, bring to 
someone's knowledge or notice, notify of, advise 
of, apprise of, report to 

to dictate (to) \%, I : J^iJ I <As. Jii I 

, — ' *t 
to ramble, talk at random <u» \yc Jc *5lSCll ^1 

-.* ^»< 
to blame, lay (cast, put, place) the Jc *^UI ^1 

blame on 

to lecture, give or deliver a lecture 5^»1»m t ^aJl 

to place (put, lay, cast) the respon- ^ illj^lil ^1 
sibility on; to hold responsible; to saddle with the 



z* & 

indirect reference, indirect suggestion, indication 

knowledge, cognizance, acquaintance, famil- (j) »{,! I 
iarity, conversance 



to intimate, insinuate, hint at, jb.1 i *<J : Jl «*l I 
allude to, glance at, refer indirectly to, make an 
indirect reference to, suggest indirectly, imply 

brilliant, bright, intel- « 1ST JJ I jj «ii i J^ i : ^*«J L «J I 
ligent, smart, clever, shrewd, sagacious; intellect 

brilliance, brightness, intelligence, smart- «liTj :<C**)I 
ness, cleverness, shrewdness, sagacity 

to deify, apotheosize, idolize, make a god of, raise ill 
to the status of a god 

god, deity "L>j : Jl 

to divert with, distract with -» ^ I 

to divert from, distract from O* ^ 

distraction, diversion ,\^\ 

inflammation, inflaming, kindling, JLi.1 ioLjJJ 

lighting, ignition, setting on fire, setting fire to 

inflammation, inflaming, excitation, S jli I : vW" 
exciting, stirring up, arousal, (a)rousing 

inspiration; revelation; afflatus f If)] 

to inflame, ignite, kindle, enkindle, light, J*i,l :i-^JI 
set on fire, set aflame, set fire to 

to inflame, excite, stir (up), (a)rouse jli I : t-^JI 
goddess, deity *j j : £J j 

to inspire (with or to) 1^1 1 

id to-*"]^ 1 'ji)' 

plaything, toy; amusement, distraction, iljl : S^ll 

divine, of God, from God "ij^'j '■ ^<Jj 

theological J^Jj*^:^] 

theology o^i^Jl JjL icl^j^ll pi* cioll^T^ll 



fit gflj-dil fit Oj 


-4J) jlll 

1 "' * 

O God! O Lord! 

if only, at least if 

unless, except that, were it not that 


lit °fi\ 

?,. a**.. 


to hurt, pain, ache, give a feeling of pain «- j I : 1) I 
(to), cause pain to; to torment, excruciate, anguish, 
agonize, distress, grieve 

to know; to be or become J* «JJ»Utj^* :_» III 
acquainted with, familiar with; to familiarize one- 
self with, acquaint oneself with 

to touch on j jZa£ 1] : _j pi 

to befall, afflict, hit, strike, _> J»- 1 <_»L»I : j Jl 
attack, affect, come over, come' upon 

to commit, perpetrate <jj3\ < <_-SCijl : _* Jl 

to visit, pay a short visit to, call on j I j : <J* j I _* J I 
(someone), call at or stop at (someone's house or 


pain, ache; alg-, algo-, -algia; <_j ^ 1 <_< I i* < «- j : J I 
suffering; agony, anguish, excruciation, torment, 

toothache oL^- *' J I 

headache ?-Iji*s '-^"j^ Jl 


Passion Week 
passionflower, maypop 

allusion, hint, intimation, insinuation, 

^1 Jl 

' ' ' "n 

, * >■* 




»U «tf i 


become a widow 

to go to, betake oneself to, repair <>-y i 
to, take to, travel to 

to £Cl |^ Jl^j^I f!& :(CUj ulj ££l) ^1 
lead (in prayer) 

to become a mother Ul OjU> : (<u>«l) »l ^il c*.l 




:(fiV f 1 




s'jJIj :' f 1 
i" t '• ''A 

(JM) g^C }1 

(ij !>-»■) iiy (1 
'"»- '"»-' '1 

(>U»)4-K i{# :Jjy (.I 

the Milky Way, the galaxy [iiUi ] S^Jl : f> kjl " 

the main (major, basic, fundamental, J3 CIl ol^l 
principal, most important, most significant) 
problems or issues 

with one's own eyes 
maternal, uterine 
Mother's Day 
mother tongue 

mother mater 

source, origin, mother 


foster mother 



dura mater 

firefly, glowworm 

pia mater 
river mussel 


.5 * 

as to, as for, as far as he (she, it, etc.) is concerned; U I 
but, however, yet, on the other hand 

to waive one's hand, etc. 

to hoist a flag 



(oL) S^'l 

(oLi) o-j" 
« . f» 

more blameworthy, more *^L) U 1a-*:.... I ^1 :*j)l 
blamable, more culpable, more reprehensible 

aluminum, aluminium f>r-f > ' 

divinity, godhood, godhead, deity, divine ***y\ 

nature, divine power 

mechanical, mechanistic; automatic, power, ?J I 

power-driven, self-driven, self-acting, self-pro- 
pelled, automotive; mechanized, automated; mo- 
torized, motor 
motorized troops 


fat tail (of a sheep) 

buttocks, rump 

- a iT* i s - 


mecha- l^li. U jl ill j jlji- il t_~i"> *1~J» :<ul 

machinery (of govern- {(.ill Ijj jljy iij^t :0 
ment, etc.) 

automatism U1 s^JI oji" :*ul 

automation, automatization XlTill •>»- »l Jlc 
vehicle \> J e.i'j£jA 

tame(d), domesticated) ^ 1 j 

friendly, amicable, amiable, i-i ; ,kl i ^-J 
genial, affable, companionable, sociable 

intimate, close, familiar 




. £?"'-> ~C?* I*! 

.uiil :oUI 

gluteal jisCJI jl jjlftl ^*U- :^J1 

to lose one's wife, become Uoii : <f»- j j ^» J»-^' f ' 
a widower 

to lose one's husband, CSii : U»-jj i>; »'jil 9**' 



— — nzrzzz 

forward, onward, ahead fii\ <Jj 

imam ( ^ .. jLt l jL*) ^UJ 

leader, chief ^ j i jJU : (£) 

guide, guideline, *j <iJli» £,«i. i jL< < JJj : ^ Ul 
index, reference, source; criterion, standard, yard- 
stick, test; model, example, pattern 
imamate; leadership iiU] 

front, fore-, frontal, forward, first, foremost, i»?^' 

advanced, ahead, anterior, pre-, pro-, ante-; in the 

front, at the front, in the fore part, at a forward 

position, to the fore, in the foreground, in the front 


foreground (; jyei I ) <L« U I 

safety, security, peace «ja\ i i^JUJ» : OU I 

protection i;L»- \C>i,\ 

safeguard, guarantee; indemnity, immu- J+*. : dC\ 
nity or exemption from punishment; pact, com- 
pact, agreement 
safety match d(* i\ <_jUj 

safety belt 6^1 \\'j>- 

safety valve, safety <j£ j" <X~f 

good-bye! farewell! so long! God with Jil oX*\ J 

faithfulness, fidelity, fealty, loyalty; reli- >lij :<iUI 
ability, trustworthiness, dependability; honesty, in- 
tegrity, probity, uprightness; confidence, trust, 
faith r t 

deposit; trust, charge; consignment iL jj : *j 1. 1 

trusteeship, guardianship, <_» I ji, I i O j»- : ii L I 
custody, care, protection; superintendence, super- 


'- s i -rf 

municipality; governorate 

secretariat-general, secretariat 

breach of trust iit.\l iiQ- SjCl 


deposited in trust; on consignment; on ii t. Sll J. j* 
sale or return 

consignment, goods on consignment iiC i\> iiUu 


1 ' "■■: 

oU ju^Ij— ejU ^5 leU 


either... or; whether... or 


to make die; to kill, put to death; to cause the oU 
death of, be the death of 
to mortify the flesh, crucify the »JJ ol>j-iJ1 oUI 
flesh, deaden the body, subdue the bodily appetites 

killing, putting to death JJi : till I 

mortification (of the »JJ ol^+JI jl a-J-l iiUI 
flesh, etc.) 

to provide for one's family <JC* j\» I 

constantly urging, always inciting, incessantly j\» I 

Surely the soul of man ( ^UL SjU * (j-iJI o\ 

incites him to evil 

sign, indication, denotation, token, mark, <*>*■ :5jUI 
symbol, symptom 

emirate, principality 

position or rank of an t>j£ 'ja jl jJi\ •_ ■ ,n ■'- : SjCl 
emir or prince 

admiralty illljyl :^klll Sjl.1 

United Arab Emirates ojjcII <*jj*I oIjU^jI 

to withdraw from, move away jli I i (jko : j* J»U I 

to remove, pull away jjul i <_,»« : i>LI 

to unveil, unmask, disclose, reveal, ,jc. *liiJI i>UI 
uncover, unearth, expose, lay bare 


j^\ ^.'C'^i iljj :SjUJ 

to liquefy, melt, dissolve 
melting, liquefaction 

£inr*> : **^' 

to incline, tip, tilt, slant, slope, cant,<_»^»- < <y»- :clGl 
skew, swerve, bend, turn 

to alienate ^ oUj i,j* u^s i^ e^ij :,j* <IUI 
from, disincline from, indispose to, make disin- 
clined to, make averse to, turn (someone's mind) 
away from, keep away from 

inclination, inclining, tip(ping), tilt(ing), ( J»- :XJCtj 
slanting, sloping, bending, turn(ing) 

in front of, opposite (to), facing, face to face with, fit I 
vis-a-vis; in the presence of; before 

before the court ilSCiJil 'fC\ 

(jtfL/iTt I 


r » 

u»~! cfr'j-u*-! 

examination, test; quiz; trial 


entrance examination 

J^»-J UV**^*' 

final examination, final(s) 

yjl^l Ul^j 

Jp** 1 ! jr'j - J»"! 


to examine, test; to try, put to the test; to ,j*iLt I 

afflict, distress, subject to a trial or trials 

to blow one's nose JaouJi i J»u : JaaibJ I 

to extend, expand, spread (out), jjuj i . 
stretch; to be extended, expanded, spread (out), 
stretched (out); to lengthen, elongate, be pro- 
tracted, be prolonged 

to extend, reach, stretch, spread, range u*\J> : Ju*j 

extension, extensity, stretching; expansion, jl-u. 
distension, dilation, dilatation; elongation, length- 
ening, prolongation; expanse; length; extent, 
stretch, spread, span, reach, outreach, compass, 
range, scope; dimension 

continental shelf 

to doubt, suspect 
to adsorb 

lib : J ii^L» 

mixture, mixing, admixture, inter- i>^Ui-l :rljl< 
mixture, intermingling, blending, mingling, com- 
mingling, commixture 

adsorption j\j*-» 

to mix, mingle, blend, intermix, inter- JaLy- 1 : 'tjU 
mingle, commingle, commix; to be or become 
mixed, mingled, blended, combined, intermixed, 
intermingled, commingled, commixed 

to comb one's hair e'J*Z> t-^1 : * " - 

to draw, unsheathe, pull out j^»- t Ji. I : JpJU 

to snatch, whip away LiL»- 

to absorb, soak up, take up, imbibe; to suck, 
suck up; to sip 

absorption, soaking up, taking up, uptake, u^LaU 
imbibition; sucking, suck, suction 

absorption band ^LiZt^ll -^uj. 

absorption coefficient (joLjI^I J-H- 

to hydrate; to hydrolyze 

hydration; hydrolysis 




imperial, imperialistic 


imperialist, imperialistic 


<tLl — Jfcy»\ 4 /J&W Jyjk \ 


- -» ^, 
^ * ~. 

ampere .JL^SUI jlliJI »>» yW^ •■ J ^j "ji**' 


alembic, retort 

bondmaid, bondwoman, <C jU- i Sjuc i iiTjil. :<u I 
slave girl, female slave 

nation, people, body politic (»•! r) «ul 

the United Nations, UN. Sj^il ^1 

to request, ask (someone a ybU J-ii <_JJ> : ^ll< ] 


to provide for one's family <dCj j\L,\ 

to be distinguished (aj*f) -> V^iJl « j u^»-I : j j^L«j 
by, characterized by, marked by; to have as a char- 
acteristic, as a distinctive feature, as an advan- 
tage; to have the advantage of; to be peculiar to, 
characteristic of 

to excel, surpass, outdo, out- jli : j* jl yt j\i* I 
match, outclass, overtop, top, beat (out), outshine, 
eclipse, be superior to, have an advantage over 

obedience, yielding, submission, j xi" liiU. :<Jlif*j 
surrender; conformity to, conforming to, compli- 
ance with, abidance by, observance of 
conformism; conformity; obedience 'O^l 

to obey, follow, submit to, yield j all" « pQ> I : Jj£. I 
to; to conform to, comply with, abide by, observe, 
keep to 

to follow, take as a model or «_J i c5 ju»- I : 3^1 1 
example, imitate, copy, pattern after, model after, 
take after 



to refuse to, decline, turn down ^ii j : ^ • :"'■ 1 

to be or become impossible jijj : 1 { J^\ «^ I 

to seek protection in or with u'' r *" I : j • :r*. I 

to abstain from voting cjj'n'H ^ . : ■ . I 

contempt, scorn jlii- 1 : ul^ I 

humiliation, humbling, degradation, jjiki lOV^' 
abasement, debasement 

hackneying; abuse, J|,iiJ SzLI iJIJLjl :oUf«l 

professionalism, professional pur- (J I j£- I : o l^il I 
suit, practice (practicing, following) of a profes- 
sion, becoming a professional 

to despise, scorn, contemn ^JSli- 1 : J+L* I 

to humble, humiliate, degrade, abase, Jk>- : ^l. I 
debase, demean, lower 

to hackney, wear out in common Jii 
service, wear out in everyday use 

to employ for menial HjsjCL\ d>JU ■ 


to practice professionally, practice or <^» ' { j^ I 
follow as a profession or trade, become a profes- 

i" . . 
distinction, excellence, superiority J>iJ :jUl. 

honoKs), (j>i^« i_JU»J pw^i) jLl.1 i»-jj i jLi«l 
distinction (conferred on a superior student) 


* »' i*- - 

<3*" : jW*1 

jl c^n.',* zip j^via.4 

i» «■* - *^ 

prerogative iljj 

concession; (»<JJ (ijl^j JaLlJ *Jjl>J) <C^»-j : jL^ul 
franchise; permit, license 

(oil) concession £_kij jl /Jjjjj jL^I 

(4-0-1* JL. J* (vl Id) jLil^ 


pre- (jjJJ pj j * 

Capitulations (j^ill j) ^r^ 1 ^'j^" 5 " 

diplomatic privileges i_- L>L j o I jLl* I 

privileges and immunities oli La»- j ol jLit I 

with distinction, cum laude jLj£llj 

absorbability <L«La£«l 

to mount, ride; to board, go on board, get j*"'- 1 

aboard, get in 

mounting, riding; boarding, going on board, >LLJ I 
getting aboard, getting in 

to make enjoy %z^J *Lu- : vU I 

resentment, displeasure, indignation, annoy- ^Ul*} 
ance, vexation, anger 

to resent; to be resentful, displeased, (^y) (>mZ« I 

indignant, annoyed, vexed 

pallor, paleness, pallidness, wanness f Ul» I 

to be(come) or turn pale, pallid, wan; to pale, j_il» I 

to be full (of), filled (with), replete (^. ji j) S£.l 

(with); to fill 

fullness, repletion »5li» I 

plumpness, fleshiness, chubbiness, full- -LJ-I V&>\ 
ness, rotundness; corpulence, fatness, stoutness, 

proprietary; possessory; possessive "fS^ku\ 

i<-*0 Uj <JlC ^i AJflj — pS+a Uj <JLc 

abstention, abstaining, re- |.U»- 1 « Cjff : ^i p Li* I 
frainment, refraining, forbearance, forbearing, de- 
sistance, desisting, stopping), stoppage, cessation, 
ceasing, quitting, discontinuation, halting, giving 
up, leaving off 

refusal, denial Jaij \fjc- s-Ll.1 

*-- . 

impossibility jJuu :t\^*\ 

gratitude, gratefulness, thankfulness, obliged- uLl« j 
ness, indebtedness 

to abstain from, refrain lk»-l i lillll i cifT :^c £i«l 
from, keep from, forbear, desist from, stop, cease, 
quit, discontinue, halt; give up, give over, leave off 



< «-lj -J-*-*' :uiJul 

jju a^-Ij -oljul 

supplying), providing, provision, jujy :(j) jljul 
furnishing, equipping, equipment 

help, aid, assistance, support <i^u : jI -u I 

supplies; reinforcements; auxiliaries o I i\ ju j 

^ju «-lj -i»jjul 

to order, command, bid, enjoin, direct, instruct, j» I 
give or issue orders or directions or instructions 
(to); to charge (with), require; to dictate; to ordain, 
decree, prescribe 

to become a prince, become an \jl»\ jU> \j*\ 4 


to consult, ask someone's advice jjli. : 



to pass; to let pass, allow to pass; to ^*j aJL*»- : "j» I 
cause or allow to go (move, proceed); to cause or 
permit to go past (go through, get by); to guide 
(lead, take, send) through or into; to cause to go 
through, cause to penetrate, get through, insert in; 
to throw or hit (a ball to a teammate); to secure the 
approval of, cause or allow to win approval or 
official or legal sanction 

to be or become bitter 

to embitter, bitter, make bitter 

bitterer, more bitter 

stronger, firmer 

jA J~0 • J*' 

Oj\jA j2£ \ 


«v "S- -S< 

to go through the worst, 
suffer extremely 

to appoint (or choose) as Ijyl (»jL»-l jl) <ule :J» I 

prince or as emir 

to invest with authority or power ^j t Jop : ja \ 

order, command, in- oU*J ' u°j* '• \j-?'.j' r) j* ' 
struction, directive, direction, dictate, imperative, 
mandate, behest, bidding, injunction 

power, authority <LkL : ja I 

warrant, writ, authorization, authority, Jot^u : ja\ 

' • ' 11 *'\ 
decree, edict, ordinance, act fyj* '■ u* j* ' 

matter, affair, concern, iJL~. 1 J\Z, : (jy>\ ^) ja\ 
business; question, issue, problem, case 

condition, state, situation, position, case JU- : ja\ 

<mmi*ssFi";rji,\! s tots"- : 


Proverbs (JL) Jl£.^l 

optimum, optimal; ideal; perfect; model, Jil jl ijl.1 

example, lesson, warning 
lesson; assignment 

1 , i-jJ :i!»JL.i 

' '.I 

more glorious, more illustrious 

to be or become erased, effaced, obliterated, { yi, I 
blotted out, expunged, wiped out, extinguished 

extinction «U», I 

to reappear, come out again ju a»- ^y j*^ : u^u I 

i>»*» p-'j ~\f^\ J >" *-) (>"*"' 

to wane ijL.ll j ,_Lo :_^ill Jjawl 

' ^^ * * - • * 

to perish, be destroyed <ilA* : jJJ Jill Jp« I 

"- I,-?"" 

Jk. jj«-Ij -(-jJbfl :JjmI 

to be withheld, be overdue, fail to set in ^kll JsJ.1 

sincere advice 



to supply with, provide with, j ^ t j jjj : _, ju I 
furnish with, equip with 

j*L« 1 0*1 • Jul 

to help, aid, assist, support 
to reinforce (an army) 

('jQr\ ji'-uil) !ul 

- s * - -.* a-* 

to respite, grant (someone) a re- Ji- 1 1 J^. I : ju I 
spite or delay, give (someone) time; to delay, post- 
pone, put off 

to prolong someone's life o^^c j jl o^^c 4)1 jul 

- *': ' •'< > *-? 
to suppurate, fester, matter »«_5j :rj*l Jul 

limit, extent, scope; end 

duration; period, time; span (of 

Jjljj 1 4jlc : ju I 

*.- '-■' '* 

cJij 1 5^-i : Jul 

Jjji> «-lj - J>* "* I Je>k 




■-'■".. ■"-- — 

man; person; one 
woman; wife 

passing, passage; letting pass, allowing to jj J+1 '-j^j* 

pass; insertion 

r 1 '■* * • 

pass [iJju iiLjJ S^l jlj^l 

command, authority, power, influence, control, ij* 
lead, leadership 

beardless <J il»J "jl : j^i 

'. » -.» .» .« - ,,* 
hairless, bald «JL«I i j^p-l « jjiJI £j* : jj-l 

-•' , < * -. ^^^- - ~. 
to sicken, make sick, make JL.I i Ux>j-i *1*»- : o^j- 1 

hairless, bald 
featherless, unfeathered 

^r^ o*^J ' ~ > -* 

fertile land 

ii-jUl : yJi 

yesterday, recent time, iliUl ^1? \ll ^« ^J i^l 

recent day, immediate past 

* s '^ • i ■ * 

recently, lately, of late, not \j£-y> : ^ i\i ^ ^-.1 

long ago, newly 

the day before yesterday, two days ago Jj\l ^2, 1 

yesterday evening, last night ^1, 1 ?C 

to be in dire need of, be in Jj i»- U-l ^ I j 0^ iy«rf I 
urgent need of, require urgently 

to enter into evening ,.1111 j Jj^ j : ^^t I 

to become, come to be, grow, ol» « jU> : ,-LJi I 
turn; to be; to get or come to a point where, reach 
a stage where 

holdGng), grasping, grip(ping), J^S i tiC : (j) dJLi I 
taking hold of, seizing, seizure, catch(ing), grab- 
bing, grappling, taking 

abstention, abstaining, s-l^jl 1 1S& : ( ( jc) dJLll 
refrainment, refraining, forbearance, forbearing, 
desistance, desisting, stop(ping), stoppage, cessa- 
tion, ceasing 



*</• : J-' 



; JVM 

"■- '•? 

- i" c * • * 

thing; something 


which, that, something which, . . . <3 JJl 'j}i\ t . 
the thing which, the fact which 

delivery order 

search warrant 

writ of execution 

subpoena, summons 

writ of attachment 
judicial writ; mandamus 

fait accompli, accomplished fact »j I j _^ I 

summary proceedings, [ <jy l» ] <lV»:.*Jl j £ 1 

summary matters 

to the order of; payable to <J : o^i ^1 

for some reason or another L J*i 

those charged with authority, those jJi\ ^Jj* 

responsible, authorities, chiefs, heads, rulers, pre- 
sidents, leaders, superiors, masters 

at your disposal! at your Oja I s-^i i Sja I o -»~ 
service! at your command! at your orders! 

«S*\> .^1 «5fl» j «^l (Jjl .^1 Jj' j 

at first, in the beginning j*\\ 

it is all over, the die is cast 'j*H\ 'nf 

absolute master, dictator J^i I j ^^J I 1^. U 

to have two alternatives (choices, J>~Ja I 'J2\ ^ 

commander, com- ji\i , ^U- . ^1 L»-U :^»1 

mandant; head, chief, superior, senior officer; 
master; ruler; leader; commanding 


hA Urf . 

warden, prison chief 

commanding officer, com- ii Q- 1 

absolute master, dictator, autocrat 

stupid, foolish, weak-minded, 




to shower with, storm with, pelt 
with, pepper with, hail on 


(Jj \yi a jJaa i 

going too far, going to extremes, Jal^i] . jLj : uUi>] 
going to excess, excess(iveness); carrying too far 
assiduity, diligence, devotion jt»- : O^j 

scrutiny, close examination, careful jJiJI o\**\ 


yes-man, flunky; sycophant, toady; timeserver iju I 

hairless *J ^*i ^ : Jaiu I 

to go too far in, go to «JL 4 J>^j I . lS juj : J j** ' 
extremes in, go to excess in, carry too far, overdo, 
be excessive in 

to apply oneself assidu- <_. Jilj « oS" 1 -i»- : j (j**! 
ously (with perseverance, steadily) to 

to scrutinize, examine closely, study j _^kJI ,j>u> I 

carefully, ponder over 

russet, reddish brown cj^^ i^l 

,- •- - »- - -.-I 
to cause colic or gripes, gripe Uuw i_~— : yaiu I 

.- • •* . 

ability, capability, capacity, 3jji 1 iclLlJ : ul£*J 

power, faculty 

r i •' "*' 

potential (mood) [ iil J o l£- )l I *i-*« 

when possible o^-«)ll J-^f- 

possibility, potentiality, potential, Jlcf»"! : Sy ^»* j 
contingency, prospect, probability; chances, odds, 

/• f\ '•'^» > 1' 'Kw ' \' 'f'\ 
to be or become possible \o\ ) o^j . \jj, jl a.) (jSj I 

for, feasible for; can; may; to be able to, be capable 

of, be in a position to, have the power or ability to; 

to afford to, manage to 

, „ 3 ., , * 1 1 

it is possible (that); possibly, perhaps, (6 1 ) j^x-j 

abstinence JS'Ql <>»»j (>c p-^-"} ' '■ * ' • '"' '■ <iN— ■•) 

time of the day which marks the beginning of the 

fast during Ramadan 

constipation (sU^ ill jl (jJalJl) Ja*i : ii)L-.l 

avarice, stinginess, niggardliness Jiu : tL)l — .J 

calendar of fasting (during Ramadan) "Ssf— • J 

to hold, grasp, grip, take hold of, J*J : (_;) dC . I 
seize, catch, grab, grapple, take, clasp, clutch 

-i 1— L«4j «j»-ij— j lXm^j ; j < i ■■■* ■ 

to refrain from, ^ «^| . ^ i_i^ : ^ iiCl 

abstain from, forbear, desist from, keep from, stop, 
cease, discontinue 

to withhold, hold back, keep x^> . <_,-**- : SLa I 

back; to restrain, detain, prevent 

• - . s - - ■ * 

to keep for oneself, retain for A-jJ J* s<«i)l iiL~«l 

oneself; to appropriate, possess alone, take exclu- 
sive possession of 


to constipate 

evening; soiree, evening party or gathering 
evening performance or show 

to purge, relax or loosen the bowels ,jJall I ^^l. I 

to whip, lash, flog -u j^> : ( J»^1)L a.) Ji« I 

to pain, hurt; to torment, agonize, i_jac 1 J I : Ja* 1 

to spend, pass <_ij*o i^^a* :(t»j) (juul 

to carry out, execute, perform, j^u I 1 iil I : ^^a* I 
accomplish, finalize, conclude, wind up, complete, 
bring to an end 

to Sign jjj.^.a*. 

sharper, keener, acuter, more 3a»- j s?Lii ^iS"! : { ^a* I 



signature £•*>> 

conclusion, windup, comple- j^«jj ' fir"! : *L^*j 

tion; execution, carrying out, accomplishment 

to rain (it rained) ( illlll o) jJw I 

to shower with rain (it rained ( I CLi I ~£ ) Jo* I 
upon them) 

I ~ 




=# #c 


to be or become faithful, loyal, reliable, LJ\ oli" : 'J, I 
trustworthy, honest 

to be (become, feel) safe, secure, peaceful uUil : '& I 

to believe in, have faith in ijjua <. '■;:>. I ; _, V,T 

to weaken, enfeeble, sap Li«J»l : ji I 

to insure (life, against fire, against ( ju« jl <^c) ^« 1 
loss, etc.); to underwrite, cover 

to reassure, assure, give confidence (to) <jui : <>• I 

to ensure, secure, guarantee, ^* j i ^w> « ji*. : ^ I 
assure; to procure, bring about, achieve, accom- 
plish, attain, realize, fulfill, work (out); to produce, 
yield; to obtain, get, acquire; to furnish (with), 
provide (with) 

to say "amen" « ,^.1 » J\i :JL\ 

safe, secure, peaceful ^1:^1 

security, safety, peace, law and {%. i CJuL : J» I 

collective security yp^" u**' 

internal security ^-U-laJI ^Sl 

public security, public safety ^ Ul ^ H\ 

national security <«*^" o**^' 

security forces; ^11 1 JU-j i^il oly i^. xl <iy 
the police, peace officers 

•*. ' . - 
Security Council ^.1(1 y-L** 

safe, secure, peaceful ^ I 

to ejaculate r_J. 

to shed blood 

- •'■'- '.• \ 


< > 

J^dl <_»i» : ,Lul 

. Nil * i. .- .'1 


security, safety, peace 

wish, aspiration, desire, desideratum T-.',\ 

respiting, grant of a respite or delay; grace JL^ I 

to dower, endow, give a dower to i I 'J. I ^ I 

it is impossible ^-^sClJ H 

as much as possible, as far as possible, ^fX ^ .3"^ 
as much (or as far) as it is feasible 

, », 

to hope; to hope for; to look forwardLjQ < t»- j : Ji I 
to, expect, anticipate 

to weary, bore, tire S*"*»' : Ll^ 

to dictate (to) J^-{^)'J^ 

to raise hopes (in), give hope (to), Jit illi- : jl' 
inspire hope (in), let hope, make hope, give 
(someone) reason to hope 

hope, expectation * £■ j : J* I 

hopeful, hoping, full of hope; <^'J* <■ ry'J*'- J-^ 
looking forward to, expecting 

to dictate (to) ( ^) J^\ 

to prolong someone's life (°'J+c- li!& ifil) Jul 

dictation ,bC] 

destitution, abject poverty, penury, *_iju ^ii : jiCj 

pauperism, beggary 

, ■•, . - . -,t 

* ' * . * '• t '• » 

tender twig ^ic t >*»i : Ju I 4 j1« I 

smooth, sleek, slick, even, plain yJu I 

- s, ; , - s 

hairless i) ^It. II : JaL I 

to be reduced to poverty; to be or become ^ili I : jb I 
destitute, (very) poor, penniless 

tender twig 
to nationalize 

Jul : Jtil 


61 > VT 

fiscal, revenue stamp, tax ^S±>j>. j^) tiji?' gU» 

amyl, pentyl [ *L-*^ J J** ' 

amylase j^Lf ' 

< < 
amy lose J>^s* ' 

'• ' <■;•--.- { 

faithful, loyal, reliable, «£l~* 4 «j o>>>» « y» j : Os? ' 
trustworthy, dependable,' trusty', honest, true, 

safe, secure jJw .^ : On ' 

* .'*■>'. \ 
trustee, guardian, custodi- j> -u 1 u^ 4 ^ : (x? I 

an, caretaker, keeper, curator; superintendent; su- 
pervisor; manager; chief, head, master 


jsij^-r : i>rf' 




i.a. \j il cr^ 


treasurer; cashier; teller 

mayor; governor 

4.^0 U)l j^jl 


ije 1 

warehouseman, ware- O^aJLl jl eojlLLI ^ 
houser, warehouse superintendent, storekeeper, 
store clerk 
librarian £j£il ^jl 

board of trustees «.L.l ^Jj^ 



amino acid ^ 1 o>< i 

to come, approach, draw near; to mature, oU- : ul 
ripen, become ripe 

the time has come, it is time, it is high 
time, now is the time 

it is time for you to.., the time has . . u I ^ 1 

come for you to.. 

haven't you understood yet?! !?|**J ul ^ ul ul 

to moan, groan, whimper, whine, wail »j1j : ul 

time; period of time; moment, instant y-»- 1 cij : ul 

now; at present, at the ^U-l i-»j" j ' y^ : 0^1 
(present) moment, at this time, at the present time, 

m l i WT'-.'.w ~'" '.-v.^ 

albino; albinotic J44 I 

to give (someone) time; to respite, grant a respite J4* I 
or delay to 

God's mill grinds slow but surej*i> X? J*l> «il ul 


to mew, meow, miaow 

Ju grlj-Jljll 

motherhood, maternity 

motherly, maternal, mother 




illiterate, uneducated, unlettered j»i»~. _^s. -. ,_» 

motherly, maternal, mother (. aL (ja : .-*,. :^\ 

amianthus, amiantus, asbestos cJ Lj 

amoeba, ameba 

amoeboid, ameboid 

amoebic, amebic T-^j* I 

illiteracy; ignorance Ji»- iCLSGlj i(\'jii\ ji»- :il«l 

'.- '* .**( 

motherhood, maternity **y\ :<-*! 

amide [>L~iJ >u»1 

prince, emir; chief, commander, leader, master, j^ I 


admiral ^pyJIjj-l 

Commander of the Faithful, Caliph Crr-;^ J? ' 



brigadier, brigadier (KijS^c <-j j) 

admiralty J*J\ »jUl icJlj*,*! 

princess sjs* I 

American i^>?' 

governmental), f I* 1 iJj J I *£JuJ 1 (-»>£»■ '■ iij)s» ' 

state, state-owned, public 

fiscal iJjJI iil_)>u (jeU- :tij«l 



L-J^mL* * iSj^ ' 




to be late; to tarry, linger; to be tL'l « >- U : <y 1 

to approach, come, draw near; to oU i ll j : yi 1 
mature, ripen, become ripe 

to delay, put off, postpone; to slow IL < >■ 1 : .j 1 
down, retard 

iy' fr'j -Uaj i>-l lyjl 
"T fi •* * T" a * 

-* - -, «* 




[u-jJCLji Ifti 

/ — \ * * 

period (of time), span (of time) (* k I ?: ) yi ] « yi I 

by night, all night long, JJdl *b I j i JJJI i\> I 

throughout the night, all through the night 

* • « •* 

by day and by night, day jt+JI ijl^lj JJJI *U 

and night, around the clock, twenty-four hours a 


where; wherever, wheresoever, no uJL»- < ^ I : ^ I 

matter where, anywhere 

where from? from where? wherefrom? q> I ^ : t y I 
whence? from what place? 
when? at what time? 

how? in what way? 

UuS :,«ll 



to remove, move away, take away; to 
distance, place or hold at a distance 

farther (away), more distant, 
remoter, more remote 

vessel, container, receptacle; (u'jlj <~>\ r) »^l 

utensil(s), plateis), dish(es), cup(s), pot(s), jar(s), 
vase(s), etc. 

pottery, earthenware, crockery; porce- <j j±- iJ I 
lain, china, chinaware; ceramics; faience 

glassware, glasswork £l»- 

tableware, table utensils 
kitchenware, kitchen utensils 

>*.- -r 


i Li 

•- --T 


* *» ■ — 

(oLi) £jUj 


.... .,_.,. .-■ ... ... ■■,.,■■■- 

! * 

presently, currently, today, nowadays, these days 
now that.. . .jijO^I 

gradually, by degrees, step by step, little by liLi ill 
little, bit by bit, a little at a time 

until now, so 'oi\ CU 1 0>) 1 0^1 <JJ ' 0^1 J^>- 
far, hitherto, to date, yet, as yet, up to the present 
moment, up to now; still, yet 

at the same time, ol j < £• o' J « J»-lj of j 


before, previously, formerly, earlier 'oi\ '^Li 

from o I jju U 1 1 ^»- 1 j 1 (>j l* < jj- 1 y J o I (>• 
time to time, now and then, once in a while, 

sometimes, at times, occasionally 

- - *'> - - -.- » , ' , - , 
from now on, 0^1 -^-« ' 0^1 ■**; ' loctai 0^1 ,>• 
henceforth, in the future; starting..., beginning..., 
effective from..., from..., as of... 

that; to 



■fl: Til 

'1 Cr'j-o 
t* 1 * p-b-ol j* 

although, (even) though, even if, despite, in 
spite of the fact that 

unless, if not, except 
indeed if 





oi q 

verily, truly, indeed 

verily, truly, indeed; but, however, yet; rather, ^1 
on the contrary 

to act slowly, take one's time, slow (down) |j+*j : iJ I 



a* <$ EE 

elegance, fashion, fashionableness, style, stylish- iiU 

ness, grace, handsomeness 

anaconda (^l) Sju^UI 

to make or let obtain (get, acquire, JIj <dl»- : LIU I 
win, attain, achieve, etc.) 

to give (to), grant (to), accord (to), ^a* 1 : 3 U 

award (to), donate (to), bestow upon, confer upon 

mankind, human race, human beings, f I >*i I t f U J I 
people; creatures 

pineapple (oLi) ^Ulil 

solipsism (ililli Jj^kijijUl 

selfish, self-centered, egocentric, egoistic, (ii*») ^Ul 


egocentric, egoist, self-seeker (^1) ^lil 

sefishness, sef-centeredness, egocentncity, <-j b I 

egocentrism, egoism, self-seeking 

to reprimand, reprehend, reproach, censure.^j : >—j i 
rebuke, reprove, castigate, upbraid, scold, chide 
to feel remorse, feel conscience-stricken, »j^o <-j I 
have compunctions, have qualms 

eggplant, aubergine ob" )V : yj ' 

to inform of or about, (jit I ' tij 3^-* ' -? .*»"' : W W*' 
tell about, let know about, notify of, advise of, 
apprise of, report to, relate to; to communicate to, 
impart to, convey to; to announce, state, declare 

u» «jf lj — »Ljl 

notification, notifying, information, jli-l : *Lil 

informing, telling; communication, conveyance; 


germination ^^j) 


s? ffr'j ~ 6>" :jLjI 

to be sold t^'tV- 

to produce plants, bring forth vegetation; to c*J I 
germinate, cause to sprout; to make (something) 
grow; to grow, raise, plant, cultivate 

to be cut off, severed »J»» < j-l«i} : £> ■*»} 

to be decided, determined, re- j^ t ^~*- : c~>i 
solved, settled, fixed, finished, done 

to be cut off, amputated; to be cut jJ»» 

, * - > ---• 

to deputize, depute, delegate, yiy « [p J • V^ ' 

appoint as one's deputy (substitute, agent, repre- 
sentative, etc.), commission (empower, authorize) 
to act for or in behalf of 

to return (or come) from »Ja jjy Ija «- j : J] olil 
time to time to, visit periodically or often, fre- 
quent, haunt 
to turn to God in repentance Jil <JJ i_«lj I 

delegation, deputation, deputi- J^f>> <-Jaiy& '■" > ^S t \ 
zation, appointment as deputy (substitute, repre- 
sentative, agent) 

<_<^ji «jflj — (—.jjUl 

deliberateness; patience, endur- j^> t Jb- njt : »U I 
ance, tolerance, forbearance 

(Jj>*> lj)i> «Jflj— oLil (Jj>B lOUil U>B 

to make (a camel) kneel down ( J*J- 1 ) f U I 

to stay at, remain at l&l; r ^ ' 

then, at that time, that day Jli I 

to light, light up, illuminate, illumine, ?U>I : jl» I 

furnish with lights, fill with light; to shed (throw, 
cast) light upon, highlight, spotlight 

lighting, illumination; enlightenment ojUJ 

to move; to swing, oscillate, <_< Ju i i d) j»- : u»\j I 


people, men, human beings, man- ^-li t ^i : ^U I 
kind, human race, humankind, world, humanity 

to entrust (with), _» <u)J 04* 1 cTp- 1 ^y : (j) J>li I 
charge (with), commission (to do); to entrust (to), 
commit (to); to invest (with), vest (with), authorize 
(to), empower (to) 
to suspend, hang; to attach J^Jlc : J»li I 

to make dependent (_a»jl 1 jii : ( J»^i) J* J»li I 
on, conditional on, contingent on 

entrustment, commit- »-*i£j '<Jjj»" 'er^O" : *J»U] 
ment; commission(ing), charging; investiture, in- 
vesting, authorization, empowerment 

to exceed, be more than, be greater il j : J* <_lL I 
than, be above; to surpass, go beyond 

to command, dominate, Jl>l 1 i_»_p I : J* <_»U I 


to be high, lofty, elevated j-Jb 1 «jj jl : <_*U I 



curled, kinked 

A - " - • • 

extension, extensity, expansion, j-uJ i jIaI.1 :i>Cjl 
stretching, spreading; dilation, dilatation; expanse;' 
spread, stretch 

delight, joy, happiness, cheer- 

£>• ' Jij" 


fulness; pleasure; enjoyment, having fun 
extroversion, extraversion [ ^ ] L I'..' I 

diastole iillJl :(_iij| illjl 

diastole <_iljl JiLJl 

extrovert(ed), extravert(ed) [ ^ ] ^JjCJ I 

to spread (out), stretch, extend, expand; xi. I : V '.'. | 

to be spread (out), stretched (out), extended, ex- ' 


to be happy, glad, delighted, ^ < *J, : \"\ | 

pleased; to enjoy oneself, have fun' 

Ziw p-\j-'jj\ ji sill J^jl 

prostration, lying (down) 

; yirt. t 


to lie prostrate, lie face down; to^kLl 4 ij»l; : '-'j,' ; | 
lie down, lie 

revival, re- <U>^; < ^JJ S^ill jl J.LUI oU^.1 •'"■ l'n ; ; l 
viviscence, resurgence, renascence, rebirth, renais- 
sance, reawakening, regeneration 

resurrection £.ll» :cjILjI 

emission, emanation, emergence, jlij I : ci>llj I 

issuing, issuance, issue, discharge 

dent, indentation - Uj | 

gP '£->*■ 'iJ^r"! : (u?) 

to be emitted, sent out, 

discharged, given off, diffused; to emanate from, 
arise from, rise from, proceed from, spring from, 
emerge from, issue from, originate from, come 
from, stem from, develop from, grow out of, be 
caused by 

to be sent, sent out, dispatched, for- 3- J ' : '-*■*'' ' 


r^^t « ,, „ „ „ ,,, = „ „ . 

tO rJJ 4J_jj jl 4i»Ll> jUj^.1 i -b-l>- ^ U*.: • ■*,..•■ I 

revive, resurge; to be revived, revivified, resus- 
citated, reanimated, revitalized 
to be resurrected, be raised from o^lll '^ '' "' ' 
the dead 

to be dented, indented, notched 


to be or become necessary, requisite, ob- <_*»-_} : .jl; I 
ligatory, mandatory, imperative, indispensable 

to be or L-u. <. {:..,*.<:...*. « 4_j l^i^ 0^ : , 


short, curtailed; to be docked, bobbed 

.. * -• ~ * ~ • 
to be spread, disseminated, propa- jZZ> I i jLJ : ?»,'j I 

gated, diffused, circulated; to spread, circulate; to 


to be spread, scattered, dispersed, ij^u i 'j'ji : cLj I 
diffused; to spread, scatter, disperse, diffuse 

to be broadcast(ed), [ 0>»>lJ j y s I j ] i^ I 


emanation, emergence, issuing, issue, issuance, jlij I 
springing, arising, going out; outflow, outpour/ ' 
outburst, effusion, gush, flow, flowage, spurt, flux, 
efflux, effluence 

to emanate (from), spring (from), emerge (^.) j£j I 
(from), issue (from), arise (from), originate (from),' 
stem (from), proceed (from), go out (from); to 
break forth, burst forth, gush out, pour out, flow 
out, well out, issue forth, rush out, shoot out, 
come out, effuse, spout, spurt, squirt, jet 

to dawn ^}>\ ' :f.; I 



flow, flowage, flux, efflux, effluence, gush, y»U«*J I 
spurt, outflow, outpour, outburst, effusion 

to flow, gush out, pour forth, break forth, '\JaLi I 
burst forth, spout forth, spurt, shoot out, squirt, 
well out, jet, effuse, issue forth, rush out, come out 
to centrifuge jS^Il ^ V^L : jjj 

to oppose, defy, challenge, con- J is^n" : J <3^J I 
front, face, front, face up to, stand up to, stand up 
against, withstand, counteract; to deal with, cope 
with, grapple with, come to grips with 
to undertake, take upon _; 'jL\> < Jfy : J (jjj I 
oneself, assume; to set out to, embark upon; to 
take up, turn to, apply oneself to, occupy oneself 
with, concern oneself with, deal with 

to abrade, fret, scrape off, chafe, taper iSy : eJ^li I 
off, wear away; to be abraded, scraped off, fretted, 
worn away; to be sharpened, trimmed 
to be or become ratified, CjL, jU> t ji\ : VJj I 

confirmed, endorsed, sanctioned, approbated, 
approved, adopted, passed, legalized, validated, 
upheld, sustained, maintained, affirmed; to be or 
become irrevocable, decisive, conclusive, final, 

to be concluded, made, entered into 

to be twisted, twined, entwined, 



g8am>.' -•yy-.aa j». , .'. ^aa-i—SBaameMa— »um 

alembic, still 

you, thou CJI iCJI 

moan, groan, wail, whine, whimper c I 

to protrude, project, thrust out, exsert, jut j y, l : ui I 
out, stick out, poke, bulge; to emboss, raise in 

(<y0 t$*L; i(j*) est gpij-d^) iiHi 

protrusion, projection, exsertion, sticking jl^j I : »lljj 
out; embossment 

to befall, beset, afflict, hit, strike, attack, LCel : otil 
come over, come upon, happen to, occur to 

to haunt jJJ jl£il *illJL ~IJ l>l£. v^l 

production, producing, vUe i p^ii j-uo» ;^ 

making, make, manufacture, manufacturing, fabri- 
cation, output, generation, creation 

gross national product 

productive; producing 





oLil :^UJl 

attention, attentiveness; regard, heed, notice; oLjI 
watchfulness, vigilance, alertness, lookout; care, 
carefulness, caution, cautiousness 

to withdraw, retire, retreat; to step aside ^Jj : jl-jJ 

-. * '.''* 
to make wine -4?*" -*r-'' 

to swell, become swollen 

to be on one's guard, be wary, be cautious, ji»- : <*2 
be careful, look out, watch out, be on the alert, be 
on the lookout 

to pay attention to, heed; to J^ai : (<JJ jl J) '<^>\ 
notice, take notice of, observe, see, perceive; to be 
or become aware of, conscious of 

to wake up, awaken, waken 



' " " " — ' i 

■aca— — rasxsi uMJaB« zSZF 

become desirable, advisable, recommendable, ex- 
pedient, appropriate, proper, seemly, fit(ting) 

he ought to, he should, <j\ *1 j\ aILc (^jr*) ij^>\ 
he must, he has to, it is his duty to 
as it should be, as it must be, as required, ^j-o Uf 
comme il faut, duly, as due, properly, appro- 
priately, fittingly, adequately, sufficiently, enough, 
satisfactorily, well 

to be taken aback, be taken by surprise; to be c itjl 
surprised, flabbergasted, shocked, stunned, thun- 
derstruck, dumbfounded, speechless 
daybreak J*jA\ jr^\ 

to dawn; to shine gl-J \ 


■ Jai>l 

to be dazzled, dazed, overwhelmed, (jJJ »j~oj) ^<j} 


to pant, gasp, be out of breath, be kJu ^aj\ '■ j*^\ 


- '\ ''\ 

pipe, tube, duct • jj-U : *-?}? ' 

- - - ,-*<>- .- ft 

joint (of a knot- i-..ri5ll (>• ^ji*!! ^ L. ^j-yl 

test tube 


windpipe, trachea 

capillary, capillary tube 

flash tube 


water pipe 

ted stem), internode, part between two nodes 

• •'-il ' 'M 

t_jb j »rt.l I (V,^ ' 
'-I'll' ""'1 

* •: * *'.\ 

vacuum tube, vacuum valve 9yi» <-j>r> ' 

blowpipe, blowtube (r-£->H J-^LU) «-^l v>y' 
pipeline ^-t^l Ja»- 

test-tube baby jLji-'Jll vj-y' J*i» 

pipage, transportation by pipes i_~jL> ju Jii 

<—'y r >i luflj — <i^jl 
, ' >'i 

tubular, pipelike, pipy, fistulous ^lyJ I 

excavation, something unearthed J~> U : yi>J 1 
ampul *J>y' 

(jjj (j? ji Ci'H) Jj^ii 


>'- ' ■ - t "•< 

to arrogate (to oneself), assume to (<-*J) jk^ I 
oneself, ascribe to oneself, claim for oneself 

to embrace, adopt, 
profess, take up 

election (»JJ ^JlJLJ i <"yU^) olifcjl 

voting, vote, ballot, c-i^aj i f\j£\ : olau I 

poll(ing), casting of ballots or votes 

selection, selecting, choice, jL^-l i »lial :i_jU«al 

natural selection; selection yf^ V^S^i 


to re-elect 

iV ff 'J' 


electoral; elective; election 


election campaign, elec- i_jU«JLi 1 (<tf jjm jl) iil»- 
toral campaign 

constituency, electoral district ij U.U I 5 ^J I j 

electoral college; electorate 

to select, pick (out), choose 

to vote, cast a ballot, cast a 
vote, poll 

to elect, vote in 
to choose by lot 

to sift, bolt, sieve out 

to meet, get together, assemble 

--'-I ' a - ' 

a I 

delegation, delegating, delegacy, L>jSj\ j'jLx* ^olxpj 
deputation, deputization, legation, sending forth or 
appointment of a representative (delegate, deputy, 
etc.); accreditation; commission(ing), charging; 
detail(ing), assignment; secondment, seconding, 
transference), transferring 

mandate (ij+J>£~A jl Ji\ jl A, ^c ilj'j) i_»ljljl 

mandatory power, mandatory o I j^ V I i) j j 

mandatory L*i'-*a' 

to delegate, deputize, depute, send or (J) ojOJI 

appoint as one's representative (delegate, deputy, 
etc.); to accredit; to commission (to do or with), 
charge (to or with), entrust (to or with); to detail 

to produce, yield, bring forth, bear, generate, ka I 
engender, make, manufacture, fabricate, create, 
originate, bring into being, give birth to, give rise 
to, birth, bring about, cause, occasion, result in 

to bear, give birth to, bring forth, 
throw (a young one) 

tjr^ {frh ■ 


choice, choosing, selection, 



»Uljl ; iL-i»-l :t_>l«ul 

to choose, select, pick out ( yUi I i j L»- 1 : i-ow I 

to resort to, have recourse to, turn to, J J UJ : '^yj\ 
take refuge with 

to seek, look for, search for LJJ. 

to lean on, support oneself on 
tropism; taxis 




J 6 (j*"! 
[,u.i] *Ua| 
* • '\ i % 

impersonation, per- 

plagiarism, literary (ajLLS" jl cilj^ »l jl) JUijI 

arrogation, undue as- »^1 ^j^CL £l*jl :Jlawjl 

embracement, adoption, profession, jl^cl : JUal 
taking up 

"V-»-" : 

to commit suicide, kill oneself <uii 3^> :^Jl 

to pass oneself off as, (i^^-h.:. jl Jji\ ijuf) jAul 
personate, impersonate, pretend of claim to be 
(with intent to defraud), assume the character or 
identity of (usually for purposes of fraud) 

to plagiarize, take (<CLLi jl oilj^ f\j\) Jkzjl 
(ideas, writings, etc.) from another and pass them 
off as one's own 


diffusion of 1 ight *y^ \ j \^~> \ 

^ - * & • 
cultural diffusion (JUj jLil 

i» > •> t • 
deployment ol^iJI jl -lJ-I jLiil 

• *, „ 
^redeployment jLi'lll »jtcl 

to spread, circulate, get about, be in circu- f I i : jlZJ 
lation, be current; to be or become widespread, 
widely known 

to spread through, prevail, pervade, ^c : j^>\ 

(pre)dominate; to be or become prevailing, prev- 
alent, common 

to spread, diffuse, scatter, J^ii 4 jjU»j : j^>\ 

disperse; to be spread (out), diffused, scattered, 


to spread (out), unfold, open !kt„..\\ i jJL>[ : j^>\ 

out, expand, extend; to be spread (out), unfolded, 

expanded, extended 

to deploy, be deployed, fan out 


{ y^J «-'j -(>— Uj 

to pick up, raise, lift; to save, Jii I 4 ,jA±- i «i j : Jiij 

rescue; to extricate 

to snatch away , take away «-a i * rrf - [ 4 p- jlj I : JIj I 

erection; standing erect, standing up, getting oLa£ I 

up, rising, rise 

victory, triumph jib 4 illi 4 j-<»i : jUaj I 

to stand erect, stand up, get up, rise ^ U •' /-■") 

to be put in the accusative [ iii J —. "ll I 4_.. <i; , 'i j 

iilj J«iJI 4_.,wa 7 j| 
J C all luflj— J C 

to take (accept, follow) an advice ij^aJI J-» : »uaZj I 

to triumph, prevail, I jLaXil ^i»- 1 ^oJIj jl* :j^ 
obtain victory, win or gain a victory, be victorious, 
come off with flying colors 

to triumph over, prevail over, win i_JLt : J* j~*^\ 
or gain a victory over, defeat, beat, get the better 
of, conquer, vanquish, overcome, overpower 

to take revenge or vengeance on, *i~>\ : ij» 
avenge oneself on, revenge oneself on 

to reach its midst, be in the <*~aJ jl; : */JJl uLali) 

(for), assign (to a particular task); to second, 
transfer (to a special nonregular service, for 
temporary duty); to give (a country, power) a 
mandate over (a territory, region, etc.) 

anthracite c~~lju^l -a* iC~~i\ju\ 

anthracene [ <■ Lk-S' J j** \jj I 


pulling out, extraction, plucking out, 
tearing out, uprooting, removal 

snatch(ing), grabbing), seizing, <_»IL^-| '-f}'j^>\ 
seizure, wrenching, ^wringing 

extortion, wringing, wresting, <_*La^iJ : f\'j~i[ 

r> fff'j "J^j <>rl* 'V/*! : r^! 

to pull out, extract, pluck out, tear out, JL£ I : f^| 
uproot, remove 

to snatch, grab, seize, wrench away, <_al>r.-^| : fyil 
wrest away 

to extort, wring, wrest, exact, take t-«^c[ : f-j^i 
by force, force, extract 

to elicit, draw out, draw forth, 

affiliation, association; membership; joining, <_j Lsj I 
entering, entry; relation, belonging(ness) 

to be related to, derive one's <JJ (mf »^\ : <JJ ._ VJ I 

origin from, descend from; to belong to, relate to, 
be associated with, be affiliated with 

to associate (oneself) j J>*JI 4 Jj ~aj[ : <JJ l. „„~\ \ 
with, attach oneself to, affiliate with, join, enter, be 
admitted to, become a member of 

to be woven £_-J : g-^»} 

tja»-l 4 jU 1 




J-T'J -(_>— u] 

to germinate; to grow c-J I 4 c-J : JLJ I 

to smell; to inhale 

1^ ff^'j - jf-" : 

spread(ing), diffusion, propagation, dissemi- jll 
nation; circulation, currency; popularity; preva- 
lence; outbreak (of disease) 

diffusion [ »ljj*» J jLfM 

(j*A+J I 


to refresh, freshen up, be or become refreshed; JJ& I 
to revive, recover; to be or become revived, reani- 
mated; to be or become invigorated, braced, ani- 
mated, stimulated, exhilarated, enlivened, inspir- 
to be or become erect ( . ..,;.; 1 1 ) h ' n -; | 

to wear or put on shoes or sandals; to be shod 'J*Z± I 

to be banished, exiled, expatriated, ex- aJl : ,jtJ I 
pelled, relegated, deported 

to be denied, disowned, dis- (_j iT « j& I : ^r. | 
avowed, disclaimed, gainsaid, contradicted, disaf- 
firmed; to be disproved, refuted, controverted 
to fall off JrfCi :j£l 

to be absent, nonexistent 1 ji; I : jyi I 

absence, lack, nonexistence o'-ui i ,.l.ujl : *Ud! 
swelling, intumescence, tumefaction, disten- *liJ 1 

^ #E 

sion, inflation, puff, bulge, protuberance; turgidity, 
turgescence; turgor 

flatulence, tympanites, tym- ii^j : (^>Lll I ) f- U^i I 

emphysema ii^JI iliJl 

tremor, tremble, trembling, JLLj jl i ciUj jl : ^ili^ I 
shake, shaking, sniveling), quiverGng), shud- 

tremor, tremble, shake, shiv- ii-iUi- 1 i iic j : i^liJ I 
ver, quiver, shudder, chill; convulsion, jerk 

uprising, revolt, rising, upheav- (»JI 1*. .'.*.. ) i^Ui I 
al " ; 

utilization, use; utilizing, putting to (^. jl j) flilj I 
use, making use of, using, availing oneself of, 
taking advantage of, deriving benefit (advantage, 
profit) from, profiting by or from, benefiting by or 
from; benefit, advantage, profit 

usufruct [ oji l» ] c Liii "51 

usufructuary [ Oy l» ] p lili "51 1 ji- <_o- U 

to swell, distend, intumesce, in- • j^i i ,^ ^ : ^y.-, 
flate, puff up, become swollen 

to be inflated, blown up, filled > lylL £ JlI : iJli I 
with air 

i - 

j^ p-lj 

to bristle the hair 

j»\ /tun" * I 

middle, be midway, be half over 

to appeal to for LiLai^l -u« JLJj . :^, Lualil 

justice, seek or demand justice from 

to take vengeance or revenge on, lili I : '& ' •%'"■ I 
revenge oneself on, avenge oneself on 

to unsheathe, draw ojuc ly, a»-^»- I : LillJI ''■-"'• I 
endosmosis [ , l. 1: < ] * I , ;.?•. | 

to butt one another '^H\ £u *^S '™k> : iJaij I 

to gird oneself, put on a belt \ jkl ( jit" : J^ ■ I 
to be or become a logician jU-ll ^ \£ • j], ?; | 

waiting (for), wait, awaiting v* > : J IJ*** ' 

expectation, expecting, anticipation «iy; : jliii I 

waiting room jUiDl iiji. 

regularity, uniformity, steadi- il. (ki ( j I ^ I : »Lt^j I 
ness, evenness, constancy; orderliness); methodi- 
calness, systematicness 

public order, ordre public » L. 1 U»i I 

regularly, uniformly, steadily, constantly; *U»JJ L 
methodically, systematically 

to wait (for), bide one's time; to await, Li^J :'Jkz I 
look (out) for 

to expect, anticipate, look forward to \i'y : ^Jil; I 

to be patient with J* jfc ; j \'-\ \ 

to be organized, arranged, arrayed, put <_J ^ : , ti "- 1 
in order; to be well-arranged, well-ordered, well- 
organized, in good order, orderly, systematic 

to be strung, threaded («IJ j| jjj I ) pii I 

to be adjusted, regulated, fixed k > : J»^ ! 

to be or become regular, steady, even, j^l ' : 'r&> ' 

to include, contain, comprise, 'J+1. i <i^i- 1 : jiii I 
embody, embrace, encompass, involve 
to join, enter, become J J "La> I i j J»^i I : j 'Vr: I 
a member of, affiliate with, associate with 

refreshment; revival, reanimation, resurgence; ^iliuJ I 
recovery, pickup; invigoration, animation, stimu- 
lation, exhilaration; boost; boom 

erection • . !, „-. I ( J»Lu I : JiliCJ I 





vindicatory, punitive, retributory 
to put on a veil, veil one's face (si ^11 o^) c-JlJ I 

to criticize, find fault with, censure ju&j 

to receive payment in cash <jliJI jl JIU Jiiil 

to disparage, belittle,4i»Ji jl A^jlSL. jl »ja» (j- yaiuj 
derogate from, detract from; to degrade, abase, de- 
base, demean, humiliate, lower, dishonor, discredit 

>* * >* " 

to be revoked, repealed, abrogated, ^«J1 i £-» tyiiul 

canceled, abolished; to be reversed, overruled 

to cease to be valid or effective; to be Jj»j : JaiZ> 1 

or become null and void, invalid; to be or become 


to be broken, violated, in- lii^i I <. J>- : <>»ilJ I 


to fall down, break down, collapse; Xo ^ : uot^ \ 

be torn down, demolished, destroyed 

to be undone; to be unwoven J»u| : Jafcj I 

to rebel against, revolt against, rise ju : Jc <jiLo 1 


to move, shift, change position or place; Ji-j : Ji&i j 

to change one's residence or location or station, 

remove; to be transferred, moved, transported, 

carried, removed 

to shift, switch, change, convert, i}^ : Ji^} 

transform; to turn (into), grow (into), pass (into), 


to move (on) to, proceed to, *»■>> 1 1_** * '■ J J J*- 5 ! 

go to, travel to, head for 

to pass to, descend to, fall to, go to, Jl : J} Jili| 

revert to, accrue to, be transferred or handed to, 

devolve upon, vest in, become vested in 

to die, pass away *W *■*»- j Jj J*^! 

to be communicated, i$jj*JI c.i S -'J i i/o^A' J*-*! 
transmitted, passed along; to spread 

to revenge oneself on, avenge oneself on, (j- pjuJ 1 

to be teased, carded, combed £lj l >LiJI ylilil 

to shake, tremble, pLj-UjUJ jU oiaujhyiiul 
shiver, quiver, shudder; to flicker, flutter 

to utilize, put to use, make use of, use,((j- )\ ->) £&j\ 
avail oneself of, take advantage of, turn to (good) 
account or advantage, derive benefit (advantage, 
profit) from, profit by or from, benefit by or from 

to select, pick out, choose, cull ^^.rjl *. jc±-\: <j£u j 

selection, selecting, picking out, J^* - ! : »^p! 

pickGng), choice, choosing 

natural selection; selection ,,»— J» t\*~>\ 

selective, eclectic t^S^il 

eclecticism cJlifjJ 

criticism; objection; faultfinding; censure jlilj} 

critical, critic jUii^l <JJ <_jj—L> itijUljJ 

critical, carping, jlii "511 j^ <. jlili^L jJ>* :i£jliil 
captious, quibbling, censorious, faultfinding, hy- 
percritical, cynical; (captious) criticizer, (chronic) 
critic, carper, faultfinder, censurer 
catabolism [ *L»-I ] ^.J* Joj\ : JaKiZ\ 

catabolic [ *L^-I J ^oUlil 

movement, moving, motion, locomotion, JLj : JU&I 
change of place or position; move, remove, remov- 
al, change of residence or location or station; 
traveKing); transference); transportation); transit; 
passage; transmission, transmittance 
transition, passage, turn(ing), switch, J>»«j : JUli I 
shift, change, conversion, transformation 
devolution, accrual, reversion, de- i)>L I : JUi \ 
scent, passage 
Assumption *lji*JI JUil -uc 

transition(al), interim, ad interim, temporary, ^JU^J 
transitory, provisional 

"' ' "' ' .-'r - V X 

revenge, vengeance; retaliation, reprisal, retor- fU*i) 

tion, requital 

retaliatory; revengeful, vengeful; vindictive, "^»\ju>\ 

i > '.'*. 




3# ^K 

opportunism, timeserving 

profanation, desecration, sacrilege, 
defilement, violation 
violation, infringement, f \xu.\ t jm i J^a- : dJljiJ I 
breach, infraction, transgression; trespassGng), en- 
croachment, inroad(s), intrusion, invasion; outrage 

to seize the opportunity, take the oppor- i^jjjl j^j I 
tunity, avail oneself of the opportunity, take ad- 
vantage of the opportunity, embrace the opportu- 
nity; to take occasion (to) 
to bite, snap (at) J^, : 'j'f- 1 

to rise, get up '.\i ; '{,'*' f- 1 

to profane, desecrate, defile, ^J j : {*S^'j3- ) dLjii I 

to violate, infringe, J* <iA»J i LiJU- i tj>- : '' l ')' :; I 
break, infract, contravene, transgress; to trespass, 
encroach upon, make inroads upon, intrude on, 

&y J^b - ^ (j* ' J-a» 'i$yj\ 

antenna, aerial 


</'->* : 0***' 


to effeminate, feminize, womanize 

iiJJ iJlSJl liol 


female; woman .Jul 

to be heaped up, be poured (in a heap), '. 'W' I : <j& I 
fall (in a heap); to pour forth 

to come (over); to crowd, throng, g\£ c J? I : J& I 
swarm; to follow without interruption 

anthracite e— I £ Ml „aj i 

anthracene [ , I. ..< ] j., , ,1 ■?_;! 

anthropological Lj-^j^ML jk< : ^jJ^Jjo I 
anthropologist Lj->1^jj^ML JU : i fr^yip\ 


1 ' ' " 


take revenge or vengeance on; to retaliate upon, 
make reprisals on 

relapse; deterioration; retrogression, iul&jl i^l&J 

to relapse, suffer a relapse, suffer a setback; to ^JjJ 
deteriorate; to retrograde, retrogress, regress 



to belong to, relate to, be associ- <JJ i_-Li> I : <JJ ijt^i i 
ated with, be affiliated with; to be related to, derive 
one's origin from, descend from 

to associate (oneself) with, at- J J l»ojl : <JJ ,^JjI 
tach oneself to, affiliate with, join, enter, be admit- 
ted to, become a member of 

belonging ness), relation(ship); association, affil- »^il 
iation; membership 

to stink, emit a strong offensive smell; to be or j£l 
become bad-smelling, malodorous, stinking, fetid; 
to rot 

you j3l 

to end, come to an end, finish, terminate, 1> : J^Z I 
come to a close; to be finished, terminated, con- 
cluded, wound up, completed, done, over, 

to expire, run out, come to an end ^■ ;> * ; I : (_^J I 

to end (up) Jj 3*>j <■ Jj \j^±- <■ <JJ jU : Jj J&\ 
in, wind up with, result in, lead eventually to; to 
arrive at, reach, get to, come to 

to lead to, bring to iJb : J J <o yii I 

to get or come to a point 1 J J ^ j I <o (_^J I 

where, reach a stage where 

to desist from, refrain from, abstain o«Sf : ^ ^Izj I 
from, stop, give up, leave off 


end, termination, conclusion, close, windup, ,1^ I 
completion; expiry, expiration, coming to an end 
scolding, rebuke, reprimand, reproof J>- j :j\^j I 

opportunist, timeserver; timeserving lijU^J I 



S# #E 

^^.fcij^ ' 

split, rent, rived, cleft 

procreation; reproduction; giving i_o«u I jju»* :tjl»ul 

birth to 

carrying out, execution, effectua- ^»ul jju»* : jU«jj 
tion, implementation, accomplishment, achieve- 
ment, realization, finalization, completion, con- 
summation, finishing, conclusion, windup; fulfill- 
ment, performance, discharge 
achievement, accomplishment, (ol jU»il r) jUu J 
feat, exploit, great (or remarkable) deed, meritori- 
ous work 

peaKs) (°Lj) u^^l 

, - •« *'- ■ •« 
to beget, sire, procreate; to give birth J~il « jJj 

(to), bear 

, .< - - 

to set, mend, grow together 
to be mended, repaired, restored 

jpdi piii 


*»1 : »*» 

to make or let succeed, render or make «*i : «*i I 
successful, give success (to), make a success 

to relieve, succor, help, aid, sup- OW ' o«a~I : jlm 
port, go to the aid of, give aid or relief to; to res- 
cue, save, salvage 

to be twisted, twined, entwined; to be J-i»- : J juj 
braided, plaited, cued 

gravitation; attraction, affinity; uJmI jjuh :ljIjuj 
inclination, tendency; fascination, captivation 

(oLs) uIjlmjI 


ferula, giant fennel 

asafetida c 

to gravitate toward, be Jj ji-b 
drawn to; to be attracted to 
to incline to, tend to, lean to- 
ward, be inclined toward 

to be fascinated by, captivated 
by, magnetized by, charmed by 

to be uprooted, eradicated, extirpated, ^*>y-.\ : j-is 
exterminated, rooted up, rooted out, deracinated 
pulled out, pulled up by the roots, plucked out 

to be cut off, chopped off, lopped off ^Lul '■ f-^ 


if 5b i 

anthropology uLi^ll ^f : 'C^^yjjj 

siphoning; siphonage V^ 

to siphon 

to be pierced, punctured, punched, bored, 

to be destroyed, ruined; to be subverted; ^ j+>\ : j?j 
to be overthrown, toppled 

disgrace, dishonor, disrepute, i..„,\\ j 
ill repute, discredit, infamy, ignominy, opprobri- 
um, odium, shame 

to blunt, be or become blunt; to be or ILS : (J£ 

become notched, indented, dented, jagged, incised, 
toothed; to be or become furrowed, grooved, 
corrugated, ridged, rutty 

to be defiled, sullied, soiled, a«., „I I jl C..... J I JLLil 
tarnished, smirched, besmirched 

to fold, double up; to be or i.« lm> l < iS'^\ '■ ^j£> 
become folded, doubled, pleated; to bend, curve, 
flex, deflect, incline, bow, turn, twist; to be or 
become bent, curved, flexed, inflected, turned, 

to turn away from, give up, ^ L>j*>j\ : ^ <j^>\ 
abandon, relinquish, renounce, forsake, leave, 
quit; to abstain from, refrain from, desist from, 
forgo; to stop, discontinue 

bend(ing), flection, inflection, cjUmjI < ^y^\ '• '^ 
flexure, curve, curvature, turn, twist 

iJLJjl mj-lj — iil jj i"<ijjA : «Lp} 

turning away from, giving ^ uil^aJl : ,jc t^\ 
up, abandonment, relinquishment, renunciation, 
forsaking; abstention from, refrainment from, de- 
sistance from; stopping, discontinuance 
bend, inflection, curve, twist, turn of LU 


Oj* -^ 

<Lj I jJ 1 ijj ja : <J Li; ] 

flexible, pliable, pliant, ductile, 
bending, folding, foldable 

flexibility, pliability, pliancy, 
ductility, foldability 

feminine, female, womanly, womanlike, worn- csyul 
an, women's; effeminate, womanish, unmanly 

( yu «jflj-Iiil 4(j-alp- '^J< 

to scatter, disperse, break up, clear away, jIuJ : uUj I 
dissolve, disappear, lift, be dispersed, be dispelled 
to split, rend, rive, tear, get torn; to be Jwl : ^^x>\ 


be earned, gained 
to be imported 

to be attracted, drawn 


English; Englishman 

English <?jjLJ > I <& I : £ j^ ) I 

«"'j - JU»ul 

the New Testament ju ji I j+»i I : J**^ "il I 

jojil j^JI ^ Jj^l iJj^ll jlil^ll iil :J^Jj 


Gospel, evangel SjL>:J_a*;l 


6* a j-*> iy> 

to turn away one's eyes qc. ■ 

from, avert one's glance from 

to assail, attack, fall upon^ Ol*jl t»a>-U : Jc ^sul 

- ? » .* - •» 

to blame, reproach; to ij>)l jl .^Lll <_Lc ^^l 

heap blame or reproach upon 

Jj ji . i'£j pij-Jjiji juii 

occlusion, obstruction, blockage; interruption^U*;! 
storXpage), cessation; restraint, constraint, suppres- 
sion; restriction, restrictedness; confinement; se- 
clusion; imprisonment 

to stop, cease, end; to be with- «Jaii I t LJiy : y-^J I 

held, held back, held up, kept back 

.. > , * , * , > , ,, ' 
to be restrained, »_^ 4 JiS" 1 c~i" t ^-a»- : ^-^i I 

confined, retained, suppressed; to be obstructed, 

blocked, barred, checked, interrupted 

to be imprisoned, jailed, detained, (jjh- : 
confined, interned 

to be secluded, separated, de- [}j»J I 1 '^jc : 
tached; to seclude oneself, isolate oneself, detach 
oneself, separate oneself 


to be or become veiled, covered, screened, '. '-,' 
sheltered, hidden, concealed, obscured, cloaked, 

to be pulled, drawn, dragged, tugged, hauled, ^kj 
towed, trailed; to be driven; to drift, float, be swept 

drift, driftage; washout; erosion 


I s - .--' '1 


to drift, be carried along; to be swept away, d>4*i I 
carried away; to be washed out or away; to be 

to carry out, execute, effect(uate), Jj I < iS ^ :'^\ 
implement, accomplish, achieve, realize, finalize, 
complete, consummate, terminate, finish, con- 
clude, wind up, bring to an end; to do, perform, 
fulfill, discharge 

to finish off, kill, dispatch, Jt 'j^. I : Jc '^» I 

deliver the deathblow to, give the coup de grace to, 
give the finishing stroke to 

- *: , - -:] 

"''■"'■ 1 "'.] 

more beneficial, more useful; more effec- (^y ) <u*j I 
tive, more efficacious; more wholesome, more 
healthful, more salubrious, more salutary 


large, big, wide, beautiful (eye) 

gaping, wide (wound) 

to be or become clear, distinct, i_ii£i I 1 J^> : ^Jju I 
manifest, visible, plain, patent, evident; to appear, 
come out, come to light, come into view, show, 
emerge, surface, manifest itself, reveal itself; to be 
revealed, disclosed 

to clear, clarify; to be or «ulij I 4 Jl j 1 li^» : fj&y I 
become clear, cloudless, untroubled, undisturbed, 

to be dispelled, driven away, 3e j' ' ** J "? '■ u"!"' 
dispersed; to vanish, disappear, go' away, pass; to 
be removed, ousted, dislodged 
to end up in (or with), wind J J u^ I : ^ ( X»J \ 
up with, result in, lead eventually to, come to 

to be polished, burnished, refurbish- Jiloil : ( J^u\ 
ed, scoured, smoothed, glazed; to be or become 
glossy, shiny 

to be brought, fetched; to *Jx. J-o*- 1 jJx>-\ : I 



■-- „•:*<**.*■ 'CSKMs-.-' y-r- *- Jan**? »■*•*. - -a'.-s-v.* <t* zL »*_. 

mal, anomalous; to be or become (a) deviate; to de- 
viate (from) 

to incline, slant, cant, slope, SlL u^ ' J I* : <->>»«> 
skew, tilt, tip; to be or become oblique, inclined, 
slanting, skew, askew, awry, bent 

to turn to, turn toward 


''-' '{'- ' •" "i 

to dissuade from, ^^i^c^oUj : 0* *? *-'>*': 

divert from, distract from, deviate from, turn from, 

alienate from, keep (away) from, make disinclined 

to, turn (someone's mind) away from 

to be or become perverted, be or 1 trr~*" *-*>*': 
become a pervert 

to be or become delinquent, £> : ^JJ- 1 <-»>»*>! 

tobeorbecome *S**f o»>»uU *t'>? <-*>>*>! 

indisposed, unwell, out of sorts, out of humor, out 
of health, ill, sickly, slightly sick, not feeling well 
abatement, subsidence, waning, wane, dec- jL*»i 
rease, diminution, lessening, drorXping), decline, 
deterioration, degeneration; recession, withdrawal, 
retreat, retraction, retrogression; disappearance, 
ebb, reflux, refluence, waningiLGl ^* *UI jl-»^| 

to abate, subside, die down, calm down, let up, j-*i 
fade away, wane, decrease, diminish, lessen, drop, 
decline, deteriorate, degenerate, shrink, become 
smaller or weaker; to recede, go back, withdraw, 
retreat, retrograde, retrogress; to disappear, dis- 
perse, be dispersed, be dispelled; to be removed, 
taken off, pulled away, lifted, raised 

to ebb, reflow, flow back, <CjG' <j* i^l 

wane, sink, drop off, recede, subside 

to be cut off, severed J«J 

to be decided, determined, iSy > f>- ' o> : f»» 
resolved, settled, fixed 

-"i - "1 
to be finished, completed, con- <jfri>] > <«tJ I : «-*> 

eluded, terminated 

to be discounted, deducted, rebated, ,.. n-»'i [ : *»a»J 
taken off, subtracted 

limitation, restriction, restrictedness, confine- } 
ment; restraint, constraint, check, curb; condensa- 
tion, concentration, centralization; exclusivity, ex- 
clusiveness; monopoly, monopolization 

to be limited, restricted, confined; to be re- j-a» 
strained, constrained, kept, checked, curbed, con- 

mantled; to hide, conceal oneself 

*' - i '• i' "i 
descending, coming down, going jJjw <. Oi'y : J' <**>', 

down, gliding down, falling, flowing down; slant, 
(downward) slope, declension, declivity, declina- 
tion, inclination, dip, tilt, descent, downhill, fall 

decline, waning, decay, fall.^ij i J»U»a«j} : j\-*»*\ 
decadence, degenaration, deterioration, retrogres- 

to descend, come down, go down, JL i Jy : jJ*i} 
glide down; to flow down, fall (tears); to slope 
(down), slant (down), sink, dip, decline, cant, 
incline, be inclined 

to decay, wane, decline, dete- ji+ij i Jikjl : j-i*ij 
riorate, degrade, retrogress 

deviation, deviance, depar- j~*- 1 0%* ' Sy '• ^J^l 
ture, turning aside or away, swerving, swerve, 
skewness, deflection, divergence, diversion, 
digression; turning off, branching off; changing 
direction, sheerting), veerting), warping, curving; 
obliqueness, obliquity, inclination, slantGng), bend, 
turn, tilt, tip, askewness, awriness 

going astray, straying from the .sLi i J^U> : <->\j*>> \ 
right path, deviation from what is right, going 
wrong; corruption, perversion, perversity, pervert- 
edness, depravity, depravation, turpitude 

aberration, aberrance, anomaly, ijli. : ij\j9u\ 
abnormality, deviation, irregularity, perversity 

juvenile delinquency ii 

> >> 


declination; refraction; variation 

perversion, sexual deviation 

indisposition, illness, sick- iawJI jl ^Ij^l cil^J 

liness, malaise, malady 

deviationism *-?'^! 

to deviate from, {^c) jU « (^js) DL : (yt) t-*j»*\ 
depart from, turn away from, turn aside from, 
swerve from, skew from, deflect from, diverge 
from, digress from, divert from, decline from, 
wander from, stray from; to turn off, branch off, 
take a turn(ing); to change direction, alter one's 
course, veer, sheer, tack, warp, curve 

to go astray, stray, go -lj i J-* : (a*) t -»^*» \ 

wrong, deviate from what is right, drift; to be or 
become errant; to be or become corrupted), de- 
praved, perverted, distorted 

to be or become aberrant, abnor- J£ : (yt) L>j»i I 



■ :■ -■■ - '■ r— 

ness, slackening, sag(ging), relaxation; weakness, 
feebleness, frailty, debility 

dissolution, solution, melting, deli- o^ji : JiUll 
quescence, liquefaction 

jL : £rlj-jjJJ ^j> ilUil 

to be protected, defended, guarded, shel- 
tered, shielded 

to (^lii j) l4« ilia- J.LL ^dl i^jll 
diet "'-"-'- 

c/^ : c***"! 


l>^- '(>«■ jfr'j-L** 3 - 

'■ f 6tf 

i^** 1 ] 

to bend, curve, flex, 

cr*^ ' £>*! 



deflect, bow, incline, arch, twist, turn; to be or 
become bent, curved, flexed, inflected, inclined, 
arched, bowed, twisted, turned 

to stoop Jill cJjj (11*111 d\ £*!»- JZ- -ij^>\ 

tO bow lij-aa- J I 

bend(ing), curvature, curve(dness), flexion, ,U*J I 
flexure, inflection, deflection, turn, twist(edness), 
crook(edness), inclination, tilt; bowfjng); stoop(ing) 

bow (lt3-a». jl Ul^lJifU*;! 

UljJi- 1 (_y->wl 

bend, curve, crook, twist 

o £i^Jjl : o ^Laul 

j^> ASflj - jL»»i 


jL»«j jl Aj£ 

nonaligned nations 

jLau jl (Ot J_)J 

delusion, deception, illusion 


to be scratched, scarified, scored, 

cut; to be Ifij&i 

chafed, abraded 

to be deceived, cheated, beguiled, fooled, p o*J I 

deluded, bluffed, tricked, duped, gulled, double- 
crossed, swindled, taken in 

to be let down, betrayed, deserted (in time of J jjw I 
need), forsaken, abandoned, left in the lurch; to be 

UJl< r L^I:J,l 


joining, entering, entry, en- 
trance, accession, affiliation, association 

',• ■ , *> ' > ' ,' ' 
to be turned, lathed U> >>«JIj iSy ' i»>»- : J»jj*i I 

J^lilll i pail l J»-J : I j£ liLL. j Ja^^aul t j J»jj«jl 

to join, enter, accede to, become a member of, 
affiliate with, associate with 

£>■ '£>■ jf 'j -<-«*-» '<>"ji : ^*» ; ! 

'■ -■• ■»■-•■•■- :■■■■ ■•■ ' ■ 


•— ^~~i 

trolled; to be enclosed, shut in, hemmed in, held in 
check, surrounded, encircled; to be straitened, 
tightened; to be qualified, tied; to be narrowed, 
condensed, concentrated, centralized; to be nar- 
row, close; to be squeezed, pressed; to consist in, 
be reducible to; to be exclusive 

to sink, descend, fall, drop, slump, j~'\»~ <. Jali : ,k»u I 
subside, ebb, wane; to deteriotate, degenerate, de- 
cline, decay, degrade, retrograde 

to stoop, lower oneself (»JJ aj^U-I oJ Jilul 

(morally), demean oneself; to be or become mean, 
low, base, ignoble 

deterioration, degeneration, de-ji^iJ i -kj-r* :^L^«ul 
cadence, degradation, declension, decline, decay, 
retrogadation; fall, descent, drop, slump 

.- .9 -- * tt • 

depres-^j t oi»J> i <;>J-I lijill j ^>y* : i»U»a«jl 
sion, weakness, feebleness 

iJuu «■ I j - rjaav I 

to thin, make thin, oi»J>l < Jaw I i U_a«j <d*»- :c^*wl 
make slender, attenuate, emaciate, enervate 

to emaciate, enervate, attenuate, Liawl ( '£j> I : Ji«; I 
thin, make thin 

to unravel, untie, unwind, unscrew, loos- tHiil : Ji«il 
en; to be untied, unfastened, undone, unbound, 
unraveled, loosened, unfixed, unwound, unscrew- 
ed, disengaged, freed; to disengage (oneself), dis- 
entangle (oneself), release oneself, free oneself, 
detach oneself 

to be >l)l j! '£*J*H\ jl ytil ji iifltil JbJl 
solved, resolved, settled, worked (out), unriddled; 
to unravel, be unraveled 
to dissolve, melt, liquefy, deliquesce L, I i : JlJ I 

to be dissolved, disbanded, broken up; JaL I : Jl«j I 
to dissolve, disband, break up 

to loosen, slacken, sag, become<_«»J> <. ^'j \ : JlJ I 
loose; to relax, become relaxed; to be or become 
slack, limp, weak, feeble, frail, languid; to lose 
force or vigor 

to disintegrate, decompose, de- Hi 4 itliJ : Ja«i I 
cay, molder (away), putrefy, crumble, degenerate, 
deteriorate, decline 

dissolution, lysis, breakup, disin- jlli i ^JC : JiUi I 
tegration, decomposition, degeneration, degen- 
eracy, degradation, decadence, deterioration, de- 
cline, decay, putrefaction 
looseness, loosening, slack- >-al^> ( t U^jl : J%^l 





to be or become effaced, blotted out, l j**\ :Jx 
obliterated, wiped out, exterminated, extinguished; 
to be or become extinct, obsolete, forgotten; to fall 
into oblivion 

defeat, rout, debacle 

to be defeated, vanquished, j-&>\ ' f W\ '-j* x 


jL£i| <<?> \j\*-S>\ 

i>- J cfr'j -'^*- 

inclusion, embodiment, incorporation £ij 

extinction J^l ' '^1 'c^'j^ 

to come or fall under or J r j^ « J ij^ J : J £J -^ 
within, be within or among, belong to, pertain to; 
to be or become included in, embodied in, incor- 
porated in, inserted in, entered in, listed in, put 
down in, inscribed in, enrolled in, registered in, 
recorded in, classified in 

to be or become obliterated , £ jJ \ i ,j»-> I : yj Jj 
effaced, wiped out, blotted out, expunged, extin- 

to slip into or among, Jill < Vj-J : <j* j' J o*"^ 
sneak into or among, steal into or among, creep 
into or among, insinuate oneself into or among; to 
infiltrate; to penetrate 

. i > . i - • 

to be buried in, hidden in, con- j y-j : j y—u 1 
cealed in; to be foisted into, slipped into, put into, 
inserted into, introduced into, insinuated into 

rush(ing), dartOng), Jijj i uLt^ - ' J^l • ^^* 
dash(ing), flingGng), springing); outburst, out- 
break, eruption, surge, surging; onrush, inrush, 
inflow, flowage, flux, effluence, influx, outflow, 
outpour, gush(ing), streamGng) 

plunging into, plunge into, yi>»- : (<jj < j) pli-jLJ^ 
diving into, dive into, rush(ing) into, bursting into, 
breaking into, penetration; embarkation upon, em- 
barking upon, engagement in, engaging in 

zeal, zealousness, enthu- <1a i XL&- i illli- : p-U-ul^ 
siasm, ardor, fervor, ebullience, zealotry, glow, 
fire, eagerness, keenness, intense interrest; elan, 
dash, vim, verve, mettle 

impetuosity, precipitancy, ylJ» i j^> : pl» Juj 

hastiness, impulsiveness, temerity, rashness, reck- 
lessness, foolhardiness 

impulse, impulsion 

%i j : (■ \i Ju I 



■ Jli. 

to be pierced, punched, perforated, rid- t_— i-tj | : {j*j\ 


to be or get torn, rent; to tear, rend, J^J| : f>w} 


sinking, sinkage, subsidence, collapse, <-»L iu\ 

cave-in; depression; graben 

to sink, sink down, go down, sub- jU t Jali : i .i i V il 

side, collapse, cave in, give way 

to be discounted, deducted, re- ^jJ> t p-»w| : p nV 'j 
bated, taken off, subtracted 

ecstasy i_ili»ul t -k»-j :((j^o) uLa*i] 

'• *.* * ' - ' 

drop(ping), sinking, jL. awl i ij?* i JjUu : you»j] 

dip(ping), going down, fall(ing), fall-off, decline, 
decrease, diminution, lessening, lowering, reduc- 
tion, shrinking, shrinkage, abatement, subsidence, 
waning, wane, dwindling, slump, depression; de- 
preciation t 

to drop, sink, dip, go j~**>\ <■ ^»~* 'JgUi» t yh i i-wi j 
down, fall, decline, decrease, diminish, lessen, 
shrink, abate, subside, wane, dwindle, slump; to 
depreciate; to be lowered, reduced, decreased, 

dislocation, luxation, disarticulation; discon- p %u I 
nection, disjunction; disassembly 

to be or become dislocated, luxated, dSLiJ : jJ> I 

disjointed, disarticulated; to disjoint, disarticulate, 
come apart; to be or become disconnected, dis- 
joined; to be or become disassembled, dismounted, 
taken apart 

to be deposed, dismissed, Jjc : (i_. « a,..t y») j-L*^ 
discharged, displaced, ousted, removed from an 

to moisten, wet, bedew JL :i$JJl 

*'.. '^ '•* ~ •* 

to give generously, \t^ o& <■ **&•—> ( J**\ '■ <£•£ I 

give liberally, give in abundance; to be generous, 


more generous, more liberal fjS I : c$jJ 1 

to tan, be(come) or get tanned (JuLl) jjjJl 

extinction; oblivion ,Jo\Jij\ iy-ljju| <. ►UmJ '-j^-^I 



=♦ #= 

C? , 

' •'. 

incorporated, inserted, introduced 

to heal, heal up, scar over, LaJ ( 'jti. : i^J.1 'J^'j} I 

warning, admonition, caveat, forewarning; j I Jj 1 

alarm, alert 



without prior notice 

then, at that time, that day 

• ' '' *' 

jljjl J^L> UJ-4 

to warn, caution, forewarn, alarm, 

to notify, give notice to, iJul i y 
serve with a formal notice 

to portend (evil), forebode, oil :(*>-? jl ^_1j) jJul 
presage, foreshadow, foretoken, harbinger, be an 
omen or warning of, be a sign of something 
unfavorable to come, indicate or suggest (some- 
thing bad or harmful) beforehand; to augur ill, 
bode ill, be a bad omen (of), be ill-boding, be 

j£-i A»-lj-i_iU- '.jtji\ 

J»i w-lj - 3*-ij] 

to bruise, be bruised, be contused » aSCi I : ^j> I 

to be displaced, dislodged, re- Jj jl i »y jl : ^IjJ I 

moved, pulled away, thrown back 

to go away, depart, leave jjU i<_*» i : ^- 1 jj I 

to drift, be carried away JLj I : -Ay' \ 

lowering, dropping, bringing down, %i'j lj» : Jljj I 
taking down 

revelation, revealing, inspiration 

unloading, discharge, unlading; steve- iljlil jMjjl 
doring; taking off, taking down 
landing, putting aIJ iljf^ ji I:./., [y, t)l jij 

ashore, disembarkation, debarkation 

airdrop (oiLLiL o4- ji ujll) cS>r l)I> ' 

to rush, dart, dash, shoot, drive, spring, jiL I : «i jj I 
fling, run, hurl, hurtle, burst forth or out, move 
suddenly and rapidly, advance violently and 
quickly, move in a headlong manner 

to flow, stream, run, pour forth or j» .G : »iaJ I 
out, gush forth or out, well out, spout forth, shoot 

to start, begin, set out 

*." - - » 


to plunge into, dive 'jo\±- « jikal :(JJ < j) iilbl 
into, rush into, burst into, break into, storm into, 
penetrate; to embark upon, engage in 

to let oneself be J '.llrll < J jUil : \j£ gljj lilbl 
carried away by, let oneself be overcome by, give 
oneself over to, abandon oneself to, follow, yield 
to, submit to, be led by, be guided by 

to be pounded, ground, crushed, jj*«Li I : 3 Jii I 

bruised, brayed, powdered, beaten, stamped, pul- 
verized, comminuted, pestled, triturated 

- * , * s , • 

to be hammered, percussed, t-ji ( J^i : Joi I 

struck, hit, beaten, banged, rapped; to be knocked, 
tapped; to be rung, sounded, tolled 

to be or get broken or fractured; to ^LSCi I : <j oi I 

break (up), fracture 

" -. • 
outbreak, breaking out, flare-up, u'jjj ' *-?y* '• f '•>* I 


to stick out, hang out, loll 

' ' •'.* 

to break out, o- 
flare up, erupt 

to make repent, make regret 

^Joiil Jj*j :<LJjul 
rj»- :uL-LII jJju} 

jUI j! L'yX\ cJj'jjl 

j»j-j <Oju>- : * Jul 
* • 

merger, merging, consolidation, union, jUJl lAiJiil 

fusion, coalescence, coalition, incorporation, inte- 
gration, affiliation, combination, blending 

inclusion, embodiment, incorpora- r}jX>\ : r-UoJ I 

* *•' * * 
nuclear fusion, fusion ^y r-UoJl 

to merge, consolidate, unite, join, fuse, jm I : n* jJ ] 
coalesce, incorporate, integrate, affiliate, combime, 
blend; to be or become merged, amalgamated, 
consolidated, united, joined, fused, incorporated, 
integrated, affiliated, combined, blended 

to be or become included, embodied, VJs,\ : ~aj I 

(jr 1 



i'~ffiii"ii ' ~' 



ering, slipping); skiing; skating 

to slide, glide, skid, slither, slip; to ski; { j^-Ji ■ j! j*\ 
to skate 

to retire, withdraw (into a cor- *j*i\ ' J>"! : &}j?\ 
ner), seclude oneself, isolate oneself, be secluded, 
be isolated, be alone, keep to oneself 

to retire (with), (^. jl j) J^-l :(j- ji -;) <ij>! 
withdraw (with), be alone (with), meet separately 
(with), hold a closed meeting (with) 

retirement, seclusion, >^»-| ' J ' j*?\ ' ^> : *^i'j>\ 
isolation; solitude, loneness, privacy 

displacement, dislodgment, removal 

enzyme **jjl '(£/' 

enzymology oltjj xl jj* 

' -'A 

enzymatic (^-i^ J 

» - . t , f 

to be sociable, friendly, amiable, LJJ l~Jl 0^ tyJl 
affable, genial, kind, nice, gentle 

to be or become tame(d), UJI jU» :ul>J-' cr'' 

to like •o^lc i<Gj-lt t_^-l t ajJI :<JI jl <> y-il 
someone's company, like to be with, feel at ease 
with, get along with, get on intimate terms with, 
be friendly with, be intimate with, associate with, 
mix with 

•"if '' S 'C 'Ti ' *\ 
to get used to, be accustomed <uJ U o iyu : <J 1 ^ 1 

to, be habituated to, take to; to be familiar with, 

acquainted with 

to entertain, amuse, divert, keep uil> *5l i (jL : y-J I 
amused, cheer up, put in good humor or mood, 
put at ease, make feel at ease, create a friendly 
atmosphere to; to be friendly to, nice to 
to perceive, notice, observe, j ,_,-»- 1 i Ja*-^ : y-i I 
remark, realize, recognize, discern, make out, feel, 
sense, find, see 


to tame, domesticate 

sociability, amiability, affability, cordiality, genia- y-J I 

ejaculation (^l) (Jj* : Jlj^J 

putting up, lodging, accommodation > I jj I : J I j I 

reduction, lowering, mark- <_y»lij I i ^ . i^ : Jl_)i I 
down, decrease, decreasing, diminution, lessening 

subtraction, deduction -rjio : J I _>> J 

, .» , J " '" I 

to be restrained, checked, prevented,*- jj < «_^ : jarj^! 

to be driven away, ousted r_J^~ ' "^ ' >!">! 

to be rebuked, reprimanded, re- ~j i j+> : >r> ' 

disturbance, annoyance, discomfort, inconve- -r U _)J I 
nience, trouble, disquiet(ude), uneasiness 

to be or become disturbed, annoyed, upset, un- ■**'J>\ 

comfortable, uneasy 

f* * »t • ^ # » 

LijJ p-lj-^LJl o»_)ll i^l CJJjl 

to bring down, ,k-» I i j j»- i J»- i J jjj <i«»- : J_)J I 
take down, cause to come down, cause to descend; 
to lower, drop 

to reveal to, send down Jc <^->N J* <*& «& 3>l 


to unload, discharge, un- (^t jl [j>) ii^lll ij>l 

lade; to stevedore; to take off, take down 

to land, put ashore, £)J <Li j- jl <L-i~ (j- J> I 
disembark, debark 

to air-drop, drop, o^LkiL ( I jj^- j I o I ju ) J> I 

to put up, lodge, quarter, accommodate, cSjl : i}'J> I 
room, house, provide lodgings for, receive (as a 

to settle, settle down j>1»j : 0j> I 

to lower, reduce, mark down, u oij\ i yi»»- : <J> I 

decrease, diminish, lessen, cut (down) 

'. ~y'\ 

to deduct, subtract, discount «-»- <. -rjjo : oy ' 

to demote, degrade, disrate, jJ J <llJj jl *i«- jj 0>l 
declass, lower or reduce in rank (status, class, etc.) 

to dethrone, depose u-!^' u* (<iUU) J> I 

to inflict on, impose upon JaJI : I Ji" *j Jjil 

sliding, slide, gliding, skicKding), slith- $>-j '■ J^! 

l. l ...r. J ^ ' .... ' :-.-.,",Vr^L ' . l -S -TTl 


humanity, mankind, cJ^iilll (j-jl-l '<?j-^j :X-jJL» J J 
humankind, human race 

humanity, humanness, ^^Jl i*_JaJI :iliLol 
human nature 

humanities, human attri- il^^lll oli-JI :CiLjl 
butes or qualities 

humanity, humaneness yo~ < > <lic 1 iiit, : <LjLj I 

humanitarianism, oLa-j t*U!l _,lAI t^o- :<CiLjj 
humanism, philanthropy 

to be cast, founded, smelted, molded; to be dllij I 
shaped, formed, formulated 

young lady, young woman, girl, miss, mademoi- i—i I 

selle, demoiselle 

- f f * - 

Miss.. .."<,% i-J^I 

harmony, agreement, accord, concord, unison, f Ut-J I 
concurrence, conformity, compatibility, sympho- 
ny, consistency, consistence, consonance, congru- 
ence, congruity, coincidence; rapport, intimacy, 
closeness, affinity, affection 

to harmonize (with), <_iL!l < j^J I ( -iL : («*.) **»•>' ' 
be harmonious (with), be in harmony (with), agree 
(with), be in agreement (with), accord (with), be in 
accord (with), be concordant (with), get along 
(with), get on (with), comport (with), correspond 
(with), go well (with), match, square (with), blend 
(with), tally (with), fit, suit, adjust (to), tune (with), 
be or fall in tune (with), be or fall in line (with), be 
in keeping (with), be in conformity (with), be 
consistent (with), be compatible (with) 

<f*~ £f 'j ' 

;JL : 

withdrawal, retreat, pullout, pullback, evacu- oUvJj 
ation, fallback, recession, retraction; retirement; 

walk- IjlSCld,! jl £-l»i.l (jJJ ^1^.) Ll*Jl 

contrition, penitence, repentance (Cu) i_JU)l JiUvJ I 

to withdraw, retreat, pull out, «p j t «■ \'y : uaJ I 
pull away, pull back, fall back, draw back, recede, 
retract; to retire; to evacuate; to secede 

walk out, leave 

to be pulled, drawn, dragged, hauled, ^m I : '_ '-,' ■'• I 
tugged, towed, trailed 

to apply to, be applicable to, Jx. jlkil : Jx. L 

lity, friendliness, intimacy, familiarity, friendly 
atmosphere; amusement, entertainment, delight, 
pleasure, fun, joy, cheerfulness, joviality 

mankind, man, human race, people, men j£> : yj I 
(and women), human beings, humankind, world, 

to make forget ^ : ^ 

to stream, flow, run; to leak, flow out; to<i^»- :oLjl 
move smoothly; to glide, slip 

to widen, broaden, expand; to extend, 

t-! : £ 

Li I 

mJo I ! ^Lm> 1 

to spread 

to drift, be carried away, be swept away; to be jLI 


procreation, reproduction i_>U«jl :JLI 

to be ordained, consecrated wlj L»IS" 1-j : f L} 

human being, human, man, person iiL I 

j>JI 6LJ>I 


oLiJII pLJlle 



humane, humanistic ^^lliU^I 

• , - - - , *• . J - .-"- ■"' * • 

jl (jt_^ii .^"--v '-'jjj "-*>■»* « <J>*-' ■(•>'— •>' 

humane oUjlil 

<jL»-jlj ,/?»■' o^cy i j *- — " ■* ' (Sj^>~ ' ^^*" '(Jl— J' 
humanitarian, philanthropic 

pupil of the eye 




human rights 



woman, human being, person 


ian, philanthropist 




CiLjl f>U :oLLj 

•Hi I 


=♦ #c 

separated from, disengaged from; to separate from, 
break off or away from; to secede from, with- 
draw from, pull out or away from; to be alienated 
from, estranged from 

intoxication fl^j! 

to humanize 

0— '• 



human being, human, man 


u^*-- 1 


streaming, flow(ing), running; leak(age), V^sr'! 

outflow; smooth movement or motion; gliding, 

streamlined, streamline; flow- 1-i Cj I 

drift, driftage ^^r'! 

inch i j*\ 

to establish, C^-\ i a»-jl i,_>JU- i ujp '(^1 :uLil 
found, set up, institute; to create, originate, make, 
build (up), form, start, bring into being, produce, 
generate, engender, give birth to, give rise to, bring 

to build, construct, set up, *U1 i ^> « .ui. : Lli I 
erect, put up, raise; to install 

to write, compose, draw up, pen <_ill i i_j3" : lli I 

to make, manufacture, fabricate 

to begin, start, commence, initiate I ju 

establish- £>\j&-\ i jUuI i J^U- i (>>£ i cr -.t : *l±jl 
ment, establishing, foundation, founding, setting 
up, institution, instituting; creation, creating, 
origination, originating, making, building (up), 
formation, forming, starting, bringing into being, 
production, producing, generation, generating, 
engendering, bringing about 

building, construction, setting up, i«l»l i «L> : «Lii I 
erection, erecting, putting up, raising; installation 

composition, writing; art of illlf i i^ulu : «lij I 

style, phraseology, CLiCJI jl i_«Jul tjjill : »Lijl 

composition, essay iJli. i /JLljl £>*>>• : *Lljl 

(_}•»« hi I 

hold good for, be true of 

to be crushed, pounded, ground, ciui I : j*-j I 

bruised, stamped, brayed, powdered, beaten, pul- 
verized, comminuted, pestled, triturated 

to be blocked (up), barred, obstructed, choked; JuJ I 
to be plugged up, closed up, stopped up; to be 
stoppered, plugged, corked; to be sealed, shut (off), 

block(age), obstruction, stoppage, occlusion jlxJ I 
embolism (cS>«J slij) jIjuJI 

coronary occlusion or thrombosis , &■ t 

<jr^ jI-ujI 

to hang down, be lowered, be dropped, be 


to hide, crawl into its lair 6l>^il u^l; I 

- 5 - " * - * • 

to be shed; to flow, pour out, pour forth 

to pour forth, be poured, be shed, be spilled LiCj I 

- •* ^ '^ 

to beget, sire, father, procreate, i_o%J I i jJ j : Jli I 

to molt, shed, casUjjct. j! a-!j j jl tiyo r^ : J— il 

- 3 - ' s - • 

Jl-J «j»-lj - J— ij 

to be dispelled, driven away ( Jl I ) ^ilj I 

separation, detachment, ■ ■>- ■! ■ Jl.-;'.l • j.>1 „•■! 
disengagement, breakaway, withdrawal, pullout, 

alienation, estrangement X£>- j : ^^L-i I 

metamorphosis [ « L»- 1 ] f ^L-i I 

ecdysis (Ujjii ^ ol^-lll) r-^L-il 



*J^ 'J — ^J"* 


to slough, be cast off, be shed, be dis- 
carded; to come off, peel 

to slough (off), cast off, slip U jJ>- ^ O-l cj«Lj 
(the slough or the skin) 


'•* . 

to elapse, pass, go by, slip by >tr i. : jJJ ^lll ^LjJ 
expire, be past, be over, end 

to be detached from, 

il i (J>n'ft\\ '. ^j£. *JuJi 



occupy oneself, busy oneself; to be or become 
preoccupied, engrossed, absorbed, taken up 

to make smell or inhale, give to smell Jj 4i>u>- : Jjij I 

to split (apart), crack, cleave, «■ juoj < «li> I : ^li I 

fissure, rift, break, rip, rend, rive; to be or become 
split, cracked, cleft, fissured, rifted, broken, rent 

to break (dawn) J»J>i\ '^J I 

to secede from, J*, -r ji- i jc J^aii I : ^ J^J I 
separate from, dissociate oneself from, break away 
from, withdraw from, draw away from 

split(ting), fission, cleavage, (jblil I i jlUv.l : JUli I 
cleaving, cracking 

secession, separation, dissociation, JLaiil :(iLLUl 
breakaway, breakup, disunion, detachment, with- 
drawal, schism, split, rent, fissure 

secessionist, separatist, separationist, .JLaii I : { J\ilJ I 
disunionist, schismatic; dissident, dissenter, non- 
conformist, maverick; separatistic, schismatic(al), 
breakaway, seceding, dissenting 

separatism, secessionism, disunion- iuLaJjl icjliijl 
ism, nonconformity, nonconformism ' 

to be or become grilled, broiled, roasted, (Sy. : t$>ij I 
barbecued; to broil, roast 

- "\ 

song, chant; hymn, anthem oiyJ I 

-'' -'i \'.\ 

, * „ > -, _-'•- 

knot, noose, loop 


listening; attention 

to yield to, submit to, surrender^ i I t *Ja»- : J f Lai 
to, succumb to, give in to, defer to, acquiesce in, 
obey, comply with, abide by, accede to (someone's 

justice, fairness, impartiality; equity <_»LaJ 

equity ciLoi^lj JjJJI {<ijL. itiLaJlj Jjx- 

to tire, fatigue, exhaust i_««J I : ^— aj 

to fix a share for W^ ^ d"*" : S— ■*> ' 

to be poured (out or forth), be ,yi ■ i_-C.jl : u« 
shed; to pour forth, flow, outflow, stream, gush 
forth, effuse 

to be intent on, bent ^c L£j\ i J* (3* : ti* S-'^l 
on, out for; to apply oneself to, devote oneself to 

installations; constructions; fixtures; facilities &\ f\lj\ 
structural, constructional, constructive ^JLj : r_jliij 
compositional iJUSJI /\ <-jJu)Ij <>>U- : 7y Ulj I 
stylistic c*;^-'' : <y^-'! 

recitation, recital; singing, >Lc 4 J-J^J : jLijJ 


to thrust, infix, insert; to stick; to attach, fix, L-iJ I 

to sing, chant, vocalize ^j. : jJU I 

to recite or read poetry (to) _^ui)l (o)jLli I 

.-'' , , , ~ " , ^ •* 

amazement, astonishment, (jiU -l> I 1 <Lt» j : 1 JwJ I 
wondeKment); bafflement, perplexity 

to be or become amazed, ^tAjjl iylaj :ojJLil 

astonished, astounded, stunned, wonder-struck, 

flabbergasted, baffled, puzzled, confused 

, ~ ~ .^ , - -, .-^ •< 

ease, relief, comfort, relaxation; joy, (jjuoJI) r}j~i\ 
happiness, delight, pleasure; cheeKfulness); high 
spirits, euphoria 

to be pleased, delighted, (ojJ>U- jl ojju^) rA»J 

happy, glad, cheerful; to cheer up; to feel at ease 

to split, cleave, crack, rend, rip; to be or J^ll I : fjii} 

become split, cleft, cracked, rent 

- 5 - --. ' • < 

,rt*i <Uflj — Jlijl 

fission, splitting), breaking up, division 


nuclear fission, fission lijy j^^i 

fissionable, fissile, fission- cSjLkU 

to split, fission, break up, divide 



busyness, occupancy, engagement, being busy JUiJl 
or occupied or engaged; preoccupation, engross- 
ment, absorption 

to be or become occupied, busy, engaged; to J*ii] 

■ ~ — 

fusion, melting jW^! 

melting point jl^aj^l (*»-jJ j') *-l«J 

to fuse, melt V^ : j+><»'! 

• * > • 

yielding, submission, submis- u^ij « fy*»- '• F}t^\ 
siveness, surrender, giving in, deference, acquies- 
cence, obedience, compliance, abidance 

to emaciate, waste away, make lean J^» I : ,jJai I 

to wear out, fray, tatter <jL< I : (j^> ' 

maturation, ripening £^»il jJ-a. : £UiJ] 

to be added to, subjoined to, an-Jj oi-jil : <JJ LiUiJ I 
nexed to, appended to, attached to, spplemented to 

discipline -^r^ I 

disciplined; disciplinary 

discipline Ss*T^l 

to be or become disciplined lk..^ i . ' ,« o^ : k i Jn'A 

to ripen, mature, make ripe, bring Uw>U <u»- : ^ai I 

to ripeness or maturity 

to cook well, do well ^ UJI ^JiJ I 

compression Jr\iJai\ 



to be compressed, pressed, squeezed 

to be braided, plaited, cued; to be interwoven, 
interlaced, (intertwined, (intertwisted 

to join, Jj o— o| 4 j J»>"1 < -> ii^! : <Jj ("-*! 

enter, accede to, become a member of, affiliate 
with, associate with 

to unite, join, merge, consoli- w ju| t j*! I : ^aj\ 
date, coalesce, affiliate, integrate, combine; to be or 
become united, joined, merged, consolidated, af- 
filiated, combined 

joining, entering, entry, en- i_jLjJ j i (i^»fJ} : f le^J 
trance, accession, affiliation, association 

union, uniting, joining, join- rl*J->^ < jLaw \ '■ f 1^1 
der, junction, merger, merging, consolidation, co- 




*-LIdl pj 


to be directed to, orien- ^»i jl J J Ou I : J* i 
ted to, aimed at; to aim at, tend to, turn to(ward) 

to listen to, hearken to, give or lend one's ear J c~oi I 

to, pay attention to 

ounce, oz. <Lai jl : 4^aj I 

to break, dawn (morning) 

departure, leaving, leave, goingJ-»-j iul»i :l»\ja>\ 


turning away from, giving q& )!L|jl : y* i_>l_^l 

up, abandonment, relinquishment, renunciation; 

abstention from, abstaining from, refraining from 

devotion to, devoting Jt 0L&I : <JJ cil^^ajl 
oneself to, dedication to, dedicating oneself to; 

engagment in, occupancy with, pursuit of 

• * • . • - '} '• 

i^>\ J ^oj'i\j ul.i_f:„,.l nJ\j^oJ^i\j 0i>— i-l 

to leave, depart, go away, move J»-j 1 i_-a i : <-*j-ai} 
away, turn away, take off 
to turn away from.^c J^ i ,j* ^>\ '■ o* <Jj-aJ J 
give up, abandon, relinquish, renounce, forsake, 
quit, leave; to refrain from, abstain from, desist 
from; to stop, discontinue 

to devote oneself to, j ,Js. < J* i_- &\ : J J i_»j-oJ j 
apply oneself to, dedicate oneself to, turn to; to 
attend to, look after, take care of 
to be inflected (word) [ lii J ilKJ I ci j-ai I 

to pass, go by, elapse, slip by, expire, {J ^^>\ '■ fj-**} 
run out; to be past, bygone, over 

to be cut off, severed daii [ : ^j**> \ 

to recognize, acknowl- <-*j^-\ <■ j* ' : jJJ Ji»- v £^ 

to right, do justice to, treat fairly, JjuJU 3-lc- : uLoJ I 
treat with justice, be just with; to establish some- 
one's right 

to be just, give a just judgment "Jlilc 6^ : < 
, .*• *^ , ", ^,^' • * 

' « .-"'il *jj- I j — ^* ^» iju t ' a^ n ■ 1 1 I *(<*«' 

to be polished, burnished, refurbished, Ji^> : JiuoJl 
scoured, smoothed, glazed, glossed, lustered, 
buffed, finished; to be or become glossy, shiny, 



C"" fl '! 

"••■;: / - 

•■■■■:■*'<■?■: ~~ 

straint, uninhibitedness, liberty, freedom 

starting point, point of departure, J^LL "ill <kLl 
takeoff, jumping-off place, springboard, base 

to dash, dart, rush, shoot, spring, fling, «J jj I : jlLj I 
run, race, hurl, hurry, move suddenly and rapidly, 
advance violently and quickly, go at top speed; to 
burst forth or out, break forth or out, erupt; to go 
off, explode, blast; to be launched, discharged, 
released; to take off, start off, depart; to go ahead, 
get going, set out, start, begin, advance, proceed, 
move; to get underway, start moving or ad- 
vancing, be in progress, be on foot 

to be or become free, released, Jpu| i jj** '■ J^*>\ 

liberated, unchained, unrestrained, relieved; to run 


>' , , -- • 

to be or become fluent, eloquent *jLJ tj^*>\ 

his face brightened, flashed up, lit up; *+*■ j jiL \ 
to cheer up; to be cheerful, delighted, happy 

to be or become effaced, obliterated, wiped Lr uJaJ I 
out, blotted out, expunged, extinguished; to be or 
become extinct, forgotten; to fall into oblivion; to 
be suppressed, hushed up, blacked out 

to fold, double up; to be or become {J £>\ : iSjJ^} 

folded, doubled, pleated, rolled up, tucked; to 

bend, flex, turn; to be or become bent, flexed, 


to disappear, vanish; to be or become^jili- 1 : <i>kl I 

hidden, concealed, covered 

to pass, go by, elapse; to be past, ja <. <jjui \ : iS^* \ 
bygone, over 

to involve, imply, carry, Jli. i <y-A» : <J* <S^ [ 
include, contain, comprise, comprehend, embrace, 
embody, encompass, cover 

to introvert, be or become introver- <— ii <J* <5^L I 
ted, practice introversion, withdraw within oneself 

introversion; withdrawal; unso- (y-i-JI <J*) ►'>!*> ' 
ciability, unsociableness 

4-^ii J* jh.» «jf I j — /-J \yjaj I 

ontological *yr^\ t*^ li^-* • (jT^J^" ' 

* * • ^ ^ * * •* 

ontologist 3 yr^ A?. <^*-'- tjr^i^^ 

ontology fjrjJI (*Lc : ^r^>^' 

to respite, grant (someone) a respite or (jj jJI o) jlai I 

to reproach (for), rebuke (for), blame (for) ( Jc) ^ I 

alescence, affiliation, integration, combination 

i. only tudi /"f'J ~'. ';"!" Tw.^ 

to dry up, wither, wilt, shrivel, wizen 3* •> : 

to join, attach oneself ~*j I :(<jI>) om jl «JI)iS^iil 
to, follow, adhere to; to rally around 

to rise in the air f lyll j jiij! : jLkil 

rationalization [oLj»Lj J jjJJ-l (Ji»- rJLkil 

impression, impress, effect ic LJu I i f LJu I 

impressionistic) ^cLLI 

impressionism XI* Lju I 

> - - t - - • 

to be or get cooked, to cook i_j> : ^LLjl 

to be printed; to be stamped, imprinted, «_J» : -J It- I 

to apply to, be appli-J* i_ o»-J I 4 ^c i£j~ : <J* jLkjj 
cable to, hold good for, be true of 

(f ) dH^" J^'j-J^U* '(f) J^ : \f) J*^! 
to be or get closed, shut j^Lu I : jJaJ I 

to flop, throw oneself, fling oneself, ^ j\ : r>ki I 
prostrate oneself, fall (down) 

to be thrown, cast, flung, tossed, ^Jjl i ,_. j : r)a> I 

to go out, die, be extinguished 

extinction, being put out »UJu I 

to make (someone) speak or talk or J^Lj <il»- : jJaj I 

to rationalize [oLiLj J jjjJ-I (_»i»- :j>^il 

he was deceived, fooled, (<M-I *e* °-) (j^*< ' 

tricked, duped, bluffed; the trick worked with him 

to be painted, daubed; to be coated, ,JJ» : /JAx> \ 

dash(ing), rush(ing), dart(ing), break, <i^Uul iJ^LLj 
springing), fling(ing), run(ning); outburst, out- 
break, eruption, surge, surging; explosion, blast-off; 
discharge, release; takeoff, starting off, departure; 
going ahead, procession, advancednent), moving 
forward; getting underway, progression); unre- 

I" 11 ." 1 . . ' :' ' "" '" " j " , "' ' • i ...?«»» , i,.'.i'>j)a fc 

curvature, inflection, flection, flexure, deflection, 

to bend, curve, flex, deflect, incline, bow, < iU*'t\ 
twist, turn; to be or become bent, curved, flexed, 
inclined, bowed, twisted, turned; to turn (off), 
make a turn; to bear; to detour, proceed by a 

congealment, congelation, con- jL±Z t ju>u : jUuu] 
gealing, coagulation, clotting, thickening, solidifica- 

convention, convening, meeting, f\^r\ '■ J ^! 
session, assembly 

session , term j li*j "il 1 j j j 

to congeal, coagulate, clot, thicken, jl>C <. -u»- :mju\ 
solidify, set, jell 

to convene, meet, assemble, />ul i f»Z>-\ : Ji»jl 

gather, sit, be in session 

, .j • ,*.' 

to be concluded, made, entered ^ l i ( j-Jl : -ii»J I 


to be knotted, tied, knitted S!>\ i Jau j : .uuul 

to crook, hook, bend, U^uu jU» i cS^JI : uu«i I 

curve; to be or become crooked, hooked, bent, 
curved, falcate, uncinate, aquiline, adunc 

reversal i_.^il! : ( _ r .lSC*jl 

reflection (wlj ljyA\ ( tyjA\) ^-ISCjuI 

reflection, effect, JyJu i joU i ji I : (Jc) ^ISCjo I 
influence, impact, bearing, action 

repercussions o Ui Uk : o L ISCjo I 

reflex jjljl'il ^-ISCjJ 

reflectional, reflective; reflexive, reflex £_* \SJu I 

to be reversed, inverted LJii I : ^.S^u I 

to be reflected, mirrored, thrown «JJ tya}\ Sm\ 

to reflect on, redound on, affect, j J I : Jc ^.SCajI 
influence, act upon, produce an effect upon, have 
a bearing or impact or influence upon 

to bestow upon, confer upon, i_-» j i ,>• : j <ULc »«j I 
grant, give, accord, award, present to or with, gift 
with, bless with, endow with, favor with 

' <y.. ".••"• . ."'. " ' ' '" ' >»a--',l 

refreshment, refreshing, freshening; revival, Ji[u I 
revivification, reviviscence, resuscitation, reanima- 
tion, recreation; invigoration, bracing, animation, 
stimulation, exhilaration, enlivening, inspiriting 
social welfare "^.^l oiLil 

erection i_.Laiil :JjL«jl 

livestock, cattle tr^y •' f l*J I 

gift, present; donation, grant; largess; ^ i ilki : »L«jJ 
favor, benefit, boon 

scrutiny, careful or close examination jJaJI />Ujl 

i - - * 

freedom, liberty, unrestraint; release, jj*Z : Jli»i I 
disengagement, disentanglement; liberation 

to be or become free, freed, liberated, set jJ*C : j£*i I 
free, released, unchained, unrestrained, relieved; 
to free oneself, liberate oneself; to disengage 
(oneself), disentangle (oneself), release oneself 
to be or become obscure (to), ambiguous (<ult) Imju I 
(to), incomprehensible (to) 

weightlessness, zero gravity Oj>JI (I-ulII 
- J . , •• • 

to bend, curve, incline, lean; to be or LiLij I : VJii I 
become bent, curved, crooked 

to wind, meander i«lj i tsyJI ( iliill : i^l; I 

isolation, seclusion, retirement, ilj^ i ^^ : <J'j*' 
reclusion, detachment, segregation; solitude, priva- 
cy, loneness 
isolationist iljIj^L J5U OljaJl 

isolationism ^Clll JI^J^I illl. :lljl_)jul 

to be or 6 1 j J* J^lii I 1 <L«ii J j* t Sjju I : Ll^i I 

become isolated, secluded, solitary, separate(d); to 
isolate oneself, seclude oneself 

to make sleepy (j-^JI Jc- oiui- : ^ I 

to refresh, freshen; to revive, revivify, resusci- Jii; I 

tate, reanimate, recreate, pick up; to invigorate, 

brace, animate, stimulate, exhilarate, enliven, 


to be pressed (out), squeezed (out), ex- j^c • j "-•■! 

pressed, compressed, wrung 

turn(ing), detour; bend(ing), curving, curve, LJlLu I 

■ .. • ■w. ' -iaa 

to indulge in pleasures), give way ol ilil j , 
to one's desires, dissipate 

to be seduced, tempted, enticed, lured, allured, iSyj\ 
inveigled; to be misled, misguided 

to disdain, scorn, ^ «iy :(<!» jl f<JJI) uiil 

despise, look down upon, turn up one's nose at, 

reject haughtily 

"- ."f 

spur, mountain peak 

(oU) jk«JI lit 

to die a natural death 

preceding, previous, ante- ^SHU <. o»)L i J^L : <_iJ I 
cedent, anterior, foregoing, prior, former, earlier, 
past, last, pre-, pro-, ante- 

Ljl *JJ \*y i liil *JJ jll* 4 Ljl j^S Ju i ji -Jl < aj t 

above-mentioned, above, aforesaid, aforemen- 
tioned, previously mentioned, (the) said, (the) 

• i ' - 

above, supra, in the foregoing, herein- «}UI : liil 
above, hereinbefore 

previously, formerly, earlier, before Uj L : Ui I 

spending, expenditure, outlay, disburse- (JUl) JUij 
ment, paying out 

passing, spending (ci^ll) jliil 

no JiUjl 

.». --•« 
to apply oneself to, devote oneself to ja j I j ^ I 

-' * ,-•< 
to scrutinize, look closely at, regard j j_k_Jl „» I 

attentively, examine carefully 

good U-LU «* i U-Ua pAJl nil»-CU <il pAJl 


JiUil j^lj-JiUJl 

to stick into, penetrate deeply into, pierce, j jjia I 
sink into; to be or become stuck into, inserted into, 
(in)fixed in, (im)planted in 
to be planted c j j : J-«"ju I 

to be (im)planted, (in)fixed, em- c 
bedded, set, inserted, put, placed 

to be (im)planted, (in)fixed, in- J*Jl\ j ^->i I 
stilled, inculcated, infused, (en)graved 

to be washed, rinsed, cleaned; to be laundered £-ii ' 

" '-' , v *-: -"1 

disdain, haughtiness, { _ r ia ijc-i »Ijj-S iv y :<j>jI 

pride, superciliousness; sense of honor, self-es- 
teem, self-respect 

openness r^**) 

open-mindedness, openness, broad- (y*-Jl) j^f>i 
mindedness, large-mindedness, receptiveness (to 
new ideas or arguments), liberality 
to open, open up, unfold, unroll, spread »^ij : p+ii\ 
out; to be or become open(ed) 

to be or become open-minded, open, \*Sj> j) »CjjI 

; jj* •urj^i 

' *■'■ \ ' '-'A 
to be immersed, plunged, dipped ,i: | : Jaij | 

. - s " . a -• 

to be or get closed, shut, locked, bolted; to be jLu I 

to isolate oneself, seclude oneself; £ I j ^c jiij I 
to be or become isolated, secluded, solitary, sepa- 

jUi-l jjt-Ij-^I 

plunging, plunge, diving, dive, ^y. i cr Lc ^I^J 


• • • . *■ • 

plunging into, throwing lil^l ijl^~l : J trl^l 

oneself into, giving oneself up to; engrossment in, 

absorption in, preoccupation with 

indulgence in pleasures), olJtUI j (j-l^l 

self-indulgence, dissipation, epicurism 

to plunge, dive, submerge, sink; to be plunged, j»ij\ 
dipped, submerged, immersed; to be flooded, 
inundated, deluged, drowned, sunken, over- 

to be dipped, plunged, immersed, cr Lc *. Jaw I '-ij~t*j\ 
submerged, steeped; to dive, dip, plunge, sink, 

to plunge into, throw S^>\ i ij^ilL \ : j i-- 1 
oneself into, give oneself up to; to be or become 
immersed in, engrossed in, absorbed in, wholly 
engaged in, lost in, preoccupied with, taken up 

autocracy; monocracy; dictatorship <kLJL jl^ill 

alone, aside, apart, separately, isolatedly, jl^l <^c 
in solitude, in seclusion; privately, in private, con- 
fidentially; singly, by oneself; solely 

jointly and severally jI^aj^Ij jUw^L 

solitary, alone, single; isolated, separated); i$i\jij\ 
individual; isolationist 

solitary confinement (3jI^I {<y>*- y) (j-l* - 

to open, open up, unfold, i_-«-U ^ «_J I i jwjj} • £/**! 
spread out, open wide, part widely, gape, yawn; to 
be wide open, opened (widely), separated, split, 
cleft; to diverge, divaricate, draw apart, spread 

to be dispelled, driven jjl-j : £JJ JJI jl Jk\ rj^>\ 

to relax, become relaxed; to Lj»- 1 ^ I ^ I : r>j| 
ease, remit, lessen in tension, decrease in intensity 

to withdraw, retire; to iso- tl>jl ' <- *J <JJ ^»- : *j*j\ 
late oneself, seclude oneself, be alone (with one- 
self); to be or become isolated, secluded, solitary 

— • ***• 

to be alone with, retire with, j <J^*-\ '■ -> *j*j\ 

withdraw with, meet separately with 

to j-j^-H -yi •• i ';j« c^ ' ( ;) j^ : '\ '( ;) v^l 

stand alone in, be distinguished by, be marked by, 
be characterized by; to be unique, singular, single, 
individual, matchless, unmatched, peerless, unpar- 
alleled, unequaled, incomparable 

to do alone or by oneself, «o»-j <lUc : ^ jU j^iJl 
perform singlehandedly 

to be loosened, unfixed, unbound, disen- *$au\ '■ ^jt>\ 
gaged, detached; to break up, be broken up, dis- 
solve, be dissolved 

to break up, dissolve, disband, ,j».u* J»j±>\ 

disperse, scatter; to be dissolved, broken up, dis- 
banded, dispersed, scattered 

to be rubbed, scrubbed dJ> :d>ii] 

to burst (open), break open, split (open); Jpj \ : j)L I 
to be burst (open), split (open), torn, rent 

-' i" '''A ''\ 
more precious, more valuable, cost- <L.UJ jiS I : y-ii I 

lier, more invaluable 

' ' '•" i 
to widen, broaden, expand; to be or become £-*i] 

broad-minded, large-minded, receptive (to new 
ideas or arguments), unprejudiced, liberal 

* * ~ — • 

to be twisted, twined, entwined, curled Jj : J^i] 

to calm down, cool down; to abate, L*»- i yiC : liii] 
subside, remit, let up 

explosion, blowup, detonation, blast, J^"**] 

bursting); rupture; outburst, outbreak, eruption, 
flare-up, gust 

population explosion ,Jl£l. jUiill 

explosive, volcanic, volatile &j\j*ij\ 

to gush out, gush forth, burst out, burst Ji -l> : jJ**J J 
forth, erupt, break out, break forth, spout forth, 
spurt, shoot out, pour forth, pour out, jet, well 
out, stream, flow, flow out 

to explode, go off, blow up, (tJJ XJLjJI o.) ^mj I 
detonate, burst 

to (pJJ CfvjJI >l*jJI ' 4^JjjJl SjjtjfJV o.) ^k-ul 

rupture, burst 

to break out, flare up, erupt Vj*-' c, ^ 9 *^>' 

to burst into tears, break into tears *lSCJl 

to explode with anger, burst (out) in i_.,^,IL 
anger, flare up with rage, flame up with rage, fly 
off the handle 

rennet; abomasum 

to be(come) or get perforated, punctured, 
pierced, holed 

to be redeemed, ransomed 

to be or get broken, smashed, fractured; to 
break, smash, fracture 

openness; splitting); diver- 
gence, divarication 

relaxation, »U-^J i rj* « rM->! ' **"'-' : r'^l 
relaxedness; ease, relief; remission 

detente {£&}\ olT&l j)^l^l 

isolation, seclusion, solitude, «>i»- < «J_>* : z\j*> 

loneness, loneliness, privacy 
being alone with, meeting j £jL*-h.j jl^ijl 

separately with 




: __i____ 

to be exposed, unmasked, shown up, compro- jwaii} 
mised, disgraced; to become notorious 

to split, cleave, break; to be or become J^Jl '-j^\ 

split, cleft, broken 

- -» , ' '• 

- * -' '• 
to be weaned (J»» : (JuJ] 

more useful, more helpful, i jJ li JS \ i li-i*- 1 : jJJ I 
more beneficial, more advantageous, more profit- 
able, more serviceable; more wholesome, more 

passivity, (state of) being affected or acted y\> : JliuJ] 
upon or influenced 

emotion, passion^l^^kil t (^»J»Lc) ^Lf*! • ( J^** i ! 

agitation, excitement 

strain [iSLilSL.] JUiil 

emotional; passional; passionate; excitable, ir- t^*&\ 
ritable; intense, hot, ardent, fervent 

emotionality, emotionalism; excitability, irri- <J Laj I 

to be affected, influenced, olswl « ^j t y\i • J*»i] 
acted upon, be passive; to react, respond, act in 
response, act in return 

to be or get emotional, agitated, jli i ojJa-i) : J**j) 
excited, upset, deeply stirred, wrought-up, ner- 
vous, edgy 

to be done J*i : $»*>\ 

to open wide, be agape ^*ii] 

to spend, expend, outlay, lay Li^» : ( jJJ SlL) Ji; I 
out, pay out, disburse, defray 

to spend, consume, (J ^\ 1 .u . ': ,.. I :(~IJ »U) J^iil 
exhaust, use up, waste, squander, dissipate 

to spend, pass u>a*\ <<j«a* «ti_ r « :(u»j),_jijl 

to open; to be opened, ripped open, (iJJ J- jJI) ULL> ] 
slit open 

to be gouged out, scooped out, torn ^»i\ ouUJl 
out, knocked out 

to unravel, untie, unwind, loosen; to be J*i \ : dJlii] 
untied, unfastened, undone, unbound, unraveled, 
loosened, unwound, untangled, disentangled, dis- 
engaged, freed 

to disassemble, break up, • j I J*- 1 ci ^Li : iiu> ] 

come apart, fall apart; to be disassembled, dis- 
mounted, dismantled, taken apart, taken to pieces 

J^ki :^.LwJl 

wide, roomy, spacious, vast, ample 
to be revoked, repealed, rescinded, Jlul i u aiJ '■ j-*jj 
annulled, nullified, abrogated, invalidated, negated, 
defeated, voided, canceled, abolished; to be re- 
versed, overruled; to be quashed 

to be or become dislocated, disjointed, jl»«i I : £-*J\ 
luxated, disarticulated; to disjoint, disarticulate, 
come apart 

to be or get torn, split; to split (apart) J^J I : *%-ii I 

separation, secession, disunion, dissociation, JLaiil 
breakaway, breakup; detachment, disengagement; 
disconnection, disjunction; schism 

separatist, separationist, disunionist, seces- (JLaiil 
sionist, schismatic; dissident, dissenter; separatists, 
schismatic(al), breakaway, seceding, dissenting 

separatism, disunionism, secessionism <uLaii) 

split(ting); schism JL«jl i Jliijl : {Laii\ 

schizophrenia *Lai :(iL.aW»JI) |>Leujl 

dissociation <L«aaJjl jl JiJI fLaiJj 

schizophrenic, schizoid 

to separate (oneselO from, dissociate one- (^^c) J^diil 
self from, detach oneself from, disengage oneself 
from, secede from, withdraw from, break off from, 
break away from, part with, leave, quit, break (up) 
with, abandon, walk out on; to disunite, split (up), 
divide; to be separated, dissociated, disunited, 
disjoined, disengaged, detached, divided 

to split, cleave, crack, break; to be split, cleft, ^aii\ 

cracked, broken 

to use up, exhaust, consume .u ■ "„ .} : JaiJ I 

to be reduced to poverty j*£ I : JoJu I 

to shake (off) someone from -l* \>% Jajit I 

to be opened, unlocked, undone; J-£j\ <■ r**»\ '■ tj&\ 
to be broken 

to scatter, disperse, break up, disband; J^Li :Jaju\ 
to be scattered, dispersed 

to adjourn, rise, be adjourned; to be Jd j\ : Jaju\ 
concluded, closed; to dissolve, break up, disband; 
to be dissolved, broken up, disbanded 

to be settled, solved (5>- : tJ aJu] 

dissolution, breakup, dispers- 3jiJ i J^~J : (ji»'Liaii\ 
al; adjournment; conclusion, end, close, closure 



: " .'/iff 

to, abandon oneself to, let oneself be carried away 


deliverance, rescue, rescuing, saving, ^JWi :il£j] 

salvation, salvage, salvaging 

to be measured, gauged, quantified; to be ^Jj : <j*Ui] 
tried on (a garment); to be compared (with), con- 
trasted (with) 

decrease, decreasing, diminution, ^..i :j :^Uj] 
lessening, reduction, lowering, cut, cutback, 
scale-down, minimization, abatement 

weight reduction o'j^ ijo\ju\ 

debris, rubble, ^)'j*- ' J^L' ' f U»- '■ i>»^ ' 

wreck(age), ruins 

contraction, constriction, shrinking), yJiiJ lyiLijI 

depression, dejection, low C US' : (jli-aJl) t>Lii I 
spirits, melancholy, gloom(iness), blues 
constipation dJLll : *LlVl jl ( >14" (>>Lijl 

- , - ^ • 

myosis iioJ-l u i>Lju\ 

* • ** } • 

systole i^LiJl :i_JLiJI yiLiJl 

systole (_JUJI *J»LiiJ 

„ *" - ^^' 
to contract, constrict, draw together, be o»liJ :<>»?*' J 

or become contracted; to shrink 

to be constipated o„».i,il i ^JaJt ^.iil 

to be or become depressed, dejected, (ojjuo) Ja^u I 
dispirited, down(cast), downhearted, melancholic, 
gloomy, heavyhearted 

to be received, collected, cashed (*%M JUl ) yiJLi I 

to save (from), rescue (from), deliver ^JU- : (^.) Jii I 
(from), salvage (from), salve (from) 

extinction, dying out, cessation of being yil^ij] 

to become extinct, cease to exist, go out of 
existence, die out, perish 

division, partition, splitting), Jliill i jlkiil : fLiij 
breakup, fission; schism, rent 

fission; division [ , L>. 1 ] - Lij I 

cell division 




j~y* j~B- y (J*~* J< /Jyi j>LjL>I 


• ll * '^ * 

f L^. 

to be separated, disconnected, jj'^"- 1 : tllii I 

disjoined, disengaged, detached, disentangled, dis- 
united, dissociated; to separate (oneself), disengage 
oneself, detach oneself, dissociate oneself 

to unscrew, be or become <jf^JI j' J \ t _JLI liliil 


not to cease or stop I ii" Jii, ('■ > ly_- J) liLil L 

doing, keep doing, keep on doing, go on doing, 

continue to do, persist in, persevere in 

to be or get sprained J&ju I 

to blunt, be or become blunt; to be or be- lIH : ^jii I 

come notched, (in)dented, jagged 

to be defeated, vanquished, routed .j^j I : ^Ij I 

split(ting), cleavage, cleaving, cracking, fission; f^j 
bursting, breaking open, breaking apart 

fission, split(ting), cleavage, jLLi; I < Jliii I : J^Ui I 
cleaving, cracking; bursting, dehiscence, breaking 
open, breaking apart 



to split (apart), crack, cleave, jIL I i JJJ I 

fissure, rift, rip, rend; to burst, break open, break 

apart; to be or become split, cracked, cleft, fis- 
sured, rifted, rent 

to split (apart), crack, cleave, «ill I i JJJ I : jiJu 

fissure, rift; to burst, dehisce, break open, break 

apart; to be or become split, cracked, cleft, fis- 
sured, rifted, broken, rimose 

to break (dawn) 
influenza, flu 

nasal, rhinal, nas-, naso-, nasi- 

l* 1 

to be elegant, stylish, fashionable, 
dressy, chic, smart 

LljI ijlS" : iji\ 

to please, delight 

- - • * '-'I 


g.\ J - l y\ 

to be led (by), guided (by); to follow, obey, (J) alii] 
yield to, submit to, comply with, give oneself over 



■ ■ ■ ■ -■- 

termination, suspension, shutoff, shutdown 

withdrawal, separation, Jl^i c JL»iil :(&*) ^Uaiil 
dissociation, detachment, breakaway, breakup 

desistance, abstention, Lj5f i fL«-l : (jc) j-UaijI 
refrainment, storXping), stoppage, cessation, quit- 
ting, discontinuation, giving up 

devotion to, devoting iyiS 4 cjl^ajl : <Jj pLLnl 
oneself to, dedication to, dedicating oneself to, 
exclusive occupancy with 
pant, gasp, breathlessness; apnea; dys- ^-iJI ^LLii I 
pnea, difficult breathing, labored respiration 
incessantly, unceasingly, ^Uaiil (j^s. ^ t %) Oj-u 
continually, continuously, constantly, without in- 
terruption, uninterruptedly, nonstop, unremit- 

to be cut, cut off, severed, separat- «J»iJ i %Li : jJ»ii I 
ed, torn apart; to be chopped off, lopped off; to 
break,' break apart, be broken; to be interrupted, 
disconnected, shut off 

to stop, cease, halt, discontin- u^>\ ' <~Hy : f-k*'! 
ue, end, terminate, come to an end, come to a stop 
or halt, come to a standstill; to be stopped, discon- 
tinued, ceased, halted, suspended, interrupted, 
broken, cut, ended; to lapse, elapse, expire, run out 

to withdraw (j& j-aijl ijjli i^jI -^ {-!»*>} 
from, separate (oneself) from, detach oneself from, 
dissociate oneself from, break off or away from, 
break (up) with, part with 

todesist from, LJijI t.,jc- -»-l 1^ i-iS" :,jc- j-^i 
abstain from, refrain from, stop, cease, quit, dis- 
continue, halt, give up 

to devote oneself to, J fyij t <JJ t-i^ajl : <JJ j-k*j| 
dedicate oneself to, apply oneself solely to, occupy 
oneself exclusively with, give all one's time to, give 
one's entire attention to 


to pant, gasp, be out of breath, be 

>* "- *' ' 

mJajU I 

to be or get closed, shut, locked, latched, jiiJ I : ^i£ I 
bolted; to be or get padlocked 

to return, come back, come home «r j : J*i> I 

, > * 

to be fried; to fry <Ji : Ji 1 

coup d'etat, coup, overthrow; revolu- i jy : uiUi 1 
tion; upheaval 

to be divided, parted, split, separated, partition- '-, «•■! 
ed, sectioned, subdivided, broken up; to divide, 
part, separate, break up, scatter, disperse; to be dis- 
tributed, parceled out, apportioned, allotted 

dispelling, scattering, dispersal, dispersion, pLiii j 
disappearance, dissolution, breakup 


Cjfrl j-Liil 

to be dispelled, driven away, scattered, dis- '*£& I 
persed; to clear away, disappear, break up, scatter, 
disperse; to clear (up); to be or become visible 

to decrease, diminish, lessen, reduce, uaiu : {J aii\ 
lower, cut, cut back, cut down, scale down, 
minimize, abate 

to be cut, cut off; to be mowed, *_Lt t J-a» : Jilaij I 
cut down 

j_Xj c^wvj! '. A^AJ I 

to snap, break, be broken, be 

to swoop down, pounce down, dive (J*) ^iui I 

down; to descend upon, pounce upon, fall upon, 
rush upon, leap upon, spring upon, make a sudden 
attack or raid upon, attack, assail, assault, charge, 

to pass, go by, elapse, J 1 rj~aj I ' j* <■ <j&+ '• tfjaii I 
slip by, expire, run out; to be past, over, bygone; to 
lapse, terminate, come to an end; to be completed, 
finished, terminated, concluded, done, wound up, 

passing, passage, elapsing, Jljj 1 ►Uf i ! ' °'y : »Uuil 
lapse, expiry, expiration, termination, coming to' 
an end 

lapse, abatement, extinc- jJj jil J»>i- : »L»Iil 
tion, extinguishment 

swooping (down), swoop, pouncing (down), yiUaiu I 
pounce, leap, spring, dive, downrush; onslaught,' 
onrush, sudden attack or assault, violent raid 

dive-bomber u o\JaJa\ 5^JU» 

severance, sunder- Uiy 1 Auj i JLoJ I -ui : flLii j 
ance, separation; disconnection, disconnectedness; 
break, breaking, breakoff, rupture; interruption, 
discontinuity, discontinuance, discontinuation; 
stop, stoppage, cessation, halt, standstill, pause, 

more harmful 

=J$> <$= 



\js* j£\ :(j^) ^Cil 
worse l^ll :([^.) (JCll 

denial, disavowal, disownment, disclaimer, j&j, I 
negation; repudiation; disproof 

self-denial, self-abnegation, self-renun- olill jl£jl 

to apply oneself j J*-tJl i J J i_»j-ail : ^ L«£jl 
eagerly to, devote oneself energetically to, dedicate 
oneself wholeheartedly to, attend to, turn to; to get 
to work, buckle down to, knuckle down to, turn 
one's hand to; to be or become engaged in, occu- 
pied with, busy with 

devotion to, devoting oneself JJ <J>\j*u\ -.^c i_»L£jl 
to, dedication to, dedicating oneself to; engagement 
in, occupancy with, pursuit of 
to be pressed, compressed, squeezed -Li-ai I : \jl£± I 

to give in marriage (to), marry (off) i j j : *&i I 

to bruise, be bruised, be contused 


to deny, disown, disavow, Sm* i'^ \'Jj t^L, :'jSii 
disclaim, gainsay, contradict, impugn, disaffirm, 
repudiate, refuse to have anything to do with; to 
controvert, disprove; to renounce, recant, retract, 

to be ungrateful to (someone) *^yr £> I 

to deny someone his right 
to deny oneself 

'*.- "'*••' 

<i»- »_^jl 

to disapprove of; to criticize, cen- I iS" <lJU ^^j I 
sure, blame; to reproach, reprove, rebuke 

breaking); brokenness; fracture; 1» ( ^_5o : jLJjl 


defeat, rout, debacle jU-oil liiji : jLSCil 

refraction [*liji»] ►j-* 11 jL&l 

refractive [ «. Ljji ] £$j L& I 

- S -~ - S ' ~ - * ,,'• 

to be or get broken, J»j i ^LSo i^i" :jL£jl 

fractured, shattered; to break (up), shatter, smash, 

to be defeated, vanquished, ^»- oi I i « j^i I : ^l5d I 

bloodless coup d'etat 


change, turn, alteration, ^jj i JjlJ i J^ki : cj"to I 
conversion, transformation; turnabout, turn- 

reversal; inversion 
winter solstice 
summer solstice 
solsticial colure 


l£«;l :o5Lul 

[dUi]( tr llll)otol 

„ »~ „ ,» * 

to be turned; to be turned about, «_JLoJ « i_ii : r .1^; | 
turned around; to be turned over, overturned, 
tipped over, upset, capsized; to overturn, turn 
over, upset, capsize; to be turned up(ward), 
upturned; to be turned upside down; to be turned 
inside out or outside in, be turned out 

to be reversed, inverted \j£*J I : y^ ; I 

to change, alter, convert, trans- $y>u : (J J ) ilJVr I 
form, undergo change or conversion; to turn 
(into), grow (into), become, assume the state or 
form or shape of; to be changed, altered, con- 
verted, transformed 

to stage a coup Jc jt i Jc i_»"iLi;L l|j : Jc LiiJl 
d'etat against; to carry out a revolution against, 
revolt against; to turn against, rise against 

to be extracted, plucked out, torn out, pulled il& 1 
out, pulled up by the roots, uprooted, deracinated, 
eradicated, extirpated, exterminated 


eelgrass (oLi) ( _ r JUj , ill i. 

to restore to health, heal, cure, make <jii, i ^y I* : <£ I 
healthy, make well 

to make understand, make comprehend ^i I : Ai I 

columbine, aquilegia (oL>) *l)»i;l 

obedience, compliance, yielding, submission, jLii I 

(«fU-) y-JSil 

Ji~ ^»-lj — iLii"ill Ji- 

more irritating, 
more annoying 

& - *. '.-..'.> 

lpl»j| 4il«U»lil >l:(^)^j| 

r. ^ 

' « C ; I 


3# *= 

to contract; to shrink; to -l»j«j i (_^aJLaJ i l^j-jj : yL»XJ I 
deflate; to wrinkle, become wrinkled 

to cower, cringe, shrink (away), wlj liy- <_£&>[ 
recoil within oneself 

to introvert, withdraw within *-Ju J* (jil&l 
oneself; to be reserved, shy 

verily, truly, indeed; but, however, yet; rather, on \^\ 
the contrary 

development-, developmental 

to perish, be destroyed, be<jawl <. Jjw>| ^ ^ ■ if>^>\ 
annihilated, be exterminated; to be effaced, obliter- 
to wane jlkll j J»-j : j-iJI J»»wl 

spotted, speckled, flecked, mottled Ja» j* : ^*j I 


» ■ • . A • I 

w>^ll ^-Ij liiG :<Lj1 

to fall out (hair) 


- s -- - '"* - i' " i 

- - '- - ': , - -• >\\ '• 'tl 

to end, finish, terminate, bring to an end, jj 1 : ^ I 
conclude, wind up, complete, finalize; to be or 
become finished with, done with, through with 

- ■'-•! i i 5 - -'• - -'*\ 
to put an end to, termi- oujl i J lo»- »«<>.• : <jt> i 

nate, stop, halt, cease, discontinue, suspend 
to inform of or <> *lUI i oL\ *A>\ :<JJ _^J-I ^^ 
about, tell about, bring to someone's knowledge, 
notify of, apprise of, advise of; to report to, relate 
to; to convey to, communicate to, impart to, trans- 
mit to 

ending, finishing, termination, bringing to ^1 : *l^] 
an end, conclusion, windup, winding up, comple- 
tion, finalization 


to abate, subside, drop (off); to ease, '<J»- : J~&\ 

remit, lessen 

* ** t , , - • 

to go bankrupt, fail Lr Ai I : j~&>\ 

to be refracted j>JI jl *>-i)l y^A j~&*\ 

to be eclipsed ( tr ~^' 1 (r-) <-»-&! 

Janissary, Janizary (3jl£&l 

Janissaries, Janizaries c j l£& *i I 

disclosure, being disclosed; exposure, being Lt\j£j I 

exposed; coming to light, coming out, show, 


to disperse, scatter, break up; to be dis- J^ij : ji&l 

persed, scattered 

to be scraped off, scratched off, rubbed off, , li d I 
shaved off, abraded, grazed, excoriated, galled; to 
be removed 

to be or become uncovered, unearthed, < a A Ci ] 

exposed, bared, laid bare, disclosed, revealed, 
unveiled, known, brought to light or into view; to 
come to light, come out, show, appear, open, de- 
velop, manifest itself, reveal itself; to be removed, 
lifted, raised (a veil, covering, etc.); to be dispelled, 
driven away (worries, grief, etc.) 

<J£- "<~& f-r'j ~i>* <-*&] 

to retreat, withdraw, fall back, JL& t £r'> 
draw back, retract, revert, back (away), recede, 
regress, retrocede, retrogress 

retreat, withdrawal, fallback, ji+ij i «■!> : *^f-<! 
retraction, reversion, backing (away), recession, 
regression), retrocession, retrogression 

to repel (from), drive »i j i juu I i <_» j^» : (^ *-) JXJ I 

back (from), deter (from) 

Anglo-Saxon ^ ^ Sm^j I 

English; Englishman &'J&\ 

English £jjlS^I&&l:£jfclSi}ll 


retraction; shrinking), shrink-^Lill tyjiij : < 
age, contraction, deflation 

deflation; downswing, (^jL>j1 _•! JL) <j-\£>\ 
downturn; recession 

introversion; withdrawal <j-»-JI li* trt~' 

retractive; contractive 

lfA>; : lr*'\£'\ 

Liy ] 


1'""-: «.'.•"• ■'-"•!", ":-r 








to be digested 

to exhaust, fatigue, 




< jijl :il*il 

tire out, overtire, fag, sap, wear out, wear away, 
wear down; to strain, stress, overstrain, overexert, 
overtax, overtask; to emaciate, enervate, waste 

to fall heavily, pour down, flow in torrents jJJ.1 J4J I 

downpour, pour, heavy rain, rainfall, (^Jill) j^ I 

engrossment, absorption, preoccupation; d)^ I 

engagement, occupation, occupancy; dedication, 

to be poured out, be shed; to pour down, fall ja^\ 
heavily, flow in torrents; to rain heavily 

to be or become engrossed in, absorbed in, j dl^i j 
wholly engaged in, lost in, preoccupied with, 
taken up with; to engage wholly in, occupy oneself 
exclusively with, dedicate oneself to, devote one- 
self to 

to shed abundant tears, be bathed in djllll c-_) Jiii] 

to rain steadily ( luL}\ o_) Ji+i I 

t£>* p-lj -Jail :i5j4i] 

collapse, breakdown, crash, fall, falling down, jll^J I 
downfall, cave-in 

prostration, collapse .lie _$l tiJ— »- jL+il 

nervous breakdown ^ocjL^jl 

landslide (j- 1 ^-* -»-^ *j^j *' jl jj^LaJI) JL4J1 

femininity, muliebrity, womanliness, woman- iJjJI 


r t ,f 

anode [ ►l^+S'J Jjjl 

, ^~ -- •* 

to come to light, appear, show, emerge, ^Ji : jy I 

manifest itself, reveal itself 

* '1 

*>'•" "--j . '\ 

disdainful, proud, supercilious, ^-5jj 1 »JjJU :<-»jJl 



putting an end to, ending, (JliJJ 1 J j»- «*ij : t\+> \ 
termination, stopping, stop(page), halt(ing), cessa- 
tion, discontinuation, discontinuance, suspension 
to collapse, fall down, tumble (down), U;'. ijljjl 
crash (down), fall in, cave in, sink down, founder, 
give way, break down, crumple 

exhaustion, exhausting, fatiguing, S^> I j_ua* : dJljJ I 
wearying, tiring out, overtiring, fagging, sapping, 
wearing out, wearing away, wearing down; 
straining, stressing, overstraining, overexertion, 
overtaxing, overtasking; weakening, attrition; ema- 
ciation, enervation 

to be heaped up, be poured (in a heap), t^x> I : LII4J I 
fall (in a heap); to pour forth, flow 

to follow without interruption or^l^J 1 «jL; : 3Wi I 

to shower with, (rJJ ^j^ii < r^^i) *-J* ul*>l 
assail with, heap upon 

to put out of breath, cause to pant C-4L *!*>■ : gfj I 

to fall down, collapse; to be de- ,j^ 
molished, pulled down 
to flow down 

to be demolished, pulled down, torn * 'S+, I : I4J I 

down, razed, wrecked, destroyed, ruined; to col- 
lapse, fall down, break down, be broken down 

,,-• „ .• _ .• • 

to be defeated, vanquished, ^liJ I < ^ 1 l-JLe. : f^** 

routed, conquered, beaten, overcome, overmas- 
tered, overpowered 
to lose 

defeat, rout, debacle 



to break, be or get broken; to crack; to strain, ^jl 
be strained; to wrench, be wrenched 

to raise, lift (up); to make rise .\i I : Ja^> I 

■ ■ ■ ■. ■y.T-.,^. :.. »^> 



preparation, preparedness, readiness, jl jjL_I : ILil 

-*' -"1 
equipment, outfit, gear »o* : <-* I 

ready, prepared; on the alert, on the (liST) ilil J* 
mark, on call, in a go condition 

to lower, drop, bring down, take down, <jy I : JjJi I 
cause to come down, cause to descend, cause to 

to lower, reduce, cut (down) Ja»± I : J*j> I 

-•* ,. < 

idiotic, weak-minded, stupid; idiot, imbe- *L\ : J*»l 

cile, simpleton 

sigh, moan, groan <a I 

to be rightly guided, be on the right way, (<JJ ) £\~'n I 
follow the right way; to find the (right) way (to); to 
find, discover, come upon; to hit upon; to arrive 

to dot, become a dotard Li^- -,'jjS <.'JjS\ 

- - ' - .( - - . » 
to rave, become delirious <ii* : ^*\ f ^* I 

to shake, tremble, quake, quiver; to jog, joggle, u» I 
jolt; to sway, swing, rock, vibrate, oscillate, jiggle; 
to move; to be shaken, moved, agitated, jolted, 
jerked, joggled, jiggled 

shaking, trembling, tremor, quiveKing); j| u» I 

rocking, swinging, vibration, oscillation; shocki 
convulsion, concussion, jaKring) 

to wrench, bend down and break »JJ j'o-H .' /1 "» I 

>* * f.~ 

to rush into danger, imperikiUliil j <i_ii ^yjl -.'1I : >1 
oneself, act desperately 

to worry about; to be or become worried jJi : j J^i I 
about, concerned about, anxious about 

to be or become distressed by, grieved JUcI : j jU» I 


to take an interest in, be interested j ( j^. : j ,*j» I 

in; to concern oneself with; to care for, feel inter- 

i-A-wii- —-rr> 

Egyptian vulture \J U> ) <»»- j : (jjj I 

to act slowly, take one's time, slow down J+»J : ^ I 

to be late; to tarry, linger; to be U»ili>-U:^jl 

present, present-day, current, actual, ^JU- : *jT 


instantaneous, instant, immediate, iSjyt : <y I 

prompt, direct 

sociable, companionable, friendly, i.«.kl i t_*J 

amiable, affable, genial, debonair, kind, nice, gentle 

< < 

tame(d), domesticated) t_*J I i tj^- 1 j : ^-J I 

(close, intimate, bosom) J^i j » (,«»- ) Jjjuo : ^,-J I 
friend, companion, comrade, pal 

anise, aniseed 

elegant, fashionable, stylish, dressy, chic, spruce, Jj I 
smart, trim, jaunty 

anemia f.JI jiii :L*jl 

moan(ing), groan(ing), whimpeKing), wail(ing), ^ji 
whine, whining 

to moan, sigh, groan 
oh! ah! 

Lai i«l tol iol iol («l 

to appeal to, call upon, request, tt j i j^.1 : _> <_>l*1 

to call out to, shout to <5 jl i _> »-L> : _; i_>li I 

skin, hide; cuticle; integument i_>Ia I 

Jil gplj-tylliSll) JUI 

a.'' - 1 - - -* 

to insult, offend, affront; to humiliate, J jl i Jia- : (jul 
humble, abase, debase, degrade, demean 

to despise, scorn, disdain, treat Jily I i <5j jjl : 6« I 
with contempt 

insult, affront, offense, outrage, indignity, con- ij t» I 

to wake up, awaken, rouse Jaiul : (^y ^ a.) ,_-*l 
(from sleep) 

to alert, put on the alert yLLL. I : <_J» 1 

to prepare, ready, make ready 

jx-I :i_-»l 


■M.'.sT. 1 ..■■■■ ■■■■■■■ .Lfmumma 

((0* l»Ay«) fb* 1 

V^ jfrb 

I rft •H i * .' 


to shed, spill, pour out 

to make decrepit, make senescent 

to weaken, enfeeble, debilitate 

;Jj» :'3'jk\ 

to emaciate, waste away, ^j'jv >j?*> ' J** ' : li j* ' 
enervate, attenuate, thin, make lean or thin 

song <u-*l :*»-.JjaI 

to marry, get married, wed, take a spouse r-jjj : Ji I 

3*1 p-ij-iudii j*t 

to be or become in- 
habited, populated 

J* gr'j 

* .- • s » - * 

to invoke the name of Codicil I J* j. «...tHj J* I 

U :J*I 

upon an animal when slaughtering it 
and that on which hath been <> <j)l Jji 3»' L»j 
invoked the name of other than God 
to qualify, fit, make fit, ( JJ) £JU iiii- : (J.V) J* I 
adapt; to enable; to prepare; to habilitate, rehabili- 

to welcome, greet, hail, receive j s-»- j : -> J* ' 


•» • » 

relatives, relations, kin, kinsfolk, kindred, *Uy I : J* I 

kinsmen, kith and kin, folks, people; family; 

inhabitants, residents; &— > u>l* I i J U I : J* I 
natives, nationals, citizens; population 

people, men, members (of iilli- i *Lacl : Ii5f J* I 
a group, class, occupation, etc.) 

followers, adherents c-Lj I : Ii5f J* I 

possessors, owners, holders l_>Lw<>I : lis J* I 

masters ,>LL.I : liS" J*l 

household, ijJ\ i<JlSC- :jllll J*l ic-llll J*l 

the family of the ^J Jj-^J 1 5^1l : cJll I J* I 


;.- :.■*• i j?..:"^.?-j--.y 

_j Ji»- i j (jlU : j pi* I 

est or concern about or in; to take care of, look 
after, look to, attend to, see to, tend, mind, watch 
over, keep, devote one's attention to 

to pay attention to, heed, 
mind, take notice of 

to attach (J\ k± jim j&> < J* A^at I J^l* : j »i* I 
importance to; to take or consider seriously 
having no front teeth uyuiu 

ti <L.Q 6L--I 'i :~*l 

toothless, edentulous 

interest; concern; care, solicitude; attention 
heed, notice 



to appease one's hunger 

lampoon, satire, satiric poem <*maI toy**! 

la* «jflj - la* :lj»l 

jUjl I'o* ^Ij-jliJl I'ail 

to give as a present or >w i i_-» j i "j-^ f-*» ; liJ*' 
gift to, make someone a present or gift of, present 
with, gift with, donate (to), give (to), offer (to), 
bestow upon, confer upon 

to dedicate (a book, JJ »JJ il^ ill _ji LllsCll (io* I 
song, etc.) to 

presentation, presenting, donation, (i a* I jjuo< : »l jl»I 
donating, giving, offering 

dedication, inscription(^_jJ I J il jl i_.b^Jl) »la*l 

having long lashes 

i_.lj*"i!l Jj>1» :u>a*l 

to outlaw, proscribe, declare killing someone*- j jj*l 
lawful; to shed or spill with impunity or in vain 

J l_»0* 

Jj^l. «-lj - JjaI 

jJ* jjflj-jjll 

! S* gr'j 

- 'j£\ j\ pill l>l 

shedding, spilling, 

pouring out 

Jy»l jjuo* :<jilj*l 





ir/r,,',';.. ;,.,.,,;, ■T. , ;„/'-'--f^ , ;:tfa 

more important, more significant, 

superior; most important 

negligence, neglect, omission, dereliction, J^ I 

remissness, slackness, carelessness, heedlessness, 

inattention, inadvertence, disregard, nonobser- 

vance, ignoring, overlooking, oversight; disuse 

gross negligence (?r »- J|,»l 

to flow, stream 3L : <n* I 

to neglect, omit, leave out, disregard, ignore, 'J^jk I 
overlook, fail to, slight, bypass, pass over, forget, 
pay no attention to, be inattentive of, be heedless 
of; to disuse, stop using 

to leave unpointed or un- dSCJI jl Li^il 3*» I 

importance, significance, moment(ousness), "' ' 
weight(iness), gravity, seriousness, consequence; 
magnitude; account, worth; interest 

to attach importance to Jc *-_»» I ^i* 

L-*jl» «LS»- 1 J - uL 

I s • --I 't -' "1 

-•* -. * 

to drop, throw down ^1 : iJ^m I 

to stretch out or extend one's J jl J J ojuj <5>» I 
hand to, reach out for 

to strike, hit; to fall upon ^t t$y» I 

reckless, rash, thoughtless, fool- jc j I i ^ U> : rj» I 
hardy, imprudent, giddy, harebrained, light-head- 
ed, frivolous, flighty 

easier uj» I 

the easiest oS**' 

,}» * -. < 

the lesser evil ^ ^ I ,jj» I 

of the two evils choose the least ^^1)1 0>» I ./j>- I 
(the less, the lesser) 

svelte, slender, slim J_mj : < '•"* I 

.< .« 

or f l : } \ 

unless, if not, except if, except i>l ?l < J L : jl 

until, till cr^"'^*J! : J* 

experts, people of experience, specialists, «jlil J* I 

free non-Moslems enjoying Moslem <.JJl J» I 


the Sunnites, the Sunnis 


till J»l 

the people of the Book, Christians and (-.LSJl J» I 

Seven Sleepers of Ephesus 


inhabited, populated 


•* • - > I- 

destruction, ruin(ing), wiping out, annihilation, iiJ}Ul 

bristly, setaceous, hairy, hirsute, shaggy i_J* I 

" . ' ' . -. » 
to giggle, titter, snicker jyi j tH»w» : ( _U I 

to destroy, ruin, wipe out, annihilate, extinguished* I 

national; domestic, home, family; native, in- T_li I 

civil war ill* I <~jj9- 

domestic(ated) animal, tame(d) animal ^1* I 6 In- 
capacity, compe- (jUkz. I i ij I jjt > *~*-^*<> : ill* I 
tence; aptitude, fitness, eligibility, qualification^ 
capability, ability, efficiency; merit, desert, worthi- 
ness, worth 

legal capacity (competence, etc.) <Jy \i ilU I 

rehabilitation j^i^' ^j : *^* *' *J 

sui juris, legally competent ilijjliJI <ui* VI J-.15" 

l^LI j ^Ij-ilii^l 

elliptical, elliptic 



'.■f8w.;,i'. aw ^ m: 'arngMjawaMgaiM^ <$EI 


Vr :^J 

from all sides, from all direc- (o^» j) o jl JJT ^> 

side, direction 

from all sides, 

tions, from everywhere 

rabble, riffraff, ragtag, mob, scum pi* j : ^L j 

> *' ' ii •' 
opal |Cj5 j»- :JUj 

-» -» «^ • ^ 

return(ing), coming back, going back fyj '• *ii 

Si (frb~s.l 


opera, opera house 


to destroy, ruin 

to degrade, humiliate 

Si tfrh-j>.S 

4 ifl . ,*y <»»■ j^mA i oUjL* ! I u J 


iuil '■•■ 

opossum (ij !>•>-) fymyij 

Si ffr'j-j^J 
-:- -5- , --•' 

to string (a bow) (tr^O^i 

bus, autobus; trolley bus y-jjjjl i &%y} 

highway, expressway, freeway, autostrada }\jL,yj 

autocratic I*^'j*>i 

autocracy «li lji> J 

automatic; power, power-driven, (JwUyj 

self-driven, self-acting, self-propelled, automotive; 

automatism; automation, automatiza- <LiwLjjj 

car, automobile J^j^^j 

hotel, inn, hostel, hostelry; motel Jjj 

Ej^ij-Qjjj ';$% 

to tie (up), bind, fetter, shackle, <jl}jJL oi i al» : Jj j 

to tie, fasten, bind j£ ( J* j : Jp j I 

J ' 1 -^ 1 " ■■■■'•; •" ■ .■ ' - " ■' ■ .: ■ 

to lodge at, take up lodgings at,j \ tf I « j Jjj : JJ ^1 
put up at, stay at, take up quarters at" 

to take refuge in, seek or take Jj ti : JJ <3j1 

shelter in, harbor in 

to go to, betake oneself to, repair <JJ Lii : <JJ ^jl 

to; to retire to 

to go to bed, retire . ^ ji «i l^i J I ^\ 

^J 1 fi-'j-j 1 . 1 O*- 1 *«J>' :i$jl 

to lodge, put up, quarter, accom- J&\ i ~S'j\ ■ lijT 
modate, room, house, provide lodgings for, receive 
(as a guest), provide with living quarters 
to shelter, harbor -l^o*. UJL. *J >j : lSjI 

tfji C^'j- j 1 . 1 6^-1 'l)>' : i*J* 
t5jl cfrlj--t fl»l < j Uy :JJ tSjl 

repentant, penitent, contrite 

heat, ardor, torridity 

Sa»I ««-lj - Juljl 

■bJli. (jlkc : »ljl 



burning thirst jj 

time, season l y**- i i^ij : (iijl r) uljl 

u' jr'j -ulj^l ul 

from time to iij^/lj i>/i\ J~> i (i>- j'j <<j^l ytrf 
time, now and then, once in a while, sometimes, at 
times, occasionally 

it is too late o'j jII oli 

timely, opportune, seasonable, well-timed, «Jl_jl J 
at the right time, in season 

untimely, inopportune, unseasonable, <i I j I j~c. j 
ill-timed, (done) at the wrong time 

premature, too early, precocious; prema- <lljl J-i 

before it is too late u'j *l oly Jli 


■ ■ t 


oh! ah! 

to return, come back, go back 

return(ing), coming back, going back f&J '• Vi 

J; J I 

to be desolate, deserted ui£il J-*-i 

to mire, cause to stick fast in J»->ll J Vj' : J*-J 
mire, throw in the mud 

to bend, curve, flex, twist, turn <^>- t i_il»c : jj 

crook(edness), bend(ing), twist(edness), r£->cl : JJ 
curve(dness), curvature 

toil, labor, drudgery; hard work; fa- (_-*> t jS : jjI 
tigue, tiredness 

sustenance, support, maintenance, pro- ilUj : jjI 
vision, keeping 


Jio- :5jjl 

bent, curved, crooked, twisted, (V*^ ' £■>*-• : AJ 

turned, tortuous, sinuous; bowed 

to perish, die <iU» : i£ i) 

to destroy, kill 

burden, load 

to deposit, bank (cJj-a. j) pjjI 

to deposit, reposit, ( jJJ iiU jl <«jj>S ) **>j : fojl 
lodge; to bail (goods); to consign (to), entrust (to), 
trust (to), commit (to), leave (with); to give (to) 

to deposit, put down, lay down, place **> j : t- j j I 
to include, embody, incorporate qLj> : f- jjI 

to commit to prison, throw in prison ty>yJ\ 4*jjI 
to confide or entrust a secret to ^Jl 4*jjI 

to strike fire jj^JI tSjjl 

to kindle, fire, take fire jj^JI (ijjl 



to reflect on, cast J* <ji*»l i i_.l.<l i '. ■"■■ : cl.jjl 
on, bring on, cause 

to lead to, take to, bring to <JJ J^ojl : jjjl 

to mention, state, report, j Jjl i fji i £ j : jjjl 
cite, quote; to adduce, bring forward, set forth 

to import 

j j>-"! :j jr 

^ 2? 

<f> ■ ■ ■:: ^-/.j/r „> ,,;„„■; -.av , , ' ,■ " "Z3 

-* «1 
peak, climax, apogee, acme, apex, culmi- <Ji : rjl 

nation, top, tiptop, crest, crown, zenith, summit, 

pinnacle, highest point; height, heyday, prime 


f j i H mi l ^jX> jjX^J U JjU 1 

,jt. iLil jujI :[dLLiJ rj'ill iJaii 

stove (Jli-j : JUjl 

to impose (as a duty or obli- »'J\ i ^^ : (J*) i_«ifjl 

gation upon), enjoin (on), make incumbent (on), 

make something someone's duty, obligate, bind 

- - , , - ,», ,,.» 
to necessitate, make (J Jai i ^^i i *i»- : >_^r j I 

necessary, make obligatory; to require; to decree, 

prescribe, ordain 

to necessitate, (»JJ 4.>J..'5') «.^:.:...l ( -.^Jj-L I : i_-*-jl 
involve, imply, entail 

to create, make, produce, origi- CjJs-\ i ofi '• J*-jl 

nate, engender, generate, bring into being, give 

birth to, give rise to, birth, bring about, cause, 


to make or let find (obtain, oil *JU : <j>lix. »-i»- j I 

get, acquire, attain, etc.) 

* '' - • ' 

to compel to, force to, oblige to <JJ j ' J* »-»Jr j I 

to abridge, summarize, epitomize, synop- f^LSGl Jj^jl 
size, sum up, condense, digest, abstract, brief, 

to misgive, feel fear, be fearful or (»JJ <i~i~) y-^rjl 
apprehensive; to apprehend, fear, dread; to have 
apprehensions or presentiments 

to feel, sense, perceive, realize-. ( _ r »- 1 t (j-J : ,_,-»■ j I 

, .' t * , .» 
to hide, conceal, harbor, entertain, j^il : cr »- _jl 


to hurt, pain, ache, cause pain to; to excru- Jl : «►} 
ciate, torment, agonize, anguish 

to agitate, excite, stir up d^»- i jIj I : caif j 

to frighten, scare, alarm ci^- : Ji-j' 

to distinguish, honor ci^ : «j»j 

to inspire with (or to); to reveal to J I : j aJJ ^j 
to suggest Jc Jj ijj jb,l i j ^j :,j»-jl 

. f 

r— — 



■.- .-J!."- ■"?»: 

beat severely, strike repeatedly 

wider, roomier, more spacious, l*Ljl ^1 : £»j 
more extensive, broader, larger 

to be on the point of, on the verge of, on theul ^J 
brink of, about to, close to; to verge on, border on 

to bequeath (perso- *jy>jju clu i <~fy> £>jj : ^i 
nal property), devise (real property), will, give by 
will, make over by will, transfer by will 
to make one's will yj (dj jl) i_-^ : <^»ji 

to will, determine \jS *f~oj j jjt :{0>) (j*y 
(order, direct) by a will (that) 

to appoint or institute as u«»j <-L* : J J ^jl 


to entrust (commit, commend) -j <JJ 04* : j ^j I 

to someone's charge or care 

», - .« 
to recommend, commend ^ j : -> ^j I 

to recommend, j *JLc jli.1 t _j ^aj : j <^«jl 


to order 

1^ ^iia^k'aBfeaij'a 

; V' 

' '1 

S*j 'i>*j {f b - J^j 

Joj*\ '•*-*•£} 

, -' » - - _ 

Jiel :Juej 

to sicken, make sick, make ill 

to close, shut 

to take to, get to, bring oijl 1 <i jl 1 V^l : ( Jj) $-03 
to, lead to, show to, conduct to, convey to, drive 
to, steer to 

to transport, carry, convey, JL. ijii : ( JJ ) J^ j I 
transfer; to deliver, transmit, communicate; to pass 
(on), hand over 

to give someone a lift or a ride, \i% «_-^'jJ' S-*i ' 
drive, convey, take 

to accompany, escort, go (along) with, Ji I j : 3^» j I 
take along; to see off 

to conduct fj-aJI 1 O^all t Sjl^il ' ^li^dl jUji 

to clarify, clear (up), make clear, explain, ^ij I 

expound, explicate, elucidate, illustrate, shed light 
upon; to show, manifest, reveal, bring to light; to 
indicate, state, set forth 
to make someone tread or step on ^j jj <u*»- : U»j I 

lower ,j>jl :U»jl 

aortic, aortal 

(/MJ 1 ul)^. '(^Jjl 

* -•! * 1 ''\ 

to leaf, foliate, put forth leaves, send out jj*JI <Jjjl 


orchestra '>-5jjl 




goose (pi. geese) 

.. * > i 

f * 

barnacle goose, barnacle ,_J»» j I i^jai j 3 1 

* -1' *•' 1 


ozone t > t ^ r S'jSll JlSCil ^> ^jki : ujjjl 

black-backed jackal (0 1^ ) ^j I 

middle, central, median, medial, inter- jL.^ : Jbujl 
mediate, intermediary, midmost, mean 

middle; center i.«*i;;,« 1 J>l.j : Jaljl 

middle finger aJCIJI^ j<\;.\\ '^yS »^>! : ^Llj 
Central Africa (_^-y\ ^y ' ' ^>y ' J«-ljl 

Central America ^•'^ ^jv?' ' VS'jj-l J*-ljl 

Central Europe <_^»->ll IjjjjI < Ljjjl J»Jjl 

the middle of the month ^Jl J»-,l j I 

middle term [j^-*] J^-j^l _x3- 1 

midbrain Ja^jil plljjl 

the Middle East, the Mideast ±L j*)ll J^JJI 

the middle class, the bourgeoisie ^~£\ ii-i»JI 
the Middle Ages (^«>ll (j>La«Jl) uj^JI 

f J {f 'J ~f J -fJ' 

to be or become rich, wealthy Lii j L> : »- j I 

to heap abuse(s) or insults upon Lll *«-.j I 

to beat (up), wallop, sock, hit forcefully, L^ *lljl 

r .^ 

luckier, more fortunate; more successful; (ki- ^i j I 
likelier, more likely, more probable, more prospec- 
tive; stronger, more powerful 

offset [ieU.Jc-.jjl 

to burden, oppress, weigh down on Ac 'A£*\ : 't?/\ 


GUI) 'ijl 

to kindle, ignite, light, start 

to burn, set on fire, set fire to 

to overburden, overload; to op- J* jl ( Ac jjij! : jj°/\ 

press, weigh down on, overtax 

to be overladen with fruit ^,2)1 j'j\ 

to drop, let fall, cause to fall, make fall, Jail' : *jj1 
tumble, throw down, bring down, topple 

H £»J p-'j ~iJJl» «,Jrl» 'J* ijli- :.; £jl 

to inflict on, cause to J^JI 4 Jj^l : las' -u iij* 

to inflict or cause £lj oLUj 1 ^JlLi < Ijl^il lijl 

damage, losses, casualties, etc. 

to inflict or impose a _> jl J* G>C»» jl iJjic «ij I 

punishment or a penalty on, punish 

to levy a distress upon, distress, Ac I jki- lij* 

distrain, attach, sequester, impound, garnishee, 

seize, confiscate 

to sow dissension 'JS Jj t'JZ'j'j: 'J^ If j I 
between or among, stir up discord between or 
among, sow the seeds of discord between or 
among, drive a wedge between 

to throw into, plunge into, hurl 

to (enHrap, (en)snare, (en)tangle,ii jf S'j, j ujl 
enmesh, gin, catch in a trap or snare' 

to stand, make stand, set *yu ^JLii- , ' f \i I : i_i» j I 

upright, raise; to make rise 

to stop < a* yj j I 1 \\, tXj^. ; ,j,i j l 

to stop, halt, cease, J loi- Li} i J^\ t lLj :Liij* 
discontinue, suspend, interrupt, break, cut, put an 
end to, end, terminate 

to stop, halt, arrest, stay, 'j\c\ 1 1U 1 «i. : Liijl 
check, suppress, prevent, hold up, hold (back), 
obstruct, hinder, hamper, impede 

to [jy\i ] j^ 3 \ jy- jKi 1 _,! ^t ^ £. : Lii-;t 


J p** 1 -j j»jl 


JC* : jlijl 


bushy-browed i>^f W ^ ' \A< :ujj»j' 

to put into a vessel or container ^lij j Lij : ^j' 

. -*- --.» 

to insinuate to, intimate to, J J ],lil <. J J idJ : J J ^ijl 
suggest to, point out to 

to advise, counsel, recom- ^J < Ac ^iLt : J I >jl 
mend to 

to instruct, direct; to 'J»\ , oUl; Jail : <JJ jij* 
order, command, enjoin 

to embitter, envenom, venom, excite or o^luo ^ijl 
arouse anger or bitter feelings in, fill with spite or 
hatred, kindle rancor in 

August , ,T ^..Vy 

to penetrate deeply into, delve jj£j , jji-j : J ij*j* 
into, go deeply into; to study thoroughly 

to go quickly, mend one's pace, jLi\ j jjijl 

hurry, hasten, speed 

to exaggerate, overstate, overdraw f$£l\ j jjij 1 
to insert into, push into, plunge intoili j>l : j ilij! 

i c/j cr'j - ^ <yj' 

to come to Jt:Jjl 

to approach, be or come near to L>j\i : Ac J j I 

to overlook, tower over, JJ» I 1 cijil : Ac ,J j I 
overtop, command, dominate 

to exceed, be more than, be greater jl j : Ac ,i \ I 
than, be above, be over; to go beyond, transcend, 

to delegate, depute, deputize, send as one's 
delegate; to mission; to send, dispatch 

to increase, augment, multiply ~j£ :'j'j 

more abundant, more plentiful, jjc\ < ^S\ :^j) 
ampler; more numerous 

more economical, 


IjLajl j^\ liiii Jil :^jji 




to interpret, construe; to explain 

— ? 

foremost, chief, principal, main, cardinal, »»l : Jj 
key, most important 

earlier; former, previous; earliest, JjL. iJ>~«i '• Jj 

beginning, start, onset, outset, Sjl-u i «.ju : Jj 

prime, first, incipience 

first, firstly, in the first place, first of all, to %\ 

begin with; at first, in the beginning; originally 

primarily, initially 

* \t 

forefathers, ancestors, forebears, JjIj"^ tujJj^l 

grandfathers, primogenitors, progenitors, ascen- 
carbon monoxide 6^>^3l -*--^\ uj' 

^1 lia-jUl Jjl 

at first, in the beginning 

the day before yesterday, Jj^l 
two days ago 

for the first time, first <_,!_) jll 5%JiJ 1 5^. Jj^ 

at first blush, at first sight, Jjill ilijil i «!* j Jj^ 
prima facie; at first glance, on first consideration 

first class Jjl **-jJ 

first lady Jj Si I l'J!L\\ 

from beginning to end, from A »j±-\ J) <Jjl ,j» 
to Z 

, • - s< . ' i -' s 

at first sight; at first SjJii Jjl ^ i ^j al S^JiJI (j* 


the former Jj^ll li* 

to entrust with, commission j *JJ j^p t ^y : Jjl 
with, charge with; to entrust (commit, commend) 
to someone's charge or care 

to place one's confidence in, have confi- <iiJ o^jl 

dence in, trust 

to do someone a favor, render a servicelij^Aj »^l_jl 


worthier, more deserving; i5>>-l <■ &■ ' : (-; ) Jj' 
more entitled (to); more appropriate, more proper, 
more suitable, more adequate, more suited, more 

to suspend, stop or cancel JJat i J^t : i_»» j I 

temporarily, ban temporarily, make temporarily 

inactive # 

to call off, cancel u^l : >-«*j I 

to stop, quit, cease, ^ 1j£ i ^ jJa«-i| '•((>*) *-*»jl 
discontinue, halt, give up, desist from, abstain 
from, refrain from 

to detain, hold (take, jx>- i ,j~»- ' Ji-^l : i_»»jl 
keep) in(to) custody, arrest, put under arrest, 
apprehend, seize, hold, jail, intern, confine 
to acquaint with, inform (j* <uii>l : (j* U^li i_iijl 
of or about, apprise of, advise of, notify of, let 
know about, make aware of, tell about; to reveal 
to, disclose to 

i_o* j >l»-Ij - 4iCL jl *JL i_i»j 

t- i - . '- s- 

to stay the execu- jJj jlydl jl jXAl -^i-^i t-ii'jl 
tion of a sentence; to arrest or stay a judgment 

to stop or slow down, brake J-»y : »jW-" *-*»j' 

to park rJJ t_«»>» j 5jLU\ i_i»jl 

ocean -W?** ' O*^ t*J ' 

oceanic ^y ^»i' 

oke, oka; ounce ujj »jj-j :< s*J' 

to support one's weight on, lean Jx. l£j I : jx. a jl 

on, recline on 

sale, clearance, clearance sale 6>> joy 

eucalyptus (j*i) (jtyLJ'&y i ^jlJ lSjl 

octane uusjl 

October Jj^l i>-^ : ^>^J' 

octane JirP-i' 

to lose, suffer or incur a loss ^,-y- : <j£ i ' 

oxalate o'JlLi'jl 

oxygen Jif^r^i ' 

oxygenic, oxygenous y j*?jirV ?' 

oxide ■ A sr^-J 

'&'> erlj-'J?^ 
-Oil <> 3sdl p-lj- oisle L^J* 


p— 32: 


■■^■- ,r ^ 



ilii-l 5-u»-j olil^*»- :oUjl 


axiom, truism, fundamental or <*>■>* '■ *-Jj' 

self-evident truth 

oligarchic, oligarchical 'jS'j UJ jl , 'ji j UJ jl 

oligarchy il^j UJ j1 t ill j UJ j1 

ohm iJL^^SJI <.jliil 5o»-j :»jl 

to make a sign or signal; to beckon; to jlll :(<Jj) Ljl 

signal, motion, gesticulate; to gesture, make a 


to flash, gleam, glint, glimmer, shimmer, kJ : Joa'j I 

sparkle, twinkle, scintillate, flicker, wink, blink 

to wink (at) 

to glance furtively, look 

omnibus, bus 

gentleness, mildness, leniency, *-aU < ^ ' ,j>» j : uj I 


calm(ness), peace, tranquility, * j jla i <LJL. : j I 

quiet(ness), quietude 

-< •, . • 

-* .' - 

ounce, oz. 

**ajy icJjl '(j-Jjl 

to moan, sigh, groan 

oh! ah! 

i» 1 4 o 1 : o jl i »_j 1 

to weaken, enfeeble 

to light, kindle, ignite 

J*i.l :g»jl 

to make someone think or believe «*Jl j lijl : lijl 
(that), give the (false) impression (that); to delude, 
deceive, mislead 

to weaken, enfeeble, debilitate, sap, m.^l : ^ajI 

undermine, undercut, waste (away), devitalize, 
enervate, unnerve, attenuate 

to discourage, dishearten, frustrate, if>JI ij*j' 
unnerve, enervate, depress, demoralize, dispirit 

black-eyed jackal (j\y^-) yJjl 

bilberry, whortleberry (oL)iCJ}1 

with greater reason, with J'y ikiu t ^jl ljL ^. 

all the more reason, the more so, a fortiori 

these, those ddjl , ,^1 

to enter, make or let enter; to introduce, J*-il : ^Jjl 
insert, intromit, thrust, put in, drive in, stick in, 
work in 

to enamor of, inflame (someone's) love j ( liSii ) «J j I 
or desire for, make very fond of; to interest in, 
arouse (someone's) interest in 

to be (very) fond of, (passionately) attached to,j ij jl 
(deeply) attracted to; to love, adore, be (madly) in 
love with, be enamored of, be infatuated with; to 
like; to fancy, have a fancy for, have a liking for, 
take a fancy to, take to; to be interested in 

to give a banquet 

^ -' 

Olympic, Olympian 

Olympic Games, Olympics, 



u> er'j 


possessors of, owners of, holders of; masters of; ^Ijl 
people of, men of 

men of understanding, those gifted with^U^I >lj1 
understanding hearts 

those charged with authority, those j^i\ ^yi 

responsible, authorities, rulers, chiefs, heads, presi- 
dents, leaders, superiors, masters 

priority, precedence, preference; seniority; pri- Z, Jjl 
macy, supremacy 

first, initial, primary, prime, Jj "ill jJui, t ^±L>I .-'Jjl 
primordial, original, earliest 

fundamental, elemental, primary, ba- 
sic, principal, main, chief, prime 

preparatory, pre- 1$ » : a'.i it£jljil <. 
liminary, introductory 

elementary, rudimentary, incipient, 


primitive, primeval, rudimentary 

raw, crude, unprocessed, unrefined 

first aid ilfjl oliUl 

prime number 

raw material 









1 t ,Jjl ljIa-I 


r u 


»y : i 


force, power, might, strength 


to drive to despair, ^Lj *i*»- i (^-U* J* *"»■ : yV 

*l. :j l:i 

deprive of hope, dishearten, discourage 
province, district 

piil t *iui:4jCl 

when? at what time? 
if, when 

sign, mark, token, indication *■• >* : "*•> I 

miracle, wonder, marvel, prodi-<i>»»*i <■ «>*** '■**< 

gy , . „„_ 

example, lesson, warning • j-s. : <> I 

exemplar, example, pattern, para- JU* i £J>«-> '<>\ 
gon, paradigm 

Koranic verse 


(l_rJJLt i_jI^ (j^) <<l 

• * > - 

verses of the Holy Koran (SX I _/ iJ I <J I 

giving, granting, bestowal 

rt^jt t (Ike I : fUj] 

preference, preferring Jr^*-" : J^ij 

altruism, unselfishness, ^-ill c-»- ' <;j-^ : jwj 


altruistic, unselfish, selfless; altruist <i^ : iij^i! 

ethanol I * L_*^ J J** ^ ! 

ethane I *W*^ J Oi^il 

obligation; obligating, binding; Jo^ <■ f\J\ : oUuJ 
imposition, imposing, enjoining; decreeing, pre- 
scription, ordainment 
affirmation; affirmative <jii tw* t oLJ I : t->^ j 

offer [u^l»] (>j* :^^v| 

to answer in the affirmative, say yes ^Uu^lL i_V I 

positive; affirmative; constructive; active; plus ^jI»^>! 


• • .. . • • 


that is, that is to say, i.e., namely, [j-J^) yJu : til 
viz., in other words, to wit 

O.oh (»lxJJ)l:Ul 

who? which? what? what kind of? what sort of? ?iil 

any; every; either; no matter what; who- \ ri \ aj,\ 
ever, whosoever; whatever, whatsoever, which- 
ever, whichsoever 

• ' * \ 
anything; no matter what; whatever, i^ ijl 

whichever, whatsoever; which thing? which one? 
whoever, whosoever, whomever, whomso- 6^ \j' 
ever; no matter who he is, whoever he is, anyone, 
any person at all; whatever, whatsoever, which- 
ever, whichsoever; no matter what, anything; re- 
gardless of, irrespective of, notwithstanding; at any 

in any case, at JU- *jl Jc i JU- ijl jc iO^ l* U 
any rate, in any event, anyhow, whatever the case 
may be, be it as it may 

0, oh U<l \i ' V' 

then which of the favors of olj-i& l^j * *' i5V* 
your Lord will you deny? 

he is a true (real, great, etc.) man; J»- j (il J»-j j* 
what a man (he is)! 

1 admired him greatly! how i-jL*cJ !<-j I *j e. ■ •» ■ «• ■ I 
much I admired him! 

verses of the Holy Koran f&J.\ j£jl\ til 

yes! certainly! sureOy)! indeed! truly! U»- t p*J : cjl 


yes, by God! a^j (ij 

0,oh (,ljJJH:li1 

take care not to, be careful not to; don't, u' <ilL>l i Ul 
don't ever 

beware of, be wary of, guard j tiJU i ,y* dJU 

against, be cautious of, be careful of 

Thee do we worship and 
Thine Aid do we seek 

st\j £J dl s i 

he gave it to me 

returning), going back, coming back 

1_jU j a»-'j 

support ic^-" *e -^i ^* :j «! 

O^JU fj-l j - C-tLjj t--»Uj ft^. 




..v^'.r':,;.::.:,, ;,- .- : 

harming, hurting, damaging, j iii)ll Jl»JI : ,lajl 
injuring, doing harm to, wrongdoing; annoying, 

announcement, declaration »^Ul nj^UI : ul jj I 

sign, indication £. }tc : j I jj I 

indicating that, announcing that; indications G I jj I 
of, announcement of 

mention(ing), stating, citing, citation, quot- jfi : jl^l 
ing, quotation; adducing, bringing forward 
importation, import, importing ^jt--' : j'jjl 

income, revenue, incomings, «jj i Ji-j : jljjj 

returns, proceeds, takings, receipts, earnings; yield, 


funds, finances; revenues 


foliation, leafing 

(oLJI j^e) (jj>ll u^>j :<jIjj! 

10 despair (of), lose hope (of), J*J i [^ : (^) ^j 
give up hope (oO; to despond, become discouraged 
or disheartened 


f 'J _ LTi' 'LTi 1 

to be or become rich, wealthy 

left-hand, left 

left-handed, left-hand, a\J. 
sinistral; left-hander 

u>*l < J*- 1 


bequest, o^il j<j liLLJ i <L««jj vioj^i : »LaiI 

bequeathal, bequeathing; devise (by will), devisal, 

testacy i^oj c-J.1 <1)J> '■ ►La; "ill JU- « *La;l 

appointment of a guardian 'ijt^i 

recommendation, commendation XS Jj 
recommendation, advice, counsel 



Jliil «J^il .-jLail 



closing, closure, shut(ting), 

conveyance, transport(ation), car- JLJ t ji : JLaJ I 
riage, carrying, transference); delivery, transmis- 
sion; communication; passing (on), handing over 

'-'■:" .■•■■■■■■ : 

(jUul jL»- 

positive neutrality 

positivism, positivity, positiveness iL Im I 

creation, making, production, ti.ljj-1 <. i>_>£> : jU^I 
producing, origination, originating, engendering, 
generation, generating, bringing into being, giving 
birth to, giving rise to, bringing about, causing, oc- 

rent; lease; letting (out), leasing, renting out, jU^I 
hiring out 

sublease, subleasing, subletting, ^Ul ^ jUul 

rent, rental, hire jLs^j'ill JU 

lease j^i^l ■*** 

for rent, to let, for hire, on jUj^il 1S^ t jUj)L1 

-~ .* - . - . 
abridgment, summarization, epit- j^-jl j.Lai : jUu I 

omizing, synopsizing, summing up, condensation, 

abstraction, briefing 

brevity, shortness, conciseness, jLal»- 1 : jU>J I 
terseness, succinctness, laconism, brachylogy 

in brief, briefly, in short, in fine, concisely, injUJU 
a word, in a few words, shortly, in a nutshell, in a 
capsule, to sum up, in summary, summing up, to 
make a long story short 

apprehension, fear, dread, anx- jJi i <_»^»J : <j-U»j I 


suggestion; inspiration »l*»il 

autosuggestion, self-suggestion 



to support, back (up), stand by, stand up for, '1 

advocate, champion, uphold, be in favor of, go for; 
to confirm, affirm, sustain, corroborate, second; to 
endorse, sanction, approve, approbate, counte- 
nance, consent to, assent to, agree to, concur in, 
accede to, subscribe to 

»y : Jul 

force, power, might, strength 

depositing, deposition, lodging; sojl jjuk :pl. 
bailment; consignment; entrustment, commitment 

ideological, ideologic 

' '' I 

{ ••• 

arousal, (a)rousing, SjliJ i >»- "Ajj** : J»^J 
stirring up, excitation, exciting, working up, awak- 
ening, wakening, provocation 
alerting, putting on the alert, jjJm i <~-o : -bli»J 
putting on one's guard, warning, alarming, cau- 

dropping, letting fall, causing to fall, J.U1.I : £& I 
tumbling, tumble, throwing down, bringing down, 
toppling, topple f 

rhythm; harmony; cadence (jJJ Ifhrr) f^i\ 

rhythmic(al); harmonic; eur(h)ythmic; i/*^ij 

cadent(ial), cadenced . , • , 

eurythmics, eurhythmies i^^S cr°*J 

raising, setting up £» j » <«l»} : tili J 

stopping, oi»>i 6,^1 jl u^^lll J»»- :<-»UjI 

stopping, stoppage), J j»- j-ij t *l^l t jti :<-»UjJ 
halt(ing), cessation, ceasing, discontinuation, dis- 
continuance, suspension, interruption, shutoff, 
break, putting an end to, ending, termination 

-frr ■" ■- ' ■'■■-■"^ j ■•■■■g - - ■'-« 

stopping, stoppage), 


> ( m-l» 


halt(ing), arrest(ing), staging), check(ing), suppres- 
sion, prevention, holding up, holding (back), ob- 
struction, hindrance, hampering, impeding 


suspension, suspending, tern- JJ»« 'J^*> :i -*^;] 

porary stoppage or cancellation, temporary ban, 

temporary inactivity, abeyance 

calling off, cancellation »UI : cilij J 

stopping, stop(page), j* i_iT 4 j* j-Uaiil : c_»Uj I 

quitting, cessation, ceasing, discontinuation, giving 

up, desistance, desisting, abstention, abstaining, 

refrainment, refraining 

detention, arrest, appre->«- 4 t _ r -»- 1 JlKtl : ljU 1 

hension, seizure, confinement, custody 

stay of execution, arrest -iG-l cJlil 1 .». i::l l <-Jli>] 

of judgment 

parking jJJ ^-i»>« j 'J 1 —- 11 l -»^(j 

to wake (up), awaken, waken, yswol : ( jy &) Jai;' 
awake, rouse (from sleep) 

conduction t^JJl iOj-JI ijjl^l 1 s^^^pJ' J^j 

receipt; voucher (^iL.'Jllj) jUj : JLajl 

conductive t^^! 

conductivity, conduction <u Laj I 

r *i * 
metabolism I * ^ ' J i>*i ' 

anabolism [ *^»-l J y(Lj ; o^' 

catabolism U^ ' J t/?- 1 * t« ' 

also, too, as well (as), equally, likewise; along Ul. I 
with, together with, in addition (to), besides, fur- 
ther, furthermore, moreover 
clarification, clearing up, making £»<>_) I jj-<x. :rLajj 
clear, elucidation, explanation, exposition, explica- 
tion, illustration, shedding light upon; showing, 
manifestation, bringing to light 
illustrative, clarifying, elucidative, demon- ^f Ul>J 
strative, expository, expositive, explanatory, ex- 
planative, explicatory, explicative 

repitition of the same rhyme "Q>^ j\j& '■ «U»j) 
flank, waist, middle j^± <■ "oj^- : Jiul 

intimation, insinuation, suggestion, hint ^-Jl :jl*j] 

■ •• • 

advice, counsel, recommendation £~oi : jU»j 

instruction, direction; order, command, y\ : jLjj 

fUj **-Ij-(tJJ o^JL ij*>)Ij) *Uj1 

solvent *^i^ (i* J^ 

solvency *^»^' ci* 'J-** 

delegation, delegating, delegacy, aijl jj-<x. : jlijj 
deputation, deputization, legation, sending forth of 
a delegate; missioning; sending, dispatch(ing) 

kindling, ignition, lighting; burning, set- JU^J : jliLl 
ting on fire, setting fire to 

awakening, waking up, wakening, {jy Q+) -tUu J 
awaking, rousing (from sleep) 






gesture, gesticulation, motion; sign, signal ofl^j <. #1^1 
pantomime tUfV' o» 

gestic; pantomimic; mimic l^WJ 

pantomime V'W! V"^- '<y!U5l J^ 

pantomime ill |^ I 

belief, faith u|<JI 

fiducial 'j |^ I 

fideism JiJl ^ "iCJ o 1^)1 1 <> j|^I :&UJ 

widowhood, viduity J^'j : <uj I 

to go to the right i>~r" >~ S-*^ : 0*i' 

right-hand, right; dextral, (<&£) J~i\ li : j*J I 


right-handed, right- oLll J-L t ^lil "x* :J*1\ 

hand, dextral; right-hander 

.«., - . .« > , .» 

by God! I swear by God! 4&I ^2 1 

to ionize oljjl J I 'J^, : 'J I 

where? in what place? at which place? 'J,\ 

where to? where? to where? whither? ^'l J I 

whereto? to what? toward what place (direction, 
end)? how far? up to where? 

where from? from where? wherefrom? ^j* ^ 
whence? from what place? 

wherever, wheresoever, no matter where, £* 
anywhere, where 

how far we still are from.. . . \'jf [y. 'j^ 'JA 

ripeness, mellowness ~j^ : p L, I 

to ripen, mellow, grow or become ripe or t--^ '■ £+> ' 

O, oh IfcH ' Wi I 

delusion, deception, deceit, misleading, imposi- » I4J I 
tion; make-believe, pretense, pretension 

lodging, putting up, quartering, ISCL 1 1 Jl^l : .1^1 

to arouse, rouse, stir jlil, ^ii- 4 ^i- t <il^i. ; Jjij I 
up, excite, work up, awaken, waken, whet, pro- 

to alert, put on the alert, put on jx>- 4 4.J : J»ij I 
one's guard, warn, alarm, caution 

to ascertain, find out or learn with (aj jl ^l"ill) jijl 
certainty about, know for certain; to be or become 
certain of, sure of, convinced of, confident of 

icon [ ij I jj± ] CyL I 

*.t >~ - 

iconology, iconography olijij'ill i-ljj 

- '.A 
iconic u'i*'' 

thicket, jungle, wood, brush, <L»»- li^r-l :i£JI idCl 

stag, deer (0 \y^. ) Jj J < J* 1 < J2 1 1 Jjl 

musk deer (ul*»-) <iC-ll 'jl\ 

leading to, resulting in, <JJ Jojl* 1 <JJ jj^ : <JJ Jj I 
producing, bringing about, causing, giving rise to; 
conducive to, contributing to 

accruing (<1£L« jl J>^) <JJ J«" : '» :Obli J J JjI 
to, devolving upon, devolved upon, vesting in, 
vested in, transferred to 
oath, swearing oili- 4 _» : »bU 

entrustment, commitment; commis- ,j^>yu ~t-%\ 
ion(ing), charging 

intromission, thrusting, insertion, intro- JU-il '■r%\ 
duction, putting in, driving in; penetration 

convenant, compact, pact, agree- Jl£-. t xyc- :<-*^U 

hind J^ljilti&l 

holly (oL) u Jk£l 

ailanthus, tree of heaven (oLj) yJjJbj 

September ^ 

* * -\ \*\ 
return(ing), coming back, going back 9-yrj '■ ^yi ' 

devolution, accru- (rJJ jp. jl <L50u) JUjLil :iljL I 
al, reversion 

to widow, cause to become < 

i widow 

i\').\ pi 



widowhood, viduity 

J* J : ^ 

by God! I swear by God! 


f^* 1 



f 1 "" 1 " ■,■?•--' - ■•,'■■, ^ 

widowhood, viduity 




accommodating, accommodation, rooming, hous- 
sheltering, harboring JJLjJU IkL jiy : >I»J 

large sitting room, hall S^uS" ii ^ : 6l>> j 

palace, mansion j^ai \o\y\ 



pitiful, woeful; deplorable, lamentable 

seller, vendor jb, jui : »j I 

dealer, merchant, tradesman, trader 

j»- u : «jU 


retailer, retail ^LLiJI jl J^ljl ji *5>Jjl IjL 

wholesaler, wholesale dealer 

iCoJI jjl 

hawker, peddler, huck- jljj ji ijl^i- ji ij^kli tjl 
ster, crier; traveling salesman, drummer 

auctioneer ((/^O , jl ^ £ V 

calamity, misfortune, disaster il~*J : iii L 

I *' ■ M 

OiW J^U. . ^SL 


final, irrevocable (divorce) 

dowry, dower, dot aj>jj 

baobab (^) v Lj1l 

door, gate ji-lull <> '^4 j\ til L :<_,l 

opening, entrance, passage, way in, Ji-lu : i_jL 

entryway, doorway, gateway, inlet 

section, chapter (tolls' ^y) i_,l 

category, class, grade, group, range; ■ i\p : i_,l 
type, sort, kind, variety 

matter, affair, concern, Ji,- ( <ryoy* i 6^ : v^ 
business; subject, topic; question, issue; field, 
sphere, domain, realm 

Sublime Porte, Porte QlJ^O Jl*JI L\J\ 

open door (pol icy) ^£& I v U I (L L- ) 

-• * -• » . 

Jj 1 Jf 'j-Jj 1 yL. ^ 

j>- <-»j»- :_, 

in, at, on; with; by, by means of, 
through; for 

without; excluding, with the exclusion of;0 jl 4 % 
lacking, wanting, missing; deprived of, free from 

with what? wherewith? 

since, in view of the fact that, as, because, 
inasmuch as, considering, whereas 
including, inclusive 

by God 

to come back, return 



4-J L. 

to bring back, return; to 



bring in, come back with; to bring on oneself, 
draw on oneself 

to acknowledge, admit, confess 'jl :(_,) ([, 

to fail, be unsuccessful, miss theillliJI ji jillL rL 
mark, lose ground 

he draws on himself the wrathaiil jy •_ ji - , si jli 
of God 

stale, old ^^ 

vapid, insipid, tasteless, dull, fiat, uninteresting, «JL 
boring, stale, wearisome, jejune, colorless, trite, 
banal, silly 

extinct, dead; past, bygone; passing, transitory, jj I 
temporal, transient 



u°r) jy -ji 



fallow, uncultivated, unsown, un 
planted, wild 

unsalable, unmarketable; un- (iiUu) 
sold; dead stock 

stagnant, dull, slack, inactive (j^l) jl-IS" : Jl 

miserable, wretched, unhappy, unfortunate, yJl 
distressed, afflicted, forlorn, suffering, sad, poor, 





earth, make known 

to unbosom (oneself), disembosom, <_ ij 5 jj^-j 7-1 
reveal or give vent to one's feelings or secrets 
open space; courtyard; square, plaza; hall i 


to discuss with, hold talks with, talk «^ cL->-LJ lii-L 
with; to argue with, reason with; to negotiate with 

scholar, researcher, research worker; investi- ■* j-lj 
gator, examiner 

to fade, dim, bleach, wash out, decol- <>]} 
orize, discolor, become colorless 

to be vapid, insipid, dull, uninter- 
esting, colorless 

to subside, abate, let up _,j iia» ,ri 

steamer, (steam)ship, steamboat *j*\ 

liner (7_-UiJ J*>- J* Jl«u) ilk>- jl aI^Uu »j>-Ij 

to perish, pass away, become ex- u°y^\ ' ^* : J ^ 

tinct, cease to exist 

apparent, visible, obvious, evident, ^Lb :((5:>UI) jL 

manifest, distinct, plain, clear 

Bedouin, nomad; nomadic (ij-u : *\> 

to take the initiative, make the first step I -u i j ju : I jL 
or move; to start, begin, initiate 

to accost, speak first to, rJJ <-^)\ jl |»j 
address first, greet first; to open the conversation 
or talk with; to approach, overture 

initiator, originator, starter, beginner, Iju Jtli : »ii jIj 
commencer, launcher, mounter, the first (person) 
to do something; creator, maker, author; begin- 
ning, starting, commencing 

"'s ■ III 

first-mentioned, above-mentioned, o^Sj 2i5jUI 
aforementioned, previously mentioned, aforesaid, 
above, (the) said, (the) same 
first, firstly, in the first place, first of i\ ls) i<S^>. 
all, to begin with, to start with, above all, before 
anything else 

at first, in the beginning J*H\ *i$al < j- *l nS-^. j 

prefix (U iiij Jjl j) ii jL 

to take the initiative, make the first step or ( Jj ) j jU 
move; to begin, start, be the first (person) to; to set 
out to, embark upon, enter upon, set about, under- 
take; to proceed to, move, act, take action, begin to 

r ^SCJL o\ il 

■ ■'-■ . m^- ..■.?■'■. 

.. .: m r • i 

out of, by way of, as, as a matter of, as liS" ul ^ 
a form of 

imminent, impending, forthcoming, vlx^l (J* 
approaching, about to happen 

pupil of the eye (^liJl)^j^j 

pope; the Pope, the Vicar of Christ, JLcH\ _ / lll : LL 

the Supreme Pontiff 

daddy, dad, papa, pa, father i_j I : L L 

Santa Claus 

slipper, pantofle, scuff, mule 

Ji>" yy 



chamomile, camomile 





(oL>) ^J^jIj 
jap*" ^r ' j ~ (Sy? V j^~ 

to spend or pass the night; to stay %i fli I : oU 


to become, come to be, grow *^o I i jL> : o I 

(into), turn (into); to be; to reach a stage where, get 
to a point where 

to continue to do, keep doing, J^>lj <■ 3-k : ° V 
keep on (doing), go on doing, stick to 

categorical, absolute, unqualified; ~~U- i p-4»l» :oL 
definite, definitive, decisive, conclusive, peremp- 
tory, positive, final 

cutting, incisive, sharp, keen jU- i j-tli :^'1j 

batiste ,3-j j ry— J : \V . .7 U 

pathological) (j^j- 1 ' ^j^My Ji*^* : (•'■.jJ.j^ 

pathologist ^ja^ Jx. j <yLa»-) :,jrjJjSy 

pathology ja\jA^i\ ^ : Lj^JjUj 

beige, ecru, light tan (u>J) rU 

to be or become known, revealed, disclosed, JJ\ ^L 

divulged, uncovered 

to reveal, disclose, divulge, uncover, un- ^L ^L 





to stagnate; to be or become stagnant, ii>JI OjL 
dull, inactive 

bar, barroom, pub, tavern, taproom, saloon <ll»- :jL 

pious, dutiful, devoted, faithful, loyal,»JL> < ^jj : jL 
reverent, obedient, true, kind; upright, righteous 

the Creator (God) 


artesian well 


to compete with, vie with; ^Li i J^L i^-ili :i5jl 
to rival, emulate, strive to equal or surpass; to race 
with; to match, compete with successfully, be 
equal to 

the Creator (G od) ^J li- 1 : »(3j U I 

paratyphoid d>j-) JtJjiJljL 

parachute J,^ iULk. :o^iljL 

paraffin £>^JI j^> j J»k-J i^j SjL :^jl^L 
para V-^ »j»-j " a jy 

focus, focal point; center; pit; seat ijL 

-'* • "■' .- -' i 

4-J J>- A. .Hi.. . <lf J Ij 

battleship, warship, man-of-war; £ 

to leave, depart from, go away from 

^jM 1 p-lj-^ 1 

yesterday ^1 :ii.jUl 

the day before yesterday, two days ago X*. jUI Jjl 

last night; yesterday evening £*jUI iilill 

cold, cool, chilly, frigid jU- o-i : jjL 

cold, cool, frigid, chilly, tepid, JC^ 4 _^U : jjL 

unfriendly, indifferent, nonchalant, disinterested, 


silly, dull, stupid juU : jjl 

••' I **' 



weak argument 

cold war 

easy (smooth, comfortable) life 

easy prey, unearned booty 

to duel (with), fence with, fight (with), combat, jj L 
fight a duel with, encounter in a duel or combat; to 

act, resort to; to hurry to, hasten to, rush to, run 
to; to come early to; to get ahead of, forestall, 
anticipate, act in advance of; to surprise, take by 
surprise, come unexpectedly or suddenly upon, 

sign, indication, symptom; herald, JJ'j 4 <$*. :5jjL 
harbinger, forerunner, precursor; prospect, out- 



*iJ»lc ,vt >~«J iiil :i oL 


f^'j - °j J ~ : °j J y 

to exchange, interchange; to exchange (for),j!b : tl'jL 
commute (for), give in exchange (for); to replace 
(by or with), substitute (for), put in place (of); to 

to barter, exchange, trade, swap, truck, 'j^\» : J'i[> 
bargain, give in exchange (for) 

to reciprocate, return in kind «JLUj *£*. j)jl» :JjIj 
or degree, repay, requite, pay back 

desert; semidesert; steppe 

luxurious, self-indulgent, lavish, prodigal, HJ1 :fiL 
extravagant, spending lavishly 

haughty, proud, arrogant 

<y~^> p-'j - 

- u jL 

eJu «jp- \j 

- ojL 


-V vr'j 


£?■■->■* : c^ 
(oL) uUuiL 


to perish; to die; to be destroyed, ruined lilii : jL 

to be futile, unsuccessful, unprofitable, JUJI jL 
unfruitful, unavailing, useless; to fail 

to lie fallow, remain uncultivated or 'joj \\ OjL 

to be unsalable, be unmarketable, be aitUiJl c/)l 
dead stock, find no market, remain unsold 

high, lofty, elevated, exalted 
eggplant, aubergine 
to dig a well 

to focalize, focus 

ijr^i - 



■ :rr: -i 

bazaar j>- : J'jy 

falconer WfJ- 1 -* j' *'jr' (jJv-* ' jM' J?^»" : j' j J^ 

basalt Jl«\ll ^J^^fl'j^ki- :cJjL 

bezoar oUjlil ^ a** j oL»- i^jL 

bazooka oi^SJl J* Jlk; i.i : i>- t-}L : ISjjb 

to kiss Jr* -Lr 1 ^ 

to be or become strong, brave, bold, «i i tjyi : y*^ 


to be or become miserable, wretched, LSL olS" : y-L 

poor, distressed 

courage, bravery, valor, boldness, prow- itlki ■ i_y\j 
ess, intrepidity 

strength, power, might Syi : ^X 

suffering, pain, agony, anguish, tor- ol J* : yl 
ment, torture 

fear, dread, terror, panic <_»^- : ^.U 

harm, hurt, damage, injury jj^> i^-t 

never mind! it doesn't matter! it's all right! [jX "i 
it's OK! 

there is no objection to it, there is **j jl aj yC *i 
no harm in it; not bad, fair, unobjectionable, so-so, 
moderately satisfactory, passable, tolerable, just 
good enough, pretty good, acceptable, average, un- 
distinguished, run-of-the-mill, ordinary, common, 
mediocre, medium, middling 

considerable or large quantity or 1+j yL *i *_.< 

don't worry! don't be afraid! it won't liLlIi [jX *i 
do you any harm! 

brave, bold, courageous, yL ji i ^Ul jjj£ 

gutsy, valiant, intrepid; strong, mighty, tough, 

misery, wretchedness, unhappiness, distress, u>'y 
suffering, ill-being 

what a bad..! how bad..! what an evil..! . . liS" y-L 

how evil..! 

* * s • 

what a bad man! 0*-J\ w^> 

> ti - ' - '*-- >i V- 
and his abode is Hell, - an juaM y^j n^r • IjUj 

evil refuge indeed! 

compete in a contest with 

prominent, conspicuous, ^l» <■ j^ <. jkJi oill : jjb 
salient, noticeable, striking, remarkable, marked, 
distinct, outstanding, noted, notable, distinguished, 
eminent, illustrious, commanding; important, ma- 
jor, main, chief, principal, leading 

protruding, projecting, prominent, pro- * ^ L : jjL 
tuberant, protrusive, salient, sticking out, standing 
out, bulging out, jutting out 

embossed, in relief, raised 

A^ : JJ^ 


skilled, skillful, proficient, dexterous, adroit, deft.fjL 
expert, adept; cunning, clever, ingenious, brilliant; 
efficient, able, capable; superior, masterly, mas- 
terful, artful, subtle, workmanlike, workmanly 

very beautiful, very pretty JUJ-I itjl 

glimpse of hope, gleam of hope, ray of 
hope, trace of hope 


the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit [ <J I jwal ] Jkltjl 

to bless, invoke a blessing on; to sanction, ap- liljL 
prove, endorse, subscribe to; to congratulate, felici- 

'iiLj ill djL 

.if' .-•■»■ 
-» #* •» * • • * . 

a*jj ijji oli i»L»il« : iijL 

God bless you! 


rifle, carbine, gun 



barometric pressure 



the Creator (God) 



lS^»jjM' ."'"fi'l 





) f>L>l* 

falcon, hawk, accipiter, goshawk (^JU>) jL t jL i jL 

to sleep with, lie with, make love to, have »u.L»- : «J>L 
sexual intercourse with 

to procrastinate, stall, temporize, <J>y* » Ji»L : U»L 
put off, delay 

null, void, null and void, invalid, jy*+* < f-Y '■ JJ»l; 
of no legal force, not binding, not operative, in- 
operative, nugatory, ineffective; abolished, cancel- 
ed; obsolete, outdated, out of use, in disuse 

futile, vain, useless, unavail- *it i iSj-^r "% '-J^y 
ing, of no avail, unfruitful, fruitless, ineffectual, 
ineffective, abortive, of no effect; worthless; ab- 
surd, groundless, baseless 
false, untrue ljSI j i oiK : Ji>l> 

falsehood, falsity, falseness, untruth, lieu^ : J^*y 

wrong, injustice, oppression jyr ' iJ-k '-J^y 

» * * - 
vanity, triviality, trifle Ait jl p j\i f^ : Ji»L 

unemployed, jobless, workless, idle, J*«JI jc- Ji»L 
out of work 

false accusation or charge iU»l <L»4j 

interior, inside, inward; bottom; within; J»- 1 j : <^J»L 
sub-, under- 

essence, substance, core, pith, gist, y»>=r : i>^ 
intrinsic nature 

sole of the foot (.Jill ^L 

palm of the hand olll ^L 1 1 — «SCJ1 ^L 

inner self, inward thoughts, iJU-lj iSjj^-. :<J»Ij 
innermost feelings, heart, soul, mind 

internal (disease, medicine, etc.); inner, " ( js- 1 j : <^«J»y 
interior; inside; intrinsic 

hidden, concealed, covert, latent, eso- 'jp- :<<~! ! »y 
teric, occult, mysterious, secret, unknown, with- 
held, veiled 

subterranean, underground, subsur- "(J>yr '■'if^^i 
face; plutonic, hypogene 

concrete, beton, cement i_.;.,J :u>J?Ij 

reinforced concrete, ferroconcrete »«L-. (jy\>\> 
tankard, beaker; pitcher, jug j-£ fil :cJ»Ij 

calamities, misfortunes, catastrophes, cr Jj oLj i^^JIj 

war, warfare, fight(ing), battle, combat <_> ,»- : »L\j 


u*x (f*j- try 

to be nice to, kind to, friendly to ljJ.^1 : J^L 

to speak (out) frankly, talk freely; to be^jlo : J»-L 
explicit, clear, sincere, candid 

extensor ik-L <Loc :<k««L 

high, tall, towering, lofty {-^ j-* ' <Jl* : J^y 

brave, bold, courageous, valiant, valor- pl»»i. : J«U 
ous, intrepid, fearless, dauntless, undaunted, stout- 
hearted, lionhearted 

smiling; smiler 

hemorrhoid(s), pile(s) 


basilic vein 

senior, chief, head, president 

chief clerk 

ury-i (f>J- cr>y 

pasha (v^) ^y 

to undertake, assume, set out to, take Iju i ^y : jiU 
up, apply oneself to, attend to, pursue, practice, 
exercise, perform, carry out; to begin, start, com- 
mence, set about, set to, embark upon, enter upon, 
go into; to launch, initiate, mount 

to have sexual intercourse with, make .-U : ^.L 
love to, go to bed with, sleep with, copulate with 

sparrow hawk (>U») j£u ' j-y 

bus, autobus try.yy "u*y 

eye ij^c ■»j^> 

to lay eggs 'j^S\ Jilt : (>'ll)l ji i^il) ^iy 

Girl* £' J>"y 


crrJJ -a*y 

to stay in, remain in; to settle 
(down) at 

_; «UI :j (jiu 


„ raw, , w&\i. 


. i •> ' ' 

bean(s), broad bean(s) Jy : »>*l i »il»L ijtfl i^lil 
mug, drinking cup 

LJlj A»-lj - ***L_ 

weeping, crying, tearful, in tears; weeper,(,/Ul) tDL 
mourner, wailer 

to be or get ahead of, arrive before, come j£l '-£\i 
earlier than 

early, premature, precocious j$L* :j£\s 

early in the morning jS Ul »-Cjl j ( I^S"L 

early; prematurely; soon 'j^-« : 'vf L 

»j^$ L *»-lj - S^S y 

J—* J-i 
early, premature, precocious yL-i ij^ay 

firstfruits; firstling, first (early, earliest) produce SjjS'L 
or product or result; first sign, first indication, 
herald, harbinger, forerunner, precursor; begin- 
ning, start, rise, dawn; first, initial, early 

to urinate, micturate, make water 'Sy : JL 

mind, heart; thought jii t Je\± : Jl 

condition, state, status, situation m>j i JU- : JL 

attention, heed, regard, notice; £J±\ <. JjLc : JL 
concern; care; interest 

patience, forbearance, endurance j-^o : JL 

whale o^a- : JL 

to pay attention to, heed, J ^L (Ji)\ jl) JLt- 1 
mind, take notice of; to take into account or 
consideration; to care for; to take an interest in 

to occur to, strike, aJL ^t- jl <JL j jl <dCj _^Lt 
come to someone's mind, cross someone's mind 

important, significant, grave, serious; JL ji 


to forget, slip from someone's memory ,<JL ^ i_jL> 
neglect, omit, overlook 

what's the matter with you? what's ?idUL l> 

wrong? what's the trouble? what's up? what have 
you got to do with this? why? why are you...? 
what do you want? 

y, , JUI J^ « JUI y|U . JUI J^j , JUI J-LV 
tranquil, peaceful, at ease, com- JUI ^cSjUiJUI 

to sell <5>£l ^ui :^Ij 

to retail ,«clUi!l jl J^ill jl *J>»JL s-L 

to wholesale aJlLmJIj «■ L 

to hawk, peddle J.y*JL jl si jLIL s-L 

to auction (off), auctioneer, sell (^jJUI) jIj^L c- L 

at (or by) auction, sell under the hammer 

span of the outstretched arms (y-Lii) fl 

juai i JjjJ» «jflj— p-UI _/u<»» 'fUl Jj^J» 

incentive, motive, impulse, impe- i_-_- i «J I j : u~cL 
tus, spur, drive, inducement, stimulus, stimulant; 
cause, reason 

to separate, isolate, set apart or aside; to keep oc L 
(far) away, keep or place at a distance; to space 
out; to alienate, estrange, disaffect; to sow dissen- 
sion between 

Easter; prayers said on Easter [<J Ijwai ] &>cL 


oppressive, unjust, tyran- jlJw ( Jib : (,-cUl) pi 
nical, despotic; oppressor, tyrant, despot; wrong- 
doer; transgressor; aggressor 

seeking, aspiring, desiring, j i_-i-lj i j^-. : pi 
desirous (oO, coveting, wishing, wishful, wanting 

^cL aj>-Ij-C £u 


t^aio »»-lj-»^i lyicl 

remaining, staying; lasting, J I j / j; :,.,.. : (jJiLJl) jl 
continuing, enduring, permanent; everlasting, eter- 

surviving, staying alive, existing (»Q.I juj J*) Jl 

remaining, left, left over, resid- Jj>U i dlj^£. : jl 

remainder, remnant, residue, rest, ilii i iLii : jl 

leftover, remains, surplus, overplus, remaining 


remainder; balance; outstanding account -w>j : (jl 

j - 

the Everlasting, the Eternal (God) «I)I : ,iUI ,il 

the hereafter, the afterlife, the 5j»-^l :*jUI oQ-l 
afterworld, the life to come 

bouquet, nosegay, posy; bunch, bundle ill 

sly man, shrewd fellow, crafty person Xl»t ^ : i**l 



1 ;-v-v '<>»;«:■:« ir,3n; 


builder; mason 

(«JUI) 6L 





cinemascope screen 


i fcj \i 4** L* 


f LLjl ) 

i pkji Ll 

bathtub, tub 


to vie (in glory, beauty, elegance) with j>- 1» : ^L 

pale, pallid, wan, faded, dull, washed- i_~j-lt :oj»L 
out, faint, dim, lusterless, lackluster, drab, sober, 
sordid, ashen, blanched, muddy, rusty, lifeless, 

'•' i . '~ . i 

*— '.Mr-* w'j — •— ■ '.M-r* ■ "--* V 

dazzling, brilliant, splendid, wonderful, marvel- _^L 
ous, spectacular, magnificent, gorgeous, superb, 
fine, excellent, sensational, exquisite, superior 

exorbitant, excessive, immoderate, extortionate, Ja*L 

unreasonable, extravagant, enormous, fancy; 

expensive, high-priced, costly; heavy, burdensome, 

ponderous, cumbersome, oppressive, onerous, 


V , 

pound jujIj 

bey (s-il) (ilj 

cr^y Jf 'j _ cr?y 

(cry) crP' J i- L -' f'r'j-LrW" J 2 J -' 

baseball; Softball (i jGl o£Jf ^) JjLJb 

to pay homage to, pledge allegiance to, acknowl- vb 
edge as sovereign or leader; to induct, inaugurate, 
install, appoint, assign 

he was recognized as caliph, he ii^UJL *J >-±y 
become a caliph 

to leave, quit, part with, separate (oneself) Jjli : jjL 
from, dissociate oneself from, break (up) with, 
desert, abandon, forsake, walk out on 

to differ from, be different from, be LiJU- : jj U 


to contradict, conflict with, disagree ( Ja»\> : ^j u 

fortable, untroubled, relaxed, relieved, free from 
worry, carefree, happy-go-lucky, easygoing 

worried, concerned, anxious, appre- JUI J^Li* 
hensive, unquiet, uneasy, ill at ease, troubled, up- 
set, restless 

old, worn, worn-out, shabby, dowdy, ((JM' ) <J^ 
shoddy, battered, ragged, tattered, threadbare, 
frayed, frazzled; decrepit, dilapidated, run-down; 
decayed, decomposed, rotten, moldy; corroded, 
eroded; obsolete, timeworn, ancient, age-old, anti- 
quated, old-fashioned, outdated 

to care for or about, feel interest £>^£\ t ~»\ : _; JL 
or concern about or in; to pay attention to, mind, 
heed, take notice of, take into consideration or 

bundle, bale; parcel, package, pack <«>- :*JL 

coat, overcoat, topcoat >UIj 

to exaggerate, overdo, overstate, overdraw, j jJL 
magnify; to draw the longbow 

of age, of full age, of legal age, Sj ju t jJi. I j : jj L 
(legally) major; pubescent, sexually mature, mar- 
riageable; adult, grown-up 

mature, ripe 

t^ Cf'j" 

sink, drain, cesspool, sump; gutter 


trial balloon 


E-^ 1 


i i-JL> : i— 1 u 








ballerina, danseuse 

okra, gumbo 

cJL "Uailj 

(oLj) <L^«L cI-»Ij 
, ' » ,,- 

to appear, come out, come to light, r^\ <■ Jt^> '• uL 
come into view, come into sight, show, emerge, 
surface, crop up, manifest itself, reveal itself; to be 
or become visible, manifest, distinct, clear, patent, 
plain, evident, obvious 

tr x -> 


<j* uy 

ben tree, ben-oil tree, horse-radish (jx-) <J^ 'u'j 



■■-', ::":,*::"• i r z r 



petal V»>i ; *-^ 

■ _ j^ 
virgin, maiden *lji* : JyJ 

the Virgin Mary, the Virgin t \j j*)l -i^ : J>^JI 

' '*' 
birch, betula (v-^J »-) Xj*j 

virginity, maidenhead, maidenhood Sji* :<J_ji 

> • f * . *> 
virginal, virgin, chaste, vestal, pure (Sj->*- '■ tJyj 

.->_> " .=. >> 

'- I 1 "- -' 

LJ « Jf 'J ~ ifi 


bitumen yi i j**- : ^^Jj 

... -,.*-'*'• 

bituminous i5jl» n$j^»- ij-L^^Jj 

to spread, disseminate, propagate; to J^i i ^1j : i-j 
diffuse; to scatter 

to broadcast, radiobroadcast, transmit, (jj jI^JL) iIj 

to telecast, broadcast, televise, (ujjjJJIj) iij 

transmit, air 

to mine, lay mines in or under j pLJ il lio 

- •- --*' , -•-'-'. •.*,, * - 

to disclose, reveal, divulge, make known; ^_JI c*j 
to let out a secret; to let someone in on a secret, 
tell someone a secret 

spreading, dissemination, propagation; dif- _p; :£J 

broadcasting), radiobroadcasting, (jj jl^JL) cJ 

telecasting), broadcast(ing), (o»J^UIj) iJ 


grief, sorrow, distress, anguish lc 1 0>- : oJ 

to break out with pimples or pustules, Ju 4 jL t JL> 
form pimples or pustules, blister, vesiculate 
pustulate, pimpled, pimply, blistered, bullate, jli 
vesicular, vesiculate 

pimple, pustule, blister, vesicle, boil, papule, bleb Sjl, 
blackhead, comedo tr'jJ' i\*y *=r>JI j °jZ-> 

pustular, vesicular iSjli 

with; to be contradictory to, contrary to, opposed 
to, at variance with, inconsistent with, incompati- 
ble with 

tiger (olj^-)jlj 

parrot (^U») >\£, 

bibliographical) Cif^Jljl Jj i_- > _^. ijjl^ijlili 

bibliographer Li I^^JLJl JU : <> I ji-y±~> 

bibliography G I jc. j_l'.. 

to cut off, sever ll»» : cJ 

to decide, determine, settle, resolve, jyi 4 jjlai : cJ 
judge, adjudge; to make a decision, arrive at a reso- 
lution, have the final word, cast the die 

cutting off, cutoff, severance 

»_L» U 

settlement, decision, determination, ._». t J»oj:oJ 

definitely, decidedly, positively, absolutely, LLJ : ULj 
unquestionably, categorically, peremptorily; abso- 
lutely not, definitely not, never, not at all, not in 
the least, by no means, under no circumstances, at 
no time, in no way 

cutting, sharp, incisive, keen «_tli : jkj 

absolutely not, definitely not, never, not at Cj iCJl 
all, not in the least, by no means, under no cir- 
cumstances, at no time, in no way; whatever, 

to cut off, sever, lop off lJa» :'ji, 

to amputate, cut off, remove (»JJ Caj /\ I j Ar ) j£ 
(by surgery, etc.); to mutilate, maim; to dismem- 
ber, disconnect; to cut short, bobtail, curtail; to 
bob, dock 

amputation, cutting off, cutoff, removal; j»» :jL 
severance; mutilation; dismemberment, disconnec- 
tion; cutting short, curtailment; bobbing, docking 

petroleum, oil 
petroleum, oil 
hydromel; mead 
to cut off, sever 
to cut off, sever 

* * 

J 9 ". 



ease and comfort 
middle, center 


pure, sheer, mere, ox^]^- ' <>»»• ' <->j*o '■ '"v 

absolute, downright, outright, true, real; unmixed, 
unadulterated, plain, straight; exclusive 

hoarseness, huskiness, raucous- o^oll j "G^_l=» :o» 
ness, harshness, throatiness, gruffness; dysphoria 

to search for, look for, seek, i_JLi i j^Ij : (^t) £j« 
quest, hunt for, fish for, try to find; to grub for, 
rummage, search about; to prospect for, drill for, 

to discuss; to consider, look into; to ^ j j : ■,_•■-.; 
study, explore, inquire into, delve into, scrutinize, 
examine, investigate, inspect, check out; to deal 
with, treat; to research, do research 

search for, quest of, search- i_., i:"< <. J!~zju : (,^.) * ' 
ing for, looking for, seeking, hunt(ing); prospec- 
tion, drilling, excavation 

discussion; consideration, o»«» ' <j» j •> : '.*■-»; 

looking into; study, exploration, inquiry, scrutiny, 
examination, investigation, inspection, checking; 
treatment, treating, dealing with 

research, research work; study; sur- <Llj j : ',_•■-.; 
vey; report; treatise, paper 

in quest of, in search for jt. Ilk? 

under consideration, under tiowJI -u» <. ii-kJI 
discussion, on the tapis, on the carpet 

to scatter, disperse; to waste, squander, dissipate 

to be or become appalled, dismayed; too^i i f- ji : j*y 
be or become astounded, bewildered 

to be very thirsty, to thirst 

^ * Ui- 

jJ\ i_»">U- :j»tt 

meter, measure 

a noble man, a great Jit j\ <Jit jl e £ J»-j : ^ 
man, a scholar 

high seas, jl^l JQ i ^klll ^^ i ^IJI ^klll 
open sea 

submarine, underwater, j^v" ( 7*^~) '-'* l " 




to spout, spurt, squirt, jet, 

£>*"' l L>rri 



shoot out, cause to flow or gush out; to extrude, 
force out, push out, expel, eject, emit, discharge, 
throw out 

to cut open, slash open, slit open 
squab, fledgling pigeon 

C> : iC^ 


to rejoice at, be delighted at 

root, source; essence, heart Sjuhj iojj*j 

the right man (for); expert, specialist, l^ jk, ^ I 
connoisseur; well-informed (about), acquainted 
(with), familiar (with), aware (of), cognizant (of), 
versed (in), conversant (with) 

navel o^. :«^>u 

ruj^i J oJic i jj A.-.. c-UjjI : i^pu 

to spout, spurt, squirt, shoot o^s»i : ( grill ) ( _ r »u i^j*j 
out, jet, cause to flow or gush out 

pelican jjS Ji\* ^jU> :<ju»u i«j»j 

'i ,> , - ' , 
to be venerable, honorable; to be %*^> o^ '■ J~ 

revered, venerated, greatly respected 

to revere, reverence, venerate, dignify, ,Ur. : Jiu 
glorify, exalt, honor, esteem, respect, have great 
regard for 

to be or become 


to clinch, rivet 



.* J 8- - . 

to be or become hoarse, husky, l*-w* jL> : ?u i?u 

researcher, research worker; scholar 

sailor, seaman, mariner 

crew (of a ship, etc.) (*JJ 

) ^J^V 

affluence, opulence, prosperity, (life of) j*>j :<^£*m 




" "•■ • -?"■' - 

unlucky, unfortunate, co>..ll J^i* t c.wJI J^— . 

luckless, hapless, ill-starred, star-crossed, ill-fated 

• , > , • . > •- 

fortune-telling, divination.osyJ I °i\ji tc.Ty.ll »ci 

soothsaying, augury 

^r^ fr'j -^^ 

to steam; to evaporate; to boil ojUo -u-LaJ : jiu 

to have bad breath, be bad-smelling, be (nill) j*j 

to vaporize, evaporate, volatilize jUo J J J*>- i^ay 
to steam, fume j^-U i^S* : j^ 

to fumigate ja^r^i J*^ '■ j^V 

to incense, cense, perfume with jj»«JIj 

halitosis, bad breath, 
bad-smelling breath 

to decrease, diminish, reduce; to depreciate, less-^piu 
en the value of, disparage, belittle; to undervalue, 
underestimate, underrate 

to wrong; to withhold someone's due 

low; very low; too little; cheap ua^-j 1 u 'ai ■» ■ » : (j-s^ 

tip, gratuity, baksheesh jZ,\j 4 6l>L»- : (j~— ^ 

to gouge out, scoop out, tear out Uui : (yl«Jl) <J»«j 

to be or become stingy, niggard- }Lau 6^ : J*i ' J** 
ly, miserly, parsimonious, avaricious 

to stint, scant, scrimp, <u* _jl <LU ( Jmj jl) Jmj 

skimp, penny-pinch, (be)grudge, withhold (from), 

treat stingily, refrain from granting (to), give with 

reluctance (to), give too little (to) 

.• > 
stinginess, niggardliness, miserliness, parsimony, Jm 

closeflstedness, tightfistedness, penny-pinching, 

penuriousness, avarice, greed 

veil, kercheif, shawl, head cover- ^l^U <Lkc : £Ju 

incense; frankincense 


lucky, fortunate 


stingy, niggardly, miserly, parsimonious, (iiuo) J-au 
closefisted, close, tightfisted, tight, cheeseparing, 
penny-pinching, penurious, churlish, hardfisted, 


.. . > > , 


in the course of, within, 
during, in (a period of) 

J^U- j:\jk j^, j 

crisis; delirium; coma 

[v*J»] (</^»^*) 


pond; pool 


■ ij9*> 

• - 4 
marine; maritime; naval; nautical; jj«Jl (>>U- 


■^J 9 ". 

sailor, seaman, mariner 



submarine, underwater, undersea 1$j**> c-»J 

maritime law, marine law 

naval forces, sea forces 

.2 • - * n\ 



pebbles, little stones; gravel, 
rock; road metal, macadam 

ballast, crushed 





Cj\ j .-^iJU \jO&- ' 


to snore 

'*'■ •'■ ■ '1 '• .'*■' 

to spray, sprinkle, shower, splash, spatter, ,jlj : ~ 
spout, squirt; to atomize 

to drizzle, sprinkle I il ij o_^k.l : i\^J\ oj*j 

spraying, sprinkling, showering, splashing, ^J. j : tu 
spattering, spouting, squirting; atomization, atom- 
bravo! well done! excellent! great! 

spray, sprayer, spray can; atomizer; 
sprinkler; squirt 

vapor; steam; fume 

water vapor 

steam, steam-driven; steamy; vaporous, 
vaporish, vaporific, vapory 

steam bath 

steamship, steamer, steamboat 


steam engine 

steam iron 

to snore 

luck, fortune 

bad luck, misfortune 

JCf JCf 'Cf 

•* r. 'V' 
■* ]'."-'. .- 

- V.". 1*- ' 

s '. •:' ■ s i '• .'•-'•- 




?.'r!R^ • '.iM\dJ*?w.>amHm^ 

primitive, primeval, rudimentary, pri- IJIju '^'-V 
mordial; elementary, elemental, primary, prelimi- 
nary; initial, first, original; archi-, arch-; incipient, 
inchoate, embryonic 

of first i nstance [ o>> l» J y> I Jj 

court of first instance iJlju i«iCj« 

primitiveness, primitivism <LjIju (<UjIju 

*jj a»-Ij-»JLL« ijjl :5lju 

whim, caprice, fancy ijj> :5lju 

hurry! hurry up! quick! fj-^ : jl-V 

grocer, greengrocer JUj : Jlju 

money-changer eil^ :JIju 

(telephone) exchange, central; switch- (o>iL)l) i) I ju 

obesity, corpulence, fatness, plumpness, ii»~ : ij I ju 
stoutness, fleshiness; overweight 

intuition; spontaneity, impulse; naturalness ialjj 

intuitively, a priori; spontaneously i* I allL i i* I ju 

nomadism, Bedouinism, desert life, Sjlju iojIju 

Bedouin life 

*ju »j;-Ij-»JLL. ijjl :XjIju 
at first, in the beginning J* H\ l> I ju J 

court of first instance i; I ju kSm 

i - '\ ■ - v .- - '.' > 

(*ju) »aJI -Lj. »j>-Ij -AjIjJI 11, 

,,» -5- , s * , s , 
to scatter, disperse, diffuse, J I jl i oii. c 3^ ■ J-u 
strew about; to disband, separate, break up, dispel, 
drive away; to remove, eliminate, get rid of, do 

away with 

s .- -s- 

to waste, squander, dissipate, fritter uJju i j-u : j -u 

away, throw away, lavish 

to come unexpectedly upon, come J»-l* < ^-"v : j-4 
suddenly upon, surprise, take by surprise; to 
descend swiftly upon, overtake 
to hurry to, hasten to, rush to, run to <rj~.\ : <JJ jju 

full moon J-IS" j*i : jJj 

broom (oLj) Jljj ioISCju 

1 ■ » tfff. ' ■■■■ ■ -«i 


grudging, avaricious, greedy 

miser, niggard, skinflint, penny-pincher.L^l) J-au 
churl, muckworm 

jLh9- ( , >« Il» t 


jjj »J>-lj - Ju 

^*- : jj 

Jjj5,yiJU J 

escape, way out; avoidance 
alternative, choice, option 

definitely, certainly, ju ^_* j^ i jj jj j* 
assuredly, sureOy); without fail, by all means; inev- 
itably, unavoidably, inescapably, necessarily 

it is inevitable, unavoidable, in- <u^ ju "il t j^. jj "il 
escapable; it is necessary, essential, indispensable, 
mandatory, imperative 

I must, ought to, should, have to, have no ,J jj "il 
alternative, have no choice 

match, peer, fellow, equivalent, equal, coun- jj&> : ju 
terpart, parallel 

to begin, start, commence, initiate, <i j\ f<JJI Iju 
institute, introduce, open, set about, set to, go into, 
enter upon, launch, mount; to originate, create, 
make, produce, engender, generate, bring into 
being, give birth to, bring about 

to begin, start, set in, commence, origi- l^J^h l-u 
nate, get under way, come into being, come into 
existence, arise, rise, spring up, crop up, dawn 

to appear, come out, come to light, come '^> : I ju 
into sight, come into view, show, emerge, loom, 
crop up, surface, manifest itself, reveal itself; to be 
or become visible, apparent, manifest, distinct, ob- 
vious, evident, plain, clear; to seem, look, sound, 
appear, give the impression of being 

it seems, it looks, it appears, jjuI L. J* 4 (uO i^i 
it sounds; apparently, seemingly, to all appear- 
ances, most likely 

to give precedence to J* Jjai i J* ^ j» : (J*) I ju 

(over), give priority to (over), give preference to 

(over), prefer (to) 

beginning, start, commencement, out- »ik. i Jjl : »jj 

set, onset, inception, incipience, rise, dawn, first, 

alpha, prime, early stage, first appearance; starting 


beginning, start(ing), ^Ijj! i i'jtC. i J^ll : *JJ 
commencement, commencing, initiation, initia- 
ting, institution, instituting, introduction, introduc- 
ing, opening, launching 

• - *'t 
from the (very) beginning, from the out- , jJI 11. 

set, ab initio 


to be or become fat, corpulent, obese, ,j*~ : uJj 'UJj 
stout, plump 

body; trunk; torso; hull, body (of a ship, — -»- : u Jj 
airplane, etc.) 

(ul**-) J*j '-0-4 

mountain goat 

(o'>^-) tM-l Jf-L. :0-4 

bodily, physical, corporal, somatic, fleshly, ^Jju 


physical education 4-jjj 4-j^j 

.' - .i " *.' ' 

to surprise, take by surprise; to come cJu itli : »ju 
suddenly upon, come unexpectedly upon 

nomads, Bedouins <C jUI ijlSL. : jju 

wandering nomads J»- j j-u 

desert <CjL : jjo 

j jj-lj - % :6jJb 

Bedouin, nomad; nomadic iSjju 

wonderful, marvelous, amazing, p- jJL--. i «j I j : v Jj 
splendid, magnificent, superb, gorgeous, admira- 
ble, excellent, fine; unique, unprecedented, origi- 
nal, novel 
creator, maker, author p- jl-i i ,J)U- : ujj 

rhetoric, good style, the art or science of «j1)I Ac- 
figures of speech 

rhetorical 'i£% ' cf^i ■lf*i J i 

substitute, alternate, alternative, replace- J-u : Jj ju 
ment, standby, stand-in, reserve; spare; relief, 
understudy, double 

fat, obese, stout, corpulent, fleshy, plump, (>-— : (jjju 

intuition; spontaneity, impulse; improvisation i^ ju 
intuitively, a priori, spontaneously; *i>^JI <J* 

^ :**ju 

'^'" ■■-■-■■■WF7TI 

to be wonderful, marvelous, UjujI Uj-u ols :f Jj 
amazing, splendid, unique, original, novel, unprec- 

to accuse of heresy iijJI J J <l__; :ijj 

- • * - • 

new, novel, unprecedented, Cjjim i jja»- :p jl> 


innovator, originator, inventor, creator ,p^~> : p jj 

no wonder! pjj M 

novelty, innovation, new creation; 
fad, craze, rage 

heresy, heterodoxy, ik\>jt> :(»JJ iljj) <cx> 


to change, alter, vary, modify, convert, JLc. : Sju 
turn, transfer, transform, trasfigure, transmute, 
commute, reduce, reverse, make different; to 
mutate, permute; to shift, switch 

to exchange (for), give Jju^.1 ( JjuI : (^ ( _,) 31J 

or receive in exchange (for), commute (for); to 

replace (by or with), substitute (for), put in place 

(of); to alternate 

- > , ;- >> -,s- 
to commute WJJ J ^ **>** (J -4 

consideration, equivalent, return; Jjli» i (jijc : Jju 
exchange; substitute, offset, setoff, recompense, 
compensation; reimbursement; payment; allow- 
ance; price, rate; fee, charge 

Ji:4 (fr^J ~i)i? J . : d-4 
apposition, appositive [iil]jal 

instead of, in place of, in lieu of, as a ^. SIa< i tJ-4 
substitute for or alternative to, in replacement of, 
in exchange for, in return for 

subscription rate; participation fee S\ J ~ S 1\ J-b 
rent, rental, hire jkj^l SA 

(ji:) a* 


cr 'j _ o- 


suit; costume; uniform 

substitutive, substitutional; substitute, 
alternate, alternative 



_i. j- . ■ •„-»—; 


seed(s); seedling(s) 


seed; pip, pit, stone, kernel; germ i\y <. ij'y : i'jju 

to give generously, grant J^ijl i j jU- itjkcl :jjj 
liberally; to offer, extend; to spend freely 
to sacrifice (y»*>:JJj 

'{■- •' *&'{■' '' '• ' \ '"' \'"' Y' 

JJb 40049- ^Jj (JJb t fl jjq^h jl 0-X49- J' 0O49- UJJ 
■ ' • 1 s i2- !'"' -1'' ••* '1' - 

to spare <u_j j L Ji jl <u-j J-b 1 o-^j:- lijLoi 
no effort, make every effort, do one's best, do 
one's utmost, do all in one's power, do all what 
one can, do anything, stop at nothing, leave no 
stone unturned, take pains, go to great pains, go to 
any length, go to all lengths, go to great lengths 

to exert (strength, »JJ I jjii jl Ij>*^v ji »y J-b 
effort, influence, etc.) 

to obey, follow, submit to, yield to,u jW icUJI JJu 
surrender to, defer to, succumb to 

49-jJI fL. JJb 
f> » , ' * ' * 

to sacrifice oneself o^i o* ->' *J^* U -J J 4 — *• J- 1 ? 
for someone 

to lose face 
to make efforts 

giving, granting; offering, extending 

• Uu 



spending, expenditure 



generosity, liberality, openhandedness 







* * - 


generous, liberal, openhanded 



suit; costume; uniform iJju 

1 ojj :i) jj lilJu 

^ ffrlj 


obscene, ribald, dirty, foul, filthy, vulgar )cr i»-U : »(3Ju 
indecent, bawdy, nasty, scurrilous, shameless, 
lewd; abusive 

tobe pious, dutiful, JJ (j-*-\ <■ p LU I 1 1 jL. 0^ '-jj 
devoted, reverent, faithful, kind, true; to honor, 
revere, venerate, treat with reverence or kindness; 
to obey, be obedient to; to do good to, be charitable 

to keep, fulfill, carry out, <u--j jl *Jji jl o-itj J ^ 
live up to, redeem, make good (one's promise, 
one's word, one's oath) 

extempore, extemporaneously, offhand(edly), im- 
promptu, without preparation, on the spur of the 

self-evident, axiomatic, taken for granted, "irt-i- 
a priori, obvious; intuitive 

,-- f ,\ - -,. - * ? * 

1 yt-*^ Cr? "-" </*-i; 

it goes without saying (u\ 

(that); it is self-evident, axiomatic, obvious, un- 
questionable, undeniable, indisputable 
axiom, truism, self-evident truth, fundamental '■ 

to defeat, beat, overcome, get the better of Lie : jj 

to surpass, excel, outdo, outmatch, outclass.Jli : Jj 
overtop, beat (out), outshine, eclipse, be or prove 
superior to 

slovenly, slipshod, shabby, frowsy, un- <Lil iij : J|j 
tidy, ill-dressed, wretched 

to use obscene language; to be or be- l$jj i_j jj 1 1 jj 
come obscene, ribald, vulgar 

li *j>-Ij - IJb 

i l-b «jj- \j — *l jj 

obscenity, ribaldry, dirtiness, {{&1\ j) j£*i :'i(\jj 
foulness, vulgarity, indecency, scurrility, bawdi- 
ness, nastiness, shametessness; abusiveness 

slovenliness, shabbiness, untidiness illil iSlS j : a j IJu 

seeder, sowing machine jJUl i)l :5jlJb 

to spend lavishly; to be lav- (jiliJI jl JliJ)/l j) i ju 
ish, prodigal; to live in great luxury, live in opulent 
comfort; to be self-indulgent 

to be or become haughty, proud JSS : i- jJ 

to be or become high, lofty, elevated «jj jl : r-Jj 

lavish expenditure, lavish- (<J^*)\ jl jlil'l/l j) f jj 
ness, prodigality, extravagance; luxury, high living; 
pomp, splendor 

haughtiness, pride JSS :rl> 

to sow, seed; to disseminate, spread, jlj < y^ : j jj 

to waste, squander, dissipate, fritter Jyu t jjj :jjb 
away, throw away, lavish 

sowing, seeding; dissemination, jJb jj^u ijl, 

spreading, strewing 

<*»i^j rr> 

recovery, recuperation, convalescence, * lii : tji 
healing, cure 

dust, earth; soil i_»I^J : iSji 

free from, clear of, exempt from; innocent of ,y> 1\ji 

innocence, guiltlessness, inculpa- 
bility, blamelessness 

* - I • - . - ^ 

7* "" I j* "" - " ^ 

innocence, naivete, artlessness.ingen- ii-lJL- : 5 i 
uousness, guilelessness 

i" . * 

freedom from, being free from ^ ji»- : ^ i i 

patent, letters patent; license, S jl»- 1 i ~<*o- j : 5 £ 
permit, authorization 

certificate, diploma, degree 
patent (on an invention) 

jo l^ : o i 
■ > 


*i) *i 

acquittance, discharge, quittance, quit- i. i i i 

patentee e-l^l SzQ J^l»- 

pocketknife, penknife <_"~ c j t £— :i'fl^j 

pencil sharpener ( f$i\} ii\'J> 

vast expanse, empty stretch of*£ jli ^> jl i «.„.:.. : ^l^j 
land, empty space 

departure, leaving, going away Sj jU> : -Ay, 

openly, overtly, publicly; <>■ \'^> i l^ii- : £• I^J 
frankly, explicitly, straightforward(ly) 

refrigerator, icebox ii-Si : jl^ 

cold storage plant a, Jz J^U : z\*y 

(iron) filings aj^J 'jJs- <u. Lal.J L :(jjjil) o'i\'ji 
excrement, feces, stool J>3lc : j)^ 


to accept, approve 


: uSli » J)l 

to be true, truthful, valid ciluo ^..^ll 

land, mainland, terra firma, earth, ground i 

5 - 


by land, sea and air 




ff 'j-j^ 


charity, beneficence, benefaction, benevo- uLj-l :^j 
lence, philanthropy, performance of good deeds 

piety, dutifulness, devo- r%o i <cU» i v "^*"] '• y. 
tion, fidelity, faithfulness, loyalty, attachment; obe- 
dience; reverence, veneration; kindness; upright- 
ness, probity 

filial piety, filial devotion, filial duti- t jjjJI_jJL ^1 

fulness, filial obedience, etc. 

„ — »,, 
to create (said of God) JJJl»- : I^j 

ti^! (fr h~ ^ '-\y. 

,to recover, recuperate, convalesce, heal, JiL, : lSy 
regain health, get well, be cured, be restored to 

to be or become ,y> tyAsC <. <j> !A»- : ,ja Isy 

free(d) from, cleaKed) from, exempt(ed) from, 
released from; to get rid of, rid oneself of, free 
oneself from 

Crt ^ty ^ '-Crl &>. 

to be innocent of, guiltless 

to create (said of God) 

&y jf 'j- ty^\ L* 

to sharpen, point; to scrape off, abrade, £^1 <Sj> 
chafe, fret, excoriate, scratch off, rub off, shave off, 
wear away, wear off; to whittle down, taper off, 
pare; to trim, shape 

to emaciate, enervate, attenuate, thin L/ a3^JI <Sy 
out, waste away; to weaken, enfeeble, debilitate, 
sap, devitalize 

to acquit (from), absolve (from), excuplate (^) I^j 
(from), exonerate (from), clear (from), find 
(pronounce, declare) innocent or guiltless or not 
guilty (of); to free (from), release (from), relieve 
(from), discharge (from) 

creation jii : t-y 


r """ f j 


(Cr'jjt %) J>Ji 

orange, orange-colored 

claw, talon 

tower; castle f^ j* ^- J . ' r** ' Cr°^ '• T-J'- 

sign (of the zodiac) i!»lil i^U if, t ^i 

constellation, <ljl5 

l*^9u A£>y3%A l <*5 jS ! 7*^j 

dovecot, pigeon house 

f^l £>! 

ivory tower 

watchtower, lookout 

<J\jL\ rjJ 



JTJ^ 1 »>J J 


i_io* \(jn\^ji 

compass(es), dividers 

jOjj 1 jlxL • LHTji 

knuckle, finger joint 

«-«o^ll (* :*aj»^j 




-s.i • ' 


(v»0 ur&ji 

to leave, depart from, go away from 

j->^ : C^ 

still, yet; to continue to be; to con- J I j L. : *yj L. 
tinue to do, keep doing, go on doing 


he is still strong 

to torment, agonize, excruciate; to trouble, 

harass; to fatigue, exhaust 

» .-.- 1- -•* 

agony, pain, anguish; distress Sol < oloc : >U-^ 

paroxysm; fit <j>; i Jo'}\ jloli.1 : ȣ- jj 

to be or become cold; to cool, cool off, I jjL jU> : iji 
cool down, chill 

to feel cold ^J^. j*~ '■ *y. 

to file, rasp »Lii 1 ^ :(jj~tf) iy 

to mail, post, send by mail • x ij4^. J-j' : i Ji 

j'a . 

to cool off, lose ardor or enthusiasm or <cl»* o j^j 
interest, start to feel indifferent or unwilling; to be 
discouraged, disheartened, dispirited, chilled 

to cool, chill, make cold; to refrigerate; bjU <lu»- : iji 


■ '• • ..:vi; ? ; ' ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■■ . ■ "?■' - , 

skill, skillfulness, proficiency, dexterity, Sjl** :**^ 
adroitness, adeptness, deftness, knack, expertise, 
expertness, know-how; cunning, craft(iness), inge- 
nuity, ingeniousness; mastery, artfulness, artistry; 
efficiency, capacity, ability; facility; finesse; crafts- 
manship, workmanship 

>&. •' . >.-•'• Its • > *s. ..-- 

paraffin p>*-J' f~o J JuT,,,'! **_j»j Sju :^j)^j 

shining, sparkling, flashing, gleaming, glit- £."ll : <j\jj 
tering, glistening, glimmering, shimmering, radi- 
ant, dazzling, bright, brilliant, refulgent, resplen- 
dent, beaming; shiny, lustrous 

miller o&^> '-^ji 

outer, outside, outward, outermost, lyrj^- : Lr»L* 
out-, ect-, ecto-, exterior, external; extraneous, ex- 
trinsic; foreign 

pencil sharpener ( p^lil) <u'^ 

"- - * .-.-> 
shavings, parings, chips, splinters, slivers *JU»i :<j^ 

_, > >. , .-. - . .-•- 

Oj^miU t Jjj 3 *-* ' t-fj*AA 'Fiji 

drain, culvert; sewer 
(pipe); water pipe 



to babble, jabber, gabble, gibber 

the Berbers 


'• 'II •* I * '•' 

barbaric, barbarous, barbar- /-^»-j 1 iff* ' ^S-rt-rt 
ian, savage, uncivilized, wild, inhuman(e) 

barbarism, barbarity, barbari- ~<~-»-5 <■ \?y* '• ^jiji 
anism, savagery, savageness, wildness, inhumanity 



silurid, catfish, sheatfish 

red mullet 


caryopsis Sj»-Ij Ify oli '• 


navel orange 


ill) iyc '-litjl 

\iSj+> &-*) jy.j> 
(ifU-.) ijxjt '6>jjj 

(HSj*> &*~) uriiji 

(oLj) Oj** y\ JUj^j 

:*-'- i 'i s ': -.*-: .'. s - 

isthmus [jvjJjj Lil^i»-] fjy 

partition, screen, divider, bar j* U- : f- jy 

interval, time cij i ^j J*>li : fjy 

sesame rusk, sesame zweiback viij'^ r) **jy 

protozoan l+< JjLti. jl oljJ^JI o»-l :i3jj^j 

Protozoa *4^-' '-^J °^'.»^' :Cj liJJjr" 

cotton ^yk* '-ijuji i u*ji 

pleurisy \ty>y) S--4-' °'^ : f^"^ 

cudweed (^Ly) *~-jj 

clover, trefoil, berseem (cjLj) a^^j 

mat •ji^ 1P " • cA^ 

rivet * li.^j jLL. : » Li^j 

cachet, capsule ( * I j j l^I*- 1 jj ) ilJ. <j Li^ 

Host, wafer, particle [ i-J I j^al ] ii b ^i 

soft-boiled (eggs) (i/*r! ) "~"^ 

to rivet, clinch ^kj : pi^ 

to be or become a leper; to be or become leprous ^ay 



doorstep, threshold, doorsill ili : <jiU»^ 

to bribe, buy off, corrupt L j : JJ»^j 

bribery *JJ»^ 

to pout ?L-_1 4 ; 7nT.. Uil '-nJ»ji 

to be or become angry, cross, irritated <_~ai : rX>y 

bribe; hush money; bribery iy. j : J-J»^; 

to be skilled, skillful, proficient; to l*jL olS" :( j) f_^ 
excel (in), distinguish oneself (in), do excellent 
work (in); to master, be an expert (in) 

to surpass, excel, outdo, outmatch, out- Jli : f y 

shine, eclipse, be or prove superior to 

~ * ~ * ~ *~ 


to freeze 



to air-condition 

i\jk\ iJ^S : *y 

to soothe, alleviate, mitigate, <ijj- 
relieve, allay, assuage, ease, lighten 


hail, hailstones 

|.LjJ' i_-»- : $y 

cold(ness), coolness, chilliness 

y>- JU*> ' Jjj 

filing, rasping 

( J ^) >sl 

garment, gown 

^y '■** 

ague, feverish chill; malaria, 

(u^s*) **?j! '■ »'•** 

pitcher, jug 

3iy.\ '■^ i ji 

curtain, drape(s), drapery, hangings) 5 jL- : "L I iy 

blind(s), Venetian ijjji* ( $'%i>\ ol j) Cl *y 


hailstone j^j io- :5jjj 

.- - . .< 

garment, gown <_^ li'j^j 

saddle, packsaddle, bard (<1\ aJl) it jy 

papyrus (oLi) ijj^j 

papyrology oCj^I JLc 

saddle, packsaddle, bard (ill aJl) it j^j 

workhorse, jade, nag; hackney (o\y^-) ujj^j 

to justify, warrant, vindicate; to account for jy 

to rationalize [o-*J ] jy. 

to appear, come out, come into sight, come J^> : jy 
into view, come to light, show, emerge, surface, 
crop up, rise, arise, spring up, manifest itself, 
reveal itself; to stand out; to come to the fore; to be 
or become conspicuous, prominent, outstanding 

to occur, happen, take place Cjjs- : jy 

to protrude, bulge, jut out, stick out, stand Uj : j'y 
out, project, poke 

to excel (in), be outstanding (in), be pre- «■ y : ( j) j'y 
eminent (in), be excellent (in), distinguish oneself 
(in), do excellent work (in) 

to surpass, excel, outdo, outmatch, (jili : (J*) jy 
overtop, outshine, eclipse, be or prove superior to 
--.< "'i * --•* - s - 



ule i 



y (?r ] j-u*iJ '£ L 


to bless, invoke a i^^Jlj <J tc^ : *j ji <^ ^y 
blessing on 

compass(es), dividers j\£L> '-j^y 

volcano jlj Jli- : u^^j 

volcanic; igneous ,J 1£"^j 

blessing, benediction; good fortune; prosperity; iS - ^ 
continual good, abundant good; felicity 

mallard, wild duck 
pond; pool 
swimming pool, pool 


parliamen- iJU^lJI oUI^V)" j s-jIj : 7y LJ^> 

-jj^^JI ..IkJI i-Lilfl^ i*>SC»- 'i^ljJ^ iiLoj- 
to twist, twine, entwine, curl, kink Jo*- t jzi : »ji 
to be or become weary (of), (sick j*yi> » ^L. : ( j ) »^ 

and) tired (of), bored (with), fed up (with); to tire 
(of), weary (of); to find wearisome or boring or 
annoying; to be or become impatient (with), dissa- 
tisfied (with), annoyed (by) 

boredom, weariness, tiredness, ennui, js^o i ^L : ^ 
tedium; impatience, restlessness, uneasiness, an- 
noyance; discontent, displeasure, dissatisfaction, 

weary, tired, bored, fed up; impatient, js^o i -L. : ^ 
restless, uneasy, unquiet, annoyed, vexed, irritat- 
ed; dissatisfied, discontent, displeased, disgusted 

amphibious; amphibian , ^ U j 

twist, twine, kink 


roach; rudd 

bud, burgeon, sprout, shoot 

•*\j>. £>"' : (*/! 

f-y ^r'J-^i^ji i $3*j> ' 4 * c ^ 
mosquito(es), gnat(s), midge(s) (<1c^j U j^L.) fj&'ji 
to granulate, grain 
bulgur, crushed wheat; grits 

flea (»j*^>-) &5£j> 

shrimp, prawn u^jj ' w-^J '■ y*J\ ^t^y 

, ■, .* r ' • > 
chigoe, chigoe flea, chigger, (ij^>-) J—JI ^ti-y 

jigger, sand flea 



(oU) d..i.l^l ill 

o^yry 'My 

to flash, sparkle, shine, glitter, glisten, gleam, VlJ : j^j 
twinkle, glimmer, shimmer, radiate, beam 

it lightened, there was lightning JllLlI ci^j 

spangles (^H (j-^&ll Cru''^) yy : J^ 



oy ' tr» j : yiijj 

to variegate; to color 


to veil 

veil, yashmak (worn by women) 

plum, bullace 

blackthorn, sloe (^^j) jt^— " <3y y 

telegraphic, telegraph-, cable (j»'y^ : l/*'y 

telegram, cable, cablegram, wire, telegraph ili^j 

to kneel down; to lie down, rest ^ j i j-LiLl : Sji 

to make (a camel) kneel down 



■■ ■■■ ...:..;-L /. — 

protest (of a bill, for non-acceptance, for 





protein, proteinaceous 

trumpeter, bugler, cornetist 


* ' t 

> > 



cold(ness), coolness, chilliness, fri- °jl>>- x»o 'iijjt 

coldness, coolness, frig- til^i I »a& , jyi : Sjj^j 
idity, tepidity, unfriendliness; indifference, non- 
chalance, apathy, disinterest(edness), lack of con- 
cern or interest 

(sexual) frigidity; anaphrodisia 
frozen (food, etc.) 
to frame 

, >> * '. , 

jLL>L> J»l="-I '-Jiji 

emergence, emersion, appearance, rise, j^J> : jjj, 
manifestation; prominence, conspicuousness 

occurence, happening 

>> > > 

protrusion, prominence, projection, 
protuberance, bulge, jut 

prostate gland, prostate oblj^l Sac- lOUwjjj 


brooch, pin, breastpin ,Jj J> y-y j : y-jjj 

test, experiment, trial; tryout; rehearsal ij 

fitting, trying on of new clothes 

proof, proof sheet 

professor jj-jj^ 

asphodel (oLi)jjjj 

proletarian lijlzJjjj 

proletariat CjlzJjjj 

* .» 
bromine ubfJji l ?3ji 

• .- ' > 

bromide -^^iji l -h*iji 

• * 
bronze j'iji 

■■■.:. ■ ..: ..-:"■ . .»»: 


to program 





c-j^jjJI jl aJUuJI j^,'jj 


l>->'j j j' J-Jj 


Oulii.i ij 

barrel; cask, keg; tun 



program; plan; schedule; curriculum; list ^, Li^j 

agenda, schedule 

i]\^c\ Jjj»- : ^.U^jj 

platform (^i.^ ji v>J) 

software ^yjj3G)ll Jiill jl jJ^-J.^CJI p-*\'J* 

burnoose, hooded cloak 


to varnish, lacquer, japan 

clay vessel, clay pot 


varnish, lacquer, japan 

-'*- -'1 •■:•■' 

hippopotamus, river horse ^»JI jl _^l y-jj :JJjj 

proof, evidence, demonstration Sj—j 1 JJj : uU^j 

evidential, probative, demonstrative, proof "^Xuji 

while, period, time; instant, moment, minute, 4*^ 
little while, short while, short time 

to prove, demonstrate, establish, substan- c-J I : j*jj 
tiate, verify, show, evidence; to testify, attest to, be 
evidence of, bear witness to 

proving, proof, establishment, verifi- oL5 1 : <ui^ 
cation, substantiation, demonstration, showing, 












1 * " ' ■'■■•• ~^ 

British, Britannic ^j LL^ 

shine, luster, gloss, sheen; glitter, glisten, ol*«J : jj^j 
brightness, brilliance, radiance, sparkle, twinkle, 
effulgence, refulgence, resplendence 

beryl f_/ >w- : Jj^ 

rope; string, cord, twine; lace; gimp J»l»- . Jl»- : ^ 

drill, borer, gimlet, auger, wimble, bracei_jlii. :«U-i^ 
and bit, broach, awl, perforator, driting machine; 

to surpass, excel, outdo, outmatch, overtop, Jli : jj 
outshine, eclipse, be or prove superior to 

to defeat, beat, overcome, get the better of i_Ji. : j 

linen oU»Lj . <Lju5 V^ 'ji 

cloth; dry goods, textiles; f\yr ' ' *-~r* ' ' cr 1 ^ : ji 


clothes, clothing <_r?^. . uU : ^ 

seedsman jjj-r-" ^ '-^j 1 . 

seeder, sowing machine 

:-'■■■' ™ --'-■ 


draper, cloth merchant, mercer, dry 
goods merchant, dealer in textiles 

spit, spittle, saliva 

jjlll ill :SjIjj 
3' Jjl 

: JL* 

snail; slug (jl Jj £/ iiljj 

Jljj luflj— i_JLJ ^Jljj 

bunghole, bung (of a cask) ( J^^Jl) Jf^ 

drill, gimlet, broach, perforator; cork- i_JLL. : Jljj 

trocar, trochar J^JJ <L» 

nozzle; spout, waterspout 

uniform; suit; costume; dress; clothes, i_jCi . l-j^ :5^j 
clothing, attire, apparel 

falconry LjJjxL^j -4-« a " j' •'j~" S- J j J -' ^j'Oi 

to sow, seed jjj :jjj 

sowing, seeding j^j jjua. :jJj 

seedtime j^JI ijljl ' j>JI «->• 

seed(s) (jj> £■) jjj 

linseed, flaxseed 0^1 1 jj^ 

5I'j!:JI> ; 

bronze, bronzy ^iji 

terrestrial, land <■?->*"* *■*«? : t5jj 

wild, undomesticated, untamed (ol>*il o**) t5-rf 

wild, uncultivated (oLJI ^) Js^ 

innocent, guiltless, not (**— • ^ 1 i_-jju ^ : »i$^j 
guilty, inculpable, blameless, clear 

innocent, naive, ingenuous, Ja~~j . -r iL : «c$^> 
guileless, artless, simple, unsophisticated 

free from, clear of, ^ <>»)U- ; ^ JU- : ,3-1 )!<5^ 
exempt from 

abrasion, fret(ting), wear, wearing <Sy jJ-a» : ijji 
away, scraping off; whittling down, tapering off, 
taper; sharpening, trimming 

beriberi (i>»j-«) t5jj <£j> 

creation, creature(s), created c.I»^JL»m . ji»- '~<>_ji 
being(s); mankind, people, human beings 

wild, wilderness, wild land, desert, waste, jii : <o^j 

mail, post 


surface mail 

registered mail 

postage; mailing charges 

to mail, post, send by mail 

postpaid j 


mailman, postman, mail carrier 

post-office box, P.O.Box, P.O.B.; 
mailbox, postbox 

stamp, postage stamp 

post office 

bridge (game) 

postal, mail 


(postal) money order, postal order 

postal address; mailing address 

plug; outlet; socket 

* "i ' f * 1 * ' 

. >'.- ? v -' * '- 
' '"1 

-b^JI J>»-l (j^Jv^ 
Jj^JI |»^- 

oj^JI (jcL. 
jj^JI iijxi*o 

jj^JI iuLt> 

*jAj^i iiUaj 
"". 1 '•* 


spades (<_^>JLI1 iijj J) ijy—i 

to frown, scowl, glower, lower ^-x. : j-j 

, ,',. .* ,.'_-,.'. - - , 

unripe dates C"^ ^ C^ ° J—i 

to spread (out)', outspread, stretch out, j-li <. 1* : Ja_j 
outstretch, extend, expand; to unfold, unroll, un- 
wind, open, roll out 

to level (off), even, flatten, flat, iSy <■ J+* '■ SL-> 

to set forth, present, lay open; to rj, i Jojt. : JaL 
explain, expound, elucidate 

to please, delight, gladden, cheer (up), ^» : JjLj 
make happy 

to Tay (set, spread) the table S jj U I JjLj 

>' >> ' 

to dominate, control, command, J* ozyu SL~> 

sway, hold sway over, impose one's authority 
upon, have a dominant influence over 

to lend a (helping) hand to, J 5 jx.Ql jj J»_j 

extend aid to, come to the aid of, help, aid, assist, 

to be simple, plain; to be light, slight, LL_j ylS" : JaL 
trivial; to be naive, ingenuous, artless 

to simplify, make simple; to facilitate, j-j i Ji- : JiL 
make easy 



; ,)i,,,i 

extension, expansion, spreading, stretching, 1* : JaL> 
unfolding, unrolling, opening 

leveling (off), flattening, grading >.|." : JjLj 

setting forth, presentation, laying open, Jojt. : J»Lj 
exposition, explanation, expounding, elucidation 

delight, pleasure, joy, happiness jj^. : J»_j 

numerator [oL^jIjjJ ^Sl\ Sj^> : Ja-j 

abundance, plenty, profusion iji j i d : <Ua_j 

affluence, opulence, wealth <j~r*" *^*~i i<I»-j 

expanse, extent, scope, c-LJl i jIjC^I i (^jj :ikLj 


to be high, tall, towering, lofty *jL> jl : J_j 

bicycle C-J-Cj 

LWV!'!' , '' r7-; 

i 1 

:4 J^ 

seed; pip - , pit, stone, kernel; germ 

to rise (sun, etc.); to dawn (day, era, etc.); to «ii> : <f\t 
break (forth); to appear, emerge, come out 

to cut, slash open, slit open, rip open 

to spit 

lute, mandolin 

to tap, broach, puncture, pierce, perforate, 
make a hole in 

paracentesis, puncture, tarXping), 3_^> j ,ua,4 : Jjj 

bismuth [ * \.,S \ £jyt\i i O u \> 

rise (of the sun, etc.); sunrise; dawn; emergence, ejjj 
emersion, appearance, coming out 

to crumble 

and the mountains shall be crum- Lj JL»J' 
bled to atoms 


carpet, rug, drugget; mat 
funeral cloth, pall 


on the carpet, on the tapis, under 
discussion, under consideration 

simplicity, plainness; naturalness, unaffect- iiCJ 
edness; modesty, humbleness, unpretentiousness; 
naivete, artlessness, ingenuousness 

courage, bravery, boldness, valor, valiance, iJCJ 

prowess, intrepidity, fearlessness, dauntlessness 
smiling; smiler .llJ 

cat, female cat, she-cat Sy» : X~> <. Z-> 

garden; orchard, grove, fruit garden yl£^ 

gardener; orchardist; horticulturist T^JUi- :^jl£^ 

garden; horti- ^L-JL ji»i. 4 i^>j*- ijjU-j 


to pasteurize ' -' , '. 

pasteurization »' ,"' , '• 

to garden 

gardening, horticulture 

garden; horticultural 





to rejoice at, be happy at, be delight- jr_,i:j Lil 
ed at, be cheerful about 

to bring good news or glad tidings to, announce -> j^j 
or give good news to; to augur well, bode well, 
portend good, be a good omen of, give promise of; 
to presage, foreshadow, portend, herald, harbinger, 
indicate or suggest in advance, show signs of, be a 
sign of something to come, signal the approach of 

to preach, propagate l.u^ } \ <_, 

<jj> hi 


human being, human, man 

Oi— J i 


people, human beings, mankind, ~<>j£> i <j~\j 
humankind, human race, humanity 

joy, happiness; cheerfulness, gaiety ii,Ll i -^Jt : jli 
good news, glad tidings; good omen i'j\l> : iSjLj 

epidermoid S^illl «ui, I'jlj^j 

epidermis, cuticle, outer skin; skin, complexion Ijlt 

JU jU» :, 



human _^illl jiLu t^jLij :siji 

human being, human, man yLjl 1(3^ 

epidermal, epidermic; Is^r i »Lillli J>I*"-» :ii^ 
skin, cutaneous 


iSj—i ir* 


• Vj™^ 

humanity, mankind, humankind, j£> ( iliLil 
human race, human beings, people 

to be or become ugly, unsightly, repulsive, »iJi : «_ii 

to uglify, make ugly, disfigure, distort Li ( -rCs : Lii 

ugly, unsightly, hideous, repugnant, «-ii, i ^J : «Jj 
repulsive, repellent, unpleasant, disagreeable, of- 
fensive, disgusting, loathsome, horrid, grisly 
poker, fire iron jUI <Z)\ja* :_,^i 

towel ii. 

to be or become fed up with, Li J 4 ^Ja : [y Ll> 
disgusted by or with, sick of, nauseated by 

to be satiated; to suffer from indi- («lLUI ^) Lw 

i - ■■' ■ -!--■■ 

biscuit OjSw ""-jj^T'lj 

* - - -■ - 

to be brave, bold, courageous, fearless, "iLL 0^ : J— ' 

pea(s), green pea(s), sweet pea(s) (oL) <l_j 'jJL* 

to smile -_jj I 4 -Ij : ^ 

smile iul—jl :<u_j 

to say "In the name of God, Most Gracious, J*l-i 
Most Merciful" 

simple, plain, uncomplicated Ji^lc 

slight, small, little, light, trivial, insig- 
nificant, minor, petty 

unaffected, natural, simple, plain, 

unpretentious, unassuming, simple, *»«lLu : 
modest, humble 

naive, simple, ingenuous, artless, inno- r jL : 
cent, guileless, unsophisticated 

the earth, the world JUI < yij^l : 

to have a cheerful face; to smile, wear a smile, 
look happy 

to smile on, receive cheerfully or kindly ,j 3 \ J "^ 
receive happily with a smile 

• '*' I '-' 

good omens, propitious signs, favorable indica- Jt {£i 
tions; first signs, first indications, portents, augu- 

moth (ij± 

shavings, peeling(s), paring(s), scale(s), 
flake(s), chip(s) 

good news, glad tidings; good omen 

Gospel, evangel 



- - * , - > 

OjLlJl JuC 

happy mien, cheerfulness, gaiety Aa->ll ii^Lt liilii 

ugliness, unsightliness, hideousness pji :iclij 

liar oLtfidJlii 

to grate; to rasp; to scrape off, shave off; to Lii : jli 
peel, skin, pare 



— r=s~rrs 

onion(s) (<jjLj) Sa> 

. **. - 
Tripoli onion j»»- « J-^ 

green onion, scallion, spring onion j*ai- I J-aj 
squill, sea onion '{Sjt S*> ' 'j~>\ S-**. ' J»*" iW 

bulb (^JJoCJl)iLu 

bulbous; bulbar <j~* 

to (im)print, impress, stamp; to ^.j i j^p- i £-• j : |>a 
make or leave a fingerprint (imprint, impression) 

imprint, print, impression, impress 



emberts), firebrand 

endowed with eyesight 

<•_» 1 Hut} '■ 4 4 id I 


discerning, shrewd, sagacious, astute, jjJii ij^ 
perspicacious, endowed with insight, perceptive, 
percipient, penetrating, clairvoyant, acute, keen, 
sharp, clear-sighted, clear-eyed, clear-headed, pre- 

knowing, well-informed (about), j^S- t {Xc. : jwl 
well-acquainted (with), familiar (with), aware (of), 
cognizant (of), versed (in), conversant (with) 
insight, discernment, sagac- JLc <. *Ha» <. j~*~> : ojj-a? 
ity, acumen, perspicacity, shrewdness, astuteness, 
mental perception, clairvoyance, penetration, per- 
cipience, acuity, acuteness, keenness, sharpness, 
clear-sightedness, vision; foresight, prevision, pre- 

deliberately, designedly, Ij-o» i Ijux- :Sjwjj un- 
intentionally, on purpose, purposely 

glow, glitter, glisten, shine 

glimpse of hope, gleam of hope, 
ray of hope, trace of hope 

bulb, root (of the hair) (y^O ' 

bulbil, bulblet (oCJl) ' 

tender-skinned, thin- jlU-I JJ> j i -JJ-I p*lj '.Jcu 


goods, merchandise, commodities, (j-5U»j r) icLi; 

lm"^ i>* u n . ' .; n .' 



I" "■"■"■ ■!■..*■■ 

to rivet, clinch jau : ^ 

-- .-• ' ' - 
satiety, surfeit; indigestion; disgust, ciy t **»o : ^ 

nausea, loathing 

loquat (c>Li) Co ,/l 

millet, sorghum (c>L») 

smiling, cheerful, bright-faced, good-humored (J>y-> 

bringer of good news, bearer of glad tidings; j^> 
herald, forerunner, harbinger, precursor; presage, 
foretoken, portent, omen, augury, prognostic 

to glow, glitter, glisten, sparkle, flash, gleam, '^i : ya 

beam, shine, radiate 

fortune-teller, diviner, soothsayer, augur cil^c : jLjj 

(<uiij i_Jl£Lll) (jn. ,ni 

4,.,.? ( 0JO9- t o J-*^ '4-^lJ 


spit, spittle, saliva 
to wag the tail 
emberts), firebrand 

to see; to look at, set eyes on, lay tSl j : j j^oj i j j-oj 
eyes on, catch sight of, descry 

to understand; to know, Jic i «^i : j ^aj i j ^.o; 
realize, perceive, discern 

to enlighten (on); to inform (of or lie! i j>i : (j) j-oj 
about), let know (about), make aware (of); to make 
see, make understand, make realize 

to tell fortunes o.-hJI ^j : j-«aj 

vision, sight, eyesight, seeing jhj '-j*ai 

.- - , «-:.''.- - 

c* 1 cr 

optical), visual, ocular 


to spit 




-oil J-a. 




greeting card 

ID card, identity ^L-oj^JI oLil iilL i<>>» i*LL 
card, identification card 

rationing ^^Jju :oliLLJI ^Uu 

unemployed, jobless, workless, J-jJI (jc Ji»U : JLL 
out of work, idle, inactive 


,1, , ■>* , 


~J-I (_4>_jU»j i^a~i iJllc liilkj 




i_JlsJI iiLL 

blanket, cover; quilt, 

comforter ljIjJ ifl>»- :SliLL) 

knotweed, polygonum, smartweed, (^jLj) J»L-Lj 

to quack (duck) ( U J 1 ) U Li 


calf (of the leg) 

to prostrate; to throw down, fell; to stretch (out), ijjj 
outstretch; to flatten, level (ofD 

basin-shaped valley; wide riverbed, wide bed of »L>»Ju 
a stream or torrent; level land, plain, level, flat(s) 

flask, vial, flacon, small bottle ""y^r° *~-* ' <*>^> 

cyprinodont (i , l...,) * «.U. 

to be ungrateful, unthankful, thankless; to be j}u 
careless, reckless, wanton; to be discontented 
(with), dissatisfied (with); to despise or disregard a 
grace; to be arrogant, proud, vain 
ingratitude, ungratefulness, unthankfulness, ^ 

thanklessness; carelessness, recklessness, wanton- 
ness; discontent, dissatisfaction; arrogance, pride, 

•■-■ .'■-■*=: .?TT 

wares, articles 



iC»L) icUu 

to cut, cut off, amputate, re- Ji, 1 «Jai : «Jjj 1 «Jjj 
move; to cut up, carve (up), dissect, anatomize; to 
lance; to incise; to cut open, slash open, slit open 

amputation, cutting off, cutoff, remov- ji 1 Ait : «Jt 
al; carving (up), dissection, anatomizing, anato- 
my; incision, -tomy; lancing; cutting open, slashing 
open, slitting open 

some, a few, several 

piece (of meat) lnju 1 tjuu 

duck(s) ^L*^LU:i 

to be slow; to decelerate, slow, ILI 4 lL~L 6^ : ylu 
slacken, delay, move at decreasing speed, go slow- 
ly, become slower; to lag, linger, loiter, tarry 

to slow down, slow up, decelerate, j>-\ 1 ILI : Uu 

slacken, retard, delay, detain, hold up 

slowness; slowdown, slackening, retardation, t Mi 

tardiness, lag; sluggishness 

slowly, slow, leisurely, unhurriedly, slug- *Jal? 


delirium, raving, rave, irrational talk oU-i* : rLL 

roe (of fish); liLIJI lj~- n J l.,,.ll Ja~j, :*-jUaj 'rjLL 

battery , pile (il5 L j£ ) c j Uu 


(KljSiLc.) ijjlij 

Is LIS Ij^j l^—jJ Ji*-*^ tJni M * lijjUaj 


strong, powerful; vigorous; violent; brave, cou- ylUu 
rageous, intrepid; destructive, ruinous, devastating; 
deadly, lethal 
potato, potatoes (oL ) ^JjUu <. lilt 

sweet potato, yam S^li- LU Lki 

card; ticket; label; tag 


ballot, ticket, vote, voting fl^Sl jl c-j^-aJ iilL 
slip or paper 

ticket, admission card, card of admis- J>»- j iiLL 

invitation card 

calling card, visiting card 

iys.} iilkj 
ojljj iilki 

> > 




- :■■ T."-."T:7-5- 

fruitlessly, futilely 

nullity, voidness, invalidity, ineffectiveness; OxL 
vanity, futility, uselessness, fruitlessness; falsity, 
falseness, falsehood, untruth 

heroine; (woman) champion; Ji»j c-J y> : <JlL 

(female) star, (female) lead; (female) protagonist 

* »i * " * \ " ' i'i ' 

clam; limpet ^1* ti^j *J'>^* '(j*.? - ".' 

terebinth (^1 Uu 

to be hidden, concealed ,«i»- : jJ»j 

to be or become paunchy, potbellied<Lik> J»* : { ^l> 

to line (a garment, etc.); to fill, pad, (»JJ ii LLj ) jJ»j 
cover the inside of 

to have bellyache or colic ^a** i <llu> <JI : jiu 

bellyache, colic ^ai* i (jJa-JI J I : jlu 

paunchy, potbellied, big-bellied i>l*JI j^ '■ j^H 

gluttonous, greedy, voracious, rav- ojt < ^ : t ^Jsu 
enous, edacious; glutton, gourmand 

abdomen, belly, venter 
interior, inside 

(Jf-l-a ' »-»>r : (Jo* 

phratry, sept, subdivision of a iL-i ^ c- ji : ,ji»j 

litter »o»-lj i*i j u'>r^ ^*-4> *'^=r **>•*"* : 0-' 1 i 

upside down; topsy-turvy; ^JaJ I J^i> 1 ^^kJ LL 
bottom side up; inside out, outside in 

\ ' ■ "i - • 
inside, within, in, into, in the u>i»j J 1 j^ J 

interior of, in the middle of 

belly dance 0>lxJI (>»» j ' O-^' i>"» J 

gluttony, gourmandism, ravenousness.oji <.<+> :<Liu 
voracity, polyphagia 

indigestion, dyspepsia; surfeit, satiety il»u : iik> 
abdominal, ventral ^— lJxj 

ventriloquism ^L pK; 

-- ' > 
heroism; bravery, valor, intrepidity; champi- *)>Lj 

onship; leading role, starring role 

world championship JUI il^L 

leading role, starring role iJ>JaJI jj j 

heroic, heroical IJ^i 

'"■" ■•■ • •'•' " ~ 

ungrateful, unthankful, thankless; careless, reck- jLj 
less, wanton; grace-despising; arrogant, proud, 

roe (offish); spawn 









d^JaJ : d^L 
(i J l . ,.) rujJaj 

to assault, attack with violence; to knock _. ^pJu 
(out), strike sharply; to destroy, ruin, devastate, 
ravage, crush, stamp out 

violence; force; strength, power, bravery, cour- ^jJu 
age, valor, intrepidity; oppression, tyranny; as- 
sault, attack; striking; destruction 

to be or become null, void, null and lli^ jU> : JJ»j 
void, invalid, inoperative, nugatory, ineffective; to 
cease to be valid or operative or effective; to be or 
become abolished, cancelled; to be or become ob- 
solete, outdated, out of use; to fall into disuse; to 
cease, stop, be discontinued 

to be futile, vain, useless (ijjJ-l s->s- 0^ '■ Ji»j 

to be false, untrue I itf 0^ : JJ»j 

to be or become unemployed, J**! I ijc- JJ»«j : J1»j 
jobless; to be or become idle, inactive; to remain 
without work or employment 

to be or become heroic, brave; to be ^LL jU> : JJsj 
or become a hero 

to leave without work,Jlc % (*Lce jl) *£ J> :JJ»j 
leave idle, make jobless 

hero; champion; star, lead; protagonist 

heroic, brave, valiant, intrepid 
world champion 


( r l)JJ4 


in vain, vainly, to no avail, uselessly, 



i ^ L> . 

revival, revivification, reviviscence, re- *L»-I : 
suscitation, reanimation, revitalization 

resurrection jyli 4 k. d : 

'•' \'- '■•' 

Day of Resurrection 
mission, delegation 

diplomatic mission <^.L.jL j iiu 

group of exchange students <L»I jj jl <L~ j-u iUj 


T~ ■•' .1 f '^ 

to disarrange, <_Jj t olki ji <uJ>; alii : jiu 

disarray, disorder, disorganize, disturb, confuse, 
jumble (up), muddle, mess up, make a mess of, 
throw into disorder, upset; to upturn, overturn, 
overthrow, overset, turn over; to turn topsy-turvy, 
turn upside down 

to scatter (about), disperse, litter, strew \jji : Jji 
about, fling about 

to waste, squander, dissipate, fritter away jJu : JJu, 

to dent, indent, notch, groove; to slit open, slash ruu 
open, rip open 

dent, indentation, notch 

Jjul fJ»'j — JUy 
0-«j «j>-lj - juy 

after, following, subsequent to, in the wake of jJu 
after UjjujjjiLjjuijIjjuujI -i<u 

afterwards, subsequently, thereafter, after dLJ i UJ 
that; after some time, later, later on, at a later time, 
then, thereupon 

in the afternoon, after noon, P.M., post jj^ 11 luj 

A.D., after Christ ^J.\ UJ t *%1\ UJ 

(jju) tHJj jju «j»-lj-jli jjo : jju C_i ijjy 

yet, still; until now, so far, hitherto, oSl J^>- : oiy 
to date, up to now 

he has not come yet .JJ ot lJ 

he is still young jj^o .JJ yi 

slow; slow-moving, slow-motion, slow-paced, f( _ki 
slowgoing, snail-paced, tardy; sluggish, inert, dull, 
torpid; lazy, indolent, slothful; slack, leisurely 
low-frequency jj^JI ijb 

watermelon (oLi) 

muskmelon, cantaloupe, (sweet) *CLi, : ^j^l '^Au 




ventricle (of the heart) 



clitoral, clitoric 


to babble, prattle 

bugaboo, bugbear, bogeydnan), hobgoblin 

babble, babbling, prattle, prattling 

to send, send out, dispatch, forward, ex- 

to delegate; to mission; to send oi jl : i 

to emit, emanate, send out, give rj»- 1 i jLUl : i 
off, give forth, discharge, issue, release 

to arouse, rouse, stir up, l y-. 

excite, awaken, provoke; to evoke, draw forth, 

elicit, call forth 

to prompt, incite, spur <jj '%* i ( J* 'J^. : J* 'c^> 
on, urge on, induce, move, actuate, impel, moti- 
vate, stimulate, inspire, urge, cause, trigger 

to resurrect, raise from the jU : ojll \y>'" 


to breathe life into, infuse Ci-I : j sQ-l *-jj 
life into, revive, revivify, resuscitate, reanimate, re^ 
vitalize, give new life to 

sending, dispatch(ing), forwarding, expe- JLJ' ■ * 

emission, emanation, dis- -r I ji- 1 i J}U» I : <iJu 

charge, release, issuance, sending out 

arousal, (a)rousing, stirring up, Sjli I t Jilijl : iiJ^ 
excitation, exciting, awakening, provocation; evo 
cation, elicitation 

i jlj I t Jauijl : 




certain extent, in some degree or measure 

one another, each other 
husband, spouse 
lord, master 
god, deity 


aji : jl; 

^Uj «-lj-Jaii ji»Jlj (J**"* 'l3*-! 

wife, spouse 



unirrigated, unwatered (land Jaii _^»JIj (^— • : (^*~ 

or plant) 

mosquito(es), culex(es), gnat(s), (ijJ^- ) <-iayu i <>>j«j 


',' -' '' 
fungus gnat, mushroom fly J hil\ "<^>y^. 

' " '-' '' 
anopheles \>jW "*^°i MJ . 

far, distant, remote, faraway, far-off, y*ai : ju*j 

outlying, out-of-the-way, far-flung, secluded 

far-reaching, extensive, mas- JLLJI jl y a I -u»j 

sive, sweeping 

unlikely, improbable, farfetched JUis-^ll j-»j 

ambitious, aspiring, aspirant jUl x^ 

famous, well-known, renowned, cele- c~-aJI -u-j 

brated, noted, famed, eminent, illustrious 

unfathomable, fathomless, soundless, jy&\ -u«j 

bottomless, abyssal; profound, deep, abysmal 

long-range, long-distance; wide-ranging, <i-»il -u»j 

wide-range; far-reaching, extensive, massive, 


unattainable, inaccessible, unobtainable, JLil _u«j 

unacheivable, impracticable, unavailable, out of 


farsighted, longsighted ^aJI jjx. : jJiJI -u*j 

* -'■* i.*n ' - 
discerning, shrewd, perspica- j^^- '■ s*^ s ■*•*?. 

cious, sagacious, clairvoyant 
from a (far) distance, from afar 

■^ u? 



shortly after, soon after 

(ol>-a-) Jl*- :j)* 

to wrong, oppress, tyrannize, mal-cJAZc| i (JJ> '• ^> 
treat, treat unjustly or badly, be unjust or oppres- 

-t,-- ••* 

remoteness, farness 


dimension o- 

fourth dimension 

wide gap 

repute, reputation, fame, renown, celeb 

insight, discernment, acu- s^uoj ' r^ • jJ»^' -^ 
men, perspicacity, clairvoyance, shrewdness; fore- 
sight, prevision, prescience 
farsightedness, longsight- [t_J> J ^-aJI jl j-^ -^ 
aspiration, ambition ***! -^ 

away with..! -J '-^ 

from a (far) distance, from ^Jn^o^'^i/ 


. t _- -- .^ 

at a distance of three meters jU-l ii>J ^ ^ 
remote control -^ Or* ' ^^ J ' ' r^ 

,f f '* at * 

three-dimensional jLj^I ^^ t jI«j' *^* J^ 

equidistant J^ 1 (ijL-^ 

after ^J* 

following, succeeding, subsequent, ^->\j i J^-^l :iiJ* 
posterior, consequent; a posteriori 


, % * *, - > 


Jpj '■' » :i$j*j 

, B ^ ^«* ^ 5 , 

>vJ' t/ 1 ' : >V <-j1 


to drop dung 

dung, droppings j~rj ' t^jj '■ j*> *-j*> 

to waste, squander, dissipate j Jj : J>e 

to scatter, disperse, strew about 3j» '■ l3>j 

wasting, squandering, dissipation jjlo :**^*j 

scattering, dispersal, dispersion Jw>J '*J>? 

to divide, part, split, break up, parti- l>»- i ^j : (>»»j 

tion, section, subdivide 

some (of>, a few (of); a little (of); certain; one; Ja*> 

part, portion 

somewhat, a little, slightly, fairly, *^UI <>»j 

rather, to some extent, to a (certain) degree, to a 


with a view to, in an effort to, so that, in order 
that, so (as), in order to, to 

hateful, odious, detestable, loath- ,»■-. « *j ^ : ^iJu 
some, abominable, abhorrent, obnoxious,' offen- 
sive, repugnant, repulsive, disagreeable, unpleas- 
ant; hated, detested, abhorred 

steak, beefsteak <'l "|j f ,<M I-.-',j. 

to spout, spurt, squirt, jet, shoot out; j£ , Liii : ji 
to eject, discharge, throw out 

**! J^-'j""(< i ^»-) Jj 

remaining, staying; stay, sojourn 

continuance, continuity, continuation, »lj j : >UJ 
duration, endurance, persistence, subsistence; sur- 
vival, existence 

immortality, perpetuity, 


■>_jij* ' *Uj 

eternity, eternal life, eternal existence 

survival of the fittest '_■ , ■■ >< j 1 TiLa'il £lu 

- * 

conservation of energy iiLUI Jlij 

conservation of matter or mass iLSGl jl Sjlil }\mj 
the hereafter, the afterworld, the afterlife ,Lilll _,l j 

cowboy, cowhand, cowherd, cow- ^illl ^.\j -.jfc 
man, cattlehand, cattleman, cattle-herder 

talkative, garrulous, loquacious; chatter- jii^i : j'Uj 
box, prattler, blabber 

grocer, greengrocer uC , JljJ : Jlii 

grocery, grocery business SJli 

to gurgle, bubble, splutter ( jJJ jUl) jJu 

to chatter, prattle, blab, prate 'J' J : j' ; !jT 

gurgling, gurgle, bubbling, bubble, ( *Ul) iiu 


chatter, prattle, blab, prate; logorrhea, i'J'Ji :ijLJL 
talkativeness; gossip, chitchat 

bug (ijl^)i 

bedbug, bug, chinch, cimex (s^»-) ,jil>JI i 
elm jljjj:jPls^i 

sive (to); to offend, outrage; to infringe upon, en- 
croach upon, transgress; to attack, assault 
to fornicate, whore, commit adultery ^'j : ^ 

*uij «flj — *UJjl : > Liu 

prostitution, whoredom, harlotry SjIcj : «Cy 

o— j «»■ lj — tUJI c*~> 

muleteer, mule driver JLiJI jl jljl jJL : jGy 

to come unexpectedly upon, over- ji^» t tli : Cju 

take; to surprise, take by surprise, take unawares, 
take aback; to flabbergast, shock, stun, thunder- 
strike, dumbfound, strike dumb 

surprise; sudden or unexpected event or ilki : C<u 
occurence, bolt of the blue 

unexpectedly, suddenly, all of a sud- ilJ Jp ( iiij 
den, unawares, by surprise, surprisingly, without 
warning, without advance notice, out of the blue 

to drizzle, sprinkle e-»J : ( iCljl o.) m£*> 

drizzle, dribble, sprinkle, light rain ■ ^_i— ^J»» : **^ 

to hate, detest, loathe, abhor, abominate o^ :[jaiu 

" ~ ~ , - -* - 

to be or become hateful, odi- Lo-ju jU> : yiiu i/ii) 

ous, detestable, loathsome, abominable, offensive 

to make someone hate something or^ii-j 4lju>- : yiju 
someone, make hateful to 

hatred, hate, aversion, dis- ojS :<uuu i A 't'-- lyiiu 
like, detestation, odium, abhorrence, repugnance, 
disgust, antipathy 


green (unripe, immature) fruit(s) 


prostitute, whore, harlot, strumpet; '• 

wrong, injustice, oppression; tyranny; juJ 4 JLk :,Ju 
outrage; offense; transgression; aggression 

0_JJU 1_JJU 

(oLj) Cj^ju 

AaJU JC* I J ■ 

wish, desire, aspiration; aim, i_io» t iJLt < ilc^ 
purpose, object(ive), end, goal 

for, for the purpose of, with the aim of, !iCl 


doing, persist in, persevere in, stick to, adhere to 
to keep (or stay) in touch with or j JLaJ I ^c Ji> 
in contact with 

to survive, stay alive, 
remain alive, exist, live 

L>- ijLt t SL^-I 



— \_Jil 

remainder, rest; remnant, residue, leftover, <Ju 

remains, surplus, overplus, remaining part 

the remaining members, the rest of the > Lac "ill *-«-> 

members, the other members 

continued on page.. . . liS" i»«i-all ^c <CiUI 

coreopsis, tickseed (^L>) *^> 

bilharzia(sis), schistosomiasis (jojj) C-jW^ '-6J& 

bey (t-»*J) 4i :t ^ 

to cry, weep, shed tears, break or burst into tears ^> 

to lament, mourn (for), bewail, wail olil {£-> 

(over), weep (for or over), moan 

to make cry, make weep ,^-j a!«- : ^L> 

crying, weeping *&> : (j*-; 

lachrymose, tearful, weepy, given to *l£JI j^ : *1£j 
tears or weeping, inclined to shed many tears fre- 
quently , , 
crying, weeping ^>. '■ *^ 

baccarat S-?^' <JJ.W J^** V^ :4 L>^ 

virginity, maidenhead, maidenhood Sji* :SjI£j 


tackle; pulley block; 




bachelor's degree 



to censure, reproach, rebuke, reprove, 


bacterium, bacillus 




— 1 



bundle, pack(age), bag (of (<-jLJI t>v ~°-r° : *^ 

parsley ( ^j) cr^J-^ 

to cut open, split open, rip open, slit open j£ : JL 

cow(s); cattle, bovines 
sea cow 

antelope, addax, oryx 

bovine, cow, cattle 



box, boxwood 

rusk, zwieback 

tip, gratuity, baksheesh 

• % * ' - 


Cr* £>" : 

j-»i A » ■ 

to spot, stain, blot, blotch, splotch, smudge jJJ : jJL 

spot, stain, blot, blotch, splotch, smudge; iiJaJ : i*L 
macule, macula, patch 

spot, place, site, locality; plot, lot, area, O^SL. : <**+ 
region, tract 

blind spot (lk*N S^-r- J 6 ' *^ ^H 

to grow; to sprout, germinate c~J : JiL 

legume(s); herb(s), greens, herbaceous 4ii i Ji 

plant(s); vegetables) 

purslane, (<-jLj) ■^"jV* ^H ' *^- 4J * - *^4 ' *^i 

pussley; endive, chicory 

hyacinth bean, lablab 



logwood, campeachy wood 


(oL>) SjjL Aiib 
(oLi) ciliil *li 

(jj'U>) *i>yij 

to remain, stay; to be left over, be left behind; to ^L 
last, continue, endure, persist, subsist, go on; to 
keep on (doing), keep doing, continue to do, go on 



i t 


: - ' ' ■ • 

moistening, wetting 

J? 1 ^"'j - ^ : Jj 

(Jr™ • lW 
rather; even; but, yet, however °Jj 

yes! indeed! certainly! surely! truly! verily! Jj : JL 

wear; impairment, damage, loss; decay, decom- Jj 
position, rottenness, deterioration, disintegration, 
degeneration; erosion, corrosion; shabbiness, rag- 
ged ness 

wear and tear (JLLL)ll) J>Jlj JUI 

affliction, trial, tribulation, ordeal, distress, cS^ij : f iC 
trouble, woe; misfortune, calamity, disaster, catas- 
trophe, adversity; plague; scourge, evil, curse 

bravery, courage, boldness, valor, ilCJ : ( i y^-) ,% 
prowess, heroism, gallantry 


t% jtf 





dullness, stupidity, silliness, obtuseness; slug- SjSC 
gishness, laziness, indolence, slothfulness, slow- 
ness; inactivity; sleepiness 

belladonna (oL) <J j j it 

palladium (j^c) f>o& 

anacardium, marsh nut (oLi)jjSC 

cashew (oL) ^> j I ^J ji£ 

plasma ^j^ 

blood plasma /j| Cj,SC 

plasties) '' L ;. '■''- *^J 

flagstones, flags, floor tiles, slabs, U.l'rll s^lka- : ±>% 
pavement, paving 

tiled floor, pavement, paving, ikL. ^ijl : J>^I 






to get up or rise early (in the morning); to 'j£j t'jZ 
come early (to), be early (at); to do something early 
or too early or permaturely 
young camel jjU*^ : j& 

firstborn; eldest jf\ \^ : jj 

primipara ^^ < Zj^ 4 j^. Jj\| ^.U : ^ 

virgin, maiden ,|j ji : Jn, 

new, novel, unprecedented; first, Jjl < jy oi : Jc, 
virgin ' : 

pulley; tackle; reel, spool, [ I5w \SL. ] i'jZ < S^5C 
bobbin, coil; roller 

trochlea [ ^^ ] s'jc < ijZ 

all of them, all with- -4LI i'jZ ^* 4-4! I S^SC J* 
out exception 

early morning Sjji. :5^j 

early in the morning \'jS\, 'ij^ 

in the morning and in the evening lliij ij^ 

firstborn, first, eldest j^jty ££{ -/^Ji, 

primogeniture °j& '-<i^> 

primipara ^ j> , ji, < 5^. Jj^U : il^ 
to buckle, clasp, fasten; to button up 'J& 

buckle, clasp, fibula, fastener, clip 


to be or become silent, keep silent, hold ciC : 'Sj 

one's tongue 

to be or become dumb, mute u">»- 


dumbness, muteness, mutism 

early, premature, precocious JsCL t £\j, -ji£> 

earliness, prematureness, precocity j<SZj .' j«£j 

albacore (S^.) SjjiC 


early, premature, precocious 





iC/ : i £^ 

moisture, humidity; wetness, moist- JL i Sjl-ii : <L 
ness, dampness 

to dawn; to shine (3^ ' : g^ 

to be or become happy at, glad at, 
delighted at, pleased with 

(unripe) dates MrO J^ 

mussel (ol*»-) ^v 11 j^; 

to stay in, remain in, dwell in, reside in, _i ^ li I : -j aL 

live in, inhabit; to settle (down) at 

to be or become dull, stupid; to be or I j-Jj 0^ : A> 

become lazy, sluggish 

to acclimatize, acclimate, adjust, adapt, j>c t pli I : aL 

habituate, accustom, season, inure 

country, land; homeland, fatherland; town; city Ai 

country of origin LiJI oL 

town; city; village; borough; township 


native, indigenous, home, local, domestic; 
municipal; provincial 



mayor, head of a municipality 

to crystallize 


elder, elderberry 



(oLi) oCi 

to dress, bandage; to cure, c5_jl j i (jii. i j-^> : j«-1j 
heal, remedy, restore to health, make healthy; to 

balm, balsam («— k 

balm of Gilead, balsam of Mecca (oli) i5c j»lL 
balmy, balsamic i^""^ 

lentil(s) (^M) cr-"- : i>4> 

heron (^U,) ^1 ilJU :ujli 

egret (>U») cAri' 0>^j 

to extort (from), exact (from); to (4JL. & a_) yaL 
racketeer; to rob (of), strip of 

..V ' !--- 


paved surface 
(royal) palace 

(royal) court 

paver, pavior 

eloquence, good style 





S&\ '^ :{'<££) ±% 

&L : 1,% 

flagstone, flag, floor tile, paving stone, slab <b% 

tombstone, gravestone, headstone jv^l *^^ 

, * ' ~- *.' 

communique, bulletin; state- jly 4 u^-J ' o^> '■ £*> 
ment, declaration; release; announcement, procla- 
mation; notice, notification; communication, mes- 
sage; edict, ordinance 

c^^; 'i/Q : i^f^ 

stupidity, silliness, fatuousness, idiocy, imbecili- i»^L 
ty, foolishness, simplemindedness, feebleminded- 
ness, weak-mindedness, doltishness, brainlessness, 

anxiety, concern, uneasiness, i_jljia*>U^ 'uLL 
disquietude), discomposure, perturbation, per- 
plexity, befuddlement 

to confuse, disconcert, dis- i_>l j-U«^I j £» j' : J-A; 
quiet, discompose, disturb, perturb, agitate, upset, 
fluster, flurry, confound, befuddle, perplex, puzzle, 
bewilder; to muddle, jumble up, unsettle, mix up, 
disarrange, disorder, derange, disarray, disorga- 
nize, throw into disorder or confusion; to compli- 
nightingale, bulbul (yU») J4e 

ortolan (>U>) .a^ 1 J4; 

spinning top, peg top, (JUJ»>J i~J) <->jj-^ : J4> 

confusion, chaos, jumble, muddle, ^\jL^\ : fLL 
clutter, upset, mess, mix-up, tangle, disorder, dis- 
organization, disarray, disturbance, hubbub, hug- 
ger-mugger, tumult, turbulence; anxiety, uneasi- 
ness, disquiet(ude), discomposure, perturbation, 
perplexity, befuddlement 

pintail -M 0? £> : <J>rt 




climax, reach its highest point, come to a climax, 
come to a head, peak (up), top (off or out) 
to come to a head, reach a crisis or ^Jl ' j'* .1 1 VjJ 
climax; to be or become too aggravated, too crit- 
ical; to be or become unbearable, intolerable, unen- 
durable, extreme 

to affect or influence jjl. ^ (o^i [^ '^Si\) ijj 
deeply, penetrate, touch, move 

to attain a high llL. ( pLjl j _,!) ^1 ^ Mj 

degree of knowledge 

to be eloquent f^J LLC o IS" : 'ji 


phlegm; expectoration, sputum 

phlegmy, phlegmatic * *''X 

to be piebald, pied, pinto, skew- jL'l oK : jL' , j£ 
bald, spotted, dappled ' ' 

mica (u-^) <jIj 

merganser, goosander JaJI ^ c-jj :ililj 

wasteland; wild, wilderness, wild land; jji : . j jl 1 


balcony; veranda 6«SCL 

to moisten, wet, bedew; to dabble, <i jj i ^ : JL 

drench, sparge, sprinkle, spatter, splash 

wetness, moistness, dampness; mois- 5jl jj i <L : jt 
ture, humidity 

anchovy (j^ iC) ii^iil : ^ 

to be or become stupid, idiotic, imbecilic,-dil o^ :ili 
imbecile, foolish, empty-headed, simpleminded 

i»bL «>-lj -4jj 

let alone, not to mention, tiUi so < ^. liliS 1 1 j : ijj 
not to speak of, to say nothing of 

bilharzia(sis), schistosomiasis (<_r°j-«) C-,jLjL 

Pluto [dUi]^ 

plutocratic; pultocrat ^JjlJ^jL 

plutocracy ili'J^'^ 

Plutonium (j^) tyj£h 

extortion, forcible exaction; racket, [jA> j 'W - ■ u s \\'< 
racketeering; theft, robbery 

to' pave (with flagstones or floor i>!&JL J^'j : ii 

tiles), flag, lay with flags, slab, tile, floor 

ax, hatchet u Ji ; i'\,Y. 

tilapia, cichlid, chromide (dL- ) !_klj 

to swallow, gulp (down), gobble, ingurgitate; i_Li ( i£ 
to swallow up, engulf, gulf, absorb, take in, devour 
to make swallow ijj 

swallowing, gulping, deglutition, gobbling, ingur- «i 
gitation; swallowing up, engulfing, absorption, 
taking in 

gulp, swallow; bolus XjL 



to reach, arrive at, get to, come to, go as <JJ J^j : ii 
far as, attain, hit 

to jt^ji ^ 'ji; « ri,t g , jjii 'J; « (^i) 'g 

attain puberty, reach sexual maturity, be or be- 
come sexually mature (marriageable, pubescent); 
to attain manhood, become a man, grow up, be- 
come an adult 

to ripen, mature, be or become ripe k-aJ : j^ '& 
or mature 

to amount to, come to, IjfT (?->JJl ji jlolll) 1L' 
make, reach, add up to, sum to, total, number 

to come of age, attain or e'jj^j iij ( _£^ll ^ Ill 
reach legal majority or legal age, become an adult 
to come to one's ears, aj 111 i <u)J ^Li : _^i.| <Jjb 
come to one's knowledge, reach, hear of, get wind 
of, learn about, come to know about, find out 
about, be told about, be informed about, be re- 
ported to 

to take to, lead to, convey to, J J aIXoJI : J I <i iij 
drive to, steer to 

to become serious, grave, critical jj-l ijl. 'j.'i] Iij 

to culminate, * 


4 iijjjjl jl 

»i <rJ^ S 




eloquent; fluent, well-spoken £-^i : j-L 

serious, grave; intense, deep, profound, jj-£ : j^Jj 
strong; keen, acute, sharp; violent, extreme, exces- 
sive, drastic, severe; considerable, significant, enor- 
mous, substantial, great, large, big; far-reaching 
cool and moist wind or breeze; fresh (air, etc.) JJb 

billion; milliard oj-L 

lowest string of a musical instrument [ J^y* J (W 

ill. j^-lj-S^ 

wry p-lj -<-?">*? 

coffee; coffee beans Ji 

to build, construct, erect, set up, put Lli I i -ui : ^ 

up, raise, rear; to build up, develop, create, 

establish, make, form 

to base on, found on, ground on, ^c u — I : ^c <_^j 

rest on 

to consummate the marriage y jl ^=rjj t> <>* 


to give a word an indeclinable ending, iJSJl ^ 

make indeclinable or uninflected g 

mason; builder yl» : »^ 

constructive, positive 

Freemason, Mason 

building, construction, erection, *liij < x^S : *y 
setting up, putting up, raising, rearing; building up, 
creation, establishment, making, forming, forma- 

cr^ CT'J 

1 , -XjL) i 



**r\j ~ A ^> • * . 



syntax, construction, sentence structure illaJI *y 

Freemasonry, Masonry ili^U : jkll {LJI 

on the basis of, on the ground(s) of, on the <_^c f y 
strength of, based on, relying on, by virtue of, by 
authority of, pursuant to, in accordance with, ac- 
cording to 

to crystallize j>L 

crystal h^i '»J>y 'J>^ '•Jyi 

rock crystal, transparent quartz '^j^° JJ^ 

crystalloid j^LJU A_>i. :,^jljjL 

crystallization j>1j jJ~o» : Sj^L 

crystalline, crystal ^J^i ' S?J.r* 

crystallography oUj^ilii ^U 

blouse «j>1j Oj^ 

oak (^r-^J -rf*-") J»J*i 

acorn, oak nut J»>L> »'jyr '■' t ^>y j . 

, > > . \> 
reaching, arrival; attainment, achieve- Oyo) : ^L 


''., t 

*" • »-l I 

puberty, (sexual)-£^]l y» i tilljj] : ^jllll i>- ' jl>^ 
maturity, adulthood, adolescence; (legal) majority, 
full age, legal age 

'■•.- V 

maturity, ripeness gu*> ■ ^> 

to be or become old, worn, shabby, ragged, tat- ^L 
tered, threadbare; to wear (out), fray, frazzle, tat- 
ter; to deteriorate, disintegrate, decay, rot, molder 
away, decompose, degenerate, spoil; to corrode, 

(Jill) J; 'yjil erlj-.i^ 

clown, buffoon, harlequin, merry- 

(i_«J) jjjLL ojLL 'jLij 

jUJI Cai 

marble, taw *^ : *^ 

weld, dyer's weed (oLj) >b«~L; 

mignonette, reseda (^L-0 *s!jJ»* *^»~^ 

dull, stupid, doltish, slow-witted, dense, thick- jJL 
headed, thick-witted, obtuse, daft, silly; sluggish, 
slothful, lazy, indolent, inert, inactive, torpid, 
lumpish, spiritless, exanimate, listless, languid, 
sleepy, lethargic; slow, slow-moving, slow-motion, 
slow-paced, slowgoing, snail-paced 

billiards; pool 




sugar beet (°Lj) tSj^~ ^ ' ^—-1' j**^> 

Abraham's balm, chaste-tree (oU) c-iSlj^j 

clause, article, item, paragraph, sec- Syii i oL : Juj 
tion; term, provision, stipulation 

banner, flag, standard «.I^J t JLc- : _lJ 

penal clause 'ji\j>- jj! 

optional clause jCJ-l jL 

panda (o !>?■»-) »J^ 

- •- ft-- . -'.- 

seaport, port, harbor, haven, an- 

coastal city ilU- L -U; .u : j luJ 

commercial center c5jlk; jfT^. :jU 
hazelnut(s), filbert(s); hazel (<^>Lj) cJJuj 

hazelnut, filbert Jj^JI Sa>-lj :ujlo 


rifle, gun, shotgun 



(oLi) SjJJuj 


-3 ^ s - -*•- 

flag, banner; pennon 

JLc :5jjJuj 

benzol, benzene 


gasoline, gas, petrol, benzine 

benzene uij-J 

premium gasoline 

•hi"- •"• 

gas station, service station 

(ji.Jr^ *U*s»t<i 


l>Ii :.i 

pension(e), motel, hotel, inn, hostel, hostelry; iiy^i 

ring finger ^--ali-lj <jL'^\ ^1' ^U)ll :^«aJ 

point [i^j^j iiQ.] i^j 

trousers, pants, slacks JUjJj 1 u «Ual( 

table tennis, ping-pong JJjlUl ijZ :iJ4j ii> 

bingo (-V-J) >IL 

violet (oU) 




«J 1W ill 1 J 


accordingly, thus, hence, therefore, con- O^ *^ 

reconstruction, rebuilding t LJI SjUI 

constructional, constructive, building; struc- 
tural; formative 





(oLi) SjjjUj 

at your disposal, at your service, at your liLUJ s-p. 
command, at your beck and call 

building, structure, edifice; premises 

girl; daughter (of someone) 

queen (i_«*J 

niece o»- il jl r- il c 


pebble, small stone sl*»- i^j^l e. 

calamities, misfortunes, di- y»oJI 0L0 1 (j-L oL> 
sasters, catastrophes 

stepdaughter **rjj\ j' rj^' c-^> 

word <JS : iiJJI 0^1 

worries, anxieties jlill oLj t joZJI oUl 

cousin iJlil jl illJI jl Jlil jl Jjl c-^j 

wine fJ^K-JI j' f^l jl ^'■■ill c-1; 

tear <u<j i^^JJI cul> 

thought, idea, concept, conception, no- ^SCJI c-^j 
tion, mental image 

poinsettia, spurge, euphorbia (oLi) J%:;ll c~j 

goddaughter, godchild <jjj-k.Jlj o-j 

,j1aj »j>-Ij -[iiUi J (jliij 0L0 

prostitute, whore, harlot, strumpet cSjil c-'; 



to anesthetize 


henbane, hyoscyamus 

red beet, beet 

Jj*0 J*0 'U'-^JJ C' ■ ' ■ ! 

LJ^r *•■■' ■■ .' 
-a- , »- 


diant, dazzling 

beauty; splendor, magnificence, gorgeousness, 
glory; brilliance, eclat, radiance 




slanderer, calumniator, traducer 

pepper; spice 

to astonish, amaze, astound, flabber- i y^o <. o*. 
gast, bewilder, shock, startle, stun, thunderstrike, 
dumbfound, strike dumb 

to fabricate lies against, ac- <_jjlSCJ1 oic (Sj^s I : c-*j 
cuse falsely of; to slander, libel, calumniate, de- 
fame, malign, vilify, asperse, traduce, speak evil of 

o*j ff 'J - t -* 1 

to fade, dim, pale, wan, dull, <_*«w> : (rJJ ujill) C, 
wash out, blanch, tarnish, faint, lose brightness or 
luster, grow dim or pale; to bleach, lose color 

to be or become astonished, J»^» « j~sZ < ,_£».> : 
amazed, astounded, flabbergasted, startled, bewil- 
dered, perplexed, stunned, shocked, aghast, thun- 
derstruck, dumbfounded, speechless 

• -» • -* 

slander, calummy, defama-iyiS" ijil <■ ^j^>\ : <J^ 
tion, aspersion, vilification, traducement; fabrica- 
tion, false accusation; lie, untruth, falsehood, fal- 

to be or become beautiful, splendid { j-a- : n+t 

^ ^ - - - 
joy, delight, happiness, delectation, rjt i jjj~ 

glee, gaiety, mirth, hilarity, cheerfulness) 

beauty, grace; splendor, resplen- »l«j 


to dazzle, daze, blind; to overwhelm, (~IJ J**A\) jt> 


< fi' - ■'"■'■ " 



bench; seat 

bank of issue 

credit bank 

savings bank 

blood bank 

eye bank 

central bank 



banking, bank 

sonship, filiation 


my little son 



"Sit *iLJ 



» > >, 


* *' 



lij^j <_U~ t^ 


cr^* {f 

*-lj — AjUj 4 




structure, setup, makeup, constitution, construe- *«, 
tion, composition, physique, build, make, frame, 
formation, morphology, form; fabric, texture 

infrastructure, substructure 


weak, feeble, frail, delicate 

able-bodied, strong, sturdy, husky, burly, 


penicillin ^ 


structural, constitutional, constructional <3fc-J 

to be or become beautiful, pretty, charming; to be 1$j 
or become splendid, gorgeous, glorious, magnifi- 
cent; to be or become brilliant, bright, shining, ra- 



calf, lamb, kid 

lobby; foyer; hall; parlor 

beautiful, pretty, charming; splendid, gorgeous, ( ^i 
glorious, magnificent; brilliant, bright, radiant,' 
shining, dazzling 

happy, glad, delighted, cheerful, joyful, jj ^— • : **$> 
joyous, gay, merry, gleeful 

delightful, pleasant, gladdening, cheerful, jL : rt-jj 
cheering, happy, bright 

charming, graceful, beautiful, 
splendid, magnificent 

black, pitch-black, jet-black, ebony 

beast, animal, quadruped, brute 

beasts, animals, quadrupeds, brutes; livestock, Jl+j 

bestial, beastly, brutish, brute, feral; animal i»*-fc 

bestiality, brutishness, ferity; animality, animal 

young camel 

to install (in an office), induct (into an^^-x- 1 i_«aj : \y 
office), invest (with an office), inaugurate; to ap- 
point (to an office), nominate 

to put up, lodge, quarter, accommo- J^l i (3jl : \'y> 
date, house, room, provide lodgings for 

to settle (down) at; to stay in, reside J^ < *UI : I^j 
in, dwell in, live in, inhabit 

boa 'jir^ <y»*' : *\y 

doorkeeper, gatekeeper, e-s^U- i jyl>\j '(j-jL- '-^y, 
concierge, janitor; porter; doorman 

pylorus [ £, jjj ] <_> I^J 

gate, portal ^uS" <_>l :<t\y 

pyloric [^j^"]^ 1 * 

stagnation, stagnancy, dullness, depression, jUT : j\y 
recession, slump; unsalability, unmarketability 

fallow land, wasteland, waste jy Jaj\ '■ j\y 

ruin, destruction 

dJ^U :jl* 

■./■■*'-.- , ."^i 

gyaac s'HT'.wwn 

'■■ ■■-'' '"-^ 

to dazzle, shine, glitter, sparkle jyC <. *U»I : '^> 

to be or become dazzled, dazed; to be (wJJ Yj^>) '^ 
or become overwhelmed, overpowered 

to pant, gasp, be out of breath, be <u*ii ^ '■ I : ^ 


to pepper, spice, season jl^l) I ■_ V : j^, 

pant, gasp, breathlessness; apnea; - -II p-Lklll :j^j 
dyspnea, difficult breathing, labored respiration 
middle, center, heart ,L- j : Sj^j 

to adorn, embellish, ornament, garnish, 'Jl'j : rjti 
decorate, deck out, bedeck, dress; to overdecorate, 
bedizen, prank; to tinsel, spangle 

to falsify, fake, counterfeit LiJ j : -rj+i. 

false, sham, fake, phony, nS ->j < (_U»L> t UZ\ j : r>fc 
spurious, untrue, counterfeit, mimic, mock, bogus, 
dummy, fictitious, make-believe; vain, worthless; 
bad, inferior, poor, low-grade 

counterfeit money t-iS I j JL : -r j+j 

tinsel, spangle; frippery, cheap a* I j_» i»>-»- :0U-j4j 

sham splendor, empty show, hollow pomp; *^j4j 

showy adornment, cheap ornamentation, gaudy 

embellishment; showiness, gaudiness, tawdriness, 

flashiness, garishness 

_ ». > . 

safnower y — ■- i r>i»j» '• u L ^41 i fj^i 

suberous, suberose I?'- 1 * ■ I»rfc 

holly, ilex ('"' l .') ****!; 

to weigh heavily on, oppress, Ja jl < J* JiS I : Ja^j 
overburden, overload, surcharge 
.... - ; <• -- 

vitiligo (#r^ i>->* : J** 

lichen (^Li) ^JLI J^J 

to curse, damn, execrate, imprecate J*} : 'J+> 

acrobat, tumbler, equilibrist, rope walker, tight- u'jlij 

rope walker, ropedancer, funambulist 

acrobatic *: I'J^ 

acrobatics 'C'I>hj oli - ^- jl ^^c'Sl lOLilUii 


-»*- * i s .|'T" 

jester, fool, clown, buffoon, harlequin, 


(°M) u4 




^..'.> j.^ 


trumpet, bugle 

mullet, striped mullet, 




boric acid 

to pout; to sulk 

ice cream 



bus, autobus 
mail, post 


ditch reed 





crucible, melting pot 

potentilla, cinquefoil, 

ice cream 

metatarsal bone 








gray mullet (iiL»— ) \Sjy 

- -a ' 

o j^o>- i j?e>- '■ <j jy 
[*^^J (J-^iJy i U-^ L iJy 

, ,, , . '. *-■* -a- 

(T^t 4 % '■'- " ■»■' t 4 ; 7 j iw Uj 1 >J4J 

**x : »j>; 'jx 

^Ja^^j **-lj — <C*d^j 

(oLi) (j<»^j 
• M , , * 

- ..« „~> ,* 

(oLi) jj^ay 
(oLi) J»^j 

--.:•-* -'i •' 

five-finger (^Li) *jj^jay 


-. ** • - 

*-» *>- 


'i:r xr' , c , ,! 

.; l .'«gsa 

hell, perdition 

(*-«■ -J 

I^Jl jlj 


hemorrhoids, piles ji-lv 

hemorrhoidal Jij^J^ 

trumpeter, bugler, cornetist ij^JI J r«-»UI : jl^j 

polyuria J>JI »j^ '~^y '<-"x 

, », „ a- 

to divide into chapters or sections; to clas- <_iUo : Ljy 
sify, class, categorize, tabulate, arrange, sort (out), 
assort, group, grade 

flycatcher (^jU.) iiC.jj 

poplin (crle») c^x 

potash uL^-' -c^X 

caustic potash, potassium hydroxide 








crucible, melting pot 

(spark) plug 

divulgence, disclosure, revealing, reve- *llil :(-;) ^ 

lation, revealment, uncovering 


crucible, melting pot 

Buddhist li A y 

-a. >.. _s. > 

Buddhism V^Xr" '*i J X 

to let lie fallow, leave uncultivated or (^ j all ) j^j 

fallow, uncultivated, unsown, unplanted, wild jy 

.> ■> .» 

wasteland, waste, fallow land jy_ Jof, 

borate <A>j>J' *Jo**- r«J^ '-^jy 

bourgeois <Sj\y:jy 

bourgeoisie ^.j'yrjy 

porcelain, china oj^- t /-~*« : ijJ**jy 

stock exchange, stock market, ex- J>i*»- : *«ej>j 

change, bourse 



[ »L*^ J 3jy 
\o^^) C~jjy 


uric, urinary, urinous 
urinary system 
uric acid 

policeman, (police) 


vice squad 

* 4 ' 

',•'*.•' <■,--■>. , 

, ', 3' . ^ *■ .- - 

(urinary) bladder, vesica <£)>> iiu« 

.' • ' ' 

police, policemen, police force <Ja; Li 1 aJ» J^ : y-J^j 

military police (^^v— c J' («;>*■ 

secret agent, detective, sleuth; secret iSj^ cr J>; 
police, secret service, detective squad 

traffic police j-UI jl jjjll ^-4y 

' ' >V 
police commissioner, commissioner of ^-Jjj jyl> 


police station; police post 

police; detective 

police state 

detective story 

police dog 

policy, insurance policy 
bill of lading 

Jy <0jJ 

.3 > t- - 

4 I ^j 4jljj 

■*■ 1 "* ** '> 

,— ~J_jj C-A5 


difference, disparity, discrepancy, 
dissimilarity, contrast 
distance; interval; remoteness, 

drops, candy, bonbon 


^_,G *>n.\y (J^U- 

V: -•: . •- 

u t Ai Lj . \Jy 



straits, narrows 

bugloss, anchusa 

buffet, sideboard, credenza 

i> ?j ^* : y*y 

(oLj) ^aiiy 

o< y -<^y 

to trumpet, bugle, toot, blow 4_i +±> : (jjlll j) ijjj 
the horn or trumpet, sound the bugle 

horn, trumpet, bugle, cornet, eupho- jyo 1 jju : ay 
nium, tuba 

. ' : -fi *'. -" 

4^-j ol Jl i jytj .Uy 
' I *\ *' V 



mouthpiece, spokesman, ^JJJi _. 
speaker; trumpeter; agent 


(fallopian) tube, salpinx, oviduct 

mug, drinking cup 


sarracenia, pitcher plant 




, > 


J^ (3>X oi'y»- '■ Uy 

[rij^l &y 

• < , 

i_j,UI i3j>j jL>i a-jJ '• & %i 



to urinate, micturate, make water 



retention of urine; anuria, anuresis JjlJI yC-i- 


i>l)ijjJi 11 a 

urethra, urinary tract or canal Jjlll (i^^v 



urea, carbamide 

boulevard, thoroughfare, highway 






man- l+zJ^*»- jl S^JLLII jl *:. »...!! ol^j slf-y u^h 


memorial, statement of facts [ oy l» J j-j 1»>I I o ^ 

explicative or explanatory appo- [i«j] uQ oiL* 

rhetoric O^-JI jJLc 

it goes without saying (that); it (ol) u£JI t>* (£■*■ 
is self-evident, obvious, unquestionable, undeni- 
able, indisputable 

piano, pianoforte (i-JL-.>* *JI)^>Lj :uLj 

^ ^ -*.^ -• ^ 
data, information, facts J^l**- ' Cj ^ , y*-' :i -'^^ 

piano, pianoforte (£!*--.>• ill) ^iL; 

pianist >£-^ (s-f ^ j') <-»jl* 

rhetorical OUl r*L*» jJL"-^ ' <«f >; : ^ ^ 

illustrative, clarifying, demonstra- 
tive, explanatory, expository 

graphic LjLJI J»^L>JI jl ^^L jl*^. i^u 
graph, diagram, chart ^jC ( Jjjb>- i Jx>-) |»»j 

(/■^j : v! - 




JLC itjlml 

to contrive, scheme, (tJJ Ij^I jl S^^j jl ii*i-) r,y 
plot, intrigue; to hatch, brood; to premeditate; to 
harbor, hide, conceal 

to lodge, put up for the night is jl i oC I : l^Z 

to castle [^J^Je^ 

house, home, apartment, flat, resi- j£Ll» i Jyl» : oli 
dence, domicile, dwelling, place, abode, habitation 

family, household, house 5^1 :cJj 

case, casing, covering), housing, vO i »U»* :eJj 

sheath, box 

compass 5 ^))" ^-sf 

toilet, water closet, W.C., *>»«JI o-j i c-o jI c--j 
bathroom, men's room, ladies' room 

parliament, people's assembly or council <• jl o-j 

prefabricated house, prefab _>»W- c-j 

paint; shoe polish 
bootblack, shoeblack 

J^ Jf '-'"t*-* 
microspore; sporidium #**> *y : fay 

environment, surroundings, milieu, Jalj 
setting; medium; ambience 


mullet, striped mullet, gray mullet 

infantry, infantry soldiers 

orange grove 

whiteness, white 

blank, (empty) space, blank space 

albumen, white (of egg) 

white (of the eye) 

whitewash (jlj-^' *^H u^rH 

daylight jW~" u°^>. 

fine character; good reputation 

iLjl ,0* 

' •» ) J* - s, 

sULI jjjJ-1 :<oLj 


white goods, linen(s), linen ^^Uj *^a*' : °'- i ^; 

day and night, by day and JJJI jI>-j f>JI yiC 
by night, (a)round-the-clock 

blank, unmarked; in blank 
carte blanche 
blank check 

the Kaaba 

i^SGl :J^JI '^Zi\ > r i>i ^i 

u^>^ jf 'j ~l>*^; 
j^^ jf'j-^ 

statement, declaration, announcement; pj-aj :uC 


communique, bulletin; announcement, f% : oC 

proclamation; notice; manifesto 

report, memorandum, account, state- jj^iJ : oQ. 
ment; representation; release 

index; catalog, list, register, roll; |_rj4» i iaw^ :oLh 

style, diction ljjJl.1 :oCj 

eloquence, good style <z% : o^t 



5>JI <_A-II Cr? : <J> 

>**-/ u$— -j 

*L- oLJ 


baseball; softball 


aconite, monkshood, wolfsbane 

to whiten, make white or whiter 

to tin, tinplate «L»U>jl <Si\ (ji-j 

to whitewash 

to bleach, blanch, discharge 

to make a fair copy of 

may God make him happy! 


a_j SjUj WlJ 

jljjLl ^o*j 

soft-boiled eggs 
hard-boiled eggs 
fried eggs 
scrambled eggs 


testicle, testis, spermary 


<U^U*j ojU-^ •tjj** (<*-* (j^yi 

(_^i-ji ^T'J — »' 1 ^1 j.* 

B Jj»- 

« •*' 

an impossible thing; something that liLjJI i. 
happens once in a lifetime; extremely rare 

in broad daylight jt" <■««?? J 

oval, ovate, ovoid, egg-shaped, elliptical ^y-^i 

farrier JJ-I Jf-i J?^ -J" 1 ^ 

veterinarian 'Sj^'. S -; -:- k '-J^rt 

to horseshoe, shoe a horse, fit with aJI; : oLaJ-l ^JiL 
a horseshoe 

farriery v'j-J' J^~" : °J^4i 

veterinary medicine 


veterinary medicine (Sj^>. s-J» 

veterinarian iSj^i 

(3 j h-f ( <-J r> I Oj h.i 

: — n 

brothel, bordello, bawdy »U_JI c^ t SjIcjJI euJ 
house, whorehouse, house of prostitution 
marital house, conjugal home *^>-JS" cJj 

dermoid cyst [ (_J, ] ^,1 ^.U 

tent iVl. 

verse, line (of poetry) 
cobweb, web, spiderweb 

Jl lllll 


essence, quintessence, core, pith, gist, 

treasury, exchequer 



business establishments, commercial ijjlk; ot w 
houses, firms, institutions 

jit r ij-c4Ji jii 

domestic, house, home, family, house- [Jy^ '•!**■*! 
hold; homemade; private 

i_AJI 1 (js>-l j :<<—; 

domestic(ated), tame(d) 

beige, ecru, light tan 

pajamas, pajama 

desert; wilderness, wild 

pedagogical ) 


but, yet, however, still, nevertheless, on the 
other hand 

threshing floor 


pawn (in chess) 



flag, banner, standard 


( rujja^jl) jjuj t JJuj 

standard-bearer, color-bearer (i^r~~" J*^ - : j'^ji? 

bureaucratic ^_l»lj»jj)j 

bureaucracy "utl^ijjy 

beret i *-^ * jjj \"„ k » ey^Jji *4jjy 

peso (XL*) j>j 




gR^jg.MjTjX '«. . iftTi 

sodium bicarbonate 

elder, balm 



(^)ut ... 

lunatic asylum, «-jjuoi ^i^.,^ 

insane asylum, mental hospital 

- - . « - - '. * - »- 
to show, demonstrate, manifest, j«^»j' ' j***' : Cx! 
display, exhibit, present, bring out, bring into view; 
to bring to light, reveal, disclose, uncover, expose; 
to clarify, make clear; to explain, expound, eluci- 
date, illustrate, shed light upon; to indicate, state, 
set forth 

clear, plain, distinct, mani- t-*?\j ' iJ*r ' _>*U» '■ Cxi 
fest, evident, obvious, patent, conspicuous, visible, 
apparent, marked, unmistakable, intelligible, lucid, 
explicit, express 
separation, division, disunion, disunity is ji '.^ju 

enmity, hostility, <->^f- < «jIj* : i>~" °^ ' i>e 
animosity, antagonism; dissension, discord, dis- 
between; among; admist; through ^ 

medium, middling, mediocre, just fair, not ^ ^ 
bad, so-so, neither very good nor very bad; betwixt 
and between, in an intermediate position 

while, as, during (the time J^U- i i Li I : UL <. L-L-> 

that), at the time that, at the time of, in the course 


while, whereas, when on (ol) ^>- j : LL < £-4> 

the other hand, while on the contrary 

cS>- *'j ~<>jl\ !>o '>-ij (j*? Ck>. '^'j <~-*l Cr* 
from time to time, now and then, once in a while, 
occasionally, at times, sometimes 

with him, in his posses- 4J jLy j i a« : 4j x> ,j-j 

sion, in his hands, under his control 

before him, in his presence 4jLI : ajOj ^ 

between ourselves, between you LjI; ( Cj ) L» j 
and me, as a secret 

Crr! {fh~ \+s> 

evidence, proof JJj i oLil :<iu 

testimonial proof or p>t^ o^W-j) <~oa.i. aj_j 
evidence; testimony 


sale, selling, vendition 
fraudulent sale 


? S "* ,, • „^ • s , <*•' 

(jcLkill jl (j^^iJI jl 4jJ,s*jJlj »-j 


clearance, clearance sale, sale «.ui.a,.j i »_j 

installment sale, sale in (or by) install- ,k,..«:Hj vj 


execution sale 

forced sale 


optional sale 

sale on credit 

sale on approval 

sale, public sale 

judicial sale 

auction, sale by auction, public (7-dlJl) jIjIHj j^j 
sale, public auction, vendue 

conditional sale ^>ij^» >e 

hawking, ped- J>*»JI jl Jl^kJI ^o i si jLJI £j 
dling, peddlery 

cash sale 



for sale, on sale 

resale, reselling 

vending machine 


homage, pledge of allegiance 

Kyj\ fl~* ji I : « ■■■■ I . ! 

«lJI Sjitcl 

sale; commercial transaction.ili^a ( «-j illlc : i*-j 
business deal 

(good) bargain, favorable transaction or iru lj ii^o 


into the bargain SillJI J* 

church cSjLMaJI i—^S" :<<uj 

synagogue j^^lJI a ..jjT :ilL 

vetch (^Lj) Sf^ '<**J 


compass(es), dividers 




£-* fr* 

". ' 'gagsf .; 


butane (j^) CkI*?. "j">rt 

biotin (u^^*) <j£>* 

pyorrhea iiLII i_<l+JI ioj^ 

oviparous, egg-laying, producing eggs cAfcri 

biological) (/^' : i/r>>* 

biologist ifr^y?. f^ 

biology f L^- , !l! (Jf- : L»->>- 

small house jj^> c~j 

ovum, egg; ovule [ * L»- 1 J 


,U : 

circumstantial evidence 

evidence in writing, literal proof 

to be fully aware of, well-informed ^ <c_j ^c 0^ 
about, acquainted with, abreast with, on top of 

table tennis, ping-pong iljlkll ip : v^j j»-j 

bingo (-LJ) 

stale, old 

\^ ^Jr >r >r ^r ^^'^^ ^^r \^^ ^^r ^^ ^^ ^^ 

^^ ^^ ^^ n^ ^j^ ^5r ^r ^r N^ n^ nJt ^jr >J^ 

notice of; to study, examine; scrutinize, inquire into 

to look for, search for 




to agree with someone on Jx. <Ui I j : Jx. GSi jut 

or in, concur with someone in 

>* ft ~~ 
to continue one s studies, study, attend a-jjj »jU 


j^ju j I LJLaJ «j 



to prosecute, sue, bring suit Lj 
against, take legal action against 

following, succeeding, subsequent, 


t* - 
attached, added, appended, ?>—** 

annexed, joined, subjoined 
appurtenant, appendant, acces- JjJl. i JyU>J '■ f->^ 
sory, auxiliary, ancillary, supplementary, subsidi- 
ary; accompanying, attendant, collateral, concomi- 

appendage, adjunct, ap- jjj i iiU>j i JjJl. :.«_jL; 
purtenance; addition, addendum, annex, attach- 
ment, appendix, supplement 

secondary, minor, subsidiary, tributary, l$y^ : £->^ 
accessory, ancillary, sub-, side 

subordinate, subaltern, infe- u-jj j-« t **»U- : ^jt 
rior; subject, vassal; under someone, under some- 
one's control (authority, command); dependent; 
subsidiary; heteronomous 

servant, retainer, follower, factotum 

r- jt 

follower, adherent, partisan, disciple j^ 

subject, national, citizen JL> \'y, 


appositive; apposition 

<-Lt ^1 t-o^i J>** JJ-^ Jrr* { *-^ ^ 


tt L 

by God 

repentant, repenting, penitent, contrite »jU :i_Jlj' 

straying, wandering, roaming, roving, 3U> :«jIj 

errant, .erratic, lost, stray, astray 

proud, haughty, arrogant, supercilious, jSjl> : <Ju 

absentminded, distracted, distrait, ,_y» JJI jjlt : <J li 

to repent, be or become penitent 

to repent, turn from sin; to re- 
nounce, forswear, forsake 

to turn to God in repentance 4&I <JI Lt 

to forgive, pardon <d jki. :<uic *j)l L.U 

to refuse, decline, reject, turn down J&j '• uH* 

to £e or become permanent, 
lasting, eternal, everlasting 

„..< * , s »- 

Jul vr'j - ul>J-l jjIj 

to carry under one's arm; to put one's arm ij U 


to continue, go on 

, carry i_iiull 1 J^slj 1 _ / *-^l : ,v^' 

on, proceed; to continue to do, keep doing, keep 
on (doing), keep (up), go on doing, persist in, per- 
severe in, stick to, adhere to; to resume, recom- 
mence, renew, begin again 

to follow; to pursue, follow LiiiJ 1 J*- "il 1 «_J : ^ t 
up; to chase, trail, track, trace, run after, go after 

to watch, observe, see, jj-jj 1 Jii-'il 1 Lilj :pt 
look closely at; to mark, pay attention to, take 




^ss^^^ 4fci^ 


to pursue, follow, chase, 
track, trace, trail 

to imitate, copy, emulate, follow the j iS±3\ : J\j 
example of 

(state of) being influenced or affected or Jlujl :^Ju' 
impressed; passivity; emotion, affection, affectiv- 
ity; agitation, excitement, stimulation 

-* I s - 'f: 
sensitivity, sensibility, excitability ^Lj- : Jb 

i^Ls-J : jiu 

4_f Uaj I : ij^j 

feeling, sensation, perception 
impressionistic; impressionist 



to shun (avoid, turn from, abstain £ )ll 
from) sin 


'■' • -\ 



-« '.■«•- J- 
effect, influence; impact, bearing; y\ <. o>*** '-j^y 


impression, impress, effect; impact, *ij : jyt 


effectiveness, efficacy, efficiency 

influence, sway, authority, power,Aj»L, <. iyii : jOu 

leverage, clout 


side effect, side reaction 





capital, chapiter 

to burn, blaze, flame, in- jiJl i J*^.U <_-4-JI :£»■ 

flame, deflagrate 

burning, blaze, flame, deflagration p»t 

to trade (in), carry on trade (in), traffic (in), ( j) jyXl 

deal (in), do business (in); to sell, merchandise, 

handle; to commercialize 

merchant, dealer, trader, tradesman; business- ^li' 



+J I : m^ U 



satellite, moon [tfili ] 

satellite (state or country), de- £jt jJl> i i<ot i)_j j 
pendent state or territory, vassal state (or country), 

-- i- -- * '.' 
subsidiary a*jU a— y 

nationality, citizenship *~~~>- '■ <1«j U 

' ; '.* 7-' 

spice, condiment; seasoning; dressing (JjI_>j r) JjU 

painting, picture; tableau, tableau vivant 9 ^i^ 

to be far above; to remain <jc %iy i <ji ojjj :<ji oU' 
aloof from, turn away from 

coffin, casket (c~J0 £>y>& 

' " ' - * ', 
sarcophagus i_rjj" '■(Sj***- X" 

box, case, chest, coffer Jj-lUo : o_jjU 

ark (of the covenant) _4»J I o^> t 

eternization, perpetuation, immortal- jiJlliw : jljU 

pollination ^>l j 

eulogy, funeral oration; commemoration 
eulogistic; commemorative 



■ t- 

to stammer, stutter UU :U'U' 

to arise from, result from, ^ i lii : <jx. jl ^ ,jj t 
stem from, originate from, spring from, derive 
from, issue from 

to result in, end j jl JJ j^ljl i JJ cS^l :<ji ^ylj 
in, end with 

to be or become easy, facile, feasi- J+Lj : _,-• Si <_y t 
ble, attainable; to go well 

stammerOng), stutteKing) SUU :i'UU 

to be furnished oli /JA\ j I lili^L jj j 4 iil : iit 

to succeed, prosper 

to be or become wealthy, rich ts ^t- 

to be affected, influenced, acted (^ jl J jl _>) j5\j 
upon, be passive; to be impressed, moved, 
touched, stimulated, excited 

to feel, sense, perceive j*^. : y\> 


3~ - ft & " 

backwardness, underdevel- j>J»i jl fjJu 
opment, retardation 



default, failure to pay on time, being »jjJI ^t 

in arrears 

to border on or upon, abut on or jjU 4 ^o *$ : n*-\j 

upon, adjoin, neighbor, touch, be adjacent to, be 

contiguous with, be next to, lie in contact with 

delay(ing), postponement, deferment, Jer" '-jar^ 
putting off 

retardation, hindrance, imped- iilil 1 JjjoJ : j^-fc 

ing, obstruction, holding up, blocking 

setting back, putting back iiCJI *»-t 

to be performed, carried out; to be { jJai 1 iij : lioli 
discharged, settled 

to get ready; to be ready, be prepared a«i»l : cjjti 

to be conveyed to Jj jji : JJ tS jt 

to arrive at, reach, get to JJ J*>j : JJ (i jt 

J J (i^l p-lj-J.I </j* :JJ (i*^ 

to be well-mannered, well- v-^> ' v-*** 00 :ojU 
bred, refined, polished, cultured, educated, polite, 
mannerly, civil, courteous, urbane, fair-spoken; to 
be well-disciplined 

to educate oneself, study ^ j j 1 <ujj i_iii : ujI" 

to imitate, copy, emulate, <> ijjui\ : <> jL i-O" 
follow someone's example or model, pattern after, 
model after, take after 

deliberateness, slowness o^> '-iiy 

deliberately, slowly, J+, Jc <. <juj '•»*£> <• »J>> (J* 
unhurriedly, without haste 

education, refinement, polishing, culti- i_-j J«J : v^ J " 
vation, culture, discipline, disciplining 

discipline, disciplining, chastisement, ilill* :t_ojt 
(disciplinary) punishment 

disciplinary; punitive I*~!' J " 

to suffer (or incur) damage or inju- <ji jl <JC»I : liit 
ry, be harmed, be hurt, be wronged 
to be someone's contemporary or <> Jl <jo : cjjU 
comrade or peer 


0^4 . OJU 

wholesaler, wholesale dealer 

retailer, retail 
white slaver 

^cLUI ji ii^Jjl ji j^l 

lArf 1 ^' JHj^' >^ 

salable, marketable; selling well, in »>rt <uUu 
demand, popular, hot (merchandise, goods, items, 

to be postponed, deferred, put off, i^ jl 4 'Jar' : J*.U' 
delayed, adjourned 

coronary; coronal; mitral 
coronary occlusion or thrombosis 
coronary artery, coronary 


,j!-lJ ulj^ 


lighting, kindling, inflaming, in- «- 1 ja-a- . n»j>- 
flammation; setting ablaze, stoking, stirring up 

letting, letting out, renting out, leasing, hiring jjfU 
out, rental, hire; lease 

» - - > i' 
charter, chartering »JJ ij\l> jl *■■''- ju-U 

subleasing, subletting, underletting; ^U I J, j^t 


rental (value..) tij«r^' 

postponement, deferment, putting off, t \arj\ : J-*^ 
delay(ing), adjournment 

to be easy, facile, possible, L^ 1 jj^lj 1 jllj : rlj 

feasible, attainable, obtainable 

to be foreordained, predestined, predeter- jji : *-U 

fraternization, brotherly association, (,>LJl) f-Xj 
fraternal or friendly terms; fraternity, brotherline'ss 
to fraternize, associate or mingle as brothers or ^-Li 
on fraternal terms, be on fraternal or friendly 


„ 3^ .. ' s f' 
to be late; to tarry, linger, delay; to lag, i^iLa^ -ji-u 

fall behind, stay behind 

'5'' - * y~ 
to retard, slow, delay; to be delayed, oy* ■ >■£ 

retarded, hindered, impeded, obstructed, help up, 

to be delayed, deferred, postponed, put 3r*J : >■ « 

to default, be in arrears, be behind- 

• Jl, 

hand, be bebind, fall behind, fail to pay on time 

delay, retardation, lag, falling be- i.ifcj 1 J^J :^u 
hind, staying behind; tardiness, slowness, lateness, 
belatedness, tarrying 


yj ' l ' ," '' 




aggravation, worsening, complication; critical »Ju 
development; impasse, deadlock 

aggravation, worsening, complication, f'j I jjusu : £jt 


mutual consolation; <_,-!_; jjua> :(,--UJ l) ^U 

mutual assistance 

to console or comfort one 

to assist or support uj"" ' L»»L .»« • » »: uj^c : <_j-Lj 
one another 

to be consoled; to find solace or consola- ti^nJ : iJ m\j 
tion; to console oneself 

JL«UmiI ju»- I j *- JL«f u 

to be founded, established, set up; to be iJ ^. 1 : (_,»! u 
instituted, built, created, originated, formed, orga- 
nized, constituted, made, started 

to be based on, founded on, grounded on >( J* ^j-lb 
rested on 

(the) ninth tr^' 'fr*^' 

ninth, ninthly lL.ll 

to regret; to feel or be sorry (for) uL. I : uu* 17 

regret; sorrow, grief i_««. I : uLi U 

atavism, throw- (J^C^I olw Jj ojj* i iy^rj : lU^ 

back, reversion 


4> * 

4j j iU • Cmiu 

lj-1 C <_>— I £»- I J - ,j«<lj 

consolation, comfort, condolence, 

founding, foundation, setting up, establishing, Lr --. .t 
establishment, laying the foundation or substruc- 
ture (of); instituting, institution, building, creating, 
creation, originating, origination, organizing, orga- 
nization, constituting, constitution, forming, for- 
mation, making, starting 

based on, relying on, on the basis of, on <J* C--.U 
the grounds of, by virtue of, on the strength of, 
pursuant to 

founding; foundational, fundamental; insti- ^-?*u 
tutional; organizational; formative; constitutional, 
structural, constructive 

constituent assembly t*r-" u-^v 

sometimes, at times 

* • » '- 

sometimes... and 'j>J»j ■ • • »jt ' »jtj ■ • • Sjt 

sometimes, at times... and at other times 

from time to time, now and then, i£>-l j • jt [>1j 
once in a while, occasionally, sometimes, at* times 

to blaze, flame, glow c-juul i cJuli.1 : ( jUI o.) tiijU 

to rock, swing, sway, fluctuate, oscillate, rurjt 

vibrate, vacillate, seesaw, teeter, totter, wobble 
rocking, swingGng), swayGng), fluctuation, ruj-jt 
oscillation, vibration, vacillation, seesaw, teeter, 

to leave alone, let go, release, oj^*- 4 <jc_j ai ^ : djU 
free, unhand 

to suspend hostilities with, jU i 1)L 4 iJU» : djt 
make peace with, conclude a truce with 

historiography; chronicling; chronology; dating fuju 

history; chronicle; annals; date; time; period 

due date, date of maturity 

case history 

biography, memoir; life 
history; curriculum vitae 



undated, dateless, with- 
out a date 
historical, historic 


grounding, earthing 



VjUl ^ Jii 

l CJ 


to help (support, assist) one another; to Ojli; 03^ 
cooperate, collaborate, work together; to rally, 
unite, come together, join forces 

cooperation, collaboration, mutual Ojl«J : jjL< 

assistance, working together; rallying), joining of 
forces, uniting of efforts; synergism, synergy, 
cooperative action, combined action 

to become critical, aggravated, JiUj i " 


worse, complicated, strained; to reach a crisis or 
deadlock, come to a head 



seek to ascertain, check, verify; to reassure oneself 

making sure, verification, check(ing); reassur- jS U' 
ance; ascertainment; certainty, certitude, assur- 
ance, conviction, sureness, positivism 
to plow, till, cultivate cj_p- 1 jS I : ji U' 

to oxidize, become oxidized or rusty juSu' 

oxidation juS"ll' 

taxi, taxicab, cab V^ 

to corrode, erode, wear out, wear away, JSU' <■ Js 1 L7 
abrade, fret; to be eaten away, corroded, eroded, 
worn, fretted, abraded 

corrosion, erosion, wear, wearing away, JSIj 'JSu' 

fret, abrasion 

confirmation, affirmation, assertion; assurance ±Su 

stress, emphasis ((Jt) juSC 

certainly, of course, positively, definitely, jl^uI 
surefly), for sure, to be sure, assuredly, absolutely, 
by all means, unquestionably, undoubtedly 

confirmatory, confirmative, confirming, affir- liJuS" t 
mative, affirming; corroborative; emphatic 

following, next, coming, succeeding, ((J&O <J^' 

subsequent, sequent, consequent; later, future, ul- 
terior, eventual 

consequently, hence, thus, therefore, U U i (JUL 

accordingly, so, as a result, then, subsequently 

as follows (J&^ 

«# *: 




to follow 

to agree with J>*'.J : <jlt> 

to participate in, share in, <$j^*\ <■ ^'^ '■ j <jlt; 
take part in; to associate (with someone) in 

to conspire against, plot against J*. ^U : J* LJ U' 

to gather (against), rally 11»J : ( !w» _ji Jt) v_Ju 
(against), band together (against) 

conspiring, conspiration, conspiracy, yXl, :Jt 

gathering, rallying, banding together ^Ju : i_Jb 
old, time-honored, long-possessed, inherited eji : jJL" 


marking, checking off; s^jiul ««i»j i ^s- i J.} : jjJiU' 
signing; stamping; official endorsement 

visa s'jwt 

Oj<LmpU *jy>Vi 


ljj» : »J»->I 


to take root, strike root; to be -lL>I 

£-j ' J J 

or become deep-rooted, firmly established, deep- 
seated, inveterate, ingrained, innate, inherent 
to derive one's origin from 'qa Jjm : [>. jj!Uu 

deep-rootedness, rootage, inveteracy, innateness J-aU' 

allotropy [ ( L^S"] J-slj 

allotropic [ »l,,..,_<] l^o^> 

rooting, founding, foundation; jl>l j >'■»- : J__^U' 

consolidation; establishing the origin of 

bending, curving ^ :jiiU' 

framing, rimming jlLl iJ»l»-j :j<J»t 

cr^ £f'j ~ erf ^ 

to grumble, mutter, grouch, complain, whine, <_ut 
repine, fuss 

grumble, grumbling, complaint, mutter, whine, <-ii 
whining, grouch, displeasure, disgust, discontent 

insignificant, trivial, trifling, paltry, J~U> . 



negligible, inconsiderable, worthless, petty, unim- 
portant, fiddling, fractional, frivolous 

tasteless, insipid, vapid, flat; Jj—. t Jj> % :ajU 
bland, dull; banal, trite, commonplace, stale' 

stupid, silly, absurd, ridiculous *.»,-»,., : Ai U 

trifle, triviality, vanity *4»Ij 

to long for, yearn for, hanker (Jj) jl^l : (<Jj) tSUT 
after, pine for, hunger for, thirst for, die to; to 
crave, desire, desiderate; to miss; to aspire to 

to acclimatize, acclimate, adapt (oneself), oilSo : ( 
adjust (oneselO, habituate oneself 

acclimatization, acclimation, adaptation, oiJCj : (Jiu 

to be or become confirmed, affirmed; to be ^"511 liSTu' 
or become established, proven; to be or become 
certain, sure, definite, positive; to prove to be true 
or correct, turn out to be true or correct 

to be sure of, certain of, convinced j* Si <y> j&K 
of, confident of; to ascertain, find out or learn with 
certainty about, know for certain; to make sure of, 

'jft r-\r 


joining, combination, combining, connection, con- 
necting, integration, integrating 

synthesis S-?f > : >-*& 

reconciliation, peacemaking; i^cL. t ^yiy '■ oLJfc 


domestication, taming ^j^ i^j-jj :<_jJk 

by, written by |JlL : (u^i ) <-«Jt 

synthetic ifT^ -^ 

deification, apotheosis, idolization 111 j-un :*JU 

£ cf rlj "'r l; 

perfect, consummate; complete, full, whole, total, ^ U' 
entire, integral, thorough; plenary; absolute, un- 
qualified, outright, downright, out-and-out, sheer, 
utter, - stark; completed, finished, concluded, 
wound up, finalized; accomplished, achieved; 
perfected, consummated, rounded off, rounded 
out; performed, done 

full moon 

f b J- 

It Jli 


perfect square 

to plot, conspire, col- U»ljJ n_Jt < ~°y\y ->*l •j*^-' 
lude, intrigue, scheme, connive 

to confer, deliberate, consult, hojd talkSjjLj : _^U 

to be imperious, domineering, authoritative, j*u 
tyrannical; to have one's own way; to be fond of 
giving orders; to domineer, bully, browbeat; to 
dominate, control, be in command 

plotting, conspiring, i y\y jIjicI t^U jj~a* :^Li' 
conspiration, conspiracy, colluding, collusion, in- 
triguing, scheming, conniving, connivance 

conferring, conference, deliberation, jjUJ '■ j*<-> 
consultation, talk 

°y'y f^'j - °j*'y • j*^-' 

imperiousness, domineeringness, authoritative- j*u 


to Americanize, become Americanized 

conspiratorial, collusive 

to look attentively (carefully, 'JLZ t Jt^j : ( j) '£ U 
closely) at, scrutinize, regard (watch, observe) 

to be formed, set up, es- s^ii 1 <■ oy^i <■ ^-^ ■ uu U* 
tablished, created, built (up), constituted; to come 
into existence or being, see the light 

to consist of, be J* J*ii| ' ,y» oy^> '■ Cr? '-*'" 
composed of, be made up of; to include, contain, 
comprise, embrace, embody, encompass, involve 

to unite, combine, merge, co- piJUjaul 
alesce, join forces; to be united, combined 

to gather, rally, band together 


damaged, impaired, spoiled, bad, <_aLJI ajU>I : <_iHj' 
decayed; broken; ruined, destroyed, wrecked; 
worn, worn-out; useless, worthless 

to shine, radiate, flash, beam, glitter, glisten, '^J : Jj] t 

gleam, luminesce 

radiance, brightness, brilliance, shine, effulgence, JjJU' 

refulgence, luminosity, glitter, glisten; splendor, 

resplendence; glory 

to feel pain, suffer (pain), be in pain; to £-y : jj u 

agonize, anguish, be excruciated, be tormented 



to deify oneself 

to be deified, apotheosized, idolized 


perplexed, puzzled, at a loss, bewil- J* I i < y U : *J U 

dered, startled 

absentminded, distracted, distrait, ^JJI jjb. :*Jt 


incitation (against), incitementLJ I jjuo* :(J«) uJl" 
(against), stirring up (against), instigation (against), 
provocation (against); rallying people against, 
banding people together against; setting people 
against each other, sowing dissension or discord 
among or between 

formation, forming, O'-sfc ' *^! ' J^f--" : <-**J« 
establishment, establishing', setting up, making, 
creation, creating, building, origination, originating 

composition, rJJ oUJil jl <_«j5lll «^ij • l -^'" 
writing, compilation; art of writing, art of compo- 
sition, etc. 
authorship; writing CL£JI iiL* \<JlSg 

• ' •: * : . . \k 

union, uniting, junction, %**■ i ju»- y i**o :uJb 




insurance company 

premium, insurance premium ( j r _.L 

slowness, deliberateness, deliber- J4I; : ((Jllll) oU 
ation; patience; carefulness, care 

slowly, deliberately, unhurriedly, without olL 
haste; carefully 

make haste slow-£.ljJl iikiJI jj k."$L}\ JIIjI j 
ly; more haste, less speed 

to act slowly, take one's time, slow down; j+*j : ^U 
to be patient, deliberate, careful 

betel (oL) J^JL" 

to be or become effeminate, womanish, <_-_j_7 :dJU 
womanly, unmanly, feminine; to feminize; to dis- 
play effeminate manners 

to become feminine, be (put) in [ iil ] illSG! c-iit 
the feminine form 

effeminacy, womanishness, womanliness, i_«J U 

femininity, unmanliness 

to become incarnate (rv^O cr^ 

i_r" p-'j "a-; 1 •cr' t 




to dress up, spruce up, smarten up, doll up; to be JJ U 
elegant, fashionable, stylish, dressy, chic, neat, 
smart; to be fastidious, squeamish, overnice, dainty 

elegance, fashionableness, stylishness; fastidi- jjU 
ousness, daintiness, nicety 

euphuism, ojlLSlI j j,..-:.; :^iC _jl *Jilj jit 
floridness, flowerinesSj grandiloquence, ornateness 
of style, pomposity of speech, affected elegance of 

reprimand, reprehension, reproach, 

?WJJ . «~M. 


censure, rebuke, reproof, castigation, upbraiding, 
scolding, chiding 

qualm(s), compunction(s), pricking of jjJ-JI l~jt 
the conscience, twinge of conscience, pangs of 
remorse, remorse 

making feminine, putting (a word) in the [-jj] _^jt 

feminine form; feminine form 

taming, domestication ( _ r >a-lb ly-Ju 

to lose one's way, get lost, go astray, go 

to contemplate, meditate (on),^Sj 1 ^£-J :( j) S& 
consider carefully, ponder (on or over), reflect on, 
cogitate (on), muse (on or over), pore (over), spec- 
ulate (on), think deeply about, think over 

scrutiny, careful or close examination ^y-J : J_. U 

meditation, contemplation, re- j&u 1 jfjj :J-t 
flection, consideration, thinking, cogitation, pon- 
dering, muse, musing, speculation 

reflective, meditative, contemplative, cogitative.Tju U 
speculative, thoughtful 

to go to, betake oneself to, repair JJ 
to, take to 

to follow someone's example, be _ 
guided by, copy, imitate 

to be nationalized 

i '-f+u 

cS-Uj! :_> M>\j 


pericardial, pericardiac 
insurance, assurance 

(-Jill (J^i- '.jy»\i 

security, collateral, surety, 
guaranty, guarantee, warranty 
pledge, mortgage 

deposit, trust ii _. I 1 <L . j : ^_w.t 

•" •: 1 *■ ' ' . •: • : h 

securing, _. Jjjy 1 J* Jy_-»- 1 jo^j 1 J ■,»■»-> ly-^Li 

ensuring, guaranteeing, assuring; procurement, 
procuring, bringing about, achievement, attain- 
ment, accomplishment, realization, fulfillment, 
working out; furnishing with, providing with 

0:.;"' 'CKi" 

reassurance, assurance 

social insurance; social security (Vl^r ' Oi^ 

maritime insurance \$j>*> i>^^ 

fire insurance 3*Ji-\ Ju« _«"" 

all risk insurance jLk»-jl . . ,~ ■ ■> j .-!' 

life insurance sQ.1 J* ^f 

reinsurance, reassurance ^tll s'jlil 

policy, insurance policy l j~.t i-Jj 1 i>~«t "U-J>j 
policyholder ^.t C-Jjj J_.U- 





- ■ -■-• 


confirmed, affirmed, sustained, seconded; to be 
endorsed, sanctioned, approved, approbated, coun- 
tenanced ^ 

taiga ^ijiy*° **•* • <*£« 

to lose one's husband, become cJu> :(sl>' c-) jiju 
a widow 

widowhood, viduity u^y'-pi* 

to ionize, be ionized '-jkjjl J J J> 3 *> : Oi" 

ionization t^lijjl J J -!>"« : 0i" 

support(ing), backing (up), advocacy, advoca- juj u 
tion, championship, upholding; corroboration, 
confirmation, affirmation, sustenance, susten- 
tation, sustainment; endorsement, approval, sanc- 
tion, assent, consent, countenancing 
ionization ^^jjI dj Ji> 3U : us!" 

to perish, be destroyed iiU* : <-J 

woe to him! may evil befall him! fie on him! <d & 

to feign misery, pretend to be o~y^ V j* ^-" ■ (J* i M 


(utter) destruction, ruin; doom; perdition, liJ^U : oLj 

eternal damnation 

to confide their secrets to one {j\jJi\ ^ I ) ii Lj 

another, tell their secrets to each other 

to discuss, confer, hold talks, talk (about, i*-UJ' 

over), dialogue, have a dialogue, hold a conver- 
sation or discussion, exchange views; to delib- 
erate; to debate, argue; to negotiate 

• C J~f 


- - f* 



to imitate Bedouins 

to show open hostility (or Sjl.uJl> p>ill lijLJ 

enmity) to one another 

to occur to, strike, come to jiai- : (t>» JJI Jj) jjLj 
someone's mind, cross someone's mind 

to hurry (to), hasten (to), rush (to), run sy-l : jjLj 

to exchange, interchange, j*-*i\ j*-\)i\ Ji\j :d -&' 

to barter, exchange, trade, swap, o-yl-j : J.iLy 
truck, make an exchange (of) 

to alternate, rotate J) I Sj i i_JLj i <-jj^ : J J ^-> 

!' ' ' ■ ■ 

. - 

amiss; to stray, wander 

to swagger, flaunt, boast, brag 


to be or become proud, haughty, arrogant JSS : ot 

to be or become perplexed, puzzled, be- j^Z : ot 

wildered, baffled 

to perish, be destroyed <^* : «^> 

to get ready, prepare oneself, ready oneself, <_J»u 

make (one's) preparations, gird oneself (for action), 

gird (up) one's loins, prepare (oneselD for action; 

to be ready, be prepared; to be alert(ed), be on the 


preparedness, readiness; alert(ness) 

to marry, get married, wed, take a spouse -■ jjj : jjiu 

to be qualified, fit, suited, adapted, pre- {j^i) 3*^ 
pared; to be habilitated, rehabilitated 
rehabilitation, habilitation, orientation; *\ jxl : J*»Ij 
qualifying, fitting, adaptation, preparation, en- 

welcoming, welcome, greeting, i_~T> : (-;) J??t> 
gracious reception 

to culminate, climax, reach its highest rji\ iJb : ^jlj 
point, come to a climax, come to a head, peak (up), 
top (off or out) 

to twist, bend, turn, curve, wind; ts'^\ ' jt>*| : JJ " 
to be twisted, bent, crooked, winding, tortuous, 
sinuous; to bow 

to iiijl < ii»l_T l)£\ : (^\|| j! i'^\ o) _jti 

(over)burden, weigh down on, oppress 

to be interpreted, construed; to be j~* i liy ■ Jju 


to interpret, construe; to explain JLi 1 Jjl : iJjU 

to see promising signs in, expect (a lot^^il <J Jyj 
of) good of, set (great) hopes on 

to moan, groan, sigh, wail 

moan(ing), groan(ing), sigh(ing), wail(ing) 

interpretation, construction, explanation 

interpretative, interpretive, constructive, 


tili. : lib" 
Jul : JjU 

to be supported, backed (up); to be advo- 
cated, championed, upheld; to be corroborated, 

Jte r-n 

delay, move at decreasing speed, go slowly; to lag, 
loiter, linger, tarry; to procrastinate, stall, gain time 

slowdown, slowing down, slowness; decelera- jJjQ 
tion; delay, retardation, slackening, tardiness, lag; 
tarrying, lingering; procrastination, stalling 

successively, in succession, consecutively, one UUi' 
after the other, one by one, in turn, by turns; re- 

to be Ci2j ii»C \£S e-jlS" t^nill :(uI*'.m,1I) j*Uj 
separate(d), lie apart; to diverge, draw apart, spread 
apart, branch ofT 

to separate, part, part company, go in J^Jj I : jsXz 
different directions, break off, leave each other; to 
be or become alienated, estranged 
to be or become far, faraway, L5Li I .ljo <j\£ \js\Z 
far-off, distant, remote 

to move away (from), go I -u»j i_j» i : (,jx.) -nclll 
away (from) 

to keep away or ^ i_jU i ,jx. Ij^jo JJi ijjt j^-Cz 
far from, stay away or far from, distance oneself 
from, withdraw from; to absent oneself from 

to quit, leave; to avoid, s-^" ' ^y -u* J*V> 
shun, keep away from, keep clear of 

separation; divergence, <_»*-iJ i JLaiil : jcLj 


farness, remoteness; distance ^iLi^y: jlcLJ 

difference, dissimilarity, dis- ^Lj t <_»^U»- 1 : At Li 
crepancy, disparity, divergence 
discord, disharmony, dis- jli j o^> i (-»>»• : jlcU 
union, disunity, dissension 

alienation, (mutual) estrangement jyu 

moving away (from), jLjjI i Ljlii : (,jx.) jlcC 
going away (from) 

keeping away ^jc^JLi. <.,jc. I-uju tU-JI : ,jx. jicLJ 
or far from, staying away or far from, withdrawal 
from; absenting oneself from 

leaving, quitting; avoidance, i_~ju "^j- 1 : u x - -^V" 
shunning, keeping away from, keeping clear of 

to wrong or oppress one LiL «*-i»j JJi : f^ill <jcLj 
another, be unjust or unfair to one another, do 
wrong or injustice to one another 

to hate each other Uuu ^Juu (>i<u I : |»>«JI yic Lj° 

mutual hatred; hate yic UJ 

to feign crying, pretend to be slSLJI i-tl.C : ^Uj 



^ ■•«*■ ■' ■-•'-■^ /■-■«■■■ , ■--, - . ■ -'"!^1 
exchange, interchange, commutation ibC. : J jUi' 

barter, exchange, swap, truck, trade, <Lajll4 :JjLj 


reciprocration; reciprocity J~^ iLli- : J-jLj 

alternation, rotation JjIjj lOjLJ :JjLJ 

commutativity [^k^j oLilj] JjQ 

exchange of views jJiJI olf>-j _>l slj^l JjLj 

exchange of toasts (_. Uo ^ I J jLj 

reciprocal, mutual; commutative, exchange; "^^? 

alternating, alternate 

reciprocity; commutativity ill jUj 

permutations [oLilj ] JjjCj 

to focalize, be or become focalized; to £ j+* '■ j^*> 
focus, come to a focus 

destruction, ruin d^i : jCj 

focalization, focusing <, ' J^ '-jyi 

to separate, part, part company, jjii I i J '^■■1 : IjlJ 
break off, leave each other 

to compete, vie, ^Cj ( sljL. j JJliu i^piLj :i5jCj 
contest, contend; to be rivals or competitors, strive 
to outdo one another; to meet in a contest; to race 

to duel, meet in duel or fencing, fight (o%\ld\) }jlJ 
a duel; to combat, fight 

to vie, contend, compete (_r*Lj i (ijCl : JjCj 

duel(ing), fencing; combat, fight; contest, match, jjCj' 

to be blessed Sj'y : dJ^Uj' 

to ask the blessing of 

'<CS'J> LlL :(_,)dljllj 

be He blessed, blessed be JU; <. Jj-lij : jft S'jCz 
God, blessed is God, be He raised far above 

to see a good omen in, regardj fill 4 j^lj : _, dJjQ 
as a good omen 

foretokens, portents, (jljl oLi tJJ^j :j«-iCj 

presages, prognostics, omens, auguries, first signs, 
first indications 

beginning, dawn, rise, first ap- Jjl i «ik. :^Cj 

good news, glad tidings 5jL jL>-l i <Sj^> : ^P 

to be slow; to slow (down), decelerate, slacken, UjCj 




i* #: 

to devote one's life to Jil Jj LjjJI y* £^"1 "• J~" 


celibacy, chastity, sexual abstinence, abstention JlJ 

from sexual intercourse 

to boast, brag, vaunt, crow, swagger, swash, ^syJ 

boastGng), boastfulness, bragCging), vauntGng), gky 
crowing, swaggeKing), swash(ing), gasconade, bra- 
vado, fanfaronade, rodomontade 

to be revered, reverenced, venerated; to Jj>u : Jj«-j 
be honored, dignified, esteemed, greatly respected, 
highly regarded; to be glorified, exalted 
veneration, reverence, esteem, honor, defer- J-»-j 
ence, great respect, high regard; glorification, exal- 
reverential, reverent; honorific, honorable < J u.-«».i." 

to be or become prosperous, affluent, opulent; ^»yj 
to live in comfort, live in easy circumstances, 
enjoy a comfortable life, lead a life of comfort and 

to study thoroughly; to penetrate deeply ( j) j*^ 
(into), delve (into), go deeply (into); to be well- 
versed (in), conversant (with); to be an authority 
or expert (in) 

thorough study; deep penetration (into), ( j) __ 
delving (into), going deeply (into); conversance, 
versedness, knowledge 
to strut, swagger, prance, mince J In- 

structing), swaggeKing), prancing, <JL^»- 
prance, mincing 

to evaporate, vaporize, jU%j JJ J>» 
volatilize; to steam, fume 

to be steamed, fumed j^v^ d°j*- 

to be fumigated j^r-^i j&° 

* -\\ - *1 - 
to perfume oneself with in- j.vyJv V^" 

cense, incense oneself; to be perfumed with in- 
cense, be incensed, be censed 

evaporation, vaporization, vola- jLso (Jj 05*1 '• j*+j 

vaporization, evaporation, vol- jlao Jj Jj>»«j -j^J 

1 --. 

weeping, shed crocodile tears 

spice dealer, spice seller, seller of Je'yJI glj : d\+> 

spices and condiments 

to feign stupidity, pretend to be : j^GU j» Uii : J C' 

stupid (dull, sluggish, etc.) 

to feign stupidity, pretend to be ii^lJL j» Uxl : ti LJ 

stupid (foolish, imbecile, etc.) 

straw vendor, straw seller, straw dea- ^IJI jil : uUj 


swimsuit, swimming suit, bathing i»-LUl ^y :OLj 


Milky Way; galaxy 5^11 :iiUI ljj j «**^j 

pride, boastGng), boastfulness, >-L; : (^UJI ) olJ 
brag(ging), vainglory; flaunting, show-off, ostenta- 
tion, pomposity 

to boast of, brag of, crow j^i \<. >-liJ _ 

about, be proud of, pride oneself on, pique oneself 
on, plume oneself on, preen oneself on, glory one- 
self in; to flaunt, parade, show off 

to vie in boasting with Ja** ^c ^ ^ v >«» : <j» V 
one another 

(j) ^i} j^-lj -(-j) 2»^j' 

adaptation, adjustment '-4^-' 'it : ii^ 


to curse each other 
to adapt, adjust 

focalization, focusing 

steaming, fuming 


u^ij" '■ji^ J 


to sell (to) one another, agree jj-*i\ j*-\y*\ ^U : gLj 
on the terms of a sale, conclude a deal or tran- 
saction, strike a bargain 

to differ, vary; to be different, OjLj 1 Liln-I : ^Uj 
disparate, varying, dissimilar, inconsistent, incon- 
gruous, conflicting, opposed, contrary, contradic- 
tory, incompatible 

difference, dissimilarity, dis- Ojlij <. *S'tef-\ : Oi^ 
parity, discrepancy, unlikeness; variation, vari- 
ance; contrast; contradiction, inconsistency, dis- 
agreement, disharmony, incompatibility, incon- 
gruity, nonconformity, conflict, clash, opposition 
differential, different, differing; varying; con 
trastive; conflicting, inconsistent, incongruous, 
to live in celibacy, live in chastity ^3')^ ^y '• J^J' 

<^ • 



■ mil i M m i| 

Jl-i-fj} tJJLJJ Wrlj-Jjuj' ItJJuJ' 

wasting, squandering, frittering away, throwing jj air 
away; dissipation, wastefulness), extravagance, 
lavishness, prodigality, profligacy 

gold nuggets, gold-ore, raw gold; gold Jj 

to disavow, disown, deny, £j I <. ^ JZa^J : ^ l^j' 
disclaim, repudiate, renounce, wash one's hands ot 
to be acquitted, absolved, <G el y c-Jicl : I j-j 1 

cleared, exculpated, exonerated, declared or found 
innocent (guiltless, not guilty) 

disavowal, disownment, denial, jlSJl <. J ,a. J :jjlj 
disclaimer, repudiation, renunciation 

acquittal, absolution, exculpation, exon- nsjs : tjjj 
eration, clearance, clearing; discharge, release, 
freeing, relieving 

to adorn hererself, groom (herself), (sl^Il c*.) r>y 
bedeck herself, preen herself, primp, toilet, dress 
up, smarten up, spruce up, doll up; to make up, 
paint and powder, use or apply cosmetics, put on 
makeup; to display her charms 

toilet, toilette, grooming (oneself), adorning ria 
oneself, bedecking oneself, primping, dressing up, 
smartening up, sprucing up, dolling up; making 
up, application or use of cosmetics, putting on 

to cool oneself off, refresh 


to be cooled, chilled, refrigerated 

to be air-conditioned »j ; >» '-'■p : jj-h 

to be soothed, alleviated, oiij- i ,j5L. <. i.akl : *jZ 
eased, mitigated 

to be justified, warranted, vindicated, ac- j j> :'jj3 
counted for 

to be or become pious, dutiful, bJL> I jL jU> : j^-j 
devoted, faithful, true 

to obey, follow, submit to t-LU I : fjz 

to excrete, defecate, egest, evacuate the ±>'yu : j^J 

excretion, defecation, egestion, evacuation ±ya : Jj-j 
of the bowels, stool 

to take bribes, accept a bribe, be bribed ^ jl : Ji^lj 

to flame up with rage, flare up, L-a* i>Liill : Ijjjlj 
lose one's temper, be or become inflamed or furi- 


J ^ : *J? 

J ^ : VH 

incensing, censing 

to live in the desert 

-i , - i: 

Jo »j>-lj - IJb :(3Jty 

to be dispersed, scattered, strewn J I j i j^ : j jl; 
about, dispelled, driven away; to scatter, disperse, 
separate, break up, disband, melt away, dissolve, 
disappear, clear away; to be removed, eliminated 

- * ' -2-' 

to be wasted, squandered, dissi- f-U> t jjj : jjlJ 


pated, frittered away, thrown away; to go to waste, 
be lost 

dispersal, dispersion, scattering, separation, dis- jjui' 
solution, disunion, disappearance; waste, dissipa- 

to originate a heresy it .ui ^ I -c,^; 

to change, alter, vary, convert, mutate, jIaJ : ' L \"\'~ 
transform, transmute, shift, become different, un- 
dergo change or conversion; to be changed, alter- 
ed, varied, converted, transformed 

to turn (into), grow (into), iJJUl ijUi Ll^k; : J!uJ 
become, assume the form or shape or state of 

to be exchanged, substituted, replaced J a.,:.,, I : JoJ 

change, turn, shift, transition, mu- Jjj«J i j-ju : J jlj 
tation, conversion, transformation, transmutation, 
alteration, modification, variation 



dispersal, dispersion, scattering, 

■ Jw^*- 1 • Jj J^ 

dispelling, separation, breaking up; removal, elim- 

wasting, squandering, frittering away,; : jyjil; 
throwing away; dissipation, wastefulness), extrav- 
agance, lavishness, prodigality, profligacy 

change, changing, alteration, Jj^kjij^ :JjJuj 
modification, variation, conversion, transforma- 
tion, transmutation, shift(ing), switch(ing); permu- 
tation; mutation 

alternation iljL. :JjjlJ 

replacement, replacing, sub- Jl.ur.1,1 i Jljjl :Jjji1; 
stitution, commutation, exchange 

, • -«f .- *> '. .- 
commutation i t :. ,«olj <j^ie Jj-»-j 

to be wasted, squandered, dissipated, sj>Z » jJu : jJuj 
frittered away, thrown away; to go to waste, be 

'■'!*?-"■■■"■-:; -. ,■-•■" MJ! 

allevia- i_a,.Ji.-<J n_iJaiJ i tyS-Z :WJ iJ *0 • i 4j~> 
tion, easing, soothing, mitigation, assuagement' 

frozen (food, etc.) (»JJ pUi>) Ju^-J1j ijijn 

cold storage plant jj^J JlL. 

justification, vindication £>"*' ' Ji^ 

rationalization [^-ajj^j^-j 

justificatory, vindicatory (J*^>~' • ^JiJ^ 

blessing, benediction iS"^ :dLj-J* 

good wishes, best wishes <Cli> oLi : liL^J 

to be simplified, be made simple; to j^_ i J»-j : ,h, i; i 
be facilitated, be made easy 

to be extended, expanded, stretch- jjjl i jl> : Jal~J 
ed (out), spread (out), unfolded, unrolled; to ex- 
tend, expand, stretch, spread (out) 

to talk freely, ij-l j^i Kj** £>-*»«!! : ( j) 
speak frankly; to be sincere, be' explicit 

to set forth, lay open, pre- ^yt t ,_^>j£ : ( j) 
sent; to explain, expound 

-. ? .a-- . • 

to elaborate on, enlarge <_«««. I t J *->> : J 
upon, expand on, expatiate upon, dilate on, speak 
at great length about, state or develop in detail, 
treat exhaustively 

to scowl, frown, glower, lower ^j-s. : Jill' 

to smile «~» Zj\ 

smiling; smile f^l 

simplification; facilitation jt-Ji ' J^*~' : ^yi~ 

to be or become ugly, unsightly ~J t l»^ jU> : «i*j' 

announcement (bringing, giving) cSj-lJI i^Ji-j tji^-J 
of good news or glad tidings to 

preaching; evangelism, evange- ( ~l J i_j» Juj ) jw 
lization; missionary work or activity' 

missionary, predicatory li-*r-H 

to reflect (on), contemplate, jSiiJ t J-fc : ( j) j^J 
ponder (over), meditate (on), muse (over), consider 
carefully, cogitate (on), pore (over), speculate (on), 
think deeply (about), think over 

to look attentively (carefully, close- j ^*-J : j-aZ 
ly) at, scrutinize 

reflection, contemplation, medi- J»lij ' J-t : j-= 

to contribute, donate, grant, give l Jaz\ : ( j) p^Ij 

' s 1 - / \ ' a '- 
to volunteer fjlu : ( j) f^y 

... . j-^ 
contribution, contributing, dona- r^ t >Uacj : f-j 

tion, donating, granting, giving 

-a. - 4-; 

donation, grant; gift, present <^ 1 4-jit : £y^-> 

volunteering, voluntariness p->laJ : 9r? 

> • » 

to bud, burgeon, sprout, shoot 

*-»?'yi £>*" : (» 6 'J1 J 

budding, burgeoning, sprouting, shooting 

to granulate, ^-r~H>" j' ^*j-r* J^° ' 
grain, become granulated or granular 


to be or become stained, spotted, 
smudged, blotched 

to be or become variegated, colored 

to veil oneself, put on a veil 

to be blessed by, get the blessing of <cS" jj JU : j d^ 

to ask the blessing of ^ j>. «-*U» : -; &s? 

to see a good omen in, regard D i\Ju t ( j>*-j : j ilJ^J 
as a good omen 

to be or become fed up jmJo 1 J~« : (^ jl j) fj-J 
(with), bored (with), (sick and) tired (of), weary 
(of); to tire (of), weary (of); to find annoying, 
wearisome, tiresome; to be or become annoyed 
(by), dissatisfied (with), impatient (with) 

to complain, repine, growl, grouch, _^JJ : f ^-J 

boredom, weariness, tiredness, pL 1 JL t js^o : fjj 
ennui, tedium 

,' > *-: 
dissatisfaction, discontent, displeasure, h.<... : ^^-j 

annoyance, vexation 

impatience, restlessness, uneasiness J-JlJ : ^jZ 

complaint, complaining, grumble, 
grumbling, repining, grouch 

dandruff, scurf 


jj\ j^tS '. 4j^-J 

torment, agony, anguish, pain, excruci- (_>l Jic '■thjZ 

ation, suffering 

torment(ing), agonizing, excruciation, i_-ji«J : THsr> 


cooling, chilling; refrigeration; bjL s^l S*r '■■ x ij? 

freezing; cold storage 

air conditioning »I^Al <- > ;: C i : ■^>j~i 

u OA r l 


3* ^ 

dinate to, inferior to, under someone, under some- 
one's control (authority, command); to be a subsid- 
iary to; to be dependent on 
toimitate, »Ji\ ^yLJn i »j o»- la»- i*j <5-U»J :j--j 
copy, take after, pattern after, follow someone's 
example, tread in the steps of, follow in the steps 
of; to follow suit 

to belong to, pertain j Jl^i 1 1 ^ai- i ->. I y^> ■ {-f 
to, relate to, be related to, be connected with 
to follow from, result from, ^ ■pZ> « (j* Llj : j_J 
ensue from, derive from, spring from, originate 
from, issue from, come out of, be the result or 
consequence of, be caused by 

t?" Cf r,J "tt ; : C? ; 

-* -J ''. 

- s "- i V. .'< 

pursuant to, in conformity with, according J Uii 
to, in accordance with, corresponding to, com- 
mensurate with, depending on; with, as, in pro- 
portion to, in the same degree that; due to, owing 
to, because of, by reason of, as a result of, in 
consequense of, in view of, on account of 


■ jfeA* '■> ,»--» 

lover, adorer; Casanova, <■ L~JI vii* t J^-lc : »_> 
Don Juan, Romeo, philanderer, ladies' man 

J Ir- 

responsibility, liability 
consequence, result 

J C" 

A-%. *■"> t 4^jlt 1 4juo 

' j j ' » >' •' - 'f -V'' 

to be disarranged, <_Jii i olki jl A^Jji j-j1 : ^JLjuT 
disarrayed, jumbled up, upset;' to be overturned, 
turned over; to be turned upside down 
to be scattered (about), dispersed, lit- J ji : ^^-J 
tered, strewn about 

to be wasted, squandered, dissipated, 
frittered away 

to be divided, parted, split, parti- ~-iil 1 1 jay : Jo*^* 
tioned, sectioned, broken up; to divide, break up 

'*.■* -;•-: 

tation, muse, musing, pondering, cogitation, con- 
sideration, speculation 
scrutiny, careful or close examination ^j*+> 

enlightenment; instruction; *- J. i j «JjJ t jjyj ■ 'j^J! 


» .. f - »' 

fortune-telling, divination, sooth- c-iJI i(\ji '■ j^i 

saying, augury 

to shop, buy, purchase, make i5^| ' ii>-J : £•*■*> 

shopping, buying, purchasing, »l^ i Jj-j : £aj 

to lie prostrate, lie face down; to^yJol i ?«J»~>| : ^M 

lie down, lie 

to stretch, extend, spread (out) "xu\ <. Ja-lij : ^xZ 

prostration, lying down «.liLL.I i *■ Lk-j| : ^h+j 

to idle; to be or become idle, inactive, JJ»»j : lUj-j 
faineant, indolent; to be or become unemployed, 
jobless, workless, without work or employment 

idleness, inaction, inactivity, indo- illL i jLu : Ji-J' 
lence; unemployment, joblessness 

- V - s i '- 
to be lined; to be filled, padded ,jJ»j : j-a-j 

lining; filling, padding <jJaj jo-a^ : Ck^ 

to follow; to succeed, come after oJjo fU- i % '■ j^J' 

to follow, walk behind, go after, AiU- 
proceed after, come after 

to pursue, follow up; to i_JL«. 

chase, go after, take after, run after, hunt, trail, 

track, trace 

to follow, pursue; to adopt, take ( _ y uj i ^s. jL : «_J 


to adhere to, stick to, *ijUj J > -> jiju 4 (j^i : j-^i 
cling to, keep to; to keep close to, stay constantly 
with; to haunt, continually seek the company of 

to observe, comply with, abide j -Uij <. ^jJI : «_J 

by, adhere to, stick to, keep (to), follow, maintain 

,~ - , ' < , - 
to obey, follow, submit to, yield J %Jxi- t «-U» I : «_J 


to be subor- J l»J»U- 1 ^ i-jj^ « J t«j^ 0^ : j-r> 


' J>""^ 'p^ : t^ 

■ '" ' ' ' =» 

(oneselO, adjust (oneselO; to get used to, be accus- 
tomed to, take to 

to be or become dull, stupid; to be IjJL *<—»<» I : jJLJ 
or become lazy, sluggish, indolent, slow 

acclimatization, acclimation; adap- ljISJ 4 Jib : >l '■' 
tation, adjustment 

to crystallize, be or become crystallized j^LJ : JLj 
crystallization j^JlJ : JlJ 

to be informed, told, notified; to be served; %L : «iJ 
to be reported; to be conveyed, communicateaT 
transmitted, delivered 

to content oneself with, settle for; to _* «_Ji : j illj 
be or become content with, satisfied with 
to become wet; to be moistened, wetted, JLii 

drenched, dabbled, sparged, splashed 

JL «j-Ij -SjljJ 44L :JLi' 

polimerization [ , I , .<"] , t \'-~ 

41. «j-Ij -<dLJ' 

to crystallize, be or become crystallized jy^> 

crystallization jy^> 

acclimatization, acclimation, adap- jj>«j 1 <CJil : 1 . 1 " "• 
tation, adjustment, habituation, accustoming, in-' 

paving, flagging, slabbing, tiling, JaL jj~oj. : U.l'.v 
tile-laying, flooring 

moistening, wetting JL j-uo« 4 Jj : J . 1 . v 

adoption (of a child) jJj iUjI : (■_.•.. r.l I) j^y 

adoption, »<JJ jly>JI t (3jiCUI 4i~_aiJI 4i^SCi)l (_LJ 
espousal, taking up, embracement 

adoptive (father, son, etc.) <«~^ 

straw, hay, haulm; chaff jl; 

to adopt (a child) I jjj ^J 

to adopt, em- *«JJ 1 jl^ 4 (5>£- ' *~ai 1 ijS^J (J-J 
brace, take up, espouse 

straw, strawy, flaxen, straw-colored 



anesthetization; anesthesia 

jj-t»»j '■ r>-'-y' 

ancillary, subsidiary, accessory, auxiliary, «_;U : j_*J 
appurtenant, appendant, supplementary; inciden- 
tal; collateral, concomitant, attendant, accompa- 
nying; consequential, consequent; sequent, resul- 

subordination, subordinateness, depen- f-y^al- '" 
dence, dependency, subjection, vassalage, heteron 

nationality, citizenship i J ...:-. 

consequently, accordingly, hence, as a i.-'rll. 

result (oO, resultantly; incidentally; concomitant- 
ly, collaterally 

division, dividing, partition, 
parting, splitting 



to remain, stay; to be left over, be left 

* 8 ^ 

to be or become spotted, tJJG i>ii Ij 0^ : pJLS 

stained, blotted, blotched, splotched, smudged 
spotting, staining, blotting, blotching, %h j 
splotching, smudging 



■ fa" ! ' 

' C.-V..." 

reproach, reprimand, rebuke, 
reproof, censure 

compunction(s), qualm(s), twinge of _%~ai\ '-^-^ 
conscience, pangs of remorse, remorse 

earliness; precocity; prematureness 
to sicken, make sick 



to exhaust, wear out, wear away, (j^bl 4 lii^l : JIj 
wear down, waste away, enervate, unnerve 

to spice, season 

J.I^I^JlLiUf :'j£ 

to be or become con- ^jL^>\ 4 JaU»- 1 4 ^J-yZJ : JlLj* 
fused, disconcerted, discomposed, disquieted, 
disturbed, perturbed, agitated, upset, uneasy, 
anxious, flustered, perplexed, bewildered; to get all 
mixed up; to be or become muddled, jumbled, 
unsettled, disarranged, disorganized, disordered, 
deranged; to jumble, clutter, run in disorder or 




to dawn; to shine 

to acclimatize, acclimate, adapt 

iyu 4 -Jit : jlLj 



to be tinned, tinptated 

4— U*J1 <J Jl CmA>*J 

to be or become clear, ^t < j*J>Jl :(^^l) jlj 

patent, evident, obvious, plain, distinct; to appear, 
come out, emerge, surface, manifest itself, reveal 
itself; to turn out (to be), prove (to be); to follow 
clearly (from); to be realized, perceived, noticed, 
observed, seen, understood 

to seek to ascertain, try a^jjI <.*i"jMJ :(^">ll)^lj 
to know for certain, check, verify, examine care- 
fully; to ascertain, find out or learn with certainty 
about, get to know; to know; to perceive, notice, 
recognize, observe, discern, distinguish, realize, 
identify, see; to discover, detect, find out (about), 



bleach(ing), blanching, discharging 

tinplating, tinning 


[r<jjjai. J i~„,.i.i.T 

Lliil <S*i\ 

making a fair copy (of), 

bleaching powder 




showing), demonstration, mani- rUJl i jl^il 
festation, displaying), exhibition, presentation;' 
bringing to light, revelation, disclosure, uncover- 
ing; illustration, shedding light upon, making clear, 
clearing up, clarification, elucidation, explanation 

to follow in succession, follow or succeed one *j\Zi 

another, be successive or consecutive, come 

successively, happen consecutively; to form an 

uninterrupted sequence; to continue, recur, occur 

repeatedly, be constant, be continuous 

succession, sequence, consecution, progression; «jUj 

continuity, continuation, continuance 
successively, in succession, con- «jbJI J* < juLzJU 
secutively, running, in a row, one after the other, 
on by one, in turn, by turns, in order; respectively; 
continuously, continually, constantly, regularly, 
uninterruptedly, without interruption, unbroken- 
ly, incessantly, unceasingly 

j^J\ f^f'j — jUJi 

" -- i " r« 

anesthetic; narcotic 15 jj 

to adorn oneself, groom (oneself), r'jz i 'Jl'y : '- ,'f" 
bedeck oneself, preen oneself, primp, dress up, 
spruce up, smarten up, doll up 

to be or become obscure, [ r ^i\ -[ jl-V- l :(j*«Ml) '4 : V 
vague, ambiguous, equivocal, recondite, incom- 
prehensible, unfathomable, impenetrable 

to hold, occupy, fill, be in (»JJ L^aL,) Jii, : \"yj 

charge of 

to assume, hold, take over, (*JJ I. ,->•'.) jLu : Y^Z 
take charge of, take control of, take command of 

to come (in)to power, assume ikLJI /\ 1JQ.I I^J 
power, take (the reins of) power 

to accede to, ascend (the throne) o 1 ^' 'Sr- 1 

holding, occupation, filling (of I^J jjua> ( jy; : j^j 
an office, position, etc.); tenure; assumption, take- 
over, taking over, taking charge of; accession, as- 

to sporulate, undergo sporulation 


to urinate, micturate, make water 

urination, micturition 

enuresis, involuntary bed-wetting or ls>s\ j\ "i <_£j 


•)fjJI J>J 

classification, categorization, tabu- (_>^j jjua» :i_«j«1j 
lation, arrangement, sorting, assorting, assortment^ 
grouping, grading; division into chapters or sec- 

^■ ^ "M *ifr t 4mJ 


to be whitened 
to be whitewashed 

to be bleached, blanched, dis- ayu} (jiLiJI u ^ ; ." 

to be copied fair »JJ Jliil ^*'" 




Tatarian, Tartarian; Tatar, Tartar 

V £?' 

to be or become a pupil or a student; to be or 

become an apprentice; to study (under), learn 

pupilage, studentship; apprenticeship; studying 

continuation, sequel, epilogue, postlude, con- t» 
eluding section (of a story, literary work, etc.); 
supplement, complement; end, conclusion, termi- 
nation, close, finish, windup, completion 
continued on page.. . . \'j£ iklljl j il^JI 

1 {?■■-> 

tobacco g : J£ 

tetanus (^^ ^^ 

to be crowned; to be enthroned d^ill) rw' 

to be crowned, topped, capped ( il-ill) »^ 

coronation, crowning; enthronement ( o»i*ill) *jj£' 

crowning, topping, capping ( s!jJI) p,^" 

to yawn ;_, r £- 

yawning, yawn J^ 

to slacken, slack; to lag, tarry; to be J>\y : (^*) Ji£- 
slow, sluggish, dull, slothful 

to disturb, trouble, incon- jJU> ( ii jl : J* jJiL; 
venience, molest, pest, vex, harass, bother, annoy, 

to oppress, encumber, (over)bur- J* jl : Jc jj*& 
den, bear down on, weigh down on, lie heavily on 
to be hard to JljJ V /\ J^Vl LJ^ olf :|ji£ 
bear, unbearable, cumbersome, burdensome 
sluggishness, dullness, laziness, o'jl : (cr*) JJUS' 
slothfulness, slowness, tardiness, slackening, tarry- 
ing, lagging) 

disturbance, molesta- isjCai < r It jl : ( J*) Ji£ 
tion, harassment, vexation, annoyance, irritation 
oppression, encumbering, jU jl : (J*) Jȣ 

(over)burdening, bearing down on, weighing down 
on, lying heavily on 

to make sure of, seek to ascer- oSu i Jiaj : ^ r- J '-v 
tain, verify, check, examine; to ascertain, find out 
or learn with certainty about, know for certain; to 

succession, sequence, consecution, pro- (jbJl) Jb' 
gression; continuity, continuance, continuation; 

successively, in succession, JbJI J* ( JLJL 
consecutively, running, in a row, one after the 
other, one by one, in turn, by turns; respectively; 
continually, continuously, constantly, regularly, 
incessantly, unceasingly, unbrokenly, without 
interruption, uninterruptedly 

to follow in succession or without interruption, Jljj 
follow or succeed one another, be successive or 
consecutive, come successively, happen consecu- 
tively; to continue, recur, occur repeatedly, be 
constant or continuous; to alternate 

to be or become complementary, integral, inte- "*\h 
grated; to be or become complete, whole, total, 
full, perfect, consummate; to be or become com- 
pleted, finished, concluded, perfected, consummat- 

tetanus (ui^)o-jfe 

to follow; to pursue, follow '• , _■•'.: , j^. "^ 4 1_J : l^jj 
up; to trace, trail, track, chase, run after, go after 
to watch, observe, see, \_rji < Ja»- V < Li I j : '£$ 
look closely at; to mark, pay attention to, take no- 
tice of; to study, examine, scrutinize, inquire into 
to look for, search for 

to prosecute, sue, bring suit against, ,Ji>\i : '££ 
take legal action against 

to affiliate, trace the origin of '&J\ '£s 

following; pursuit; ^jj^ , &.$. < £JUi : £s 

follow-up; chase, chasing, tracking, tracing, trait 
ing, running after 

watch(ing), observation, seeing; cJ«J 4 <3\'J. : £~3 
study, scrutiny, examination, inquiry 
prosecution, suing; suit, legal action sUlii : £s 
spicing, seasoning J J JjlyJI iiUI -J. '•'- 

the Tatars, the Tartars J^i I 

one after the other, one _pOII aij ja-l^l : \'jh t jp- 
by one, successively, in succession, in a row 
to be or become dusty, covered 
with dust or earth 





education, (mind) cultivation, culture, cultur- 
ing, refinement, polishing; enlightenment, edifica- 
tion, teaching, instruction 

educative, educational, cultural; instructive, ^ n . iiT" 
informative, enlightening 

to freeze, frost, ice (up), turn into ice; to be or ^Lj 
become frozen, frosted, iced, icy, ice-cold; to be 

tripling ^> j-»-^. * <— ~-.- l . " i. » 

doctrine of the Trinity ; Trinity [ 4-J \ j~a> J i^,„.l?"> 

freezing, freeze, icing, glaciation, frosting; gJiJ' 


estimation, appraisal, assessment, evaluation, ^Ju 
estimate, valuation, rating; pricing; appreciation 

to be doubled; to double, geminate, cic Li 

become double 

to be repeated, reiterated, redone 

to sway, swing, roll, walk with a 
swinging gait 

doubling, duplication, reduplication, 

repetition, reiteration, redupli- 
pleating, plaiting, goffering 







to face one another, confront each other, *»- l>l : o 1*J' 
meet face to face , 

to argue, debate, dispute, contend, quarrel, al- JiXsy 
tercate, wrangle, bicker, squabble, join issue, enter 
into an argument, have a disagreement, lock horns 

Jl-k»- 4 JjL>- *Jflj-JjU>J 

to attract one another >- "511 [^ JS" v^r : V^W 
to pull back and forth, pull in <_-»«- <. oi : t_o^" 

be sure of, certain of, convinced of, confident of 
to act slowly or carefully, take one's^t : ( j) c~U 
time; to be careful, deliberate, patient 
to be or become established, o-j i Ljt jU> : c~-l> 
proven, confirmed, affirmed; to be or become 
fixed, firm, stable, solid, strong 

i,~ iP-_ &-'„ i- 

verification, check(ing), jj~j i Ji t> i Ji^ :c~. 
making sure (oO; ascertainment; certainty, certi- 
tude, conviction 

to slow (down), act slowly, take Ji»j 4 ijy 
one's time, be slow or patient 
to be frustrated, discouraged, disheart- Ja~> : J^-> 
ened, dispirited, demoralized; to be deterred, pre- 
vented, inhibited; to be hindered, impeded; to be 
thwarted, foiled 

fixing, fixation, fastening; establish- c~J j 
ing, establishment, settling, settlement, stabilizing, 
stabilization; consolidation, strengthening; confir- 
mation, corroboration, substantiation; proving, 
Sacrament of Confirmation 



frustration, frustrating, disappointment, disap 
pointing, discouragement, discouraging, disheart 
enment, demoralization; prevention, inhibition 

J^JI Jii- 

thickening, inspissation, 

making thick or thicker 

blame, censure, condemnation; reproof, ^ : «_. 

reproach, rebuke 

siphoning; siphonage i_~»2 j-ua* 4 i_»»J : 

to sediment, settle, deposit, pre- 4— j 4 i_»- Ji : JiiJT 


sedimentation, settlement, pre 


sedimentation, settlement, deposition, 



to be or become educated, cultured, cultivated, 
refined, polished; to be enlightened; to learn, 
study; to know 

education, culture, cultivation, refinement; en 
lightenment; learning, studying 



> _ , 


3#> #T 

another; to meet, assemble; to hold a meeting or a 


to sue one another, bring one^li; < IS'liJ : \J&a*J 

another before a court or judge; to litigate, carry 

on a lawsuit 

to compliment each other, payo&.lkil Jjtj : jj^ljj 
compliments to one another, flatter each other, be 
courteous to one another 

to be or become homogeneous, ijQ5 4 Ifi £; : ^J l^J- 
identical, similar, alike, akin, cognate, homolo- 
gous, analogous, comparable, corresponding, con- 
formable, uniform, consistent; to resemble 
each other 

-* ,^ > _ ~ 

homogeneity, homogeneousness,4jLj iJiC; lyjlsJ 
identity, similarity, (a)likeness, resemblance, ho- 
mology, analogy, comparability, correspondence, 
conformity, consistency, uniformity 

to deviate from, turn away from, <J^ I : ^ Lii l»«i' 
skew from, swerve from 

to incline to, tend to, lean toward JL : J I Liilkj 

■ -* , - 
deviation, skew(ness), slant(ing), <J I ^ I : uij \^j 

swerve, swerving 

facing, opposite (to), in front of, face to a b«J' i ab>«j' 
face with, before, vis-a-vis; in the face of; to- 
ward(s), to; in view of, with regard to 

to ignore, disregard, bypass, slight, JL* I : Ja^J 

neglect, overlook, pass over, skip, pay no attention 
or heed to, be inattentive or heedless of; to blink 
at, wink at, pretend not to see, refrain from no- 
ticing, abstain from recognizing, shut one's eyes to, 
turn one's back on 

to feign ignorance, pretend to J^J-l y»LLi' :'Jt>\*i> 
be ignorant; to pretend not to know (of), pretend 
to know nothing (about) 

ignoring, disregard(ing), slight(ing), J\*\ : jill*; 

neglect(ing), overlooking, passing over; inattention 
to respond (to), act or feel in i_>I-h,,'1| : (^4) ojliu 
response (to); to react (to); to have a positive 
reaction (to), adopt or show a favorable reaction 
(to), be favorable (to); to comply (with), consent 
(to); to be interested (in), show interest (in) 

to harmonize (with), be harmo- -ill; : («J.) <_>j1jJ 
nious (with), accord (with), be in accord (with) 

response, reaction; favorable or posi- ^lyy I :<_,jl»«i' 
tive reaction; compliance, consent 

different directions 

to converse, talk, engage in c-jjAI iiljJ>l \# jlkl 
(a) conversation 

attraction; interattraction; gravitation; affinity oiUj 

commerce, v*^ l^j*^ ^' \r"i frrf ' 'j'r^-' : »j«J 
trade, business, traffic 

merchandise, goods icUi; : »jt>«J 

retail yclkill jl (j^ill jl iSj^l SjUu 

wholesale iui-l SjUu 

slave trade (yi*J>\ »jk" 

white slavery, white slave u^>^ d^O' "C^ 

commercial, mercantile, trading, trade, busi- l5jIj«j' 
ness; merchant 

commercial house, business establish- i5jl»J c~j 
ment, firm, institution 

trade, traffic "<ij^ ^ j*~ 

trade wind "S;j«" rvj 

merchantman Kj^ *'■■*'- 

trading company, corporation, firm *jjIj»j *S^ 
trademark, brand *jj«v ifjl* ' *j j!j»j i-itc 

store, shop iSj^v J**" 

isomerism [ »l,.,.<] ilj _)L»J 4_jjU«J' 

to dare, venture, risk; to 1^^ I 4 j^j- : ( Jx) ^l»J 
have the courage or audacity to, have the cheek to; 
to be or become bold, daring, audacious; to be or 
become insolent, impudent, forward, impertinent 

wrinkles, furrows, lines jl^IsJ 

to engage in a swordfight, meet<_»^LJl i_>jU»J : jJLki' 
in duel 

to sit with one ^-»-^!" ' ' (>»" J />-* m rm> ,jJl>- : ^J b«j' 



** ♦ 

gard(ing) condonation, connivance, winking at, 

shutting one's eyes to; excuse, pardon, remission; 


omission, leaving out, skipping, Jlicl : {^1 jj^y 


giving up, relinquishment, re- ,y- J~ '-(o^) ji^y 

nunciation, forgoing, waiver 

abstention from, abstaining ,y- ^Lf»l : (o*-> JJ^" 

from, refrainment from, refraining from 

misuse of power, i-j-XaJI jl UAUI (j»-) jj^ 
overstepping the proper bounds of authority; ex- 
cess of powers 

to be or become haughty, arrogant.xJ^i t /J° -.rt'*' 
proud; to be or become tyrannical; to behave 
arrogantly or tyrannically, show one's strength or 
power, show oneself strong or powerful, act 
strong, throw one's weight around, play the ty- 
rant; to tyrannize 
to be set jySl\ (Jill I j~~ 

to curdle, curd, turn into cheeseUJ- jL» :,j^\ i jm 


to caseate 



orthopedics, bonesetting, (sUu-lll j 

setting or splinting of broken bones 

orthopedic ^>f^ 

curdling, making into cheese (o4J0 CxfP 

to be renewed, to renew; to be renovated, re- zj*? 
stored, reconditioned, refitted, refurbished, refash- 
ioned, remodeled, overhauled, revamped, redone; 
to be reestalished, rebuilt, reconstructed; to be 
modernized, updated; to revive, regenerate, rejuve- 
nate, refresh; to be revived, regenerated, rejuvenat- 
ed, refreshed t 
renewal; renovation, restoration; revival, regen- *j*u 
eration, rejuvenation; modernization, modernity, 
modernness a , 
to be braided, plaited, cued J J^ 

renewal; renovation, restoration, refitting, re- .u j*J 
conditioning, refurbishing, refashioning; reestab- 
lishment, rebuilding, reconstruction; moderniza- 
tion, updating, bringing up to date; reform, reorga- 






>, - 

harmony, agreement, accord, con- 
allergy I'-r-kj 

to be neighbors, live near ^'j^!- ^y^ '■ f^ j3^y 
each other 

to be adjacent, contiguous, adjoining, jibu : jjUo 
neighboring, proximal, close, near 

•Jjk. p-lj - jysy 

to pass, go past, leave behind, <i-uJ i ^^^ ■ js^y 

overtake, outstrip, outdistance, get ahead of; to go 

beyond, overstep; to exceed, surpass, transcend, 

outreach; to overreach, extend beyond; to be past 

(a certain age) 

to go too far, overstep all oil jjl»- i i>> I : jj^ 

bounds, exceed the proper bounds or limits 

to trespass, transgress, encroach Jt j-i^l : jjlk 

upon, make inroads upon 

to surmount, overcome, master, J* i_-UJ : jjl~ 

get over, get past, cope with; to triumph over, 

outdo, defeat, beat 

to overlook, disre- ^c li* i ^ <ji>\£ "•( l > t ) JJ^V 
gard, condone, connive at, wink at, blink at, by- 
pass, pass over, shut one's eyes to, let pass, let go 
unpunished; to pardon, forgive, excuse 

to omit, leave out, skip, bypass, Jiil : (^) jjUv 

pass over, neglect 

to give up, relinquish, re- ^ ,J^ ■ (,y-) jjlk 

nounce, forgo, waive 

to abstain from, refrain from, ^ j-U^I :^t jjUu 

desist from, forbear 

passing, passage, going past, leaving .uj i Jaau : jjUu 
behind, overtaking, outstripping, outdistancing, 
getting ahead of; going beyond, overstepping; ex- 
ceeding, surpassing, transcendence, transcending, 
outreaching; overeaching, extending beyond; being 
past (a certain age) 

going too far, overstepping all J»l ^i 1 : jjUi 

bounds, exceeding the limits; excess 
trespassing), transgression, en- ^c t\j^t.\ : jj£*j 
croachment upon, inroad(s) upon, making inroads 

surmounting, overcoming, master- J* i_Iij : jj£*J 
ing, getting over, getting past, coping with; tri- 
umphing over, defeating 
overlooking, disre- ► liplijj* i^ilij '-(,y-) jj^y 

ojtij*u VVV 

to devote oneself to, dedicate J i-'^u : J**}} j^k; 
oneself to, apply oneself to, occupy oneself with 

... . i~ " * &* - 

impartiality, unbiasedness, objectivity, y^ jui : j^*J 
objectiveness, detachment 

stripping, undressing, taking off one's ^ : j^k 
clothes; striptease, stripteasing 

freedom (from); emptiness, voidness ^a ^i>- : j^kj 
devotion (to), dedication (to) ( J) ij£ : (J) j^k 
to drink, swallow, gulp 

trial, trying, test(ing), examination, j Ly. 1 : i_^k; 
sampling; experimentation, experiment(ing) ' 

experimental, empirical, experien- "t£ J [sj-\ i^-w^kr 
tial; trial 

empiricism, experimentalism XI j 

defamation, slander, libel, calumniation, T-Ji : ~k7 
vilification, vituperation 

»• a - a - 

challenge, contestation j t yJ» : ry>»«J 

invalidation, refutation yii- j : ry ^kj 

divestiture, divestment, dispos- yj <■ o\*'j*- ■ Ju kj 
session, stripping, deprivation; denial 
freeing (from); ridding ^jaAiZ < jj ^k : Cy) jjJaC 
(oO "' ' ' "' ' 

emptying, voiding, vacating, evacua- pj*> '■ -b ^k 

denudation, stripping off, dismantling;^^ : ju _kj 
disrobement, undressing, unclothing 

peeling, paring, stripping, barking, skin-^ : jj ^k 
ning, scaling 

abstraction («JJ z'J^l /\ i'jjii\) jj^k 

sending or dispatching of (J*) olyi /\ iiui- -u _kj 
troops (against); attacking, launching an attack (on) 
denaturalization 2".,, -I I 'y _u ,k 

reduction (of an officer) to the ~<Z J\ ^y -u>»J 
ranks; demotion, degradation 



Cr? ->i. 

jl ij^SlliJI ;jlj)ll jl ii-JI ^ (iiil.) Jb^kj 

demilitarization j-^iljl 

expropriation, confiscation, dis- ilsdil ^ Jj^k; 
possession, deprivation of property 

(military) detachment, (body of) troops »'-*i^> 

■±>MM»^"iw ms^n 

i'T a ,:sni 

nization; innovation; origination 
rejuvenation, reju- S^iJI jl J.Qjl jl oQjl jjjk; 
venescence, reinvigoration, regeneration, revival, 
refreshment, refreshing, recreation, reawakening, 
reanimation, revitalization, resuscitation 
reelection olki^l jjjk; 



blasphemy, profanity (j)l J^) oLjiij 

rowing, row, oaring ((j I okil ) <_i, ak5 

braiding, plaiting, cuing Jj-^ 

to take root, strike root, root; to be or be- 'J?Js : jjk7 
come deep-rooted, firmly established, firmly set- 

taking root, striking root, rooting, root- jt»E : jjki 
age; deep-rootedness 

evolution, root extraction 
rowing, row, oaring 

((JlikiL) Ubd. 

experiment; test, trial; tryout; rehearsal, j 
practice; audition; probation 

experience; practice i'j. 

attempt, try, endeavor 

trial, tribulation, affliction, ordeal 

proof, proof sheet 

trial and error 

trial balloon 

I I s "- 


' ti ' *' a - 


to be divested of, dispossessed of, ^. *^»- : ^y j^kr 
stripped of, deprived of, denied 

to be or get free(d) ^ ^>>lk; . [y j^k : ^. V^k 
from; to get rid of, free oneself from, disentangle 
oneself from 

to strip, undress, disrobe, take off one'sii^o ■ . 
clothes; to striptease 

to be impartial, un- J^ki. ^j. I 'sj*^ jlS" : Y^ 
biased, objective 



^•Hj 9 ? 

x* * 

gage in espionage; to try to get information about 
to tap, wiretap ljuUI J>>i»»- J* 

spying, espionage 

* i- : 

wiretapping, topping ljjUI J»>iw- J* 

to materialize, take form, take shape, 

assume concrete form or body; to be embodied 


embodiment, embodying, incorporation, incar- , 
nation, substantiation, materialization; personifica- 
tion, prosopopoeia, typification, symbolization 
enlargement, magnification p*-*> : fir*" 

exaggeration *^^*'^r a ^ 

embodiment, embodying, incorpo- .u-aJ :,^~ 

ration, incarnation, substantiation, materialization; 

humanization, anthropomorphism 

protrusion, causing to stand out; relief; jl^ J : (^-^ 


to belch, burp, eruct, eructate 

belch(ing), burpGng), eructation 

to suffer, undergo, bear, endure, sustain; to j*i»J 
assume, undertake, take upon oneself; to incur, 
bring upon oneself, expose oneself to ^ 

to bother to, trouble to, take pains liS" *Lc ^y 
to, take the trouble of, go to the trouble of 
plastering, whitewashing; u*^ j±~** '■ u^r^y 

to curl, frizz, frizzle, form curls (hair); to become iw 
curled, curly, frizzed, frizzly, kinky, wavy, 
crisp(ate), rippled (hair); to wrinkle, furrow, shriv- 
el, become wrinkled (skin or face); to crease, crin- 
kle, crumple, pucker, rumple, corrugate, cockle, 
crimple, ripple, become creased (cloth, etc.) 
curling, frizzing, frizzling, crispation, crispiness, W 
curliness, crimpiness (of the hair); wrinkle, wrin- 
kling, furrowing, shriveling (of the skin or face); 
creasing, crease, puckeKing), crinkling, crinkle, 
crumpling, crumple, rumpling, rumple, corruga- 
tion, cockling, cockle, crimpling, rippling, ripple 
(of cloth, etc.) 

- " - • - \' ^' "L 

abstract, abstractive, nonrepresentational, *&Hfy 


abstractionism, nonrepresentationalism, \±ifp 


making (someone) swallow £y»- j^** '■ gj*» 

curettage [ ^ \ ^ ' ^J^ 

incrimination, crimination, inculpation, iil i\ : fjtu 
conviction, condemnation 

unloading; stevedoring *lyJ-\ g j" ■ f.jf 

" '* *»' '. 
to be divided, parted, separated, parti- ^+>\ ■ '>>> 

tioned, split, sectioned; to break up, break down, 

cut up, divide, split; to be divisible 

indivisible ! >^ ^ 

- 1 , . - * i I 

division, partition, splitting), breakup 

division, dividing, partition, parting, ^ '• *^>y 
splitting, separation, section(ing), breakdown, frac- 
tionation a t f 

j45 '^ jr'j - * 5 
divisible, partible 
to break apart 

to be veined, grained, marbled 
grain(ing), veining 

divisional, separative, fractional 

veining, graining, marbling i?^" 

to materialize, assume bodily (material, con 
crete, definite) form, take shape, take form, be- 
come corporeal; to be embodied, incorporated; to 
be shaped , „ 

to become incarnate I "^ \j*°> J - 

materialization, embodiment, incorporation, 

Incarnation C?~ 

to spy (on), snoop (on); to be a spy , en- ( J*) 

>t- - 



*>=•- f^r'j ~~ r^^l t jl^Ji 1 :cJj»j' 

u>ij : 


superiority; excellence, distinction, 

freezing, freeze, icing, gelation, 5 jj^JL j^IJ : i-l^,7 
glaciation, frosting, congealment, congelation, 

bookbinding, binding (i_JiCJl) juik; 

bibliopegy ,_J£j| .^Gj ^i 

bookbindery, bindery i_jiCJI ^ }<s JlJ^. 

to freeze, frost, ice (up), congeal; oij^Jl Idk; -'u^T 
to be or become frozen, frosted 

to solidify, harden, stiffen, set, indu- 
rate; to be or become hard, solid, rigid, stiff 
to coagulate, clot; to congeal; to curdle ^i= 

to be frozen, blocked (assets, jjl Jl^.^1 oluij 
funds, currency) 

freezing, freeze, icing, congela- sij^Jl jlk; : aln 
tion, congealment, congealing; frost 

solidification, hardening, indu- X>%e i <_JUa; : .ill 
ration; solidity, hardness, rigidity 

coagulation, clotting; congelation, con- 
gealment; curdling 


freezing point 

to gather, assemble, congregate, get together, '£*J 
meet, collect, come together, band together, flock 
together, throng together, pack, troop, crowd, 
muster, swarm, teem; to rally; to concentrate, be 
concentrated, be massed (troops, etc.) to aggregate; 
to accumulate, cumulate, collect, pile up, be heap- 
ed up; to cluster, agglomerate, conglomerate 

gathering, assemblage, assembly, llij j'jLoa : >uj*j' 
congregation, meeting, coming together, banding 
together; rallying; concentration (of troops, etc.); 
aggregation; accumulation, cumulation, collection; 
clustering, agglomeration, conglomeration 

crowd, throng, gathering, (y-LJI ^.) 1^. ; A^~ 
assemblage, assembly, congregation, concourse, 
multitude; rally; mass meeting 

group, band, troop, iLS" i H ji t icCJ»- : -Jj 

curling, frizzing, frizzling, crimp(ing), crispa 
tion, waving (of the hair); wrinkling, furrowing, 
shriveling (of the skin or face); creasing, pleating, 
puckering, crinkling, corrugation, crimpling, 
crumpling, rumpling, rippling, cockling (of cloth, 

coat of mail, armor, cuirass; p- j i : cJUkj' i cJliki" 


to be dried; to dry, be or become dry 

drying, desiccation, exsiccation; dehydration 

(food) dehydration (<J-i^ 

drainage, (£jj L^lll j\ jJLllil s \ <sj*\. 
draining, emptying, drying out, drawing water 

startling, starting, scaring away, driving away, J*iij 
frightening, shocking 

>* *~ 5 tf - * 
revelation, manifestation, appear- j^ :( ( A>id\) J»J 

ance, emergence, coming to light 

Transfiguration of Christ 
Transfiguration (Day) 

7 1 ■ i.i l l (J^SV 

*_ s > 

to be or become clear, plain, dis- ^i t • »;< "' : .Jij 
tinct, manifest, patent, evident, obvious, explicit, 
unequivocal; to manifest itself, reveal itself, come 
out, come to light, show, appear, emerge, surface; 
to be revealed; to be manifested; to be expressed, 
find expression, take expression 

to wear, put on, dress, clothe *JJ L>LJJ-1 ' l • ' .'■)'•," 
oneself in (a garment, gown, etc.) 

to endure, suffer; to be (or show jZo i $m : As%i 
oneself) patient, tolerant, forbearing, long-suffer- 
ing, firm, fortitudinous, tough; to have patience 

to be bound obSOl IdiJ 


^r\j - j~a 

freezing, freeze, icing, »^j^Jy -uj« : Jb^ 

frost(ing), congelation, congealing, congealment 

thrombosis j^> : M~<" 

to be exalted, glorified, dignified, es- ',h-" : JJbu 

teemed, honored, revered, venerated 

to cover oneself with, wrap one- _j J<^-~ : _> jjlk; 
self in 



parlor, beauty salon, beauty institute 
cosmetics, makeup, maquillage S^> ^'^» 
cosmetic, beautifying 
cosmetic surgery; face lifting; plastic ^LL^J 


false accusation, false charge 

to accuse falsely of, charge falsely with, im- J* Jl»? 
pute guilt unjustly to, lay the blame unjustly on 

to avoid, shun, eschew; to avert, ward off, fend 
off, stave off, parry; to keep away from, keep clear 
of, steer clear of, keep out of the way of; to keep 
off, obviate, prevent; to flee from, run away from, 
try to escape from-, to evade, elude, get around, 
circumvent, bypass, sidestep, dodge; to give some- 
one the slip, turn a cold shoulder to 

*- :. 
avoidance, shunning, eschewal; averting, ward-t_^»J 

ing off, fending off, parry(ing); keeping away from, 
keeping clear of, steering clear of, keeping out of 
the way of; keeping off, obviation, prevention; 
fleeing from, running away from, trying to escape 
from; evasion, elusion, getting around, circum- 
vention, bypassing, sidestepping, dodge, dodging; 
giving someone the slip, turning a could shoulder 
to s , 

to be drafted, enlisted, recruited, conscripted, Jjy 
mustered in, enrolled in the armed forces; to be 
mobilized 3 

to be or become naturalized; to acquire citizen- y-jy 
ship or nationality 

naturalization, acquisition of citizenship or y^ 
nationality s 

keeping away from, warding off <_-^»- j 

from, guarding against, protection from, shielding 

from, sheltering from; saving, sparing 

draft, recruitment, enlistment, j>J-I g>^ 


mobilization, calling up *~*> ' 

conscription, compulsory ^.1 $\ jl tij^l 
recruitment, compulsory military service, com- 
pulsory service in the armed forces 
levy en masse f ** <£>**■ -^rff 

naturalization *4r*fM £*■* '-unr*? 

< f * ". • *+.: - ... it 

company, party, collective, team, body; clique, 
coterie, faction; squad; bloc, front; pool 

to adorn oneself, groom (oneself), (y.y * £yr" : J*»" 
make oneself pretty; to make up, apply or use 
cosmetics, put on makeup; to be beautified, embel- 
lished, adorned, made beautiful 
to be (or show oneself) patient, for- j^\ J**" 
bearing; to have patience; to endure, suffer 
to grow luxuriantly iy^ UJ ' j^ :(oLJI) |v*»u 

(profusely, vigorously), thrive, flourish 
to gather, assemble, congregate, jJJ>I i j-w~ 'ji^y 
crowd (together), collect in numbers, band togeth- 
er, flock together, throng together, pack, swarm, 
teem; to rally 

gathering, assemblage, assembly, jlifa- 1 i j-w~ '-j***** 
assembling, crowding, congregation, banding to- 
gether, flocking together; rallying 


freezing, freeze, glaciation, ic- SjjjJI? oJiJ 
ing, frosting, congelation, congealme'nt, congeal- 
ing, gelation 

solidification, hardening, stiffening, c-i-a! : -u»»J 

coagulation, clotting; congelation, j^> : -'■■ . ■■ •»> 
congealment, congealing; curdling 
freezing, freeze, blocking (of as- jJj J V^ -h^y 
sets, funds, currency) 

accumulation, amassment, piling up, heaping ^*m 
up, stacking; gathering, collecting, collection; as- 
semblage, assembly, assembling, putting together, 
fitting together, joining, uniting, grouping, bringing 
together; aggregation; congregation, crowding, 
rallying, rounding up; concentration, massing (of 
troops, etc.) 
associativity [^^bl^ 

summation Lo- ij J fc-J 1 *' 

assembly line ^ i; ^ f ^ 

beautification, prettying up, making beautiful, Js*»" 
embellishment, adornment; making up, putting 
cosmetics, application of cosmetics 

cosmetology, jJJ jilb'Jllj J^i \j^ (ir^°" 
beauty culture t 

beautician, cosmetologist S^yV'yif-iy^f' 

beauty shop, beauty J^" v-**** ' r *> *— " y 





intonation, reciting, recital, modu- (ielyiJI j) Jj^ki' 

improvement, betterment, amelio- ^- ,■'-," : ju^ju 

starving, starvation, famishment, t-^p- 

: e^" 

hollow, cavity, pit, hole, excava- i'jju i Xad : ubyu 
tion; sinus; bore, aperture, opening; socket; pocket 

hollowing out, caverning out, Ltyj- y\n- : ^ijyxj 
excavation; boring 


cr^r p-'j ~( 


endorsement (^JJ .uUI jl < J 1 M l) ^U; 

levy(ing), raising, mobili- ^J- j.uaf. i .uJ;J • J *.. ; '-," 
zation (of troops, of an army, etc.) 

to love one another, share La»j ,4 ^n.r t_>»- 1 : i_>li«j° 
mutual love 

mutual love; concord, ac- Jli j < J jd i_o. : L>lij 
cord, harmony 

to be or become twined, entwined, twisted, ilb 1*7 
interwoven, interlaced, intertwined, intertwisted, 
interlocked, knitted, meshed, snarled, tangled; to 
intertwine, interlace, interweave, interlock, inter- 
twist, snarl, tangle, knit, mesh 

to abrade, fret, scrape off, chafe, wear away, olij 
corrode, erode; to be abraded, scraped off, fretted, 
worn away, corroded, eroded 

detrition; corrosion, erosion, wear; abrasion, olij 
fret, scraping off 

to argue, debate, dispute, quarrel, join J jUj : il*J 

to converse, hold (have, engage in) a conver- '<L> jlij 
sation, talk (to one another), speak; to discuss, 
carry on a discussion 

conversation, speech, speaking, talk(ing), £jG«7 


to be opposite (to) each other, ii- \'y 1 3^ : j jlij 
face each other 

to be parallel (to each other) (S'fy '■ <ii£i 

to be adjacent, contiguous, neigh- jj£o" : (iil» 
boring, proximal, close, near 

to fight (one another), combat, battle, make uylij 

~ 1 

paronomasia [iJ] ^'^ ' ,_.'l,: 

to be equipped with, furnished with, _, jj '•} : _, j^»j 
supplied with, provided with, fitted with, outfitted 
with; to equip oneself with, furnish oneself with, 
provide oneself with, supply oneself with 

to get ready, prepare oneself, L^; 1 'n'l- 1 : '^J 
ready oneself; to be ready, be prepared 

equipment, getting or being equipped; prepara- jpu 
tion; preparedness, readiness 

to frown, scowl, glower, lower; to become or '<£u 
look sullen, glum, morose, sulky, surly, gloomy, 

frown(ing), scowl(ing), gloweKing), lowering); ^! 
sullenness, glumness, moroseness, sulkiness, the 
sulks, surliness, gloom(iness), grimness 

preparation, preparing, readying, IL^ 1 jljil : j)^j>J 
making ready 

equipment, equipping, fitting (out), jjj '"> :j&>Z 
outfitting), furnishing, supplying), provision, 

equipments), sup- S^» 1 ( ^j\'^ , ol jll : ol j^»J 
plies, furnishings, fittings, outfit, gear, apparatus, 
ringing), tackle, materiel, material(s), parapher- 
nalia,' appliances, implements, tools, utensils, 
articles of equipment; fixtures, installations 

to put on or wear one's socks oj^J-l j^-J : Ljj'yC 
to tolerate, bear, put up with, suffer 'J^. I : j j>»J 

0* JJ^> £?■ I j - a*- 

LLc 1 , 

O* tr»l« ^ j**> 

to hollow, become hollow; to be hollowed out, Uy* 
caverned out 

to wander about, walk about or around, L»U> : Jyu 
go about or around, ride about, roam, rove, range, 
stroll, perambulate, itinerate, cruise, tour, travel, 
patrol, go from one place to another 

travel(ing), cruising, roving, cjlji 1 sJljL; : dyy 
rove, roaming, wandering (about), going about, 
perambulation, itineration, itinerancy; trip, tour; 
round, patrol 

curfew J^JI ')±>- < Jj»dl ££ 

weathering *j»*^ 




to pretend to be stupid or fool- S*Q-Ij ^*UiJ : J*Ui' 
ish, feign stupidity or foolishness 

to discriminate JJ» t ^ jW- ' -v> )j>I : J* J^UJ 
against, be prejudiced (biased, partial) against, take 
sides against; to wrong, oppress, do wrong to, do 
injustice to, be unfair or unjust to, treat unjustly; 
to maltreat, ill-treat, treat badly 
to force oneself (to do something <Jl> J* J-UJ 
with difficulty), constrain oneself (to); to gather 
(collect, rally) one's strength, muster up (summon, 
call forth) one's energy; to struggle to one's feet, 
rise with great effort, brace up, pull oneself togeth- 
er; to overexert oneself, strain, exhaust oneself 

discrimination; prejudice, JJi i j>»- < >j~ : J*wJ 
bias, partiality; wrong, injustice, inequity, unfair- 
ness, oppression 

to dialogue, have a c t»'-j i ti*-Li <■ £>&>* : jjoJ 
dialogue; to converse, hold (have, engage in) a 
conversation, talk (to one another), speak, hold 
talks; to discuss, carry on a discussion; to debate, 

to neutralize Ju wJ 

neutralization, neutrality Ju UJ 

to show love or affection to, U jlc t j j>! : <JJ 1--..W1' 
endear oneself to, ingratiate oneself with, curry 
favor with, flatter one's way into; to seek some- 
one's love or friendship; to court, woo, pay court 
to, seek the affections of, speak words of love to 

to granulate, grain, become granu- J* j+> : <-.~*t 
lated or granular 

endearment, showing love oriljU* t ay :(<JJ) '-■ ;*" 
affection (to), currying favor (with), flattery, sweet 
talk; courtship, court, wooing 

granulation, grain o*j-? '■ < -r^ M 

, i, '_*. ^ i' '_ 
pet name <^ JU (""' ' V***' 

approval, sanction(ing); endorse- .L»- j.un : !«" 
ment; advocacy, espousal, support, upholding, 
championing; seconding; acclaim, applause, praise; 
recommendation, commendation; preference 

adornment, embellishment, de- ( >.■ > ■*" ' (>>»> : J)« JU 
coration; refinement; improvement 

writing, composition ijl^f : J~ J *' 

war, be engaged in war 

lowest water level (of a river); low water JiiJ wu 





to settle a mutual account 
to envy each other 
mutual envy 

avoidance, shunning, i_,,.:.>i :(,«^U*JI) (jibJ 

eschewal; averting, warding off, fending off, 
parryGng); keeping away from; obviation, pre- 
vention; fleeing from, running away from, trying 
to escape from 

abstention, refrainment, desis- (jc pL~«J : (.r^u 
wariness, caution, cautiousness jju- t 6 liJ| : jllau 

to avoid, shun, eschew; to avert, ward ^_ 

off, fend off, stave off, parry; to keep away from; 
to keep off; to obviate, prevent; to flee from, run 
away from, try to escape from; to give someone 
the slip, turn a cold shoulder to 

to abstain from, refrain (jc ^~»\ <■ Cj& SL*\ : ^ Uu 
from, desist from 

to guard against, beware of, be ji»- <. JiJ\ : jil* 
wary of, be cautious of 

ln.T>-l iu»-lj — Julow 

" , »> •- --- -;,- '. 
to harbor a grudge against Jo** J* (*-i*j >**»■ : J* 

one another, bear mutual rancor, hate one another 

to lower oneself, cringe, truckle, ^iUiJ :yibJ 

behave in an excessively humble or servile manner 

to rub or scrape against each other; to &»-l : dJUu 
jostle, come in close contact 

dJlS^-l ^rlj-dlliJ 

to sue one another, bring one (jcIjl! <. (_^»lij : (^UJ 
another before before a judge or a court; to litigate, 
carry on a lawsuit 
osmosis £*ilo :<JUJ 

to join in alliance; to ally (with), ally {^») ui\au 

oneself (to or with), be allied (to or with), make or 
form an alliance (with), confederate (with) 

alliance, confederacy, confederation <_A)Im 

- *- : ' y '. 
to avoid, shun, eschew, keep away s- 1 -*?-' • u* ^" 


to guard against, protect oneself Jiy i Ji>\ '■ y»bu 



on order; on demand; demand 



entitled, under the title of 

subscapular, infrascapular " { J^ 

sublingual, hypoglossal, ,jG 

subcentral \s>J> j* cm <. 


^ *: 



under his authority or control, in his a jj i 
power; in his possession, with him, in his hands 


lower, low, subjacent, under-, sub-, at the 
bottom, down, inferior, underlying 

underwear S''^ 3 " tr!*-' 

to be or become necessary, requisite, 

obligatory, mandatory, imperative, indispensable; 

to be inevitable, inescapable, unavoidable 

to be incumbent upon, be <JLc. i_j»-j : <Az 
someone's duty, be imposed on 

he has to, he should, he must, he j\ aJLc 

' ,»■', •* .! 

ought to, it is his duty to, he is duty bound to 


to veil oneself, put on a veil; to hide, conceal 
oneself; to be or become veiled, covered, screened, 
sheltered, hidden, concealed 

*'• i i - s i -'*'■- ' s ' - 

to petrify, be or become petrified, turn into 
stone; to concrete, solidify; to fossilize, be or be- 
come fossilized 

petrifaction, petrification; concre- 
tion, solidification; fossilization 

ossification, fogyism, fossili- ilc«-j i 

zation, narrow-mindedness, fustiness, fanaticism, 

bigotry, intolerance 

petrification, petrifaction; concretion, solidifi- j)j«w 
cation, hardening; fossilization 

curtailment, diminution; stunting, dwarfing; £*■*" 
incapacitation, disablement; weakening, enfeeble- 
ment, undermining, undercutting, devitalization; 
subduing, taming 

challenge, defiance (ciJu>^JI) JbJ 

« • . » . - . - 

filling (something) with ink \j~>- t^JI {J* :ji-j»j 

impregnation, fecundation J-i- j jua. : J--»«i' 

under; below, beneath, under- Jy 
neath; down; downstairs; sub-, infra-, hypo- 
under, on, in, at, being, subject to, J* j i jui 
the object of, in the stage or process of, undergoing 

infrared ► IjU-l om i j*>-*i 

underground; i>>j^l ( r^»-") *i 

submarine, under- J*J\ ( r^*-) o 
water, undersea 



on probation; on trial; in an expert- ij jjJI 
mental state; being tested or tried; in training 

in preparation, being prepared jwaklJI 

subsoil <>j^\ 

at his disposal, at his <ULL> jl o^.l jl 4j^>j c-»»J 
service, at his command, at his orders, at his beck 
and call 

in training, undergoing preparatory 

subcutaneous, subdermal, (5aL>- c-; 

under consideration, un- <iJ»JI omJ 

der discussion, on the tapis, on the carpet 

at the mercy of I Ji" il»-j i 

under the aus- l-ii" cm i IJi" <Cl*j o 

pices of, under the patronage of, under the aegis 

of, sponsored by, under the sponsorship of, under 

the wing of, under the protection of 

-•* * • * * * $ - - 
outstanding, due, Jj^LjJI jl jjjudl jl jIjUI 

unpaid, unsettled 

9 j 


under arms 

under his thumb, under his ayu ji ^ 
influence (sway, control, power, authority) 



subcostal *(j^*° 

subject to punishment.., under 
penalty of, at the risk of 

in press 

U ( JJU n . l l C 



JJ 9 " 


sharpening, honing, stropping 

forging, hammering, beating j^jjaj :0.ul! jjJju 

price control, price fixing jL-^l jj jj>u 

$' 3 • i -* • c 


arms limitation, limitation of arma- 
ments), disarmament 
birth control J-~^ -^^ 

specifically; to be exact, strictly jj->j>»JI (a»-j) <J* 
speaking, precisely, accurately, exactly; namely 

staring, stare, gazing, looking (sharply) t3i^*> 

- * * ** 

to feign skillfulness or Sjt^ilj Jii-I oiLSJ : JiaJ 
proficiency, pretend to be clever 

to Sj£U ^ ojl^ ClA' <y^l 'J-^ 1 **>\ :jlJ» 
be pedantic, parade one's learning, display or feign 
knowledge, make a show of skill, pretend to be 
smart or skillful 
pedantry; preciosity; affectation JyJau 

warning, caution(ing), forewarning, monition, jiJau 
caveat, admonition, admonishment, exhortation 

investigation, exploration, exami- (^) (c^*JI) ^ 
nation, inspection, scrutiny, study, surveying), 
search(ing), inquiry, fact-finding; seeking; detec- 

detective, secret agent, sleuth, 
intelligencer; investigator; inspector 

secret police, secret (i^^Jl ia.La-1 i (i^*^' <U»^ 
service, detective squad 

to investigate, explore, examine, inspect, {^jt) iSj*i 
scrutinize, study, survey, look into, inquire into, 
go to the root of, delve into, search out; to inquire 
about, make inquiries about; to search for, look 
for, hunt for, seek, try to find out (about), seek 
information (about), try to know or ascertain, try 

to detect or determine 

- '- : -"• i /• \ ' *' - 
to refrain from, abstain t-^jy i <jt {~*\ '■ [&) &>» 

from; to avoid, shun, eschew 

' • 1 i ' * 1 •'*'■ 

*-*llV' *'- 

to be afforested, forested, wooded 

- 9 ' A C - 

to have the audacity or courage to; to ^ £j»k pJ 
feel free to 

it -. '*''„ 

to be or become free, freed, liberated, \j»- jU» : jj>u 
set free, released, delivered, unchained, relieved; to 


iftfflHIII llllllllll ' llll f|MHIttfftf*»i»KM»iMKa^M™&«': 1 :.y-r- :sa^K.-m 

to challenge, defy, resist, oppose, withstand, i£jw 
stand up to, face (up to); to throw down the gaunt- 
let; to compete with, vie with 

. * - - - » - ; 

to speak (to someone of or about something), i j«j 

talk (to someone about or of something), converse 

(with someone about something) 

speaking, talking; speech; conversation, talk, d>j»J 


to be defined, specified, ^a^oi- <. c*^ < ,j~c. : jjuu 

determined, pinpointed, fixed, individualized, 

particularized, itemized, designated, identified, 

marked out, indicated, pointed out, set, assigned, 


> > > . 'ft -3, ' 

to be delimited, demarcated, oj_jj»- & :.c : jos«j 
delineated, defined, circumscribed, marked off 
to be limited, restricted, confined j^s- i ju» : josw 

tjjii :ujj«l' jl JbJbLI JO; 

to be forged, ham- 
mered, beaten 
to be sharpened, honed, 

- ^ - • - ^ ^ ^ ^ 3 ~ 

3-.< . » . -s- ; 

to descend from, be descended y-« J*el ,y» joaw 
from, be born from, derive (one's origin) from, be 
derived from, originate from, proceed from, stem 
from, come down from a stock or source 

, • , ' >' 4- 

jIasuI Vf'j - jloawl I U)'j> 'jJ* 

descent, derivation, origination y-« J*el ^ joau 
(from an ancestral stock), birth, lineage, breed 

narrating, narration, relating, h I jj 4 jLj-l : liw j* 
relation, telling; speaking, talking, conversation 
modernization, updating, bringing jjo»J : ti-jOa«j 
up to date 

definition; specifi- uo^opu i (>-— «j ' mj^j : Jj j» 
cation, determination, pinpointing, fixing, fixation; 
individualization, particularization, itemization; 
designation, identification, marking out; setting, 

laying down, assignment, appointment 

> > • 
delimitation, demarcation, de- jjjJ-I , 

lineation, circumscription 

limitation, restriction, confine- 

^3 3--»^ •* > i t " • 

pointing, tapering, tj^ij I Jj^— • >(*iJI J«»- "•- 1 J ; k*« 




to fee! burning desire for, burn ( Jj) wJJ U^i, ij^ki 
or pine away with desire for, burn to, yearn ar- 
dently for, long desperately or keenly for, hanker 
after, hunger for, crave, die to; to eat one's heart 
out, be consumed by an emotion 

burning desire, yearning, longing, han- j£i :3jau 
kering, pining, craving, hunger 

anxiety, anguish, agony, pain, suffering, ii^J : Jjm 
torture, torment, grief, sorrow 

to move, budge, stir, be in motion, change placedl^iw 
or position; to start moving, get moving; to start, 
get underway; to begin, set out to, embark upon; 
to make a move, take a step, take action, take an 
initiative; to react, respond 

-3- * 

motion, movement,moving,locomotion;move, dl_^*«7 
step; action, activity; initiative; reaction, response 

to be or become prohibited, forbid- jh*- i ^j*- : *jru 
den, interdicted, unlawful, illegal, illicit, unautho- 
rized, banned 

to be or become sacred, sacro- C^U j\^> : VJ»u 
sanct, holy 

: ©V" 

afforestation, forestation, wooding, 

narrowing, tightening, straitening J,,,, a? : kJ^ 

prohibition, forbiddance, interdiction ej»u :~^ 

insistence, importunity, urging, j'j«o' : tkJ*' 
pressing; persistence 

liberation, liberating, freeing, j!}U>l i \jp- aLij- '.jij** 
setting free, turning loose, release, deliverance, re- 
lief; liberalization 

manumission, emancipation, jU*l :x-lJI jjj** 
liberation, freeing, enfranchisement, disenthrall- 

emancipation (<jC»j jl iLL ^.) Jj jj,J^ 

ridding of, freeing from, ^ o»JU^ : [y. jj^ki 
liberating from, saving from 

disburdenment, * Ij^iJI jl tu-c jl J1p- ^y jj^*j 
discharge, release, freeing, relief, clearance, disen- 
gagement, exemption, exoneration, absolution, 
acquittal, redemption, extrication 

disenchantment, disillu- j^Li\ jl ^1 ^ j>^ 

editing, redaction; writing, icC* i CLS" : jjj*u 

free oneself, liberate oneself; to disengage (oneself), 
disentangle (oneself), release oneself, extricate one- 
self, disencumber oneself; to be liberalized 

to be manumitted, emancipated, J^il : ollJI jja^ 
liberated, freed, set free, enfranchised, disenthrall- 
ed (from slavery), released from bondage or servi- 

to be emancipated (CC»j jl ^ U' , - 'y) ji^JI 'fJ»C 

to be edited, redacted; to be written, '_■"< : j^J 
composed, compiled, drawn up, drafted, indited, 
put down in writing, reduced to writing 

freedom, liberty, unrestraint; disengage- jll«jl -jJsJ 
ment, disentanglement, release; emancipation- lib- 

liberality, broad-mindedness, open- ~ liii I : J^ 
mindedness, openness, large-mindedness; progres- 

■ Jj^- 

I **-\ 



to molest, make improper (aLj*. <JU) _, ^yj 

advances to; to make passes on; to proposition; to 

to pick a quarrel with, start (jU^JI 
a brawl with 

to provoke; to excite, rouse, jfc I ( 
arouse, stir up 

to intrude upon, obtrude upon, Jc 'J& : _, j£iJ 
force oneself upon (others), poke one's nose into, 
nose into, meddle in, interfere in 

molestation, making passes (XL. 
on; proposition(ing); solicitation 

picking a quarrel with, ( jU^lJ I 
starting a brawl with 

provocation; excitement, Sjfc I i jl 
excitation, rousing, arousal, stirring up 

intrusion, obtrusion, forcing( Jt) JJUaJ : ( _>) ij-jau 

oneself upon (others), poking one's nose into, 

nosing into, meddling, interference 

n *i " '*'- '•*•' - .*■* - •*- 1 
to be distorted, M\ sUu j-ju i U3«< i ( -*v 9 " • ( -* j y*< 

perverted, corrupted, misrepresented, misstated, 
falsified, twisted, wenched, misinterpreted, mis- 
construed, altered, changed 

i>* <-»j* i ! p*b ~ w* t)l* :^ Li^*; 
---'.• i i ---•:• i -~ s - . 

: w) <Ar»J 


^ ^ 





starting, beginning, initiation, com- 

vowelization, vo-o|,l£JI jl iJj^J-l Jtf--* : *As^*" 

-.3 > 

revival of action, setting action in <5>c Jl tlL^aJ 
motion; prosecution, institution of a lawsuit 

moving, touching, impas-^tLLu jl uiklyJI ciL^au 
sioning, commoving, stirring, affection, arousal, 
excitement, excitation; thrilling, electrification, 

prohibition, forbiddance, interdiction, Ji*- : psJ 
proscription, ban(ning), barring; taboo; embargo 

prohibitive, prohibitory, proscrip- <Sj^>- '■ i^-ij^ 
tive, interdictive, interdictory 

to side with, take sides with, be Jbl i J j~su : J i r >j a "' 
partial to, favor; to support, back (up), stand by, 
champion, patronize, sponsor, advocate, go. for, be 
in favor of 

to form a party; to rally, %+»S i yj>- Jx-i. : <-> j*> 
unite, join forces, come together for common 
action, gather, band together 

partiality, favoritism, favoriing), ju_jt < 'j~>u : lj)**! 
one-sidedness, taking sides (with), siding (with), 
bias, prejudice; support, backing, patronage, advo- 
cation, advocacy 

formation of a party; £±*J i <->£■ J^j : Vj 9 " 

rallying, uniting, coming together 

.» • *- : 

partisanship, factionalism ^.j? '^j** 

-?" ">''. 
to be or become notched, incised, nicked, jJUj : fjau 

snicked, crenated(d), serrate(d), indented, jagged, 
grooved, fluted, furrowed 

crenation, serration, indentation j^*u 

to gird oneself, put on a belt f I jJ-l ^^J : f j»« 

to drink, sip <-*i j < V/- : u-*" 

to seek information about, try to know, ci^ : 
inquire about; to inquire into, investigate 

*Z^\ «jflj— -> (j-jl '-J l^*- 

<inij J* 


— 4— ij J* 

to bemoan, deplore, lament, regret, sigh ( Jc) j-s 
for, grieve at, pine for, yearn for, long for, pant for 
or after; to be or become regretful, sorrowful, 
sorry, grieved, sad, distressed 

composition, compilation, putting down in writ- 
ing, drawing up, drafting, inditing, formulation, 
recording; editorship 

consecration to the service m <*o*J i-iij : jiy^ 
of God 

(piece of) writing; ii^j ' VCj : ( jj jlkl r) jiyu 
letter, dispatch, message; note; paper, document, 
instrument, deed, record 

editor-in-chief, editor jij^^ cnsiJ 

. * i'.- • s -*- - 

board of editors, edito- jj^p^JI *~j> i jj^^JI »j'j] 

rial staff 

women's liberation movement Sl^il jij** *£ j*- 

liberational; j^JIj jhc^lj JbU>^ <_^»U- :iSjij^> 
emancipational; liberal 

written, in writing, record- ^[^ i < -r , >-^-" '-^jij 9 " 
ed (in writing) 

provocation, instigation, incitement Ja*^ : (j^jpu 

sowing dissension (among), {(^ Ck!> <j**j j *-' 
stirring up evil (among), setting people against each 

instigation, incitement, provocation, abet- J^ij^ 
ment, inducement, rousing, stirring up, fomenta- 
tion, motivation, stimulation, prodding, urging, 

induction [ ►Lji* j <-J> ] uktj^ 

instigative, instigatory, inciting, provocative, "^uj^i 

provoking, stirring, rousing, stimulative, motiva- 


inductive [ f\>j?i s-t) (jfuy** 

distortion, tJJ (_^*il juu i <-i j ».aj t *jy£ '■ <Ji>j3%i 
perversion, corruption, misrepresentation, mis- 
statement, falsification, twist(ing), wrench(ing), 
warping, misinterpretation, misconstruction, alter- 
ation, change 

slantGng), canting, tip(ping), tilt(ing), i)Cl : *Juj*u 
inclination, swerving, swerve, deviation, deflection 

moving, movement; mobiliza- liij^i *i*=r '-"^.j** 
lion; driving; stirring, stir, shaking 

stimulation, whetting; -j&- ( 1^- % i'j§ I : &jj>u 
actuation, moving, motivation; arousal, (a)rousing, 
stirring up, working up, awakening, awaking, 
inspiration, excitement, excitation; provocation, 
instigation, incitement, fomentation 



to result, be a result, ensue, come out, 

: JLaau 

follow, proceed, issue, arise, originate 

to be collected, raised, levied ,-j* i J**-u>. : Jn't" 

to be obtained, acquired, gained, <Ulc J~o-<- : Jn~ t ~ 
received, attained, achieved, procured, realized 

to be or become fortified, <_^I»- 1 i «^lj <. i^yu : j ■**■"• 
strengthened, entrenched; to be or become well- 
fortified, inaccessible; to be or become secure, safe, 
protected; to fortify oneself; to strengthen one's 
position, protect oneself 

to be immunized, be iij-uJI jl i_^>J-\ -u« u n-." 
made immune 

(j-a»- ««■ 1 j - "Ci-ic C-jli :Sljil C,.„q.-Hj 

allotment, apportionment, al- ^ iu i <uj>> ' j^„ ""■*" 

location, portioning, lotting, prorating^ distribu- 
tion, division, meting out, dealing out 

quota system u a^a^i\ *Lkj 

collection, collecting, raising, levy(ing) <LC>- • J n-" 
•ft? • , ,^ , ^ 

18 ~ • - *4* *■ • - 

learning, studying), -*JJ ^j-u jl ^Jie. J....--.--J 
education, scholarship, knowledge, lore, erudition, 
information, letters, academic attainments, schol- 
arly accomplishments, scholastic acquirements, 
educational achievements; pursuit or acquisition of 

indisputable, «-i J I a»- "il i <U* p-j>L. :J-ol»- J-^»sw 
incontestable, unquestionable, indubitable, un- 
doubted, undeniable, undisputed, beyond ques- 
tion, beyond doubt, beyond dispute, certain, sure, 
clear, definite 

fortification, entrenchment, strengthen- <iyu : 
ing, reinforcement, manning, bracing, cementation 

immunization -»JJ ^joj* jl iijJ* -u« ifrf 9 " 

fortifications, entrenchments; reinforce- 

to be or become civilized; to be or be- OjIj : 
come urbanized or citified, be or become a city 
dweller or a town dweller, live in a civilized or 

to grope for, probe for, finger, handle, y -■" : (J JL»J 
touch, run the hand over; to fumble, grabble; to 
grope about, feel around, feel about or search 
(with the hands), feel one's way, find by touching 

to seek information about, try <_^aij i ii^3«J : ^ "— " 
to know, try to find out (about), inquire about, 
make inquiries about, search for, look for, hunt for 

* .% -.- , , . , ,,; 

, u-*" jf ; j 

■J Uj i J u^f . T»l 

4- ' 

yl— ^" I W^ Ij — (J-L^-l I/JIH **> 

^ '^f ^t*^^ 

I .* .» - » - 1 

to improve, ameliorate, become (get, grow) o— »<j 
better; to become nicer, more handsome, more 

improvement, amelioration 0— »" 

improvement, amelioration, betterment jj^ju : j^ '•>" 

beautification, prettying up; ^jlt J ; ,.>" : ^.^.J*." 
embellishment, adornment, decoration 


^) u i ■ 1 1 / j i i n*% ) | »L f - 

ameliorative, improving; beautifying, embel- 

( ( jlli 4-»Ju) 

(j^UJ ^>-lj ■ 


to wear shabby clothes, be OL CCj ^J : ' ' 

shabbily dressed, dress slovenly 

insertion, foisting; interpolation; stuffing, yi> 
filling; wadding, padding; cramming, ramming, 

annota- -J J t^Uf yi-lji j ^1^11 Ji-llj : il^-J 
tion, glossing, commenting on; commentary, 

• - » .» ■*- . - 
hemming, bordering, fringing s> m jl o>ill •■ *■-»" 

lithiasis [oJ»] ^^1 OjSi i^ta^dl) yoij 

urolithiasis J)lJI ta-wJ - 7J_^J [^ 

appendicolithiasis SoJI^JI **<• 


'. k«—. 

r-'vv- 1 ■■:■■■:... :.;,■;...—-: 

to have reservations, jj^*- 1 t i>Li-J :(^ jl ,j*) JaiMj 
make reservations; to be reserved, aloof, reticent, 
discreet; to be cautious of, be wary of, beware of, 
guard against, be on one's guard against; to take 
care, take precautions, be careful, watch out 

to take care of, look Jt Jai U- 4 j ^c : -> . hiVi 
after, attend to, keep; to protect; to preserve, 
maintain, keep up 

to memorize, learn by heart, com- jt\i:,.\ : Jiiki 
mit to memory, con 

reserve, reservation; (self-)restraint, J»l~»- 
aloofness, reticence, closeness, discretion 

caution, cautiousness, wariness, j^sy^l 
circumspection; care(fulness), watchfulness; pre- 
caution, precautionary measure 

reservation, proviso, limit- <!> P -^ ' J»^ '■ ■»«■»"< 

ing condition, conditional stipulation 

with (full) reserva- .Wit," J£j < ,hi-»:ll u < ,hi-»7; 

tion, with (all) reserve, reservedly 

without reservation, without reserve, JaL»u iL 


precautionary, T^lij 1 l^jl^l « ^Li- j : ^jiW * 

preventive, protective, safety 

precautionary mea- (J*^*" JM-^ ' tjf*** ^jt\ 
sure, precaution, safety measure, safeguard 

attachment, provisional seizure ( .jiiii _>«- 

fossilization -£?""■' '-*?*" 

catalysis [ fL^-^ J j*»- '• js*"' 

catalyctic [ t\^ ] (5>»- : &M*' 

memorization drill, drill, inculcation 

'J* -^ ff'j ~~ (i 6. 



S, jS"t i tu 


to materialize, actualize, ji U 1 >w> 1 c-J : ja i\ juw 
become a fact, become real, come true; to be 
realized, achieved, fulfilled, effected; to turn out to 
be true, prove (to be) true; to turn out to be right, 
prove to be correct; to be confirmed, affirmed, 



M I C (j-*-J ( (\A*J . 4— • J I ^ 

make sure of, seek to ascertain, check, verify, reas- 
surre oneself of, try to know or convince oneself 
of; to ascertain, find out or learn with certainty 
about, know for certain; to be sure of, certain of, 
convinced of, confident of; to identify 


1. ...;,,;■-;... .?■-?—, 

urban region, be or become an urbanite or a 

to be or become ready, prepared; j^>u <. L^J : jJm 
to get ready, prepare oneself, ready oneself 

civilization; urbanization, urbanism 0-**" 

preparation, preparing, readying, j^»u < j\js-\ : j^ 
making ready; making, producing, production 


- if J ~V 3J ' 

j^i^— '■'" Jui tjwufcjl 

ijLkll I~hIt»1I 

in preparation, being 

preparatory, preparative, preliminary 'iSj^a^Z 

-s>- - s t - :. 
to break, smash, crash, shatter, come or j£~> : nJuu 

go to pieces, break into pieces, break up, wreck, 
fragmentize, crumble; to be or get broken, smash- 
ed, shattered, destroyed, ruined, wrecked, frag- 

to be wrecked 

to crash 

breaking, breakdown, smash, shatter, j~SZ : nhaii 
crash, wreck(age), destruction, ruin 

crash S^Lkll JLmj 

break(ing), breakage, smashing, ^S 1 j-SZ : <JaM 
crashing, shatterOng), crush(ing), destruction, 
ruin(ing), wreckage, wreck(ing), demolition, de- 
molishment, fragmentation, crumbling 

to be or become banned, prohibi-, f^p- t J^r- : jJisJ 
ted, interdicted, proscribed, enjoined, barred, out- 
lawed, unlawful, illegal, illicit, unauthorized 

masterpiece, masterwork, chef d'oeuvre; iiilj :ii»J 
gem, rarity, curio, curiosity, objet d'art, work of 
art; showpiece, piece de resistance 

-* - -'• '. 
gift, present <>ja :<uhj 

to get ready, prepare oneself, i_«it 4 j«i* I : JisJ 

ready oneself, make (one's) preparations, gird 

oneself (for action), girder one's loins, prepare 

(oneself) for action; to be ready, be prepared; to be 

alert(ed), be on the alert 

>>• f. --. -»- - 

to get ready to jump 

readiness, preparedness; 


bU 1 jljuu. 

i ■■■"..; : 



■^..'^?? ^— i 

dictatorially; to tyrannize (over), domineer; to be 
arbitrary, tyrannical, despotic, imperious, domi- 

to control, be in control of, ^c jiaL^ : ( j) Sm 
command, be in command of; to dominate, direct, 
govern, rule, reign, sway, hold sway over, gain 
power over, be master over; to prevail over, in- 
fluence, have a dominant influence over 

arbitrariness, despotism, auto- ^t i jla~X-l :«£*« 
cracy, absolutism, dictatorship, tyranny, highhand- 
edness, domineeringness, imperiousness, authori- 


,' •- t - - 
control, command; domination, 'j^y '■£-»" 

dominion, sway, power, authority; prevalence, 


remote control -uu ^ Sm> 

arbitrary, despotic, autocratic, "i£*\j-S~,\ : ,.»v-»7 
absolute, dictatorial, tyrannical, highhanded, impe- 
rious, domineering, authoritative 

9 - " 


% . ,i 


compromis d'arbitrage, arbitration 

award, arbitral (or arbitration) award, 

arbitral tribunal; court of arbitration 

arbitral, arbitrational ,-tJf^u 

to adorn oneself, bedeck oneself, '^-} i Jik; : { J^ 
spruce up, make oneself pretty; to be adorned, 
embellished, beautified, bedecked, decked out 

to be endowed with, distin- i-o,^ I i j^-J : _j l J^ 
guished by, marked by, characterized by 

to be sweetened, sugared j£~. <. I^ii- J*»- : 1 Jm 

to ooze, seep, exude, tran- JL t ~i,j i jw»i : l-JjJ 
sude, leak, trickle, drip, dribble; to run, flow 

to water (his mouth watered); <jU JL:^j i_JLjJ 
to drool, drivel, dribble, slobber, slaver 

oozing, ooze, seep(age), exudation, ^.'j < »wij : • .1 V 
transudation, leak(age), trickling, dripping, drib- 
bling; running, flowing 

dispensation; absolution ( l^j| t 6'>i :«l»w 

'■'■ '■-"■'- ' ~ 

materialization, actualization, becoming (^^ll) Jiuu 
a fact, becoming real, coming true; realization, 
achievement; turning out to be true (right, correct) 

making sure (of), verification, \y>^\ Cr?> t5***> 
check(ing), checkup; reassurance; ascertainment; 
certainty, certitude, conviction, sureness, positiv- 
ism; identification 

degradation, abasement, debasement, J^il '.jJiaii 
lowering, demeaning, humbling, humiliation; dis- 
paragement, depreciation 

insult, offense, affront iilil :j*i»J 

contempt, scorn, disdain, misprision Jjjjl : jm 

contempt of court i*So«il jjm 

realization, carrying out, achieve- ,»., « :"< i jUul ■<j-J' 9 " 
ment, accomplishment, attainment, consumma- 
tion, fulfillment, execution, effectuation, perfor- 
mance, working out, actualization, bringing about, 
making real, making come true, putting into effect, 
giving effect to, bringing into effect 

securing, ensuring, procuring, ji'y i ,j^fc : 
procurement; yielding, production 

satisfaction, fulfillment, meeting, -> <li j : 
answering, serving; adequacy, sufficiency 

granting, compliance with, accedence ilij : 
to "' 

verification, establishment, jja»J 4 oUI : 
substantiation; confirmation, affirmation; determi- 
nation, fixing, pinpointing; identification 

inquiry, inquest, examination, ^yS'SJ i tij»> : Jj : ; «-" 
investigation, inspection, exploration, probe, 
study(ing), scrutiny, survey(ing) 
interrogation, examina- J IL. •,:,.,, I iul^L.1 • J «'-" 
tion, questioning, investigation, inquiry, inquest, 
inquisition, hearing 


-Mi T - s '■ * 

reportage, report 
probate of wills 


u"l» f=Hj ' 

I yjitt 

to pick a quarrel with, start a _. ,_^^m : _. dLSow 

brawl with; to provoke, stir up 

to have one's own way (in); J+& i -> o-JL.1 : (J) Sm 
to rule tyrannically, handle arbitrarily, manage 




'■:■■■ ■- ■■.'■'.•i.wxs^hsa 

compounding, breaking up, breaking down, -lysis, 

legalization, legitimization; authoriza- 5j,li-j :J-ikj 
tion, sanction(ing); permission, permitting, allow- 
ance, allowing 


JyJl <±A^ 


oLJI 3^ 

electrolysis; electroanalysis 

{£}*.■*£ b~~ 

chemical analysis 

ifS^Z J^" 




/jL-ii jl /-— ij (J-J«j 



analytic geometry 

•LIJlmj i-.UA 

to be or become enthusiastic, zealous, ardent, y-taw 
eager; to enthuse (over), show enthusiasm, thrill, 
get all worked up, get excited 

1 '• ' i -, a - i- ' 

to roast, be or become roasted \»}»ij v*' ) j^m 
to toast, be or become toasted v»>m j >J-1 ) u n.-*< 

to sour, become sour; to acidify, UkL- jU> : u a*»u 
become acid 

to be developed »JJ jLill u ^,~" 

to bear, stand, endure, toler- jylc i jL««j i jU> I : Ji»J 
ate, put up with, abide, brook, stomach, sustain, 
support; to undergo, suffer, experience, pass 
through, go through 

to assume, <UJ lc Jf J»- 1 i ^Jy i _; »lk./> I : J*j«i 
bear, undertake, take upon oneself, take on, take 
over, shoulder, carry 
to depart, decamp, leave, set out S 9 "^ '■ J**" 

endurance, toleration, tol- sUli* i Jb>- liilij: J!*m 
erance, bearing, standing, putting up with, sustain- 
ment, supporting; stamina, fortitude; undergoing, 
sufferance, suffering, experiencing 

assumption (of), undertaking J>i i _i ^L^>\ : Jlsu 
(of), bearing, taking upon oneself, taking on or 
over, takeover, shouldering, carrying 

durability, strength, hardiness, solidity, aju. : J-mJ 

firmness, toughness 

to blacken, black, become (grow, turn) "*y.\ : pi*u 


■ ■■y^v ■;-aaPTra 


to move, budge; to be dislodged, dis- r->-> : JaJUJ 
placed, removed 

to gather in a circle (around); to sit in a (li^~) jl*J 
circle (around), form a circle (around); to sur- 
round, encircle, ring 

to disengage (oneself) from, disen- ^» )j**> '■ '{j* Jl»*> 
tangle oneself from, detach oneself from, extri- 
cate oneself from, release oneself from, free oneself 
from, relieve oneself from, rid oneself of 

disengagement, disentanglement, detach- jj 
ment, release 

proteolysis ir~>ij>. O^ 'Crr'Jjv' J"« 

^ - ' + $~ " 
thermolysis i5jl>>- J"« 

^ » - *£•>*$*' . s * • £ > &, ~ 

lipolysis.yj^t, jl ,^ij JJLsJ i( ^»JI jl ^Jl JL>J 

photolysis (ji**'' J^" 

•» . » * > &. - 
histolysis *j»_J "ill _jl g,.,..JI JW 

sweetening, surgaring jSlz i I^Li- eJ^DI jl»- :«Qa«7 

• '- - ' , - 

desalination, desalini- (^) tJULI illjl :(»Lil) illkj 

zation, desalting 

adornment, decoration, em- J~J*j « ^y : aIIm 
bellishment, ornamentation, beautification; candy- 
ing, sweetening, sugaring 

making someone swear; i_ilkj z.'J.\ jU»- : ' i.l>: 
swearing in, putting to (or upon) oath, adminis- 
tration of an oath on (or to) 

jury [o^lt] i-t.,1.^ iiS i oLik; <lkj 

flying, flight, soaKing), winging, hov- i>\'^> ■ j 'V 

rise, nsmg, towering, j >w » c plii jl : J-Jki 

soaKing), ascending, ascent 

analysis, analyzation; as- »^Uc JJ >yiJl jj :JJbJ 
say; dissolution, resolution; decomposition, de- 

JiJ 8 " 



! cr ,J ~^' 


"i""i '*'- 'I s '- 'I s ' - 

to change, alter, shift, Ji^J » j^> <■ J-V : <J>»»» 

switch, convert, transform, transmute, mutate, 
undergo change or conversion; to turn (into), grow 
(into), pass (into), become, assume the form or 
shape or state of; to be changed, altered, shifted, 
switched, converted, transformed; to move, trans- 
fer, be moved, be transferred 
to turn away ^ (J^il i^c (j^-ajl :^c J>» 
from, turn one's back on; to relinquish, renounce, 
give up, abandon, forsake, leave, quit; to move 
away from, go away from, withdraw from; to 
deviate from, depart from, deflect from, turn aside 
from, divert from, diverge from, digress from, 
swerve from 

change, alteration, conver- JUlzjI i j~ia i J xS ' uyu 

sion, transformation, transmutation, mutation; 

shift, turn(ing), switch, transition; metamorphosis; 


metamorphism (j»La\\ i-Jj j) J>» 

transmutation [ »^-^ J J**" 

deviation from, departure from, deflection^. Oyu 
from, diversion from, digression from, swerving 
from, turning away or aside from; relinquishment, 
renunciation, abandonment, leaving, quitting 


turning point U>»*> 

modification, changing, change, JjJlJ 'Jj^»J : jip*" 
alteration, conversion 

distortion, perversion, cor- Aj^JJ i <Jujau : jj>» 
ruption, misrepresentation, misstatement, falsifi- 
cation, twist(ing), wrench(ing), warping 

change, alteration, conversion, Jii « JjJ-j : Ji>*" 
transformation, transmutation, mutation; shifting, 
switching; transference) 
transmutation [ t.^-^ J Js>>»«J 

transfer, alienation, conveyance, dis- ££iil Jj^J 

posal of, cession, delivery, assignment 

» >i > . - 
remittance, sending, for- jJJ JUl jl Jjiill Jj>»w 

warding, transfer 

„ t * i * t ~ 

diversion from, alienation from, ^* Jj>»*> 


■ ' - "'-^-'J 

heating, warming (up), calefaction 

enthusing, making enthusiastic; ( _ r »»- jJUa* : y~**u> 
thrilling, electrification, galvanization; (a)rousing, 
arousal, stirring (up), working up, excitement, ex- 
citation, stimulation, whetting; kindling; embold- 
ening, encouragement, animation 

roasting; toasting u a^- j-xaa : o^*»w 

" • s ^ • ~ . * c 

souring; acidification, UwU- fci^JI J*»- '■<J a ** a ^ 


development, developing f$*i\ Ja~*»i 

loading, lading, freighting, y»i i J-j : Sz**> 

freightage); stevedoring 

burdening, charging, (J*) JUS) « (J*) »UJI : J-*a« 
encumbering; overburdening, bearing down on, 
weighing down on 

r 1 • "£•■** 

bearing [1£LjISL» j Jr?* </r.r 

suppository [i_J»]*L*aw 

to devote oneself to the ser- J^ll ifJ jj i ju«j : ti«i»Ji 
vice of God, practice piety; to refrain from sin 

to be embalmed, mummified (iiJ-l eu.) Jmw 

to be stuffed C>*J»1I j> ^l^lll 9-) -J"^*" 



embalmment, mummification (^4-1) 

stuffing, taxidermy ( jyJoi I j I o li l^li I ) 

*T' s ' 7. 

to coil, twist, turn, wind, writhe, wriggle tfyj : i£yu 

to contract 

to seek, try to obtain, ask for 

to shop, purchase, buy 

to be modified, changed, altered, con- J-uJ : jyH 


to be distorted, perverted, corrupted, (_i^! : jj^J 

misrepresented, misstated, falsified, twisted, 


to writhe, wriggle, coil, twist (5>b '■ jy*> 



• ^ j « Jii^ : J»>«" 


letters; to inform one another, keep one another 

to fail, weaken, lose strength or power, 
languish, droop, flag, slacken 

weakness, feebleness, languor, droop, 
effeteness, failure 


deviation from, deflection from, detraction from, 
turning (aside or away) from, keeping (away) from 
switch, shunt (*^jjj2-\ isdjl) £L »»J 

hovering, circling, revolving, rota- £Ji- />'n'- : f^j 

defeatism iLlj^il :<1)jU; 

to part company, separate, break off; to disso- r'j\i£ 
ciate, disassociate, disengage 

separation, dissociation, disassociation, disen- rj&> 

- •"- - ■»- ,'-- 

to feign roughness or rude- ii > li I i_ilSC; : ^ UJ 

to put one's hand on the o 

to hold hands 


*^ - ,' - 

Jj *-^J .^ 


to quarrel, dispute, argue, wrangle, 
Tight, contend 

to litigate, carry on a lawsuit; to sue ^tu : -»»1>J 
one another 

-'"■'• i ' i'.- 

to converse, talk or speak to one iiola«J : i_J>Uw 
another, hold (have, engage in) a talk or conver- 

> „ - > - - 
conversation, talk(ing), speaking (to ii< jl*J : i_J»l»7 

one another), speech, discourse, interlocution 

to bet, wager, make a bet 0* ^ '• Jk&> 

telepathy _^tljil &£ < .^Wjil Jjl^ ijiUJ 

to snatch (or seize) from one another tjiUj 

to whisper together; to exchange jllj < ^li; : ciiij 

to be or become friends, associate (with u> jCjj : DU«3 
one another) 

to be or become quits, even; to settle Lllk> : \jA\iC 
a mutual account 

to agree, come to (reach, bring ^* U; i j£> I : ^JU^I 
about) an agreement, come to terms 

to be sincere toward one another, be,y Cu : jjJUu 
honest with one another 


greeting, salutation, salute; cheer, welcome >%. : il» 

military salute l :j < ..r i^; 

(liT) c5^J *li.l prlj -(fir) c5^J 2*1 

compliments, greetings, regards, ollj : olLJ 
respects, good wishes, best wishes 

to be or become j j^ : t itj j| ( f^ll j ^ : 'j^j 
confused, puzzled, perplexed, 'bewildered, non- 
plussed, confounded, distracted, mazed, baffled, 
embarrassed, discomfited, disconcerted, perturbed, 
dismayed, at a loss, at one's wit's end; to hesitate, 
waver, falter, be unable to choose (between), be 
unable to decide, show indecision or uncertainty 

to side with, take L>J i ^U- i jU»il :<jj jl J 3^ 
sides with, take someone's part, favor, be partial 
to, align oneself with, be biased for, have a bias for, 
be prejudiced for 

partiality, favoritism, ^>« <■ Silk* i jL»«Jl : \Iki 
favorGng), one-sidedness, alignment, siding (with), 
taking sides (with), bias, prejudice 

to menstruate (^ Sll cu_) Jj?^" 

to wait (watch, look) for an opportunity; i^>^ii\ ^1»J 
to bide one's time 

neutralization Ijjlk* t!«l)l jli- 

putting aside, keeping asideOU >!-ijl «J>j : j 

confusion, confusing, puzzling, per- ciJLjl : ^ 
plexing, bewildering, nonplussing, distraction* baf- 
fling, baffle, discomfiture, disconcertion, pertur- 
bation, dismayGng) 

to become sour; to ferment (^a^Jl)*; 

to rot, decay, putrefy '^ , Hi : ^ 

to behave maliciously or wicked- IV* I I ^i I : iJU; 
ly, show malice; to be or become vicious, wicked, 
evil, evil-minded; to be or become sly, wily, foxy 

to communicate with each other, contact each y\*Z 
other, get in touch with each other, call one anoth- 
er; to correspond, write (to) each other, exchange 

i- - 
coagulation, clotting; curdling; congealment, 

congelation, thickening, solidification; thrombosis 

coagulation, clotting; curdling; congealment, 
congelation, thickening, solidification 

to groove, furrow, wrinkle; to be or become jjAJ 
furrowed, grooved, rutty, wrinkled 

to be anesthetized, narcotized, ^pj-l ju» <. ja»- : jJjw 
doped, drugged, stupefied, dazed, (be)numbed 
to stay at, remain at <»') : 6^*> j-^»u 

furrowing, grooving, rutting, wrinkling ju jj%j 

anesthetization, narcotization, doping, drug- jj jj%j 
ging, stupefaction; anesthesia 

anesthetic; narcotic iSjjjSu 

scarification; scratching cr-^ ■ i ^>^<j 

to be or become ruined, destroyed, wrecked, u^w' 
havocked, ravaged, devastated, demolished, deso- 
late, damaged; to go to ruin; to be subverted, sabo- 
taged, vandalized 

to graduate (from); to be educated ( j jl ,ja) ^»J 
(in), trained (in) 

graduation £^»" 

commencement, graduation (exercises) rj^ *^»- 

to fabricate lies against, accuse Jc <Sj^*\ '■ i^ u°j>*> 
falsely of; to slander, defame, calumniate, malign, 
vilify, asperse, traduce, speak evil of 

*'.', -_*-: --*'.- 
to be or get torn, rent; to tear, J-j\ i j>u : (J^ 

rend, rive, tatter 



destruction, ruin(ing), (o^*" ' ji; 4 ' ' (Cr 1 *-* •'ri/*' 
ruination, wrecking), wreckage, havocking, dev- 
astation, ravage, demolition, demolishment, dilapi- 
dation, desolation, laying waste; sabotage; subver- 
sion; vandalism 

subversive, destruc- (I j* 4 cS^-^ ' i^i^v '• ^yf-J^ 

tive, vandalistic, devastative 

* ' - *i" 
(act oO sabotage yst>" J** 



' ""'I 

to intermix, intermingle, interblend, r jCj : JJl*i' 
blend, mix, mingle, commingle, commix 

intermixture, intermixing, intermin- r jll> : JJUJ 
gling, interblending, blending, mixture, mixing, 


;<> ' j) 


] jfr'J "l**- 11 


J ~ j&> 

hiding, concealment, concealing 

1 t (Ju*. I tah 



to flounder, stumble, blunder, 

move unsteadily or confusedly, proceed clumsily 

or blindly, act aimlessly; to grope (about, for), 

fumble (about, for); to bump, proceed in a series of 


to welter, wallow, roll (about), toss i_JUJ : JaLau 

to stray, wander; to get lost, go ot < 3** : ■J*'-^" 

to fall victim to liif X«,ji jl il>w> oj :( j) 
or of, be or become a victim or prey of 

to be lost in, j Jji i J Jail i j s-U» : ( j) 

l^j h«/n c (J-JL*j I ,h ■ •* > 

to sink in, be immersed in 

to jumble, clutter, run in 

disorder or confusion, get into a state of unrest or 

turmoil, be in a mess or chaos; to be or become 

disturbed, unsettled, disordered, muddled, 

jumbled; to get all mixed up 



bed; bedstead 

sofa, couch; bench; seat 

throne cr^i^O 

capital yl« : (fJjjJI jl iSQlll) 

wardrobe, closet; cabinet, cupboard, ii I J»- '. c»»J 
chest; locker 
orchestra, band 

to coagulate, clot; to curdle, curd; to congeal, 
thicken, solidify 


L. ,. ■ ■ a . 

-v-HHrf Ui.^W*id!W»Bfca«ai« JWMMjfr 


cation, assignment 

-5" - a ' - 

to be dyed, tinged, tinted, colored, 0>li : ' .-..n-wi 

painted; to be pigmented 

■ «s8«gi»aia»ow»»g«i Mi iM wi» ^)aiKi;ai«ii«MBiai5^tM»»iwa»!g 

to be or become bloodstained, stained r jJL i_ 
with blood, ensanguined, bloody, gory 

making (something) green j^o±-\ t i J^\ J«- -ji-afu 

overstepping, going be- -uj i jjUJ : (<«ks»dl ) i~ 
yond; exceeding, surpassing, transcendence, tran- 
scending, outreaching; overreaching, extending be- 
yond; passing, passage, going past, leaving behind, 
overtaking, outstripping, outdistancing, getting 
ahead of 

trespassing), transgression, en- J* *'-*-*} : J*»" 
croachment upon, inroad(s) upon, making inroads 

skipping, disregard, omission JUi-l : inj 

" I- • \ 'i ' ' 
crossing, traversing, traversal, jyj. c jlw- 1 : Ju^i 

passing through 

to overstep, go beyond; to <sSz i JjGJ : w V>" 

exceed, surpass, transcend, outreach; to overreach, 
extend beyond; to pass, go past, leave behind, 
overtake, outstrip, outdistance, get ahead of 

to trespass, transgress, encroach J* (iluil : JLk; 
upon, make inroads upon 

to skip, disregard, omit, bypass '^ki.\ : JLk; 

to cross, traverse, pass (proceed, ^li < j^r ' : j jr ^ 
go, move) through 

to strut, prance, swagger, mince JUi- 1 < >a^J :'Jkiu 

'l' i ' '■•'■'- '* '■ 'V-'- 

' " ,- i ' ' 

strutting), prancing, prance, JLj*-I <■ >^> 'j 1 *^" 
swaggeKing), mincing 

■*. ■'.' i - ' A ' ' 

,i,. -I s ,'- 

to be or become striped, streaked, stripy, JLu : Jxluw 
streaky, barred, ruled; to be or become striate(d), 
lined, banded 

graduation £>^JI '•& Uf> : £>>^' 

interpretation, exegesis, expla- _£-*: i JjjU : »y>J 
nation, exposition 

facing, lining (ilCil j) £,^ 

commencement, graduation (exercises) ruj^> *^- 

piercing, punching, perforation, puncturing, fj»u 
puncture, riddling, drilling, boring; (needlepoint) 
lace, openwork, lacemaking, lacework, filigree 

(needlepoint) lace, lacework, openwork, filigreeii^aJ 

to lignify, become juk; c C.':j. jl Qi. j\^o :L 
wood or woody; to stiffen, harden, solidify, freeze 
to be or become stiff, hard, rigid 

lignification, becoming wood or woody; stiff- 
ness, rigidity, hardness 

rigor [t.J,] ( l^S\ 

catalepsy ^J f\^\ SyJLiC 

to show reverence; to humble Yj^> « '**>*■ '• si*w 
oneself, show humility, be or become humble; to 
implore, beg, supplicate 

lignification, conversion into i_-^. J J Jj^k; : ■ 'v 

wooden shed; hut, cottage, shanty, 

to specialize ,. > LJI ^ pic j ^i-j : j jl j \jLaiu 
in, major in 

specialization; specialism; specialty, y«L 
field of specialization; major 



specification, particulariza- q :.:."' ( jjjaj - u ^. «±~ 
tion, individualization, itemization; specialization 
earmarking, singling out, designa- j I ji I : u fT _ ^J 
tion, destination, assignment, appropriation, set- 
ting aside, setting apart, marking 

devotion, dedication, consecra- (j-j Ji£> ' yr_ n -n. 7 

allotment, apportionment, alio- ^.,-A" : ^a^aij 

u Aau 

ti.MS'ii... '"W.'l'v MwM 

softening, lightening, miti- { jS-^ <■ i-O H - Mi : '-^^ 
gation, palliation, mollification, alleviation, easing, 
easement, soothing, relieving, relief, allaying, 
appeasement, assuagement, attenuation, extenua- 
tion, relaxing, relaxation, qualification, modera- 
tion, tempering, toning down 
dilution, diluting, thinning, j^J > i i*^. : i-i^ 
attenuation, weakening 

relaxation (reduction, easing) of jjjill »oj- <-*?*»« 

deceleration, slowing down, slow- 
down, slowness, going slowly 

commutation (of a punishment or 


weight reduction u jj 



-'• 4 n 

extenuating circumstances 

extenuating circumstances *. . ■ ,;, ■,; • *» l -»j^ 1 » ' y±!* 9u 

abandonment, &y i (jt- Jji^ :(,>£•) ( (i? 'j»^0 J»" 
giving up, relinquishment, surrender, yielding, 
renunciation, forgoing, waiver, disclaimer, cession, 
leaving, quitting, dropping, laying down, putting 
away; abdication (of a throne or high office) 

to abandon, give up, relin- Sy i j* J j^ '• 0* u^*" 
quish, surrender, yield, renounce, forgo, waive, 
disclaim, cede, leave, quit, drop, lay down, put 
away; to abdicate (a throne or high office) 
to desert (in time of need), d y t iji^- : o* <J^ 
forsake, walk out on, abandon, let down, fail 
someone when most needed ^ ^ 

to be or become disjointed, dis- ttLiJ \ i «JL»j \ : Jj»1*j 
located, disarticulated; to be or become disengaged, 
disconnected, detached; to loosen 
to be shaken, convulsed, S'jx, :(ajI^ <ja) Js»L»«J 
rocked; to be displaced, dislodged, removed; to 
move, budge 

to be or become worn, shabby, ragged, ^ : JjJjw 
tattered; to wear out, fray, tatter 

to rarefy ii\£ Ji\ jl* : JiJ-^ 

rarefaction, rarity ii\^ *li : J*»L»ii' 

to get rid of, rid oneself Jl jl i r^>\ < -V : i>; u^**» 
of, do away with, dispense with, dispose of, make 
away with; to discard, throw off or away; to re- 
move, eliminate 

to escape ja Uy < & jj*>> ' i>? ^ '■ J* u^^ 

r j 

I i_am7 

to strut, prance, swagger, mince \}\z*-\ t j^jyj : JJj*j 

drawing, ruling, lineation, «dij i jJ»-J < fj '• >v Jt»" 
lining, tracing; striping, streaking; striation; stripes, 
pattern of stripes 

delimitation, demarcation, jjjJ-I Cr^*> • •" i j * "*' 

planning, designing, projec- J»]ai.l jj>j : I vj-i^.' i 
tion, projecting, scheming, schematizing, charting, 
laying out, layout, mapping out 

plan, design, project, scheme; ,Mr»» i <U»- : \* . U -* i 
pattern, sketch, outline, diagram, layout 

audiography £»-JI - ^ :.}■•*" 

echography, ultrasonography tSjUl Ja..ja -* j 

»* > • - 
cardiography; electrocardiography i— J-SJI J»Jw 

sphygmography yilJI • ^ ■j* '* '' 

graphic ^L; : 

sketch, design, outline, schema, 
graph, chart, diagram 

disguise, masquerade; hiding, conceal- ((^^i^l) lj» 
ing oneself; concealment, hiddenness 

to disguise oneself, be <3jl>> <■ y— > <■ j$~- > '• u"" 

disguised, be in disguise; to mask, masquerade; to 
hide (oneself), conceal oneself, keep oneself out of 

- " ' ' . a .'.'~ 

--■ \ - ?.-.'. 
to hasten, hurry, rush £y-l 

to wear or put on slippers $*Z>\ * <-j«il ^-J : i 
or sandals or shoes; to be shod 
reduction, lowering, decrease, ^llll '. J a. ^^ 

decreasing, lessening, diminution, cut, cutback, 
cutting down, scale-down, minimization, abate- 
ment, pulling down, markdown; turning down 
disarmament, arms limitation c^' u*t*~ 

devaluation; debasement iLJI (i^i) y 


decrease, decreasing, ( > > : « •*' ' ' i>»^J : '-i- ^-*' 1 

lessening, diminution, reduction, cutback, cutting 
down, abatement; turning down 

weight reduction 

mindedness, moronity, idiocy, imbecility 
to be molded, shaped, lilSLi, Jm I i JSdj : ji»u 

formed, fashioned; to take (take on, assume, 
acquire) a form or shape 

to acquire (attain, adopt, l^j JLk; : 1 iST J%.\ jlkj 

take on, assume, receive) the manners or character 


to affect (feign, simulate) the<Ul£j : 4iU- ^^Ju jiaJ 

manners or character of 

formation; genesis oy^J < J>^J : Jjli»j 

morphogenesis; genesis; differenti- [ *L»-I ] jL«J 

morphogenetic; morphological jf-HK" 

to intervene, interpose, intermediate, lie Jaly : J1»J 
(fall, occur, be, come, go) between or in between 

to permeate, pervade, percolate, 3j^- 1 c Juaj : JLiJ 
(inter)penetrate, infiltrate, spread through(out) 

to pick the teeth <iL- 1 (jii : JLsJ 

to acetify >j- jU» : JL»J 

intervention, interposition, intermediacy, Ja-^j : JL*; 

permeation, permeance, perva-jl^i-l i iUj :jl»u 
sion, percolation, (inter)penetration, infiltration, 
spreading through(out) 



y&- 6/<tJ' °jjj^*° -cU»j 

leaving, leaving alone, letting alone, un- S'y : i-lp«j' 

handing, release, freeing 

it " - - ■ - 
abandonment, giving up ^ Jm : <1*J 

« ** ■ , ■ - 

desistance, abstention, <-»1*j] ij>cfL^«l :<JlmJ 

refrainment, forgoing; discontinuance, stopping 
• , > / * - 

perpetuation, eternization, _ujt i JL»- j-uo* : i ; l^,T 


commemoration 0-J^) c5^i -4^*" 

in commemoration of, in mem-(l J5") (i^iJ I jlJl»^ 
ory of, in remembrance of, in memoriam 

salvation, deliverance, rescue, jjjm i ilijl 'jiiJt 
rescuing, saving, salvage, salvaging; liberation, 
freeing, setting free, extrication, release, relief; 

from, get away from, save oneself from; to be or 
become free(d) from, liberated from, released from, 
relieved from, cleared of, exempt(ed) from, saved 
from, rescued from, delivered from; to free oneself 
from, liberate oneself from, disengage oneself 
from, disentangle oneself from, release oneself 
from, extricate oneself from 

getting rid of, ridding oneself of, doing ^ u AsJ 
away with, dispensing with, disposal of, making 
away with; discarding, throwing off or away; 
removal, elimination; escape from, getting away 
from, saving oneself from; freedom from, 
liberation from, release from, disengagement from, 
disentanglement from, extrication from 

to be or become disjointed, dislocated, SSLiu : «ikj' 
disarticulated, luxated; to be or become discon- 
nected, disjoined, disunited; to be or become disas- 
sembled, dismounted, taken apart, dismantled, dis- 
membered; to disjoint, disarticulate, disassemble, 
come apart, fall apart, break up 

to drink heavily; to be addicted to <_>l^l j «ls«j 

to lag, fall behind, stay behind, jj-U : (,jc.) Li 
remain behind, drop behind; to tarry, linger; to fail 

to absent oneself, be or remain j>«aJ-l i>c i-iUJ 
absent, be or stay away, fail to appear or show up, 
fail to attend or be present 

to default, be in arrears, be behind- %» _dl ^ i_iLa^ 
hand, be behind, fall behind, fail to pay'on time 

to default, fail to appear t Lai ,11 «UI Jj^ll jjx. i_iL»J 
in court 

to be or become mentally retarded Liit i_iLa^ 

lag, retardation, falling behind, staying jj-U : 
behind, remaining behind, dropping behind; tarry- 
ing, lingering; failure to 

nonattendance, nanappearance, j>«aJ-l j>c i_aU^ 
absence, nonpresence, being away, staying away, 
remaining away, failure to attend or show up; 
truancy; absenteeism 

default, failure to pay on time, «j 111 ,ji i_iLj 

being in arrears 

default, failure to ap- <,Lai,H -LI J^il ^ <_iL^; 
pear in court 

underdevel- j^k; j\ ^juu j*i :(»JJ JijU»-) i_ib%; 
opment, backwardness, retardation 
amentia, mental retardation; feeble- 

(jlic l_«Iiu 




=♦ ^ 

ness, femininity, unmanliness 

*Ul) ,>^- jjtIj -Jeuy^ 

frightening, scaring, alarming, g jy « V^* j) : "-"i.** 1 
intimidation, terrifying, terrorization, panicking 
entitlement; authorization, empower- Jaijfc : Jj^j 
ment, accreditation, delegation (of authority); in- 
vestiture, investment; commission(ing), charging; 
entrustment, commitment 
granting, giving, accordance, bestowal, ^ : Jj>^ 


jUji-l I jL»-| ff 'j 


to imagine, fancy, conceive, °jy» : *(^N J*"j> 

ideate, envisage, visualize, picture (in the mind), 
envision, vision; to think, suppose, assume 
to seem to, appear to, look <d j>-aJ : S^iJI *J Jl*« 
to; to present itself to, reveal itself to, show itself to 

to see promising signs in, <+~.y ■ ^li-l <£ J-*" 
expect (a lot of) good of, set (great) hopes on 

imagination, imagining, JL»- i p»>> ' j>^ : J^-> 
fancy(ing), conception, ideation, envisaging, visu- 
alization, vision(ing), fantasy, phantasm 

lli- •jj-Ij-^JJ l.'-ii. fill I j£_C ^(V-*J 

frustration, thwarting, foiling, defeat, iLa- 1 : i— «-»J 
discomfiture, balking, blocking, forestallment 

disappointment, frustration; JL.'ill jl Jl jI '-•tq-*'' 
dashing the hopes of 

letting or making someoneJ jLi»- ^1 <j^ £^ : j)!^' 
choose, granting or giving someone the option or 
choice or alternative 

j\~>-\ jfrb 

- (J. . .na t :j < . ^i 

(-jt^ 1 

i jLjj-jl jp- ijLj»-J 

tSA^l Jf'j 



camping, encamping, encampment; 5 j£_c : p+iu 

redemption, deliver- [iJlj^iJ ] *~Ja^' i>? u 4 ^" 
ance, salvation 

clearing, clearance, clarifica- iJLJ t ^-j-^j : v**^ 
tion, purification, refinement, refining, purging 
clearance, clearing (CS"j^»-) jjUjJI c^f" 



dislocation, disjunction, disarticulation, dL£iJ : jJjJ 
disconnection; disassembly, dismounting), dis- 
mantlement, taking to pieces 

photosynthesis ^y* 

acetification J>- (Jj Je.* 3 *' : Jr^»" 

acetification >i- &J^JI »jj^«* ' Jk" '-S^ 

to delimit, demarcate, define, la»- *J J*»- i io»- : ^u 

fix or mark the limits or boundaries of; to limit, 

confine, bound 

.- • ' - 1 - . :. 
to suffer from indigestion; to be or <*JiL> t_w» I : piu 

feel satiated, glutted, gorged, overstuffed 

boundary, frontier, border, <J J* '>:(>*'(>* 
borderline, limit, confines; edge, end, extremity, 
fringe, margin, verge, brink 
indigestion, dyspepsia; surfeit, satiety **»J 


J • - 

fermentation, ferment, zymosis 

fermentative; zymogenic 

fermentation, fermenting 

leavening, raising (of dough) 

brewing, brewage, brew (of £lj i*i-l jl oji^ jif*^ 

beer, etc.) 

sweating (of tobacco leaves, £l] j^JI Jljjl jj*^ 


guess(ing), conjecture, surmise, gues- j>- : j**»« 


assessment, appraisal, appraisement, jj-uj : ( >^»" 

estimation, estimate, evaluation, valuation, rating 

to be or become effeminate, womanish, iiJU : 

womanly, unmanly, feminine; to feminize; to dis 

play effeminate manners 

effeminacy, womanishness, womanli- ci*iu : 



r'V ■■ ' ' ■ , ■'>■■-, 'T- 

l;. -^-! *,,. . ■:■. -'■' ■■.■."•yna 

tot- J=.^i — II jl jL^I |}li L i Jill; i^ljjl) pIjJ 
tering, falterGng), unstableness, unsteadiness, shak- 
iness, precariousness, insecurity, imminent col- 
lapse, dilapidation 

i" ' 
collapse, fall, falling J°y^ ' jW : p'-^ 

down, downfall, cave-in; crumbling, breakdown; 

litigation, <*y*a*- i <ui U*. i SUilL. : pi jj 

prosecution; judicial or legal proceeding^); law- 
suit, suit, action 

association (of jllil jl _^>l>il jl jiSCi'ill ,-cIjJ 
ideas, memories, etc.) 

free association of ideas 'jX I j LSCi ^ I ^c I jJ 

to totter, falter, jlj-j jl .,la«,„_i (jl tibjl t JjlLu :,jcl-b 
threaten to fall or collapse; to be or become tum- 
bledown, dilapidated, ramshackle, ready or likely 
to fall or collapse 

to collapse, fall in, cave in, fall <ji>ij 4 j\+>\ : (jcl-b 

down, sink down, tumble, founder; to crumble, 

disintegrate, degenerate, decline 

» ... >' ., , . ,,- 
to call each other, call upon UJu .^ ,;>«,> lc j : ^1 jj 

each other, summon one another 
to sue one another, _rf>Uj i jflki i ^liJ ^^l-iJ 
bring one another before a judge; to litigate, carry 
on a lawsuit 

to joke together, jest together, have fun -r'^J : i_«cl jJ 
together, make fun, play 

to push one another, shove one another; »^il I «i I jj 
to scramble, struggle or rush pell-mell, move with 

jju vs-lj-^J-UI «j| 

.-• "."'■{.' . 

(jam (jj> ,t4 , .n« .i Lo ., 

to come near each other, 

approach one another, get close to each other, be 
or become close together 

receiving or seeking of medical treat- ((ijl jjl) jl Ju 
ment; (course of) treatment, cure, therapy, medica- 

to be treated; to receive or undergo medical 1S3 1 Ju 
treatment, submit to or be under medical treat- 
ment; to treat oneself 

to confer, deliberate, consult, jjUj 1 Li^-Q :<jjl jJ 
discuss, hold talks, hold a discussion, exchange 
views; to study, consider; to negotiate, parley 

to circulate, put into circulation; to 3*^ : cJjljJ 
pass around, pass alternately, hand each other; to 

pitching (setting up, erection) of a tent 

to stand back to back, face JJ UJ jl 4»- \y 1j> : y I j£ 
in opposite directions 

to disagree, disaccord, be at (i-ilii t <-il,rj- 1 : j> l-u 
variance; to dispute, quarrel; to be enemies, be 
hostile to one another, harbor mutual enmity 

to overlap, ^ J aJmj J»o 1 liLlij < i_. ^ l^j : Js^Iju 
imbricate, be superimposed; to interpenetrate; to 
interlock, intertwine, interlace, mesh; to inter- 
grade, merge, blend 

J»-Ij j^-lj-^U- :J*-IjJ 

overlapping), imbrication; tiLLlJ n_-^ly : J*-Iju 
interpenetration; interlock, intertwinement, inter- 
lacement, meshing; intergradation, merger, blend- 


to study, consider carefully, examine, scruti- u»j\jj 
nize, investigate, look into, inquire into, delve into; 
to discuss, deliberate, exchange views (on) 

studying), consideration, examination, scruti- qojIjJ 
iy, investigation, inquiry; discussion, deliberation 

to make right, set ^.'ll jl. < «w> t »JlUI : dJjIju 
right, put right, put in order, correct, rectify, 
emend, amend, remedy; to repair, redress, make 
good, make up for; to supplement, supply 

to prevent, obviate, ^ I 1 LuI*J < 15 jLj : d)j llu 
forestall, anticipate; to avert, ward off, parry, fend 
off, stave off, avoid; to take precautions against, 
guard against, beware of 

to follow (up) with, j »lJI t_; J^JI :_; dijljj 

cause to follow, cause to be followed by; to sup- 
plement with, subjoin to, add to 

to follow one another, follow \£o-% >>«-ll dljl-u 

in succession, come successively 

85 ^ ' t" \ f r ' 
making right, setting right, ^yii.'ll jl- 1 tm\ :ojIjJ 

correction, rectification, emendation, amendment, 

remedying; reparation, redress(ing), making good, 

making up for 

prevention, obviation, »UJ I < t_Jj»J t jUj :&j\£ 
forestallment; averting, warding off, parryGng), 
fending off, staving off, avoidance; taking precau- 
tions against, guarding against 




^ *: 


~^«» ; - 



management, handling, direction, SjIjI :^aJ 
disposal, disposition, administration, conduct(ing), 

economy, economization, frugality, >\~***\ '-ja-^ 
thrift(iness), husbandry, providence, saving 

procurement, procuration, pro- <_^c d>-»»- '-jn^> 
curing, securing, getting, obtainment, acquisition, 
acquirement, attainment, achievement, accom- 
plishment; wangling, finagling 

measure, step, procedure, action, *\j*r\ '-ja^ 


housekeeping, household J>dl jjSJ i yly- jx^ 

management, menage; domestic science, home 


pre- J^Li-l jl tSj'^rH J 1 c/r**' -»' </**■? -W"*' 
cautionary measure, precaution(s), safety measure, 
safeguard, provision 
to take or adopt measu res or steps jo I jj l*u 1 

to cover oneself with, wrap oneself in _j ^Jjl : j jjjj' 

to be or become heavily armed, armed **■%. j 2^"^ 

to the teeth 

, t > . s , ; - i - - 
to be tamed, domesticated j*- J ' i>»j j* '• uT- 

taming, domestication u*i)j> '■ Cr^r-^ 

to roll ^*""^ 

to intervene in, interpose Jiiu t 4_iJ J»- jl : j J*-jJ 
in, step in; to interfere in or with, meddle in, 
intermeddle in, nose into, poke one's nose into, 
intrude upon, obtrude upon, force oneself upon 

intervene [uy\i J <5>cj j (tlJli jjj-i^) J»-Jj 

intervention, interposition, Jal.jJ t JiJaJ : Ji-jJ 

stepping in; interference, meddling, intermeddling, 
nosing into, poking one's nose into, forcing oneself 
upon (others), intrusion, intrusiveness, obtrusion, 

intervention [ 0>» I* J i»5l» l5j*J j j^' o*-£ 
nonintervention, noninterference Ji»-Jlll {•**■ 

interventionist i^*""^ 


use, make frequent use of 

to alternate, rotate VJ^ n_iu> : Jjl jj 

to circulate, pass from mouth to JiS Si *Jjl jJ 
mouth, be on everybody's lips, be the talk of the 
town, run through the town 
to circulate, pass from hand to hand, c$jj jII cJjl jJ 
change hands 

circulation, currency 

jLliil i ^Ijj : Jjl 

alternation, rotation 

u >jLj ti_JiUj tjjljj 

i«JrL> iii-»-L> :JjIju 

alternately, in rotation, succes- <— .^LJIj : JjluiHj 
sively, in succession, one after the other, one by 
one, by turns 

to contract a mutual loan, borrow mon- (fjiJl) jjIj 
ey from each other; to be indebted to each other 
to reflect on, ponder on or over, contem- jit : j,j 
plate, meditate on, weigh, consider carefully, pore 
over, cogitate, speculate on 
to manage, contrive, work (out), succeed yiijjjj 
in handling or accomplishing; to wangle, finagle; 
to get, obtain, procure, secure; to take care of 

to manage with, do with, get by j u^^-l '■ ->. A -^ 

reflection, pondering, meditation, p*Ju i J*U \ji. 
contemplation, weighing, consideration, cogita- 
tion, speculation 

to be birdlimed, caught with ^jJIj ■hff'-J'}^ t£- 

to be or become sticky, gluey, U-^liojloiJ^JJ 
glutinous, viscid, viscous, limy, gummy 
viscosity, viscidity, stickiness, glueyness, *^-jy : j*. 
glutinousness, gumminess 

embellishment, adornment, ornamenta- ^y :««j. 
tion, decoration 
composition, writing ijbS" i cjJt : rt-j-b 

arrangement, S^-\ ' J»^H" ' r"J » ->l -**■] '■ M- 
planning, designing, plotting, scheming, projection, 
concerting, charting, laying out, mapping out; 
devising, devisal, contriving, contrivance, framing, 
making, working out, thinking up; concoction, 
hatching, trumping up 


culate(d), tubercled 

J^ :6jJu 

pulmonary tuberculosis 
tubercular, tuberculous; tuberous 

training, drill(ing), schooling, ±,£ t ^^ : l-j j jj 
coaching, exercise, practice, rehearsal; traineeship"; 
apprenticeship; habituation, accustoming, inure- 
military training, drill JiJCLi lojU 

vocational training r^ ^^ 

graduating, graduation, grad- otj; J J jLi; :~jJJ 

ing, gradation, gradating, scaling 



'Ji 1 " : £VJ- 

circulation, spreading, promotion, 

^f-J^ £*■ ' J - jvj JJI (^ jl ) Jc < g. jldL. < lit j J: 

gradual, step-by-step, piecemeal, progressive j-jtj jj 

gradually, step by step, by steps, by degrees, iLt j !i 
little by little, bit by bit, piecemeal, progressively 

teaching, instruction, tuition, schooling, JlU Ij-jjJJ 

instructional, educational, teaching; didactic J—jj JJ 


pjill £j-b 

d* cr J ^-Ij-^! 1 -^ 1 Jj <>. ^IjJ 

to be inaugurated, dedicated, 

inauguration, opening, dedication 
inaugural, opening 

.. *■ - j ,. ~ ,. - 

C^**! 'l>- J : i>iju' 

to warm oneself 

heating, warming (up), calefaction 

central heating 

• /j M III JJ 

to flow, stream, pour forth or Ji oJ 4 ^il» : ^jllll o jJ 

out, gush forth, well out; to dash, rush, dart 

to flow, flow out, outflow, ^ili c ^lu5 i iSjsr : j» jJ 

i^«»»«^4 l 3 aUWk»w»»'T*' 

I s '- 


to be smoked; to be fumigated, fumed '^si 

smoking (jjj sjl^.) ^1,; 

fu- *ijaij^ jl 4j j^- jl oU-JL. ikllL. r^J: 
migation, fuming; smoking 

to lie in wait for game fiakll ju!jl J^. 

to practice, drill (oneselO, exer- 6^1 : : ( j < Jc) L,j'jJ 
cise, take exercise, do exercises, train, rehearse; to 
be or become trained, drilled, exercised, coached, 
tutored, practiced, skilled, experienced 
to be apprenticed 'J£ ■ ( j c j*) 'J^'j- 

to get used to, be or become j^J :(J t Jx.) L,^ 
accustomed to 

training; practice, exercise, drill; rehears- OjZ : oj'jJ 
al; traineeship 


habituation, getting used to 

to advance (proceed, 'j^, , Ji; j I , ^^ : ( Jj ) ' * '_J- 

approach, go) step by step (to), graduate (to'); to 

progress by steps, make gradual progress; to rise 

(ascend, go up) gradually 

to gradate, ol^ ( Jl p /\) ^ ^ : ^ 

grade, be or become graduated or graded or 


to train, be trained; to be 'J^J 4 Ljlu t o^J : ij jJ 
apprenticed; to be or become a trainee or an 

gradual advancement) or progress, progression r-j jj 
(by steps); successive steps; gradation, graduation, 
graduating, grading; training, traineeship, appren- 

*y u '• So- 1 -' 





gradual, step-by-step, piecemeal, 

hierarchical; successive 


to armor oneself, put on armor I joJ I ^J : c^ 

to be or become tuberculous, tubercular, tuber- uj jJ 

r. \ 

y. ■ 


!■- ■■■■■■'■■•' J v.^.^1 

IT ■■"■'-,"!' 

■ ~ '- —1 i i^a-i 

to go crazy or out of one's mind (with love or <J jj 
grieO, be passionately stirred by love or grief; to 
love, fall in love with 

dangling, dangle, suspending, <J,-Uj S/JJI J»»- :u^" 
suspension, hanging (down), lolling, drooping, 
lowering, slinging 

fraud, deceit, deception, JLil t «-la»- ■ ( J^ i^^JjJ 
cheating), defraudation, swindle, swindling 
fraudulent, deceitful, deceptive tjp'-^ • ltt^ -^ 

pampering, spoiling, coddling, jtt— ^ ' J^-^ • fcJ ^ 

mollycoddling, indulgence, babying, cockering; 

caressing, fondling, petting, dandling 

massage; rubdown, rubbing; embrocation, dU XI 


proving, proof, establish- <^»^> ' oLj I : (J*) JJju 
ment, verification, substantiation, demonstration, 
showing, evidencing 

auction(ing), sale by auction, public iuL J* JJ^J 


pampering, spoiling, coddling, r<— »j » *Jjb : JJ aJ 

mollycoddling, indulgence, babying, cockering; 

caressing, fondling, petting, dandling 

to be or become destroyed, ruined.o^J i fj+i :^ jlT 
wrecked, havocked, demolished, razed, devastated, 
ravaged, wiped out, crushed, smashed, broken 
down; to be subverted, sabotaged, vandalized 

destruction, ruin(ing), ^j**> • (.Jaiu . £-1^ : j^ Ju 
ruination, wreck(ing), wreckage, devastation, 
havocking, laying waste, demolition, demo- 
lishment, ravage, wiping out, crushing, smashing, 
breaking down; sabotage; subversion; vandalism 

destructive, devastative, subversive, <<j>>«J : <i-<r? jL ' 

drorXping), sinking, jo\*U\ <. J»>-* :(,Jjdl) Oju 
fall(ing), fall-off, decline, decrease, diminution, 
shrinking, shrinkage, dwindling, slump, depres- 
sion; depreciation 

low level; inferiority, i (\ ij <, u ' aii ^ ' ■ « iSy-~ • • 0-»-> 
poorness, badness 

to sink, drop, fall, decline, go u aju*j\ . Jal* : t> -^ 
down, decrease, diminish, shrink, dwindle, slump; 
to be or become low, low-grade, low-level, infe- 
rior, poor, bad 

to approach gradually, (^) ^Lli bLli U j : ^ju 

stream, well out, spout forth, spurt, gush forth, 
gush out, effuse, issue forth, jet, pour out, pour 
forth, shoot out, break forth, break out, burst 
forth, burst out, erupt 

flow, flowage, flux, effluence, flowing out or Ji 
forth, pouring out or forth, effusion, efflux, influx, 
outflow, outpourOng), gush(ing), streaming), 
spurt(ing), jet(ting), issue, inflow, inpour, inrush, 
onrush, outbreak, outburst 


scrutiny, closeorcarefulexamina- J^LxJ • C-sw : JJJu 
tion, investigation, inspection, scan(ning), inquiry, 
probe, exploration, studying); checking (out), 
check(up), verification 

«-lj - Xej}\ j <>y*o :J^»-^I J ^j»\ '(i^JJ 


audit, auditing oULJ-l Jjijj 

(i»j) i»Jj «j>-lj - J^JjuJl iJ^J-Cj 

dangling, dangle, hanging (down), (<JjJ0 J -^ 

pendency, suspension, lopping, lolling, droorXing), 

prolapse; ptosis Ls-^J 

^ . ■* *^ ' 
orchidoptosis ^r^' d^ 

■» ■» »u- 

coloptosis u>J>»JI (J^J 

hepatoptosis -u5JI (Jju 

gastroptosis »J*il ,}■£> 

to hang (down), dangle, suspend, Ja~» . jLJ : J jJ 
lop, loll, be suspended; to droop, sink (down), sag, 
descend; to be lowered, be let down 

"iSyA\ ^-fy* O* ( pf^) >*"J' ^* : (^-^ 
to prolapse I <~A > \ 

to dangle, hang down, suspend, L) %J < <J, jj : J jJ jJ 
loll, lop, droop, sag, sink down 
to be rubbed; to be massaged iiU j : dU jJ 

to rub oneself; to massage oneself • j-»- tiU j : lilljJ 

to perfume oneself; to be per- t -. ;li" '• s-«JJ^ ^J^ 


to coquet, flirt, play the coquette £^! : JJ jj 

jft ^Ij-jf'i 



=♦ *s 

t^- j > 

recording, recordation, taking juJLI < J-*>-J : OlJjJ 
record of, putting on record, writing (down), 
setting down (in writing), putting down (in 
writing), taking down, noting (down), taking notes 
of, registration, registry, registeKing), marking 
(down), entering, entry, listing, inscription 

codification t>^'^' if-i'-^ 

entry, register, record, note, item, articleoli lytjjj 

religiousness, piety, godliness, devoutness s-j j : jj jj 

to kill (slaughter, massacre, slay) one another ry I Ju 

to confer, deliberate, consult, ii*. Cj i ijj I jj : ^1 jj 

discuss, hold talks, hold a discussion, exchange 

views; to study, consider; to negotiate, parley 

.. - - > * ■■ - 

S^Iju w-Ij - £\'Si 

to dispraise one another; to slan- Luu r*-a*j ^ : »l JJ 

der one another, defame one another 

to oscillate, vibrate, swing, sway, vacil- J±±- : Li jjjj 
late, waver, wave, wobble 

to hesitate, waver, falter, vacillate, iiy : <_>jj JJ 
vibrate, fluctuate 

oscillation, vibration, swinging), i>\Jb>- .'ljIiJu 

sway(ing), vacillation, waverGng), wobble, wob- 

hesitancy, hesitation, irresolution, njl ^V-Jjjj 
indecision, waverGng), falterGng), vacillation, vi- 
bration, fluctuation 

to climb (up), ej^ ii>%. :(',Ju'jL\'o\£l\) jj£ 

ascend, scale 

to take shelter or refuge in, seek _; <_^»- 1 : -> cSj JJ 
protection in 

to be winnowed, fanned liji : i_J-l (jjjj 

to scatter, disperse, t$j£ i jjILj : »JJ ol ^lll (jjJu 
spread, diffuse, rise; to be scattered, dispersed, 
spread (out), diffused 

^jJj ' ^jJj jfr ' J ■ 

C-J- 'C JJ 

to use as a means or as an _; -^>- 1 e -> J~y : -j Pj JJ 
expedient; to advance (offer, use) as an excuse, as a 
pretext, as a pretense, as an argument, as a plea; to 
plead, invoke, allege, claim, maintain 

$ " " 
use of a means; offering of an excuse or plea; fj JJ 

pleading; claiming, alleging, maintaining; allega- 

move gradually (toward), become close(r) or 
neaKer) (to) 

to be or become impure, unclean, dirty, foul, ^J jj 
filthy, soiled, sullied, besmirched, tarnished, 
stained, befouled, defiled, polluted, contaminated 

soiling, sullying, dirtying, be- lijjb ( iyr ^Z : y-j jj 
smirching, staining, defilement, pollution, conta- 

profanation, dese- i^judl jl i»jj-l dJl^l : u ~i-b 
cration, sacrilege, defilement, violation 

to fall, tumble; to crash 

to deteriorate, decline, degen- 
erate, sink, descend, fall, tumble, slump, drop, ebb, 
retrograde, retrogress, regress 

3 - ' '' *• -' 
fall(ing), downfall, tumble; crash .,U->,"< i f-yj : jyi jj 

'.-- • >. ,' 

deterioration, decline, de- Jk^u i i>Ua3wl : jy»JJ 

generation, decadence, declension, fall, tumble, 
slump, drop, retrogradation, retrogression, regres- 

to round, be or become round(ed) or IjjIj otf : jJJj 

roundness, rotundity, circu- Cjl-uLl 1 Sjl j£.I :jjjJ 
larity, circularness 

- #> ■- s - " 

to be recorded, put on record, written ujj : ujJu> 
(down), put down (in writing), registered, listed, 

turning, rotating, rota- jj-y t. ( jl}\ Jju»- t /jju : ^jjjJ 
tion, revolving, wheeling, spin(ning), whirling, 
twirl(ing), reeling, swirl(ing), circling 
operating, operation, running, work- J,«,,tJ : jj jlu 
ing, starting (up), moving, actuation, setting or 
putting in operation; turning on 

rounding, Ijj. 

making round or circular 

winding, winding up icGl jjjjJ 

jl Ijjj^ t^UI J«- : jjjo: 

JijJI jl j-JJI jjj-kJ 

rounding off 



spin(ning), whirl(ing), gyration, revolu- u'jjj : es Ju 
tion, rotation, turn(ing) 

turning, revolving, rotating, rotation, jjjjj :/;jlj 
spin(ning), whirling, twirl(ing), swirl(ing) 

t v» 



biecome shy, bashful, diffident 

r ^ 

to avoid blame, avoid censure, ^ JJI <_ ..■>'! 


avoid dispraise 



to taste; to savor, relish, enjoy, appreciate, 


delight in 




tasting; savoring, relish(ing), enjoyment, appre- jjjJ 

4jl Jl 



appending, subjunction, annex- ii U>1 i Jl»J) : J-j JJ 
ation, addition, supplementation; attachment, af- 
annotation, glossing, commenting on i~l»«J :J^-^ 

footnote; marginal annotation or noteiliU- : J^JJ 
or gloss, scholium, comment, commentary 

1 wonder; do you think? <sji J» Li i ti^J L ni^' 
would you say? what's your opinion?..; in the 
world, on earth, ever, at all 

to appear to, seem to; to show itself 4J I jj : 4J ii i \J1 

to, manifest itself to, present itself to, reveal itself 


to imagine, fancy, conceive, jy-aj 1 Jl~ : 4J (£i\y 

envisage, visualize, envision, vision, picture (in the 

mind); to think, suppose, assume 

to see one another 
earth, dust, dirt; soil, ground 
to bury, inter, inhume 

^ > 

to correlate, interrelate, be or become correlat- ju 1^' 
ed or interrelated; to connect, link, associate, 
attach, unite, join, couple; to be or become 
connected, linked, associated, attached, united, 
coupled, joined, joint; to be or become inseparable, 
inherent; to be or become coherent, cohesive, 
well-knit, consistent 

correlation; interrelation(ship); connection, Ju l^j' 
connectedness, link(age), linkup, association, 
relation, attachment, union, unitedness, junction; 
interpenetration; inseparableness, inherence; 
coherence, consistency 

association (of jlill jl _J/I.»il jl jISj^I J«l> 
ideas, memories, etc.) 

tion, claim; plea, excuse, pretext, pretense 
winnowing, fanning (of grain) (<LLJ-l) ijj JJ' 

ablation [Ls-^J^j"-] (^IjjJI J*»j) <ij-»J 

atomization oljj JJ Jlai :«jjJJ 

souvenir, keepsake, token, memento, remem- jIS'Jj 
brance, reminder, memorial; memory 

memorial, commemorative iij lS"Ju 

monument, memorial 

to remember, recall, recollect, bethink, £ j '■£•£ 
revive, call or bring to mind, think of again; to 
remember, keep in mind, bear in mind, think of; to 
remember, retain in the memory 


remembrance, remembering, recollection, mem- jS ju 

ory, reminiscence, anamnesis, recall; retention 
reminder, memento 

ticket, card, slip 

ticket, admission card or ticket 

> > >, ' , 

return ticket, round-trip ticket uCjj <_>U i ijijj 

permit, pass, laissez-passer; passport jjy, a J* jj 

identity card, identifica- (_r>«-i °j£ Jj <■ <u* °j£jj 
tion card, ID card 

reminding J> -Cj tj>\ J»- 'jSt-^ 

making masculine, putting (a word) in [iiJ J £& 

the masculine form 

gender [iilj ti~jtj j^f-u 

to humble oneself (before), ^- <. ^aj\ : ( J) JJ Ju 

lower oneself (before), cringe (before), grovel 
(before), act in a servile manner (before) 
servility, subservience, obsequiousness, cringe, JJJj 
groveling, submissiveness, bootlicking 

surmounting, over- (pJJ ol^wJI) J* i_JiJ : JJ Jj 
coming, defeating, triumphing over, getting past, 
getting over, coping with; ironing out, smoothing 
out or away, elimination 

J"iil &\j - JUL** :JJJj 

to complain, nag, repine, grumble, growl, j> Ju 

grouch; to express one's displeasure 

complaint, complaining, nagging, grumble, jjjJj 

grumbling, repining, grouch 

to be ashamed (oO; to blush; to be or ^1:^1" 


5 »- Me 

■':, .■.. .I a;' -'v/ ■■■■■■■ ■ 

^ ^ 

succession, sequence 

jLj :uj 

! -H 

corpulence, obesity; plump- -Lj.1 2}L^I 
ness, fleshiness, fullness 



^jlSCli-l jLmJI 

to correspond, exchange letters, write LJ ISS : JJ-" l> 
(to) each other 

correspondence, exchange of letters, communi- jll^J 

to pelt one another (with), throw (hurl, (J) Ji, \'jl 
fling) at one another; to throw to each other, 
throw back and forth 

to compact, press together, press close, jill : "o^'y 
crowd together, crowd closely, pack; to be or be- 
come compact(ed), tight, close, pressed tightly 
together, compressed, closely packed, crowded, 
serried, crammed, rammed 

compactness, closeness, tightness 


to align, line up, queue up, fall in, ■ i n-,r i : > * r \jt 
stand in formation, be aligned, be lined up 

to be well set, compact, ■-■ \-j\'~ : uL^-^l •z-\^ y 
well strung, regularly set 

to stratify, be(come) olilL j i_Jjj : ■ Kt >\y 

arranged in strata, be(come) tiered 

mutual consent or agreement (^1^1)1) Jo(jl 

consensually, by mutual consent or agree-ygil^L 

to come to terms, agree, come to (reach, bring igeS'ji 
about) an agreement 

to help (aid, assist, support) one another; Jjfc : jj I^j 
to cooperate, collaborate 

> ,- ' ,' 
cooperation, collaboration, mutual assis- oj«" : oiljj' 

tance; synergism, cooperative or combined action 
to plead, argue or present (a case in a court) «i I^J' 
to plead for, defend ^ 1» 1^; 

pleading; defense; argumentation); presentation «i Ijj' 

i^ 1 ^ 

as- jtfl ji ^#.1 ji jKi'ni jji'^1 j££ r^jjl^- 


earthy, earthen; dusty; powdery; gray ^ r\y 

to follow in succession or in sequence, Jlilj : Lj I >? 
come successively or in proper order; to be hier- 
archical; to form a series, be arranged in a series 

hierarchy, (hierarchical) sue- Cgj*) J— ilj : i_J I J 
cession, sequence, order 

hierarchical; successive *_j I J 


heritage, tradition, legacy, patrimony £ \Ji 

to retreat, with- )*.-*>\ i y\"-~ 4 ^lk;l t jJjl : ;«rl'v 
draw, fall back, draw back, move backward, go 
back, retract, revert, back (away), give way, 
recede, regress, retrocede, retrograde, retrogress; to 
deteriorate, decline, degenerate, degrade, wane, 
subside, ebb, abate, fade away, shrink, slump 

to retract, recant, J jl y* «■ j <. L-kl : (^) U» I^J 

withdraw, take back, back down (off, out) on; to 

unsay; to go back on one's word 

• *%" • . > ,- 

retreat, with- i>U»a^l i ji t ~g", ( jL>*;l i jljjjl :«rljj 

drawar, fallback, moving backward, going back, 
retraction, reversion, backing (away), giving way, 
recession, regression), retrocession, retrograda- 
tion, retrogression; deterioration, decline, degene- 
ration, degradation, waning, wane, subsidence, 
abatement, slump 

retraction, recan- (^c) ^j t ,_^L, : (^ ^L \'^ 
tation, withdrawal, taking back, backing down (off, 
out) on; unsaying; going back on one's word 
tragic, tragical 


- . - >* .- ~ „ ,, ,~ 
to be merciful toward one an- Laiu . j^-. ^j : li-fj' 

other, show human understanding for one another 
slackness, slackening, droop, (^1^1)1) ^I^J 

sag(ging), languor, lassitude, flagging, indolence, 
inaction; relaxation 

to slacken, droop, sag, flag, languish, relax (j^'jj 
trachoma (<J>y) ^^y 

to be synonymous, be synonyms (01,1531 o_) iJ'djj 

to follow or come in succession, 
follow or succeed one another 

synonymity, synonymy 



^ #= 


to range (from... to, between... and); to vary rj'> 
(between); to alternate (between); to fluctuate 
(between); to sway, swing, wobble 

ranging (from... to, between... and); variation; rj\j> 
alternation; fluctuation, sway(ing), swinging), 
wobbling, wobble 

to bargain, haggle, chaffer 




nightly prayeKs) during the (<itj> U j^) ~jl> 
month of Ramadan 

to be or become dusty, covered or *j \J> ^ : o^j 
abounding with dust or earth 

to be or become poor, needy, destitute y\i* I : \->y 

,& a - '- a- 

to cover with dust or earth 
dusty, full of earth 
poor, needy, destitute 

CjIjJ »Ij— (_Jljj ■*—>jJ 'OjJ 

contemporary, coeval, person of the (ol J,\ *•) <^Ji 
same age; coetaneous, contemporaneous; compan- 
ion, comrade, friend, colleague, associate, mate; 
equal, peer, match, fellow, counterpart 

to be brought up, raised, reared, bred, fostered, ^y 
nursed, nurtured; to be educated, taught, cultivat- 
ed, refined, polished 

bolt, bar; latch; lock 

soil; ground; land; earth, dust, dirt < 

cemetery, graveyard, burial ground 

grave, tomb, sepulcher 


pedology; agrology 

to bolt, latch, lock 

.» .»_,.* 

„ ,«, _^, > 

..& >• 


to lurk, lie in wait for, ambush, ambuscade, j u&>y 
waylay; to await, wait for, look for 

to sit cross-legged (*->W J) *?> 

to sit on or mount the throne u'j*" (J* fv?> 

turpentine * ■ " • f> T i j„"'-j~ 

educational, educative, pedagogical) (3>^ 

educationist, educationalist (3»> (J^ 

- • s -*■ ~~ »~ 
education, pedagogy, pedagogics <^^ rS? ^J> 

to associate (with one another); [£» I _y 4 JjCaJ : ji \Ji 
to be (become, join as) friends, companions, asso- 
ciates, comrades 

to accompany one another; to Jalj jl 1 '.j% : j» \'y 
go together; to be or become joined, associated, 

accompanying, accompani- i>Lj jl < -j^t : Ji I JJ 
ment; going together; association, junction 
to watch one another, ^■'il ^ Ji" ^Jflj :tJ(lj; 
keep an eye on one another 

to pretend to be asleep jli^Jl ji U»j 1 V)LJ : liljj' 

- 5^ - - ,^ 

to overlap, imbricate; to be or become super- Liflji' 
imposed, superposed, overlaid 

overlapping), imbrication; superposition, ^\ji 
superimposition, overlaying 

tractor, bulldozer 


to race, compete in a race 

- ,„ v ... , - , * - ,' 
to kick one another Loiu f^Juu JS" j : JS^ 

to accumulate, cumulate, accrue, pile up; to be S\Ji 
or become accumulated, amassed, cumulated, 
piled up, heaped up 

accumulation, cumulation, accrual, piling up £\jj 
accretion [ i_J, \S\Ji 

accumulative, cumulative <j-»^Lh 

to pelt one another, throw at one Jp, \'y '-^Ji 


to extend, reach, stretch, spread, 
range; to be vast, wide, extensive 

to come to one's knowledge <iL : ^lil 4JJ ^1 Jl 
or ears; to learn about, hear of, get wind of 

tramway; streetcar, tram (il^jljj 




to bet, wager 






tifiybjKsh-M I 


IaJLc i 

10 result from, be <J i^^o jo 4 <uc rto : a_lc i-o^j 
the result or consequence of, follow from, issue 
from, originate from, stem from, grow out of, be 
caused by, be occasioned by 

to be incumbent *JU- ~z»u 1 <ulc i_-»- j : aJLc *-Ji j> 
upon, imposed on, be someone's duty; he has to, 
he should, he must, he ought to, he is duty bound 
to, it is his duty to 

to be or become necessary, req- ~m 1 t-cpj : i_-j_^> 
uisite, obligatory, mandatory 

to owe, be indebted 

spangles (jJJ 


crt^ 1 ^ is-y) Jiji 

arrangement, arranging, array- J^— J 
ing, disposal, disposition, marshaling, ordering, 
organization, fixing up, systematization, putting 
in order, setting in order, regulation, regulating, 
making up, tidying up; classification, categori- 
zation, ranging, assorting, assortment, grouping, 
putting together 

order, arrangement, array, regularity, (»lk> : <~-^>y 
tidiness, neatness 

preparation, preparing, ready- j^jy 1 jIjx-I '■<~ r ~?y 
ing, making ready, laying out, layout, dressing, 
making, doing up 

makeup, setup, structure, con-o— S"^j <. i~j : >_~J> 
stitution, construction, composition 

alphabetical order 

^ y ^ui 

arrangements, prep- o I jIoj^l.1 1 oU 
arations, plans, measures, steps 


ordinal number, ordinal 

slow recitation or modulation (ijl jii\) -L>y*> '■ S~iy 
(of the Koran) 

psalmody, hymning, sing- (~)J i%ai\) ^>JJ '-iS~ty 
ing, chanting, intonation, modulation 

hymn, psalm, anthem, chant, song <-*>ji '-OHy 

to preponderate, predomi-l»^. jl l»lj 0" •J^V' 
nate, carry greater weight, exceed in weight or 
value or influence; to be or become preponderant, 
predominant; to be or become (more) probable, 
likely, likelier 


education, teaching, cultivation, 
culture, refinement, polishing 

upbringing, bringing up, iLLJ :(j^j^l) *LjJ 

raising, rearing, breeding, fostering, nurture 

breeding, ^IJ ^IjjJI jl tiULI jl oUI_jlll i-j^J 
raising, growing; zootechnics, animal husbandry 

pisciculture, fish culture liLIJI i~>y~ 

aviculture j>^" ~*-?>.y 

physical education 
civics, national education 
vocational education 



Ministry of Education, Education 


Minister of Education, Education 


patting, dabbing, caress(ing), gentle or light <~>J> 


pat, dab, gentle or light stroke *~ty 

squaring, multiplying (a 4JLL. j ( jIuJl) <-jjJ> : vj^' 
number) by itself, raising to the second power 

quadruplication, quadru- Cj\ja «jl iiiLi. : vo> 


squaring, making square 




square, checker 

universal joint or coupling 

quadratic, square 

quadratic equation, quadratic 

turbine ii-j- : <±jJ* <■ CK>y 

- *> - t-'~ 
to be or become arranged, arrayed, i_J j : l-j^ 

disposed, marshaled, organized, fixed up, ordered, 
systematized, put in order, set in order, regulated, 
made up, tidied up; to be or become classified, cat- 
egorized, ranged, assorted, grouped, put together; 
to be or become prepared, readied, laid out, dress- 
ed, made, done up 

\*jj* i(J^' i_>v : J-^> 

iiU- i{uj* '**iiy 

[iSCjlSC-.] ~<*Sy 
• ' *'- 1- ' 



""▼ V- 

to be or become sad, grieved, distressed, u>- : r > 

- -• 1 - s- 

to sadden, grieve, make sad, fill with sad- u>- 1 : r y 

grief, sadness, sorrow, distress, heartache u>- : r ji 
sad, grieved, distressed, brokenhearted ^j*- : ^^ 

J-»-j «j>-Ij -JU-jj' 

nomadic life JU-jjJI 5U»- 

to lead a nomadic life; to jji-j i iJ^>J i JJLJ : J*-jJ' 
migrate, wander, roam, rove, range, go from one 
place to another; to travel 

nomadism; migration, 

wandering, roaming, roving, rove; travel(ing) 

to ask God to have mercy upon J* ^-Ji 

welcome, welcoming; greeting; hospitality, i_~*-^j' 
hospitable (hearty, friendly, kindly) reception 

evacuation, expulsion, eviction, forcing out, J^fjj' 
ousting, dislodgment, driving out, driving away, 
sending away; banishment, exile, expatriation, 
relegation; deportation 

carrying (forward or over), carry-. oLLi-l J^»-> 
over, posting, bringing forward 

df»u < Jio i ojIjj : J^jj 

)&\ « 

J '■u a i*'j' 

authorization, licens- t-IIL i ii-Gl < 5jli-l : 

ing, permission, permitting, allowance, allowing, 

legalization, legitimization 

price reduction, price cut ^^Ljl uaJuxJ : Lr a 1 J-'j^ 

apocopation, apocope, elision, contraction,[iiJ] ^.'ji 
shortening, aphaeresis 

fall, tumble; descent, J>U»jl i Jj^i- :((3j^1)I) sji 
decline, deterioration, lapse, backsliding, retrogres- 
sion, retrogradation, regression 

cacogenesis, cacogenics Jljt.^ jl o^XJI (jzjl 

to fall, tumble, precipitate; to Jw*j I t JaiL. : i^iji 

descend, sink, decline, deteriorate, lapse, backslide, 
retrogress, retrograde, regress 

repetition, reiteration j\j&:z\zji 

to hesitate, waver, falter, vacillate, vibrate, JLsu : Yiji 
act hesitantly, show uncertainty or indecision, be 


— 'X- i " -■t .'*-'. 
-*-•*, , -* - •! '" -'~ 

to flicker, tremble, quiver, shake; to be ^» I : r^Ji 
shaken, moved, agitated, jolted, jerked 

to be agitated, upset, troubled cj^kil : r>»-> 

to dismount, disembark, debark, alight, get Jjj : ^^v- 1 ' 
down, get off, get out (of) 

to assume (adopt, J=rS^ ^jl** :~»\')S o1»-^j 
possess, display) masculine manners or qualities, 
behave or act like a man, be or become mannish or 

disembarkation, debarkation, dismount- Jjy : Jjj-^j 

ing, alighting, getting down, getting off, getting out 


to translate; to interpret (i>»-l J J iiJ ^ Jii • 'n*ji 

to interpret, explain jli : ^ y 

to write someone's biography u Li I »C»- j-jl :«»■> 

to translate (ideas) into action (llLx.) ^-JJ 

translator; interpreter fr-j^ 'o\+»rj> 

guide, tourist guide, cicerone, if\~> JJj :6U>-> 

translation <3>»-i tJj **J i>? J^ : ** s rv-' 

interpretation, explanation j^-AJ :ili-^J 

biography; memoir "CL* - 5 jir : <jLi| 5L»- <u»-^j 

autobiography, memoirs ijlji»»-^j 

f>~ - > - - . - 

introduction, preface, fore- aJj^I* : <_il£JI i»»-^j 


- , ~ * s .» « - • ^ 

making something out- £=fji *(*-" <3*^f '•V-frJ' 
weigh (another); giving preponderance (to) 

considering ^L^. jl l»^ fe^^Ul jL-^l :ti-»-^j 
something (more) probable, likely, likelier 

preference (to), preferring (to), J;;^*" : TV^r^ 


-» - •? , .» - .« •; 

echo, reverberation, reecho, reso- (i-ua)l v>»-j^ 

l-**«j «j-lj— (Ji—I (j\ Jag..* *i-***jj 
> > * » t + * * i-- 

-." | - -: -, s f- .-.*-- 
i - 1'* i* f- • •*-- 

to proceed slowly (in), act at leisurely J^lj : ( j) jjl/^J' 
pace (in), take one's time (in), be slow (in) 

to write, compose, draw up, pen, <IL j U; I : JLy 
indite (a letter) 

art of letter writing JjI~JI <i\s£ ji : JLjj 

to follow (someone's example or « ^j I jyjji I : j^^j 
model), follow in the steps of, imitate, copy, emu- 

to look (attentively, carefully, ,JpG i JJ jiaj : 1*J> 
closely) at, scrutinize, regard, observe 

to remember, recall, recollect ^f Jb : ~- j> 

i -'- * .. v 
precipitation, settlement, u—^ &--JJI Jju* :t-~-» ^j 

sedimentation, deposition 

establishment, establishing, settlement, c.> ; .S : ji^y 

settling, stabilization, stabilizing; fixing, fixation; 

consolidation, strengthening 

candidacy, candidature^.. ^ : .,1 Lsiij-. s^l u^ : j^> 

nomination; candidacy, (»JJ oU.ii'il i ^...^.■ l ) >-£> 

filtration, filtering, infiltration.jJaiJ t * :; ■ "'» : jw- ^J 
percolation, exudation, leach(ing) 

rationalization idit : -u~ > 

to lie in wait for, lurk, am- tjy t j i>4 ^J : -I -u«> 

bush, ambuscade, waylay; to await, wait for, look 


to observe, watch; to surveil uJllj n_Jj : ju»> 

observation, watchGng); surveillance 



j* . JUOjJ 

u^'j-" ff'j - ^y^oji 

to be inlaid (with), set (with), enchased ( J) Caji 
(with), studded (with) 

B >'■■>.«* .I" ■■ , ■ ■ '■■■ ■ ■ 

unable to decide 

to reverberate, re- L r^- < "' ' <^J J • (^.v^O J ^> 
sound, re(echo), rebound; to ring out, boom; to be 
reflected, be thrown back 

to frequent, go irequently to, come 0^ JJ jj^J 
constantly to, visit often, haunt 

to be circulated, rumor- <L_J i\ J* iiy <. (ijl) **y 
ed, frequently stated; to circulate, pass from mouth 
to mouth, be on everybody's lips, be the talk of the 
town, run through the town 

hesitation, hesitancy, indecision, irreso- ij*j- : jj^j 
lution, waverGng), falter(ing), vacillation, vibration 

frequentation 6^ J J <-»^»-} : ■>■>> 

low frequency 
high frequency 

superhigh frequency; ultrahigh 




repetition, reiteration 

to show sedate or grave Ijjij 0^ ' jl»>JI _^iiil : ujji 
manners; to be or become grave, sedate, staid, sol- 
emn, sober 
tailor J»ll»- '-iSjJt 

to shield, provide ^yj^ oUatl t y^ a-JI : ^.^j 
with a shield 

Shield olij-aJI l^j ^yJ-Jo-Lo L-ijijJll 1|1 i-»>i <jJai : (^^J 
-LLC (jJlS) iy^> j' *. ■ hf- <j<~i+e t-f-ji '-ixS> 

scute, scutum (aluJuJI 

disk (j-Ul^e^:^^ 


gear, cogwheel, sprocket wheel; 


driving wheel; steering wheel 

differential gear, differential 

gearbox, transmission 


<! ' . '- 


shipyard, dockyard 

(^U-JJI,, ikll'il) iC^7 

[^i-JI «..'.^a> 

:i>C , 

' ■ ■ • •■-»'- - ' ■ ■ > <fr 

to proceed or go slowly or Jfc , ^1; : ( j) Ji> 
gently (in), do slowly or gently, go about some- 
thing gently or carefully 

3>J Jf!" I J - J*t-J ' (>J « lAI : Jl^j 

to strut, swagger, mince 
strut(ting), swaggerGng), mincing 

to live in comfort and luxury, lead a life of 'SjZ : ts'J; 
ease and comfort 

promotion, advancement, upgrading, £j>^ :^J> 
uplifting ^ 

amusement, entertainment, recreation, fun tJt'J 
amusing, entertaining ' , ' f "; 

,U)jl j^lj-j.oi; :(<y^JI) j'^- 

to expect, anticipate, look forward to ii^ : Ij'j 

to wait for, await, look (out) for ^Url I : Li> 

to lie in wait for, lurk, ambush, am- J lu»^; : ^J^; 
buscade, waylay 

expectation, expecting, expectan- jLLjl io^J .•i-iy' 
cy, anticipation; waiting (for), wait, awaiting; sus- 

expectative, anticipatory, anticipative t*4> 

to water, tear, fill with tears; (^oJl ^llll c^) 'J'j'J; 
to overflow with tears, be bathed in tears 
to flow, run, stream JL t t$\i- 

to ripple; to undulate, fluctuate, wave r%S 

to glitter, glisten, sparkle, glimmer 

to be or become variegated, mottled, dappled, Jj'J; 

to dance; to move; to oscillate, swing; to trem- [jai'Ji 
ble, shake 

to be or become speckled, flecked, spotted, dap- '^'J; 

clavicle, collarbone [ -jjjj ] jy 'J; 

clavicular j^'~ 

promotion, advancement, uplifting, »i'j i %j'J :Xa'ji 

< fr ■' ■ ■■':■' ■ ■ ■ ' 

balancing (of accounts) 

(olLJ-l) i o 7 

inlaying, inlaid work, setting, enchasing, stud- «^^' 
ding; marquetry 

compensation, solatium; satisfaction, gratifica- tLa'Ji 
tion, pleasing 

consolation prize "^°'y »y W- 

to dampen, wet through; to be or become '.-.l y 

moistened, dampened, damped, wetted, dabbled, 
humidified; to be or become moist, damp, wet, 

moistening, wetting, damping, dampening, i-~J>> 
dabbling; humidification 

to be or become (over)full, &'j£> jLe 4 5lLl I : e i 
brimful, replete, filled to capacity or overflowing ' 

canal, waterway, watercourse, conduit, 3 Li -."t^'j; 
sluiceway, aqueduct 

to grow up; to develop; to flourish, LI < t£ : e^^j 
thrive ^^ 


(jJU.) il^; ,iu^; t ^; <3*> 
J J- 

arousal of an interest, awakening 
of a desire 

to live in great luxury, live in opulent comfort, Ijji 
lead a luxurious life; to luxuriate, be self-indulgent ' 

- .' "* - .5' 

luxury, opulence, affluence; high living; self- u'J; 
indulgence; lavishness, extravagance, sumptuous- 


(oU) ^li^; 

to be far above, be too great Lii I <. jt- '/y3 : ^ p'J; 
for, be too proud for; to disdain, look down upon 
to be promoted, raised, advanced, '/jX> « '^Jj : li^J 
upgraded; to rise (in rank), advance, progress, 
make progress 

disdain, haughtiness, pride 




z$, <$c 

be synthesized; to be composed, made, formed, 
fabricated, constructed, built; to be mounted (on), 
fastened (on), fixed (on); to be fitted (in), set (in), 
inserted (in) 

estate, patrimony; inheritance, heritage, iST^7 ~t£ji 
bequest, legacy 

administration of estates o IS"_^J I S j I j I 

.' ' * > > 
administrator *£ j^\ jj-u 

_- ' .' *" i- ' 

to concentrate; to condense ijitSCi :^jj 

b,' . ,' ,» ,- 

focalize; to localize 

to center on, focus on; to be or Jc jl j : Jc ^S" ^J 
become centered on, focused on, concentrated on 

to settle (down); to stabilize; to c~3 i *y\L. . I : jif ^J 
be or become settled, stabilized; to be or become 
fixed, fastened; to be or become (im)planted, ram- 
med; to be or become positioned, stationed, 
concentration; condensation ljISj ;j5 J! 

centering, centralization; focusing, ^ j*J : JS y 
focalization; localization 

settlement, settling (down); oQij 

as- JU- jl . <L«UI (. >Ltjl i oiJu i ~i» i f- : -«->' :i_»OjJi 
sembling, assemblage, assembly, putting together, 
fitting together, piecing together; setup, setting up; 
installation, installing; combination, formulation, 
preparation; synthesis, synthesizing; composition, 
composing, making, forming, fabrication, con- 
struction, building; mounting, fastening, fixing, 
placing, setting, fitting, insertion 




i-i ju 7 .i. I i ? «-j y 

structure, setup, makeup, constitution, ilo :^~~£y 
composition, construction, build, make, physique, 
formation, texture 
installations, fixtures, fittings olji^aJ :oL-S> 

UJjj »»-lj— "U^J '.<+JiJ> 

synthetic; structural, constitutional; con- 
structional, constructive 


V, . .■ .. . .: 



upgrading; raising, elevation 

layerage, layering (of plants) (oLJl) jjf>; 

hatching, brooding, incubation (of ( ^aVjll) ±3y 



-ii -' i' 1 1 *-i''.' - -•- 

skin grafting 

dilution, diluting, thinning, 

attenuation, weakening 

foliation, beating, lamination T^-i^aS iJjjJaJ '.<j>J> 

numbering, numeration J »lijl _>l Jj ilkcl :&»jj 

paging tJJ oliS" ol w ^jJ 

punctuation, (joi jrJJ J^ljilljJaiJl Jl,*!^ :,ri^j 


punctuation mark (iU>Ulj ikiJlS") *i'y i*%. 

hatching; hachuring ((«-0' j) Jr^ : Jifj 

to leave; to quit; to give js jJii I . je (jUJ . >»* : Oji 

up, abandon, relinquish, renounce, forsake, turn 

one's back on; to desist from, abstain from, refrain 

from, forgo; to discontinue, stop 

to leave out, omit, drop, neglect, J^aI < Jicl : <Dy 

skip, overlook, disregard 

to leave behind, <L-*j jl iS"jJ jl 13 jl oilj- : dJ^J 

leave, bequeath, make over (as an inheritance or 

by will) 

to allow, let, permit <u ~- : o > 

to leave alone, let alone, let go, unhand, <,\Z,j a<T y 

release, free; to let someone do what he likes; to 

pay no attention to 

leaving; quitting; aban-,^c p^UI . ^ Ja»J . y*> : Sy 

donment, giving up, relinquishment, renunciation, 

forsaking; desistance, abstention, refrainment, 

forgoing; discontinuance, stopping 

omission, leaving out, skipping, Jl^l . JUi.1 : Sy 

neglect, overlooking, nonobservance, disregard 

to be composed of, be ^ Ciyjl . ^ L»)t : ^ u^> 
made up of, consist of 

to be assembled, put together, fitted uijii-iy 
together, pieced together; to be set up; to be in- 
stalled; to be combined, formulated, prepared; to 


x\ > 



to become a monk, take the L»lj jL> : J»-^JI Li^ 

to become a nun, take the veil Sl^il •:'*•■'/• 

to threaten, menace 

zja t jx^j : l«*a^j 

•**• i 

trifle, triviality, vanity; lie, falsity, falsehood, "<nji 
falseness; farce, sham; nonsense, drivel, humbug, 
rigmarole, balderdash, rubbish, flimflam, twaddle 

to be or become ,-»HI j-j" - ^E/'.t jl..r • Jkjj' 

flabby, flaccid, loppy, soft and limp 

flabbiness, flaccidity, limpness J*^' 

to deliberate, premeditate.^t t ^5^J : (y^ j) i5j> 
think over, revolve in one's mind, reflect (on), 
meditate (on), contemplate, consider carefully, 

to take one's time (in), act yi t : ( ^ "il 1 j ) ^y 
slowly or at leisurely pace (in), be deliberate or 
leisurely or careful (in) 


to fan oneself 

: C^ 

to diffuse a strong odor, aZm\ j o^JJl t ^-li 
exude a specific fragrance, be fragrant 

trust ^j IsCi- 1 jUJ] : cZ*)y 

to be tamed, domesticated; to be housebroken; yijjj' 
to be subjugated, subdued; to be trained, drilled, 
coached, schooled; to practice, drill (oneself), 
exercise, take exercise, train; to get used (to), be or 
become accustomed (to) 

trolley; trolley bus Jj> 

hi j jflj -<tiy~ 
circulation, putting into circulation, i-jj /-V- -tu/jj 
spreading; promotion, merchandising, sales pro- 
motion, furtherance; propagation, propagandizing, 
publicity; popularization 

fanning; ventilation, airing C^; : tu/jj 

,'<-■■• !,'■■■'■ 


:. ff:'V»l 

Spencerianism, synthetic philos- i 5 yjl iilliJI 

fixing, fastening, settlement, ^ij <. jji. ( ■ -—*" : ■jS'ji 
stabilization; planting, implantation 

centering, centralization; focusing, ~°y'J* •J^'y 
focalization; localization 

concentration; condensation { -^~^' '-'J^'y 

concentration (on), j\ J,\ ( ( Jc) jjjjj" : ( Jp) j^^; 
focusing (on); emphasis, stress(ing), underlining, 




(oLj) u^tjj 


<^-JaS '. {jMtjt 

to lose one's 

wife, become a widower 

Jj-^I Jay 

to lose one's 


become a 




to be or become repaired, over- jo»- t *Juel : (v«jj 
hauled, fixed, restored, reconditioned, rebuilt 

incineration; cremation 

4» ; ji' '(j*yj> 

repair, reparation, overhaul(ing), jjok; i r^Co) :<^»> 
restoration, mending, reconditioning, rebuilding 

lemon balm, bee balm 

canary; serin 

to stagger, reel, totter, sway, falter, wobble 

(oLj) Ol*«Jjj 

staggerting), reel(ing), totterfing), sway(ing), 
falterting), wobble, wobbling 

bluebottle (oLl)oLiJ^; 

^y 'r' J f J - ^ '(*> 

intonation, modulation, recital; chanting, sing- *i'j 
ing; hum(ming) 

hymn, anthem, psalm, chant, song **y> 


to concern oneself with trifles oUjJJI j »ij :o^j 

t& ___ __ _ * s 

to synchronize, concur, coincide, happen j^ \'Ji 

together, occur at the same time, be synchronous, 
be simultaneous 

synchronism, synchronization, synchronous- j^ I y 
ness, simultaneity, simultaneousness, concurrence, 
coincidence, conjunction, contemporaneity, contem- 
synchronous, synchronal, synchronicKal) ^i* iJj 

to intermarry; to mate ( jJJ f>»J0 jrj'> 

intermarriage, endogamy; mating (jly Si) £jl^ 

to exchange visits, visit one another ( f>»J I ) jj \y 
jlj j^-lj -'^ /^ ' Jlj :Jil> 

to outbid one another (iiiJI ^ j fjill) JjI> 

jljjj| £>-lj - J^Jj}. ^y 

to separate, part, divide, scatter, disperse, u>> : Jj \y 
break up; to be separated, disunited, divided, scat- 
tered, dispersed 

to be or become satisfied with, con- j Jp^\ '■ ->. iyry 
tent with; to content oneself with, settle for 
to vitrify, be or become vitrified; to be or be- j^y 
come glazed, glassed 
vitrification gyrj cJj 6iy** '• &?> 

i' *n * ' : '•'• 

glazing, glassing £ • -A Jii - J ' '&?■>' 

> »~ 
penciling of the eyebrows (_«*■ I >i 1 jyfr y 

to budge, move; to be dislodged, displaced, £y*y 


to slide, glide, slip, skid, slither; to ski; to skate j£*-y 

sliding, slide, gliding, slip(ping), skid(ding), j^-y 
slithering; skiing; skating 

to be embellished, adorned, ornamented, <-»>■> 
decorated; to adorn oneself, dress up 

to shake, totter, wobble; to be shaken, 'S&Z ■ {Jfy 



r ~-^~ 

refreshment, revival, i»- 1 jl i >-«*<■■*)> ' uil*J J : tvj^ 
animation; soothing, easement, easing, relief, 
relieving; resting, giving rest to, relaxation 
recreation, amusement, entertain- ^-iJI (>c pj>> 
ment, distraction, diversion, fun 

taming, domestication; breaking in; subjuga- Jai_jy 
tion, subduing; training, drill(ing), coaching, 
schooling; habituation, accustoming, inurement 

frightening, scaring, alarming, intimida- <-»;j3»I : Hiy 
tion, horrifying, terrifying, panicking, terroriza- 
tion, shocking 

clarification, clearing, purifica- ~<LlZ i -Li-aJ : jjjy 

tion, elutriation, fining, refinement, refining', 


breakfast ^-LlaJl fUJ» '-~<Liy 

antidote, theriaca; antitoxin; panacea, cure-all jL^Ji 

antidotal, theriacal; antitoxic 

J jJ jf 'J' 

chest, breast(s); thorax; rib 

to linger, tarry; to slow, delay; to take one's 
time; to bide one's time, wait, be patient 

A '* 

to practice, exercise, do physical exercises, take J&y 
exercise, drill (oneselO, train; to promenade, walk, 
take .a walk, go for a walk 

<-»ji« vr'j — *- ^ty 

spinster, old maid 


to compete, vie, rival, contend, jostle 

to crowd together, throng together, 
swarm, pack, press together, jostle 

competition, rivalry 
competitive; emulative, emulous 

to associate, be(come) or join as colleagues 
(associates, comrades, fellows) 

iJUj »j^Ij - J^\y 

i • ■ '■ - ■-•^ 

to get (be, become) married (with, (_,),jj-jl '-T3J* 
to), marry, wed, take a(s) spouse; to join hands, 
become husband and wife 

-^ ^ 


to take along provisions 

to be supplied with, provided with, j J^ '■->. S)j> 

furnished with, equipped with, fitted with, 

outfitted with; to provide oneself with, supply 

oneself with, furnish oneself with, equip oneself 

with, outfit oneself with 

~ * * - * --■ 
to be forged, counterfeited, falsified, rigged; jjj : j^'Ji 

to be pirated 

to lie, tell a lie; to commit perjury jj^ll J\i : jjy 

jjj £r'j - jjj • jjy 
angulation Ujj li j^JI jij- rijj^i' 

marrying (off), giving in t-'j.)" J»l> -J^j : W-5.> 
marriage; marrying, marriage, wedding' 

supply(ing), providing, provi- j,^ i j^k; :(j) jjj}; 
sion, furnishing, equipping, equipment, fitting out, 
outfit(ting); provisioning, purveyance, victualing 

forgery, falsification, counterfeiting, rigging; jt.3'j> 

embellishment, adornment, orna- Jjj jj_oj : jjjy 
mentation, decoration 

to dress (in), clothe oneself (in), be ^-J : ( j) Ujj' 
clothed (in), be clad (in), wear, put on 

to make (unnecessary) additions; to iJl : ( J) jj_^' 
exaggerate, magnify, amplify 

to increase, rise, go up, soar *jjjl : jj>U\ jjy 

exaggeration, magnification; redundancy; ( j) jjy 

to be counterfeited, forged, falsified, ljj _} : uLjJ' 


to be adorned, ormamented, embel- <->>»-./ : Jijj 
lished, graced, decorated, dressed 

to adorn oneself, groom (oneself), be- -r j-S '■ <ji j 
deck oneself, preen oneself, primp, dress up, toilet, 
smarten up, spruce up; to make up, put on make- 
up, use or apply cosmetics, paint and powder 

toilet, toilette, adorning oneself, grooming -rj^ ■ jj_)j 
(oneself), bedecking oneself, primping, dressing 

convulsed, unsettled; to be or become shaky, un- 
steady, insecure, precarious 

to lead, head, run, be at the head of; to be or ley 
become the leader (chief, boss) of 

»j J 


asphalting; pitching 

gavagei-jjjl <LL.I>> 5a*il JJ ?JJ ^Qjl JU-il :«iy 

to give alms or charity Jf' ,-" : j£ y 

to be or become pure, righteous, llS'j j\+o '■Jfr'j 

to grow, increase, flourish, thrive 
purification, chastening 
unopposed, uncontested 

to ski; to skate; to bobsled; to sled, sledge, sleigh; pfa 
to slide, glide, slip 

to water-ski, ski *Ul ^c iJ^ 

skiing; skating; bobsledding; sledding, sledging, ply 

sleighing; sliding, gliding, slip(ping) 

waterskiing *lll ^c Jj; « 'JL »J> 

to quake (earth) (^ij^l o<-) ijy^ 

to fawn on, curry favor with, ingratiate J J LiJy 
oneself with, toady, bootlick; to adulate, flatter 
(survilely), coax, cajole, wheedle, blandish, 

adulation, (servile) flattery, cajolery, blandish- ijJy 
ment, sweet talk, sycophancy, toadyism, fawning 
(on), bootlicking, currying favor (with) 

lubrication, oiling, greasing '-■■:£ '• &}'j> 

to be or become strict, rigorous, stringent, se- c^t'ji 
vere, stern, prim, puritan(ical) 

strictness, rigorftsm), stringency, rigidity, se- C^t'Ji 
verity, sternness, austerity; primness; puritanism; 

to be or become an atheist or unbeliever J jujj 

to put on a belt Ijbj Lr J : J,y~ 


lapse, breakdown 

snowfall £>£" j' £^' Jai'LJ 

loss of hair, alopecia .^^Jl Ja»LJ 

rainfall, rain; shower; pour, jlL.^1 jl jJail JailJ 

to live together, share a £» ( I jJX~ j I) L£- : jS"L- J' 



to compete, vie, strive to excel one 


to vie in glory with one another 


1JP- \ J — /j£ l**M ( Lw '. ^-*U-J 

to overlook, excuse; to tolerate; to |Ja Q : ( j) jw O 

be indulgent, tolerant, forbearing, lenient, merciful 

indulgence, tolerance, toleration, JaLJijJj- :jwL. J' 

forbearance, leniency, lenity, clemency, mercy, 


to chat with one another in the %i i^oU^I :^l— J' 

evening or at night, spend the evening or night in 

pleasant conversation 

to pass from mouth to mouth, be on ^-Ul 4j £• LJ' 

everybody's lips, be the talk of the town 

to support (assist, aid, help) one Ojfc ' jj^J : •**'*- ' 
another; to cooperate, collaborate, work together; 
to unite, join forces, rally 

to be or become lenient (toward or with), (^) 3*^-J 

indulgent (toward or with), tolerant (toward or 

with), forbearing (toward or with), mild (toward or 


leniency, lenity, indulgence, tolerance, tolera- JaLJ 

tion, forbearance, mildness 

equality, equivalence, parity, evenness, ( lijllJ I ) jLJ 

sameness, identity; equal rights, equality before the 


isomerism »'>r^' (ijLJ 

equidistance J*r" &y-~' 

(5ljd) SljCil f M Jc ^rlj -(ijCjJl* 

to be or become equal, even, ujl>> « J-i^ :i5jl— ' 
alike, similar, balanced 

up, smartening up, sprucing up; making up, put- 
ting on makeup, application or use of cosmetics 
lubrication, oiling, greasing c ~jy 

counterfeiting, forgery, falsification, rigging >-i^iy 

adornment, ornamentation, embellishment, ^y 
garnishment, decoration, decor 

to ask onese'lf (whether); to ask, query, ques- <j«LJ 

tion, inquire (about); to wonder 

question, query, inquiry Jjl— J' 

'f l 

to curse (abuse, rail at, Laiu ^ - m , 

insult) one another 

to race, run; to compete, vie, contend, jostle; to JjLJ 

strive to outdo one another 

V ' 
race, racing, run(ning); competition; emulation JjL. > 

to compete, vie, contend; to i5jLj ' iSi^ ' J* - ^-' 
strive to excel or outdo one another; to meet in a 

to show oneself generous, lib- 
eral, openhanded 

to whisper together 

»UvUl ljIxj :,^-L_J' 

to exchange secrets or sentiments, talk ^LJ : jLJ 
confidentially, commune 

to hurry, hasten, rush, dash, run; to accelerate, Pjl—j' 
move faster, gain speed; to quicken, become more 
rapid; to flow in succession, follow or succeed 
one another 

hurry(ing), hastening, rush(ing); acceleration, PjLJ' 
pickup; quickening; succession 

acceleration of gravity ^fU-' f-jLJ 

nine at a time; by nines, nine and nine f LJ 

to help (aid, assist, support) one another;uji> : oel—j' 
to cooperate, collaborate, work together 

to fornicate, whore, commit adultery <y j : «iLJ 

to copulate, engage in yr~^"' JLaj^l -i»l : jjCj' 
sexual intercourse 

copulation, coitus, coition, sexual inter- p-L>- : oiLJ 

course, sex 

to fall, fall down, come down; to collapse, JaiCj' 

break down 

to fall out j*^\ J»»LJ 

> „ - 
fall, falling (down, out, away), dropping); col- Jai'LJ 



* «c 

to be registered, recorded, put on record, Oj-*J : J»*-J' 
entered, listed, inscribed, written down, put down 

to enroll, register, be enrolled, be- (>io ) J*-j 
come a member; to join, enter 

to be recorded, tape-recorded, ( Ja>j^ ,Jc) J=*lj 

registration, registry, registering), juJJ ijijoj: J^*-j 
recording, recordation, taking record of, putting on 
record, entering, entry, listing, inscription, writing 
down, putting down, taking down, setting down, 
noting (down), taking notes of, marking down; 

recording, tape recording, taping(Ja;^. ^c) J~*~J 
tape recorder, recorder (o^la)l) J~*~j ill 

cash register jUI J-j«— i ill 

land l fJo\j y }\ J~*~J »^jl J ' (ijlie J-r*—' *j?' J 

registry office, land registration department 

* - > >\* 
registrar, register, recorder Je»— ' jy\* 

to have a light meal (uUfj j) jy>LS\ JS"! : ^P*-J' 
(shortly before daybreak during Ramadan) 

to bear ill will or malice against, ^c juu>- : ^c (*>*-J' 
harbor rancor or hatred against, hate 
exploitation; utilization, employment, subjec- 
tion, subjugation 
heating, warming (up), calefaction ^ 

to be paid, settled, discharged, liquidated, «j j 

cleared, squared, balanced 

to be aimed, pointed, directed, leveled ^yo '■ jj— > 

- -i -»-: 
to be guided, led, directed j£jI : jj— j 

-,"• , -s- : 
to be or become right, correct, proper fLLLJ : jj— j 

JjIjI j^-Ij - Jjlj' 

payment, settlement, discharge, liquida- «j j : Ju j-j 
tion, clearing, paying up, defrayal 

aim(ing), pointing, leveling, direct- 
outstanding, due, unpaid, unsettled 

olliikil iUJl:((i%ljl) 



to take a concubine, keep a 

Ckju JlmjI : l5j — J' 

to be or become coherent, consistent; to be or Jjl— J' 
become harmonious, proportional, symmetrical; to 
be or become successive, continuous 
coherence, interrelation(ship); consistency; <J)jLJ' 
harmony, symmetry, proportion, regularity, con- 
gruity; unison 

to bargain, haggle, higgle, chaffer fjLi' 

to engage in a swordflght, 
meet in duel 

i_»jl-)L i_jjUjj : ■ oj I J" 


*l J 

to result from, follow ^ *<-^ i (js- ^ '■ ,j* >-r— ' 
from, ensue from, arise from, spring from, stem 
from, grow out of, come out of, be caused by 

to trade, do business; to sell yr t>' : vr— ' 

to abate, subside, remit, let up; to 
calm down, cool down 
causing, causation, occasioning, t-~- jj 
bringing about, giving rise to, giving birth to, 
resulting in, making, triggering, effectuation, pro- 
duction, creation, engendering, generation 

glorification, praise, eulogy, extolment (of (4JSI) £~— J' 


doxology, hymn, anthem < > ■■ ; " 

COma Aa . »j. <y& jjt <>y—£- '• p. ' . i ' " 1 


to cover oneself, screen oneself, take cover; to 
hide (oneselD, conceal oneself, keep oneself out of 
sight; to disguise oneself, be disguised, be in dis- 
guise; to be or become covered, veiled, concealed, 

to harbor, shelter, hide, conceal, mask, ^c j^Jl 
blind, obscure, cloak, cover (up), veil, hide from 
sight or knowledge 

covering oneself, screening oneself, taking cover: 
hiding, concealing oneself; concealment, hidden- 
ness; disguise 

harboring, sheltering, concealing, con- Jx. jZ. 

cealment; covering, veiling; cover-up; disguising 


> . > 


Uj y**ti aVini 

stowage, stowing, steeving 

v j. ' ., ' "' 


acceleration, speedup, pickup, f ^- jjua^ : Hj—> 
expedition, hastening, hurrying, quickening 

to be spread (out), out- \>.y~~ • j^° ' . k ,,.. i j '■ ^i>— J' 

spread, unfolded, unrolled; to be levelled, evened, 

flattened; to flatten, become flat 

to lie down (on one's back), j-uJ i (_^~i : ^L-J 

be supine; to stretch (out) 

writing (down), jotting down; composi- l>\^ : jJ»-J' 

tion, drawing up, drafting 

> > ><, * . - 
ruling, lining, drawing of lines; J»>Jail p~j : y^aJl 

streaking, crossing, striping, barring 
one-ninth, ninth 


to be priced 


the ninetieth 

pricing; quotation 

tariff; quotation; price, rate 


( \ . ) uj*-J' 

to stoop, lower oneself, abase oneself, demean Ji_J' 
oneself, debase oneself, degrade oneself, sink low, 
act in a despicable manner 

to gather, pick up, hunt for, search (»J J jLi-^l) Jai-J 
for, nose about for, seek (news, information, etc.) 

tempering, quenching 

roofing, ceiling i-«~ j- 

to loiter, loaf, bum, idle, hang around, wander j£_S' 

(about), lounge (about), gad, meander, ramble, 

dawdle, putter (around), poke along, tramp 

i — '_ 
loitering, loafing, bumming, idling, hanging j*— j 

around, wandering, lounging, gadding, meander- 
ing, rambling, dawdling, puttering 
sugaring, sweetening *lii« : ji*— J 

candying; conserving, j£— ^ (*i^Ul) Jii*- : jSlZ 
preserving with sugar 

saccharification j£— <JJ Jj^J : j*f—j 

calming, quieting, pacification, t-i^« ' *$■**> '■ 0s~-' 
tranquilization; soothing, relieving, relief, easing, 
easement, alleviation, allaying, assuagement, 


1 ', 1 

to leak, seep, ooze, infiltrate, flow out, pZ. j : Oj-J 
outflow, run out, escape 

to infiltrate, ^--u I 1 JLJ : (^ i j ; <Jj) u^J 

enter, penetrate; to sneak (into or among), slip 
(into or among), steal (into or among), creep (into 
or among), insinuate oneself (into or among) 

leak(age), seep(age), oozing, ooze, infiltra- *£.j : Oj_J' 
tion, outflow, outward flow, flowing out, running 
out, escape 

infiltration; sneak(ing), 
slip(ping), steal(ing) 

to wear, put on, dress 

to swallow, gulp, bolt 
to cancerate 

J^L-jl 4 (Jjl1_ j :u_, 


s • s •*-».- ''i ■- ~ 

iL* w j *>*^ Ji n* 

to be or become hasty (in), rash (in), ( Jj 1 j) 


precipitate (in); to do in a hurry; to hurry (with) 
hasten (to do); to rush (to), dash (to), run (to) 

to jump to conclusions r-l^U-^l j 9j— J 

hastiness, rashness, precipitancy, precipitance, £^-J 
precipitation, impetuosity; hurry, haste 

to wear or put on (one's) trou- Jlj jlJI l _ r J : Jjj— »' 
sers or pants 

leak(age); infiltration 
basting, tacking 

discharge, dismissal, firing, (£.ail ^ ^Ji^Il); 

release, discharge (j^-j^JI jl iJyjil) jvj— J 

, ••* » .- , 
demobilization, disband- (jjJ-I jl (jSJ-l) jsj— J 

ment, deactivation 

divorce, divorcement, divorcing (i»-j^Jl) £;/— ' 

transhumance P^f 1 ! : (<«r'>^) J*/*"^ 

combing, doing, dressing, styling, (j*iH) «<j— J 
coiffing, coiffuring 

coiffure, hairdo, hairstyle (y>^) ^^ . 



to climb, scale, ascend, mount, go up ji_j' 

to mountaineer, climb mountains 3tJ-l jl'.J 

to climb (up), creep (_r j^' : oLJI jLJ 

climbCing), scaling, ascending, ascent, mounting JLj 

mountaineering JllJ-l jllj 

to sneak away, steal away, slink away, ( l y>) JJLJ 
slip away, escape 

to sneak into, steal into, slip into, creep JJ JJLJ 

into, insinuate oneself into; to infiltrate, penetrate, 


infiltration; sneak(ing), slinking, ^j~> '■ Jl—i' 

slipping), steal(ing) 

offside (»JJ (.Lill iji j) jllj 

to receive; to get, obtain; to take; to J jLj 4 (jib : JLi" 
collect; to take over, assume 

to extradite, obtain the extradition of \*jx* J-J 

amusement, entertainment, diversion, dis- ^J : * I " 
traction, pastime, fun 

amusement centers, •LL.JI (jjj i^U) j^l^ 
places of amusement 

arming, armament, rearmament -, l' 7 

credit, advance; lending, loan 

credit bank 

.a..:JI <iLl 

handing over, turning over, <)jL. . £juj i «j j : «J_j 
handing in, turning in, submission, submitting', 
presentation, presenting, referring, giving (in), de- 
livery, delivering 

extradition »^L>5G>- JJ t>jUJI jl ^j^^jJll J— j 

service (of summons, [u>il»] vJLJ 'j-^j! : fJ— ■" 
writ, notice, papers, etc.), delivery, notification 
salutation, greeting; salute il^l £liJI : JLJ 

saving, rescuing, rescue, deliv- Jjlij i u ^l--," : JL-J 
erance; protection, preservation, guarding, safe- 
guarding, keeping 

acceptance, approval; consent, ^j i J>JI : J—J 


appeasement, mitigation, mollification, palliation, 

ijlx».l luflj— iji^wl t^j-^—J 

to amuse oneself, have fun, have a good time; to ( _ f LJ 
delight (in), take pleasure (in); to console oneself 

to arm oneself; to be armed 
armament, rearmament 

arms limitation, limitation of arms, 

jJiljJI jj 

arms race, armament race 


'jiji ^ij-jo-i £L; 

to flow (down), run; to trick- jLi io:i iSyr '■ JXj 
le; to drip, drop, dribble, fall in drops 

to follow in succession or in sequence, «_> Li : Jlllj 
come successively or in proper order, be succes- 
sive or consecutive or continuous; to form an un- 
interrupted sequence; to form a series, be arranged 
in a series, be seriate(d), be serial; to be concate- 
nated), linked, connected, interlinked, interlocked 

i'. v_: i' re- 
sequence, succession, consecu- r-jjj i »jLj : J.,-1 „i 

tion, progression; order; hierarchy; gradation, 


train of thought jlSCilJJLJ 

- - +.> \' ' 

hierarchy, hierarchical succession <-.y. JJLJ 
(sequence, order, etc.) 

in order, in proper sequence, in succes- J. JljJ L 
sion, successively, consecutively, serially, seriatim, 
in series, one after the other; continuously, contin- 
ually, without interruption 

hierarchical; serial, seriate; successive, con- 'II' " 
secutive, sequent, sequential 

to overcome, overpower, overwhelm, J*. Jai-J 

prevail over, have a dominant influence over; to 
overrule, dominate, predominate, command, 
control, govern, rule, reign, sway, hold sway over, 
gain power over, be absolute master over 

mastery, sway, reign, power, authority, com- kv " 
mand, control, domination, (predominance, as- 
cendancy, supremacy, upper hand, hegemony 

to become sultan LiUaL. jLo : j-kl—i' 

to chap, crack open j: *" : jLLI -1 " 


w*- J 

thickening, making thick(er) 

poisoning; envenoming, venoming ~*~. j 

fattening, plumping ,jl~ j 

to be or become easy; to J+Lj i _ rr J t LtJ : ^.^l j^i— i - 

be facilitated, be made easy; to be (become, be 

made) possible, feasible 

to be or become possible for, feasible ^.^l <d 

for, easy for; to be able to 

to ascend, mount, scale, top 

to accede to, ascend (the 


'£ :(^l) 

accession, ascension 

to be or become indented, dented, J. ^ i pis : 
jagged, notched, toothed, serrate(d), crenate(d) 
indentation, dentation, serration, ^.j-J < pJJL> : 

supportdng), propping (up), crutching, ^cj : „ 
staying, resting, shoring up, holding up; staking, 
staking out (a plant, etc.); consolidation, strength- 
ening, reinforcement 

to be or become easy; to be facilitated, be _^~J ■ Ji— '> 
made easy; to be (become, be made) possible, feasi- 
facilitation, facilitating, making easy ju~~ > : J^*-j 

facilities oiLf— i 

to scale, climb J>Lj '-jy^ 

to be or become worm-eaten rJJ ^ UJl u*y-Z 

to be or become carious, to ^jJall jl ij-JI o->-J 

to decay, rot (J»*JI u->-J 

(dental) caries, tooth decay, cariosity 0^ jl u - ^ 


to shop, purchase, buy 

to trade in the market, buy and ti^i. Ij ^\> : J>J 


shopping, purchasing, purchase, buying; trad- J> 

ing, trade 

to beg, ask for alms tiJ^v- \ ' J»i : J> 

assent, agreement 

admission, admitting, conces- <-»> ^| <■ £ J\ '■ ^-> 
sion, conceding, allowing, acknowledgment, ac- 

taking for granted, granting, conceding, ^a>- ( <J_JJi 
concession, postulation, postulating, presumption, 
assumption, presupposition 

delivery order ^LJ ^.1 

- * ' * - 7. 
to be named, called, designated, nomi- ( j*~ : u»— > 


to be nailed, fastened with a nail jlf-*> o 

to stand as if pinned to the *J l£. j oJ 

to auscultate «,■ .. rl L jJJ jjJaJI j j-uaJI y^** : £»-j 

s - - 

4 ' s n * *i * • ' i ~ 
auscultation ^ .■... ri b ^J» ,>»«» t j-»—> 

auscultatory [ t--i> J i^?*— ' 

to be poisoned, envenomed ^ 

poisoning, toxication, toxicosis 

toxemia; septicemia, blood poisoning ,oJI 

lead poisoning 

industrial poisoning 

food poisoning* 


naming, calling, denomination, 
nomination, designation 
name, appellation, designation, nomen- ^,\ 
clature, title 

fertilization, fertilizing, manuring ju~ j 

• ■? 
nailing, fastening with a nail jlc-^ ^ 

.* --. « . * ' » .,' 

tanning, browning, OjJJI _^—l t^' J**" 

(nappy) rash 

making hear, letting hear 

recitation, reciting 

■ JS*— ' 

juvjjjl Jl I Ij !■■ > 

■ Lm^ 


■■■ ■■■■■...■■■■^ rT^n 


ling, driving forward 

driving, setting in motion; <^ry 
steering, directing, direction 

management, running, direction, han- SjU : 

starting, operating, operation, jj_) _u . J-«LiJ : 
running, working, actuation 

sending, dispatch(ing), forwarding JLJI : 


i::~'**. *i 


circulation, putting into circulation, jvj>> '■ j^r-> 
spreading, promotion, popularization 

politicization u"-.'.--"^' 

to be or become pessimistic; to see an evil omen* *lij' 
(in), regard as an evil portent 


* 11 *~ 



to be or become interlaced, interlocked, inter- tiL ll7 
twisted, intertwined, twined, twisted, entwined, 
interwoven, knitted, meshed, snarled, tangled; to 
interlace, interlock, intertwist, intertwine, inter- 
weave, knit, mesh, snarl, tangle; to interpenetrate; 
to overlap; to be or become complicated, complex, 
intricate, confused 

to synapse; to reticulate, become [ * L>- 1 ] liljGj 

interlacement, interlock(ing), intertwist(ing), tiL lij* 
intertwinement, snarl, tangle; engagement; inter- 
penetration; overlapping); complicatedness, com- 
plexity, intricacy, confusion 


to resemble each other; to be or become similar, <j Lj' 
alike, akin, analogous, parallel, uniform, corres- 
ponding, correspondent; to be or become identical 

>.' - 
resemblance, similarity, likeness, alikeness, o lij' 

analogy, similitude, affinity, parallelism, corres- 
pondence, parity; identity 

cha-cha (<-"j) LU'LIj 

to curse (abuse, revile) one 



i if*- 

to quarrel, fight, hassle, iiQi! . _<>UJ <. t-'j[£ -j^^j 
wrangle, squabble, spat, brawl, jangle, scrimmage, 


■'. . ■■» »- ^ : *i>- ' 

; %£ S '. 4jj~ -J 

begging, beggary, mendican- 
cy, mendicity 

leveling, planing, flattening, flatting 
grading, smoothing 

leveling (to the ground), j^lb id)j i^jVL) -C>lj 
razing, flattening, tearing down, pulling down 

dressing, making, Jj-i*J i ia.'.^ . s-e^ : Kty-Z 

preparation, preparing, doing up; arrangement, 
arranging, arraying, organization, fixing (up); 
adjustment, regulation, regulating, settlement, 
settling, putting in order, setting right 

equalization, equalizing, Sl^C* 4 aJjIL. :"Cy\Z 

equation, equating, putting on the same level, 
putting on an equal footing, treating equally or as 

settlement, payment, squaring, 
balancing, clearing 

settlement, reconciliation, ac- &j°y . 'S*- : V»-J 
commodation, adjustment, arrangement, compo- 

compromise ,LL,j Ji- : -Lj— J 

outstanding, due, unsettled, unpaid -L>L dl ■_:■-■" 

blackening u n- ■'" lui : Jj>- J' 

permission, permitting, allow- ii-Cl 1 5j>^=r ! : Hi-* 
ance, allowing 

justification, vindication jj^iiu^lj 

rationalization [ ^.ij ] »j>-j 

justificatory, vindicatory tijij^ •lf*i)~' 

procrastination, stalling, temporiza- ilLC* : uLi_j-j 
tion, putting off, postponement, delay(ing) 

dilatory, delaying, procrastinating, stalling ^>-i' 
marketing 3ij~* 

to be or become politicized \j*?~ '• 

leaving, abandonment, forsaking, J|,*l 4 S'jj ''.--, " 
relinquishment, renunciation; neglect, leaving out ' 

release, liberation, freeing, setting jj^JJ : ■_ ■ ■ _* " 

fencing, hemming, hedging, railing, enclosing, g<-Lj> 

propulsion, drive, impulsion, impel- 

^j*^" ' TX ' 



bornness, obstinacy, pertinacity, opinionatedness 

to be or become saturated (with), sated (j) *-Jij 

(with), soaked (with); to be or become filled (with), 

full (of); to be or become charged (with), loaded 


saturation, satiation, satiety, fullness; satisfaction *Li; 

liLLij i liLlij 


to imitate, copy, ape; to assimilate oneself to; _> 4-ii' 
to match, equal; to compare oneself with 
imitation, imitating, copying, aping; match- (_») '' *■" 
ing, equaling; comparing oneself with 

celebrating in love poems, rhapso- i_~^- j-wu : <— -— -.-.- r'* . V 

dizing about 

love poetry, erotic poetry <j!> ^»- : l-...... ' 

pL^I *j»- 1 j — * 1 1 "i i 

likening, comparison, assimilation .ui j_ua^ : 4—11' 

simile [iiJ]4---iJ 

to scatter, disperse, break up, dis- j xJ . Jjii : c; 
band, separate; to be scattered, dispersed, dispelled 
strewn about 

dispersal, dispersion, scattering), dis- Jjjj : c: 
union, separation, division 

distraction, absentmindedness ^jJi c-iij 

dispersion, dispersal, dispersing, jj-u! i J«>j :c~ 
scattering), dispelling, separation, breaking up 

to be afforested, forested, wooded 

to arborize jy^* >*J c^-J *i j^v fy*- 1 : S+- ' 


* I* M.I 

to pluck up courage, take heart, brave, make 
bold; to be encouraged, emboldened 
afforestation, forestation, tree-planting, 

Arbor Day ji*-^ 

encouragement, encouraging, emboldening, 
heartening; furtherance, promotion, support 

pruning, lopping, trimming, clipping i_. olii : J-^-h-j 
greasing, lubrication, lubricating 

t^ 7 


to be diagnosed 

<c"J ^'» 

■- ■ ■J. ' L-. 1 ^ - ■ *■.,■: ' : : : 

scuffle; to come to blows, come to grips, grapple, 
engage in hand-to-hand fighting 

to spat, squabble, wrangle, ~o\*^ . >r^> '■ o-»-L£->' 

hassle, jangle, quarrel, fight, altercate, dispute, 


to hate each other JaiXZ : i y>- lij 

-'' \" * * \" " 

LI; t. ij^-Lii t jvs^L^j : jLw 

to dispute, argue, alter- 
cate, jangle, squabble, quarrel 

to pretend to be a poet 
to pretend to be busy 

to complain to one 

- Ltj t cjaJUj*- 1 : tvS L£J 

to quarrel, brawl, wrangle 

to resemble each other, conform, Ji LJ <. «j LiJ : J^LlJ' 

correspond; to be or become similar, alike, akin, 

analogous, homogenous, homologous, uniform, 

corresponding, conformable; to be or become 


j,, j,, >,, 

similarity, likeness, resemblance, JJ LJ . «j LU : JS"liJ' 
analogy, homology, homogeneity, uniformity, 
conformity, correspondence, isomorphism; iden- 

to deliberate, confer, consult, jS"l_b . Ujl jj :jjliJ' 
discuss, hold talks, exchange views 

consultation, deliberation, counsel, conferring, jjlii' 
conference, discussion, talk 

to agree (upk>n or about, reach J* J^Aj 1 : J* vlii' 
an agreement on or about 

'_ ■■'■■ «Jf l J — ( i> l J*l if j£- Uj l ) I-.,. Ml" 

to stick to, adhere to, cling to, cleave to; to _•. d-liJ' 
hang on to, persist in, hold by; to be or become 
tenacious, opinionated, stubborn, obstinate 

tenacity; adherence (to), sticking (to), clin- (j) i *.;.*." 
ging (to), hanging on (to), persistence (in); stub- 






trimming, clipping, pruning, par- i-> J-" jj 

ing, lopping; refinement, polishing, improvement 

to absorb, soak up, imbibe Vj—' 

absorption, soaking up, imbibition, imbibing; ljj— > 

absorbability *^j— ' 

to tramp (about), vagabond, wander (about), j^iJ 
roam (about), rove, straggle, hobo, bum; to be 
made homeless; to be displaced, driven away, dis- 

vagrancy, vagabondage, wandering about; home- j^ii' 
lessness, displacement, dislodgment 

to be or become serrate(d), indented, ,j^JJ '■ j^j^ 
toothed, notched, jagged 

serration, indentation l y_J '■££> 

to impose severe conditions i~-U U> jji yi^i : -b^ii' 

to be meticulous, scru- J^ i i Jjfc : (*ilc j) J»j^J 
pulous, accurate (in one's work) 

to have the honor (to, oD, be honored ( j ) Lij^J 


to split (apart), cleave, crack, rend, jj-lil t J^LiS : fjii 

rip, slash; to be or become split, cleft, cracked, 

rent, slashed, slit 

basting, tacking C*/""' : G~s~' 

slicing, cutting into ")lljJ» U»» **i»» :^1J |^»UI ^J— ' 

((/A? y°j^J £L 

anatomy, anatomization, 

vivisection '(jf^f u*^) *— ""^ £ij— ' 

autopsy, necropsy, (»U>)I i_~-« $>-f*^) ^4-1 C/"' 
postmortem examination, postmortem 

anatomy jvj-^ll (J-c 

anatomical) ^ U -J~' 

displacement, displacing, making homeless, j*j2Z 
driving away, dislodgment, expulsion, eviction 

legislation, lawmaking, ^l^ill ^ i c- t^i, I : vj^J' 
making of laws; enactment, passage, passing (of 

legislation, law, statute, act, enact- 
ment; code 


• » t* ^ ** 

■j j^JJ I 4a ..ill 

to appear to, be revealed to, *J <i i\JJ : aJ 
reveal itself to, show itself to, manifest itself to 

personification, ^c ijj-iJI oli-aJI jLij : 






to be or get broken, fractured, 
smashed; to break (up), fracture, smash 

to be (become, be made) strong, intense, (i>ij : j j£j 

violent, vehement; to intensify 

to be or become strict, UjU» L-li u^ : ( j) ^j 

severe, stern, stringent, austere, hard, hardhanded, 


to be or become inflexible, un- i_Juoj : ( j) jjlIJ 

yielding, adamant, intransigent 

strictness, severity, sternness, aus-ill^ 4 Sj-» : joIj 
terity, stringency, rigoKism), hardness, harshness, 
hardhandedness, toughness 
inflexibility, intransigence i_JLaJ : jj— > 

to drawl; to mouth, declaim, (<ui jl ^^JL) j oiJ 

harangue, rant; to vaunt, brag 

drawl(ing); mouthing, declamation, ranting j J^> 

emphasis, stress; jl^>l <■ y£ y t -h$y '■((}*■) -M^ 
focusing (on), concentration (on); accentuation 

pressure, oppres- x-H i J w> i J^-"*" • (ci*) -^■^ 
sion, bearing down heavily upon; restraint, con- 
straint, curbing), check(ing), control(ling); restric- 
tion, limitation, limiting 

JJLiJ *^-\j—Kt\j*0 i'iy~i '((_^t) -bJ-tj 

insistence; persis- jlj-<»J i r^l :(<jc jl j) -b-i-ij 
tence; importunity, urging, pressing 

intensification, liS" 5a»- 5jC j i ij>iJ '. jyj-ij 

strengthening, aggravation, heightening 
intensification, doubling, gemination <->Ji-\ jujlIj 

accentuation, «Jaiil jl iJiSJl jl o>!*aJI jjj-ij 

accent, stress, emphasis 

to scatter, disperse, separate; to be scat- J^il : jJIj 
tered, dispersed, separate(d) 



■ ■■■ . i :--..fca--*i 

to chap, crack open 


• • • l~ - 

to somersault, somerset, tumble; to be upset, 
upturned, capsized, overturned, turned upside 
down; to be disarranged 

complaint, complaining; nagging, re- (,~£Lldl) 
pining, grumble, grumbling; suffering (from) 

• .» ,-- 4 , , ,s - - 

( j) 2ai p. i j -Ltji :( j) dki; 

to be formed, shaped, jL»J i 0>£j i LiJG : JSCij 

fashioned, molded, formalized, framed, worked; to 
take (take on, assume, acquire) (a) form or shape; 
to be created, made, originated, built; to be estab- 
lished, set up, instituted, constituted; to come into 
existence, come into being, see the light, form, 
arise, develop 

to consist of, be made,^. Ojpu ' Cr! { -^' • a? J^j 
up of, be composed of; to comprise, contain, 
include, embody, encompass, embrace, involve 

i ' ' 

formation JfCiJ' 

i ' * >• 

morphology J>Jtdl JLc 

j * - - 
morphological <J&£> 

forming, i_«Jt i (jl£j <■ jiya> ' **^~ - ' ' p>< • J-^— ' 
formation, shaping, fashioning, molding, forging, 
formalization, framing, working; creation, creating, 
making, origination, originating, building; estab- 
lishment, establishing, setting up, institution, insti- 
tuting, constitution, constituting 

diversification, variation, variegation vy* : J-f-il 

vowelization, o^i3l /\ cij^il *iL>^J«j '-JSJZ 

formation ^^>u :J_>_iJ 

»' >• - „-:-•- 

assortment, collection, variety, selec- <zy**y : *l C*v 
tion, choice; formation 

plastic (arts) (i-LSLU uj-ii) i..LSw 




legislative; statutory, legal lt*ij^ 

honoring, bestowal of honors upon, doing uLj^iJ 
honor to 

ceremony, protocol, etiquette 

master of ceremonies, 
chief of protocol 





\J^ i ^ij^ J 

• A** 

x**y : i^^" uj^i 

to splinter, be splintered, sliver, chip, frag- V A r 

ment(ate), fragmentize, break up, shatter 

fragmentation, fragmentizing, ^^ii, jju 
splintering, slivering, chipping, shattering 

to ramify, branch (out), bifurcate, fork, radiate; 
to divide, subdivide, split; to diverge, divaricate, 
branch off, spread apart; to be or become ramified, 
branched, branching, bifurcate(d), forked, furcate, 
divided, subdivided; to be or become divergent, 

ramification, branching, bifurcation, fork(ing); .. y , 
division, subdivision, split(ting); divergence, divari- 
cation, branching off 

to be or become unkempt, dishev- (»JJ ^Ijl ) .'*. ^» , 
eled, tousled, rumpled 

to radiate, eradiate; to irradiate 

radiation, eradiation; irradiation 

employment, hiring, hire, taking on, ^I.l-^zI.1 : J J , 7 
recruitment; providing employment or work for; 
giving work to; making work, keeping busy 

working, running, operating, jj-Lj « jj } jj : J-iii 
operation, actuation, starting, setting in operation, 
putting or keeping in action 

to intercede (for), plead (for), me- iii, : ( j jl j) iiii' 
diate (for), use one's good offices (for) 

... i" 

intercession, mediation .;*? 



ger-mugger, chaotic; to jumble, clutter, run in 
disorder or chaos or confusion, get all mixed up 

confusion, chaos, jumble, muddle, clutter, cr'i— '' 
mix-up, tangle, disorder, disarray, disorganization, 
mess, hugger-mugger, disturbance 

interference, noise; static; t«JJ ,-cl il ,jl>iJ 


to look forward to, look <JJ i^i t <JJ »li»j : <JJ (Jji? 
to, look for, expect, anticipate, hope (for); to aspire 
to or after, long for, yearn for 
looking foward (to), looking to, looking (Jj) ci^J 
for, expectation, expecting, anticipation; aspiration, 
longing (for), yearning (for) 

Ijy. i((jj) ljUil %s~\j - 3}Zj c((jj) <i>ij' 

tobeorbecome (jJJ 4^-^JI jl -1J.I jl JSUI) o>U' 
deformed, disfigured, defaced, misshapen, mal- 
formed, unshaped, unshapen, marred, mutilated, 
mangled, ugly 

to be or become <~>j*- '■ (jJJ <i?iJ-l jl tr^O »>-' 
distorted, perverted, misrepresented, misstated, 
falsified, corrupted, twisted, wrenched, warped 

deformity, defor- (jJJ a»->II jl «-J-l jl JSUI) »yZ 
mation, disfigurement, defacement, misshapen- 
ness, unshapenness, malformation, ugliness 

confusion, mixing up, jumbling up, muddling, ^y-1 
derangement, disturbance, disorganization 

jam(ming); interference, noise; t«JJ /-pi ij J~>y£ 

* *= 

jamming station 

</? IJ ] .tr^^— 1 

suspense, thrill; excitement, thrilling, motiva- t>>>iJ' 
tion, stimulation; fascination 

deformation, (w)J a^-^JI jl — J-l jl JSJUI) aj>1j' 
disfigurement, defacement, distortion, mutilation; 
mayhem; deformity, misshapenness, malforma- 

distortion, per- Uujm :(tJJ (^lil jl fi^iJ-O ^^ 
version, misrepresentation, misstatement, falsifica- 
tion, corruption, twistGng), wrench(ing), warping 

defamation, slander, libel, c-~UI jl <«UI 4j^J 
calumniation, calumny, denigration; defilement, 
soiling, sullying, tarnishing, dirtying, staining, 
smirching; disgrace, discredit, dishonor 

J?Ur A>* 'J ' 

C£ iuL 

! ff'j 


undressing, unclothing, disrobement, X>Jv : j^iiJ' 
denudation, stripping off 

robbery, robbing, rip-off 

^^J j^i. «-lj - ^}ll jaIj 

to sun (oneselO, bask 
to be or become waxed 
to be or become cirrhotic 

"\ .'<,'■■ 

[l_J» j » « M l " 

[i_J»J f a *" 

to wrap oneself in, cover oneself j <_iilj : _> J*ij 

to nose about for, search for, seek, jJJ jLj-^I /. *."> 
hunt for, gather, pick up (news, information, etc.) 

sunning, insolation, solarization (j_»i, jj 

waxing «^i j_ux. : iii *" 

to suffer from a spasm or convulsion or cramp, 7y£> 
to cramp; to contract, constrict 
spasm, convulsion, cramp; fit, paroxysm; con- nltj 
traction, constriction 

eclampsia M°j^ j' J**-' »^' ??— -> 

spasmodic, spastic, convulsive, convulsionary, t 

to wear earrings (»l^il ex.) < aim" 

vituperation, revilement, (j) j^Ij c Jo : (Jc) £~iJ' 
vilification, calumniation, calumny, slander, defa- 
mation, libel; pillory 
uglification, disfigurement, distortion £~i-J : «^..;.'o 

to utter "there is no god but Cod and ( jLil) j^iJ 
Mohamad is Cod's Apostle" 

libel, slander, defamation, vilifica- Jl j i <_>i» : (j) jj^Sj 
tion, vituperation, invective, calumniation, calum- 

libelous, slanderous, defamato- ,J j* < ,«>- o» : lijjrfiJ' 
ry, calumnious, vituperative 

to be or become confused, mixed up, jumbled <j->ij 
(up), muddled, disordered, disarranged, disarrayed, 
disorganized, unsettled, deranged, disturbed, hug- 



10 be or become difficult; to be or become <_*c Lai' 
strict, severe, stringent, hard, harsh, tough 

to rise, go up, ascend, lift, mount jl j 4 «jjjl : j*Coj 
(up), climb, tower, soar; to increase, grow, swell; 
to build up, intensify, heighten; to escalate 

to rise from, ascend from, ii>«-Jl : (,>•) jsX*H 

emanate from, proceed from; to be emitted, sent 
out, discharged, given off, diffused 

rise, rising, going up, ascending,.^ jjj 1 p^ji : J*UaJ - 
ascension, ascent, lifting, towering, soaring, uprise; 
increase, growth, swell, hike; buildup, intensifica- 
tion, heightening; escalation 

rise, rising, ascending, ascension, dL-Jl : jsX*z> 

ascent, emanation, emission, discharge 

* ' 1- ' 
progressive; cumulative, increasing, growing, iiJ*UaJ' 

rising, mounting; swelling; heightening, intensify- 

progressive tax(ation) ijj£.\L£ <^j^> 

to cringe, truckle, lower oneself, act in a^ita :^Coj 

servile manner 

j , ^ 

servility, subservience, slavishness, cringe, ^cUoj 

groveling, truckling, humility, humbleness 

to be sincere toward one another, be honest ,yCaJ' 
with one another 

to shake hands 

handshake, shaking hands 

to conclude (make, strike) a (<£j^1\j jSUl) jiCoj 
sale, a deal, a bargain, a transaction, etc. 

to cross, intersect, decussate, cut, cut Jain : LJCaJ 

crossing), intersection, decussation; chiasma lJCoj 

to make up, make peace, become ^UJ If : iJCaJ' 

.» , ^ 


(clojil ,>*) fL»7 
3»i . LJuiUaJ' 

'9 • .. , - - 

to guard against, be on one's guard ^ij I : ^ ujUai' 
against, beware of, be wary or cautious of 

to give a deaf ear to 
compilations, books, works 
to become related by marriage 

~ "~ n 

to behave like a devil o^il; : Vl»'"*"" 

to side with, take sides with; to v>" : (J) -'/^ 

support, champion, patronize, sponsor, advocate, 
be in favor of; to follow, adhere to 
to become a Shiite \" - j. jU, : '.''■■: 

sectarianism; partisanship, factionalism; ad- (J) ■*'*" 
herence (to), following, support, advocation, advo- 
cacy, patronage; partiality, bias, prejudice, favo- 
ritism, one-sidedness, taking sides (with), siding 

building, construction, erection, setting f (j : > *~ 
up, raising, putting up 

constructional, constructive, building; ^JL -^ 1 _ A v 

seeing off, bidding farewell to; iii \'y, 1 «j if : «_ *" 
escort(ing), accompanying, accompaniment 

escorting the deceased to his 5 jLJ-l j\ 

n •• !■ t 

final resting place, paying the deceased the last 
honors; funeral, burial 

to behave like a child, act in ^.I'-nll []li 3*» ' '*"'■" 
a childish manner 

to incline to youthful pleasures^! I Jj JL : ^yCiJ 

to woo, court; to seduce, tempt, entice, i\'J.\ ^CjJ 
allure; to deceive 

to associate (with one J^ \J1 t (j jdi : L^Coi' 

another); to be or become friends, companions, 
comrades, associates 

4*>>L^« «j»-lj — 4i jUa* •■ .—1 v.* 

accidental, fortuitous, casual, TyJ LaJ I c ^«^ i^JjCoj 
incidental, haphazard, chance 

to associate (with one anoth- Ji I y 1 i_^> Cai : <j jCoj 
er), be or become friends 


■ iiil^. i<i_j-Lh« :<jjUai 


liw>l t « liw>l 


)LaJ° ifjUoJ' 

to wrestle (with one another); to struggle, fight;fjCaJ' 
to conflict, clash 




..-■'-. :l. 

to, embarking upon; taking up; turning to, apply- 
ing oneself to, concerning oneself with 

to confront, face, front, defy, <»-l j i 4jU : J (Jjuoj 
challenge, oppose, resist, counter, face up to, stand 
up to, withstand, intercept, counteract; to deal 
with, cope with, grapple with; to fight, combat 

to set out to, embark J J i_» j-aj I i J Jojm : J ii"''n" 
upon; to take up; to turn to, apply oneself to, 
occupy oneself with, concern oneself with 

to head, lead; to be on top of; ij\ _u»JI j o\£ : j juoj 
to have the front (seat), take the first place 

to crack, split, cleave, break, rift; to be or JJJ I : fjua7 
become cracked, split, cleft, broken, rifted 

cracking, split(ting), cleaving, cleavage jU-li I : f Jua7 
i • ' ".1 i - - 

-.-- I ' -•{ - •'- ~ 

(j* i_»_ue v>-'j _ o* L/^J*' '0* UJuaj 

to give alms (to), give t j-j»- 1 i ii _uo ^^kcl : (j*) j JuaJ' 
charity (to), be charitable (to), philanthropize 

almsgiving, charity, beneficence, benefaction, j juoj 
benevolence, philanthropy, dole 

exportation, export(ing) {-rJ<L\ Jj »JJ JUI) jjJusj 

preface, foreword, introduction, ex- <*aLi ■ j: i..n" 

export lijjJuaj 

belief, believing, credence, (»JJ <*}& jl oSii) j; 'Vi 7 
faith ' " 

certification, attesta- j.t jj j t jl^il t Jjjj : (jj .i,!a." 
tion, authentication, legalization, verification; rati- 
fication, confirmation, endorsement, sanction(ing), 
approval, consent, assent, subscription, adoption 

credulous Jjjuxdl «j^~ 

to behave, act, conduct oneself, comport liUl : Li^ai' 
oneself, deport oneself 

to cijIaiJI (<LkL. jl) ^ ^jl* :(j jl j) l-ij^aj 

dispose of, deal conclusively with; to act freely, 
proceed independently 

to be inflected (a word), declined (a [ iiJ ] Li^aJ 
noun), conjugated (a verb) 

disposal, disposition, L»^a£\ (iiJL jl) ,_£»• : LSj^u 
power or authority to dispose (of) 

behavior, conduct, manners, de- dJjJL. : t-»j+*> 
meanor, deportment, comportment, action, (way 
of) acting 

to shout at one another jy^ 

to pour forth, flow, stream, jj^ I t L^aJ I : ' ^ -" 
gush forth, effuse; to fall down, come down 

to ooze sweat, sweat, perspire, be wet lij*. i_4-aj 
with perspiration, break into sweat 

to meet (encounter, come across) in the j J*?-* 


to be embalmed, mummified cJvjJ : iiil 
tobestuffed oJa^>J : j^JJI jl oljl^J-1 

to saponify, undergo saponifi- 6>jU» J I 3>=*J : O-?" 3 ' 

saponification Ojj U» J J J>a«J : j-* - *' 

taxidermy, stuffing j^JJI jl oLil^-J-l ju-aj' 

'* ' . - 
embalmment, mummification e~LLI jwij 

snack, collation, light meal ii-ji- <«»- j : »j^ : ""• 

saponification (jy> \*o J I Ji> 3 " • j; "" 

sanita- <<UJI <j«-aJI jj>-> ' l.--*^> t<<iJI (>»- '- 1 — "■ 


to misread, mispronounce, 


to be misread, mispronounced, mis- Ltyi : < «-in" 
spelled; to be distorted, perverted, misrepresented, 

correction, correcting, emendation, rectifica- - yn" 
tion, adjustment, fixing, repairing), mending 
proofreading, a... till jl LfUJI i_jjL>JI u^; 
proofing, reading 
corrective; correctional 

misreading, mispronunciation, misspelling; 
distortion, perversion, misrepresentation, misstate- 
ment, corruption, twist(ing) 

confrontation, *ii-l>« ' <*>*&** :(J) ((iJ^Jl) JuaJT 
facing, defiance, challenge, opposition, facing up 
to, standing up to, withstanding, interception; deal- 
ing with, coping with, grappling with; fighting 


setting out <JJ cil^ 



I . I i,fH 


diminution, decrease, decreasing, reduction, 
lessening, minimization 



^ ^3" 


l_ g ' * ■»" 

[1 • / \ '• 

to skim (through or over), browse (wlj i_-l^JI) ^i^J' 
(through), leaf (through), page (through), run over 

skimming (through), browsing (through), rJuai 

leafing (through), paging (through), running over 

clarification, clearing, r-~ry 'Jwjy '^r*-^ '■* :}><!' 
clearance, purification, refinement, refining, defe- 
cation, screening, fining; straining, filtering, filtra- 
tion, infiltration, leach(ing) 

dissolution; liquidation (pll tf^l) '■ 

settlement, liquidation, discharge, ljCJ-I 
payment, clearing 

clear- (oK,.n.ll JjLjj ^>-r" Oil' oLL-i-l <,.j.,a " 

ing, clearance 

i, * i' - -- • ' 
elimination jJJ </*«-> J*^ S** 

„- * * *»^ _' • 
clearance, clearance sale, sale <LL*idl u i " 

plating, overlaying, foliation 

9uli*dj 4^Jaju> ly nfl i fl t 

foliation, lamination, leafing )L ^iy i Jj^Lu : r^i-xl 

combing, doing, dressing, styling, ^LlJI 
coiffuring, coiffing 

coiffure, hairdo, hairstyle <£j~J :(^) ' 

applause, acclaim, acclamation; hand di-u^l) Jj; n n~ 


decantation (JSI^lJI) J^J-oj 

to warm oneself ii jj : yUaJi 

to be or become inflexible, cUJ i jjJj : ( j) <. 
adamant, intransigent 

inflexibility, adamancy, intransi- c— J t jL* : i_JLaJ' 
gence, willfulness, obstinacy, stubbornness, obdu- 
racy, toughness 

hardening, solidification, stiffening, jumJ : <_.LaJ 


freely, free, liberally 

free, liberal, not literal 

[u*J V- 5 '] <->j^ 

statement, declaration, announcement, o^> '■ fHj-*' 
proclamation; release 

permit, license, authorization X*a±-j 1 5ji»-| 

drainage, draining, drawing off, rj> i i^jju : uL^-oi' 

abreaction, catharsis; release, dis- <_r^> : >-*; j-*> 
charge, letting off, giving vent to 

is\j*& «jflj — iij~0 <.is\ J *o :i_4jj^d 

selling, sale, marketing, dispos- wj^J ' f-e : , -«i^' 
al, promotion, merchandising 

management, jv^' j' ujj^J' j' Jlftjl Mjj-^j 
managing, conducting, handling, running, admin- 
istration, administering, disposition, disposal, 
settlement, windup; caretaking 

conjugation (of verbs), inflection (of [ lii J la j^H 
words), declension (of nouns) 

discharge valve 

to escalate 



to evaporate, vaporize, volatilize; to 
sublime, sublimate 

s i i * \~ * t 
escalation SjJ-1 jIoji 

a .- 
evaporation, vaporization, volatiliza- 
tion; subliming, sublimation 

escalation, aggravation loS 5oj- J.sIjj:jl. 

evaporation, vaporization, volatiliza- j«»lj 

•-II " ,: ■ 


subliming, sublimation 

• UJ ! 

ft ', ,n i 

I "'-■'■ ■-' •-• •:■■'■ ' ' -■ •..■■■■'••'•■:•-■■ V ■' --.m, 


classification, categorization, classing, <_>>>J 
arrangement, tabulation, sorting, assorting, assort- 
ment, grouping, grading, labeling, ranking, rating, 
ranging; systematization 

classification l*^*'] 

compilation, composition, 


Lji*JU t k*s» '. Lju-^aj 

taxonomy, systematics 

- i_jbi" 1 1_«) ! 

l-4.,..fll'll JLc 

to imagine, fancy, conceive, ideate, ^ i JLaJ -j^ai 
envisage, visualize, picture (in the mind), vision, 
envision; to think, suppose, assume, take it, take 
for, take as 

to seem to, appear to, <J u a.<^ < <l I jl> : aJ jj-aJ 
look to; to present itself to, reveal itself to, show 
itself to 

to be shaped, formed, fashioned, J5w : jj-aj 

molded, created, made; to take (take on, assume, 
acquire) a shape or form 

imagination, imagining, fancy(ing); JL»J '.j^ai 

conception, ideation, visualization, envisaging, 

vision(ing); fantasy, phantasm 

'"- *- : 
conception, concept, notion, idea (•>♦*-• '■ jy^> 

- i ■"<■■- 
preconception J>jU j>-aj 

-" I *'" -II '-" 

i_j-— fjr\j - jya~l\ ,_j-— 

on purpose, purposely, in- f^j jj-aJ (^jjL.) ^ 
tentionally, deliberately, willfully, premeditatedly 

imaginary, unreal, fictitious, fanciful, fancied, i5j><aJ> 
imagined; ideal, ideational, conceptual, notional 
idealism, conceptualism tij^oJI 

to be or become a Sufi or a mystic 


Sufism, mysticism (J>aT 

to protect oneself, guard oneself a— ij Jiia- : oyai 

to uphold one's honor, live chastely 5 1 ^il oij-aj 

or virtuously; to be chaste, vestal, decent, virtuous, 


aim(ing), pointing, directing, 


correction, correcting, rectifica- 

tion, emendation 

hardness, solidity, rigidity, stiffness, t}C» : i_JUaj 
callousness, callosity 









hardening, solidification, stiff- 
ening, induration, concretion 

hardening, solidification, indu- 
ration, concretion 

(_JjL«- i_.l\a,"i i jJLi-l i-.l.a, 1 

i4«tif- i—.l^i t |Ua«Jl i_JUa> 
,J.r-»a« >_.•' »ai i (jidjll i—.i^i 

*-* j J I (...l.a.'i i tl I* j i_-Laj 

«j-lj - <_aLa7 n aliiiT 

- rv-LaJ 

gi » (ii 

ff* J 

A^LaJI v«i»j : <.■ . a" 

pasting, gluing; gumming 

determination, resolution, resolve, deci- (^ :*, 
sion, purpose, intention, intentness, will 

design(ing), styling; planning, 
laying out, layout 

design, plan, project, ,lih-»» > .li.h-i.'i <■ aL>- : <.. , <v 
layout, pattern, sketch, outline, model 

couture iJL-JI ^"jUI jl *l> j jI jm-«*> 

'., . * * .- 

to afTect, feign, simulate, assume, fake, t_ii£> 
sham, pretend, dissemble, put on 

to industrialize, be or UcUo jU> :(^IJ jJ-JI) ^<»j 
become industrialized 

affectation, afTectedness, mannerism, 

artificiality, airs, theatricality 

to be classified, categorized, <_<>j . 

f\ id i 

ljIxj : «j idV 

classed, arranged, tabulated, sorted (out), assorted, 
labeled, grouped, graded, ranked, rated 

to be compiled, composed, « oJ 1 : i_>lz£JI lj 


i "17-- ■ ,:„■: 


painting, oil painting 
filming, shooting 

'. . i .., J y, ...■ l r..-..v: i^T 1 .^ 

i_ •jyAi 


y i^j ***** 


photography; ^yi> jl ^^ jl J> \ji-yp ja-a> 
taking pictures or photographs, shooting, filming 

{j£. 6jy0 7>I^3«I^I t 9i«J • (7JJ Ol * .',7 .nil) jJ^*OJ 

copying, photocopying, duplication, reproduction, 
xeroxing, photostating; mimeographing 


ji>- 1J 


copier, photocopier, photo- «1J 01 1 n ^j>-aj 

stat, duplicating machine, duplicator; mimeograph 

statue; sculpture JLilj : tjiyai 

, •- _-•' .. •': 
°jy° f^'j — (•"•J ' °jy° •°jiy a > 

pictorial, picturesque, graphic; scenic; photo- 'iSjtytu 

program music 

panning, washing, elutriation, 
leaching, lixiviation 


to dwindle, wane, diminish, decrease, lessen, <j*Ca7 

abate, decline, shrink, drop off, fall, grow less, 

become (steadily) less; to be or become small, little, 

slight, meager, scanty, sparse, thin 

* - , 
dwindling, waning, wane, diminution, de- JjLa7 

crease, lessening, abatement, decline, shrinkage, 
shrinking, drop(ping), fall(ing), fall-off; sparsity, 
scarcity, scantiness, meagerness, exiguity, paucity, 
insufficiecy, slightness, smallness, littleness, insig- 
to laugh liLsLi : tiU-Caj' 

to force a laugh 

<fU^ji Lii& :<itu; 

to contradict one another, be contradictory, be jLa7 
opposed to each other 

contradiction, opposition, antagonism, contra- jLa7 
riety, inconsistency, discrepancy, antinomy, anti- 
thesis, contrast; counteraction 

antibiosis [ >L»I ] (*JJ ^,Uj»».:.. JZ) jUai 

to fight, quarrel, brawl, come yr\^ t iiQ-1 :L»jLi7 
to blows, come to grips, engage in hand-to-hand 
fighting, strike one another 


•\ e?'j- 

l^j y(\> ml ' _'J ^' 

voting, vote, ballot, poll(ing), casting «• I ^i I : c-jya> 
of ballots or votes 

pho- JjJ 1 jJai c i-w."5l5CJl ol^^j *l t-I>"! :c*i>-aj 

nation; vocalization 

.» ;. j . - 

unanimous vote or voting 

vote or voting by show of 

vote or voting by roll call 

vote of confidence iiill p^j jl ilill J*, c-jj-aj 
vote of no confidence iiill ( ^ juj jl ) i_--yy c*<>^ij 
to abstain from voting .-.jj'^rll ^ '. ::'J 

iiUaj «-lj -C*)>«aj (*»JJ jO i»Uaj 
*> - ■ s £ - 

to vote down u*>liJl> (C-ljJjlJy^ij 

to put the question to the .--.j'^rll ^ illlll i-Lt 


drawing, painting, portrayal, representa- 1,'j '-jiy^ 

tion, figuration, depiction, picturing, illustration 

description, depiction, picturing, < iVj : jj^Iij 
portrayal, representation 

forming, formation, shaping, fash- J-SJJ : ^jjloj 
ioning, molding, creation, making 

radiography, roent- ^ Ui, ^j>-aj 1 i>^L> jj>-aJ 
genography, skiagraphy 

angiography, vasography (C^jJl) iltj'iil jjjl^ 











phlebography, venography 



J3JI c5j^-« jj>*^ 



3» #E 



-(-; J 1 a?) > 


to flicker, vibrate 

sacrifice; sacrificing 

. * » ., ->•'_,'' 

sacrificing, sacrifice, u^jj» jl ^»»?;J /C-**j : *~*-a> 
immolation, offering up 

self-sacrifice ol ill jl u „a;.ll i-j«-aj 

to swell, distend, inflate, expand; to be or be- n~ '-" 
come inflated, distended, expanded, enlarged, mag- 
nified; to grow or increase in size or volume; to be 
or become huge, sizable, big, large; to be exagger- 
ated, overstated 

i - - 
swell(ing), distension, inflation, expansion, „~ ~~ 

enlargement, magnification 

inflation [ jLsuil] (TjL.) 




[l_J»J (y^C j) 

1 '.: 

.. • ■ ■ • ai 

i ' .'. 
| . -» . ai 

_s J - - 


inflation, distension, blowing up, «w >u i jj-i*-' : *?*"* 
expansion, swelling, enlargement, magnification 
exaggeration ijjll. :.i.,a; 

amplification [ t I ^ ] ,~ n ~ 

to be or become bloodstained, stained with^jJl 
blood, ensanguined, bloody, gory 

to be damaged, harmed, hurt, injured, preju- jjJaH 
diced; to suffer (sustain, incur) damage or loss 

to supplicate, pray humbly (to God), ( Jj) pV«aJ* 

invoke (God), implore earnestly, obtest, beg, 
beseech, entreat; to humble or humiliate oneself 

supplication, invocation, prayer; entreaty; im- ?\-a> 
ploring, begging, beseeching, obtestation 

quilting (cilsJUl) k-oj-iJ 

quilting, sewing, stitching; whipping, jjj : i_-j^>J 

mixing, mixture, mix, mingling, jJU- :i_-jj-aj 


to decline, wane, decay, be or become dilapi- '• ~- ~~ 
dated; to weaken, fail, languish, droop 

to conflict, clash, i-al '.'■■>■ I i^^oiLj lyijUJ :i_jjLaj 
disagree; to be contradictory, conflicting, disagree- 
ing, incompatible, inconsistent, inharmonious 

> — > ,- > - - 
conflict, clash, disagreement, (^LJ lyijljJ :<_>jLaJ" 

discrepancy, inconsistency, incompatibility, incon- 
gruity, contradiction, opposition, contrariness, 

hand-to-hand fighting, jlki t dlQil : i-jjUu 

grapple, brawl, quarrel 

relief, topographic relief, elevations, undula- LriJ \^i 


to be doubled, duplicated; to double, gemi- Lac LaJ 
nate, become double; to multiply 

doubling, duplication, gemination, multipli- ujcdj 


contents; folds uuc LaJ 

within it, contained therein 

4i_^cLaj j 

to harbor a grudge against one another, oilkj : jtLaJ 
bear mutual rancor, hate one another 

to help (aid, assist, support) one another; to jj LaJ' 
cooperate, collaborate, work together, combine; to 
unite, rally, join forces, coalesce, come together 

cooperation, collaboration, working together, ji LaJ 
mutual assistance, combination; uniting of efforts, 
joining of forces, rallying), coalescence; unity, 

to compact, crowd together, pack; to be j^l J> : »LaJ 
or become compact(ed), tight, close, firm, closely 
packed, tightly pressed 


» \ '. aUoj 

compactness, closeness, tightness, firm- \jo\J> :j»LaJ 

to unite, be united in solidarity, stick Ji ISCJ : 'j* LaJ 

together, join forces, combine; to be jointly liable, 

have joint liability or responsibility 

* * _ > ~ - 
solidarity; joint liability Jj \£z : j* LaJ 

jointly and severally JilScJI j j. l,y ll. 

■ LaJ 

^.LiZ* £>-lj -(^l 

to be or become annoyed, vexed, irri- 
tated, disturbed, upset, uncomfortable 

annoyance, vexation, irritation, d 
comfort, inconvenience, trouble 


£*>! ■ Ji 

annoyance, vexation, irritation, dis- r-^>' :<>>Laii 




•amtait ^m 

a pleasant odor, be fragrant 

to emanate, diffuse, spread o> \i : ikS Q I m>jj 

emanation, diffusion, spread(ing) f>* 



' U.,»r> J^j : i a^ ,n" 

ijUs «jf I j — «_J I _W3 : J i ,nV 

- *' - a- - 

to be narrowed, straitened, contracted, ^^i : Jj^ai 
constricted, constringed 

stenosis, stricture, coarctation, con- [ t_J> ] jl-ii 
striction, narrowing 


J^?' J^ 


C*^l '-* 



phlebostenosis -^j^' 

narrowing, constriction, constringing, tight- 
ening, straitening 

confinement, hemming in, straitening, J* , 
hampering, constraint, restraint, restriction, limita- 
tion; pressure, oppression, bearing down heavily 
upon, harassment 

to be or become J^ijl ij*\y i'Jj&> :(**) <£U»J" 
identical; to correspond (with), conform (with), 
coincide (with), agree (with), harmonize (with), 
accord (with), match, fit, suit, tally (with), be or 
fall in line (with); to be or become congruent, 
corresponding, conformable, consistent, compati- 
ble, coincident, concordant, agreeing, harmonious 

to be or (^1 jkl ^ ^alil jklll) jJLk7 

become superposed; to coincide 

to stratify, be or jlk> i(oUll> j) <Jw>\y :J>jU»-> 
become stratified, be or become arranged in strata 

identity, identification, jLul <. £\y iJSLj :JjLa7 
sameness; correspondence, conformity, consis- 
tence, consistency, compatibility, coincidence, 
congruity, congruence, agreement, concordance, 
accord(ance), harmony, fitness, matching 

superposition; (^j-1 JSli u /jj-xil JSllll) JjUu 

stratification (olilL j) uLol^J :J>jU»j 

to exchange, interchange JjUj : ^jLLi' 



ijLwal >c>- Ij — i_Jl*J»l : >-«.«,.a." 

to be or become versed ^yG I i ^^SClj : ( Jic ^.) « j r" 
in, conversant with, skilled in, proficient in; to 
master, know well, gain mastery in, have com- 
mand of 

mastery, command, con-oUil t J&J :( Jlc <^.) jJuaJ' 
versance, versedness, proficiency 

ribbing s-^Li'ill <LL» <_^t t^\ J*i- '.*_\ <n~ 

bending, curving, curvature, ^1 1 .^ : vJuiG 

crooking, twist(ing) 

misleading, misguidance, misdirection, perver- J.lJiT 
sion; delusion, deception 

JJLi* lu^lj — I,! 1 1 ifii 

,S-' - i- - * - 2' ' 

to perfume oneself; to be jJ»<J i u,.'^ : <_.,. t-a.IL «*«ai 


, , ' , -. - - 
to be bandaged, dressed, swathed 

to contain, include, comprise, jll < cS>Xa-l : j*Jai 
comprehend, embrace, embody, encompass, 
cover, carry, imply, involve 

implication, inclusion, contain- J^Ji i t\y~>-\ : j**i> 
ment, comprehension, embracement, encompass- 

dressing, bandaging, binding up, swathing 

inclusion, implication, embodiment, r^jA '■ 
incorporation, insertion 

fining, amercement e jij : t ^jj 

modula- »JJ iJl^iSUl oU-^il njl j^jC ; ( j J .. t .Ji" 

frequency modulation, \'M jj^I & ? •■<* < 

-.t,.t ■ - 
amplitude modulation, AM Sjj JJl 

damages,indemnity,com- jjJjjJJati j\ j^\ •'"■!: 1 ^v 
pensation, reparation, satisfaction, redress, amends 
to feign illness or sickness, pretend to JoJJi : { j^u 
be ill or sick; to malinger 

transillu- LJ> <umt i-«j ^k J^U- j^i _;lj-«! : >^^iJ' 

to writhe (with hunger or pain) ( U I j I t>>- ) j>a7 
to exhale fragrance, exude <m\j o^lzil ( ^-li : fj-aV 



* #E 



application, applying, putting into 
effect, giving (practical) effect (to), implementation, 
effecting, effectuation; enforcement, carrying out, 
execution, fulfillment; honoring, observance (of), 
compliance (with), abidance (by), adherence (to), 
following, keeping; practice, practicing, putting 
into practice 
applied; practical 

drumming, beating a drum Jli jj^a* : J- ■ k" 

<_j^J» *>■ I j — S^^ 9 • L-> Jaj* 
-*' -s- - 

to be embroidered, brocaded; to be hem- jjL : j^JiJ' 
stitched, stitched 

to wear fine clothes; to dress up (<l.G j) jj^u 

to go to extremes, exceed the proper limits or LJ^JiJ' 
bounds, be on the extreme side, take or hold an 
extreme position or view; to be or become extrav- 
agant, excessive, immoderate; to be or become an 
extremist, a radical 

extremism, radicalism; extravagance, <_j^kj' 

excessGveness), immoderation, intemperateness, 
going to extremes 

1 " ' } j> it" " 

(-tjht »*■! j - 4J jhj 

to touch on, treat, deal with, take up, go <JJ j^kj' 

into, broach, bring up, raise; to get to, reach, arrive 

at; to penetrate 

& i ,, , a , ,, 

admitting no doubt, not open to tiUI ol JjL^j "i 
doubt, beyond doubt, indisputable, indubitable, 
unquestionable, undoubted, undisputed 

embroidery, embroidering, fancywork, needle- _^_>JiJ' 

hammering, forging, r-^^ ' 3**^ ' <i^» : Sf.j^> 

beating, foliation, lamination, leafing 

to taste <j»l i :JJjj' 

to be grafted, engrafted »JJ oLJI jl ^uJI JJaj 

5 Z ~ * s ~s~ ' 

to be grafted, transplanted U^-I^rr ,J-I r^—JI [J«i»j 

- % , *•> , s - - 
to be inoculated, vaccinated; to be ojj <. «J : JJ»J 

injected, shot 

tO be (tJJ ilaiJI jl l_-» jjl jl (JjUlllj) >uOj : JLkj 

inlaid (with) 

grafting, graftage (rJI oLJI } \ { y^\) ^*i»j' 

to feign deafness, pretend to lt^JJIj j»\iaj : (jijLL' 
be deaf 

to be or become low; to drop, sink, yiiaol :U»LLj' 
fall, decline; to be lowered 
to lower oneself, cringe, truckle >£* : U»lkl 
to thrust or stab one another; to attack one jt Uai' 
another, fight, combat 

to dare, have the cheek to.l^l i j-lau : ( J*) JjUaJ' 
have the audacity to; to be or become insolent, 
audacious, impudent, impertinent, forward 

to attack, assail; to encroach t$-u*l : (<_^c) Jjlki 
upon, make inroads upon, trespass 

'JUL gflj-JU. :JjU»: 

to scatter, disperse, j*Cai! i j-lol i 3j±> :^>Uu 

spread, diffuse; to be or become scattered, dis- 
persed, spread (out), diffused; to emanate, rise; to 
fly, fly apart, fly in all directions; to vanish, 

to volatilize, vaporize, evapo- j^S t j^eu : ^jLLj 

dispersal, dispersion, dis- jx-Lai i jllzjl i Ji^ij : jjUaJ' 
persing, scattering, spread(ing), diffusion; ema- 
nation, rise, rising 

volatilization, vaporization, j^S i a.^ . jt 

to be treated medically, receive or undergo 
medical treatment, submit to or be under medical 
treatment; to treat oneself 

to acquire (attain, adopt, assume, J% p-L-kf fr-I" 
take on) someone's character or manners 

acquirement (adoption, assumption, 6^> fL-Ly • , *•" 
taking on) of someone's character or manners 

adaptability, adjustability cjlxJI ilLli :»;k" 

* r . 

or manners 

to be or get closed, shut 3^"\ '■ tjh^" 

to stratify, be or become (olilL j) <Juo\Ji : jlLj 
arranged in strata 

stratification (olilL j) jLLj' 

flatulence, tympanites, tympany d>kJ' ) J-i-^' 

medical treatment, treating, medication, > .._. Wi 

doctoring, curing, remedying, remediation 

normalization (of relations, etc.) (rJJ oli^lJl) * , , hV 

'iL : 

acquired character i-1^51. (<ji}U-l ji) <L 



■■a".mw»g;r .wwm^ < fr -, ..■■■ ■ .a ■ ■ ■ ■ . ■ ■ -— 


to wander about, travel through 

ay** '■ ry*> 

to go about, wander about, travel 
through, tour 

to develop, evolve, grow, advance, progress; to /yhj 
be or become developed, advanced, sophisticated 

development, evolution, growth, advancement jjJii' 
evolution, evolutionism 

evolutionary, evolutional, developmental 
evolutionism, evolution 

to peacock, flaunt, parade, 
show off; to strut, swagger 

to primp, spruce up, dress 
up, adorn herself 
to volunteer 

-j~} lol^il Ll»- yjaj 

to enlist, volunteer 

( jjj yiii j) yi: 

volunteering, voluntariness; enlistment, volun- f jJ»J' 

tary service 

volunteer, voluntary ls^jP^ 

<_»U» v»-1j-JU- tjlj :L»jJ»J' 

beatification; canonization (<*~i J ) { -rty^> 

registration, registry (t^jUi) i_-j>IiJ 

o^lj lUflj— (3jlic l_»J^iu 5^1 J 

development, developing, promo- jp» j .ua,« '-y_^ii 
tion, promoting, advancement, advancing, further- 
ance, furthering; evolving, evolvement; sophisti- 

subdual, subjugation, subjection c-L»- 1 : vjJ»J' 

recruitment, enlistment, draft, levy ,>...',>i : >uji>J 

^ ^ , • - 

encirclement, encompassment, sur- iLli-l :JjjJ»j' 
rounding, circling, ringing, enclosure, banding, 
wrapping, envelopment, confinement, hemming in 

control(ling), containment, check(ing), ^S : Jy >i»J 

iKLl ^Ij-J,,^ 
to perfume oneself; to be perfumed ^,-LJ : ■ .1.7 

to see an evil omen (in), regard f ?Lj : (ly. jl _.) j_t-" 


inoculation, vaccination, injection 
inlaying, inlaid work; marquetry 

(ilUfrt-^i e—JOe-i: 

% • **> jj : aaJu 

to intrude upon, obtrude upon, force (^c) J^Ur 
oneself upon (others), poke one's nose into, nose 
into, meddle in, interfere in ; to sponge (on), leech 
(on to), parasitize - 

intrusion, intrusiveness, obtrusion, obtru- (^c) Jiiu 
siveness, forcing oneself upon (others), poking 
one's nose into, nosing into, meddling, interfer- 
ence; parasitism, sponging 

to require, cal